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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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Photographers B

The information about photographers includes:
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  • Biographical notes
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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter B that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers B in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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B. B. Studio, Shelton, CT 

Baab, Peter, Long Island City, NY

Baab, Peter, Long Island City, Queens, NY

Baab, Peter, New York, NY

Baars, Charles F., New York, NY

Babb. See King & Babb

Babb, G. W., Boston, MA

Babb, George W., New Haven, CT

Babb, Jos., Boston, MA

Babb, Joseph, Boston, MA

Babbet, E., (Panama) Harmony, NY

Babbidge, Westover, MA

Babbitt & Howard, Buena Vista, CO

Babbitt, J. P., Fort Scott, KS

Babbitt, J. P., Leavenworth, KS

Babcock, Sheldon, IA
Babcock, C. R., Shenandoah, IA

Babcock, Edw D., New York, NY

Babcock, Oscar, Laphamsville, MI

Babcock, W. D., Marengo, IA

Babett, J. P., Fort Scott, KS

Babitsky, Herman, New York, NY

Babygraph Studio, Chicago, IL

Baca, Dolores (Mrs.), Trinidad, CO

Bacellar, J., San Francisco, CA

Bach, C. W., Peoria, IL

Bach, E. W., Peoria, IL

Bach, Emil W., Peoria, IL

Bach, Emil W.  See Rosa M. Culton

Bach, Fred, Jersey City, NJ

Bach, Fred, New York, NY

Bach, Fred W., New York, NY

Bach, Frederick, Jersey City, NY

Bach, Frederick, New York, NY

Bach, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Bach, Henry, New York, NY

Bach, Oswald, Milwaukee, WI

Bach, Oswald B., Milwaukee, WI

Bach, Otto R., Peoria, IL

Bach, W. C., San Francisco, CA

Bachelder, John, Wilmot, NH

Bachman, A. M., Allentown, PA

Bachman, J., San Francisco, CA

Bachman, John, Jersey City, NJ

Bachmann, Rudolph, New York, NY

Bachmann, Rudolph & Son, New York, NY

Bachna, Jos, Cleveland, OH

Bachrach, Baltimore, MD

Bachrach & Bro, Baltimore, MD
Bachrach Inc., Cleveland, OH

Bachrach's Bro., Baltimore, MD

Bachrach, Alan J., Boston, MA

Bachrach, David, Baltimore, MD

Bachrach, Louis Fabian, Boston, MA

Bachrach, Louis Fabian, Worcester, MA

Bachrach Studio, New York, NY

Back, Frank, New York, NY

Back, Lars L., Minneapolis, MN

Backlund. See Wold & Backlund

Bacon, Oneida, Lenox, NY
Bacon. See Gates & Bacon

Bacon. See Gilbert & Bacon

Bacon. See Taylor & Bacon

Bacon & Co., Rochester, NY

Bacon & Stewart, Carlinville, IL

Bacon, A. G., Moriah Centre, Moriah, NY

Bacon, Benjamin, New York, NY

Bacon, C., Northville, Northampton, NY

Bacon, D. C., Litchfield, IL

Bacon, Dennis C., Palmyra, IL

Bacon, F. W., Rochester, NY

Bacon, George A., Pekin, IL

Bacon, J. Ed., Salinas City, CA

Bacon, J. H. & Co., TX

Bacon, Olivier, Warren, RI

Bacon, Richard, Palmyra, IL

Bacon, W. P., Oneida, Lenox, NY

Bacon, W. P., St. Johnsville, NY

Bacon, William P., Syracuse, NY

Bacon, Wm. J., Hubbardston, MI

Bacon's Photo Rooms, Rome, NY

Bacot, Marie C. (Miss), Charleston, SC

Badanes & Todd, New York, NY

Baddell Studio, Chicago, IL

Baden, Charles B., New York, NY

Bader, John, New Orleans, LA

Badger. See Bowerman & Badger

Badger, Ella E. (Miss), Denver, CO

Badger, T. C., Brunswick, VA

Badger, W. B. See Bowers Photo Studio

Baer, Alfred, Baraboo, WI

Baer, E. & Suppiger, Highland, IL

Baer, Frank, Jersey City, NJ

Baer, Harvey E., Lincoln, NE

Baethig, Heinrich, Buffalo, NY

Bagby, D. S., Louisville, KY

Bagby, David S., Louisville, KY

Bagg, James H., Homer, NY

Baggaley, Lewis, Trenton, NJ

Bagley, W. M. See A. S. Rhodes

Bagley, Wm., Findley's Lake, NY

Bagstresser, Boalsburg, PA

Bagwell, J. S., Augusta, AR

Bahl & Bro., Mansfield, OH

Bahl & Bro., Mansfield, OH

Bahl, P., Mansfield, OH

Bahr, David H., Charleston, SC

Bailey, Columbia, PA

Bailey, New York, NY

Bailey. See Blackburn & Bailey

Bailey. See Riddle Marks & Bailey 

Bailey & Bodine, New York, NY
Bailey & Burk, Cleveland, OH

Bailey & Son, Jackson, MI

Bailey, A. A., Londonderry, VT

Bailey, Aaron, Lykens, PA

Bailey, Addie, Ellington, NY

Bailey, C. C., Concord, NH

Bailey, David, Tamaqua, PA

Bailey, David E., Mattawamkeag, ME

Bailey, E. J., Seattle, WA

Bailey, E. P., Muscatine, IA

Bailey, Earl W., New York, NY

Bailey, Edwin J., Seattle, WA

Bailey, M. Etta (Miss), Concord, NH

Bailey, F. B., Navasota, TX

Bailey, F. C., Spokane, WA

Bailey, F. M., Lima, NY

Bailey, H. C., Concord, NH

Bailey, H. H., Muscatine, IA

Bailey, Hattie M., Boston, MA

Bailey, Henry, Augusta, ME

Bailey, Henry L., Jersey City, NJ

Bailey, Herbert N., Philadelphia, PA

Bailey, Hinman C., Concord, NH

Bailey, I. C., Indianapolis, IN

Bailey, J. (Mrs.), San Francisco, CA

Bailey, M. B., London, KY

Bailey, M. L., Los Angeles, CA

Bailey, Marshall H., Concord, NH

Bailey, Robert, Jackson, MI

Bailey, Rosa, New York, NY

Bailey, Solom I., Concord, NH

Bailey, W. B., Jane Lew, WV

Bailey, Wm., Columbia, PA

Bailey's Studio, Wilmington, DE

Baillie, Seward, NY

Bailor, J. M., Culbertson, NE

Baily, Albert, Tamaqua, PA

Baily, David, Tamaqua, PA

Baily, Elmer, Tamaqua, PA

Bainbridge, Trenton, NJ

Bainbridge, John, Trenton, NJ

Baine. See Simpson & Baine

Baine, C. E., Indianapolis, IN

Baine, Collin E., Indianapolis, IN

Bair & Thrash, Bluffpoint, IN

Bair, H. G., Des Moines, IA

Bair, Joseph, Evansville, IN

Baird, Middletown, NY

Baird & Jessup, Middletown, NY

Baird & Morgan, Burlington, IA

Baird, A. H., (Middletown) Wallkill, NY

Baird, A. H., (Orange Co.), Middletown, NY

Baird, A. J., Waverly, Barton, NY

Baird, Harry Corp, Chicago, IL

Baird, J. G., Burlington, IA

Baird, J. R., Zanesville, OH

Baird, John A., Seattle, WA

Baird, John R., Youngstown, OH

Bairstow, Warren, PA

Bakedy & Berger, Cleveland, OH

Bakeman. See Schroeder & Bakeman

Baker, Carbon, WY, Studios at Saratoga and Hanna

Baker, Columbus, OH

Baker, Dublin, TX

Baker, Mayville, MI

Baker, St. Louis, MO

Baker, Utica, NY

Baker. See Cheney & Baker

Baker. See Haworth-Baker

Baker. See Warrener & Baker

Baker & Altman, Battle Creek, MI

Baker & Benham, Ypsilanti, MI

Baker & Brother, Concord, NH

Baker & Knight, Worcester, MA

Baker & Maull, Philadelphia, PA

Baker & Record, Saratoga Springs, NY

Baker & Strickland, Savannah, GA

Baker, A. D., Roswell, NM

Baker, Ashley D., Roswell, NM

Baker, C. O., Sidney, NE

Baker, C. R.,Detroit, MI

Baker, Carl R. See Harold Ross

Baker, Charles, Ellicottville, NY

Baker, Charles H., Chicago, IL

Baker, Charles S.  See Baker & Maull

Baker, E. P., Grand Haven, MI

Baker, E. P., Ypsilanti, MI

Baker, E. P. and H. W. Baker, Ypsilanti, MI

Baker, E. W., Tacoma, WA

Baker, G. E., So. Royalton, VT,

Baker, G. M., Rutland, VT

Baker, Gardner M., Rutland, VT

Baker, Geo H., Worcester, MA

Baker, George, Johnson, VT

Baker, H. W., Indianapolis, IN

Baker, Harvey. See Cheney & Baker

Baker, Hiram, Coldwater, MI

Baker, Howard and Harry En____[torn], Battle Creek, MI

Baker, Hugh W., Indianapolis, IN

Baker, Isaac C., Rochester, NY

Baker, J. B., (East) Pharsalia, NY

Baker, J. F., Mapleton, IA

Baker, J. G., Sac City, IA

Baker, J. Howard, Battle Creek, MI

Baker, J. S., Monkton, MD

Baker, J. W., San Francisco, CA

Baker, James S., Marcellus, NY

Baker, Jas. H., Baker City, OR

Baker, L. M., Columbus, OH

Baker, L. W., Canton, OH

Baker, Leander, Providence, RI

Baker, Lizzie, Tacoma, WA

Baker, Lucius W., Cleveland, OH

Baker, Maud Davis, Helena, MT

Baker, N. B., Brockport, NY

Baker, N. B., Rochester, NY

Baker, O. K., Granville, NY

Baker, R. A., Fairhaven, VT

Baker, S. J., Cheyenne, WY Territory

Baker, Sam J., Olney, IL

Baker, Samuel, Olney, IL

Baker, Thomas, Burlington, NJ

Baker, Thomas, Medford, NJ

Baker, Thomas C. See Maud Davis Baker

Baker, W. J., Buffalo, NY
Baker, W. J., Utica, NY

Baker, W. J. See Mundy & William's

Baker, W. J. See William B. Williams

Baker, W. H., Saratoga, NY

Baker, Walter, New York, NY

Baker, Walter N., Omaha, NE

Baker, William J., Buffalo, NY

Baker, Wm. H., Saratoga Springs, NY

Baker, Wm. J., Utica, NY

Baker, Wm R., Anaconda, MT

Baker Bros., Pittsburgh, PA

Baklund, Charles A. See Wold & Baklund

Balamotis, Nicholas, New York, NY

Balatka Bros., Chicago, IL

Balazs, Adolph, Cleveland, OH

Balch. See Peplow & Balch

Balch & Moyston, Jackson Co., AR

Balch, E., New York,

Balch, Eliza, New York, NY

Balch, H. A., Monroe Co., AR

Balch, H. A., Memphis, TN

Balcom, Elias C., Union Twp., IN

Balcon, Stamford, CT

Balding's Gallery, Wellington, KS

Balduke, W___ A., New Haven, VT

Baley, Samuel, Marquette, MI

Baldwin, Chicago, IL

Baldwin, Wichita, KS

Baldwin. See Schuyler & Baldwin

Baldwin & Daugherty, De Moines, IA

Baldwin & Daugherty. See W. J. Reynolds

Baldwin & Drake, Chicago, IL

Baldwin & Son, Wichita, KS

Baldwin & Stevens, Columbus, OH

Baldwin, A. A., Ludlow, VT

Baldwin, A. A., Proctorsville, VT

Baldwin, A. S.

Baldwin, C. E., Flint, MI

Baldwin, C. G., Ogdensburg, NY

Baldwin, Charles F., Sioux City, IA

Baldwin, E. A., South Hadley, MA

Baldwin, E. H., Louisville, KY

Baldwin, F. A., Radcliffe, IA

Baldwin, Frank J., Cincinnati, OH

Baldwin, Fred, Wichita, KS

Baldwin, George W., Rutland, VT

Baldwin, H. O., Fort Dodge, IA

Baldwin, M. F., Chicago, IL

Baldwin, Myron T., Chicago, IL

Baldwin, N. & Son, Wichita, KS

Baldwin, Nereus, Wichita, KS

Baldwin, O. P., Johnstown, PA

Baldwin, Otis, Clarksville, MO
Baldwin, Otis N. & Co., Clarksville, MO

Baldwin, P. W., Tonawanda, NY

Baldwin, S., Wichita.

Baldwin, S. B., Dayton, OH

Baldwin, Schuyler C., Kalamazoo, MI

Balentine, A. S., Lima, NY

Baley, Myron C., St. Paul, MN

Baliotis, George, Manchester, NH

Baliotis, James, Manchester, NH

Balk, Martin, Buffalo, NY

Ball, Walpole, NH

Ball & Souley, Jefferson, TX

Ball & Thomas, Cincinnati, OH

Ball, A. P., Winfield, NY

Ball, F., LaGrange, IN

Ball, H., Walpole, NH

Ball, H. D., Waverly Mills, MN

Ball, Harvey, Walpole, NH

Ball, Henry A., Grafton, ND

Ball, J. P., Cincinnati, OH

Ball, J. P.  See Ball & Thomas

Ball, J. P. & Son. See George W. Reeves

Ball, James E., LeRoy, NY

Ball, James P., Helena, MT

Ball, James P. Jr., Helena, MT

Ball, John K., Philadelphia, PA

Ball, R. G., Cincinnati, OH

Ballard, G.F., Silver Creek, NY

Ballard, Jno H., Omaha, NE

Ballaun, Walter, Cleveland, OH

Balleau, Joseph, Vienna, IL

Balley, E. W., New York, NY

Balliard, Charles, New York, NY

Ballou, C. H., Norwalk, CT
Balsan, Rinaldo V., Jacksonville, FL

Balschmiter, H. F., Davenport, IA

Balschmiter, Hermon F., Davenport, IA

Balsley, G. W., Detroit, MI

Balsley, H. W., Anaconda, MT

Baltes, Frank E., Milwaukee, WI

Baltzell, Edward, Lincoln, NE

Baltzly, B. F., Wooster, OH

Balz & Son, New York, NY

Bancker, J. C., New Orleans, LA

Bancker, Jacques D., New York, NY

Bancroft & Reamer, Harrisburg, PA

Bancroft, C. D., New Hampton, IA

Bancroft, George, New York, NY

Bancroft, Oscar F., Springfield, OH

Bander, George, Green Bay, WI

Bane & Stein, Youngstown, OH

Bane, William, Fredericktown, PA

Bang Lab, New York, NY

Bangham. See Ellis & Bangham

Bangs, E. D., Clinton, WI

Bangs, E. D., Milwaukee, WI

Bangs, Edwin D., Milwaukee, WI

Bangs, F. C., New York, NY

Bangs, Frank C., New York, NY

Bangs, James W., Wells, MN

Bangs, John B., Milwaukee, WI

Bankes, F. W., Little Rock, AR

Bankes, T. M., Little Rock, AR

Bankes, Thomas M., Little Rock, AR

Bankes, Thomas W., Little Rock, AR

Banks Bros., Duluth, MN

Banks, F. M., Little Rock, AR

Banks, W. R., Kensington, IL

Banks, William R., Chicago, IL

Bankston Photos, Malvern, AR

Banner, R., Las Cruces, NM

Bannhard, C. F., Chicago, IL

Bannhard, Christian, Chicago, IL

Bannister, F. W., Carlisle

Bannister, Willis A., Rochester, NY

Banta. See Hopper's Gallery of Art

Banta, J. C., New York, NY

Banta, J. C., Watertown, NY
Baran, Richard E., Brooklyn, NY

Barbee, J. B., Courtland, AL

Barbee, J. B., Moulton, AL

Barber. See Kertson & Barber

Barber. See Merrick & Barber

Barber, Alonzo S., Providence, RI

Barber, Arthur W., Ashevlle, NC

Barber, Burt S., Parkersburg, WV

Barber, Wm. H., (Margaretville) Middletown, NY

Barber Photo Sup Co.  See Oscar H. Walker

Barber's Studio

Barbier, George H., Philadelphia, PA

Barbour, J. Q., Williamstown, KY

Barbour, John Q., Covington, KY

Barcalow, New York, NY

Barcalow, R. J., New York, NY

Barcalow, Richard A., New York, NY

Barcalow, Richard G., New York, NY

Barchas, Rudolph, New York, NY

Barclay & Cake, Newark, NJ

Barclay, B. F., Independence, IA

Barclay, Benjamin F., Independence, IA

Barclay Brothers, New York, NY

Bard, Geo, San Francisco, CA

Bardo, L. M., Seattle, WA

Bardwell, J. J., Detroit, MI

Bardwell, Jex, Detroit, MI

Bardwell, Jex J., Detroit, MI

Bardwell, John J., Detroit, MI

Bardwell, Milton D., Sioux Falls, SD

Bare, M. E., Hummelstown, PA

Barenblatt, Michael, New York, NY

Barge & Udell, Cleveland, OH

Barhydt. See Taylor & Barhydt

Barhydt, J., Rochester, NY

Barkalow, W. P., Attalissa, IA

Barkalow, Wm, Attalissa, IA

Barkan, Benj., Cleveland, OH

Barke, J. F., Council Bluffs, IA

Barker, Eureka Springs, AR

Barker & Bulkley, Galesburg, IL

Barker & Colton, Marshall, MI

Barker & Merrick, Des Moines, IA

Barker, A. W., Ottawa, KS

Barker, A. W., Pueblo, CO

Barker, Albert, Canton, IL

Barker, Albert W., Canton, IL

Barker, Albert W., Nevada City, MO

Barker, Albert W., Ottawa, KS

Barker, Byron, Yonkers, NY

Barker, Charles E., Chicago, IL

Barker, Ernest M. See Barker & Colton

Barker, Geo., Niagara Falls, NY

Barker, Geo., Niagara Falls, NY

Barker, George W., St. Johns, MI

Barker, I. E., Homer, NY

Barker, Isaac J., Galesburg, MI

Barker, J. M., Cussawago, PA

Barker, John, Sharpsburg, PA

Barker, L. E., Homer, NY

Barkhurst, J. C., Ames, IA

Barkhurst & Hytland, Jefferson, IA

Barkman. See Warriner & Barkman

Barkman, Charles S., Brooklyn, NY

Barlage, Frank, Omaha, NE

Barlow, Averill, Philadelphia, PA

Barlow, David W., Hazleton, PA

Barlow, E. K., Kingsbury, SD

Barlow, Edward, New York, NY

Barlow, George, Ocean Grove, NJ

Barlow, George S., Chicago, IL

Barlow, H., Des Moines, IA

Barlow, Henry, Des Moines, IA

Barlow, Henry, Los Angeles, CA

Barlow, Jas. M., Boston, MA

Barlow, Jeannette, Trenton, NJ

Barlow, Jeannette (Mrs.), Princeton, NJ

Barlow, John S., Newark, NJ

Barlow, Richard H., Janesville, WI

Barlow, Stella, Tiger Township, OK

Barlow, Valeria, Dallas, TX

Barlow, William G., San Francisco, CA

Barlow, Wm G., San Francisco, CA

Barmore. See Dolan & Barmore

Barnard, Charleston, SC

Barnard, Deep River, IA

Barnard. See Tibbals & Barnard

Barnard, Andrew, West Liberty, IA

Barnard, Frederick S., Chicago, IL

Barnard, G. N., Charleston, SC

Barnard, G. N. See James H. Devoe

Barnard, George N., Charleston, SC

Barner, W., Galena, IL

Barnes, West Randolph, VT

Barnes. See Wallace, Barnes & Co.

Barnes, A. A., Indianapolis, IN

Barnes, A. H., Tacoma, WA

Barnes, A. S., Meridian, MS

Barnes, Abel S., Mobile, AL

Barnes, Albert H., Tacoma, WA
Barnes, C., Mobile, AL

Barnes, C. See Peter P. Paul

Barnes, C. G., Francis Co., AR

Barnes, Charles L., New York, NY

Barnes, Chas. G., Forrest City, AR

Barnes, Chauncey, Mobile, AL

Barnes, Elbert F., Sanford, FL

Barnes, F. G. (Phoenix) Scroeppel, NY

Barnes, Frank. Jersey City, NJ

Barnes, G. S., Montgomery, NY

Barnes, G. W., Rockford, IL

Barnes, G. W. & Son, Rockford, IL

Barnes, George W., Rockford, IL

Barnes, Gordon B., Montgomery, NY

Barnes, Gordon B., New York, NY

Barnes, H. P. (Mrs.), Los Angeles, CA

Barnes, I. H., Chatfield, MN

Barnes, J. A., Bloomington, IL

Barnes, J. A., Brooklyn, IA

Barnes, Jefferson, Gibson, PA

Barnes, John E., Jacksonville, FL

Barnes, John T., Little Rock, AR

Barnes, Joseph A., Bloomington, IL

Barnes, M. W., Elkhorn Village, WI

Barnes, Marcella W., Elkhorn, WI

Barnes, O. C., Stowe, VT

Barnes, P. B., Columbia, SC

Barnes, T. R., Clarence, IA

Barnes, W., Washington, DC

Barnes, Wm L., Winnebago Valley, MN

Barnes-Crosby Co., Chicago, IL

Barnett, Crowley, LA

Barnett. See Foster & Barnett

Barnett Bros., Mesa City, Arizona Territory

Barnett, George J., Brooklyn, NY

Barnett, John, New York, NY

Barnett, L. M. G., Des Moines, IA

Barney. See Fay & Barney

Barney. See Raymond & Barney

Barney. See Stark & Barney

Barney, Alfredo, Tucson, AZ

Barney, Ignatio, Tucson, AZ

Barney, S. A., (Sackett's Harbor) Hounsfield, NY

Barney, Ygnacio, El Paso, TX

Barnhart, J. S., Nora Springs, IA

Barnhart, J. S., Pleasant Gap, PA

Barnheart, J. S., Bellefonte, PA

Barnhouse, T. E., Lake City, CO

Barhurst, John C., Philadelphia, PA

Barnum. See Crandall & Barnum

Barnum & Barnum, Chicago, IL

Barnum, Delos, Cortland Village, NY

Barnum, Deloss, Cortland, NY

Barnum, Eliza V. (Mrs.), Cleveland, OH

Barnum, G. H., Cincinnati, OH

Barnum, J. H. (Mrs.), Owosso, MI

Barnum, Savadra O., Albuquerque, NM

Barnum, W. T., Adrian, MI

Barol, Max, Brooklyn, NY

Baron, Herman, Detroit, MI

Barr & Wright, Houston, TX

Barr, D. P., San Antonio, TX

Barr, Joseph, Hillsview, PA

Barr, Robert R., Harrisburg, PA

Barr Studio, San Antonio, TX

Barratt & Brother, Philadelphia, PA

Barratt, H., York, PA

Barratt, Henry, York, PA

Barre, Alexandre, Fall River, MA

Barresi, Louis, New York, NY

Barret, S. E., Ravenswood, WV

Barrett, (Mrs.), Del Norte, CO

Barrett. See Jordan & Barrett

Barrett, Allen A. See Jordan & Barrett

Barrett, C. F., Hampton, IA

Barrett, G. N., Fort Dodge,  IA

Barrett, Henry, Natick, MA

Barrett, Henry, Somerville, MA

Barrett, James J., Chicago, IL

Barrett, Thomas, Pocatello, ID

Barrett, Thomas, Rimersburg, PA

Barrett Photo Co., Cleveland, OH

Barringer, Wm., De Graff, Logan, OH

Barritt, William H., Boston, MA

Barrows, Ft. Wayne, IN

Barrows, Sturgis, MI

Barrows, Frank R., Boston, MA

Barrows, L. D., San Francisco, CA

Barry & Larson, Minneapolis, MN

Barry, A. L., Port Deposit, MD

Barry, D. F., Bismarck, ND

Barry, J. T., Oxford, PA

Barry, John T., Oxford, PA

Barry, Philip J., Brooklyn, NY

Bartel, Hugo, Washington, DC

Bartell, J. A., Osage, IA

Bartels, H., Louisville, KY

Bartels, Hugo, Washington, DC

Bartholomew & Row, Sidney, IA

Bartholomew, Carl, Moville, IA

Bartholomew, C. G., Auburn, NY

Bartholomew, Charles G., Auburn, NY

Bartholomew, Chas. G., Auburn, NY
Bartholomew, John, Sidney, IA

Bartle, Henry, Winsted, CT

Bartlett, Wichita Falls, TX

Bartlett & French, Philadelphia, PA

Bartlett & Webster, Hartford, CT

Bartlett, Charles F., Utica, NY

Bartlett, F. W., Galveston, TX

Bartlett, F. W. See James Lessere

Bartlett, G. W., Campbellsburg, IN

Bartlett, H. H., Hartford, CT

Bartlett, Henry H., Hartford, CT

Bartlett, Isaac, New Corydon, IN

Bartlett, J. C. See Harper & Co.

Bartlett, James, Medford, MA

Bartlett, Jane H., Boston, MA

Bartlett, N. W., Parishville, NY

Bartlett, Richard H., Boston, MA

Bartlett Sisters, Boston, MA

Barton. See Bradford & Barton

Barton. See Harrison & Barton

Barton. See Starke & Barton

Barton, Daniel H., Brooklyn, NY

Barton, Geo L. D., Boston, MA

Barton, J. F., Vail, IA

Barton, L. W., Jackson, MI

Barton, Morris, Sloan, IA

Barton, P. E., Brookfield, PA

Barton, Thos, Charleston, SC

Bartosch, Julius, Newark, NJ

Bartsch, Fred J., Ottawa, IL

Baskin, Morris, Brooklyn, NY

Bass, E. A., Quincy, MA

Bass, E. A., Rockland, MA

Bass, Edwin A., Brockton, MA

Bass, Henry E., Williamstown, NY

Bass, R. A., Denver, CO

Bass, Thomas H., Monticello, AR

Bassett. See Fassett & Bassett

Bassett. See Wilber & Bassett

Bassett, F. J., Erie, PA

Bassett, Francis J., Erie, PA

Bassett, Francis L., Augusta, GA

Bassett, Harris E., Lewiston, ME

Bassett, Seth C., Haverhill, MA

Bassford, Pittsburgh, PA

Bassford, Weber & Co., Baltimore, MD

Bassler & Moore, Philadelphia, PA

Bassler, Chas, Philadelphia, PA

Bassler, Chas. See Bassler & Moore

Bastian, Wm. V. S., Cherry Valley, NY

Baston, O. P., Newport, NH

Baston, Oren P., Keene, NH

Baston, Orrin P., Athol, MA

Baston, Orrin P., Newport, NH

Baston, Orrin P., Keene, NH

Batchelder. See Black & Batchelder

Batchelder, B. P., Stockton, CA

Batchelder, C. H., Albia, IA

Batchelder, J. C., Nashua, NH

Batchelder, James O., Burlington, VT

Batchelor, Berk & Co., Utica, NY

Batchelor, W., Wilmington, NC

Batchlet, J. W., Nevada, OH

Bateham, C. S.  See C. A. Park

Bates. See Downing & Bates

Bates & Nye, Denver, CO

Bates, Edward, Lawton, OK

Bates, G. L., Newton, IA

Bates, G. L., Prairie City, IA

Bates, H. J., Webster, MA

Bates, Ida E., Burlington VT

Bates, J. S., Dallas, TX

Bates, Jacob, Shiremantown, PA

Bates, L. F., Providence, RI

Bates, Lafayette F., Cranston, RI

Bates, O. B., Hampton, IA

Bates, W. L., Denver, CO

Batlett, F. W., Galveston, TX

Battelle, Willard, Taunton, MA

Battels, Akron, OH

Battels, B. F., Akron, OH

Battels, B. F., Akron, OH

Battersby, J., Chicago, IL

Battersby, Jos, Chicago, IL

Battersby, Joseph, Chicago, IL

Batterson, L. S., Brooklyn, NY
Batterson, Lincoln S., Brooklyn, NY

Battey. See Webster & Battey

Battey, B. W., Binghamton, NY

Battles, B. F., Akron, OH

Battles, B. F., Akron, Summit, OH

Batty, James, Mount Clemons, MI

Bau. See Dunklee & Bau

Bau's Studio, T., Greenfield, MA

Baudesin & Memczock, San Antonio, TX

Bauer & Robert Shaw, Shreveport, LA

Bauer, Anna (Mrs.), Cleveland, OH

Bauer, Charles F., Louisville, KY

Bauer, Franz, San Francisco, CA

Bauer, J. F. (Mrs.), Brooklyn, NY

Bauer, S., Leavenworth, KS

Bauer, S. & Son. See C. J. Crook

Bauer, T. C., Columbus, OH

Baugher, Edgar A., Waterbury, CT

Baum, John, Washington, DC

Baum, Louis, New York, NY

Baum Bros., New York, NY

Bauman, Burlington, IA

Bauman, G., Macon, GA
Bauman, G. C., Burlington, IA

Bauman, G. C., IL

Bauman, I. G., Ottawa, KS

Baumann, A. G. & Sons, New York, NY

Baumann, Adolph, New York, NY

Baumann, John C., Wheeling, WV

Baumgardner, Springfield, OH

Baumgarten, H., Charlotte, NC

Baumgarten, Henry, Charlotte, NC

Baumgarten, M., Brooklyn, NY

Baumgarten, Morris, New York, NY

Baumgarten, Saml, New York, NY

Baumgartner, A., Hoboken, NJ

Baumgartner, Alfred, Billings, MT

Baumgartner, Hattie, Billings, MT

Baumgartner Studio, Billings, MT

Bauneck, Jos., New York, NY

Bawden, Albert R., Davenport, IA

Bawden, G. Ray, Davenport, IA

Bawden, Harry E., Davenport, IA

Bawden Bros., Davenport, IA

Bawn, John G., Philadelphia, PA

Baxley. See Stanley & Baxley

Baxter. See Gould & Baxter

Baxter & Adams, Chelsea, MA

Baxter & Adams, Huntington, LI, NY

Baxter & Co., Boston, MA

Baxter, A. B., Boston, MA

Baxter, E. B., South Foster, RI

Baxter, Henry, Asheville, NC

Baxter, M. D., Milton, IA

Baxter, O. F., Chelsea, MA

Baxter (Oliver F.) & Co. (John Leahy), Boston, MA

Baxter, Oliver F. See Baxter & Co.

Baxter, William H., New York, NY

Bay, J. W., Canton, OH

Bayer, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Bayer, Julius, Philadelphia, PA

Bayha, G. L., Monongahela City, PA

Bayless, Ben F., Dover, AR

Bayless, T. B., Morristown, TN

Bayley & Cramer, San Francisco, CA

Bayley & Winter, San Francisco, CA

Bayley, A. P., Sacramento, CA

Bayley, R. D., Marcellus, MI

Baylis, Wm, Cedar Rapids, IA

Bayne. See Merrill & Bayne

Bayne, James, Grand Rapids, MI

Bays, J. W., Peoria, IL

Bays, John W., Farmington, IL

Bays, John W., Peoria, IL

Bazin, H. & F., St. Louis, MO

Beach. See Lee & Beach

Beach & Bodurtha, Granville, OH & Delaware, OH

Beach & Meek, Houston, TX

Beach, A. W., Nashua, IA

Beach, E. A., Hastings, MN

Beach, Frank E., Houston, TX

Beach, T. A., Cardington, OH

Beach, T. A., Delaware, OH

Beach, T. A. See Union Gallery

Beach, Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

Beakley, C. M., Sheakleyville, PA

Beal, Elgin, IL

Beal, Minneapolis, MN

Beal, Worcester, MA

Beal, A. H., Minneapolis, MN

Beal, A. M., Pine Plains, NY

Beal, C. H., Los Angeles, CA

Beal, H. L., Worcester, MA

Beal, J. H., Brooklyn, NY

Beal, J. H., New York, NY

Beal, Joshua, New York, NY

Beal, Joshua H., Brooklyn, NY

Beal Bros, Minneapolis, MN

Beale, A. M., Newburgh, NY

Beales, H. M., Hornellsville. NY

Beals & Waters

Beals, A. H., Minneapolis, MN

Beals, A. J., Gold Hill, Nevada Territory

Beals, A. Tennyson, New York, NY

Beals, Charles S., Brooklyn, NY

Beals, Charles S., Hoboken, NJ

Beals, F., Elgin, IL

Beals, H. C., Mexico, NY

Beals, H. S., Sacramento, CA

Beals, Horatio, Mexico, NY

Beals, Jessie T., New York, NY

Beals, Jessie Tarbox, New York, NY

Beals, Lewis F., Clinton, WI

Beals, W. A., Henniker, NH

Beals Bros., East Saginaw, MI

Beam, Daniel C., Groff's Store, PA 

Beam, V. B., Martinsville, IL

Beaman, Elihu A., Owego, NY

Beamer, F. H., Sioux City, IA

Bean. See Hall & Bean

Bean. See Swift & Bean

Bean, Sioux Falls, SD

Bean & Klingensmith, West Greenville, PA

Bean & Newland, Centre Point, IA

Bean & Wood, Ft. Madison, IA

Bean, A. M., Lawrence, MA

Bean, Charles E., Boston, MA

Bean, Frank H., Newburyport, MA

Bean, Hannah, Lagrange, IN

Bean, Levi, Sioux Falls, SD

Bean, R. E., Royalton, VT

Bean, S. L., Centre Point, IA

Beane, C. E., Boston, MA

Bear, George, Stapleton, NY

Bear, J. W., Philadelphia, PA

Bear, Oliver H., Charlestown, IN

Beard, H. A., Waukegan, IL

Bea___, Will. R., Prescott, AZ

Beard, George N., Binghamton, NY

Bearden, A. J., Forest City, CA

Bearden, A. J., San Jose, CA

Bearden, William L., Princeton, MO

Bearden, Wm. L., Princeton, MO

Beardsley, G. S., Charlotte, MI

Beardsley, Henry P., Muskegon, MI

Beardsley, J., Ithaca, NY

Beardsley, Jefferson, Ithaca, NY

Beardsley, L. E., Defiance, OH

Beardsley, Margaret, Ligonier, IN

Beasley, Richard A., Goldsboro, NC

Beattie. See Hitchler & Beattie

Beattie, J. W. See Hitchler & Beattie

Beattie, Robt R., Columbia, SC

Beatty & Wragg, Brooklyn, NY

Beatty, A. Spencer, New York, NY

Beatty, Frank, Denver, CO

Beatty, George E., Brooklyn, NY

Beatty, J. S., Carroll, IA

Beatty, Wm., Sigourney, IA

Beaty, Doroth (Mrs.), Charlotte, NC

Beaty, Wm, Carrollton, IL

Beaty, Wm W., Carrollton, IL

Beauchamp, Levi, Antioch, IN

Beaumont, J., Chester, PA

Beaumont, Joshua, Chester, PA

Bebby. See Houle & Bebby

Bebby, Frederick, Pawtucket, RI
Becher. See Gross & Becher

Bechlar, N. See Union Gallery

Bechlar, Nicholas, Philadelphia, PA

Bechtol, Charles, Kokomo, IN

Bechtol, Jas S., Wabash, IN

Beck. See Inglis & Beck

Beck, A. A., Dubuque, IA

Beck, E. Mrs., Harrisburg, PA

Beck, Geo F., Baltimore, MD

Beck, John C., Corry, PA

Beck, W. H., North Manchester, IN

Beck, W. P., Weedsport, NY

Beck, William H., Ricks, IL

Becker. See Pifer & Becker

Becker. See Urlin & Becker

Becker, Anthony, Chicago, IL

Becker, C., Hudson, NY

Becker, C. Vernon, El Paso, TX

Becker, Chas H., Baltimore, MD

Becker, Crawford, Livingston, NY

Becker, Frank, Cleveland, OH

Becker, G., Evansville, IN

Becker, Harry, Philadelphia, PA

Becker, Jacob, Massillon, OH

Becket. See Cooley & Becket

Becket, Isaac. See Cooley & Becket

Beckford, D. C., Boston, MA

Beckford, George H., Bangor, ME

Beckland, R., Baltimore, MD

Beckman, Fred, Ottawa, KS

Beckner, U. S., Denver, CO

Beckwith, Cleveland, OH

Beckwith. See Whitney & Beckwith

Beckwith, Alva A., Lincoln, NE

Beckwith, E. W., Alexandria, VA

Beckwith, E. W., Great Bend, PA

Beckwith, Elias, Great Bend, PA

Beckwith, Henry, Bethany, NY

Beckwith, Joel, Richfield, MI

Beckwith, M. E., Cleveland, OH

Beckwith, M. E. & Son, Cleveland, OH

Beckwith, Oscar, West Fairlee, VT

Beckwith, R. H.  See James Wantz

Beckwith, R. H. See John Jones

Beckwith, R. H.  See Wm H. Taylor

Beckwith, R. H., Sinclairville, NY

Beckwith, Russell H., Helena, MT

Beddoe, Samuel, Sioux Falls, SD

Beddoe, Sam, Sioux Falls, SD

Bedell & Tweedy, Poughkeepsie, NY

Bedford, Haverstraw, NY

Bedford, George D., Newark, NJ

Bedford, George O., Haverstaw, NY

Bedford, T. J., Dallas, TX

Bedford, William E., Newark, NJ

Bedsaul, Fannie I.

Bee Hive Gallery, Omaha, NE

Bee Hive. See Muhlenbeck

Beebe, Christopher K., Denver, CO

Beebe, J. E., Chicago, IL

Beebe, John E., Chicago, IL

Beebe, John E., Denver, CO

Beebe, R. W. See Rochester Gallery

Beebe, W. H., Kankakee City, IL

Beebout, L. A., Kenton, OH

Beecher, Norristown, PA

Beecher, Philadelphia, PA

Beecher, Van Wert, OH

Beecher & Grier, West Chester, PA
Beecher, A. P., Wilmington, DE

Beecher, A. Philomen, Philadelphia, PA 

Beecher, Abram P., Wilmington, DE

Beecher, J. S., West Chester, PA

Beecher, J. S., Wilmington, DE

Beecher, Jacob S., Wilmington, DE

Beecher, L. D., Binghamton, NY

Beecher, L. G., Binghamton, NY

Beecher, S. R., Van Wert, OH

Beecher, S. R. See Beecher Art Gallery

Beeder, A. G., Brooklyn, NY

Beedy, F. N., Postville, IA

Beels, Henry M., Troy, PA

Beenck, Peter H., St. Louis, MO

Beer & Co., Trenton, NJ

Beer, A. G., Trenton, NJ

Beers & Mansfield, New Haven, CT

Beers & Mansfield. See William A. Beers

Beers, A., (Rushville) Gorham, NY

Beers, A. E., Potter, NY

Beers, A. E., Rushville, NY

Beers, Emerson, San Francisco, CA

Beers, F., Vancouver, BC
Beers, H. H., Victor, NY

Beers, N. A., Franklin, NY

Beers, W. A., New Haven, CT

Beers, William A., New Haven, CT

Beerwald, Jacob, Wilmington, DE

Behl, Herman Jr., Milwaukee, WI

Behm, Herman, Bridgeport, CT

Behr, David H., Jersey City, NJ

Beidel, H. F., Chambersburg, PA

Beidler, Donald Cameron, Chicago, IL

Beitt, Harry C., Cleveland, OH

Belch, Fred. W., Bath, ME

Belcher, A., Richburgh, Wirt, NY

Beldegreen, Gustav, New York, NY

Bell, Chicago, IL

Bell, Philadelphia, PA

Bell, Trenton, NJ

Bell. See Mays & Bell

Bell. See McDermid & Bell

Bell. See Outley & Bell

Bell. See Pine & Bell

Bell. See Titus & Bell

Bell. See Wilson & Bell

Bell & Brother, Washington, DC

Bell & Miller, Iroquois, IA

Bell, Anzel H., Mechanicsville, IA

Bell, C. M., Washington, DC

Bell, Charles M., Washington, DC

Bell, Chas. G., Indianapolis, IN

Bell, Claud S., Philadelphia, PA

Bell, Curtis, New York, NY

Bell, Edward H., St. Louis, MO

Bell, H. F., Matthews C. H., VA

Bell, Hiram E., Boston, MA

Bell, Hugh Stevens, Coconino, AZ

Bell, I. A., Springfield, IL

Bell, I. C., Fort Madison, IA

Bell, Ira J., McArthur, OH

Bell, J., Cleveland, OH

Bell, J. R., Boston, MA

Bell, Thomas, St. Louis, MO

Bell, Thomas, Point Pleasant, VA

Bell, Thos., Cincinnati, OH

Bell, W. B., York, PA

Bell, W. C., Erie, PA

Bell, W. C., Frederick, MD

Bell, W. C., York, PA

Bell, W. J

Bell, William, Bakerstown, PA

Bell, William, Philadelphia, PA

Bell, William H., Amsterdam, NY

Bell, William H., Troy, NY

Bell Studio, New York, NY

Bell Studio, Trenton, NJ

Bellafranc, Francis, Chicago, IL

Bellamy, Norfolk, VA

Bellamy, T. M., Norfolk, VA

Bellin, L. H., Pawtucket, RI

Bellin, Louis H., Pawtucket, RI

Bellin, M., Branch Central Falls, RI

Bellin, M., Brooklyn, NY

Bellin, Morele, Brooklyn, NY

Bellin, Morris, Pawtucket, RI

Bellin, Morris, Providence, RI

Bellin, Morriz, Brooklyn, NY

Bellin's Royal Studio, Providence, RI

Bellinger, G. W., Cobleskill, NY

Bellinger, George W., Cobleskill, NY

Bellino, V. S., Philadelphia, PA

Belino, Vincenzo S., Philadelphia, PA

Bellino, Vincenzo Sfracaro, Philadelphia, PA

Bellino Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Bellis, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Bellows, Clark, Wilmington, VT

Bellows, George A., Washington, DC

Bellsmith. See Marceau & Bellsmith

Bellsmith. See Samo & Bellsmith

Bellsmith, Harold S., Brooklyn, NY

Bellsmith, Harold S., Denver, CO
Bellsmith, R. P., Cincinnati, OH

Bellus, Fred E., Boise, ID

Belt Studio, Belt, MT

Belton, Judson, R., Galion,OH

Beltran, Pablo, Tucson, AZ

Bement & Harvey, Boston, MA

Bemesderfer, Manheim, PA

Ben, Yusuf Zaida, New York, NY

Benanti, Dennis, New York, NY

Benati, Dionigi, New York, NY

Bendann Brothers, Baltimore, MD
Bendann. See Bogardus & Bendann

Bendann, Daniel, Baltimore, MD

Bendann, Danl., Baltimore, MD

Bender, Adolph, New York, NY

Bender, Johann F., Towanda, PA

Bene, Albert, San Francisco, CA

Benecke. See Hoelke & Benecke

Benecke & Hoelke, St. Louis, MO

Benecke, R., St. Louis, MO

Benecke, Robert, St. Louis, MO

Benecke, Theodor, St. Louis, MO

Benedict, Litchfield, CT

Benedict, Seville, OH

Benedict, E. R., Fontanelle, IA

Benedict, Georgianna (Miss), Ogdensburg, NY

Benedict, J. P., Orange, NJ

Benedict, John G., Boston, MA

Benedict, Kate, Le Clair, IA

Benedict, Philander H., Syracuse, NY

Benedict, W. W., Barrington, IL

Benedict, William, Barrington, IL

Benee, W. E., Salt Lake City, UT

Benfer & Benfer, Cambridge, IA

Benham. See Baker & Benham

Benham, B. H., Fort Wayne, IN

Benham, B. H., New Haven, IN

Benham, B. H., Norwalk, OH

Benham, W., Attica, NY

Beniczky, K. W., New York, NY

Beniczky, Kornel W., New York, NY

Beniczky, Sarah, Brooklyn, NY

Benjamin, DeRuyter, NY

Benjamin. See Plank & Benjamin

Benjamin & DeLisle, Cincinnati, OH

Benjamin, Charles, Conway, MI

Benjamin, E. D., DeRuyter, NY

Benjamin, I., Cincinnati, OH

Benjamin, Isaac, Cincinnati, OH

Benjamin, Jacob, San Francisco, CA

Benjamin, O. C., Newark, NJ

Benjamin, O. C., Orange, NJ

Benjamin, O. C. Jr., Orange, NJ

Benjamin, Orrin C., Dover, NJ

Benjamin, Orrin C., Newark, NJ

Benjamin, I., Cincinnati, OH

Bennefeld, Alfred, St. Louis, MO

Benner, Frank A., Gardiner, ME

Bennet & McLaren, Marietta, OH

Bennet, J. E., New York, NY

Bennet, W. P., Marietta, OH

Bennett, Indianapolis, IN

Bennett, New York, NY

Bennett, San Francisco, CA

Bennett, Webster, MA

Bennett. See Horner & Bennett

Bennett & Kelley, Chicago, IL

Bennett & Son, San Francisco, CA

Bennett, A.

Bennett, A. C., Worcester, MA

Bennett, A. J. G., San Francisco, CA

Bennett, Alexander, Brooklyn, NY

Bennett, Alexander, New York, NY

Bennett, Arthur J. C., San Francisco, CA

Bennett, C. E., Pawnee City, NE

Bennett, Charles O., Indianapolis, IN

Bennett, Elliot C., Canton, IL

Bennett, F. C., Chicago, IL

Bennett, F. T., Boston, MA

Bennett, Francis, Brooklyn, NY
Bennett, George, Webster, MA

Bennett, George J., (Constableville) West Turin, NY

Bennett, Gottlieb, New York, NY

Bennett, J. E., Hartford, CT

Bennett, J. Edwin, Brooklyn, NY

Bennett, J. M., Arrey, NM

Bennett, J. Wesley, Indianapolis, IN

Bennett, James E., Brooklyn, NY

Bennett, John W., Indianapolis, IN

Bennett, Louis C., New York, NY

Bennett, N. M., Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Bennett, N. S., Alexandria, VA

Bennett, Orlinda O., Abingdon, IL

Bennett, Owen T., Indianapolis, IN

Bennett, R. C., Webster, WV

Bennett, T. E., Cherokee, IA

Bennett, W. H., Wilkesbarre, PA

Bennett, W. P., Marietta, OH

Bennett, W. S., Logan, IA

Bennett, William, New York, NY

Bennett, William H., Wilkes Barre, PA

Bennett, Wm., Willett, NY

Bennett Bro's, Brooklyn, L.I., NY

Bennetts Lightning Portraits, New York, NY

Benoit Block, Brooklyn, NY

Benoit, A., Danielson, CT

Benoit, A., New Bedford, MA

Benoit, A., Webster, MA

Benoit, Regina, Southbridge, MA

Benoit, William A., Boston, MA

Bensley, J. M., (Springville) Concord, NY

Benson, Pontiac, MI

Benson. See Hill & Benson

Benson, A. D., Geneva, IA

Benson, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Benson, George, Brooklyn, NY

Benson, J. D., Union Tp Ices Ferry P. O., WV

Benson, J. H., Pontiac, MI

Benson, William S., New York, NY

Benson Ferrotype Co., New York, NY

Benster, S. S., Toledo, OH

Bent, Israel, Boston, MA

Bentley. See Alsever & Bentley

Bentley, Arthur A., Fargo, ND

Bentley, Isaac D., Honeoye, NY

Bentley, M. L., Waterbury, VT

Bentley, Martin L., Bristol, VT

Bentley, William E., Medford, MA

Benton, Edward W., Raymond's, PA

Benton, Lewis D., New Haven, CT

Beoujeon, Rufus, Mayville, NY

Bepp, K., San Francisco, CA

Berch, Frank, Wheeling, WV

Berch, Frank R., S. Wheeling, WV
Berch, Frank R., Wheeling, WV

Berg, C. See Alexander A. Bruun

Berg, Christena, Grand Forks, ND

Berg, Jacob, Grand Forks, ND

Berg, Jacob. See Arthur D. Conkle

Bergen, E. S., Cedar Rapids, IA

Berger. See Bakedy & Berger

Berger. See Faulstich & Berger

Berger & Cooper, New York, NY

Berger, A., Brooklyn, NY

Berger, Fred, Little Rock, AR

Berger, Harry A., New York, NY

Berger, Harry E., New York, NY

Berger, Henry E.. See C. F. Hunger

Berger, T. N., Elgin, IA

Berger, William Jr., Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Bergeron. See Cook & Bergeron

Bergerson, Wm O., Albert Lea, MN

Bergman, Louisville, KY

Bergman, Caroline, Louisville, KY

Bergman, Herman, New York, NY

Bergman, L., Louisville, KY

Bergmann, Louis, Louisville, KY

Bergstresser, Jacob, Berrysburg, PA

Bergstresser. See Phillips & Bergstresser

Berhalter, A. A., Preston, IA

Berkeleigh, Edmd., Staunton, VA

Berkeley, Staunton, VA

Berkeley, E., Staunton, VA

Berkeman, J. H., Perry, IA

Berkhan, Charles H. J., New York, NY

Berkheimer, W., Osterburg, PA

Berkin, John, Boulder, MT

Berkstresser, A. J., Fayette, IA

Berley, Chas. H., Covington KY

Berlin, New York, NY

Berlin. See Woodward & Son

Berlin, George H., Helena, MT

Berlin, Victor, New York, NY

Berlin Photo Studio, New York, NY

Berlin Photographic Art Studio, Chicago, IL

Berlin Photographic Co., New York, NY

Berlitz Bros., New York, NY

Berman's, New York, NY

Bern Segerberg, Denver, CO

Bern, Frank R., Cleveland, OH
Bernard. Queens, NY

Bernard, Abr, New York, NY

Bernard, Ernest M., Nashville, TN

Bernard, F. C., Quincy, IL

Bernard, Oscar C., El Paso, TX

Bernhardt, Henri, Spartanburg, SC

Bernhardt, Louie A., Greenville, SC

Bernstein, Louis, New York, NY

Bernhardt, Louis A., Greenville, SC

Bernstein, Max, New York, NY

Berson, J., Brockport, NY

Bernard, F. C., Quincy, IL

Bernard, Thomas G., Brooklyn, NY

Berne-Allen, Stapleton, NY

Bernstein Brothers, New York, NY

Berry, Randolph, NY
Berry, Turners Falls, MA

Berry-Homer Co., Philadelphia, PA

Berry and Fischer, Decatur and New Decatur, AL

Berry, E. M., Bridgton, ME

Berry, Ella (Miss), Meridian, MS

Berry, G. T., Randolph, NY

Berry, J., Owego, NY

Berry, Joseph, Owego, NY

Berry, Viola (Miss), Meridian, MS

Berry, W. H., Andover, MA

Berry, William H., Danvers Plains, MA

Berry, Wm., Union City, TN

Berryman, E.  See Wm E. Wharton

Berryman, Ed, Butte, MT
Berryman, Geo S., Salt Lake City, UT

Berryman, H., Butte, MT

Bersler, Augustus, Kingsessing, PA

Berson, J., Brockport, NY

Berthe. See Lewis & Berthe

Bertherman, Robert E., Barre, VT

Berthold, Charles, Portland, OR

Bertrand & Co., Los Angeles, CA

Bertrand, E. E., Elgin, IA

Bertrand, J. T., Los Angeles, CA

Bertrand, Stephan A., Chicago, IL

Besancon, H., Pike, NY

Besancon, Henry, Pike, NY

Besaw, A. A., Akron, OH

Bess, William, Litchfield, IL

Best & Co., Los Angeles, CA

Besterfeldt. See Freer & Besterfeldt

Besterveldt. See Greer & Besterveldt

Bethe, William, Ocala, FL

Bethgay, Julius, Detroit, MI
Bethgay, Julius, Springfield, IL

Bethge, Julius, New Orleans, LA

Bettison, David C., Louisville, KY

Bettison, N. Byron, Louisville, KY

Betts & Ferguson, Camp Meade, PA

Betts & Ferguson, Harrisburg, PA

Betts & Ferguson, Washington, DC

Betts & Prusia, Dansville, NY

Betts, Carroll H., Bridgeport, CT

Betts, E. C., Bridgeport, CT

Betts, E. J., Dansville, NY

Betts, E. J., Dansville, N. Dansville, NY

Betts, Edward, Bridgeport, CT

Betts, Edward C., Bridgeport, CT

Betts, Henry C., Bridgeport, CT

Betz & Co., Austin, Nevada Territory

Betz, John Jr., Baltimore, MD

Beuvers & Gesman, Pella, IA

Beveau, Stephen, Burns, NY

Bevel, Mrs. Annie, Salt Lake City, UT

Beverage, M. C., Marshalltown, IA

Beverly, Jesse G., Dallas, TX

Bevers, J. P., Coquille City, OR

Bevin, Edwin W., Yatesville, IL

Bew, George W., Philadelphia, PA

Beyer's, M., Buffalo, NY

Bhosys, Chas W., New York, NY

Bianchi. See Vitalini, Bianchi & Co.

Bibbens, Wm. O., Rutland, VT

Bibeault, Alexis O., Stapleton, NY

Bibel, Charles A., Bloomington, IL

Bibel, William O., Bloomington, IL

Bice, Herbert E., Lawton, OK

Bickelman, Conrad O., Brooklyn, NY

Bickelmann, Conrad O., Brooklyn, NY

Bickford. See Collins & Bickford

Bicknell, G. W., Boston, MA

Bicknell, Wilfred, Portland, OR

Bicksler, T. J., Georgetown, VA

Biddle, Xenia, OH

Biddle, A. L., Des Moines, IA

Biddle, James E., Middletown Point, NJ

Biddle, James E., Northampton, MA

Biddle's Dept Store, Knoxville, TN

Biderman & Bowen, Philadelphia, PA

Biderman & Scott, Philadelphia, PA

Biderman, Peter. See Biderman & Bowman

Bidernan & Bowen, Philadelphia, PA

Biehler. See Roe & Biehler

Biel, Henry T., Terre Haute, IN

Bielefeld, Chicago, IL

Bielefeld, Peter F., Chicago, IL

Bien, E. & Co., New York, NY

Bierhaus, Milwaukee, WI

Bierly, J. W., Manchester, OH

Bierstadt, Edward, New York, NY

Biffar, B. T., Brooklyn, NY

Biffar, Bernard T., Brooklyn, NY

Biffar, Augustus, Brooklyn, NY

Biffar, H. W., Brooklyn, NY

Biffar, Henry W., Brooklyn, NY

Biffar, Melcher, Brooklyn, NY

Biffar, Melcher B., Brooklyn, NY

Biffer, Bernard T., Brooklyn, NY

Bigalow, Port Henry, NY

Bigalow, W. H., Port Henry, NY

Bigden. See Buell & Bigden

Bigden, C. W., Buffalo, NY

Bigden, Charles, Buffalo, NY

Bigden, Charles W., Buffalo, NY

Bigelow, E. B., Jackson, MI

Bigden, F. A., Chicago, IL

Bigden, Frederick A., Chicago, IL

Bigelow, Lyman G., Detroit, MI

Bigelow, S., Collinsville, CT

Bigelow, W. A., Haverhill, MA

Bigelow, W. A., Plattsburgh, NY

Bigelow's, Plattsburgh, NY

Bigelow's, S., Collinsville, CT

Bigford & Kennicott, Chicago, IL

Biggart Solor Printing Co., New York, NY

Bigley, Peter J., San Francisco, CA

Bilbrough, J. E., Dubuque, IA

Bilbrough, John E. Dubuque, IA

Biles, Harry A., Stapleton, NY

Bilgenroth, G., Jersey City, NJ

Bilgenroth, Gustav, Jersey City, NJ

Bilger, H. A., Freeport, IL

Bilger Photo Service, Freeport, IL

Bilger Studio, Freeport, IL

Bill, Brooklyn, NY

Bill & Overton, Cleveland, OH

Bill, Charles K., New York, NY

Bill, Chas. K., New York, NY

Bill, Chas. K. & E. L. Bill, Brooklyn, NY

BILL, E. L. See Chas. K. Bill

Bill, Frank R., Cleveland, OH

Billian, B., Bound Brook, NJ

Billian, B. Doylestown, PA

Billinghurst, C. I., Athens, OH

Billinghurst, C. J., McArthur, OH

Billinghurst, Charles J., OH

Billington & Thomson, San Francisco, CA

Billington, J. R., San Francisco, CA

Billington, William C., San Francisco, CA

Billings, Racine, WI

Billings, Geo. B., Lebanon, NH

Billings, George, Springfield, MA

Billings & Hough, Lebanon, NH

Billington, G. E., Little Rock, AR

Billones, Juan G., San Francisco, CA

Billows, A., Elkhart, IN

Billows, Alfred, Dallas, TX

Billows, Alfred, Elkhart, IN

Billows, Alfred R., Dallas, TX

Bills, B. (Mrs.), Groton, NY

Bills, Betsey (Mrs.), Groton, NY

Billups, Thomas M., Pittsburgh, PA

Bilz, Geo C., Cleveland, OH

Bilzenroda, Gustav, Jersey City, NJ

Bindrig, Alfred, Phillips, WI

Bingaman, Elwood, IN

Bingenheimer, Ottmar, New York, NY

Bingham, Memphis, TN

Bingham. See Strong & Bingham

Bingham. See Thuss & Bingham

Bingham & Hilliard, Memphis, TN

Bingham and Brother, Memphis, TN

Bingham, B., Memphis, TN

Bingham, B. See Frank Forfey

Bingham, Ben, Memphis, TN

Bingham, H. L., Kalamazoo, MI

Bingham, H. L., San Antonio, TX

Bingham, H. Lyman. See Paul J. Thertolla

Bingham, Katherine M. (Miss), Johnsbury, VT

Bingham, L. D., Waverly, IA

Bingham, R. R., Colorado Springs, CO

Bingham, Robert R., Denver, CO

Bingham Bros., Memphis, TN

Bingley, Dr. C. W., Golden, CO

Birchall, F. W., Boston, MA

Bird & Stafford, Oskaloosa, IA

Bird, Horace A., Denver, CO

Bird, John M. See Bird & Stafford


Birdsall, R. W., Hampton, IA

Birdsell, A. J., Madrid, IA

Birdwell, J. T, Clarksville, TN

Birkholz, Herman, New Vienna, IA

Birkland. See Travis & Birkland

Birmingham, Geo., Philadelphia, PA

Birmingham, James, Philadelphia, PA

Birnbaum, A., Huntington, PA

Biro, Frank, Bethlehem, PA

Birt, George, El Paso, TX

Birt, George O., El Paso, TX

Birth. See Trask & Birth

Birth, J. W., Chester, PA

Birtles, F. C., Woonsocket, RI

Birtles, Francis C., Woonsocket, RI

Birtles, Frank C., Woonsocket, RI

Bisbee & Farquharson, Chicago, IL

Bisbee, A., Cleveland, OH

Bisbee, A., Columbus, OH

Bisbee, A., Zanesville, OH

Bisbee, A. See N. E. Lewis

Bisbee, Clarence E., Twin Falls, ID

Bisbee, J., Circleville, OH

Bisbee, J. A., Los Angeles, CA

Bisbee, Jenny R., Twin Falls, ID

Bisbee, Lucien, Chicago, IL

Bischhardt, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Bischoff, G. C., Miami, FL

Bish, Alfred A., Chippewa Falls, WI

Bishop, Philadelphia, PA

Bishop. See Axtell & Bishop

Bishop & Co., Indianapolis, IN

Bishop & Gilbert, Elgin, IL

Bishop & Kaufman, Harrisburg, PA

Bishop & Kenyon, New London, CT

Bishop, A. H.  See S. J. Bishop & A. H. Bishop

Bishop, C. T., Indianapolis, IN

Bishop, Charles T., Indianapolis, IN

Bishop, F. Jr., Milwaukee, WI

Bishop, Frank, Jr., Milwaukee, WI

Bishop, Geo. W., Necedah, WI

Bishop, George, Bradford, VT

Bishop, Giles, New London, CT

Bishop, H., Chambersburg, PA

Bishop, H. T., Minneapolis, MN

Bishop, Henry, Chambersburg, PA

Bishop, I. R., Philadelphia, PA

Bishop, Isaac, New London, CT

Bishop, Isaac C., New London, CT

Bishop, Isaac R., Philadelphia, PA

Bishop, J. E., Chippewa Falls, WI

Bishop, J. Oscar, Clinton, SC

Bishop, J. R., Cincinnati, OH

Bishop, James E., Chambersburg, PA

Bishop, Joseph E., Washington, DC

Bishop, Richard K., New London, CT

Bishop, S. J. & A. H., Springfield, MA

Bishop, Theodore/Thos. H., Chambersburg, PA

Bishop, W. N., Chambersburg, PA

Bishop, William N., Chambersburg, PA

Bishop, Wm N., Hollidaysburg, PA

Bissell, Effingham, IL

Bissell. See Rankin & Bissell

Bissell, Edward, Northville, MI

Bissey & Greiner, Stockton, NJ

Bissey, Chas. F., Stockton, NJ

Bissig, Jos., New York, NY

Bissonet, L. G., Worcester, MA

Bissonette, L. G., Boston, MA

Bissonnette, L. G., Boston, MA

Bittenbender, L. C., Knoxville, IA

Bitter & Weston, Chicago, IL

Bivens, T. F., Fort Sumner, NM

Bixbee. See Miller & Bixbee

Bixby. See Miller & Bixby

Bixby, H. L., Chelsea, VT

Bixby, Hira L., Chelsea, VT

Bixby, M. J., Burlington, VT

Bixby, Marquis J., Poultney, VT

Bixby, Mary A. (Miss), Ludlow, VT

Bixby, N. L. & T. C., Benson, VT

Bixby, T. C. See N. L. Bixby

Bixby, T. C., Whiting, VT

Bixby, Thomas C., Orwell, VT

Bjorklund, Eric, Los Angeles, CA

Bjorklund, Erik, Los Angeles, CA

Bjorklund, John, Greenland, MI

Bjorklund, John V., Kirkland, WA

Black, Boston, MA

Black, Jamestown, NY

Black, Lancaster, PA

Black. See Whipple & Black

Black & Batchelder, Boston, MA

Black & Case, Boston, MA

Black, A. E. See Black Sisters

Black, Addison C., Canton, IL

Black, Charles A., Decatur, IL

Black, Clyde M., Cleveland, OH

Black, J. M., San Antonio, TX

Black, J. W., Boston, MA

Black, J. W. & Co., Boston, MA

Black, James R., Philadelphia, PA

Black, James Wallace, Boston, MA

Black, M. C. See Black Sisters

Black, Mildred, Cleveland, OH

Black, N. H., Natchez, MS

Black, Nathan H., Chicago, IL

Black, P. M. Jr., Kirtland, NM

Black, S. Ervin, Philadelphia, PA

Black Sister, Boulder, CO

Blackburn, Youngstown, OH

Blackburn & Bailey,Houston, TX

Blackburn, Alonzo, Youngstown, OH

Blackburn, Charles R., Houston, TX

Blackburn, D. E., Harrisville, WV

Blackburn, G. F.  See Melville H. Levy

Blackburn, G. F.  See Wm H. Olds

Blackburn, George F., Grand Forks, ND

Blackburn, Jos., Franklin, OH

Blackburn, L., Youngstown, OH

Blackhall. See Union Gallery

Blackhall, J., Clinton, IA

Blacklidge, C. F., Lincoln, IL

Blackman, Charles A., New Haven, CT

Blackman, F. G., Napoleon, OH

Blackman, W. D., Napoleon, OH

Blackman, W. D., Napoleon, OH

Blackmore. See Randall & Blackmore

Blackner, Wm., Arlington, MN

Blackshear, T. B., Macon, GA

Blackstone, H. R., Athens, OH

Blackstone, Orrin E., Norwich, CT

Blackwell, J. J., Toledo, OH

Blackwood, T. H., Wichita, KS

Blaco, Ed, Cincinnati, OH

Blaetz, Gustav M., Philadelphia, PA

Blafka, Joseph, Chicago, IL

Blagg, J. S., Brownwood, TX

Blair. See Cook & Blair

Blair & Son, Worcester, MA

Blair, C. L. Worcester, MA

Blair, R. H., Keokuk, IA

Blair, R. H. & Son, Worcester, MA

Blair, Robert H., Keokuk, IA

Blair, W. E., Rock Rapids, IA

Blair, W. E., Sac City, IA

Blair, Wm. H., Townville, PA

Blake, Knoxville, TN

Blake & Rivers, Brooklyn, NY

Blake, Arthur S., San Francisco, CA

Blake Photo Studio, San Francisco, CA

Blake, E. F., Columbus, OH

Blake, E. W., Toms River, NJ

Blake, Ernest F.,  Portland, ME

Blake, John M., New Haven, CT

Blake, L. A., Brooklyn, NY

Blake, L. R., Lansing, IA

Blake, Michael F., Charleston, SC

Blakemore, B. A., Staunton, VA

Blakemore, J. H., Bedford, VA

Blakeney, W. C., Tacoma

Blaker, Mrs. Anna M., Tekamah, NE

Blakeslee-Klintworth, Tampa, FL

Blakeslee, F. W., Ashtabula, OH

Blakeslee, Fred. W., Ashtabula, OH

Blakeslee, W., Mendota, IL

Blakeslee Studio, The, Tampa, FL

Blakesly, H. H., North Platte, NE

Blanc, J. P., New Orleans, LA

Blanchard. See Cook & Blanchard

Blanchard, A. N., Barre, VT

Blanchard, Azil N., Montpelier, VT

Blanchard, G.  See J. & G. Blanchard

Blanchard, Geo D., Barre, VT

Blanchard, Geo D., Plainfield, VT

Blanchard, H. T., Newport, VT

Blanchard, J. &. G., Boston, MA

Blanchard, J. B., Manchester, NY

Blanchard, J. W. F., Bellows Falls, VT

Blanchard, J. W. F., Troy, NY

Blanchard, Orville F., Hartland, VT

Blanchard, W. L., Columbia, SC

Blanchard, Walter L., Columbia, SC

Blancke-Harris Studio, Chicago, IL

Blanckmeister, Chas. L. F., Brooklyn, NY

Bland, Albany, MO

Blane, J. P., New Orleans, LA

Blank & Schwartz, New York, NY

Blank & Stoller, Chicago, IL

Blank, C. L., Tallahassee, FL

Blank, Charles, New York, NY

Blank, Jacob, Milwaukee, WI

Blanke-Harris Studio, Chicago, IL

Blankmeister, C. L. F., Brooklyn, NY

Blanks, Vicksburg, MS

Blanks, A. L., Birmingham, AL

Blanks, Abner L., Birmingham, AL

Blashek. See Pokorney & Blashek

Blatchley, Kilbourn, WI

Blatt, C. G., Bernville, PA

Blatt, C. G., Traveling Artist

Blatter, Frank C., Chicago, IL

Blatter, George, Chicago, IL

Blauert, Berthold, San Francisco, CA

Blaul, Philadelphia, PA

Blaul, L., Philadelphia, PA .

Blaul, Louis, Philadelphia, PA

Blaul, Louis A., Philadelphia, PA

Blauvelt & Co., New York, NY

Blauvelt, Francis T., Brooklyn, NY

Blauvelt, Isaac A., New York, NY

Blauvelt Brothers, New York, NY

Blauvelt Photo Art Co., New York, NY

Blazek, Louis R., Lincoln, NE

Blazer, H. L., Los Angeles, CA

Bleaks, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Bleaks, Geo. W., Cincinnati, OH

Blecker, Myerstown, PA

Blecker, A. M., Myerstown, PA

Blecker, J. M., Cincinnati, OH

Bledsoe, Wm J., Marshall, IA

Bleibel, Gustav, Detroit, MI

Blenis, Utica, NY

Blessing. See Anderson & Blessing

Blessing. See E. C. Lewis

Blessing. See Frank Peske

Blessing & Bro., Galveston, TX

Blessing & Co., Baltimore, MD

Blessing & Co., Galveston, TX

Blessing, J. H., Salamanca, NY

Blessing, J. P., Galveston, TX

Blessing, J. P., Houston, TX

Blessing, J. P. See Blessing & Bro.

Blessing, J. P. & Bro., Houston, TX

Blessing, S. T., Galveston, TX

Blessing, S. T., New Orleans, LA

Blessing, S. T. See Blessing & Bro.

Blessing, Samuel T., New Orleans, LA

Blessing & Bro's Gallery, Houston, TX
Bleth, Lena, Dickinson, ND

Bletsch, August, Chicago, IL

Blewett, J. A., Kingsley, IA

Blisard, Thomas, Houston, TX

Bliss, Coudersport, PA

Bliss. See Rice & Bliss

Bliss & Soule, Concord, NH

Bliss, Ephraim T., Avon, IL

Bliss, Frank H., Buffalo, NY

Bliss, H. L., Buffalo, NY

Bliss, Henry, Exeter, NY

Bliss, Horace L., Buffalo, NY

Bliss, Jeremy W., Hartford, CT

Bliss, W. P., Topeka, KS

Bliss Bros., Buffalo, NY

Blissenbach, Mankato, MN

Bliven, A. L., Hardin, MT

Bliven, R. Harry, Toledo, OH

Blizard, J. E., Bellefontaine, OH

Bloch, Benoit, Brooklyn, NY

Bloche, Arthur, Lucero, NM

Block & Greenberg, St. Louis, MO

Block, A. E., Boston, MA

Block, Benoit, Brooklyn, NY

Block, Edward, Boston, MA

Blocker, A. M., Myerstown, PA

Blodgett. See Mann & Blodgett

Blondin. See Applegate & Blondin

Blondin, C. L., Cincinnati, OH
Blondin, Charles L., Cincinnati, OH

Bloom Studio, Chicago, IL

Bloom, Samuel, Kintnerville, PA

Bloom, Samuel H., Line Lexington, PA

Bloomer, W. E., Wilson, NC

Blue, W. N., Blake's Mills, TN

Blue Bird Photo Studios Co., New York, NY

Blue Lantern Studio, The, Denver, PA

Bluff City Studio, Memphis, TN

Blum Photo Art Shop, Chicago, IL

Blum, Edward, Chicago, IL

Blumenschein, George, Chicago, IL

Blumenthal, Harry, El Paso, TX

Blumentstiel & Smith, Charles City, IA

Blunt, A. H. See C. R. & A. H. Blunt

Blunt, C. R. & A. H., Danville, VA

Blunt, William F., North Anson, ME

Blush, Wayland, IA

Blush, Edward K., Denver, CO

Bly, Frank, New Bedford, CT

Bly, H. O., Hanover, NH

Bly, Henry O., Hanover, NH

Blye, Alson D., Syracuse, NY

Blythe, J. W., Montgomery, AL 

Bo___ & Heath, Barnet, VT

Boardman. See Rutherford & Boardman

Boardman, Trumansburg, NY

Boardman, B., Louisville, KY

Boardman, B. D, Seneca Falls, NY

Boardman, H. R., Van Buren, OH

Boatman, C. R., Dunbarton, OH

Bob, David. See Hauser Bob

Bob, Hauser, Brooklyn, NY

Bob, Hauser, Buffalo, NY

Bob, Hauser, Essex, CT

Bob, Isadore. See Hauser Bob

Bob, Nathan. See Hauser Bob

Bobbitt, John D., Columbus, PA

Bobo, J. H., Atlanta, GA

Bobst, L. A., Allentown, PA

Bock, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Bocook, Frank H., Asheville, NC

Boddy, E. V., Artesia, NM

Bodge, E. R., Chicago, IL

Bodie, J. A., Honesdale, PA

Bodine. See Bailey & Bodine

Bodtker, J. F., LaSalle

Bodtker, Jas. Fr., Madison, WI

Bodtkers, J. F., Chicago, IL

Bodurtha. See Beach & Bodurtha

Bodurtha. See Erekson & Bodurtha

Bodziak, John, Philadelphia, PA

Boeger's, Topeka, KS

Boehl & Koenig, St. Louis, MO

Boehme, Watertown, NY
Boehme, E. H., Escanaba, MI

Boehme, Edward, Yonkers, NY

Boelsterli, George A., New York, NY

Boen, Charles P., Grand Forks, ND

Boepple, C., Erie, PA

Boepple, Chas, South Erie, PA

Boepple, Chas. Sr., Erie, PA

Boepple, Chas W., Erie, PA

Boernke, H. A., Fall Creek, WI

Boers, David, Weston, WV

Boettcher, Edward, Jersey City, NJ

Boettcher, Edwin, Jersey City, NJ

Bogardus, New York, NY

Bogardus. See Jordan & Co. late Bogardus

Bogardus & Bendann Brothers, New York, NY

Bogardus, A., New York, NY

Bogardus, Abraham, New York, NY

Bogardus, Abraham & Co., New York, NY

Bogardus, Alphons L., Janesville, WI

Bogardus, Alphonse L., Janesville, WI

Bogardus, E. W., New York, NY

Bogardus, Edward, New York, NY

Bogardus, Edward W., New York, NY

Bogart, Andrew, New York, NY

Bogart, Andrew B., New York, NY

Bogden, Edith A., San Francisco, CA

Boger, Fred, Cincinnati, OH

Boggs, R. M., New Brunswick, NJ

Bogh, C. P., Ringsted, IA

Bogorad, Saml, Cleveland, OH

Bogrand, Peter, Marshfield, WI

Bohannon, Wm L., Omaha, NE

Bohl, Gustav, Philadelphia, PA

Bohm, Charles, Denver, CO

Bohm, Chas., Denver, CO

Boice, David, Troy, NY

Boice of Richmond, Richmond, VA

Boisvert, Azmine, Detroit, MI

Boldtmann, Julius, New York, NY

Boley, J. W., New Haven, MO
Boll, Chicago, IL

Boll, J., Chicago, IL

Bolles. See Morgan & Bolles

Bolles & Frisbie, New London, CT

Bolles & Smith, (Cooperstown) Otsego, NY

Bolles, B. D. See H. W. Bolles

Bolles, C. B., Aberdeen, SD

Bolles, Charles, New London, CT

Bolles, Charles E., Brooklyn, NY

Bolles, Chas. E., Brooklyn, NY

Bolles, H. W. & B. D., Le Raysville, PA

Bolles, J. A., Charleston, SC

Bolles, J. H., Charleston, SC

Bolles, Jesse H., Charleston, SC

Bollinger. See Woods & Bollinger

Bollinger, W. K., Shock, WV

Bolmer, William, Appleton, WI

Bolon, H. C., Humeston, IA

Bolsinger, B. F., Altoona, PA

Bolsinger, Michael, Cincinnati, OH

Bolster, A. C., Woodstock, ME

Bolte, John, Pittsburgh, PA

Bolton, Lyndon, VT

Bolton, Millville, NJ

Bolton, Rockville, CT

Bolton. See Spear & Bolton

Bolton & Aldrich, Lyndon, VT

Bolton & Mitchell, Brownwood, TX

Bolton & Smiley, Newbury, VT

Bolton, D. W., Northwood, IA

Bolton, G. M., Rockville, CT

Bolton, Geo M., Rockville, CT

Bolton, George M., Rockville, CT

Bolton, George M., Vernon, CT

Bolton, O. C., Concord, VT

Bolton, O. C., Lyndon, VT

Bolton, O. C., West Concord, VT

Bolton, Orra C., Lyndon, VT

Bolton, T. C., Galveston, TX

Bolton, Thomas C., Galveston, TX

Bolton, William H., New York, NY

Bonallo, William, Philadelphia, PA

Bonames, Chas W., Corydon, IN

Bonaventure, Michele, Portland, OR

Bond, G. E., Conestoga, PA

Bond, L. H., Pine Bluff, AR

Bond, L. Torbert, Philadelphia, PA

Bond, N. E., Denton, TX

Bond, Nathan E., Oklahoma City, OK

Bond, W. F., Philadelphia, PA

Bond Bros., Philadelphia, PA

Bondy, Hugo, Brooklyn, NY

Bone, Mary, Agency City, IA

Bonell, Eau Clair, WI

Bonell, Frederick, Chippewa Falls, WI

Bonell, Frederick, Eau Clair, WI

Bonell, Frederick, Tacoma, WA

Bonine, Elias D., Altoona, PA

Bonish Studio, Detroit, MI

Bonnell. See Dewey & Bonnell

Bonnell, Frederick, Tacoma, WA

Bonnemer. See Mary & Bonnemer

Bonner & Humpage, Chicopee, MA

Bonner, A. G., Tacoma, WA

Bonner, W. J., Fort Smith, AR

Bonney, A. F., Marshalltown, IA

Bonney, James, South Bend,

Bonney, James, Brooklyn, NY

Bonney, P. I., Boston, MA

Bonoff, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Bonsall, I. H., Cincinnati, OH

Bonseli, I. H., Leavenworth, KS

Bonta & Curtiss, Syracuse, NY

Bonvianz, Jos, New York, NY

Bookhout, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

Bookman, Esther, Chicago, IL

Boomer, E. Frank, Dover, NH

Boomer, Ephraim F., Dover, NH

Boomer, Frank E., Dover, NH

Boomhower. See Richardson & Boomhower

Boosz & Miller, Canton, OH

Booth & Dunham, Keokuk, IA

Booth, F. H., Aberdeen, SD

Booth, George, Woodbine, IA

Booth, J. J., UT

Booth, J. O., Harlan, IA

Booth, James, St. George, UT

Booth, Jas, Saint George, UT

Booth, Lewis P., Portland, ME

Booth, N. W., Eufaula, AL

Booth, Robt H., Keokuk, IA

Booth, William J., Battle Ground, ID

Booth Quality Photo Co., Cleveland, OH

Boozer & Rodgers, Tampa, FL

Boozer, Henry M., Kendallville, IN

Boozer, Henry W., Ionia, MI

Boozer, V. R., Tampa, FL

Borah, C. W., Columbus, OH

Borah, C. W., Lancaster, OH

Borah, Cornelius W., Lancaster, OH

Borcher, Adolph, Chicago, IL

Borcher, Louis, Newark, NJ

Bordeaux, David J., Springfield, MA

Borden, Jas. H., Redbank NJ

Borders, James M., Memphis, TN

Borders, John M., Memphis, TN

Boressoff, Louis, New York, NY

Borgfeldt, Successor to Wagner, Brooklyn, NY

Borgfeldt, Henry, Jersey City, NJ

Borgh, Arthur, Trenton, NJ

Boris, Bora, Boston, MA

Boris, Saml, New York, NY

Boris Studio, Boston, MA

Bork, Frederick E., New York, NY

Borlaug, O. E., Calmar, IA

Bornholtz, H., Colesburg, IA

Borschardt, Jacob J., Chicago, IL

Bortz, Jacques, New York, NY

Bortz, Jacob, New York, NY

Borsuk, Max, New York, NY

Borsuk, Samuel, Brooklyn, NY

Bortkiewicz, Anton, Cleveland, OH

Bosco & Megler, Portland, OR

Bosquet, George, Woonsocket, RI

Boss. See Allen’s New Art Rooms

Boss, D. W., Mechanicsburg, PA

Bosserman, J. O., Columbus, OH

Bossler, Fred, Idaho Falls, ID

Bostock, Lillian D., New York, NY

Boston & Zeigler, Canon City, CO

Boston, C. Otis, Jacksonville, IL

Boston, Harvey, David City, NE

Boston Art Co., New Albin, IA

Boston Ferrotype Co's. Rooms

Boston Gallery. See Chas. D. Holmes

Boston Photo Co., Ashtabula, OH

Boston Photo Co., Athol, MA

Boston Photo News Co., Boston, MA

Boston Photocopy Print Co., Boston, MA

Boston Photograph Gallery, Bridgeport, CT

Bostwick, New York, NY

Bostwick, Charles, Rochester, NY

Bostwick, Charles E., Rochester, NY

Bostwick, H. L., New York, NY

Bostwick, Harriet L., New York, NY

Bostwick, J. A., Avoca, NY

Bostwick, J. H., Bristol, PA

Bostwick, James, New York, NY

Bostwick, James A., New York, NY

Bostwick, James A., Rochester, NY

Bostwick, John H., Bristol, PA

Bostwick, L. R. See Homer O. Frohardt

Bostwick, Lawrence, Union, NY

Bostwick, Louis R., Omaha, NE

Bosworth & Murphy, Springfield, MA

Bosworth, Charles M., Batavia, NY

Bosworth, Noyes, Pharsalia, NY

Bosworth's, Batavia, NY

Boteler, Frank M., Boston, MA

Botsford, H., Woodbury, CT

Botsford, Henry, Woodbury, CT

Botsford, Herman, Woodbury, CT

Bottomley, Lamar, CO

Bottomley, J. B. (Miss), Lamar, CO

Bottorf. See Burchfield & Bottorf

Bottorf, J. R., Pine Grove, PA

Boughton, Alice, New York, NY

Boughton, E. H., Leonidas, MI

Boughton, Elmer A., Kalamazoo, MI

Bouknight, Paul F., Columbia, SC

Bouland, P., Mount Vernon, NY

Boultier, L. K., Montgomery, AL

Boulton, Jas A., Omaha, NE

Bourie, B. A., Newark, NJ

Bourie, Walter J., Newark, NJ

Bourman & Moore, Dardanelle, AR

Bourne, Albert, Cedar Rapids, IA

Boushier. See Gardner & Boushier
Bousley. See Smith & Bousley

Boussam, Charles, San Francisco, CA

Boussum, C. W., San Francisco, CA

Boutevillain, H., New Orleans, LA

Bouton, C. S., Mason City, IA

Bouton, Charles L., Sioux Falls, SD

Boutwell, Hillsdale, MI

Boutwell. See Fuller & Boutwell

Bowdish. See Getman & Bowdish

Bowdish, Ray & Austin, Rochester, NY

Bowdish, N. S., Richfield Sp's, NY

Bowdish, R. F., New York

Bowdle, Chas W., Salt Lake City, UT

Bowdle, S. M. John, Lima, OH

Bowdoin & Litch, Boston, MA

Bowdoin, Taylor & Co., Alexandria, VA

Bowdoin, D. W., Charlestown, MA

Bowdoin, D. W. & G. T., Atlanta, GA

Bowdoin, David W., Salem, MA

Bowdoin, G. T. See D. W. & G. T. Bowdoin

Bowdoin, Gilbert T., Washington, DC

Bowdoin, William, Boston, MA

Bowe, John F., New York, NY

Bowe, William, Denver, CO

Bowen, Waterloo, IA

Bowen. See Bidernan & Bowen

Bowen & Co., Broolyn, NY

Bowen, Isaac H., Bridgeton, NJ

Bowen, J. C. (Mrs.), Cedar Rapids, IA

Bowen, J. L., North Adams, MA

Bowen, R. J., Waterloo, IA

Bowen, W. N., Montezuma, IA

Bowen, William G., Philadelphia, PA

Bowen, William G.  See Biderman & Bowen 

Bower. See Brubaker & Bower

Bower, Arthur A., Bay City, MI

Bower, Chas., East Liberty, PA
Bower, D. F., Philadelphia, PA

Bower, Henry, Pittsburgh, PA

Bower, Henry C., Kansas City, KS

Bower, J. C., Kansas City, KS

Bower, J. L., Dryden, NY

Bower, Merrick B., Kansas City, KS

Bowerman & Badger, Baltimore, MD

Bowers, Lynn, MA

Bowers, Orange, NJ

Bowers. See Meade & Bowers

Bowers, Benjamin F., Brooklyn, NY

Bowers, Benj. F., Brooklyn, NY

Bowers, Cyrus R., Brooklyn, NY

Bowers, D. F., Philadelphia, PA

Bowers, Frank S., Salem, OR

Bowers, George O., Brooklyn, NY

Bowers, H. J., Orange, NJ

Bowers, J. L., Dryden, NY

Bowers, S. A., Lynn, MA

Bowers, Sereno A., Concord, NH

Bowers, T. J., Atlanta, GA

Bowers, Wilder T., Lynn, MA

Bowers, William F., Brooklyn, NY

Bowers Photo Co., New York, NY

Bowersox, A. L., Dayton, OH

Bowie, Charles W., Baltimore, MD

Bowie, William, Buffalo, NY

Bowker, John D., Springfield, MA

Bowler, F. S., Boston, MA

Bowles, Cincinnati, OH

Bowles, Hopkinsville, KY

Bowles & Frisbie, New London, CT

Bowles, A. Gordon, San Francisco, CA

Bowles, Paul C., Cincinnati, OH

Bowlin, Joseph C., Lewisburg, WV

Bowlsby, Monroe, MI

Bowlsby, William H., Monroe, MI

Bowman, Ottawa, IL

Bowman, Mahanoy City, PA

Bowman & Rawson, Peru & La Salle, IL

Bowman, Charles M., Omaha, NE

Bowman Charles M. & Co., Omaha, NE

Bowman, Charles M.  See J. Frank Frazier & Co.

Bowman, D. A., Mahanoy City, PA

Bowman, F. Elmore, Boston, MA

Bowman, Frank A., New Haven, CT

Bowman, G. A. & G. H., Canton, NY

Bowman, G. H.  See G. A. Bowman

Bowman, H. G., New Lexington, OH

Bowman, Henry M., Indianapolis, IN

Bowman, John G., Wheeling, WV

Bowman, Joseph, Chambersburg, PA

Bowman, L., Santa Ana, CA

Bowman, R. M., New Haven, CT

Bowman, Robert M., New Haven, CT

Bowman, W. E., Ottawa, IL

Bowman, W. S., Pendleton, OR

Bowman, Wesley, Chicago, IL

Bowman, William E., Ottawa, IL

Bowman, Wm., Burlington, VT

Bowring, De Pere, WI

Bowring, Tho's D., Detroit, MI

Boyce, I. D., Washington, DC

Boyce, Isaac D., Boston, MA

Boyce, Saml C., Greenville, SC

Boyce, Ulysess D., Butte, MT

Boyce, W., Danville, IL

Boyce, W., Tuscola, IL

Boyd, Chicago, IL

Boyd, Des Moines, IA

Boyd & Braas, Seattle, WA

Boyd & Whitney, Poughkeepsie, NY

Boyd, Charles W., Roswell, NM

Boyd, David C., Relfs Bluff, AR

Boyd, J. C., Little Rock, AR

Boyd, J. N., Los Angeles, CA

Boyd, John Q. A., Brush Run, PA

Boyd, R. C., Somersworth, NH

Boyd, S., Chicago, IL

Boyd, Samuel, Chicago, IL

Boyd, Samuel, Cleveland, OH

Boyd, T., Gilmer, TX

Boyd, W. F., Des Moines, IA

Boyd, W. F., Seattle, WA

Boyd, W. F. See Henry J. Reynolds

Boyd, Walter A., New York, NY

Boyd, Wm F., Des Moines, IA

Boyd, Wm F., Seattle, WA

Boye & Habenicht, San Francisco, CA

Boye, Otto H., San Francisco, CA

Boyer, Simon, Vandalia, IL

Boyer, T. G., Altamont, IL

Boyer, T. G., Carbondale, IL

Boyer, T. G., Centralia, IL

Boyer, T. G., Columbus, IN

Boyer, T. G., Effingham, IL

Boyer, T. G., Grand Tower, IL

Boyer, T. G., Ramsey, IL

Boyer, T. G., Vandalia, IL

Boyer, Theodore George, Altamont, IL

Boyette, Fine B., New York, NY

Boylan, Henry J., Bridgeport,

Boyle, George, New York, NY

Boyle, Josephine, New York, NY

Boyles. See Walker & Boyles

Boynton & Heald, Boston, MA

Boynton, A. R., Clinton, IA

Boynton, A. R., Sanborton Br., NH

Boynton, Asa R., Clinton, IA

Boynton, Cassius, Minneapolis, MN

Boynton, J. J., Clinton, MA

Boynton, Orville R., Leadville, CO

Boysen, Sacramento, CA

Boysen, J., Colusa, CA

Boysen, T., Colusa, CA

Boyson, R. A., Mayville, Chautauqua, NY

Braas. See Boyd & Braas

Braas, G. H. See Johnson Magill

Braas, George H., Seattle, WA

Brabrook, W. F., Hardwick, VT

Bracey. See Deland & Bracey

Bracey, Charles F., Ashland, NH
Bracey, Charles F., Warren, NH
Brack & Gibson, San Antonio, TX
Brack, A. A., San Antonio, TX

Brackenbury, Allene, Lamoni, IA

Brackenbury, Charles, Lamoni, IA

Brackenbury, Elvin, St. Joseph, MO

Brackett, Ralph P., Tucson, AZ

Bracknell, Harvey C., Columbia, SC

Bracy, Diehl & Co., Detroit, MI

Bracy, C., Warren, NH

Bracy, Charles F., Springfield, MA

Bracy, Frank, Detroit, MI
Bracy, Frank C., Detroit, MI

Bracy, Frank C. See Bracy, Diehl & Co.
Bracy, John, Detroit, MI
Bracy, L. A., White Cloud, MI

Bracy, Lemuel, Detroit, MI

Bracy, Lemuel. See Bracy, Diehl & Co.

Bracy, Lemuel A., Detroit, MI

Bradbeer, Andrew D., Cadillac, Western MI

Braden Bros., New York, NY

Bradfisch, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Bradford, Boston, MA

Bradford, Smyrna, DE

Bradford & Barton, Greenfield, MA

Bradford, Archie C., Barre, VT

Bradford, George W., Brooklyn, NY

Bradford, George W., New York, NY

Bradford, H. J., Detroit, MI

Bradford, P., Greenfield, MA

Bradford, William, Albany, NY

Bradford Bros., Philadelphia, PA

Bradish, Theodore W., Buffalo, NY

Bradley, New York, NY

Bradley. See Lantz & Bradley

Bradley. See McIntyre & Bradley

Bradley & Merrill, New York, NY

Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco, CA

Bradley, A. F., Newport, RI

Bradley, A. Frederick, Philadelphia, PA

Bradley, Bryant, Cornish, ME

Bradley, Francis D., New Haven, CT

Bradley, Franklin S., New Haven, CT

Bradley, G. P., Philadelphia, PA

Bradley, George R., New Haven, CT

Bradley, H. M., Binghamton, NY

Bradley, H. W., San Francisco, CA

Bradley, J. S., Dayton, OH

Bradley, John, Washington, DC

Bradley, L., Dayton, OR

Bradley, R., Mesopotamia, OH

Bradley, W. L., Boston, MA

Bradley, Wm. L., Boston, MA

Bradley Studios, New York, NY

Bradshaw, Quincy, IL

Bradshaw, C. H., Newport, OR

Bradshaw, J. T., Quincy, IL

Bradshaw, James T., Quincy, IL

Bradt. See Ford & Bradt

Bradway Bros, Richmond, IN

Bradway, John N., Jamestown, ND

Brady, Orange, NJ

Brady. See Sands & Brady

Brady & Co., Washington, DC

Brady & Sands, Providence, RI

Brady, Dean (Mrs.), Cincinnati, OH

Brady, H. J., Orange, NJ

Brady, Hugh J., Brooklyn, NY

Brady, Hugh J., Orange, NJ

Brady, I. T., San Antonio, TX

Brady, J. W.

Brady, M. B., New York, NY

Brady, M. B., Washington, DC

Brady, Matthew B., New York, NY

Brady, Matthew B., Washington, DC

Brady, P. T., Tuscaloosa, AL

Brady, Richard, Bemis, MA

Brady, Richard, Newton, MA

Brady, Richard, Providence, RI

Brady's, New York & Washington, DC

Brady's Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Braeunlich, G. & C., Brooklyn, NY
Bragbill, Steward, Academia, PA

Bragg. See Moore & Bragg

Bragg, T. F., Union, Darke, OH
Bragle, C. P., West Troy, NY
Bragle, Charles P., Troy, NY

Braeunlich, G. & C., Brooklyn, NY

Bragg, Herbert L., Cadillac, Western MI

Bragle, Chas. P., West Troy, NY

Brahm, Svend, Brooklyn, NY

Brainerd, J. M., Rome, NY

Brainerd, J. M., Oneida, NY

Brainerd. See Hovey & Brainerd

Braisted, Abraham, Freeport, IL

Brakebill. See Knaffl & Brakebill

Brakebill & McCoy, Knoxville, TN

Brakenridge, G. L., Ware, MA

Bramblett, Wm. R., St. Paul, MN

Bramley, Salem, OH

Bramson Bros, Detroit, MI

Branagan Studio. See J. Q. Wills

Branch, Edwin, Minneapolis, MN

Branch, Wm., Centerville, IA

Brand, Chicago, IL

Brand, E. L., Chicago, IL

Brand, E. L. & G. B. Brand, Chicago, IL

Brand, Edward L., Chicago, IL

Brand, Edwin L., Chicago, IL

Brand, G. B.  See E. L. Brand & G. B. Brand 

Brand, Glenn W., Hamburg, NY

Brand, O. B., Waukegan, IL

Brand Photo Co., Chicago, IL

Brand's Studio, Waukegan, IL

Brandau, Geo. C., Bloomsburg, PA

Brandau, George C., New York, NY

Brandau, George M., Hazleton, PA

Brandenburg Studio, New York, NY

Brandmo, A., Montevideo, MN

Brandmo, R. E., Benson, MN

Brandmo’s, Benson, MN

Brandon, Clyde, KS

Brandon, D. F., Chicago, IL

Brandt, Earl R., Portland, ME

Brandt, Eugene, Hamilton, OH

Brandt Bros, Avoca, IA

Brandt Bros., Davenport, IA

Braner, J. P., Buffalo, NY
Brannock, H. W., Norwich, CT

Brannock, Hugh W., Norwich, CT

Brans Gallery, Galesburg, IL

Branson. See McCrary & Branson

Branson, Jno. M., Coatesville, PA

Branson Studio, Tampa, FL

Brasier, Brooklyn, NY

Brasier & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Brasier, Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

Brasington, Carl L., Charlotte, NC

Brassart, August, Naugatuck, CT

Brassart, August, New York, NY

Brathwaite, William, Brooklyn, NY

Brathwaite, William H., Brooklyn, NY
Brauenlisch, C. See G. Braeunlisch
Brauenlisch, G. & C., Brooklyn, NY

Brauenlisch, Charles, Brooklyn, NY
Brauenlisch, Gustavus, Brooklyn, NY
Braun, C. A., Chicago, IL
Brauneck, Jos G., New York, NY
Brautigam, Philip, Cincinnati, OH
Bravo, R. S. Sr., San Antonio, TX
Brawer, Bernard, New York, NY
Brawthen, C. N., Bode, IA
Bray, Nokomis, IL

Bray, Charles F., Warren, NH

Bray, Charles L., Holderness, NH

Bray, Clifton L., Salt Lake City, UT

Bray, John T., Pontiac, MI

Brayton, George B., Boston, MA

Brazda, Charles, Dodge, NE

Brazil, Nettie (Mrs.), Tampa, FL

Brazell, J. W., Magnolia Co., AR

Brazer, George S., Newton, MA

Breath, E. H., Alton, IL

Brecht & Co., St. Louis, MO

Brecht, Emily, St. Louis, MO

Brecht, Gustave & Co., St. Louis, MO

Breckenridge, George L., Barre, MA

Breda, Joseph, Boston, MA

Bredenburg, Calvin J., Chicago, IL

Breeden, Thomas M., Springfield, IL
Breese, Henry L., (West) Burlington, NY

Brehman, Williamsburg, PA

Brehmer, Louis F., Rutland, VT

Breiner, William, Hoboken, NJ

Breitwisch. See Miller & Breitwisch

Breitwisch, Alfred J., Milwaukee, WI

Breitwish, A. J. & Co., Milwaukee, WI

Brelsford, Edward, Great Falls, MT

Bremer, Greenville, MI

Bremler, Adolph, San Francisco, CA

Breneman, C. B., Marion, IA

Brengel, J. N., New York, NY

Brengel, John M., New York, NY

Brengel, John N., New York, NY

Brennan, Harry, Butte, MT

Brennan, Helen M., Cheyenne, WY

Brennan, L. L. (Mrs.).  See Herbert J. Kenny

Brennan, Lawrence A., Billings, MT

Brennan, Lydia L. (Mrs.), Butte, MT

Brennan, Michael, Detroit, MI

Brenner, D., Bucyrus, OH

Brenner, Jacob, New York, NY

Brenner, M. F., Lebanon, PA

Brenner, W. N., Cincinnati, OH

Brenner, W. N., Los Angeles, CA

Brent, F. J., Indianapolis, IN

Brent, T. J., Indianapolis, IN

Breslin, Timothy J., Jersey City, NJ

Breslow, Theresa, NY
Bretney, Lehighton, PA

Brettell, W. H., Brooklyn, NY

Brettell, William, Brooklyn, NY

Brettell, William H., Brooklyn, NY

Brettell, Wm Jr., Brooklyn, NY

Bretz, Geo. M., Newville, PA

Bretz, Geo. M., Pottsville, PA

Bretzman. See Koehne & Bretzman

Breum, Jno L., Miles City, MT

Brewer, Poe, Hamilton, OH

Brewer, W. H., Shenandoah, IA

Brewster, Montpelier, VT

Brewster & Co., Helena, MT Territory

Brewster, Edward R., Muskegon, MI

Brewster, Frank, Lowell, MA

Brewster, J. C., Helena, MT Territory

Brewster, J. C., Ventura, CA

Brewster, Walter, Medford, MA

Brewster's Studio, Newark, NJ

Briant, A. C., Parkersburg, WV

Briant, Nicholas B., Morristown, NJ

Brice, C. P., Camden, AR 

Brickel. See Hoover & Brickel

Brickell, T. J., Olean, NY

Bricken, Osceola Mills

Bricker, George, New Rumley, OH

Brickett, S. H. & Co., Boston, MA

Brickley, Cora E. (Miss), Cranston, RI

Bridenstine & Young, Nebraska City, NE

Bridge, E. C., Shenandoah, IA

Bridge, H., Clearfield, PA

Bridge, Oliver C., Portland, ME

Bridges, C. L., Fitchburg, MA

Bridges, Oliver C., Portland, ME

Bridget, John, Omaha, NE

Bridgman, Cyrus, Amboy, IL

Bridgman, J. D., Salt Lake City, UT

Bridle, H. D., Philadelphia, PA

Bridle, Henry C., Philadelphia, PA

Bridle, Henry D., Philadelphia, PA

Bridle, Herbert M., Philadelphia, PA

Bridle, M. Herbert, Philadelphia, PA

Brigden & Geisler, Cleveland, OH

Briggs & Co., Ottumwa, IA

Briggs & Knapp, Boston, MA

Briggs & Knapp, Charlestown, MA

Briggs & Secord, Chicago, IL

Briggs & Winsor, Galesburg, IL

Briggs, Alanson F., Brooklyn, NY
Briggs, Alanson Y., Brooklyn, NY

Briggs, C. T., Burrillville, RI

Briggs, Charles S., Rockland, RI

Briggs, Charles T., Chopmist, RI

Briggs, Charles T., Phenix, RI

Briggs, E. T., Lompoc, CA

Briggs, F. L., Keokuk, IA

Briggs, F. L., Ottumwa, IA

Briggs, J. M., Schoharie, NY

Briggs, Jesse, Boston, MA

Briggs, Jesse, Chelsea, MA

Briggs, John, New London, OH

Briggs, N., Galesburg, IL

Briggs, Newton, Galesburg, IL

Briggs Brothers, East Greenwich, RI

Brigham, Lowell, MA

Brigham, E. T., Dover, NH

Brigham, E. T., Lebanon, NH

Brigham, E. T., Lowell, MA

Brigham, E. T., Wolfborough, NH

Brigham, E. T., Wolfeborough, NH

Brigham, J. M., Battle Creek, MI

Brigham, L. E., Ogden, IA

Brigham, O. S., Susquehanna Depot, PA

Brigham, Ralph H., Manchester, NH

Brigham, W. E., Cherry Creek, NY

Brigham, Wm H., Cleveland, OH

Brigham's, Lowell, MA

Brilhart, Charles W., Yonkers, NY

Brill, Jacob, Portland, OR

Brill, Julius, New York, NY

Brimmer & Kalb, St. Louis, MO

Brindel, Samuel, Fort Wayne, IN

Brindle, Lucy A., Fort Wayne, IN

Brindle, S. A., Fort Wayne, IN

Brindle, Samuel, Fort Wayne, IN

Brings, W. J., Laurel, MT

Brink & Dougherty, Port Jervis, NY

Brink, Edwin, Virginia

Brinkley, Keota, IA

Brinkley & Finney, Keota, IA

Brinkley, Alonzo. See Brinkley & Finney

Brinkley, J. D., Talladega, AL

Brince, Herman,, Pella, IA

Brinsmead, Harry R., Reno, NV

Brisbine, Daniel, Kenton, OH

Brisbois & Hatton, Chicago, IL

Brisbois, A., Leadville, CO

Brisbois, Alfred, Chicago, IL

Brisbois, J., Leadville, CO

Brisbois, M. L., Leadville, CO

Brisgall, Jos, Los Angeles, CA

Briskham & Davidson, Newport, RI

Bristol, T. D., Hebron, NE

Bristol, Theo. E., Williamsport, PA

Bristow, B., Theresa, NY

Britain, J. W., Kalispell, MT

Britian, Kalispell, MT

Brittingham & Sawyer, Wichita, KS

Brittingham & Webster, Worcester, MA

Brittingham, F. M., Wichita, KS

Brittingham, Frank M., Wichita, KS

Brittingham, J. G., Wichita, KS

Brittingham, John G., Quincy, IL
Brittingham, John G., Wichita, KS

British Am Portrait Co., New York, NY

Britton, John M. Co., Trenton, NJ

Britton, Walter R., Denver, CO
Broach, North Platte, NE

Broadaway, J. S., Greenville, SC

Broadbent & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent & Phillips, Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent & Taylor, Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent Co., Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent, Robert C., Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent, Samuel, Philadelphia, PA

Broadbent, Samuel W., Philadelphia, PA

Broadhead, J., North East, PA

Broadhead, John, Northeast, PA

Broadnax, H., Charlotte, NC

Broadway Photo Gallery. See E. W. Poston

Broadway Photo Co., Cleveland, OH

Broadway Photo Shop, New York, NY

Broadway Photo Studio, Richmond, VA

Broas. See Townsend & Broas

Broas & Hayt, Poughkeepsie, NY

Brocato, Giuseppe, Philadelphia, PA

Brocato, Jos, Philadelphia, PA

Brocato, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Brock, F. L., Lake Mills, IA

Brock, I. N., Asheville, NC

Brock, Ignatius N., Asheville, NC

Brock, John M., Fetterman, WV

Brock's Studio. See Dora E. Lindsey

Brockenshire, W. F., Brockport, NY

Brockman, Fredk, New York, NY

Brockway, C. T., Lincoln, NE

Brockway, C. T., Mexico, NY

Brockway, J. R., Cincinnati, OH

Brockway, John R., Cincinnati, OH

Brockway, T., Weedsport, Brutus, NY

Brodowski, John, Cleveland, OH

Brohm, August C., Denver, CO

Broich, H. See Charles Toser

Broich, Hugo, Milwaukee, WI

Bromberg, Barnet, New York, NY

Bromberg, Barnett, New York, NY

Bromberg, Ivor, Philadelphia, PA

Broneer, C. K. (Mrs.), Los Angeles, CA

Brong, Jacob, Salem, IN

Bronische, Wm. S., Benson, MN

Bronk, L. R., Ballston Spa, NY

Bronk, L. R., Ballston Spa, Milton, NY

Bronner, Richfield Springs, NY

Bronson, Bridgeport, CT

Bronson, C. R., Bridgeport, CT

Bronson, Charles R., Bridgeport, CT

Bronson, F. H., Newburgh, NY

Bronson, G. A., Minneapolis, MN

Bronson, James, Philadelphia, PA

Bronx Photo Art Studio, New York, NY

Bronx Photo Printing Co., New York, NY

Brook, A. See Spaulding

Brook, E., Marionville, PA

Brookings, Geo. W., Salmon Falls, NH

Brookings, George W., Salmon FallsNH

Brookings, George W., South Berwick, ME

Brooklyn Academy of Photography, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Photograph Co., Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Portrait Co., Brooklyn, NY

Brooks, Washington, DC

Brooks, Waupun, WI

Brooks. See Roberts & Brooks

Brooks & Phillips, Los Angeles, CA

Brooks & Potter, Warren, Trumbull, OH

Brooks, A. B., Crete, IL

Brooks, B., Conyers, GA

Brooks, C. Stanley, Cape Vincent, NY

Brooks, E. A., Louisvillle, KY

Brooks, Edward A., Louisville, KY

Brooks, F. D., Detroit, MI

Brooks, Frank D., Detroit, MI

Brooks, Harold W., Jackson, MS

Brooks, Henry, Rochester, NY

Brooks, James C., Bellevue, MI

Brooks, John, New York, NY

Brooks, M. Fred, Cincinnati, OH

Brooks, N., Boston, MA

Brooks, N. V., Boston, MA

Brooks, Thomas, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Brooks, W. B., Ottumwa, IA

Brooks, Walter W., Louisville, KY

Brooks, William E., Waupun, WI

Brooks, Wm B., Grinnell, IA

Brooks, Wm. R., Phelps, NY

Brookshire Matthews & Co., Meridian, MS

Brose, Charles H., Plainville, CT

Brosius & Hilliard, Successors to Dunlap & Brosius, Salem, OH

Brother, Orrin A., Grand Forks, ND

Brothers, Clarence, Aberdeen, SD

Brothers, Gebhardt & Shaw, Memphis, TN

Brothers, N. A., Aberdeen, SD

Brothers, Nicholas V., Greenville, MI

Brothers, W. H. See J. B. Bush

Brothers, William H., Indianapolis, IN

Brouen, William, Little Rock, AR

Broughton, William, Quincy,  MI

Brouillette, Alfred, Springfield, MA

Broussard, Nicholas, Houston, TX

Brouse & Martin, Chicago, IL

Brouse, E., Chicago, IL

Brouse, J. L., Chicago, IL

Brower, Abraham L., Butte, MT

Brower, Girard A., Philadelphia, PA

Brower, J. Ernest, Los Angeles, CA

Brower, M. B., Miami, FL

Brower, Thomas G., Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Easton, PA

Brown, Hopkinsville, KY
Brown, Marshalltown, IA

Brown, Milwaukee, WI

Brown, Newport, NH

Brown, Portland, ME

Brown, Providence, RI

Brown, Springfield, MA

Brown, Trenton, NJ

Brown, Winona

Brown. See Cannoles & Brown

Brown. See Clough & Brown

Brown. See Karras & Brown

Brown. See Kirkpatrick & Brown

Brown. See Telger & Brown

Brown. See Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown 

Brown. See Weiss & Brown

Brown. See Wykes & Brown

Brown & Cannoles, Centerville, MD

Brown & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Brown & Higgins, Wheeling, WV

Brown & Lose, Wheeling, WV

Brown & Schroeder, Kenosha, WI

Brown & Son, Sante Fe, NM

Brown, A. A., Salt Lake City, UT

Brown, A. H., Denison, IA

Brown, A. M., Stayton, OR

Brown, A. T. (Mrs.), West, NM

Brown, A. V., Boston, MA

Brown, A. V., Springfield, MA

Brown, Adolphus A., New Frankfort, IN

Brown, Adolphus A., New Frankfort, Woostertown, IN

Brown, Albert, Indianapolis, IN

Brown, Albert H., Denison, IA

Brown, Alden V., Springfield, MA

Brown, Anna J., Bellingham, WA

Brown, Artemus, Three Creeks, AR

Brown, Arthur M., Stayton, OR

Brown, Arthur W., New York, NY

Brown, B. W., Erie, PA

Brown, Bessie, Vincennes, IN

Brown, C. A., Le Mars, IA

Brown, C. E., Successor to E. Kuhn, Boston, MA

Brown, C. F., Burlington, IA

Brown, C. H., Brooklyn, NY

Brown, C. H., Jacksonville, FL

Brown, C. H., Trenton, NJ

Brown, C. J., Manchester, NH

Brown, C. J., Mountain Lake, MN

Brown, C. O., Laurens, IA

Brown, Carl E., Jackson, MS

Brown, Charles, Indianapolis, IN

Brown, Charles A. K. [or H.], Trenton, NJ

Brown, Charles B., Indianapolis, IN

Brown, Charles H., Brooklyn, NY

Brown, Charles H., Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Charles H., Trenton, NJ

Brown, Chas. G., Salt Lake City, UT

Brown, Chester, Pomeroy, IA

Brown, Chester O., Swan Lake Twp, IA

Brown, Cornelia R., Galesburg, IL

Brown, Daniel, Albany, NY

Brown, David, Council Grove, KS

Brown, David, Emporia, KS

Brown, David H., Chippewa Falls, WI

Brown, E. A., San Francisco, CA

Brown, E. D., Webster City, IA

Brown, E. J., San Francisco, CA

Brown, Edgar G., Indianapolis, IN

Brown, Edgar J., Indianapolis, IN

Brown, Edward S., Chippewa Falls, WI

Brown, Elwood J., Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Emanuel, Woodward, PA

Brown, F. C., Miami, FL

Brown, F. G., Guyandotte, WV

Brown, F. H., Falls City, NE

Brown, F. K., Minneapolis, MN

Brown, F. N. G., Marion, NY

Brown, Frank, Bridgeport, CT

Brown, Frank O., Brooklyn, NY

Brown, G. H., St. Louis, MO

Brown, G. W., Cedar Rapids, IA

Brown, G. W., Paola, KS

Brown, G. W., St. Paul, MN

Brown, Geo. E., Portland, ME

Brown, Geo W., Richmond, VA

Brown, George, Portland, ME

Brown, George E., Portland, ME

Brown, George M., Brooklyn, NY

Brown, George M., New York, NY

Brown, George W., St. Paul, MN

Brown, H., Kansas City, KS

Brown, H. A., Kalamazoo, MI

Brown, H. C., Norwich, NY

Brown, H. G., Saratoga Springs, NY

Brown, H. S., Milwaukee, WI

Brown, Harmon, Kansas City, KS

Brown, Henry A., Chicago, IL

Brown, Henry C., Hartwick, NY

Brown, Henry J., Chicago, IL

Brown, Hiram, Bridgeport, CT

Brown, Hobart J., Essex, NY

Brown, Hugh G., Saratoga Springs, NY

Brown, J., Mauch Chunk, PA

Brown, J., Milwaukee, WI

Brown, J., Wheeling, WV

Brown, J. A., IL

Brown, J. B., Manchester

Brown, J. B., Millville, NJ

Brown, J. F., Rensselaerville, NY

Brown, J. H., Hinesburgh, VT

Brown, J. J. See W. B. Carson

Brown, J. K., Burlington, IA

Brown, J. Paul, Wilmington, DE

Brown, J. R., Des Moines, IA

Brown, J. R., Morrison, IL

Brown, J. W., Milford, MA

Brown, J. William, Norwich, CT

Brown, James, Fourche Township, AR

Brown, James, Milwaukee, WI

Brown, James, New York, NY

Brown, James, Portland, OR

Brown James A. See P. Olmsted & Co.

Brown, Jas. W. See Clough & Brown

Brown, Jed/Ted

Brown, John, Bennington, VT

Brown, John, New York, NY

Brown, John, Wheeling, WV

Brown, John A., Chicago, IL

Brown, John M., Sacramento, CA

Brown, Joseph, Milwaukee, WI

Brown, Joseph, Shelbyville, IL

Brown, Joseph C., Boston, MA

Brown, Lincoln C., Hoboken, NJ

Brown, Lisle W., Madison, WI

Brown, Lisle W., Marshalltown, IA

Brown, M., Independence, KS

Brown, M. P., Adrian, MI

Brown, M. W., Omaha, NE

Brown, Manuel L., Tucson, AZ

Brown, N., St. Louis, MO

Brown, N. & Sons, St. Louis, MO

Brown, N. & Son, Sante Fe, NM

Brown, Nathan, Concord, NH

Brown, Nicholas, St. Louis, MO

Brown, R., Moravia, NY

Brown, R. H., Savannah, GA

Brown, Remington, Richmond, ME

Brown, Remington, Rockland, ME

Brown, Roswell, Moravia, NY

Brown, S. B., Providence, RI

Brown, S. H., Boston, MA

Brown, S. N., Harrisburg, PA

Brown, R. S., (Deposit) Sanford, NY

Brown, Roswell, Spafford, NY

Brown, Samuel, Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Samuel W. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Brown, Silas B., Providence, RI

Brown, Solomon, Henderson, MN

Brown, T. A., Marshalltown, IA

Brown, T. A, San Francisco, CA

Brown, Ted. See Jed/Ted Brown

Brown, Theo., Mt. Gilead, OH

Brown, Theodore, Crestline, OH

Brown, Theodore, Marshalltown, IA

Brown, Theodore A., Marshalltown, IA

Brown, Thomas, East Saginaw, MI

Brown, Thomas A., San Francisco, CA

Brown, Thomas N., Wilmington, DE

Brown, Thos, Bennington, VT

Brown, W., Minneapolis, MN

Brown, W., Modesto, CA

Brown, W. Coulbourn, Philadelphia, PA

Brown, W. G., Cresco, IA

Brown, W. J., Burlington, VT

Brown, W. S., Pilot Mound, IA

Brown, William, Chicago, IL

Brown, William, Little Rock, AR

Brown, William, St. Louis, MO

Brown, William, Minneapolis, MN

Brown, William, Newcastle, ME

Brown, William H., Denver, CO

Brown, William H., Norwich, CT

Brown, William J., Burlington, VT

Brown, Wm, Minneapolis, MN

Brown, Wm S., St. Charles, MN

Brown Brothers, New York, NY

Brown's Gallery, Hopkinsville, KY

Brown's Photo Art Studio, New York, NY

Brown's Photo Parlors, Newport, NH

Brown's Photograph Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Brown's Temple of Art, Wheeling, WV

Browne & Browne, Dallas, TX

Browne, Arthur L., Boston, MA

Browne, Christopher J., Manchester, NH

Brownel, D. K., Harford, PA

Brownell, Cincinnati, OH

Brownell, New York, NY

Brownell, Providence, RI

Brownell. See Wayman & Brownell

Brownell Page & Co., Chicago, IL

Brownell, A. C., Fall River, MA

Brownell, A. C., Providence, RI

Brownell, C. A., Cincinnati, OH

Brownell, Charles A., Cincinnati, OH

Brownell, D. K., Scranton, PA

Brownell, Leverett W., New York, NY

Brownell, William, Brooklyn, NY

Brownell Rodgers, Brooklyn, NY

Browning, __. W. See Glotfelter's New Gallery

Browning, F. H. (Mrs.), Portland, OR

Browning, J. G., Creston, IA

Browning, J. G., Fairfield, IA

Browning, J. W., Clinton, IL

Browning, J. W. & Bro., Vandalia, IL

Browning, Orrin F., New York, NY

Browning, Thos H., Dallas, TX

Browning, William A., Petersburg, IL

Browning Photo Gallery, Portland, OR

Brownlee, J. Clarke, San Francisco, CA

Brownlow, H. C., Abingdon, VA

Brownworth. See Henrici & Brownworth

Brownworth, Theodore, Philadelphia, PA

Brubaker & Bower, Xenia, Greene, OH

Brubaker, Christ, Detroit, MI

Brubaker, Christian, Detroit, MI

Brubaker, Christian B., Marquette, MI

Brubaker, Henry, Houghton, MI

Brubaker, Hy, Detroit, MI

Bruce & Fisher, Bloody Run, PA

Bruce & Fisher, Everett, PA

Bruce & Fisher, Washington, DC

Bruce, A. J., Texarkana, AR

Bruce, Albert F., Philadelphia, PA

Bruce, James W., Brooklyn, NY

Bruce, Jas. W., Brooklyn, NY

Bruce, Jas. W., New York, NY

Bruce, Jos. N., Bloody Run, PA

Bruce, Joseph N., Everett, PA

Bruce, Joseph N., Washington, SC

Bruce, N. W., Lockport, NY

Bruce, Wm M., Marshall, TX

Bruckmer, Samuel, (Tarrytown) Greensburgh, NY

Bruening, E. & J., Indianapolis, IN

Brugman, Gertrude A., New York, NY

Bruguiere & Eisen, San Francisco, CA

Bruguierre, F. J., San Francisco, CA

Bruhn. See Janousek and Bruhn

Brumfield. See Buell & Brumfield

Brumfield, Irving A., Vernon, ND

Brumfield, M., Farmington, NM

Brummitt. See Watson & Brummitt

Brummitt, W. H., Philadelphia, PA

Brummitt, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Brunbech, Olaf, New York, NY

Brunbeck, Chas, New York, NY

Brund, Chicago, IL

Brunel, E., Chicago, IL

Brunel, Emil, Philadelphia, PA

Brunel, Emile, Boston, MA

Brunel, Emile Inc, New York, NY

Bruner. See Roberts & Bruner

Brunet, Alexis, Concord, NH

Bruning, Walter P., Cleveland, OH

Brunner, Arthur J., San Francisco, CA

Brunner Photo Co., Cleveland, OH

Brunt, J. L., Pittsylvania Co., VA

Brush, Isaac N., Plainfield, NJ

Brush, J. A., Detroit, MI

Brush, J. A., Minneapolis, MN

Brusstar. See Morgan & Brusstar

Bruster & Co., Helena, MT Territory

Bruster, J. C., Helena, MT Territory

Bruun, Alexander A., Grand Forks, ND

Bryan, Burlington, IA

Bryan & Allen, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Bryan, J. O'Neill, Allentown, PA

Bryan, C., Elgin, TX

Bryan, C. H., Mount Sterling, KY

Bryan, G. W., San Francisco, CA

Bryan, S., Mt. Pleasant, IA

Bryan, S. F., Young America, IL

Bryan, S. S., Young America, IL

Bryan, S. T., Burlington, IA

Bryan, Wm, Russellville, KY

Bryant, A. C., Parkersburg, VA

Bryant, A. E. [or L.], Parkersburg, WV

Bryant, D. C., Indianapolis. IN

Bryant, David C., Indianapolis. IN

Bryant, Eugene, Colorado Springs, CO

Bryant, George W., Fordyce, AR

Bryant, James, Marshall, IL

Bryant, K. (Mrs.), Indianapolis, IN

Bryant, Kate, Indianapolis, IN

Bryde, Edward, New Britain,

Bryson, J. & Son, Houlton, ME

Bryson, Jonathan, Houlton, ME

Bryson's Gallery, Houlton, ME

Buah, C. W., Lancaster, OH

Buchanan, Joseph F., Atlanta, GA

Bucans, Max L., New York, NY

Buchan, Jas T., Cleveland, OH

Buchanan, F. M., Indianapolis, IN

Buchanan, Francis M., Indianapolis, IN

Buchanan, Howard W., Indianapolis, IN

Bucher, Emile E., Wilmington, DE

Bucher, Harry E., Wilmington, DE

Bucher, Harry E., Philadelphia, PA

Buchhecker, August, Rochester, NY 

Buchholz & Son, Springfield, MA

Buchholz, Herman, Springfield, MA

Buchholz, Philip H., Springfield, MA

Buchtel & Cardwell's, Portland, OR

Buchtel & Stolte, Portland, OR

Buchtel, Jos., Portland, OR

Buchtel, Jos. B. & Stolte, Portland, OR

Buchtel, Joseph, Portland, OR

Buchtel, S., Portland, OR

Buchwalter & Jackson, Circleville, OH

Buchwalter, C. H., Circleville, OH

Buck, A. O., Minneapolis, MN

Buck, George V., Boston, MA

Buck, Herbert E., Minot, ND

Buck, Jas W., Baltimore, MD

Buck, L., Prairie Bell, IA

Buckew, J. W., Macy, NM

Buckhecker, August, Rochester, NY

Buckhecker, August B., Rochester, NY

Buckingham. See Holloway & Buckingham

Buckingham, Charles, Flint, MI

Buckingham, Walter S., Terre Haute, IN

Buckland, Bernard, Baltimore, MD

Buckley, Ambrose H., Waterbury, CT

Buckley, Bertha M. (Mrs.), Boston, MA

Buckmeier, Frank, Columbus, OH

Buckmyer, F., Columbus, OH

Buckmyer, F. J., Columbus, OH

Bucks, Henry D., Jonesville, MI

Buczkowski, Julian H., Buffalo, NY

Budd, C. W., Alexandria, IN
Budlong, G. N., Brooklyn, NY

Buehlman, R. & Co., Easton, PA

Buehman, Tucson, AZ

Buehman, Harry, Tucson, AZ

Buehman, Henry, Tucson, AZ

Buehlman, R. & Co., Easton , PA

Buell & Bigden, Buffalo, NY

Buell & Brumfield, Lyons, NY

Buell, Hackettstown, NJ

Buell, C. H., Warsaw, NY

Buell, C. W., Warsaw, NY

Buell, Charles W., Buffalo, NY

Buell, Jno, Geneseo, IL

Buell, Oliver B., Great Barrington, MA

Buell, Seth P., Chicago, IL

Buell, Virgil, Litchfield, CT

Buenschoff, Adolph, Albany, NY

Buergerniss & Walton, Philadelphia, PA

Buerley, J. W., Manchester, OH

Bueschel, Joseph, Jersey City, NJ

Buffalo Photo Co., Buffalo, NY

Buffham Bros., Baltimore, MD

Buffington, M. L., Phenix, RI

Buffoli, Ferruccio, New York, NY

Buford, L. C., Quincy, IL

Bugbee. See Faulkner & Bugbee

Bugbee. See Tyler & Bugbee

Bugbee, Freeman E., Wilton, NH

Bugbee, Van H., Waukesha, WI

Buhlert, C. & L., Brooklyn, NY

Buhlert, M., Brooklyn, NY

Buis, John, Key West, FL

Buker, Bucksport, ME

Bulkeley Studio, New York, NY

Bulkley. See Barker & Bulkley

Bulkley, E. E., Brooklyn, NY

Bulkley, E. E., New York, NY

Bulkley, Eli E., New York, NY

Bukovnik, Cleveland, OH

Bulard, Sylvester, Girard, PA

Bull & Janssen, New York, NY

Bull, Storm, Little Rock, AR

Bulla Brothers, South Bend, IN

Bullard, Cambridge, IL

Bullard, C. L., Cambridge, OH

Bullard, Charles L., Cambridge, OH

Bullard, Daniel, Canton, IL

Bullard, Daniel, New London, IA

Bullard, S. G. (Mrs.), Worcester, MA

Bullerman, Sumner, IL

Bullers, Wm., Oskaloosa, IA

Bullers, Wm, What Cheer, IA

Bullinger, J. E., Clear Water, KS

Bullock, Philadelphia, PA

Bullock & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Bullock. See Groom & Bullock 

Bullock, John.  See Groom & Bullock

Bullock, S., Binghamton, NY

Bumgardner & Wildermuth, New Lexington, OH

Bunch, Ellis, Greenville, IN

Bundy, Middletown, CT

Bundy. See Burrows & Bundy

Bundy & Filley, New Haven, CT  

Bundy & Rowell. See Frank Rowell

Bundy & Stoddard, New Haven, CT

Bundy & Train, Helena, MT  

Bundy & Williams, New Haven, CT

Bundy & Williams. See W. F. Burrows

Bundy, C. W., Wichita, KS

Bundy, Horace L., Hartford, CT

Bundy, J. K., New Haven, CT

Bundy, J. K. & S. Williams, New Haven, CT

Bundy, Joseph K., New Haven, CT

Bundy, Wm M., Terre Haute, IN

Bunker, H. P., Dayton, OH 

Bunker, H. P., Dayton, OH

Bunker, Hollis P., Battle Creek, MI

Bunn, H. W., Bridgeport, IL

Bunn, Martin H., Syracuse, NY

Bunnell, Charles E., Rochester, NY

Bunte, William, New York, NY

Bunting, J. H., Albany, NY

Buquor, J. O., El Paso, TX

Buquor, J. Oscar, El Paso, TX

Burbank, G. W., George, IA

Burcaw, S. W., Allentown, PA

Burch, Alfred T., Quincy, IL

Burchfield & Bottorf

Burckholder, Charles C., Lewistown, PA

Burdett, James, New York, NY

Burdge, R., St. Marys, OH

Burdge, R. Sr., Fort Worth, TX


Burdick. See Stanton & Burdick

Burdick, Los Angeles, CA

Burdick, C. H., Milton, WI

Burdick, C. W., Los Angeles, CA

Burdick, E. N., Westerly, RI

Burdick, O. C.,  Minneapolis, MN

Burdsal, Wichita, KS

Burdsal. See Voorhees & Burdsal

Burdsal, C. W., Wichita, KS

Burfield, Norwood, MN 

Burge, Robt., Piqua, OH

Burgener, Harper, KS  

Burgener, J. J., Harper, KS 

Burger, Arthur W., Rochester, NY

Burger, Charles, Cleveland, OH

Burgert, S. P., Jacksonville, FL

Burgert, S. P., Actino Photograph Car

Burgert, Samuel P., Jacksonville, FL 

Burgert, Walter S., Tampa, FL

Burgert Bros, Tampa, FL

Burgess & Harrison, Troy, NY

Burgess & Hutcheon,New York, NY

Burgess & Sturgeon, Kingstree, SC 

Burgess, C., Troy, NY

Burgess, Charles, Schenectady, NY

Burgess, Charles, Troy, NY

Burgess, E. G., Warsaw, IN

Burgess, Frank H., Manchester, NH

Burgess, N. G., New York, NY  

Burgess, Nathan G., New York, NY

Burgess, S. C., Creston, IA

Burggraf, Johnstown, PA

Burggraf, Chas., Johnstown, PA

Burggreen, P. A., Paxton, IL

Burgoyne, Geo., Manhattan, KS

Burk. See Bailey & Burk

Burk, A. D. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Burk, Al. D., Cleveland, OH

Burk, Alcynus D., Cleveland, OH

Burke & Koretke, Chicago, IL

Burke & Mullen, Fredericksburg, VA

Burke, Charles H., New York, NY

Burke, Geo. F., Shepherdstown, WV

Burke, J. J.

Burke, Norman A., Nyack, NY

Burke, R. A., Pittsburg, PA

Burke, William, Fredericksburg, VA

Burke-White, Margt, Cleveland, OH

Burket, Friedman, Chiacgo, IL

Burkhardt, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Burkhart, D. C., Albany, OR

Burkhart, G. F., Dedham, IA

Burkhart, John K., Altoona, PA

Burkholder, C. C., Lewistown, PA

Burkholder, C. C., Shade Gap, PA

Burkholder, L. M., Bellefontaine, OH

Burleigh, George M., Meredith Village, NH

Burleigh, I. C., Springfield, IL

Burley, G. N., Taylorville, IL

Burlock Bros, Philadelphia, PA

Burn, Benjamin B., Haverstraw, NY

Burnes, Jeremiah, Evansville, IN

Burnett. See Simpson & Burnett

Burnett & Slattery, San Francisco, CA

Burnett, A. L., San Francisco, CA

Burnett, Agnes L., San Francisco, CA

Burnett, B. W., Tyndall, SD

Burnett, F. M., Otsego, NY

Burnett, Frank E., Philadelphia, PA

Burnett, Frank W., San Francisco, CA

Burnett, William B., Phelps, NY

Burnett Bros., Mt. Pleasant, IA

Burnham, A. Franklin, Faribault, MN

Burnham, A. M., Bangor, ME

Burnham, Asa M., Bangor, ME

Burnham, Chas. A., Burlington, VT

Burnham, D. D., Canon City, CO

Burnham, David D., Leadville, CO

Burnham, E. R., Barry, IL

Burnham, E. R., Natchez, MS

Burnham, J. Q. P., Portland, ME

Burnham, J. U. P., Norway, ME

Burnham, J. U. P., Portland, ME

Burnham, J. U. P. photographer, Richmond, VA

Burnham, J. U. P., Savannah, GA

Burnham, J. U. P & J. W. Swan, Norway, Mechanic Falls & Kennebunk, ME

Burnham, John U. P., Portland, ME

Burnham, John W., Portland, ME

Burnham, Orra L., Chelsea, VT

Burnham, Orra L., East Corinth, VT

Burnham, S. P., Northfield, VT

Burnham, S. P., Norwich, VT

Burnham, Silas P., Stratford, VT

Burnham, T. R., Boston, MA

Burnite & Weldon, Harrisburg, PA

Burnite, D. C., Harrisburg, PA

Burnite, David C., Harrisburg, PA

Burnite, M. E. (Mrs.), Harrisburg, PA

Burnite, Mary E. (Mrs.), Harrisburg, PA

Burno, L., Little Sioux, IA

Burns & Ohsfeldt, Portland, OR

Burns, Andrew, Pittsburg, PA

Burns, C. C. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Burns, C. K., Manchester, NH

Burns, Charles C., Philadelphia, PA

Burns, F. W., Lynn, MA

Burns, George B., Southington, CT

Burns, James, Wilmington, DE

Burns, Jas G., Caldwell, ID

Burns, M. W., Eau Claire, WI

Burns, M. Bruce, Lewiston, ID

Burns, O. S., Portland, OR

Burns, Robert E., New York, NY

Burns Studio, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Burnside, Wm., New Berlin, NY

Burnstein, I., Chicago, IL

Burpee, Successor to E. R. Gard, Chicago, IL

Burpee, Successor to Barnes, Beloit, WI

Burpee, C. L., Beloit, WI

Burpee, L., Rock County, WI

Burr, B. L., Rockville, Vernon, CT

Burr, Edward L., Stafford Springs, CT
Burr, H. C., Camden, SC

Burr, H. C., Yankton, D.T. [Dakota Territory]

Burr, Joshua E., Philadelphia, PA

Burr, Joshua E. Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Burr, Marvin, Broadalbin, NY

Burr, W. (Mrs.), Port Washington, OH

Burras, William H., New York, NY

Burrell, Brockton, MA

Burrell, Providence, RI

Burrell, D. T., Bridgewater, MA

Burrell, D. T., North Bridgewater, MA

Burrough, A. M., New York, NY

Burroughs, A. M., New York, NY

Burroughs, Augusta M., New York, NY

Burrows & Bundy, Middletown, NY

Burrows, F., Troy, NY

Burrows, Frank, Elizabeth, NJ

Burrows, Frank, Schenectady, NY

Burrows, George M., Buffalo, NY

Burrows, S. W., Brooklyn, NY

Burrows, W. F., Successor to Bundy & Williams, Middletown, CT

Burt, William, Newark, NJ

Burtner, Owen A., Pittsburgh, PA

Burton, Garrett G., Spencer Twp., Barren, IN

Burton, H. G., Youngstown, OH

Burwell's Gallery, Norfolk, VA

Busa, Francis P., Newark, NJ

Busch, Arthur D., Omaha, NE

Busch, H., San Francisco, CA

Buschoff, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Buser & Son, Cedar Rapids, IA

Buser, H. See Star Gallery

Buser, H. R., Cedar Rapids, IA

Buser, J. S., Mt. Vernon, IA

Buser, S. L., Warren, IL

Busey, N. H., Baltimore, MD

Busey, N. H., York, PA

Busey, Norval H., Baltimore, MD

Busey, Norval H., York, PA

Bush. See Mayes & Bush

Bush & Williams, Bloomington, IL

Bush, C. T., Dubuque, IA

Bush, H., San Francisco, CA

Bush, J. B., Indianapolis, IN

Bush, J. L., Midway, VA

Bush, James E., Salt Lake City, UT

Bush, Jas E., Salt Lake City, UT

Bush, John, Wilmington, NC

Bush, L. A., Toledo, OH

Bush, W. E., Bloomington, IL

Bush, W. E. See Bush & Williams

Bush, W. E. See Mayes & Bush

Bush, William E., Bloomington, IL

Bush, Wm E., Bloomington, IL

Bush, Wm E. See Mayes & Bush

Bushby & Hart, Lynn, MA

Bushby, Macurdy & Fritz, Boston, MA

Bushnell, Los Angeles, CA

Bushnell. See Jack Glesta

Bushnell. See James & Bushnell

Bushnell. See Peirce & Bushnell

Bushnell, Dr.  See Root Gallery

Bushnell, E. P., Jefferson City, MO

Bushnell, Frederick H., San Francisco, CA

Bushnell, J. H. Dr., Philadelphia, PA

Bushnell Photo Co., San Francisco, CA

Bushong. See Schervee & Bushong

Bushong, Jacob, Lafayette, IN

Buson, J. G., Anderson, IN

Bussell, Quincy

Bussell & Co., Boston, MA

Bussa, H. K., Norristown, PA

Busser. See Shadle & Busser

Buswell, I. C., (Rondout) Kingston, NY

Butler, Brooklyn, NY

Butler, Toledo, OH

Butler, Unionville, PA

Butler. See Haughey & Butler

Butler. See Kellogg & Butler

Butler. See Seaver & Butler

Butler. See Stanton & Butler

Butler & Taylor, Buffalo, NY

Butler, A. C., Toledo, OH

Butler, A. N., Ashtabula, OH

Butler, Anne, Buffalo, NY

Butler, Annie Mrs., Buffalo, NY

Butler, C. B., Salt Lake City, UT

Butler, C. C., Salt Lake City, UT

Butler, E. P., Reno, NV

Butler, E. P., Santa Cruz, CA

Butler, E. P., Suisun City, CA

Butler, Frank T., Brooklyn, NY

Butler, Geo. W., Bath, ME

Butler, George W., Westerly, RI

Butler, J. F., Carlsbad, NM

Butler, M., New Philadelphia, OH

Butler, Norman, New York, NY

Butler, P., Decatur, IL

Butler, R. G., Lexington, KY

Butler, R. J., Fort Dodge, IA

Butler, R. W., Unionville, PA

Butler, Richard A., Brooklyn, NY

Butler, T. H., Decatur, IL

Butler, Thomas W., Charlestown, IN

Butler, W. E., Nicollet Island, MN

Butler, W. H., Clifford, IN

Butler, W. S., Springfield, MA

Butler, Warren S., Springfield, MA

Butler Photo Studio, Chicago, IL

Butmann, J., Mohawk, NY

Butner, Effie (Miss), Salem, NC

Butt, Norwalk, OH

Butt & Edmondson, Norwalk, OH

Butte Photo View Co., Butte, MT

Buttemere, Norman, Los Angeles, CA

Butterfield & Ralston, Sioux Falls, SD

Butterfield, D. W., Boston, MA

Butterfield, David W., Boston, MA

Butterfield, Leroy T., Sioux Falls, SD

Butterworth, Wilmington, OH

Butterworth, Charles, Portland, OR

Buttolph, S. E., Malone, NY

Button, Charles G., San Jose, CA

Button, O. P., Watertown, NY

Button, Oscar, Watertown, NY

Button, Oscar P., Watertown, NY

Buttorff, York, PA

Butts, A. R., St. Louis, MO

Butts, Ansel R., St. Louis, MO

Butts, Frederick, Roxbury, PA

Butzmann, Max, New York, NY

Buxbaum, Harry T., Philadelphia, PA

Buxbaum, I., Brooklyn, NY

Buxbaum, Ignatius, Brooklyn, NY

Buzzell, Bert E., Montpelier, VT

Buzzell, C. P., Valley Springs, SD

Byam, Ellendale, ND

Byam, Fond du Lac, WI

Byam, John, Howell, MI

Byarlay, St. Joseph, MO

Bybem, Belle (Miss), Harper, KS

Byerley, Orison, Parkersburgh, IA

Byerly & Son, Frederick, MD

Byerly, J., Frederick, MD

Byerly, J., Mt. Savage, MD

Byerly, J. & Son, Frederick, MD

Byerly, J. Davis, Frederick, MD

Byerly, Jacob. See J. Davis Byerly

Byers, A. M., Wellsville, PA

Byington, Augustus S., Louisville, KY

Byington, C. S., Dickinson Centre, NY

Byler, Joseph D., Lecompton, KS

Byran, T. F., Warren, IL

Byrd, E. L., Malden, MA

Byrd, Edgar L., Malden, MA

Byrne, Henry G., Butte, MT

Byrnes, John F. Co., Chicago, IL

Byrnes, Wm. W., Milwaukee, WI

Byron, C., New Orleans, LA

Byron, Calvin, New Orleans, LA

Byron, Charles L., Chicago, IL

Byron, J. N., Albany, NY

Byron, John N., Albany, NY

Byron, Joseph, New York, NY

Byron Co., New York, NY



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

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Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"