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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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The information about photographers includes:

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  • Dates of operation
  • Biographical notes
  • Examples of work

Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter W that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers W in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Wachs & Levine, New York, NY

Wachs, Augustus, New York, NY

Wachtman. See Foster & Wachtman

Wachtmann. See Foster & Wachtmann

Waddell. See Dittor & Waddell

Waddell, Charles M., Jersey City, NJ

Waddell, Charles M., Union Hill, NJ

Waddell, Chas M., Jersey City, NJ

Waddock, Thos. F., New York, NY

Wade. See Usher & Wade

Wade, C. A., Parkersburg, WV

Wade, Charles, Wall Lake, IA

Wade, Charles A., Harris Landing, WV

Wade, Charles A., Parkersburg, WV

Wade, Charles B., Augusta, GA

Wade, Chas A., Parkersburg, WV

Wade, Lucius N., Augusta, GA

Wade, M. O., Tremont, ME

Wade, M. W., Youngstown, OH

Wade, P. A., Little Rock, AR

Wade, R. A., Paris, TN

Wadell, Warrensburg, MO

Wadsworth, Fred E., Portland, ME

Wadsworth, W. B. (Mrs.), Franklin, NH

Wageness, T., Tacoma WA

Wagenvoord, Fred J., Lansing, MI

Wager & Churchill, Erie, PA

Wager & Crowell, Erie, PA

Wager, Frank E., Burlington, VT

Wager, Stephen D., Orlando, FL

Waggoner. See Stone & Waggoner

Waggoner & McElroy, Albany, NY

Waggoner, M., Oskaloosa,  IA

Wagner. See Hermann & Wagner

Wagner, Emil F., Brooklyn, NY

Wagner, F. & Sons, Baltimore, MD

Wagner, F. S., Pueblo, CO

Wagner, Ferdinand, Baltimore, MD

Wagner, George B., Philadelphia, PA

Wagner, H. E., Randolph Twp, Heyworth P. O., IL

Wagner, Henry, New York, NY

Wagner, Herman, New York, NY

Wagner, J. K., Potsdam, NY

Wagner, Joseph A., Chicago, IL

Wagner, Otto, New York, NY

Wagner, R. V., Wichita, KS

Wagner, W. T., Leavenworth, KS

Wagness, Tacoma, WA

Wagness. See King & Wagness

Wagness, J. T., Tacoma, WA

Wagoner, Hagerstown, MD

Wagoner, Homer C., Newark, OH

Wagoner, J. H., Buffalo, IL

Wagoner, J. H., Polo, IL

Wagoner, J. M., Albany, NY

Wagoner, John H., Mt. Morris, IL

Wahl, John, Scranton, PA

Wahl, Orval (Mrs.), Shell Rock, IA

Wahl, William, Des Moines, IA

Wahl, William A., Des Moines, IA

Wahlstedt & Co., Chicago, IL

Wahlstedt, Mathilda (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Wahlstrom, A., Wadena, MN

Wahlstrom, E. T., Wadena, MN

Waid Studios, Boston, MA

Waid, Charles A., Parkersburg, VA

Waide, H. Milton, Quincy, IL

Waide, Milton, New York, NY

Wainscott, Claude, Wichita Falls, TX

Waite, Hartford, CT

Waite, Las Vegas, NM

Waite, Edward O., Bolton, MA

Waite, H. B. & Co., Chicago, IL

Waite, S. H., Hartford, CT

Waite, S. H. See Hartford Photograph Co.

Waite, T. B., Worcester, MA

Waite, Wilbur M., Lynn, MA

Waith, Joseph, Wilmington, DE

Wakefield, Dana, North Hudson, NY

Wakely, George D., Kansas City, MO

Wakeman, J. H., East Rockford, IL

Wakeman, P., Cincinnati, OH

Wakeman, P. W., Cincinnati, OH

Walcott, Andrew P., New York, NY

Waldack, C. (Mrs.), Cincinnati, OH

Waldack, Chas., Cincinnati, OH

Waldack, Chas. (Mrs.), Cincinnati, OH

Waldbillig, A. F., Albany, NY

Waldbillig, A. Francis, Albany, NY

Waldbillig, Francis A., Albany, NY

Walden. See Aldrich & Walden

Walden, J. W., Lynchburg, VA

Walden, J. W., Petersburg, VA

Walden, William B., Catskill, NY

Waldach, Charles, Cincinnati, OH

Walden, J. W., Lynchburg, VA

Waldman, Arthur, New York, NY

Waldron, Geo F., Omaha, NE

Waldron, George F., Omaha, NE

Wales, Henry P., Westmoreland, NY

Wales, T. L., Davenport, IA

Walgamott, Charles, Boulder, MT

Walgemuth. See Mourer & Walgemuth

Walgemuth , John W. See Mourer & Walgemuth

Walinger Co., Chicago, IL

Walk, John A., Philadelphia, PA

Walker, Grinnell, IA

Walker, Philadelphia, PA

Walker. See Ellis & Walker

Walker. See Mishler & Walker

Walker. See Potter & Walker

Walker. See Sachs & Walker

Walker. See Webster & Walker

Walker & Boyles, New York, NY

Walker & Greene, Detroit, MI

Walker & Lund's, Columbus, OH

Walker, A., Louden, IA

Walker, Augustus, Lee Centre, NY

Walker, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Walker, Charles G. 

Walker, Chas G., Philadelphia, PA

Walker, Chas. L., Grinnell, IA

Walker, Curtis W., Portland, OR

Walker, E. J., Geary's Division, 20th Corps.

Walker, E. S., Athens, Athens, OH

Walker, E. S., Columbus, OH

Walker, E. S. (Mrs.), Jefferson, TX

Walker, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

Walker, Edward H., Brooklyn, NY

Walker, F. E., Fishkill Landing, NY

Walker, G. G., Providence, RI

Walker, H. W., Wilmington, VT

Walker, J. E., Texarkana, AR

Walker, J. W., Pawtucket, RI

Walker, James B., Brooklyn, NY

Walker, James S., Trenton, NJ

Walker, James W., Jacksonville, FL

Walker, Jno L., Brownstown, WV

Walker, John C., Philadelphia, PA

Walker, John R., Brownstown, WV

Walker, Leonard M., New York, NY

Walker, Lewis, Philadelphia, PA

Walker, Louis, Philadelphia, PA 

Walker, Louis J., Philadelphia, PA

Walker, Louis Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Walker, Oscar H., Winston-Salem, NC

Walker, S. L., Poughkeepsie, NY

Walker, S. L. See H. B. Seeley

Walker, Thomas F., Chicago, IL

Walker, W. C., Uxbridge, MA

Walker, W. G., Cheyenne, WY

Walker, W. G. See Harry J. Keeley

Walker, W. J., Detroit, MI

Walker, W. M., Kansas City, MO

Walker, William H., Denver, CO

Walker, William J., Detroit, MI

Walker, Wm J., Detroit, MI

Walker Bros., Kansas City, MO

Walklet Studio, New Milford, CT

Walkup, J. W., Cross Co., AR

Walkup, John, Wittsburg, AR

Wall & Sibbles, Fort Wayne, IN

Wall, John, Philadelphia, PA

Wallace, Decatur, IL

Wallace, Manchester, NH

Wallace. See Reed & Wallace

Wallace & Hooven, Uniontown, AL

Wallace, Alexander, Claysville, PA

Wallace, Barnes & Co., Mobile, AL

Wallace, C. C. & Co., Knoxville, TN

Wallace, C. E., Park City, UT

Wallace, G. W., Milford, MA

Wallace, Geo. R., Snohomish, WA

Wallace, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Wallace, Harry, Anderson, SC

Wallace, Harry E., Anderson, SC

Wallace, Harry E. See Abel S. Barnes

Wallace, J. A., Philadelphia, PA

Wallace, J. M., Knoxville, TN

Wallace, James, New York, NY

Wallace, James W., New Orleans, LA

Wallace, Philip B., Philadelphia, PA

Wallace, Robert A., Chicago, IL

Wallace, S. S., Parkersburg, WV

Wallace Photo Co., New York, NY

Walle, Gustave, New York, NY

Wallenberg, E. J. & Co., New York, NY

Wallenberg, Erik, New York, NY

Wallenstein, Isaac, Cincinnati, OH

Waller, F. S., Brooklyn, NY

Waller, F. S. & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Waller, Fred, New York, NY

Waller, Frederick, Jersey City, NJ

Waller, Frederick, New York, NY

Waller, Fredk, Brooklyn, NY

Wallin, C. E., York, PA

Wallin, Charles E., Fort Wayne, IN

Wallin, Charles E., Montgomery, AL

Wallin, Chas. E., Fort Wayne, IN

Wallin, Chas. E., York, PA

Wallin, Chas. H., York, PA

Walline, A. F., Gowrie, IA

Walling. See Sunderlin & Walling

Wallis, Fred. J., Chicago, IL

Wallis, John A., Philadelphia, PA

Wallis, John R., Philadelphia, PA

Wallis, M. E. H. (Miss), Memphis, TN

Wallis, R. H., Brownsville, TX

Wallis, Ruben, Carrolton, LA

Wallis Bros., Chicago, IL

Walls, Alf'd J., New York, NY

Walls, Alfred J., Binghamton, NY

Walls, Jacob B., Tremont, ME

Walmsley & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Walp, I. R., Allentown, PA

Walper, Jacob, Boston, MA

Walsh & Schwarzer., Camden, NJ

Walsh, E. S., Hagerstown, MD

Walsh, F. J., Trenton, NJ

Walsh, Frank J., Trenton, NJ

Walsh, Michael J., Poughkeepsie, NY

Walter, Manchester, IA

Walter, Rochester, NY

Walter & Heuck, Successors to Porter, Cincinnati, OH

Walter & Weidman, Manchester, IA

Walter, Ernest F., Hoboken, NJ

Walter, F. A., Brooklyn, NY

Walter, F. J., Decatur, IL

Walter, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Walter, Frederick A., Brooklyn, NY

Walter, J. P., Rochester, NY

Walter, John, Louisville, KY

Walter, Thomas, Norfolk, VA

Walter Studio, New York, NY

Walter's Photographic Studio, Manchester, IA

Walter's Studio, Newark, NJ

Waltermire, Lincoln, NE

Waltermire, Sioux City, IA

Waltermire, P. C., Sioux City, IA

Waltermire, Philip, Ashland, NE

Waltermire, Phillip C., Lincoln, NE

Walters, Philadelphia, PA

Walters. See Beals & Walters

Walters. See Read & Walters

Walters, Eugene A., Orangeburg, SC

Walters, Jeremiah W., Bellevue, KY

Walters, P., Van Wert, Van Wert, OH

Walters, S. J., Wichita, KS

Walters, William H. A., Brooklyn, NY

Walters, William J., Vintroux Landing, WV

Walters Art Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Walthall, S. J., Eddyville, IA

Waltman, Mount Joy, PA

Walton. See Buergerniss & Walton

Walton. See Huffman & Walton

Walton. See Snyder & Watson

Walton & Anderson, Cincinnati, OH

Walton & Goodwin, Boston, MA

Walton, Albert, Philadelphia, PA

Walton, Alva S., Philadelphia, PA

Walton, H. C., Oklahoma City, OK

Walton, Jas A., New York, NY

Walton, John T., Newark, NJ

Walton, Philetus A., Lincoln, NE

Walton, W. R. See Alabama P. Milner

Walton, William R., Albuquerque, NM

Walzl, J. T., Baltimore, MD

Walzl, John T., Baltimore, MD

Walzl, Louis, Baltimore, MD

Walzl, Richard, Baltimore, MD

Wange, Hawley, MN

Wangenheim, Albert, New Orleans, LA

Warburton Photo Art Studio, Yonkers, NY

Wanichek, J. W., Onslow, IA

Ward, Connellsville, PA

Ward, Mt. Vernon, OH

Ward. See Cox & Ward

Ward. See Hurd & Adams

Ward. See Hurd & Ward

Ward. See Noel & Ward

Ward Canfield, Bridgeport, CT

Ward, A. L. Fall River, MA

Ward, A. L., Marlboro, MA

Ward, A. L., Marlborough, MA

Ward, Dewitt C., New York, NY

Ward, E. D., Gilford, NH

Ward, E. D, Lake Village, Gilford, NH

Ward, Edward, Detroit, MI

Ward, G. A., Winterset, IA

Ward, H., Jacksonville, FL

Ward, Henry M., Hailey,

Ward, J. E., La Porte City, IA

Ward, J. F., Bloomington, IN

Ward, J. M., Lake Village, NH

Ward, J. R., Horseheads, NY

Ward, J. W., Horseheads, NY

Ward, John W., McKeesport, PA

Ward, John R., Oil Trough, AR

Ward, Joseph, Boston, MA

Ward, M. T., Orleans, NE

Ward, P. J., Horseheads, NY

Ward, T. C., Pendleton, OR

Ward, W. H., Wilkesbarre, PA

Ward Bros., La Porte City, IA

Warde's Art Studio, Richmond, VA

Wardell, G. R., Trenton, NJ

Wardlaw, S. D., Rochester, NY

Wardle, Henrietta L., Philadelphia, PA

Wardle, Henrietta, Riverton, NJ

Wardsworth, E. H. & Co., Eastport, ME

Wardwell, W. H., Boston, MA

Wardwell, Wm. H., Boston, MA

Ware, Quincy, IL

Ware, J. L., Tacoma, WA

Ware, John, Augusta, GA

Ware, John A., Augusta, GA

Ware, Wm C., Charleston, SC

Wareham, J. L., Freeport, IL

Wareham, John L., Freeport, IL

Waring, H. E., Galion, OH

Waring, H. F., Galion, OH

Wark, Mt. Vernon, OH

Wark, James, Kent, OH

Wark James, Marion, OH

Wark, Jas., Kent, Portage, OH

Warmbold, Ernest, Chicago, IL

Warmbold, Ernst, Chicago, IL

Warmkessel. See Hunsicker & Warmkessel

Warmkessel, Allentown, PA

Warmkessel, F., Allentown, PA

Warmkessel, F. N., Allentown, PA

Warner, Hartford, CT

Warner. See Mathers & Warner

Warner & Randolph, Seattle, WA

Warner, A. L. Washington, AR

Warner, A. M., Quincy, IL

Warner, A. W., Greene, NY

Warner, Adelbert A., Burlington, VT

Warner, Arthur C., Seattle, WT

Warner, Edwin, Lima, NY

Warner, Frank, Hartford, CT

Warner, J. E., Fall River, MA

Warner, Jonathan, Sag Harbor, Southampton, NY

Warner, N. S., St. John, IA

Warner, Orin H., Aurora, IL

Warner, P. H., Sand Spring, IA

Warner, Peter, Mount Vernon, IA

Warner, Peter H., Hopkinton, IA

Warner, Ransel W., Marshfield, VT

Warner, Ransell W., Marshfield, VT

Warner, S., Sag Harbor, Southampton, NY 

Warner, T. B., Richmondville, NY

Warner, Tobias B., Gloversville, Johnstown, NY

Warner, W., Cohocton, NY

Warner, William F., Philadelphia, PA

Warnica & Co., Newark, NJ

Warnich, T., Council Grove, KS

Warnick, Charles W. See Dinmore & Warnick

Warnky, F. C., Garland, CO

Warnock. See Seeley & Warnock

Warren, Boston and Cambridgeport, MA

Warren, Boston, MA

Warren, Cambridgeport, MA

Warren, Lowell, MA

Warren, New Haven, CT

Warren. See Nichols & Warren

Warren. See Smith & Warren

Warren & Hanley, Guyandotte, WV,

Warren & Hawley, Boat, WV

Warren, A. W., Boston, MA

Warren, Charles, New York, NY

Warren, Charles M., Yonkers, NY

Warren, D. W., Hull, IA

Warren, Elisha W., Philadelphia, PA

Warren, Frederick P., Three Oaks, MI

Warren, G. K. See Andrew O'Brien

Warren, Geo. K., Boston, MA

Warren, Geo. K., Cambridgeport, Cambridge, MA

Warren, George K., Boston, MA

Warren, George K., Cambridge, MA

Warren, George K., Cambridgeport, Cambridge, MA

Warren, H. E., New York, NY

Warren, H. F., Waltham, MA

Warren, Hannah E., New York, NY

Warren, Henry S. P., Portland, OR

Warren, J. W., Fall River, MA

Warren, John, Mora, NM

Warren, Joseph W., Fall River, MA

Warren, M. Shaw, Boston, MA

Warren, O. H. & Co., Boston, MA

Warren, Oliver H., Lowell, MA

Warren, Oliver H., Brookline, MA

Warren, R., Springfield, MA

Warren, Stephen, Portland, OR

Warren, Thomas, Centralia, IL

Warren, W. C., Hubbardston, MA

Warren, W. S., Boston, MA

Warren, W. Shaw, Boston, MA

Warren, Wm E., Jackson, MI

Warrener & Baker, Saratoga Springs, NY

Warriner & Barkman, Chicago, IL

Warriner & Smith, Chicago, IL

Warrington, E. F., Philadelphia, PA

Warshaw, A., Brooklyn, NY

Warshaw, Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

Warshaw, Abraham, New York, NY

Warwick, Frank, Meshoppen, PA,

Warwick, Meshoppen, PA

Warzer, Meyer, New York, NY

Washburn, Louisville, KY

Washburn, New Orleans, LA

Washburn, Spring Valley, MN

Washburn & Kelly, New York, NY

Washburn, A. L., Houston, TX

Washburn, A. L., New Orleans, LA

Washburn, Andrew L., Louisville, KY

Washburn, C. Fred, New London, CT

Washburn, Clara B., Newport, KY

Washburn, Geo. L., Castille, NY

Washburn, J. M., Lowell,  MA

Washburn, John M., Lowell, MA

Washburn, L. S., Louisville, KY

Washburn, L. S. See Andrew L. Washburn

Washburn, L. S. See Watson Washburn

Washburn, Lorenzo S., New Orleans, LA

Washburn, R. A., Hartley, IA

Washburn, W.

Washburn, W. B., Belfast, ME

Washburn, W. W., New Orleans, LA

Washburn, W. W. See Charles Washburn, A. L. Washburn

Washburn, Watson, Louisville, KY

Washburn, William W., New Orleans, LA

Washer, Scranton, PA

Washington Art Institute, Boston, MA

Washington Dag. Saloon. See J. Starkweather

Washington Gallery, Providence, RI

Washington, A., Hartford, CT

Wasson, E., Ithaca, MI

Wasson, W. R., Brooklyn, NY

Wasson, William, Brooklyn, NY

Wasson, William R., Brooklyn, NY 

Wasson, Wm. R., Brooklyn, NY

Waterbury, E. A., Fort Smith, AR

Waterman. See Silver & Waterman

Waterman & Watson, Detroit, MI

Waterman, Charles E., Chicago, IL

Waterman, G. E., Las Vegas, NM

Waters, Chicago, IL

Waters, Frank E., Boise, ID

Waters, Gilbert A., Boston, MA

Waters, J. G., Brooklyn, NY

Waters, J. Edgar, Chicago, IL

Waters, R. J., San Francisco, CA

Waters, T. G., Holton, KS

Waters, W., Charleston, MS

Waters, W. Frank, Philadelphia, PA

Watkins Art Studio, Rising Star, TX

Watkins. See Oliver & Watkins

Watkins, Carlton E., San Francisco, CA

Watkins, George C., Chicago, IL

Watkins, M. A. (Mrs.), St. Paul, MN

Watkins, N. A., Denton, TX

Watkins, Norma_ A., Eastland Co., TX

Watkins, Norma_ A., Rising Star, TX

Watkins, Norman Austell, Denton, TX

Watkins, R. C., Pittsfeld, MA

Watson, Cincinnati, OH

Watson, Danville, IL

Watson, Portland, OR

Watson. See Shafer & Watson

Watson. See Waterman & Watson

Watson & Brummitt, Detroit, MI

Watson & Estell, Richmond, IN

Watson & Kelley, Morgantown, WV

Watson & Moran, Canton, IL

Watson, A., Richwood, OH

Watson, Chas. E., Springfield, IL

Watson, G. M. & Co., Chicago, IL

Watson, Geo, Montpelier, VT

Watson, H. W., Denver, CO

Watson, H. W., Upper Middletown, PA

Watson, Henry W., Brooklyn, NY

Watson, J. E., Detroit, MI

Watson, J. W., Raleigh, NC

Watson, James, Chicago, IL

Watson, John, New Haven, CT

Watson, John W., Raleigh, NC

Watson, Jos., Cincinnati, OH

Watson, Joseph, Cincinnati, OH

Watson, Joseph E., Brooklyn, NY

Watson, O. T., Golden, CO

Watson, W. H., Raleigh, NC

Watson, W. J., Jacksonville, IL

Watson, W. W., Horicon, WI

Watson, Wellington, Detroit, MI

Watson's Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Watt. See Reeve & Watt

Watt, Arthur P., Columbia, SC

Watt, J. P., Locke's Mills, PA

Watterous, Willam H., Avon, NY

Watters, Hubbard, IA

Watters, S. E., Eldora, IA

Watteyne, Theo M., New York, NY

Watton, Lancaster, WI

Watts. See Reeve & Watts

Watts & Osburn, Rochester, NY

Watts, D. P., Los Angeles, CA

Watts, H. S., Dallas, TX

Watts, R. P., Greenville, AL

Watts, Walter J., Philadelphia, PA

Waugh, Wm. S., Chester Hill, OH

Waughtal, E. M. (Miss), Kensett, IA

Wawrzyniakowski, Martin, Milwaukee, WI

Way. See Reily & Way

Way, F. B., Ashtabula, OH

Wayman & Brownell, Cincinnati, OH

Wayman & Lansing, Parkersburg, WV

Wayman, W. W., Parkersburg, WV

Ways, William B., Cumberland, MD

Wcela, Jos, New York, NY

Wcela, Joseph, New York, NY

Wealthy, J., Angola, Evans, NY

Weasner, H., Buffalo, NY

Weatherhead, Fred. S., Rutland, VT

Weatherington Bros., Dallas, TX

Weaver, Chicago, IL

Weaver, C. P., Xenia, Greene, OH

Weaver, Chas, Erie, PA

Weaver, G. F., Chicago, IL

Weaver, Geo J., Cleveland, OH

Weaver, George J. See C. F. Hunger

Weaver, George, Muncy, PA

Weaver, Harry B., Baltimore, MD

Weaver, Isaac, Ira, VT

Weaver, J., Lucas, PA

Weaver, Joseph H., Philadelphia, PA

Weaver, M. F., Los Angeles, CA

Weaver, O. F., Chicago, IL

Weaver, Orland F., Chicago, IL

Weaver, P. S., Hanover, PA

Weaver, Rebecca, New Brighton, PA

Weaver, Richard, Columbia, SC

Weaver, S. & Son, Gettysburg, PA

Weaver, W. H., Watseka, IL

Weaver, Wm, Covington, KY

Webb & Keller, Philadelphia, PA

Webb & Porter, Youngstown, OH

Webb and Co., Columbiana, OH

Webb, A. P., Youngstown, OH

Webb, A. P. & Co., Youngstown, OH

Webb, E., Wilmington, DE

Webb, E. A., Ashtabula, OH

Webb, E. Martin, San Francisco, CA

Webb, Elizabeth, Ottawa, OH

Webb, Emily, Wilmington, DE

Webb, G. G. & Co., Columbiana, OH

Webb, Harry A., Philadelphia, PA

Webb, Henry A., Philadelphia, PA

Webb, J. F., Coon Rapids, IA

Webb, J. F., Youngstown, OH

Webb, James R., Courtland Station, IL

Webb, Milo, McDonough, NY

Webb, S. Jay, Cleveland, OH

Webb, Theron E., Cleveland, OH

Webber, Saco, ME

Webber. See Eaton & Webber

Webber. See Van Pelt & Webber

Webber, C. F., Erie, PA

Webber, Clark T., Pittsburgh, PA

Webber, D., Lisbon, ME

Webber, E. G., Richmond, ME

Webber, Frederick

Webber, G. B., Brunswick, ME

Webber, H. L., Saco, ME

Webber, Horace L., Saco, ME

Weber. See Bassford, Weber & Co.

Weber, B. W., Erie, PA

Weber, C., Red Cloud, NE

Weber, Chas. G., Canton, OH

Weber, F. J., Gowanda, NY

Weber, F. J., Erie, PA

Weber, F. J. & Bro., Erie, PA

Weber, F. Wm, Erie, PA

Weber, Frederick, Jamaica, NY

Weber, George F., New York, NY

Weber, Herman, San Francisco, CA

Weber, Joseph, Erie, PA

Weber, Louis, Salt Lake City, UT

Weber, Otto E., Lancaster, PA
Weber Bros, Erie, PA

Webster, Binghamton, NY

Webster, Oshkosh, WI

Webster. See Bartlett & Webster

Webster. See Brittingham & Webster

Webster. See McBride & Webster

Webster & Albee, Rochester, NY

Webster & Battey, Binghamton, NY

Webster & Bro., Louisville, KY

Webster & Clark, Portsmouth, VA

Webster & Popkins, Hartford CT

Webster & Visscher, Albany, NY

Webster & Walker, Oshkosh, WI

Webster, A. G., Bucksport, ME

Webster, Charles, Buffalo, NY

Webster, Charles R., Rochester, NY

Webster, Chas S., Newport, KY

Webster, Edward Z., Norwich, CT

Webster, F. W., Des Moines, IA

Webster, Frederick M., Syracuse, NY

Webster, H. C. (Mrs.), Winnebago City, MN

Webster, H. D., Laramie, WY

Webster, Henry, Hartford, CT

Webster, I. B., Louisville, KY

Webster, I. B. See Augustus S. Byington

Webster, I. B. See John H. Ross

Webster, Israel B., Louisville, KY

Webster, Israel B.  See John H. Ross

Webster, Israel F., Norwich, CT

Webster, J. H., Dallas TX

Webster, J. W., Tilton, NH

Webster, John, Irasburgh, VT

Webster, John H., Dallas, TX

Webster, John N., Portsmouth, VA

Webster, John W., Lewiston, ID

Webster, Joseph N., Barton, VT

Webster, Joseph S. M., Hamilton, OH

Webster, L., Schroon Lake, Schroon, NY

Webster, Leola, Syracuse, NY

Webster, P. B., Louisville, KY

Webster, R. J., LeRoy, KS

Webster, Rebecca L., Washington, DC

Webster, T. H., Rice Lake, WI

Webster, W. A., Waltham

Webster, W. J., Tilton, NH

Webster, William J., New York, NY

Webster Bros., Chicago, IL

Weckman, Cincinnati, OH

Weckman, J. P., Cincinnati, OH

Weckman, J. P., Newport, KY

Weckman, J. Peter, Cincinnati, OH

Weckman, J. Peter, Newport, KY

Wedekind, Henry, Astoria, OR

Wedmark, J. P., Minneapolis, MN

Weed. See Mayo & Weed

Weed & Carruthers, New York, NY

Weed, C. L., Detroit, MI

Weed, Edwin A., New York, NY

Weed, Wm L., Tucson, AZ

Weed, Wm W., Saratoga Springs, NY

Weeden & Son, Baltimore, MD

Weekes, J., Norwich, CT

Weekes, Joseph, Norwich, CT

Weekly, E. W., Centreville, WV

Weeks. See Angell & Weeks

Weeks & Hodgman, Sandusky, OH

Weeks, Charles E., Coggon, IA

Weeks, F. E. See H. Osterhout

Weeks, F. H., Colorado Springs, CO

Weeks, Frank E., Chicago, IL

Weeks, George H., New York, NY

Weeks, Joseph, Norwich, CT

Weeks, R. E., Cleveland, OH and Sandusky, OH

Weeks, R. E., Lawrence, KS

Weeks, R. E., Sandusky, OH

Weenink, H. D., Dillon, MT

Wegner. See Weider, Mosure & Wegner

Wehrle, Robert, St. Louis, MO

Weidner & Griswold, Lancaster, OH

Weider, Mosure & Wegner, Columbus, OH

Weidling, Julius, Chicago, IL

Weidman. See Walter & Weidman

Weidner. See Fulton & Weidner

Weidner, C., San Francisco, CA

Weidner, Charles, San Francisco, CA

Weigand, J. B., Wausau, WI

Weightman, William N., Philadelphia, PA

Weightman, William W., Quincy, MA

Weigle, Francis J., Toms River, NJ

Weikel, H. E., Mt. Carmel, PA

Weil, Anthon, Jersey City, NJ

Weil, Anton, Jersey City, NJ

Weil, Mathilde, Philadelphia, PA

Weil, Philip F., New York, NY

Weile & Schock, Pendleton, OR

Weilepp, August, Baltimore, MD

Weilepp, Augustus, Baltimore, MD

Weiler, J. J. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Weimer, Enrique, Tampa, FL

Weimer, Henry, Tampa, FL

Weimer, Jas., Brighton, IA

Weinberg & Isaacson, New York, NY

Weinberg, Gustav C., Milwaukee, WI

Weinberger, Adolph, Omaha, NE

Weingartner, Frank, Cincinnati, OH

Weingartner, Leo, Cincinnati, OH

Weinig, Gustave, Brooklyn, NY

Weinkopff & Johanns, Chicago, IL

Weinstein & Levin, New York, NY

Weir, William W., Philadelphia, PA

Weiseisen, John W., Philadelphia, PA

Weiser. See Landes & Weiser

Weiser, A. B.  See A. P. Weiser

Weiser, A. P. (Miss), Knoxville, TN

Weiser, A. P. & A. B., Knoxville, TN

Weiser, G. W., Knoxville, TN

Weiser, G. W., Steubenville, OH

Weiser, Geo W., Steubenville, OH

Weiser, George, Steubenville, OH

Weiser, George W., Knoxville, TN

Weisman, Philadelphia, PA

Weiss & Brown, Chicago, IL

Weiss, John, New Orleans, LA

Weiss, Rudolph, Brooklyn, NY

Weist, John F., Huntington, IN

Weitfle, Chas., Central City, CO

Weitfle, Chas., Dover, NJ

Weitzel, Charles, Mifflintown, PA

Weixsell, S. See Junction City Art Gallery

Welch, Humboldt, NE

Welch, Blanche C. (Mrs.), Salina, KS

Welch, Frank B., Cincinnati, OH

Welch, G. J., Suspension Bridge, Niagara, NY

Welch, J. F., Parkersburg, WV

Welch, John C., Sandy Lake, PA

Welch, Jos F., Houston, TX

Welch's Lightning Studio

Weld, D. F., Davenport, IA,

Weld, D. T., Freeport, IL

Weld, E. G. & Son, Cazenovia, NY

Weld, Ezre G., Cazenovia, NY

Weld, J. A., Penn Yan, Milo, NY

Weldin, Z. A., Minerva, OH

Welfare, A. E., Charlotte, NC

Welker, Oscar B., Middletown, CT

Welker, William P., Sunbury, PA

Welldon. See Metcalf & Welldon

Weller, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Weller, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Weller, Lawrence P., Chicago, IL

Weller, Lorenzo S., Antwerp, NY

Weller, Perry, Sigourney, IA

Weller, Wm. W., Littleton, NH

Wellhausen, Fred, Milwaukee, WI

Welling, Peter, New York, NY

Wellman. See Adams & Wellman

Wellman & Chapman, Chester, VT

Wellman, Charles E., Chester, VT

Wellman, W. A. (Mrs.), Exira, IA

Wells, Kenosha, WI

Wells. See Lyman & Wells

Wells. See Riegle & Wells

Wells. See Spooner & Wells

Wells. See Stafford & Wells

Wells & Richardson. See James O. Batchelder

Wells & Vincent, Los Angeles, CA

Wells Bros., Carbondale, PA

Wells, A., B., East Randolph, Randolph, NY

Wells, A. F., (Silver Creek) Hanover, NY

Wells, C. (Mrs.), Radnor, OH

Wells, C. H., Denver, CO

Wells, Charles A., Boston, MA

Wells, Charles C., Coxsackie, NY

Wells, G. A., Carrollton, MS

Wells, Geo., Macon, MO

Wells, H. M., Cambridge, NY

Wells, H. S., Norwich, NY

Wells, Henry M., Cambridge, NY

Wells, Henry M., New Haven, CT

Wells, Isaac, Athens, MI

Wells, Isaac, East Leroy, MI

Wells, J. D., Boston, MA

Wells, J. H. & Co., New Haven, CT

Wells, James E., Chicago, IL

Wells, Kate (Miss), Salt Lake City, UT

Wells, Ralph P., Cleveland, OH

Wells, Richard L., Cleveland, OH

Wells, T. M., Pekin, IL

Wells, W. H., Columbus, OH

Wells, W. J., Canton, OH

Wells, William F., Chicago, IL

Welsh, J. O., California

Welsing, Herman, West Point, IA

Welson. See Burnite & Welson

Welter, Fred W., Pittsburgh, PA

Wenck, C., Northumberland, PA

Wenck, Conrad, Northumberland, PA

Wendel. See Struble & Wendel

Wendel, Frederic, New York, NY

Wendel, Frederick, New York, NY

Wendel, Jas F., Aston, ID

Wendel, William, Jersey City, NJ

Wendell, Harvey, Albany, NY

Wenderoth & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Wenderoth & Taylor, Philadelphia,

Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown, Philadelphia, PA

Wendland. See Emminger & Wendland

Wendle, W. R., Albuquerque, NM

Wendover, T. J., Albany, NY

Wendover, Thos. J., Albany, NY

Wendt, New York

Wendt, Frank, Boonton, NJ

Wenglein, John, New York, NY

Wenige, G., Boston, MA

Wensel, C., Boston, MA

Wentworth, Fort Plain, NY

Wentworth, D., Fort Plain, Minden, NY

Wentworth, H. S., Benton Harbor, MI

Wentworth, Henry, Sharon Sp'gs, NY

Wentworth, Henry, Sharon Springs, NY

Wentworth, L. E., Canton, MA

Wentworth, S. M., Cherry Valley, NY

Wentzell, H. J., Boston, MA

Werbalsky. See Rution & Werbalsky

Werner & Schrader, New York, NY

Werner, A., Brooklyn, NY

Werner, August, Brooklyn, NY

Werner, I. B., Rossville, IL

Wersel, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Wert & Merrell, Upper Sandusky, OH

Werts, G.  See Kansas City Photograph Rooms

Werts, P. D., Iowa City, IA

Wertz, Waterman's Mill, IL

Wertz, G., Kansas City

Wertz, G., Pittsburg, PA

Wertz Gallery, Allentown, PA

Wescott, Robert E., Lowell, MA

Wescott's, Lowell, MA

Wesley, Harrisburg, PA

Wesley, Frederick, New York, NY

Wesner, H. B., San Bernardino, CA

Wesner, Henry B., San Bernardino, CA

Wesner, M. A.,  Los Angeles, CA

Wessel, Louis, San Francisco, CA

West, Derby Line, VT

West, Mt. Vernon, OH

West. See Churchill and West

West & Lewis, Travelling Photographers

West, C. Monroe, Asheville, NC

West, Charles, Hot Springs, AR

West, David, Traverse City, MI

West, E. C., Montpelier, VT

West, E. H., Webster, MA

West, Emmet, Grafton, NY

West, Erastus C., Montpelier, VT

West, F. C., Grand Rapids, MI

West, F. E., Ruthven, IA

West, J. E., Crafton, NY

West, Jacob, Bradford, PA

West, Julius S., Chicago, IL

West, W. W., traveling artist

West, William W., Spring City, PA

West Coast Art Co., Los Angeles, CA

West End Store, Chicago, IL

West Side, Wichita, KS

West Side Art Gallery, Wichita, KS

West Side Gallery. See Swan

Westbrook, S. L. D., Newburgh, NY

Westcott & Cummings, Wilmington DE

Westcott, John C., Fairton, NJ

Westcott, John O., Greenwich, NJ

Westenberger, George L., Parkersburg, WV

Westerfield, David, New York, NY

Westerman, O. B., Joliet, IL

Westerman, O. R., Joliet, IL

Westerman, Otto, Pekin, IL

Western Photo Co., San Francisco, CA

Western Photograph Co., San Francisco, CA

Western Portrait and View Co., [Lincoln, NE]

Westervelt, Los Angeles, CA

Westervelt, J. D., Los Angeles, CA

Westervelt, J. D., Mishawaka, IN

Westervelt, James D., Niles, MI

Westfall, George N., Rockford, Western MI

Westlake. See Sanford & Westlake

Westlake, F. G., Rochester, NY

Westley, Frederick, New York, NY

Westmann, O. R., Joliet, IL

Weston, Bangor, ME

Weston, New York, NY

Weston & Moreh, Bedford, PA

Weston, Cummings. See Wilson & Weston

Weston, B. W., Leetonia, Columbiana, OH

Weston, E. R., Bangor, ME

Weston, Edward, New York, NY

Weston, F. C., Bangor, ME

Weston, F. C., Nashua, NH

Weston, Frank C., Bangor, ME

Weston, Frank C., Boston, MA

Weston, Herman, Elizabeth, NJ

Weston, L. R., New York, NY

Weston, Mary, New York, NY

Weston, Robert J., New York, NY

Westphal, A., Chicago, IL

Westphal, Adolph, Chicago, IL

Wetherbee & Son, Rock Valley, IA

Wetherby, Iowa City, IA

Wetherby, Isaac A., Iowa City, IA

Wetherell, F., Mt. Vernon, NY

Wetherell, M. L., Des Moines, IA

Wetin, Michl, Cleveland, OH

Wetstone, Clarence E., Philadelphia, PA

Wetzel, Charles A., Port Chester, NY

Wetzel, Chas. A., Port Chester, NY

Wetzel, Gustave, Cairo, IL

Wetzler, Gus, Cleveland, OH

Wevere, H. N., Richmond, VA

Weyle, Twin Falls, ID

Whalen, Detroit, MI

Wharton, Winamac, IN

Wharton & Nofsinger, Wabash, IN,

Wharton & Tyree, Raleigh, NC

Wharton, C. P., Raleigh, NC

Wharton, D. S, Newton Hamilton, PA

Wharton, Wm E., Superior, WI

Whealdon, Josh, Texarkana, AR

Wheatley. See Stacey & Wheatley

Wheatley, E. S., DuQuoin, IL

Wheaton, Schenectady, NY

Whedon, I. P. E., Goshen, IN

Wheeden & Son, Baltimore, MD

Wheeden, Eugene B., Baltimore, MD

Wheel, George M., Springfield, MA

Wheeland & Hatfield, Milton, PA

Wheeland & McMahan, Milton, PA

Wheeland - McMahan, Milton, PA

Wheeland, W. P., Milton, PA

Wheelden, G. R., Winterport, ME

Wheelden, Geo. R., Bangor ME

Wheelden, George R., Brewer, ME

Wheeler, Greenville, SC

Wheeler, Unadilla, NY

Wheeler, What Cheer, IA

Wheeler. See Barnhouse & Wheeler

Wheeler. See Crawford & Wheeler

Wheeler. See Howell & Wheeler

Wheeler. See Kenyon & Wheeler

Wheeler. See Kunz, Wheeler, Moffat Co.

Wheeler. See Luke & Wheeler

Wheeler. See Rochlitz & Wheeler

Wheeler. See Taylor & Wheeler

Wheeler & Chase, Del Norte, CO

Wheeler & Son, Greenville, SC
Wheeler & Sperring, Oxford, NY
Wheeler & Spinney, Oxford, NY
Wheeler, A., Saybrook, CT
Wheeler, A. D., Fort Worth, TX
Wheeler, A. H., Chicago, IL

Wheeler, A. T., Boulder, CO

Wheeler, C. M., Taylorsville, IL

Wheeler, C. S., Pendleton, OR

Wheeler, Dewitt C., New York, NY

Wheeler, F., Newbern, NC

Wheeler, F. G., Minneapolis, MN

Wheeler, Frank, W. Meriden, CT

Wheeler, Frank R., Haverhill, MA

Wheeler, Fred, Taylorville, IL

Wheeler, G. H.

Wheeler, Paris H., Fairfield, SC

Wheeler, Paris H., Washington, DC

Wheeler, Ralph, Unadilla, NY

Wheeler, Rolland, Leroy, IL

Wheeler, S. F., Lyons, IA

Wheeler, W. D., Astoria, OR

Wheeler, W. M., Greenville, SC

Wheeler's Studio, Pendleton, OR

Wheeling, Jas W., Twin Falls, ID

Wheelis, John A., Chicago, IL

Whelchel, Arthur M., Caldwell, ID

Whelchel, Walter C., Caldwell, ID

Whelpley, Ray B., Dallas, TX

When Gallery, St. Louis, MO

When Gallery. See Henry Holborn

Whepte, James E., Camden, AR

Wheyland, Frank. See Cottage Photo Gallery

Whiddit, New York, NY

Whiddit & Coffin, Newburgh, NY

Whiddit, W. W., Newburgh, NY

Whiddit, Wm., Newburgh, NY

Whiddit Photo Co., New York, NY

Whigham, Richard P., San Francisco, CA

Whigham's Art Studios, San Francisco, CA

Whiley & Chadwick, Greensboro, AL

Whinery, B. T., Wilmington, OH

Whippey. See Judkins & Whippey

Whippey & Shields, Indianapolis, IN

Whippey, F. C., Indianapolis, IN

Whippey, Frederick C., Indianapolis, IN

Whipple, Boston, MA

Whipple, Englewood, IL

Whipple. See Litch & Whipple

Whipple. See Metcalf & Welldon

Whipple & Black, Boston, MA

Whipple & Clare, Chicago, IL

Whipple, Carrie M. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Whipple, H. C., Olean, NY

Whipple, H. C. See Winsor & Whipple

Whipple, Herbert C., Olean, NY

Whipple, Estelle, Nevada City, MO

Whipple, G., Valparaiso, IN

Whipple, J. A., Boston, MA

Whipple, John A., Boston, MA

Whipple, Randall M., Charlestown, MA

Whipple, W. L., Chicago, IL

Whisler & Maudsburg, Maquoketa, IA

Whissemore, A., Mansfield, OH

Whistler & Maudsburg, Maquoketa, IA

Whitaker. See Higgins & Whitaker

Whitaker & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Whitaker, G. C., Leavenworth, KS

Whitcomb, A. S., Winchester, NH

Whitcomb, D. W., Newton, IA

Whitcomb, Seleck, Rockingham, VT

Whitcome, Nelson Jr., Hartford, VT

White, Brooklyn, NY

White, Cleveland, OH

White, Monroe, WI

White. See Hastings

White. See Hastings, White & Fisher

White. See Lettelier & White

White. See Ollis & White

White. See Prescott & White

White. See White & Fisher

White & Cox, Frenchtown, NJ

White & Lindsey, Kalamazoo, MI

White & Son, Red Bank, NJ

White, A., New York, NY

White, A. F., Boston, MA

White, A. J., Castile, NY

White, A. J., Kansas City, MO

White, A. J., London, OH

White, Abiel F., Boston, MA

White, Abraham,Philadelphia, PA

White, Alfred D., DeWitt, IA

White, Asa, Boston, MA

White, Augustus A., Gloucester, MA

White, Austin F., Boston, MA

White, B. F., Topeka , KS

White, Clarence H., New York, NY

White, Constant M., Corning, NY

White, E. M., Keene, NH

White, Edward L., Brooklyn, NY

White, Edwin T., Punxsutawney, PA

White, Frank, New York, NY

White, Franklin, Lancaster, NH

White, G. C., Boston, MA

White, G. H., Monroe, WI

White, G. W., Chillicothe, OH

White, G. W., Cincinnati, OH

White, Geo. C., Boston, MA

White, Geo. H., Danbury, CT

White, Geo. H., Hempstead, L.I., NY

White, Geo. W., Cincinnati, OH

White, George, Chicago, IL

White, George H., Hempstead, NY

White, George J., Big Rapids, Western MI

White, George W., Chillicothe, OH

White, H. G., Monroe, WI

White, Isaac, Hartford, CT

White, J. L., Coolville, Athens, OH

White, J. M., East Randolph, NY

White, James M., East Randolph, Randolph, NY

White, Jarvis. See Hastings, White & Fisher

White, Jarvis, Art Co., Davenport, IA

White, Jarvis & Co., Successor to Hastings, White & Fisher, Davenport, IA

White, John, Salem, MA

White, John G., Savannah, GA

White, L. E. (Miss), Portland, OR

White, Lily E. (Miss), Portland, OR

White, Lloyd, Washington, DC

White, Luther, Montpelier, VT

White, Luther S., New York, NY

White, Lyman, Twinsburg, OH

White, M. R. (Mrs.), Tabor, IA

White, Minnie, Lynnville, IA

White, Otto, North Vernon, IN

White, Peter, New Orleans, LA

White, R. H., Little Rock, AR

White, T. J., Chippewa Falls, WI

White, T. J., Fargo, ND

White, T. J., Portland, OR

White, W. B., Freeport, IL

White, W. H., Elizabeth, NJ

White, Wells H., Troy, OH

White, William J., Cleveland, OH

White, William W., Buffalo, NY

White, Wills T., Bennington, VT

White, Wm., Buffalo, NY

White, Wm. W., Buffalo, NY

White Photo Studio, Boston, MA

White Studio, New York, NY

White's Portable Gallery, De Vall's Bluff, AR

Whitecar, John W., Salt Lake City, UT

Whitehead, West Hamilton, OH

Whitehead & Dewey, Hamilton, OH

Whitehead, W. H., Pittsburgh, PA

Whitehouse, Bion H., Keene, NH

Whitehurst Gallery, Washington, DC

Whiteley. See Powell & Whiteley

Whitelock, E. P., Cincinnati, OH

Whitelock, E. P., Jeffersonville, IN

Whitelock, Edmund P., Louisville, KY

Whiteman, Albert, New York, NY

Whiteman, Albert P., New York, NY

Whiteman, H. W., Providence, RI

Whitenack Photographic Service, Philadelphia, PA

Whitesides, William, Hancock, MI

Whitesides, William, Marquette, MI

Whitesides, William Jr., Ironwood, MI

Whitford, Geo. W., Cincinnati, OH

Whiting, Plymouth, MA

Whiting. See Roberts & Whiting

Whiting, Charles M., Manchester, NH

Whiting, E. E., Kennan, WI

Whiting, Emmet E., Prentice, WI

Whiting, G. W., Boston, MA

Whiting, Thomas Henry, Chicago, IL

Whitley, C. See J. H. Whitley

Whitley, J. H., Elmira, NY

Whitley, J. H. & C., Elmira, NY

Whitley, John H., Owego, NY

Whitley, M. N., Elmira, NY

Whitlock, E. P., Jeffersonville, IN

Whitman, Chelsea, MA

Whitman, H. H., Ithaca, MI

Whitman, Louis L., New York, NY

Whitman, Albert H.., New York, NY

Whitman, M. E. (Mrs.), Chester, VT

Whitman Studio, Malden, MA

Whitman Studio. See Edgar L. Byrd

Whitmore. See Ranger & Whitmore

Whitmore, A. J., Rochester, NH

Whitmore, C. E., Clyde, Galen, NY

Whitmore, Charles E., Hamilton, NY

Whitmore, H. B., Omaha, NE

Whitmore, L. E., Lodi, OH

Whitney, Saint Paul, MN

Whitney, St. Paul, MN

Whitney. See Boyd & Whitney

Whitney. See Towne & Whitney

Whitney & Co., Chicago, IL

Whitney & Beckwith, Norwalk, CT

Whitney & Griffith, Brownsville, TN

Whitney, C. H., Cleveland, NY

Whitney, Charles, Jacksonville, FL

Whitney, Charles H., Baldwinsville, NY

Whitney, Chas. H., Baldwinsville, NY

Whitney, E. B., Boise, ID

Whitney, E. T., Rochester, NY

Whitney, Edward B., Boise, ID

Whitney, F., Brownsville, TN

Whitney, J. E., St. Paul, MN

Whitney, L. M., Batavia, IL

Whitney, O. H., Livonia, NY

Whitney, R. C., Junction City, KS

Whitney, Warren L., Bangor, ME

Whitney, William H., Denver, CO

Whitson, L. H., Lockport, IL
Whitstruck, Fred H., Minneapolis, MN
Whitstruck, Frederick H., St. Paul, MN

Whittaker. See Lewis & Whittaker

Whittaker, Geo L., Boston, MA

Whitten, Silas R., Fort Worth, TX

Whittemore, A. J., Rochester, NH

Whittemore, Charles D., Philadelphia, PA

Whitten, J. H., Fort Fairfield, ME

Whitter, Jacob, Denver, CO

Whitton, Frederick, Pine Bluff, AR

Whitworth, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Whyte & Harvey, Boise, ID

Whyte, James E., Camden, AR

Whyte, Wm, Boise, ID

Wiborn, Lewis A., Birmingham, AL

Wichita Art Gallery, Wichita, KS

Wick. See Cornell & Wick

Wick, G., Norwich, NY

Wickenden, J. W., Toledo, OH

Wickenden, James W., Toledo, OH

Wicker, John H., St. Paul, MN

Wickersham. See Wooster & Wickersham

Wickes. See Haines & Wickes

Wickiser, S., Galena, Delaware, OH

Widgoy, John S., Cleveland, OH

Wiegner, Henry J., Philadelphia, PA

Wieland, E. D., Philadelphia, PA

Wieland, William, Philadelphia, PA

Wielms, Oscar, St. Louis, MO

Wiemann, Thos., Cincinnati, OH

Wiener, Jacob, Cleveland, OH

Wieners, Jacob F. Jr., Flushing, NY

Wieseckel, John, Brooklyn, NY

Wieser, J. H., Charleston, SC

Wiess, Rosa (Miss), Omaha, NE

Wigger & Mock, Marion, IN

Wiggins, Oneida, NY

Wiggins, S. T., Cedar Rapids, IA

Wight, A., Silver Creek, Hanover, NY

Wight, O. S., Wellsville, NY

Wightman, C. E.

Wightman, J. W., Augusta, GA

Wigle, J. H. C, Detroit, MI

Wiklund, Laurentz, St. Paul, MN

Wilber & Bassett, Erie, PA

Wilber, A. D., Auburn, NY

Wilber, A. Dana, Auburn, NY

Wilber, J. P., Decatur, IL

Wilber, Jeremiah, Hamilton, NY

Wilber, Nathan P., Hamilton, NY

Wilber, S. N. & J. H., (Schenevus) Maryland, NY

Wilber, J. H.  See S. N. Wilber

Wilbur, New York, NY

Wilbur, Zanesville, OH

Wilcox, Chicago, IL

Wilcox & Wilcox

Wilcox, Charles H., Chicago, IL

Wilcox, Charles P., Haverhill, MA

Wilcox, Geo W., traveling photographer

Wilcox, George, Apponaug, Warwick, RI

Wilcox, H. G., Oskaloosa, IA

Wilcox, Henry T., Chicago, IL

Wilcox, Horatio M., Chicago, IL

Wilcox, James, Brooklyn, NY

Wilcox, L. T., Anamosa, IA

Wilcox, Levi T., Anamosa, IA

Wilcox, R. G., Los Angeles, CA

Wilcox, S. See G. W. & S. Wilcox

Wilcox, S. L., Conneaut, OH

Wilcox, S. L., Evansville, IN

Wilcox, S. S., Conneaut, OH

Wilcox, Saml L., Evansville, IN

Wilcox, Samuel, Evansville, IN

Wilcox, Solomon, N. Scituate, RI

Wilcox, Solomon Jr., Scituate, RI

Wilcox, William A., Lynn, MA

Wilcox, Successor to Copelin, Chicago, IL

Wilcox Bros., Chicago, IL

Wilcoxon, W. A., Keokuk, IA

Wilcoxon, Wm. A., Keokuk, IA

Wild, J. W. F., Selma, AL

Wild, Lizzie (Mrs.), De Witt, NE

Wilde & Son, Selma, AL

Wilde & Zivney, Milwaukee, WI

Wilde & Zivney. See Rudolph Wilde

Wilde, Ralph H., Milwaukee, WI

Wilde, John F., Selma, AL

Wilde, John T., Selma, AL

Wilde, Rudolph H., Milwaukee, WI

Wildenhain, A. F., Jacksonville, FL

Wildenhain, Alfred F., Jacksonville, FL

Wildenhein, Frederick, Jacksonville, FL

Wilder, B. H., Chicago, IL

Wilder, Henry H., Portland, ME

Wilder, W. L., Laconia, Gilford, NH

Wilder, William L., Laconia, NH

Wilder, William T., Portland, ME

Wildermuth, Wilkes Barre, PA

Wildermuth. See Bumgardner & Wildermuth

Wildermuth, J. E., Grinnell, IA

Wildey, O. H., Skaneateles, NY

Wile, Clyde, OH

Wiles, A. D., Fremont, OH

Wiley. See Clarke & Wiley

Wiley. See Gardner & Wiley

Wiley, C. M., Waverly, KS

Wiley, E., Cohocton, NY

Wiley, Edward, Olean, NY

Wiley, J. H., Greensboro, AL

Wiley, J. Thomas, Oxford, PA

Wilhams, Chas. W., Long Island City,  NY

Wilhelm, New York, NY

Wilhelm, Rudolph, New York, NY

Wilhelmi & Chowning, Urbana, OH

Wilhelmi, F.

Wilhelmi, Frederick G., Cleveland, OH

Wilke, Otto, Chicago, IL

Wilke, Otto E., Chicago, IL

Wilker, Wm, Augusta, GA

Wilkes, Albert, Salt Lake City, UT

Wilkes, David J., Baltimore, MD

Wilkes, Jos J., Salt Lake City, UT

Wilkey, E. V., Dallas, TX

Wilkie, James, New York, NY

Wilkie, Sarah, New York, NY

Wilkins, Brazil, IN

Wilkins. See C. Hamilton

Wilkins. See Kingman & Wilkins

Wilkins & Lufkin, Lowell, MA

Wilkins, Charles. See Wilkins & Lufkin

Wilkins, C. E., Freeport, IL

Wilkins, Chas E., Freeport, IL

Wilkins, G. T., Fort Collins, CO

Wilkins, J., Pembroke, NH

Wilkins, Joseph, Suncook, Pembroke, NH

Wilkins, O. E., Fond du lac, WI

Wilkinson, A., Greensburg, IN

Wilkinson, Charles, Tama, IA

Wilkinson, D. E., Mapleton, MN

Wilkinson, E. H., Detroit, MI

Wilkinson, E. H., Roswell, NM

Wilkinson, Edwin H., Detroit, MI

Wilkinson, Edwin H., Roswell, NM

Wilkinson, Gussie, Boise, ID

Wilkinson, Jesse, Champaign, IL

Wilkinson, O. A., Fayette Mills, VT

Wilkinson, O. A., Fayetteville, Newfane, VT

Wilkinson, O. A., South Londonderry, VT

Wilkinson, O. R., Medford, MA

Willard. See Miller & Willard

Willard, C. H., Independence, IA

Willard, C. T., Philadelphia, PA

Willard, J. W. & Co., New York, NY

Willard, Julia A., Philadelphia, PA

Willard, O. H., Philadelphia, PA

Willard, Oliver H. Philadelphia, PA

Willes' Art Bazaar, Heber City, UT

Willett, R. G., Marilla, NY

Willett, R. J., Marilla, NY

Willett, Seabrook E., Flushing, NY

Willett, W. F., Washington C.H., OH

Willett, W. P., Washington C. H., OH

Willets. See Norman-Willets

Willey, Frank R., Boston, MA

William & McCracken, Tulsa, OK

William, James, New York, NY

William, James M., South Scituate, MA

William & Thomson, Kansas City, MO

Williams, Chambersburg, PA

Williams, Dallas, TX

Williams. See Bundy & Williams

Williams. See Bush & Williams 

Williams. See Johnson, Williams & Co.

Williams. See Leon & Williams

Williams. See Moulthrop & Williams

Williams. See Mundy & Williams

Williams & Co., Waterville, Sangerfield, NY

Williams & Deal, Philadelphia, PA

Williams & Keller, Utica, NY

Williams & Samuels, Oakland, CA

Williams & Thomson, Leavenworth, KS

Williams, A. A., Columbus, GA

Williams, Alonzo S., Little Rock, AR

Williams, Alonzo S., Memphis, TN

Williams, Archer J., Philadelphia, PA

Williams, Bert L., Lowell, MA

Williams, C. A., Harrisburg, PA

Williams, C. J., Wichita, KS

Williams, C. S., Los Angeles, CA

Williams, C. U., Bloomington, IL

Williams, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Williams, Charles A., Harrisburg, PA

Williams, Charles A., Philadelphia, PA

Williams, Charles S., Denton, TX

Williams, Charles U., Bloomington, IL

Williams, Chas., West Point, OH

Williams, D. C., Cedar Falls, IA

Williams, DeWitt C., Philadelphia,

Williams, Don H., Denton, TX

Williams, Edgar, Farmington, IA

Williams, Frank H., Central Falls, RI

Williams, Frank H., Pawtucket, RI

Williams, Fred J., Natick, MA

Williams, Frederick, Troy, NY

Williams, G. Edwin, Los Angeles, CA

Williams, G. F., Seymour, IA

Williams, G. M., Bath, ME

Williams, G. T., Columbus, GA

Williams, Geo. P., Ellicottville, NY

Williams, George, Jacksonville, FL

Williams, George, Philadelphia, PA

Williams, George H., Philadelphia, PA

Williams, H. W., Chicago, IL

Williams, Herman M., Rutland, VT

Williams, Horatio, Chicago, IL

Williams, Horatio W., Chicago, IL

Williams, Isaac, Westfield, IN

Williams, Isaac W., Jacksonville, IL

Williams, Isaac & Son, Westfield, IN

Williams, J. See Joaquin A. Gonzales

Williams, J. See Richard Herrmann

Williams, J & Co., Honolulu, HI

Williams, J. A., Newport, RI

Williams, J. C., San Francisco, CA

Williams, J. W., Philadelphia, PA

Williams, James, Honolulu, HI

Williams, James, Port Henry, Moriah, NY

Williams, Jas, Honolulu, HI

Williams, Jno. W., Shelbyville, KY

Williams, John, Bloody Run, PA

Williams, John R., New York, NY

Williams, Joshua A., Newport, RI

Williams, Joshua Appleby, Wakefield, RI

Williams, L. B., Utica, NY

Williams, L. F.., Spirit Lake, IA

Williams, L. M., Columbia, PA

Williams, L. M., Marietta, PA

Williams, Lawson B., Utica, NY

Williams, M. F., North Easton, MA

Williams, M. T., Shelby, NC

Williams, M. W., Potsdam, NY

Williams, Monroe, Easton, MA

Williams, Monroe F., Easton, MA

Williams, N. M., Potsdam, NY

Williams, N. W., Potsdam Village, NY

Williams, Nelson W., Potsdam, NY

Williams, O. S., Clarksville, TX

Williams, Obadiah S., Clarksville, TX

Williams, Philip, Westfield, IN

Williams, Robert, Augusta, GA

Williams, Robert E., Augusta, GA

Williams, S. T., Allerton, IA

Williams, U. B., Portland, OR

Williams, W., Jacksonville, IL

Williams, W. C., Nebraska City, NE

Williams, W. H., West Lafayette, OH

Williams, W. L., Council Bluffs, IA

Williams, W. W., Dallas, TX

Williams, Walter K., New York, NY

Williams, William, Leatherwood, PA

Williams, William, Utica, NY

Williams, William B., Utica, NY

Williams, William I., San Francisco, CA

Williams, Wm. A., Newport, RI

Williams Co., New York, NY

Williams Studio, Chicago, IL

Williams' Gallery, Skowhegan, ME

Williamsburg Mfg Co., Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburg Photo Co., Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburg Photograph Co., Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburgh Photograph Co., New York, NY

Williamson, Rochester, NY

Williamson, Rome, NY

Williamson. See Shipler & Williamson

Williamson, C. H., Brooklyn, NY

Williamson, Charles H., Brooklyn, NY

Williamson, Chas B., Brooklyn, NY

Williamson, Chas. H., Brooklyn, NY

Williamson, E. R., Rochester, NY

Williamson, H. B., Los Angeles, CA

Willis. See Packer & Willis

Willis, A. D., Crawfordsville, IN

Willis, Abner, Evansville, IN

Willis, Alfred T., Charleston, SC

Willis, E. L., Milford, MA

Willis, E. L., Woonsocket, RI

Willis, Edwin L., Milford, CT

Willis, Elmer, Lawrence, KS

Willis, F. E., Brooklyn, NY

Willis, F. E., Middletown, CT

Willis, Frank E., Middletown, CT

Willis, Fred C., Nashua, NH

Willis, O. F., New Shoreham, RI

Willis, Orlando F., New Shoreham, RI

Willis, Walter D., Weiser, ID

Willmeth, Chas. T., San Antonio, TX

Willoughby, J. M., Wapakoneta, Auglaize, OH

Wills, J. Q., Asheville, NC

Willsey, Holmes, Berne, NY

Willyerd, St. Louis, MO

Willyerd, J. B., Galveston, TX

Wilman, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Wilmington Photo Co., Wilmington, DE

Wilms, George L., Jersey City, NJ

Wilschke, Max, Chicago, IL

Wilson, Bridgeport, CT

Wilson, Chicago, IL

Wilson, Kewanee, IL

Wilson, Ottawa, IL

Wilson, Parkersburg, WV

Wilson, Walton, NY

Wilson. See Colville & Wilson

Wilson. See Dow & Wilson

Wilson. See Gordon & Wilson

Wilson. See Harlan & Wilson

Wilson. See Isbell & Wilson
Wilson. See Kief & Wilson

Wilson. See Petty & Wilson

Wilson. See Reynolds & Wilson

Wilson & Bell, Indianapolis, IN

Wilson & Co., New Haven, CT

Wilson & Hieser, Bonds Store, WV

Wilson & Holt, Dallas, TX

Wilson & Shafer, Ottawa,IL

Wilson & Son, Indianapolis, IN

Wilson & Weston', Manchester, NH

Wilson, Albert B., Newport, KY

Wilson, Allen.  See Wilson & Weston

Wilson, Ben, Washington H Co., AR

Wilson, C. D., St. Louis, MO

Wilson, C. W., Harrisburg, PA

Wilson, Charles A., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, Charles D., St. Louis, MO

Wilson, Clara (Miss), Maxwell, IA

Wilson, D. W. See Boston Photograph Gallery

Wilson, David W., New Bedford, CT

Wilson, David W., New Haven, CT

Wilson, Duane, Payette, ID

Wilson, E. B., Chicago, IL

Wilson, E. J., Barton, VT

Wilson, E. T., Lancaster, NH

Wilson, Edward, Ottawa, IL

Wilson, Edward L.  See Centennial

Wilson, Frank A., Portland, ME

Wilson, Fred., Newport, KY

Wilson, G., Indianapolis, IN

Wilson, George, Indianapolis, IN

Wilson, George B., Brooklyn, NY

Wilson, George S., San Francisco, CA

Wilson, H. B., West Hamilton, OH

Wilson, I. Kinsey, Tucson, AZ

Wilson, J. A., New Albany, IN

Wilson, J. A., Ottawa, IL

Wilson, J. B., Chicago, IL

Wilson, J. C., Cherokee, IA

Wilson, J. N., Savannah, GA

Wilson, J. N. & Co., Savannah, GA

Wilson, J. P., Martinsville, IN

Wilson, J. R., New Albany, IN

Wilson, J. W., Butte, MT

Wilson, James, Republican, OH

Wilson, James A., Louisville, KY

Wilson, James A., New Albany, IN

Wilson, James L., Louisville, KY

Wilson, Jeremiah, Alexandria, PA

Wilson, Jeremiah F., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, Jerome N., Savannah, GA

Wilson, John B., Chicago, IL

Wilson, John B., Lewiston, ID

Wilson, John F., Corning, NY

Wilson, John R., Detroit, MI

Wilson, John W. B., Cumberland, MD

Wilson, Joseph M., Niles, MI

Wilson, L. D., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, Laurence, Salt Lake City, UT

Wilson, Lawrence, Salt Lake City, UT

Wilson, Lawrence (Mrs.), Phoenix, AZ

Wilson, La Baum W., Wilson, NY

Wilson, Luther T., Baltimore, MD

Wilson, M. C., Boston, MA

Wilson, M. S., Parkersburg, WV

Wilson, Mathew, Philadephia, PA

Wilson, Miles S., Williams, WV

Wilson, Miles S., Parkersburg, WV

Wilson, Morton C., Lynn, MA

Wilson, Morton C., Malden, MA

Wilson, Myrnie, Payette, ID

Wilson, O. P., Dunbarton, NH

Wilson, Olive P., Dunbarton, NH

Wilson, Oliver, Dunbarton, NH

Wilson, Robert B., Boston, MA

Wilson, Rufus E., Lewiston, ME

Wilson, S. D., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, S. G., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, Stephen D., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson, T. J., Fayetteville, NC

Wilson, W., New York, NY

Wilson, W. H., Dalton, GA

Wilson, William, New York, NY

Wilson, Willis J., Raleigh, NC

Wilson, Wm. H., Batavia, NY

Wilson, Wm J., Detroit, MI

Wilson Brothers, Hartford, CT

Wilson Magazine Co., Philadelphia, PA

Wilson Studio, Tucson, AZ

Wilson Studio. See W. W. Lynn

Wilson's Art Shop, Parkersburg, WV

Wilt, L. P., Spring Mills, PA

Wilt Brothers, Franklin, PA

Wiltshire, Fred E., Cleveland, OH

Wimer, J., Cambridge, IL

Winans, Jefferson City, MO

Winans. See Mereness & Winans

Winberg, John A., San Francisco, CA

Winburn, Davis D., Atlanta, GA

Winburn, J. H., Sumter, SC

Winburn, Jack (Miss), Sumter, SC

Winburn, James H., Sumter, SC

Winchester, Henry, Lowell, MA

Winchester, S. B., Worcester, MA

Windeatt, Chicago, IL

Windeatt, J. S., Chicago, IL

Windel, John H., Scott Twp., IN

Windel, Thomas, Washington Twp., IN

Windenhain, A. F., Jacksonville, FL

Winder, Gustav A., Brooklyn, NY

Winder, J. W., Cincinnati, OH
Winder, John W., Cincinnati, OH

Winders, J. W., & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Windsor. See Joseph Hall

Windsor. See Miles & Windsor

Windsor Studio, Boston, MA

Wing. See Caves & Wing

Wing, Grand Rapids, MI

Wing & Allen, San Francisco, CA

Wing, Abel, Red Creek, Wolcott, NY

Wing, David, Kalamazoo, MI

Wing, S., Boston, MA

Wing, S., Charlestown, MA

Wing, S., Syracuse, NY

Wing, S. J., Detroit, MI

Wing, Simon, Boston, MA

Wing, Simon, Chicago, IL

Wing, Simon, Concord, NH

Wing, Simon, Grand Rapids, MI

Wingard, Fred, Chicago, IL

Wingate, J. L., Mt. Pleasant, IA

Wingert, Edward O., Philadelphia, PA

Wingo, N. L., Jackson, MS

Winkler, Otto M., St. Louis, MO 

Winn, John, Phillipsburg, NJ

Winn, Wm. H., Dexter, Brownville, NY

Winne, Fred G., Yorkville, IL

Winne, J., Rensselaerville, NY

Winner, W. H., Edenton, NC

Winney, M. A., Topeka, KS

Winship, George, (P.  Centre) Parma, NY

Winslow, A., Boston, MA

Winslow, Abraham/Abe, Boston, MA

Winslow, Geo., New York, NY

Winslow, H. S., Minneapolis, MN

Winsor. See Briggs & Winsor

Winsor & Whipple, Olean, NY

Winsor, C. A., Galesburg, IL

Winsor, Chauncey A., Evanston, IL

Winsor, Chauncey A., Galesburg, IL

Winsor, Chauncey A., Hennepin, IL

Winsor, W. C., Olean, NY

Winsor, Woodley C., Olean, NY

Wint, Allentown, PA

Wint, Robert W., Allentown, PA

Winter. See Bayley & Winter

Winter. See Porter & Winter

Winter & Porter, Cincinnati, OH

Winter & Tedro, Fort Madison, IA

Winter, Charles, Norwich, CT

Winter, Chas. Jr., Cambridge, MA

Winter, G. W., Kansas City, MO

Winter, Henry, Baltimore, MD

Winter, J. A., Eugene City, OR

Winter, J. A., Jefferson, OR

Winter, J. A., Salem, OR

Winter, John, Syracuse, NY

Winter, John jr., Syracuse, NY

Winter, John W., Syracuse, NY

Winter, R., Philadelphia, PA

Winter, William. See Winter & Tedro

Winter, William V., Philadelphia, PA

Winter, Wm., Cairo, IL

Winter, Wm J., Cincinnati, OH

Winterowde, Daniel/David, Kokomo, IN

Winters & Tedro, Ft. Madison, IA

Winters, John, Syracuse, NY

Winters, O. W., Centerville, IA

Winters, William, Fort Madison, IA

Winther & Jesse, San Antonio, TX

Winther, N., San Antonio, TX

Winther, Nicholas, San Antonio, TX

Wintler, M. A. (Miss), Portland, OR

Wintler, Marion A., Portland, OR

Wintrode, Jet., Topeka, KS

Wires, Milford.

Wires, Ephraim L., Milford, CT

Wires, Marshall, Milford, CT

Wires, W. M., Lynn, MA

Wires, William M., Lynn, MA

Wires, Wm. M. Milford, CT

Wirsing, Theo., Montague, MI

Wirth, Frederick, Chicago, IL

Wisdom, C. H., Dallas, TX

Wise. See Clark & Wise

Wise and Pringle, San Francisco, CA

Wise, Smith & Co., Hartford, CT

Wise, G. D., Philadelphia, PA

Wise, George D., Philadelphia, PA

Wise, George W., Janesville, WI

Wise, Jesse, Dorrance, PA

Wise, S. H., Wilton Junction, IA

Wise, T. H. A., Allegheny, PA

Wiseman & Co., Cleveland, OH

Wiseman, Lewis, Cleveland, OH

Wiseman, Martin, Cincinnati, OH

Wiseman, W. H., Charlotte, NC

Wisenon, W. H., Charlotte, NC

Wismer, M. A., Los Angeles, CA

Wissler, J. S., Canton, OH

Witek, Agnes, New York, NY

Withall. See Farquharson & Withall

Witham, A. E., La Grange, TN

Witham, B. L., Bozeman, MT

Witham, Geo. W., Woodbury, VT

Withauss, Louis C., Fort Stanton, NM

Witherell, Keokuk, IA

Witherell & Connor, Keokuk, IA

Witherell, A. W., La Plata, MO

Witherell, A. Wright. See Witherell & Connor

Witherell, J. B., Cavendish, VT

Witherel, J. H. (Mrs.), Canfield, OH

Witherell, John B., Cavendish, VT

Withers, Jessie M., Detroit, MI

Withers, William C., Philadelphia, PA

Wither's Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Withington, A. E., Danielson, CT

Witlin, John, Philadelphia, PA

Witmer, W. S., Boise, ID

Witt, M., Columbus, OH

Witt, M., London, OH

Witt, Michael, Columbus, OH

Witte, E. H., Mayville, WI

Witten. See Shephard & Witten

Witten, Charles, Winsted, CT

Witter, G., Boston, MA

Witter, L., Boston, MA

Witter, Luigi E., Boston, MA

Wittick, Ben, Fort Wingate, NM

Wittig, Mather (Mrs.), Hartford, CT

Wittkin, Bernhard, New York, NY

Wittmeyer & Hager, New York, NY

Witzel, Los Angeles, CA

Wixon, George S., Cheboygan, Western MI

Wodicke, Francois, New York, NY

Wolbach, T. D., Wadsworth, OH

Wohlbruck, T. C., San Francisco, CA

Wohlbrück, T. C., Worcester, MA

Wohlbruck, Theo C., San Francisco, CA

Wolcott, Coldwater, MI

Wolcott, Hillsdale, MI

Wolcott, A. H., New York, NY

Wolcott, James C., Topeka, KS

Wold & Baklund, Willmar, MN

Wold, Ludwig A. See Wold & Baklund

Wolever, Peter W., Lafayette, IN

Wolf, Lancaster, PA

Wolf. See Robinson & Wolf

Wolf, Charles, Hughesville, PA

Wolf, Elmore T., Cather's Mill(s), VA

Wolf, Jacob, Brooklyn, NY

Wolf, John P., Chicago, IL

Wolf, Jos, Cleveland, OH

Wolf, P., Gosport, IA

Wolf, Philip, Massillon, OH

Wolf, Philip C., Massillon, OH

Wolf, R. W., Watertown, SD

Wolf Studio, Lancaster, PA

Wolfe. See Atherton & Wolfe

Wolfe, A. S., Apollo, PA

Wolfe, Frank W., Asheville, NC

Wolfe, Harold B., Topeka, KS

Wolfe, J. J., Lancaster, OH

Wolfe, L. H., Harrisburg, PA

Wolfe, S. A., Sacramento, CA

Wolfe, Wm K., Marion, OH

Wolfe's, M., Dayton, OH

Wolfenstein, V., San Francisco, CA

Wolfer. See Munson & Wolfer

Wolff, Alexandria, VA

Wolff, Perla, Yonkers, NY

Wolff, Perlita, Yonkers, NY

Wolff, Philip J., New York, NY

Wolff Block Studio. See Lupton L. Kaylor

Wolff's Gallery, Alexandria, VA

Wolfgang, L. M., Emmettsburg, IA

Wolfram, Theo., Akron, OH

Wolfram, Theo. H., Akron, OH

Wolfrom. See Pittman & Wolfrom

Wolfrom, Andrew, St. Louis, MO

Wolfson, Benj, New York, NY

Wolfson, Benjamin, New York, NY

Wolgemuth. See Mourer & Wolgemuth

Wollensak, W., Milwaukee, WI

Wollensak, William, Milwaukee, WI

Wollensak, Wm., Milwaukee, WI

Wollerstein, Samuel S., New York, NY

Wollester, W., Cochranton, PA

Wolever, P. W., Myerstown, PA

Wollset, J. B., Bloomfield, IA

Wolpe, Caesar, Philadelphia, PA

Wolter, Otto, Milwaukee, WI

Wolter, Theodore, Milwaukee, WI

Wolven, E. L., Poughkeepsie, NY

Wolver & Platt, Chicago, IL

Wonders, L., Alliance, OH

Wonfor, George A., Camden, NJ

Wonfor, George H., Camden, NJ

Wood, Brooklyn, IA

Wood, Geneva, NY

Wood, Lake City, MN

Wood, Kalamazoo, MI

Wood, Marysville, CA

Wood, Stafford Springs, CT

Wood, Susp' Bridge, NY

Wood. See Bean & Wood

Wood. See Clark & Wood

Wood. See Nye & Wood

Wood & Bro., Albany, NY

Wood & Brother, Albany, NY

Wood & Co., Ft. Madison, IA

Wood & Cory, Port Jervis, NY

Wood & Harding, Towanda, PA

Wood & Linden, St. Louis, MO

Wood & Linder, St. Louis, MO

Wood, A. W., St. Louis, MO

Wood, Albert W., St. Louis, MO

Wood, Charles K., New Bedford, CT

Wood, E. H., Washington, DC

Wood, F., Clermont, IA

Wood, F. D., Green, NY

Wood, F. D., Greene, NY

Wood, Frank D., Greene, NY

Wood, G. H., Towanda, PA

Wood, G. J., Syracuse, NY

Wood, Geo. H., Towanda, PA

Wood, H. Jr., New York, NY

Wood, H. W., Des Moines, IA

Wood, H. W., Wellsboro', PA

Wood, Henry T., Newark, NJ

Wood, J., New York, NY

Wood, J. M.,  Albany, NY

Wood, James, Great Falls, MT

Wood, James F., Philadelphia, PA

Wood, Jno A., High Point, NC

Wood, John, New York, NY

Wood, John M., Albany, NY

Wood, L. C., New Bedford, MA

Wood, Lemuel C. Jr., New Bedford, CT

Wood, M. P. (Mrs.), Fort Madison, IA

Wood, Nelson, New Bedford, CT

Wood, R. C., Bridgewater, VT

Wood, Rosto O., Buffalo, NY

Wood, S. G., Brooklyn, NY

Wood, Samuel N., Boston, MA

Wood, Sidney A., New York, NY

Wood, Stuart G., New York, NY

Wood, T. C., Kalamazoo, MI

Wood, T. E., Portsmouth, NH

Wood, Thomas E., Portsmouth, NH

Wood, Thomas Evert, Chicago, IL

Wood, William H., Brooklyn, NY

Wood, William J., Springfield, MA

Wood, William W., Albany, NY

Wood, Wm., Albany, NY

Wood, Wm. W., Albany, NY

Wood's Art and Photograph Gallery, Marysville, CA

Woodward & Son, Taunton, MA

Woodard & Ferguson, Danville, AR

Woodard, A., Olympia, WT

Woodard, Hosea, Albuquerque, NM

Woodard, W. W. (Mrs.), Foreman, AR

Woodbridge, Hempstead, LI, NY

Woodbridge, J. S., Hempstead, NY

Woodbridge, J. S., Marblehead, MA

Woodbridge, James, Hartford, CT

Woodbridge, Joseph S., Hempstead, NY

Woodcock, James, Fishkill on the Hudson, Fishkill, NY

Woodell. See Hanchett & Woodell

Woodell, N. Burke, High Point, NC

Woodhouse, F. C., Pittston, PA

Woodill, J. W., Boston, MA

Woodill, J. W., Ashland, MA

Woodin, F. H., New Haven, CT

Woodley, K. C., Washington, DC

Woodley, James S., York, PA

Woodman Bros., Brockton, MA

Woodmansee, Frank H., Salt Lake City, UT

Woodring, James, West Columbia, WV

Woodruff. See Laning & Woodruff

Woodruff & Lambert, Bridgeton, NJ

Woodruff & Lawrence, Bridgeton, NJ

Woodruff, E. W., Washington, DC

Woodruff, Laurence, Bridgeton, NJ

Woodruff, Laurence. See Laning & Woodruff

Woods, Schuylkill Haven, PA

Woods & Bollinger, Akron, OH

Woods, A. W., St. Louis, MO

Woods, H. B., Evansville, IN

Woods, J. H., Oklahoma City, OK

Woods, J. M., Ravenswood, WV

Woods, James M., Anoka, MN

Woods, Ralph, Twin Falls, ID

Woodside, William E., Lowell, MA

Woodward, Burlington, IA

Woodward & Bro., Mt. Sterling, OH

Woodward & Graham, Taunton, MA

Woodward & Son, Taunton, MA

Woodward & Stiff, Taunton, MA

Woodward, Allen R., Fall River, MA

Woodward, E., West Chester, PA

Woodward, E. See L. & E. Woodward

Woodward, J. Fletch., Nashville, TN

Woodward, L. & E., Burlington, IA

Woodward, Nathan T., South Gibson, PA

Woodward Studio Inc The, Jacksonville, FL
Woodworth, Battle Creek, MI

Woodworth, D., Albany, NY

Woodworth, David, Albany, NY

Woodworth, Horatio P., Battle Creek, MI

Woody, H. C., Los Angeles, CA

Woofindale, C., Boston, MA

Woofindale, C. S., Boston, MA

Wooley, J. S., Successor to T. J. Arnold, Ballston Spa, NY

Wooley, W. D., Camden, OH

Woolfield, H. N., Tacoma, WA

Woolley, Traer, IA

Woolsey, A. (Mrs.), Lima, IN

Woolsey, J. B. (or J. R.), Bloomfield, IA

Woolverton, Samuel, Clyde, OH

Wooster & Wickersham, Philadelphia, PA

Wooster, M. T., Tully, NY

Wooster, Milo T., Tully, NY

Wooten, J. J., Sparta, GA

Wooten, Moses, Lexington, IN

Wootten, Bayard, New Bern, NC

Wootten, Bayard M. (Mrs.), New Bern, NC

Wootten Studio, New Bern, NC

Wootten Studio. See Bayrad M. Wootten

Wootten Studio. See Eugene Tucker

Wootten Studio. See George Moulton

Wootten-Moulton. See Fannie J. Bedsaul

Word, Thomas, Sante Fe, NM


Worden, Charles E., Chicago, IL

Worden, Charles H., Brooklyn, NY

Worden, W. E., San Francisco, CA

Worden, Willard E., San Francisco, CA

Work, Frank P., North Brookfield, MA

Work, R. S., Andover, OH

Works & Krueger, Worth, TX

Works, F. P., North Brookfield, MA

Works, James A., Fort Worth, TX

Works, W. R., Selma, AL

Worlds Fair Photograph Gallery, Seattle, WA

Worley, L. P., Tipton, IN

Worline, James, Marion, OH

Worman, S. A., Espy, PA

Wormell, E. O., Burlington, VT

Wormell, E. S., New Bern, NC

Wormell, E. S., Portland, ME

Wormell, Elestus S., Portland, ME

Wormell, Elias O., Portland, ME

Worms & Fischer, New York, NY

Wormwood, Luther H., Boston, MA

Worrall, E. P., Chester Hill, OH

Worrall, J. S.

Worrell, I. S., Wichita, KS

Worth, Sattie (Miss), Hesper, IA

Worthing, H. H., New Bedford, MA

Worthington, W. T., Cairo, IL

Worthington, W. T., New Albany, IN

Worthington, William T., San Francisco, CA

Worthley, W. E. G., Lewiston, ME

Worthley, William E. G., Lewiston, ME 

Wortman, N., New York, NY

Worwell, E. S., New Berne, NC

Woster, John, Jonesport, ME

Wragg. See Beatty & Wragg

Wren, J. A.

Wren, John A., Fairfield, SC

Wrey, Sheridan, MO

Wright, Boston, MA

Wright, San Jose, CA

Wright, Terre Haute, IN

Wright. See Barr & Wright

Wright. See Squyer & Wright

Wright. See Todd & Wright

Wright & Co., Richmond, VA

Wright & Cook, Philadelphia, PA

Wright & Graeber, Philadelphia, PA

Wright & Heald, Providence, RI

Wright & Hotchkiss, Kankakee, IL

Wright, A. T., Storm Lake, IA

Wright, B. L., Canton, PA

Wright, C. A., La Fayette, IN

Wright, C. C. See David R. Judkins

Wright, C. H. & Co., Quincy, IL

Wright, C. J., Houston, TX

Wright, C. J. See Anthony H. Hitchler

Wright, C. J. & W. R., Milton, OH

Wright, C. Charles, Jacksonville, FL

Wright, Charles J., Houston, TX

Wright, Chas A., Baltimore, MD

Wright, Chas J., Houston, TX

Wright, Chas. J. See Anthony H. Hitchler

Wright, Claude, DeLand, FL

Wright, D. H., Evansville, IN

Wright, D. H., Terre Haute, IN

Wright, David H., Terre Haute, IN

Wright, Elmer F., Lowell, MA

Wright, F. H., Tipton, IN

Wright, G. Wallace, New London, CT

Wright, Geo S., San Antonio, TX

Wright, Geo W., Dover, NJ

Wright, George H., Rochester, NY

Wright, George M., Leon, WV

Wright, H., Livingstonville, NY

Wright, H., Middleburgh, NY

Wright, J. A., Washington C. H., OH

Wright, J. S., San Antonio, TX

Wright, Jacob, Williamsburgh, NY

Wright, Jas T., Fayetteville, NC

Wright, Jesse & Son, Topeka, KS

Wright, L., Providence, RI

Wright, L. E., Newark, NJ

Wright, Lorenzo, Providence, RI

Wright, M. S., Quincy, IL

Wright, N. J. (Mrs.), Coronado, CA

Wright, Philip, Philadelphia, PA

Wright, S. C., Battle Creek, MI

Wright, S. E., Battle Creek, MI

Wright, S. K., Luray, VA

Wright, W. B., Mason City, IA

Wright, W. J., Sheridan, WY

Wright, W. P., Utica, NY

Wright, W. R., Nashua, IA

Wright, W. R. See C. J. Wright

Wright, W. W., San Jose, CA

Wright, William J., Denver, CO

Wright, Wm. P., Utica, N
Wright Studio, Boston, MA
Wright's Studio, San Antonio, TX
Wulpi, N., Dubuque, IA
Wulpi, Nicholas, Dubuque, IA
Wunder, Frank J., Baltimore, MD
Wunder, G., Baltimore, MD

Wunder, Geo, Baltimore, MD

Wunder, George, Baltimore, MD

Wunder, Herman, Brooklyn, NY

Wunsch, William, Buffalo, NY

Wunstorf, Augustus J., New York, NY

Wunstorf, F. & A., New York, NY

Wurst, New York, NY

Wurst, Otto C., New York, NY

Wurts Brothers, New York, NY

Wuttge, Frank, New York, NY

Wyant, W. H., Canton, OH

Wyatt, M. J. (Mrs.), Holdrege, NE

Wyborn, Louis, Syracuse, NY

Wybrand, Franks, Louisville, KY

Wybrant, Louisville, KY

Wybrant. See Herman Kunnecke

Wybrant. See Smith & Wybrant

Wybrant, F. See Louis Schlegel

Wybrant, F. See T. H. Hughes

Wybrant, F. See Theodore Jones

Wybrant, Frank, Louisville, KY

Wybrant, H. E., Louisville, KY

Wybrant, Henry, Louisville, KY

Wyer. See Kuester & Wyer

Wyer, H. S., Yonkers, NY

Wykes, Grand Rapids, MI

Wykes & Brown, Wheeling, VA

Wykes, Edward S., Grand Rapids, MI

Wykes, J. W., Quincy, IL

Wykes, James W., Wheeling, VA

Wykes, W., Grand Rapids, MI

Wykes, Warren, Grand Rapids, MI

Wylie. See Russell & Wylie

Wyman, Lockport, NY

Wyman & Co., Boston, MA

Wyman, D. D., Lockport, NY

Wyman, H. Boston, MA

Wyman, Henry, Boston, MA

Wyman, S. Webster, Woburn, MA

Wyncoop, J. J., Philadelphia, PA

Wynkoop, R. J., Paterson, NJ 

Wynn, C. G., Detroit, MI

Wynn, C. G. & Co., Detroit, MI

Wynn, Charles, Detroit, MI

Wynn, Charles G., Brooklyn, NY

Wynne & Smith, Painesville, OH

Wyse, Ada M. Mrs., East Providence, RI



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"