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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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The information about photographers includes:
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  • Dates of operation
  • Biographical notes
  • Examples of work

Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter P that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers P in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Paap, Marcus, Hoboken, NJ

Pabst, George F., New York, NY

Pacetti, Gabriel N., St. Augustine, FL

Pach, New York, NY

Pach/Pack & Son, Toms River, NJ

Pach, G. W., New York, NY

Pach, G. W. & Bro., New Haven, CT

Pach, Gottheif, New York, NY

Pach, Gustavus, Long Branch, NJ

Pach, Gustavus W., New York, NY

Pach, Oscar, New York, NY

Pach Bros., New Haven, CT

Pach Bros., New York, NY

Pach Brothers, New York, NY

Pach Photograph Co., New York, NY

Pach Photographers Inc, New York, NY

Pachysins. See Schults & Pachysins

Pacific Photo & Art Co., San Francisco, CA

Pacific Photo Co. Inc., Portland, OR

Pacific Stereoptican Co., Los Angeles, CA

Pack. See Pach

Packard, Kalamazoo, MI

Packard.  See Melendy & Packard

Packard. See Richardson & Packard

Packard & Newcomb, Nashua, NH

Packard, C. C., Kalamazoo, MI

Packard, Cullen C., Kalamazoo, MI

Packard, Isaiah, Stoughton, MA

Packard, Josiah Jr., Bangor, ME

Packard, N., Kalamazoo, MI

Packard, W. D., Centerburg, OH

Packard, W. D., Frazeysburg, OH

Packer & Willis, Trenton, NJ

Packer, A. W., Trenton, NJ

Packer, Alfred W., Trenton, NJ

Paddleman, J., Eaton, OH

Padelford, Jos F., New York, NY

Padelford, Rodolphus W., Elgin, IL

Padilla, J. L., San Francisco, CA

Paersch, A., New Orleans, LA

Paessler Bros., Chicago, IL

Peazper Studio. See A. W. Clutter

Page. See Brownell Page & Co.

Page & Co., Guthrie, OK

Page, A. L., Lenox, IA

Page, Andrew, Ridge Post, TN

Page, B. P., Washington, DC

Page, E. H., Buffalo, NY

Page, Ethel, Richland, NM

Page, H., Fairfield, IA

Page, Irving C., Cortlandville, NY

Page, J., Boston, MA

Page, Mortimer, Greene, NY

Page, W. F., Cuba, NY

Page, W. P., Successor to Chas. Tomlinson, New Britain, CT

Page, Wilbur F., Ansonia, CT

Page, Wilbur F., Birmingham, CT

Page, Wilbur F., Derby, CT

Page, Wilbur F., Shelton, CT

Paige, Buffalo, NY

Paige. See Evans, Paige & Ray

Paige, B. P., Washington, DC

Paige, B. P. See Plumb Gallery

Paige, Blanchard P., Washington, DC

Paige, E. H., Buffalo, NY

Paige, Edwin H., Waukesha, WI

Paige, H. Raymond, Burlington VT

Paine, J. W., Jackson, MI

Paine, J. Wesley, Jackson, MS

Paine, John W., Jackson, MI

Paine Studio, Washington, DC

Painter, E. G., Harrisburg, PA

Painter, W. P. I., Muncy, PA

Palace of Art, Pueblo, CO

Palace of Art. See French & Co.

Palace Photo Car

Paland, J. S., Cheyenne, WY Territory

Paland, L. F., Cheyenne, WY Territory

Palenske, L., Alma, KS

Paley & Co., New York, NY

Paley, Saml, New York, NY

Paley Brothers, New York, NY

Paley Studio, New York, NY

Palm Studio, The, Oakland, CA

Palmatier, Nathaniel, Morris, NY

Palmer, Griggsville, IL

Palmer, Syracuse, NY

Palmer, Waupaca, WI

Palmer & Vaughan, Brooklyn, NY

Palmer, A. K., Buffalo, NY

Palmer, A. K., Columbus, OH

Palmer, C. A., Cold Spring, Phillipstown, NY

Palmer, C. K., Elkton, MD

Palmer, Calvin A., Chicago, IL

Palmer, Charles H., Denver, CO

Palmer, E., Mount Morris, NY

Palmer, E. A., Boonville, NY

Palmer, E. C., Wellsville, NY

Palmer, Frank, Jersey City, NJ

Palmer, Fred, Waseca, MN.

Palmer, Frederick, Minneapolis, MN

Palmer, G. E., Syracuse, NY

Palmer, Geo., Buffalo, NY

Palmer, J. A., Aiken, SC

Palmer, J. B., Portland, OR

Palmer, J. D. See Lawn Studio

Palmer, J. M., Ottawa, IL

Palmer, J. S., Farmington, NM

Palmer, J. W., St. Louis, MO

Palmer, Jas. A., Savannah, GA

Palmer, John, Schellsburg, PA

Palmer, Justus W., St. Louis, MO

Palmer, M. J., Monticello, IA

Palmer, Myron J., Monticello, IA

Palmer, O. B., Erie, PA

Palmer, O. B. W., Erie, PA

Palmer, O. W., Rush, PA

Palmer, P. (Miss), La Harpe, IL

Palmer, Richard, Buxton, ME

Palmer, William H., St. Louis, MO

Palmeri, Dan'l, Brooklyn, NY

Palmquist & Lake, St. Paul, MN

Palmquist, A., St. Paul, MN

Palmquist, A. & Co., St. Paul, MN

Palmquist, Alfred & Co., St. Paul, MN

Paloc, Lottie (Mrs.), New Orleans, LA

Paloc, Louis, New Orleans, LA

Paloc, Louis (Mrs.), New Orleans, LA

Panalt, Ida H., Wahpeton, ND 

Panlat, Wanda W., Wahpeton, ND

Pancake, Addison, Bloomington, IL

Pancoast, Charles R., Philadelphia, PA

Pancost, B. F., Iola, KS,

Pangborn & Co., New York, NY

Pankopf, Carl, Jersey City, NJ

Pannebacker, Samuel K., Wilkes-Barre, PA

Pannebaker, S. B., Mifflintown, PA

Pannebecker, Lancaster, PA

Panneberg. See Koeppelmann & Panneberg

Panneberg, A., Chicago, IL

Panneberg, Amandus, Chicago, IL

Pantoti, Leon, San Francisco, CA

Paoli, Aug, Cleveland, OH

Paoli, Paul D., Cleveland, OH

Papazian, Peter, Trenton, NJ

Papin, Adolph, Guttenberg, IA

Para, Salvador, El Paso, TX

Paradise & Cooke, New York, NY

Parady, Elizabeth, Portland, OR

Parady, Silas E., Portland, OR

Paragon Art Gallery. See H. B. Hull

Paramore, J. H., Hawarden, IA

Pardee. See S. Peck

Pardee, I. C., Brooklyn, NY

Pardee, I. C. Jr., Brooklyn, NY

Pardee, I. C. & Bro., Syracuse, NY

Pardee, Irving C. Jr., Brooklyn, NY

Pardee, P. Jr., New Haven, CT

Pardee, Phineas, New Haven, CT

Pardoe, H. W., Newton, IA

Pardoe, John, Oneonta, NY

Paret, New York, NY

Paret, William L., New York, NY

Pareevecchia, Clemente, New York, NY

Parfitt, Goshen, IN

Parfitt, Wm, Goshen, IN

Paris Studio, Tampa, FL

Paris, William, Detroit, MI

Parish & Dodd, Cleveland, OH

Parish & O'Bannon, Dallas, TX

Parish, George, Kendallville, IN

Parish, J., Alfred, NY

Parish, Julius, Friendship, NY

Parisian Fine Art Gallery Cincinnati, OH

Park, Cambridge, MA

Park, Hartford, CT

Park & Loofbourow, Rochester, MN

Park & Vanpelt, Cumberland, MD

Park, C. A., Norwalk, OH

Park, Charles A., Cleveland, OH

Park, H. A. S., Cumberland, MD

Park, H. A. S., Indianapolis, IN

Park, O. H., Clarinda, IA

Park Bros., Rochester, MN

Park Studio, Keene, NH

Parkell, W. H., (Oneida) Lenox, NY

Parker, Brandon, VT

Parker, Canton, OH

Parker. See Janes & Parker

Parker. See Jaynes & Parker

Parker & Co., Newark, NJ

Parker & Son, Kansas City, MO

Parker & Newton, Bainbridge, NY

Parker & Tomlinson, Fort Scott, KS

Parker & Young, Pekin, IL

Parker, A., Canastota, NY

Parker, A., Seneca Falls, NY

Parker, A. H., Syracuse, NY

Parker, Adelbert G., Kansas City, MO

Parker, Alf'd, New York, NY

Parker, Asaph, Canastota, Lenox, NY

Parker, C., Washington, DC

Parker, C. D., Clarksburg, Ross, OH

Parker, Charles, Washington, DC

Parker, Charles L., Morristown, NJ

Parker, Charles N., Morristown, NJ

Parker, Chas., Newark, NJ

Parker, Del., Kansas City, MO

Parker, E. (Mrs.), Brockport, NY

Parker, E. Augustus, Kansas City, MO

Parker, E. M., Boston, MA

Parker, Erastus, Kinston, NC

Parker, Erastus A., Kinston, NC

Parker, Frances E., Los Angeles, CA

Parker, G. W. (Mrs.), Brockport, NY

Parker, George W., Indianapolis, IN

Parker, H. R., Scherburne, NY

Parker, Henry, Lima, NY

Parker, Hy J., New York, NY

Parker, Hudson B., Sherburne, NY

Parker, J., Cleveland, OH

Parker, J., Wells River, VT

Parker, J. jr., Newport, NH

Parker, J. B., Canton, OH

Parker, J. C., Tucson, AZ

Parker, J.  T.., Ft. Scott, KS

Parker, J. T. & Son, Kansas City, MO

Parker, James A., Berlin, MD

Parker, James C., Augusta, ME

Parker, John D., Utica, NY

Parker, John R., Lynn, MA

Parker, John T., Kansas City, MO

Parker, Joseph, Dundee, MI

Parker, Nathan, West Chester, PA

Parker, Norman, Moravia, NY

Parker, Roland T., Baker, OR

Parker, T. C., Indianapolis, IN

Parker, T. L., Cleveland, OH

Parker, T. L., Fremont, OH

Parker, T. L., Indianapolis, IN

Parker, Thomas L., Ballville, OH

Parker, Thomas L., Cleveland, OH

Parker, Thomas L., New Bedford, MA

Parker, Thomas L., Orange, MA

Parker, Thomas L., Sandusky Co., OH

Parker, Thomas L.  See Nason & Parker

Parker, W. A. S. (Mrs.), East Greenwich, RI

Parker, W. D., Tucson, AZ

Parker, William, Kansas City, MO

Parker Studio, New York, NY

Parkersins. See Schults & Parkersins

Parkhill, H. H.,Evansville, IN

Parkhill, H. H., Indianapolis, IN

Parkhill, Hugh H., Evansville, IN

Parkin, John, Kansas City, MO

Parkin, T. S., Cleveland, OH

Parkinson, Chas G., Grantsville, UT

Parkinson, George, Wheeling, WV

Parkinson, Morris Burke, Boston, MA

Parkinson Art Co., Brooklyn, NY

Parkinson Art Co., New York, NY

Parkinson Co., New York, NY

Parkinson Photo Studio, New York, NY

Parkinson Studio, Boston, MA

Parks. See Rice & Parks

Parks, Arthur L., Denver, CO

Parks, J. B., Bureau Co., IL

Parks, James G., Castleton, VT

Parks, James G., Clarendon Spg, VT

Parlavecchia, Clemente, New York, NY

Parlor Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Parlow, Geo. F., New Bedford, MA

Parlow, George F., New Bedford, MA

Parmalee, Silas, Windsor Locks, CT

Parmelee, M. H., Reading, MI

Parmenter, A. D., Jacksonville, FL

Parmley, Hudson M., Paterson, NJ

Parr & Freeman, Chicago, IL

Parr, John S., Chicago, IL

Parrish & O'Bannon, Dallas, TX

Parrish, C. H., Swampscott, MA

Parrish, Geo., Kendallsville, IN

Parrish, Julius, Friendship, NY

Parrish, N. J., Jacksonville, FL

Parry, Edw'd, New York, NY

Parsel, W. H., Little Rick, AR

Parsel, William H., Little Rock, AR

Parshley, Frank E., Brooklyn, NY 

Parson, F. See J. R. & F. Parson

Parson, G. D., Denmark, NY

Parson, G. F., Buffalo, NY

Parson, Ida (Miss), Columbus, MS

Parson, J. R. & F., St. Louis, MO

Parson, Joseph, Parsonsfield, ME

Parsons, Adams, MA

Parsons. See Devine & Parsons

Parsons. See Rohrbaugh & Parsons

Parsons, Elizabeth (Mrs.), Cleveland, OH

Parsons, F. J., Richmond, IN

Parsons, F. R., Oklahoma City, OK

Parsons, Fred. R., Chicago, IL

Parsons, Frederick R., St. Louis, MO

Parsons, Harry B., Baltimore, MD

Parsons, J. A. H., Wheeling, WV

Parsons, J. H. (Mrs.), Ypsilanti, MI

Parsons, Theodore, Baltimore, MD

Parsons, Wm. H., Boston, MA

Parterre Gallery. See Wm. Klauser

Partis. See Shepard & Partis

Partis. See Sheppard & Partis

Passavant, San Francisco, CA

Patriquin, Amos, Portland, OR


Partridge, Boston Hlds, MA

Partridge, Bridgeport, CT

Partridge, Wheeling, WV

Partridge & Co., Wheeling, WV

Partridge, A. C., Wheeling, WV

Partridge, A. C. & Sons, Boston, MA

Partridge, D. Anson, Philadelphia, PA

Partridge, E. J. & W. H., Portland, OR

Partridge, G., Bridgeport, CT

Partridge, George L., Hartford, CT

Partridge, Sam C., San Francisco, CA

Partridge, W. H., Brookline, Newtonville and Newton Centre, MA

Partridge, W. H. See E. J. Partridge

Partridge Gallery. See O. Erekson

Partridge Joint Stock Co., Wheeling, WV

Pascoe, C. J., Fremont, OH

Pasel, Otto C., St. Paul, MN

Pasevitch, J., Oklahoma City, OK

Pasevitch, Jacob, Oklahoma City, OK

Pasevitch, Jacob, Ogden, UT

Pasonault, J. E., Williston, ND

Pasonault, Jos. E., Williston, ND

Pasquet, A., Augusta, GA

Passano, Joseph Jr., Baltimore, MD

Passavant Printing Co., San Francisco, CA

Pasternack, Hartford, CT

Pasternack Bros, Hartford, CT

Paston, O. P., Newport, NH

Patch, J. K., Shelburne, MA

Patch, J. K., Shelburne Falls, MA

Patch, Jonas K., Shelburne Falls, MA

Patee & Harker, Chicago, IL

Paterson, R.C., Parker W., Paraclifta, AR

Patino, C. E. & Co., New York, NY

Patison, R.C., Parker W., Paraclifta, AR

Patteani, Alfred, Chicago, IL

Pattee, F. H., Des Moines, IA

Pattee, H. M., Claremont, NH

Pattee, Horace M., Enfield, NH

Patten, J. D., Boston, MA

Patten, J. W., Los Angeles, CA

Patten, L. J., Oneonta, NY

Patten, Perkins & Stratton, Boston, MA

Patten, Mary L., Boston, MA

Patterson, Albion, NE

Patterson & Shimmin, Chicago, IL

Patterson, Geo., Greenfield, OH

Patterson, George, Omaha, NE

Patterson, Jas. S., Union City, TN

Patterson, John C., Drakesville, IA

Patterson, Milton A., Orange, MA


Pattiani, A., Chicago, IL

Pattiani, A., Cincinnati, OH

Pattiani, Alfred, Chicago, IL

Pattison & Smith, Cambridge, MD

Pattison, James A., Minden, NE

Pattison, Jno. J., Cambridge, MD

Patton, Pittsburg, PA

Patton & Dietrich, Reading, PA

Patton & Dietrich's, Reading, PA

Patton & Lee, Reading, PA

Patton, G. W., Reading, PA

Patton, George W., Mount Holly, NJ

Patton, George W., Reading, PA

Patton, H. F., Appleton, WI

Patton, J. W., Reading, PA

Patton, L. D., Chicago, IL

Patty, J. H., Louisville, KY

Patty, M. F. (Miss), Adel, IA

Patzie, August, Jersey City, NJ

Paul. See Vose & Paul

Paul & Co., New York, NY

Paul, D. E., Philadelphia, PA

Paul, David H., Philadelphia, PA

Paul, Pascal, New Orleans, LA

Paul, Peter, New Orleans, LA

Paul, Peter A., Williamsport, PA

Paul, Peter J. See Cottage Photo Gallery

Paul, Peter P., Mobile, AL

Paul, Robert, Philadelphia, PA

Paul, William H., Kansas City, MO

Pauline, E. A. (Mrs.), Boston, MA

Paullin, William T., Philadelphia, PA

Paullin, Wm, Philadelphia, PA

Paully & Gernett, Luthersburg, PA

Pavilion Photograph Rooms, Wolfborough, NH

Pawloski. See Niklas & Pawloski

Pawlowski, Alexander, Philadelphia, PA

Paxson. See Ellinger & Paxson

Paxson & Rockefeller, Butte, MT

Paxson & Rockefeller. See Jno. J. Morrier

Paxson & Rockefeller. See Mrs. Anna Merrigan

Paxson & Rockefeller. See Walter Stark

Paxson, Charles & Brother, New York, NY

Paxton. See Crawford & Paxton

Paxton, A. B., Albany, OR

Paxton, A. B., Portland, OR

Paxton, John C., Mt. Auburn, IL

Payne & Rasberry, Talladega, AL

Payne & Stockdorf, Leadville, CO

Payne, C. I., Chicago, IL

Payne, C. I., Montgomery, AL

Payne, C. I., Springfield, IL

Payne, Charles F., Augusta, GA

Payne, Charles F. Jr., Augusta, GA

Payne, H., Mount Vernon, Knox, OH

Payne, John, Temperanceville, PA

Payne Bros., Akron, Summit, OH

Payne Brothers, (Ellenville) Wawarsing, NY

Payne's, Mount Vernon, OH

Payton & Shipley, Hope, AR

Peabbles, W. W., Livermore Falls, ME

Peabody, Edwin N., Salem, MA

Peabody, Henry G., Boston, MA

Peake, D. O., Des Moines, IA

Peake, Dudley O., Marshalltown, IA

Peale, C., Moline, IL

Pearce. See Priest & Pearce

Pearce & McPherson, Philadelphia, PA

Pearce, A., Arlington Heights, VA

Pearce, David, Detroit, MI

Pearce, H. G., Providence, RI

Pearce, Joseph N., Philadelphia, PA

Pearce, W. H., Sidney, NY

Pearlstein, Aaron, Philadelphia, PA

Pearlstein, Julius B., Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, Alva, Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, Alva A., Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, C. Frank E., Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, Frank, Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, Frank E., Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, G. Frank E., Brooklyn, NY

Pearsall, G. L., Albany, NY

Pearsall Illustrating Co., New York, NY

Pearson, Ellis, Kansas

Pearson, Tippecanoe City, OH

Pearson. See King & Pearson

Pearson. See Thompson & Pearson

Pearson & Nesbit, East Des Moines, IA

Pearson, David J., Cambridge, MA

Pearson, Emma J. (Mrs.), Rochester, NY

Pearson, J. C., West Middlesex, PA

Pearson, J. J., Clark, PA

Pearson, J. R., Allegheny, PA 

Pearson, Jas. R., Pittsburg, PA

Pearson, O. E., Des Moines, IA

Pearson, Oliver E., Des Moines, IA

Pearson, S. E., Des Moines, IA

Pearson, William, Springfield, IL

Pearson, Wm. B., Mercer, PA

Peart, Frank T., Rochester, NY

Pease, No. Conway, NH

Pease Bros., Lee, MA

Pease Bros., Utica, NY

Pease, Chas. H., Goshen, IN

Pease, Chas. H., Mansfield, OH

Pease, D. A., Newark, Arcadia, NY

Pease, George F., Boston, MA

Pease, N. W., Conway, NH

Pease, N. W., North Conway, NH

Pease, Richard H., New York, NY

Peaslee. See Treadwell & Peaslee

Peaslee, W. A., Indianapolis, IN

Peaslee, Washington. See Treadwell & Peaslee

Peasley & Ramer, Corning, IA

Peasley, E. A., Pancoastburg, OH

Peavey, Faribault, MN

Peavey, L., Faribault, MN

Peavey, L., McGregor, IA

Peavy, McGregor, IA

Peavy, L., Ossian, IA

Peavy, Louis, Decorah, IA

Peck, Winona, MN

Peck, Zumbrota, MN

Peck. See Hase & Peck

Peck & Brothers, New Haven, CT

Peck & Dennis, Austin, MN

Peck, A., Newburgh, NY

Peck, A., (Peekskill) Cortlandt, NY

Peck, Abel, Newburgh, NY

Peck, Clark, (Sing Sing) Ossining, NY

Peck, F. L., Trumansburgh, NY

Peck, G. W., Salina, IA

Peck, George W., Salina, IA

Peck, Henry S., New Haven, CT

Peck, I. V., Newburgh, NY

Peck, J. M., Ellsworth, ME

Peck, J. M., Portland, ME

Peck, John M., Portland, ME

Peck, S., New Haven, CT

Peck, S. & Co., New Haven, CT

Peck, Saml W., Clyde, OH

Peck, Samuel, New Haven, CT

Peck, W. C., Newburgh, NY

Peck, William C., Newburgh, NY

Peck Bros. See Henry S. Peck

Pecker. See Russack & Pecker

Peckham, Leander A., Newport, RI

Peckover's, Paris, KY

Peden, J. R., Greenville, SC

Pedersen & Tallman, Cascade, IA

Pedison. See LeClear & Pedison

Pedlar, Herbert L., Brooklyn, NY

Pedrick. See Deacon & Pedrick

Pedrick, William, Pemberton, NJ

Pedrick, William C., Mount Holly, NJ

Peebles, John M., Jaynesville, IA

Peebles, O. M., Athol, MA

Peedstram, Carl, Des Moines, IA

Peel, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Peerless Commercial Photographers, New York, NY

Peerless Photo Co., New York, NY

Peerless Photo View, New York, NY

Peers, O. L., Central City, CO

Pegg, Samuel, Saint Charles, OH

Pein, J. H., Washington, DC

Pein, John H. & Co., Washington, DC

Peirce & Bushnell, New Bedford, MA

Peirce & Jones, Philadelphia, PA

Peirce, E. W., Galena, IL

Peirce, Edward W., Galena, IL

Peirce, Raymond W., Philadelphia, PA

Peiser, T. E., Seattle, WA

Peiser, T. E., Seattle, WT

Peiser, Theo E., Seattle, WA

Peiser, Theo E., Seattle, WT

Peiser, Theodore E., Seattle, WT

Pekin Studio, New York, NY

Pekle, Annie, New York, NY

Pell, George E., New York, NY

Pelletrean, H. H., Binghamton, NY

Pelot & Cole, Augusta, GA

Pelot & Cole. See Charles F. Payne

Pelot, A. A. See Pelot & Cole

Pelot, Alma A., Augusta, GA

Pelot, Alma A. See Pelot & Cole

Pelot, William J. W., Augusta, GA

Pelton, Herbert W., Asheville, NC

Pembroke, D. S., Goshen, IN

Pence, J. L. (Mrs.), Colton, CA

Pence, Mary (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Pendergast, J. W., Indianapolis, IN

Pendergast, John W., Indianapolis, IN

Pendleton, W. S., Brooklyn, NY

Pendleton, W. S., New York, NY

Pendleton, William S., Brooklyn, NY

Pendleton, William S., New York, NY

Pendleton, Wm. S., Brooklyn, NY

Pendleton, Wm S., (Peekskill) Cortlandt, NY

Pene, Mary (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Penfield, D. Edward, Warren, MA

Penfold, D. E., Warren, MA

Penfold, D. E., West Brookfield, MA

Peniston, Charles H., Manchester, NH

Penn, R. W., Red River, NM

Penndorf, Aug., Milwaukee, WI

Penndorf, August F., Milwaukee, WI

Pennell, Junction City, KS

Pennell, E. M., El Reno, OK

Penner, Gerhard F., Milwaukee, WI

Penniman, J. H., Marion, IA

Pennington & Dickens, Tiffin, OH

Pennington, B., Tiffin, Seneca, OH

Pennington, Frank, Des Moines, IA

Pennington, W. J., Massillon, OH

Penny, Wesley J., Rochester, NY

Penny Photo Co., Portland, OR

Pennypacker, Joseph, Lionville, PA

Penrose & Meyer, Heber Springs, AR

Penton, Charles L., Buffalo, NY

Pentz, York, PA

Peoli, John, Brooklyn, NY

Peoli, John, Sandy Hill, Kingsbury, NY

People's Gallery, Troy, NY

People's Gallery. See Henry Slatter

Peoples Photo Studio, Parkersburg, WV

Peoples Photo Studio, Richmond, VA

Peoples, W. N., Little Rick, AR

Pepe, Tony, Jersey City, NJ

Peplow & Balch, Memphis, TN

Peppel, H., Hinton, WV

Pepper & Son, St. Paul, MN

Pepper, A. F., Boston, MA

Pepper, A. H., Castleton, VT

Pepper, A. H. & Son, St. Paul, MN

Pepper, Frank, Davenport, IA

Peppet, Wm, Homer, MI

Pera, G., San Francisco, CA

Pera, Giuseppe, San Francisco, CA

Percival, Hackettstown, NJ

Percival, John P., Hackettstown, NJ

Peregoy, Chas J., Baltimore, MD

Pereira Studio, Tucson, AZ

Perel, Youngstown, OH

Perel, David, Youngstown, OH

Perell, David. Sharon, PA

Perez, Constancio, El Paso, TX

Perham, Olive, Boston, MA

Perkins, Baltimore, MD

Perkins. See Grammer & Perkins

Perkins. See Patten, Perkins & Stratton

Perkins. See Schaub & Perkins

Perkins & Pelot. See Pelot & Cole

Perkins, A. D., Fitchburg, MA

Perkins, A. D., Rutland, VT

Perkins, A. J.,  San Francisco, CA

Perkins, Albert E., Concord, NH

Perkins, Albert E., Haverhill, MA

Perkins, Alfred J., San Francisco, CA

Perkins, Charles E., Springfield, MA

Perkins, Dr., Phelps, NY

Perkins, E. H., Savannah, GA

Perkins, E. R., Salem, MA

Perkins, E. R., Washington, DC

Perkins, H. L., Baltimore, MD

Perkins, Harry L., Baltimore, MD

Perkins, Isaac N., Washington, DC

Perkins, J. D., Milford, NH

Perkins, J. Knight, Brunswick, GA

Perkins, J. S., Newburyport, MA

Perkins, Jay V., Freeport, IL

Perkins, J. W., Atlanta, GA

Perkins, J. W., Augusta, GA

Perkins, J. W., Baltimore, MD

Perkins, J. W., Westminster, MD

Perkins, John W., Baltimore, MD

Perkins, M. J., Greenwich, NY

Perkins, P. L., Baltimore, MD

Perkins, P. Lenfield, Baltimore, MD

Perkins, T. B., Bloomington, IL

Perkins, W. C., White Cloud, KS

Perkins, W. J., Red Bud, IL

Perkins, William R., Atlanta, GA

Perkins, William S., Chicago, IL

Perkins, Wm. O., Boston, MA

Perkins, Wm. O., Salem, MA

Perkinson, Newark, NJ

Perkinson, New York. NY

Perkinson, Crawford T., New York, NY

Perkinson, L. C., New York, NY

Perkinson, Ernest, New York, NY

Perkinson, Ernest W., New York, NY

Perkinson, Lawrence C., New York, NY

Perkinson, Warner E., New York, NY

Perkinson William W., New York, NY

Perkinson, Wm. W., New York, NY

Perks, R. A., San Francisco, CA

Perl, Herman C., Chicago, IL

Perl, Hermann C., Chicago, IL

Perlberger, Philip, New York, NY

Perlitz, Saml, New York, NY

Perlitz Bros., Yonkers, NY

Perlman, Raphael, New York, NY

Perraud, John B., New York, NY

Perreault, Alex., Pawtucket, RI

Perrelet, Frank, New York, NY

Perreli, Verdie, Charlotte, NC

Perrior, George H., Syracuse, NY

Perris, George B., Springfield, VT

Perry, Duryea, NY

Perry, New York, NY

Perry & Cover, Baltimore, MD

Perry & Loveridge, Savannah, GA

Perry and Loveridge. See Forest City Photograph Gallery

Perry & Varney, Chicago, IL

Perry, A. G., Washington, DC

Perry, A. J. & Co., Carrollton, IL

Perry, Alexander, Waltham, MA

Perry, C. H., Syracuse, NY

Perry, Charles, San Francisco, CA

Perry, Chas, New York, NY

Perry, Chas. H., Syracuse, NY

Perry, Claude W., Pawtucket, RI

Perry, D. B., Mechanic Falls, ME

Perry, E. H., Kalamazoo, MI

Perry, E. H. See Baldwin H. Van Der Voort

Perry, E. M., Cambridge, PA

Perry, Ezra, Danville, VT

Perry, F. W., So. Londonderry, VT

Perry, F. W., Londonderry, VT

Perry, H. B. & Son, Sheldon, IA

Perry, J., Barnesville, Belmont, OH

Perry, Jerome, Hanover, MA

Perry, John, French Creek, WV

Perry, Louis, Philadelphia, PA

Perry, Myra (Miss), Salem, OR

Perry, R. W., Savannah, GA

Perry, S. S., Nassau, NY

Perry, Samuel S., Nassau, NY

Perry, T. H., Peotone, IL

Perry, W. E., Flemington, NJ

Perry, Wm E., Allegheny, PA

Perry's Photo Studio, Boston, MA

Persac & Legrad

Peske, Frank, Galveston, TX

Peterman, Columbus, OH

Peters, Higginsville, MO

Peters. See Corville & Peters

Peters & DeLand, Hartford, CT

Peters & Sewell, San Francisco, CA

Peters, G., Chicago, IL

Peters, Geo F., Eureka, MT

Peters, George, Chicago, IL

Peters, George W., Chicago, IL

Peters, J. H., San Francisco, CA

Peters. James, Cabot, AR

Peters, N. J., Toledo, OH

Peters, Otis T., New York, NY

Peters, Robert G., New York, NY

Petersen, G. F. A., Detroit, MI

Petersen, N. L., Cedar Falls, IA

Peterson, Algona, IA

Peterson, Hartford, CT

Peterson, Omaha, NE

Peterson, Spartanburg, SC

Peterson, So. Omaha, NE

Peterson Bros., Tourist Artists

Peterson. See Locke & Peterson 

Peterson. See Shaw & Peterson

Peterson, A., Troy, Miami, OH

Peterson, Algodt K., Hartford, CT

Peterson, Carl, Omaha, NE

Peterson, Carl. See Otto Schneider 

Peterson, Carl P., Omaha, NE

Peterson, Ernest, Tacoma, WA

Peterson, Frank, Brooklyn, NY

Peterson, H., Seattle, WT

Peterson, Henry, Seattle, WA

Peterson, Henry, Seattle, WT

Peterson, J. F., Council Bluffs, IA

Peterson, J. F. See D. R. Powers

Peterson, Karl G., Brooklyn, NY

Peterson, L., Seattle, WT

Peterson, Lewis, Seattle, WA

Peterson, Oliver, Missoula, MT

Peterson, Oscar F., Fargo, ND

Peterson, R. G., Cleveland, OH

Peterson, S., Tacoma, WA

Peterson, S. P., Tacoma, WA

Peterson, Sigvard, Tacoma, WA

Petiau, Alexis, Brooklyn, NY

Petiaux, Alexis, East New York, New Lots, NY

Petri & Svenson, Minneapolis, MN

Petroff, J. A., Miami, FL

Pettee, Joseph, Boston, MA

Pettee, Watts H., Galesburg, IL

Petteys, S. J, (Mrs.), Marshalltown, IA

Pettigrew, E. G., Ludlow, VT

Pettingill, Moran, KS    

Petty & Wilson

Petty, A. I., Los Angeles, CA

Petty, J. W., New Orleans, LA

Petty, Joseph W., New Orleans, LA

Petz & Engel, Cleveland, OH

Petzholdt, A. W., Los Angeles, CA

Petzoldt, Clara L., New York, NY

Peubles, W. W., Livermore Falls, ME

Pew Brothers, Holyoke, MA

Pfaff, H., Allegheny, PA

Pfaff, H., Pittsburgh, PA

Pfaffle, H. M., Minonk, IL

Pfeifer, Columbus, OH

Pfeifer's, J. A., Columbus, OH

Pfeil, Victor C., Berkley, MI

Pfetsch & Finney, New Albany, IN

Pfetsch, Charles P., New Albany, IN

Pfiles Camera Shop, Freeport, IL

Pharazyn, Alfred, Philadelphia, PA

Phares, G. W., Kansas City, MO

Phares, G. W., Mound City, MO

Phares, W. H., Ft. Madison, IA

Phares, Wm H., Ft. Madison, IA

Pharr, J. D., Norristown, PA

Phearis, Wm., Gratis, Preble, OH

Phelan, Philo F., Whitefish, MT

Phelps, NH, CT

Phelps, Fred S., Muscatine, IA

Phelps, Geo. C., New Haven, CT

Phelps, George C., New Haven, CT

Phelps, J. P., Muscatine, IA

Phelps, J. W., Athens, Athens, OH

Phelps, Jos P., Muscatine, IA

Phelps, Josiah, Marquette, MI

Phelps, Nathan E., Monroe, MA

Phelps, Orrin W., Chicago, IL

Phelps, W. W., Los Angeles, CA

Phelps, Wm., Paducah, KY

Pheneger, S. B., Indianapolis, IN

Philadelphia Art Assn, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Commercial Photographic Co Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Gallery, Ephrata, PA

Philadelphia Photograph Co., Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Portrait Co., Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Portrait Co. See Harry V. Buxbaum

Philbric. See Arthur & Philbric

Philbrick, Biddeford, ME

Philbrick. See Gardner & Philbrick

Philbrick, Harry W., Lowell, MA

Philbrick, Newland M., Biddeford, ME

Philemon, Martin L., Charlotte, NC

Philip, M. H. (Miss), San Francisco, CA

Philips, Albert, Cleveland, OH

Philips, E. W., Portland, OR

Philips, H. C., Philadelphia, PA

Philips, John, New London, IA

Phillippi, R. J., Redlands, CA

Philippi, Rudolph J., Redlands, CA

Philips, G., New York, NY

Philley, Kalamazoo, MI

Phillippi, W. & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Phillippi, William & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Phillips, La Fayette, IN

Phillips, LaFayette, IN

Phillips, Lynn

Phillips, Red Wing, MN

Phillips. See Broadbent & Phillips   

Phillips. See Brooks & Phillips

Phillips. See Joslin & Phillips

Phillips & Bergstresser, Danville, IL

Phillips & Krementz, Louisville, KY

Phillips, Benjamin R., New York, NY

Phillips, C. W., Nebraska City, NE

Phillips, D. H., Rutland, VT

Phillips, E. F., Little Rock, AR

Phillips, E. M., Danville, IL

Phillips, F. H., Jacksonville, FL

Phillips, F. H., Lake City, MN

Phillips, Frank G., Chicago, IL

Phillips, George H., Brooklyn, NY

Phillips, H. C., Philadelphia, PA

Phillips, H. C. & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Phillips, Harry, Philadelphia, PA

Phillips, Henry C., Philadelphia, PA

Philips, L. A., Pittsburgh, PA

Phillips, J. H., St. Louis, MO

Phillips, James H., Fentonville, MI

Phillips, James M., Reading, PA

Phillips, John, Lake City, MN

Phillips, John, Rutland, VT

Phillips, John H., St. Louis, MO

Phillips, L. H., Wabashaw, MN

Phillips, M. F., Hamburg, IA

Phillips, R. R. See Henry C. Phillips

Phillips, Robert R., Philadelphia, PA

Phillips, S., Independence, NY

Phillips, T. Harry, Philadelphia, PA

Phillips, T. N., Lynn, MA

Phillips, Thos, Doniphan,  KS

Phillips, William C., Philadelphia, PA

Phillips Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Phillipson, S. W., Blissfield, MI

Philo, T. F., Batavia, NY

Philo, T. L., Batavia, NY

Philo, T. L. See Langdon & Tallman

Philp & Solomons. See Alex. Gardner

Philpot. See Hawkins & Philpot

Philpot, F. C., Sanford, ME

Philpot, Fred C., Springvale, ME

Philpot, T. & Co., Macomb, IL

Philpot, Thomas, Macomb, IL

Philstrom, C. J., Des Moines, IA

Phinecee, Charles, Webster's Mills, PA

Phineger, M. E. (Mrs.), Indianapolis, IN

Phineger, Mary E., Indianapolis, IN

Phinney, Ashley S., Belfast, ME

Phippen & Sanborn, Boston, MA

Phippen, William T., Boston, MA

Phipps, New Castle, PA

Phipps, A. W.

Phipps, Andrew W., New Castle, PA

Phipps, J. H., Fenton, MI

Phipps, M. E. (Mrs.), Washington, DC

Phipps, W. R., Georgetown, KY

Phipps, W. R., Winchester, KY

Phipps, William F., Washington, DC

Phipps, Wm

Phips, Harvey, White Lake, MI

Phoebus, A. J., Harrisburg, PA

Photo-Adver-graph Co, New York, NY

Photo.-Keramic Co., Chicago, IL

Photo.-Keramic Co., Detroit, MI

Photo Amateurs' Home, Wilmington, DE

Photo Art, New York, NY

Photo Art Co. Inc., Trenton, N

Photo Art Shop, Harrisburg, PA

Photo Art Specialty Co., Philadelphia, PA

Photo Bromide Enlarging Co., Chicago, IL

Photo Color Co., New York, NY

Photo Craft Shop The, San Francisco, CA

Photo Folder Program Co., Boston, MA

Photo Jewelry Co, Pittsburgh, PA

Photo Jewelry Mfg. Co., Boston, MA

Photo Miniature Co., Springfield, MA

Photo Novelty Co., Des Moines, IA

Photo Novelty Co., New Bern, NC

Photo Postal Co., Freeport, IL

Photo Press, Washington, DC

Photo Secession Gallery, New York, NY

Photo Shop, The, Miami, FL

Photo Studio, Hartford, CT

Photochrom Co., Detroit, MI

Photocraft Shop, Los Angeles, CA

Photograph Car. See U. P. P. R. Photograph Car

Photographers Portrait Services Co., Chicago, IL

Photographic & Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY

Photographic Advertising Co., New York, NY

Photographic Art Palace. See E. R. Gard

Photographic Emporium. See Lenz

Photographic Fashion Bureau, New York, NY

Photographic Press, Philadelphia, PA

Photogravure Co. of America, New York, NY

Photogravure Co. of America Ltd, Philadelphia, PA

Photoprint Co., The, New York, NY

Phreaner, B. W. T., Hagerstown, MD

Phreaner, Bascom W. T., Hagerstown, MD

Piard, Victor, Jersey City, NJ

Piat, John A. Jr., Mattoon, IL

Picher, G. Brunswick, ME

Picher, G., Waterville, ME

Pickard, John W., Birmingham, AL

Pickard, John W., Philadelphia, PA

Pickel, L. G., Athena, OR

Pickell, E. C., Norristown, PA

Pickels. See Schaeffer & Pickels

Pickels, J., Table Rock, NE

Picken, William, New York, NY

Pickerill, Indianapolis, IN

Pickerill, F. A., Indianapolis, IN

Pickerill, Frank, Indianapolis, IN

Pickerill, Frank A., Indianapolis, IN

Pickerill, Page G., Indianapolis, IN

Pickerill, Page G., Little Rock, AR

Pickett & Carter, Virgnia City, MT Territory

Pickett, J. M., San Francisco, CA

Pickett, J. M., Virginia City, MT Territory

Pickett, J. M. See Arthur W. Dowe

Pictorial News Co., New York, NY

Picture Palace. See Ollis

Picture Palace. See E. F. Scovell

Piehn, H. C., Alta Vista, IA

Pierce, Galena, IL

Pierce, Brunswick, ME

Pierce. See Eaton & Pierce

Pierce. See Irwin & Pierce

Pierce & Lohn, Los Angeles, CA

Pierce, Ann (Miss), Springville, NY

Pierce, B. C., Boston, MA

Pierce, C. C. & Co., Los Angeles, CA

Pierce, C. D., Ottumwa, IA

Pierce, Charles H., Bath, ME

Pierce, Charles M., Leominster, MA

Pierce, D., Detroit, MI

Pierce, David, Detroit, MI

Pierce, Frank, Liverpool, OH

Pierce, Henry E., Lexington, MI

Pierce, Henry H., Boston, MA

Pierce, Henry H., Cranston, RI

Pierce, Henry H., Newport, RI

Pierce, Henry H., Providence, RI

Pierce, Hy H., New York, NY

Pierce, J. A. & Co., Chicago, IL

Pierce, M. W., Liverpool, OH

Pierce, Maurice J., Belt, MT

Pierce, Washington B., Rouse's Point, NY

Pierce, Washington B., Rouses Pt., NY

Pierce, William, Brunswick, ME

Pierce, Wm., Brunswick, ME

Pierce, Wm. H., Boston, MA

Piercy, John H., Baltimore, MD

Pieri, Eglido, New York, NY

Pierron, George, St. Augustine, FL

Piersall, Guy E., Sedan, NM

Pierson, Albert, Hot Springs, AR

Pierson, C. H., Grand Rapids, MI

Pierson, Charley, Casey, IL

Pierson Brothers, Elizabeth, NJ

Pieser, Seattle, WT

Pietz, Springfield, IL

Pietz, Henry, Omaha, NE

Pietz, Henry, Springfield, IL

Pifer & Becker, Cleveland, OH

Piffet, E. A., New Orleans, LA

Piffet, Eugene A., New Orleans, LA

Pignet, P., Chicago, IL

Pijan Bros., Chicago, IL

Pike & Slocum, Chicago, IL

Pike, C. S., Windsor County, VT

Pike, C. T., McGregor, IA

Pike, Clarence B., Augusta, ME

Pike, J. W., Atlantic, IA

Piller, John, Yonkers, NY

Pilliner, W. H., Ogden, UT

Pilliner, Wm. H., Pioneer Artist.

Pillner, Wm H., Mountain Home, ID

Pillsbury, M. A., Utica, NY

Pillsbury Picture Co., San Francisco, CA

Pillsner, W. H., San Francisco, CA

Pinard, Alcide, New York, NY

Pine & Bell, Troy, NY

Pine, Frank B., Jacksonville, FL

Pine, G. W., Troy, NY

Pine, G. W. & J. L., Troy, NY

Pine, George, Trenton, NJ

Pine, J. L. See G. W. Pine

Pinero Photo Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Pinero Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Pinger, John J., Chicago, IL

Pin-Lock Art Studio, Chicago, IL

Pinkas, Jacob, New York, NY

Pinner, J. C., Dyersburg, TN

Pinner, J. C., Newbern, TN

Pinner, Joseph C., Dyersburg, TN

Pinney, Henry, New Haven, CT

Pintz, Frank, Milwaukee, WI

Pinz, Frank, Milwaukee, WI

Pinz, Frank X., Milwaukee, WI

Pioneer Gallery. See H. Krause

Pioneer Gallery. See Ludlow & Davidson

Pioneer Photograph Gallery. See H. Monaco

Piotrowski. See Niklas & Piotrowski

Piper. See Stewart & Piper

Piper, S., Manchester, NH

Piper, Stephen, Manchester, NH

Piper, Wm. G., Baldwin, KS

Pirrong & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Pirrong, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Pisani, Victor, New York, NY

Pitmore, E. F., Millford, WV

Pitner, W. C., Decatur, IL

Pitner, Washington C., Decatur, IL

Pitsch, Nicholas E., Fargo, ND

Pittman & Wolfrom, St. Louis, MO

Pittman, J. A. W., Carthage, IL

Pittman, J. A. W., Springfield, IL

Pittman, S., Johnstown, PA

Pittsburgh Solar Print Co, Pittsburgh, PA

Place, F. A., Chicago, IL

Place, Francis A., Boston, MA

Place, Frank, Chicago, IL

Place, Frank, Rochester, NY

Place, Frank A., Chicago, IL

Placker, A. H., Salem, VA

Plaisase, Frank L., Charlotte, NC

Plank & Benjamin, Canastota, NY

Plank, Chas, New York, NY

Plante, Levi N., Worcester, MA

Plate, C., Evansville, IL

Plats, Jona., Downsville, NY

Platt, Waterbury, CT

Platt. See Wolver & Platt

Platt & Hawley, Oberlin, OH

Platt, C. W., Sandusky, OH

Platt, Charles B., Pawtucket, RI

Platt, Clinton T., Bridgeport, CT

Platt, Elizabeth (Miss), Bridgeport, CT

Platt, Eva (Miss), Salt Lake City, UT

Platt, H. M., Lorain, OH

Platt, H. M., Oberlin, OH

Platt, Harry, Augusta, GA

Platt, R., Washington, DC

Platt, S. L., Marengo, IL

Platt Albertype Co., Providence, RI

Platter & Co., Seymour, IN

Platter, Seymour & Sons, IN

Platz, Arthur, Milwaukee, WI

Platz, Max, Chicago, IL

Plaza Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Plecker, A. H., Charlottesville, VA

Plecker, A. H., Lynchburg, VA

Plecker, Adam H., Lynchburg, VA

Pledger, F. O., Holly Springs, AR

Plening, Adolph, Mantiwoc, WI

Pleotz, J., Kansas City, MO

Plereco Studio, New York, NY

Plessinger, James B., Bluffton, IN

Plessis, Charles S., Helena, MT

Plimpton, G. H., Foxboro, MA

Plimpton, G. H., Lockport, NY

Plimpton, Geo. H., Foxborough, MA

Plimpton, Geo. H., Lockport, NY

Ploetz & Haag, Leavenworth, KS

Ploetz & Haig, Leavenworth, KS

Ploetz, J. See Ragan & Ploetz

Plotz, Julius, Leavenworth, KS

Plumb & Loomis, Portage, WI

Plumb, Richard, Boston, MA

Plumb Gallery. See B. P. Paige

Plumbe, J. Jr., Boston, MA

Plumbe, Richard, Boston, MA

Plumbe's Dag. Gallery, Boston, MA

Plumbe's Dag. Gallery. See Nichols’ Plumbe

Plumbe's Daguerrean Rooms, Boston, MA

Plumer & Krauss, Wooster, OH

Plummer, Wheeling, WV

Plummer. See Flagg & Plummer

Plummer. See Snyder & Plummer

Plummer, F. W., Wheeling, WV

Plummer, Francis W., Wheeling, WV

Plummer, Harry L., Lewiston, ME

Plummer, W. W., Wheeling, WV

Plummer, Wm., Somerton, OH

Plummer, Wm., Wheeling, WV

Plumpton, David, Wallingford, CT

Pobjay, Thos., W.,  New York, NY

Podoll, Milwaukee , WI

Podoll, Gustav, Milwaukee, WI

Podoll, Gustus, Chicago, IL

Poff, J. H., Loudonville, OH

Poff, J. H., Loudonville, OH

Pogue, J. N., Greenville, IL

Pogues, A.  See C. Chadbourne

Pohl, C. J. F., Detroit, MI

Pohl, Charles J. F., Detroit, MI

Pohl, J. F., Detroit, MI

Pohlson & Almy, Pawtucket, RI

Pohlson, C. V.  See Pohlson & Almy

Pohlson, Carl N., Pawtucket, RI

Pohlson, Carl V., Pawtucket, RI

Pokorney & Blashek, Chicago, IL

Polack, S., Philadelphia, PA

Poldeman, W. F., Portland, OR

Polensky, F. Robert, Chicago, IL

Polensky, Robert, Chicago, IL

Polhemus, S. S., Whitewater, WI

Poli, F. G., Detroit, MI

Poliacow, Louis, Boston, MA

Polites, P. N., Los Angeles, CA

Poll, Harry, New York, NY

Pollard, Charles S., Watertown, SD

Pollis, H. F., Richmond, MI


Pollock, Baltimore, MD

Pollock & Boyden, Deadwood, D[akota] T[erritory]

Pollock, Henry, Baltimore, MD

Pollock, J. A., New York, NY

Pollock, Jno A., New York, NY

Pollock, John A., Brooklyn, NY

Pollock, John A., New York, NY

Pollock, Ralph F., Alamogordo, NM

Pollworth, John B., Milwaukee, WI

Polzinetti & Noto, New York, NY

Polzinetti. See Noto & Polzinetti

Pomertantz, Jerome, New York, NY

Pomerantz, Jeronim, New York, NY

Pomerantz, M., New York, NY

Pomerantz, M. S., Tallahassee, FL

Pomerantz, Max, Philadelphia, PA

Pomeroy, Kansas City, MO

Pomeroy & Wilson, Bridgeport, CT

Pomeroy, C. F., Kansas City, MO

Pomeroy, C. T., Kansas City, MO

Pomeroy, Elisha M. Jr., New Haven, CT

Pomeroy, H. S., Bridgeport, CT

Pomeroy Gallery. See McMahon & Nelson

Pomeroy Hall & Co., New Haven, CT

Pomranz, I., Newark, NJ,

Pond & Hambleton, Buffalo, NY

Pond, Charles L., Buffalo, NY

Pontius, Swayzee, IN

Pontius Studio The, Marion, OH

Pontius, David R., Sycamore, OH

Pool, E. E., South Bend, IN

Pool, George, Bement, IL

Pool, P. M., Fremont, OH

Pool, P. M., Fremont, OH

Poole.  See Cross & Poole

Poole, Bert, Boston, MA

Poole, Harry A., Butte, MT

Poole, R., Nashville, TN

Pooley, Galena, IL

Pooley, Jno W., Orange, IL

Poor, B. N., Franklin, NH

Poore, F., Detroit, MI

Poore, Freeman, Detroit, MI

Poorman, Iviana, Janesville, WI

Pope, Wm. H., Newburgh, NY

Popkins. See Webster & Popkins

Popkins, Benj. F., Greenfield, MA

Popkins, Benjamin F., Hartford, CT

Poplar Street Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Popp, Henry, Washington, IN

Popper, August, Louisville, KY

Porcelain Picture Co., New York, NY

Poronto, Stella, New Haven, CT

Portable photograph gallery. See Johnson & Sullivan

Portable Photographic Gallery. See O. W. Macy

Porter, Connellsville, PA

Porter, Lockport, NY

Porter. See Chadwick & Porter

Porter. See Landy & Porter

Porter. See Marshall & Porter

Porter. See Smith & Porter

Porter. See Winter & Porter

Porter & Son, Birmingham, IA

Porter & WInter, Cincinnati, OH

Porter, A. B., Wyalusing, PA

Porter, A. J., Hardwick, VT

Porter, A. V.

Porter, A. W., Farmer Village, NY

Porter, Albert V., Ellenville, NY

Porter, Asahel B., Wyalusing, PA

Porter, Byron, Connellsville, PA

Porter, C. K., Sterling, KS

Porter, Clarence E., Connersville, IN

Porter, E. N., Morrisville, VT

Porter, E. P., Newport, KY

Porter, E. W., Morristown, VT

Porter, G. B., Eden, NY

Porter, H. L. [or H. H.], Allegan, MI

Porter, K. S., Winchendon, MA

Porter, J. C. & Co., New Haven, CT

Porter, J. S., Ottawa, IL

Porter, J. W., Johnstown, OH

Porter, J. W., Youngstown, OH

Porter, John, Camden, IN

Porter, L. L., Patterson, PA

Porter, Lizzie E., Geneseo, IL

Porter, M. H., Kalamazoo, MI

Porter, P. F., Nashua, NH

Porter, Watson, Washington, DC

Porter, W. S., Cincinnati, OH

Porter, W. S., Louisville, KY

Porter, W. S. & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Porter, Wm. S., Cincinnati, OH

Portland, The, Portland, OR

Portland Finishing Co., Portland, OR

Portmess, Parkersburg, WV

Portmess, Robert, Chicago, IL

Portzen, William, Indiana, PA

Porzio. See Demaria & Porzio

Posack, A., El Paso, TX

Poser, Chas. N., Milwaukee, WI

Posner, John, Chicago, IL

Post, Ottumwa, IA

Post, A. B., Cincinnati, OH

Post, A. B., Ottumwa, IA

Post, A. C., Bentonville, OH

Post, F. E. See Lida M. Abbott

Post, Frederick E., Denver, CO

Post, H. B., Ottumwa, IA

Post, H. F., Paterson, NJ

Post, Henry F., Paterson, NJ

Post, Richard H., Butte, MT

Post Office Gallery, Portland, OR

Poston, E. W., Fort Wayne, IN

Pott & Foltz, Philadelphia, PA

Pott, Emil C. F. A., Chicago, IL

Pott, H. Rudolph, Philadelphia, PA

Pottenger, Wichita, KS

Pottenger, H. R., Wichita, KS

Pottenger Bros., Marion, IN

Potter, Indianapolis, IN

Potter, Mansfield, OH

Potter, Providence, RI

Potter, Springfield, MA

Potter, Wapakoneta, OH

Potter. See Avery & Potter

Potter. See Brooks & Potter

Potter. See Dennison & Potter

Potter. See Robie & Potter

Potter & Allen, Indianapolis, IN

Potter & Bro., Mansfield, OH

Potter & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Potter & Walker, Mansfield, OH

Potter, A., Warren, OH

Potter, Abel, Rushford, NY

Potter, Albert, Chepachet, RI

Potter, David, Sardinia, OH

Potter, E. J., Mansfield, OH

Potter, Ezra J., Mansfield, OH

Potter, G. C., Youngstown, OH

Potter, G. W., Placerville, CA

Potter, Harlan P., New York, NY

Potter, J. A., Portland, OR

Potter, J. C., Elyria, OH

Potter, J. E., Mansfield, OH

Potter, J. L., Lawrence, MA

Potter, J. S., Portland, OR

Potter, John R., Buffalo, NY

Potter, Rex, New Berlin, NY

Potter, V. G. (or V. C.), Otto, NY

Potter, W. E., Phenix, Warwick, RI

Potter, W. E., Providence, RI

Potter, W. H., Indianapolis, IN

Potter, W. W., Providence, RI

Potter, Wallace F., Oxford, NY

Potter, William A., Olneyville, RI

Potter, Wm H., Indianapolis, IN

Potter, Wm. C. Jr., Albany, NY

Potter, Wm E., Albany, NY

Pottiana, A., Chicago, IL

Pottiana, Alfred, Chicago, IL


Potts, Henry H., Elizabeth, IN

Potts, M. A. See Harvey C. Jordan

Potts, M. A. (Mrs.), Indianapolis, IN

Potts, M. A. (Mrs.) & Son, Indianapolis, IN

Potts, Mary A. (Mrs.), Indianapolis, IN

Potts, Olive M., Philadelphia, PA

Potts, Will B., Indianapolis, IN

Potts, Wm B., Indianapolis, IN

Pouch, F. D., Canton, OH

Poulsen, Louis, Covington, KY

Powe, Harold T., Milwaukee, WI

Powe, T.  H., Muskegon, MI

Powe, T. H., Muskegon and East Saginaw, MI

Powell & Whiteley, Lowell, MA

Powell, A. N., Camden, AR

Powell, Bracie N., Columbus, MS

Powell, G. B., Iowa City, IA

Powell, George G., Corning, NY

Powell, Joseph, Chicago, IL

Powell, L. T., San Antonio, TX

Powell, S. M., Metamora, IL

Powell, Thomas, Central Falls, RI

Powell, Thomas, Pawtucket, RI

Powelson, Buffalo, NY

Powelson, Rochester, NY

Powelson. See Jackson & Powelson

Powelson & Co., Detroit, MI

Powelson & Millard. See George H. Ribble

Powelson & Millard. See James Ruddon

Powelson, Abraham Jr., New York, NY

Powelson, B. F., Auburn, NY

Powelson, B. F., Buffalo, NY

Powelson, B. F., Rochester, NY

Powelson, B. T., Rochester, NY

Powelson, Benjamin F., Detroit, MI

Powelson, Gustavus A., Cleveland, OH

Power. See Floyd & Power

Power. See Marceau & Power

Power, Luke W., Rochester, NY

Power Studio, Rochester, NY

Powers. See Elliott & Powers

Powers. See Lawson & Powers

Powers. See Slagle & Powers

Powers, Schenectady, NY

Powers, Alfred M., DeLand, FL

Powers, D. R., Des Moines, IA

Powers, E. C. [or C. E.], Lisbon, NH

Powers, Edwin M., Richmond, VA

Powers, J. D., Springfield, VT

Powers, James D., Springfield, VT

Powers, M. J., Richmond, VA

Powers, M. J. See B. P. Paige

Powers, M. J. See Plumb Gallery

Powers, Marcellus J., Richmond, VA

Powers, Peter T., Lowell, MA

Powers, Richard L., Evansville, IN

Poyster, Fred, Norwalk, OH

Pratanna Studio, Malden, MA

Prater, Wm J., Pocatello, ID

Prather, E., Diamente, CA

Prather, W. F. See E. L. Henderson

Prather, Willie F., Augusta, GA

Pratt & Comstock, Waverly, NY

Pratt, Charles E., New London, CT

Pratt, Charles E., Norwich, CT

Pratt, Charles H., Boston, MA

Pratt, Charles H., Charlestown, MA

Pratt, Charles H., Philadelphia, PA

Pratt, D. C., Aurora, IL

Pratt, De Witt C., Aurora, IL

Pratt, George H., Paris, TX

Pratt, Nathan, Essex, CT

Preatorious, C., LaGrange, TX

Preble, Augustus, Bingham, ME

Preddy, Chas. W., Monticello, AR

Premium Sunbeam Gallery. See F. Jas. Evans

Prendergast, J. &. M., Boston, MA

Prentice and Vail, Marion, OH

Prentice, T. B., Marion, OH

Prentiss, (Mrs.), Youngstown, OH

Prentiss, B., Columbiana,  OH

Presa. See F. Fumagalli & O. Presa

Prescher, Paul, Successor to O. E. Kirchoff, Milwaukee, WI

Prescher, Milwaukee, WI

Prescott & Gage, Hartford, CT

Prescott & White, Hartford, CT

Prescott, Clarabell, Caldwell, ID

Prescott, D. K., Boston, MA

Prescott, D. K., Hartford, CT

Press Illustrating Co., New York, NY

Pressey & Hodge, Plymouth, NH

Preston. See Taylor & Preston

Preston, H. C., Columbus, NE

Preston, N. A., Calais, ME

Preston, N. A., Eau Claire, WI

Preston, N. A., West Eau Claire, WI

Preston, Nathan A., Eau Claire, WI

Preston, O. J., San Francisco, CA

Preston, W. C., Troy, NY

Preston, William C., Troy, NY

Preston, William Canfield, Troy, NY.

Preston, Wm C., Troy, NY

Preucel & Mally, Chicago, IL

Preuzel, Joseph E., Chicago, IL

Prever, Dominick, Jersey City, NJ

Prevost, Claudius, Kokomo, IN

Prew Bros., Holyoke, MA

Prewett, William L., Lincoln, NE

Prewitt, W. L., Lincoln, NE

Prewitt, Lincoln,NE

Prezeau & Tougas, Providence, RI

Prezioso, Raffaele, Boston, MA

Price, Dover, NJ

Price. See Smith & Price

Price & Campbell, New York, NY

Price & Stull, Chatham, NJ

Price & Stull, Dover, NJ

Price, A., Canton, OH

Price, Andrew, Cleveland, OH

Price, C., Goldsboro, NC

Price, Charles W., Bridgeport, CT

Price, David A., Omaha,

Price, E. H., Ogden, UT

Price, E. J., Greenfield, OH

Price, E. J., Greenfield, OH

Price, Edward M., New York, NY

Price, Frank E., Bridgeport, CT

Price, Frank H., Elizabeth, NJ

Price, Frank H., Newark, NJ

Price, H. C. & Co., New York, NY

Price, J. D., Lamoni, IA

Price, J. M., Detroit, MI

Price, John, Dover, NJ

Price, L. T., New Orleans, LA

Price, Robert, New York, NY

Price, William L., Washington, DC

Price, Wm E., Terre Haute, IN

Prichard, Chas. F., Decatur, MI

Prichard, H., Rutland, VT

Prideaux, Thomas, New Kingston, PA

Priddy, Lloyd R., Columbus, NE

Pridgen, George B., Wichita Falls, TX

Prier, Richard, Oregon City, OR

Priest & Pearce, Geneva, NY

Priest, Charles F., San Francisco, CA

Priest, G. E., Geneva , NY

Priest, G. E., Penn Yann, NY

Priest, J. M., Sistersville, WV

Priest, Jackson M., N Martinsville, WV

Priest, R. R., Hightstown, NJ

Priest, Richard R., Hightstown, NJ

Priest, Rush, Manayunk, PA

Priest, Stephen C., N Martinsville, WV

Prince, New York, NY

Prince. See Evans &Prince

Prince & Allen, Lewiston, ME

Prince, Geo, New York, NY

Prince, George, Washington, DC

Prince, H.

Prince, J. C., Central Falls, RI

Prince, J. C., Pawtucket, RI

Prince, Jean C., Pawtucket, RI

Prince, John A., Washington, DC

Prince, John C., Woonsocket, RI

Prince, L. I., New Orleans, LA

Prince, L. J., New Orleans, LA

Prince, Regna M., Manchester, NH

Prince, Robert E., Washington, DC

Prince, Robt E., Baltimore, MD

Prince, Robt E., Richmond, VA

Princeton Studio, Princeton, NJ

Princeton Studio, Trenton, NJ

Pringle. See Ladd & Pringle

Pringle. See Wise and Pringle

Pringle, Chas., Fredonia, NY

Pringle, David J., Chicago, IL

Printz Bros., New York, NY

Prior Bros., Providence, RI

Prior Brothers, Providence, RI

Prior, H. S., Brooklyn, MI

Prior, William E., Burlington, VT

Pritchard, H. F., Rutland,  VT

Pritchard, Isabella, Brooklyn, NY

Pritchard, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Pritchett, W. W., Moundsville, WV

Pritchett, Westley, Beelers Station, WV

Proctor, East Boston, MA

Proctor, Salem, MA

Proctor & Dodd, Boston, MA

Proctor & Finley, Baltimore, MD

Proctor & Tully, Huntington, WV

Proctor, A. N.  See Proctor’s

Proctor, Alfred N., E. Boston, MA

Proctor, Alfred T., Huntington, WV

Proctor, E. L. [or C.], Omaha,

Proctor, Frank, Hollidaysburg, PA

Proctor, Geo. K., Salem, MA

Proctor, Isaac N., Louisville,KS

Proctor, J., Corning, IA

Proctor, J., Villisca, IA

Proctor,  James H., Hastings, MN

Proctor's Art Studio, Salem, MA

Professional Photo Service, Los Angeles, CA

Progler, C. H., Ripley, WV

Progress Photo Co., New York, NY

Progress Photo Studio, New York, NY

Propp, C. H., Cedarburg, WI

Propp, Chas., Cedarburg, WI

Prosser, Frank H., Milwaukee, WI

Protheroe, Thomas C., New York, NY

Protzman, Ed. G., Morgantown, WV

Proud, John H., Rochester, MN

Proudfit, David L., New York, NY

Proudfood, F. R., Booths Ville, WV

Proulx, Alberic, Fall River, MA

Proulx, Michel, Fall River, MA

Prouty, J. W., Brattleboro, VT

Prusia. See Betts & Prusia

Prudden, H., Medina, NY

Prudden, Harry J., New York, NY

Pruden, G. J., Cortland, NY

Pruden, Geo J., Buffalo, NY

Pruden, Peter W., Lyons, MI

Pruit, Add (Mrs.), Pearl, NM

Prunee, New Orleans, LA

Prusinski, Walter, Cleveland, OH

Pryor & Co., Manitowoc, WI

Pryor, J. A., West Point, AR

Pryor, W. A., La Crosse, WI

Pudlin & Dombroff, Brooklyn, NY

Pudlin, Benedict, New York, NY

Pudlin, David, New York, NY

Pudlin Brothers, New York, NY

Puffer, B. F., New York, NY

Puget Sound Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

Pugh, Charles A., Campbell, VA

Pugh, Geo., Berlin Cross Roads, OH

Pugh, J. H., Macon, GA

Pugh, J. W., Jefferson, IN

Pugh, J. W., N. Cumberland, IN

Pugsley, Peru, IN

Puhl, P. M., Maumee, OH

Pulling, Geo., Buffalo, NY

Pullis, P. P., New York, NY

Pullis, Pierre P., New York, NY

Pullman, Washington, DC

Pullman, E. J., Washington, DC

Pullman, Edgar, Washington, DC

Pullman, Edgar J., Washington, DC

Pulver, Coon Rapids, IA

Pulver. See Ham & Pulver

Pulver, C. O., Troy, NY

Purcell, G. S., Hastings, IA

Purcell, H. F., Emporia, KS

Purcell, Henry, Emporia, KS

Purdy & Frear, Ithaca, NY

Purdy, J. E. & Co., Boston, MA

Purnell, Arthur, Cincinnati, OH

Purser, Spencer, Leonardtown, MD

Purser, Spencer, Richmond Co., VA

Purviance, Pittsburgh, PA

Purviance, W. T., Pittsburgh, PA

Purviance, William T., Pittsburg, PA

Pushee, Geo. B., Boston, MA

Putnam, Hyannis, MA

Putnam, Middleboro, MA

Putnam, A. See J. R. & A. Putnam

Putnam, Geo. T., Middleboro, MA

Putnam, George, Perth, NY

Putnam, George T., Barre, MA

Putnam, George T., Wilton, NH

Putnam, J. R. & A., Los Angeles, CA

Putnam, J. W., Tioga, PA

Putnam Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Putney, F. L., Dayton, WY

Putney, Harrison, Leavenworth, KS

Putney, Ralph B., Phoenix, AZ

Puzey, Frank H., Salt Lake City, UT

Pye, R. E., Pine Bluff, AR

Pye, Thos., New Orleans, LA

Pyne, William P., Washington, DC



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"