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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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The information about photographers includes:
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  • Addresses
  • Dates of operation
  • Biographical notes
  • Examples of work

Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter G that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers G in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Gable. See Usher & Wade

Gable and Usher, Augusta, GA

Gable, G. J., Augusta, GA

Gabriel, H. C., Philadelphia, PA

Gabriel, Herman C., Philadelphia, PA
Gabuzi, John B., Tucson, AZ

Gaetani, Salvatore, Bridgewater, CT

Gage. See Prescott & Gage

Gage. See Southworth & Gage

Gage, E. D., Chicago, IL

Gage, F. B., St. Johnsbury, VT

Gage, Franklin B., St. Johnsbury, VT

Gage, Franklin D., St. Johnsbury, VT

Gage, Frederick R., Chicago, IL

Gaige, A. G., Albequerque, NM

Gaines, Irving Wm., Milwaukee, WI

Gainsborough Studio, Boston, MA

Gairing, C. F. & Co., Chicago, IL

Gaites, Macomb, IL

Galbabey & Krutis, New York, NY

Galbavy & Krutis, New York, NY

Galbraith, Cortis H., Minneapolis, MN

Gald, A., Questa, NM

Gale, Bristol, CT

Gale, Joliet, IL

Gale, Plainville, CT

Gale, C. A., Piqua, OH

Gale, G. F., Joliet, IL

Gale, George F., Joliet, IL

Gale, Herbert N., Bristol, CT

Gale, J., Jamestown, OH

Gale, O. G., Kenton, OH

Gale Bros., Joliet, IL

Galentine, J. S., Lima, NY

Gales, G. F., Watkins, Dix, NY

Galicenstein, Jacques, New York, NY

Gallagher & Gallagher, New York, NY

Gallagher, E. F.  See Verdie Perreli

Gallagher, James F., Philadelphia, PA

Gallaher & Wife, Chippewa Falls, WI

Gallaway, P., Galveston, TX

Gallaway, Samuel, Galveston, TX

Gallery of Art. See Cadwallader & Tappen

Galli, Pietro, New York, NY

Gallop & Co., Poughkeepsie, NY

Gallop, Charles H. See Gallop & Co.

Galloway, Xenia, OH

Galloway, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Galloway, Thomas J., Mt. Sterling, IL

Gallup, C. H. & Co., Poughkeepsie, NY

Galpin, Sherman S., New Haven, CT

Galt, Herbert M., Nampa, ID

Galyon & Cunningham, Knoxville, TN

Gamble, G. R., Champaign, IL

Gambol, John R., Millwood, OH

Gamer, Louis, Omaha, NE

Ganaway, J. M., Fort Smith, AR

Gandy. See Mills & Gandy

Gandy, Adolph, St. Louis, MO

Ganiere & Layton, Chicago, IL

Ganiere, Robert C., Chicago, IL

Gannaway Bros., Fort Smith, AR

Gano, R. M., Allegheny

Gano, R. N., Allegheny, PA

Gant, Van Buren, Richmond, VA

Gant, W. P., Mt. Sterling, IL

Gantt, M. J., Lockport, NY

Gantt, M. J. (Miss), Lockport, NY

Ganz, Theo R., New York, NY

Gaouette, Monson

Gaouette, A. N., Monson, MA

Gar's Studio, Trenton, NJ

Garaner, R. G., Kansas City, MO

Garba, Edward, Trenton, NJ

Garber. See Goldner & Garber

Garber, S. B., Clinton, IL

Garcia, Agustin, El Paso, TX

Garcia, Francisco, El Paso, TX

Garcia, Romulo, Chacon, NM

Garcia, Selberio, Tampa, FL

Garcin, Louis, New York, NY

Gard, E. R., Chicago, IL

Gard, Emery R., Chicago, IL

Gard, J. H., Freeport, OH

Gard, John, Freeport, OH

Garden City Photo Co., Los Angeles, CA

Gardener, James, New York, NY

Gardham, Paul E., Vicksburg, MS

Gardiner, J. George, Brooklyn, NY

Gardiner, W. H., Detroit, MI

Gardner, Brooklyn, NY

Gardner, Napoleon, OH

Gardner, Washington, DC

Gardner & Bro, Atlanta, GA

Gardner & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Gardner & Boushier, Paris, IL

Gardner & Frey, Utica, NY

Gardner & Frey. See Earl K. Frey

Gardner & Godfrey, Monroe, WI

Gardner & Philbrick, Biddeford, ME

Gardner & Sprague, Boston, MA

Gardner & Wiley, Maquoketa, IA

Gardner, A., Washington, DC

Gardner, A. B., Utica, NY

Gardner, A. R., Atlantic, IA

Gardner, Albert J., Middletown, CT

Gardner, Albert J., Portland, CT

Gardner, Alex., Washington, DC

Gardner, Alexander, Washington, DC

Gardner, B. C., Connersville, IN

Gardner, Benjamin, Philadelphia, PA

Gardner, Benjamin Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Gardner, C. C., Dover, NH

Gardner, C. C., Great Falls, NH

Gardner, C. C., Somersworth, NH

Gardner, C. W., Napoleon, OH

Gardner, Christopher C., Bristol, NH

Gardner, E. S., Des Moines, IA

Gardner, J. A., Central Falls, RI

Gardner, J. A., Lincoln, RI

Gardner, J. B., New York, NY

Gardner, J. P., Syracuse,  NY

Gardner, John, Brooklyn, NY

Gardner, John B., New York, NY

Gardner, Johnston C., Brookfield, MO

Gardner, Lucious L., Boston, MA

Gardner, M. M., Atlanta, GA

Gardner, M. M. & W. H., Atlanta, GA

Gardner, M. M. and Wm H. Gardner, Atlanta, GA

Gardner, R. G., Kansas City, MO

Gardner, R. G., Maquoketa, IA

Gardner, Richard G., Kansas City, MO

Gardner, Saml, New York, NY

Gardner, W. C. See C. W. Gardner

Gardner, W. H. See M. M. & W. H. Gardner

Gardner, Wheelock H., Brooklyn, NY

Gardner, Wm. B., Sherborn, MA

Gardner, Wm. H.  See M. M. Gardner

Gardiner, J. George, Brooklyn, NY

Gardiner, Roswell H., Gardiner, ME

Garland, C. P., Colebrook, NH

Garland, E. F., Beverly, MA

Garland, Eben F., Lynn, MA

Garland, Francis, Colebrook, NH

Garland, Lizzie, Newmarket, NH

Garland, Thomas L., Portland, OR

Garlick, Charles, (Chapinville) Hopewell, NY

Garlic, T. T., Portsmouth, OH

Garner, Amos, Waverly, IA

Garns, H. D & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Garo Studio, Boston, MA

Garraway Co., New York, NY

Garrett, Philadelphia, PA

Garrett & Cooper, Wilmington, DE

Garrett, Arthur J., Rutland, VT

Garrett, C. Alfred, Salem, NJ

Garrett, C. Alfred, West Chester, PA

Garrett, E. & M., Wilmington, DE

Garrett, Ellwood, Wilmington, DE

Garrett, J. See M. & J. Garrett

Garrett, John P., South Trenton, NY

Garrett, M. See E. & M. Garrett

Garrett, M. & W., Wilmington, DE

Garrett, Maurice, Wilmington, DE

Garrett, Maurice W., Wilmington, DE

Garrett, T. P., Bloomington, IL

Garrett, Thomas P., Bloomington, IL

Garrett, W. See M. & W. Garrett

Garrett, Warren, Wilmington, DE

Garrigans, V., Waitsburg, WT

Garrison, C. F., Laurens, IA

Garrison, C. F., Rolfe, IA

Garrison, I. L., 2d., Boston, MA

Garrison, Robert, New York, NY

Garrison Art Co., Fort Dodge, IA

Garrity, A., Louisville, KY

Garrity, John F., Chicago, IL

Garrity, Miss, Louisville, KY

Garrity, Misses, Chicago, IL

Garrity, Thomas, Louisville, KY

Garry & Block, New York, NY

Garthorne, Charles, San Francisco, CA

Garvin, Pottsville, PA

Garvin, James F., Chicago, IL

Gary, Charles H., New York, NY

Garza, Indalecio, San Antonio, TX

Gasberg, James C., Ogden UT

Gasche, Charles, Successor to Albright Bros., Wooster, OH

Gaskill, John, Fayette City, PA

Gaskins, George O., Philadelphia, PA

Gaston, Joseph H., Chattanooga, TN

Gaston, William B., Trenton, NJ

Gaston, Wm B., Trenton, NJ

Gatch, W. M., Cincinnati, OH

Gatchel, W., Louisville, KY

Gatschnik, Michael, Hoboken, NJ

Gates, Chicago, IL

Gates. See Curtis, Chadwick & Gates

Gates. See Fox & Gates

Gates. See Frost & Gates

Gates. See Godley & Gates

Gates & Bacon, Watkins, Dix, NY

Gates & Gregg, Rochester, NY

Gates, A. & Co., Charleston, WV

Gates, A. P., Charleston, WV

Gates, E. R., Cavendish, VT

Gates, E. R., Rochester, VT

Gates, E. R., Woodstock, VT

Gates, F. M., Newport, NH

Gates, F. Q., San Francisco, CA

Gates, Frank Q., San Francisco, CA

Gates, George F., Chicago, IL

Gates, Miles W., Holley, Murray, NY

Gates, P. Tenney, Plattsburg, NY

Gates, P. Tenney, Plattsburgh, NY

Gates, Solon S., Chicago, IL

Gates, T. N., Westboro’, MA

Gates, Theo. N., Westboro', MA

Gates, Theodore N., Westboro, MA

Gates, Thomas, New York, NY

Gates Bros., Chicago, IL

Gatewood, Julius W., Houston, TX

Gatge, Frederick B., Brooklyn, NY

Gathercole, Robert, Colebrook, NH

Gattineau, Aug C., New York, NY

Gau, Wm C., Cleveland, OH

Gaugler, Carlisle, PA

Gaugler. See Kern & Gaugler

Gaugler, E. K., Harrisburg, PA

Gault, W. W., Nashville, IL

Gaunt, J. F., Mt. Sterling, IL

Gause, J. L., Kansas City, MO

Gaut, Wm. P., Mt. Sterling, IL

Gauthier, Joseph T., Nashua, NH

Gauven Bros., Burlington, VT

Gauvin, Joseph E., Burlington, VT

Gauvin Bro's, Burlington, VT

Gavit, Daniel K., Albany, NY

Gavitt & Thurber, Westerly, RI

Gavitt, George W., Westerly, RI

Gavitt, J. S. A., Delaware, OH

Gawthrop & Co., Wilmington, DE

Gawthrop, A. & Co., Wilmington, DE

Gawthrop, Allen, Wilmington, DE

Gay, C. H., Providence, RI

Gay, Charles H., Albany, NY

Gay, E. F., Fall River, MA

Gay, Edwin F., Fall River, MA

Gay, Edwin F. (Mrs.), Fall River, MA

Gay, M. See Woodward & Son

Gay, William H., Portland, ME

Gay's Gallery of Art, Fall River, MA

Gayford, A. B., Rock Island, IL

Gaylord, Manley, Medina, NY

Gaylord, Paul B., Duluth, MN

Gaylord, William P., Cleveland, OH

Gaylord, Wm P., Cleveland, OH

Gear’s Gallery of Art, New Haven, CT

Gearhart, C., Atchison, KS

Gebbie, A. R., Camden, NY

Gebhart. See Brothers, Gebhardt & Shaw

Gebhardt & Hanson, Memphis, TN

Gebhardt, C. E., Memphis, TN

Gebhardt, C. E. & Co., Memphis, TN

Gebhardt, Julia, New York, NY

Gebhart, J. D., Olathe, KS

Gebhart, J. D., Toulon, IL

Geer, L. H. See L. C. Chamblin

Geer, Loran H., Jackson, MI
Geer, Luron H., Orlando, FL
Geer, W. F., Canton, OH

Geer, W. H. H., Syracuse, NY

Gehrig, Chicago, IL

Gehrig, Jos., Dubuque, IA

Gehrig, Joseph W., Chicago, IL

Gehring, Tobias D., Syracuse, NY

Gehring, Tobias E., Middletown, CT

Gehrke, Ferd., New Orleans, LA

Geise, Frederick, Falls City, NE

Geisler. See Brigden & Geisler

Geisler, Chas., New York, NY

Geisse, F. William, Philadelphia, PA

Geissinger, Atlantic City, NJ

Geissinger, Philadelphia, PA

Geissinger, Howard B., Philadelphia, PA

Geist, Montezuma, IA

Geist, D. H., Audubon, IA

Gelacollatype Co., Boston, MA

Gelderd, W. R., Port Chester, NY

Gem, New York, NY

Gem Photo Studio, New York, NY

Gem Photograph Gallery, Wilmington, DE

Gem Photograph Gallery. See R. Warren

Gem Studio, Roswell, NM

Gem Studio, Wilmington, NC

Gem Studio. See Minor S. Miller

Gemmato, Domenico, New York, NY

Gemmato, Dominick, New York, NY

Gemmill, R. J., Hartford, CT

Gendron, A. M., Watertown, NY

Gendron, Addie, Syracuse, NY

Genelli, St. Louis, MO

Genelli Hulbert Bros., St. Louis, MO

General Photo Co., Providence, RI 

General Photographing Co., New York, NY

Gennert Brothers, New York, NY

Genthe, Arnold, New York, NY

Genthe, Arnold, San Francisco, CA

Gentile & Co., Chicago, IL

Gentile, C., Chicago, IL

Gentile, Charles, Chicago, IL

Gentile Photographic Studios, Chicago, IL

Gentry. See Hall's-Gentry

Gentry, C. E., Los Angeles, CA

Gentry, Charles E., St. Louis, MO

Gentzel, A. A., Chicago, IL

Gentzel, A. H., Chicago, IL

Gentzel, Anton H., Chicago, IL

Gentzel, Antona H., Chicago, IL

Geoffroy, R. A., Arctic Centre, RI

Georg, V. E., Springfield, IL

Georg, Victor & Co., Chicago, IL

George. See Sinn & George

George, Elias E., Houston, TX

George, J. Otis, Houston, TX

George, Jerome B., New York, NY

George, Lillian, New York, NY

Gerauld, Edward, Charlestown, NH

Gerauld, Edward P., Canaan, NH

Gerding, A. F., Ottawa, IL

Gerding, August, Ottawa, IL

Gerding, August F., Ottawa, IL

Gerding, Augusta C. (Miss), Ottawa, IL

Gerding, H. L. See August F. Gerding

Gerding, Hubert L., Ottawa, IL

Gerdom, H. E., Harrisburg, PA

Gerhard, John, Bethany, NY

Gerhard, John, Houghton, MI

Gerlach, A. C., Alton, IA

Gerlach, A. C., Remsen, IA

Gerlach, C. A., Los Angeles, CA

Gerlach, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Gerlach, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Gerlach, Wm., Milwaukee, WI

Gerlach, Wm. G.  See Wilde & Gerlach

Gerlock. See Sherman & Gerlock

Gerls Studio, Chicago, IL

German, C. S., Springfield, IL

German, Charles, Chamois, MO

Germon, See Germon & M'Clees

Germon, W. L., Philadelphia, PA

Germon, Washington L., Philadelphia, PA

Germon's Temple of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Germond. See Cannon & Germond

Gernannt, William, Jersey City, NJ

Gernert, C. S., Somerville, NJ

Gernett. See Paully & Gernett

Gerock, Edward, New Bern, NC

Gerould & Co., Concord, NH

Gerould, E. P., Concord, NH

Gerould, E. P. & Co., Concord, NH

Gerould, E. P. & Co. See Schuyler W. Morgan

Gerrett, John P. (South) Trenton, NY

Gerrick, Frank A., Montgomery, AL

Gerrish & Rodgers, New Haven, CT

Gerrish, Augustus, New Haven, CT

Gerrish, Christine L. (Miss), Lewiston, ME

Gerrish, H. N., New Haven, CT

Gerstenfeld, Maurice E., New York, NY

Gertz, E., Newark, NJ

Gertz, Edward, Roxbury, Boston, MA

Gesecus, E. F., Billings, MT

Gesman. See Beuvers & Gesman

Gesman, George A., Brooke, IA

Gesseman, S., Dayton, OH

Gessford, J. G., New York, NY

Gessford, Jos G., New York, NY

Gessford, Joseph G., New York, NY

Gessler, Bernhard, Philadelphia, PA

Getchell. See Case & Getchell

Getchell, W. H., Boston, MA

Getenberg, Michael, Chicago, IL

Getman & Bowdish, Richfield Springs, NY

Getman, J. F., Richfield Springs, NY

Getman, John F., Columbia, NY

Getter, John, Philadelphia, PA

Getter, John C., Philadelphia, PA

Gettes, T. R. Jr., Bedford, PA

Getty, William R., Trenton, NJ

Gettys, Thomas R., Bedford, PA

Getz, Wm, Baltimore, MD

Geu, Henry, Houston, TX

Geyser, J. W., Norristown, PA

Ghegan, John J., Newark, NJ

Ghio, G. J., Texarkana, AR

Ghirardini, N.  See Washington Gallery

Ghirardini, N., Providence, RI

Ghobert, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Ghormley. See Spracklen & Ghormley

Gianetto, V. A., New York, NY

Gibaut, Chas. J. W., Sandusky, OH

Gibbon, New York, NY

Gibbon, Henry E., (Orange Co.), Middletown, NY

Gibbon, J. Herbert, Utica NY

Gibbon Bros., Utica, NY

Gibbons, Henry B., Newport, NY

Gibbony, John E., Duncansville, PA

Gibbs, E. Scott, Richmond, VA

Gibbs, George E., Auburn, NY

Gibbs, George W., Auburn, NY

Gibbs, Lucius E., Waterloo City, IN

Gibbs, P. E., Richmond, VA

Gibbs, Peter E., Richmond, VA

Gibbs, William F., Athens, IL

Gibson. See Brack & Gibson

Gibson. See McCormick & Gibson

Gibson & Hayes, Oxford, PA

Gibson, Ann Arbor, MI

Gibson, Chicago, IL

Gibson, Kansas City, MO

Gibson, Manitowoc, WI

Gibson, Peoria, IL

Gibson & Hayes, Oxford, PA

Gibson & Sweetman, Peoria, IL

Gibson, Sykes & Fowler, Chicago, IL

Gibson, Archie, Rutland, VT

Gibson, C. R., Peoria, IL

Gibson, Charles R., Peoria, IL

Gibson, Edward C., Rutland, VT

Gibson, George L., Rutland, VT

Gibson, J. B., Coatesville, PA

Gibson, J. J., Bay City, MI

Gibson, J. J., Chicago, IL

Gibson, J. J. Art Galleries, Chicago, IL

Gibson, J. Jefferson, Chicago, IL

Gibson, J. S., Bloomington, IL

Gibson, J. S., Milwaukee, WI

Gibson, James L., San Francisco, CA

Gibson, Jefferson J., Detroit, MI

Gibson, Jefferson J. See Diehl, Ladd & Co.

Gibson, John, Chicago, IL

Gibson, John B., Coatesville, PA

Gibson, May M., Chicago, IL

Gibson, Stephen, jr., Cincinnati, OH

Gibson, W. M., Mishawaka, IN

Gibson Photo Studio, New York, NY

Gibson Studio, Great Falls, MT

Gibson Studio, The, New York, NY

Gibson Studio. See Neil MacDuffie

Gibson Studios, Chicago, IL

Giddings, M., Clinton, IL

Giefers, George, Brooklyn, NY

Giefing, Ferdinand, Quincy, IL

Giers.  See Cable & Giers

Giers, C. C., Nashville, TN

Gies, Charles, Detroit, MI

Gies, George J., Detroit, MI

Giesler, Edward, Green Bay, WI

Giffin, J. E., Wheeling, WV

Giffin, Ralph I., Portland, OR

Gifford & Hale, Portland, OR

Gifford, Benjamin A., The Dallers, OR

Gifford, F. H., Kansas City, MO

Gifford, Fred. H., Provincetown, MA

Gifford, Henry M., New Bedford, CT

Gifford, Noah, New Bedford, MA

Gifford, Robert S., New Bedford, CT

Gift, Henry W., Philadelphia, PA

Gignac, Albert L., Chicago, IL

Gigrich, Adam, New York, NY

Giguere, B., Fall River, MA

Gihon & Jones, Philadelphia, PA

Gihon, John L., Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert, Traer, IA

Gilbert. See Bishop & Gilbert

Gilbert. See Filley & Gilbert

Gilbert. See Kilborn & Gilbert

Gilbert & Bacon, Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert, A. B., Cresco., IA

Gilbert, B. F., Delhi, NY

Gilbert, B. G., Cleveland, OH

Gilbert, Benjamin F., Albany, NY

Gilbert, Benjamin F., Andes, NY

Gilbert, C. M., Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert, C. M., Washington, DC

Gilbert, C. M. See Keenan's Old Stand

Gilbert, D., Frankfort, IN

Gilbert, David, Frankfort, IN

Gilbert, Emerenth, Dayton, OH

Gilbert, F. A., So. Boston, MA

Gilbert, Frank J., Dayton, OH

Gilbert, G., Fremont, OH

Gilbert, G. H., Gilroy, CA

Gilbert, George, Cincinnati, OH

Gilbert, Gladys I., Portland, OR

Gilbert, H. B., Tippecanoe, OH

Gilbert, Henry B., Tipton, IN

Gilbert, Henry H., Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert, J. E., Leadville, CO

Gilbert, James, Leadville, CO

Gilbert, John E., Leadville, CO

Gilbert, M. V., Ada, OH

Gilbert, Millie, Chicago, IL

Gilbert, Oliver, Memphis, MI

Gilbert, Oliver H., Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert, S. Eugene, Binghamton, NY

Gilbert, T. P., Batesville, AR

Gilbert, Thomas W., Brooklyn, NY

Gilbert, Wilkins L., Lowell, MA

Gilbert, Z., Joliet, IL

Gilbert Brothers, Akron, OH

Gilbert Photo Co., Philadelphia, PA

Gilbert Photo Co., Washington, DC

Gilbert Studios Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Gilberti Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Gilbertson, William J., Barre, VT

Gilchrest, Lowell, MA

Gilchrest. See S. Towle

Gilchrest, G. C., Lowell, MA

Gilchrest, G. C. & S. Towle, Lowell, MA

Gilchrest, G. E., Lowell, MA

Gilchrest, G. C. See S. Towle

Gilchrest, Geo. C., Lowell, MA

Gilchrest, Geo. E., Lowell,  MA

Gilchrist & Hannon, Fairfield, IA

Gilchrist & Kyle, Fairfield, IA

Gilchrist, G. K., Cedar Falls, IA

Gilchrist, Geo. C., Lowell, MA

Gilchrist, Geo E., Lowell, MA

Gilchrist, Geo K., Cedar Falls, IA

Gilchrist, J. W., Fairfield, IA

Gilchrist, John, Brooklyn, NY

Gilchrist, Wm., Brooklyn, NY

Giles. See Deakin & Giles

Giles. See Heald & Giles

Giles. See Judd & Giles

Giles, Chas, New York, NY

Giles, Chas F., New York, NY

Giles, J., Vanceborough, ME

Giles, John J., Murfreesboro, TN

Giles, Wm, Aurora, IL

Giles, Wm., West Aurora, IL 

Gilfillan, W. Leslie, Washington, DC

Gilgannon, Middletown NY

Gilhousen, W. H., Portland, OR

Gilhouson, W. H., Portland, OR

Gill, Lancaster, PA

Gill, F. M., Leominster, MA 

Gill, William L., Lancaster, PA

Gill, Wm. L., Lancaster, PA

Gill's City Gallery, Lancaster, PA

Gillam, Lee, Portland, OR

Gillam, W., Norristown, PA

Gillen, William J., Denver, CO

Gillespie, S. M., New Castle, PA

Gillett, Grand Rapids

Gillett.  See Goldsberry and Gillett 

Gillett, A. O., Grand Rapids, MI

Gillett, Bert, Ottumwa, IA

Gillett, E. H. (Mrs.), Le Roy, NY

Gillett, Edmund, New York, NY

Gillett, I. F., Chicago, IL

Gillett, J. C. & Mrs., Le Roy, NY

Gillett, Lucretia A. (Miss), Salina, MI

Gillett, Mr. & Mrs., LeRoy, NY

Gillett, Mr. & Mrs., Rochester, NY

Gillett, S. E., San Antonio, TX

Gillette, Jedediah B., Washington, DC

Gillette, L. F., Worcester, MA

Gillette Bros., Worcester, MA

Gilli, C., Kansas City, MO

Gilli, Charles, Kansas City, MO

Gilliam, H. H., LaGrange, TX

Gillies, Jno W., New York, NY

Gillman. See Merke, Gillman & Co.

Gillmore. See Graves & Gillmore

Gilmore., Binghamton, NY

Gillmore, George W., Worcester, MA

Gillmore Bros., Worcester, MA

Gillon, Henry E., Salt Lake City, UT

Gilman, Bryant J., Albany, NY

Gilmor, Lowell, Binghamton, NY

Gilmore, Binghamton, NY

Gilmore & Co., Binghamton, NY

Gilmore & Gray, Greene, NY

Gilmore, J. M., Brattleboro, VT

Gilmore, J. M., Putnam, CT

Gilmore, James M., Brattleboro, VT

Gilmore, Lowell, Binghamton, NY

Gilmore, M. G., Roxbury, MA
Gilmore Bros., Worcester, MA

Gilroy, G. H., Gilroy, CA

Gilson, W. M., Blanchard, IA

Gilsoul, Louis J., Helena, MT

Ginkins, O. (Mrs.), Whitesville, NY

Ginn, J. T., Indianapolis, IN

Ginter, Lewisburg, PA

Ginter, D., Successor to H. H. Harris, Conneautville, PA

Ginter, Jerome, Baltimore, MD

Ginter, John, Baltimore, MD

Ginter’s, Conneautville, PA

Ginter’s, F., Conneautville, PA

Ginther, Mary, Millersburg, IA

Girard, Gloversville, NY

Girard, F., Gloversville, OH

Girard, Fred. See Tuck's Studio

Girard Avenue Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Giroux, A., Houston, TX

Giroux, Alphonse, Houston, TX

Girschick, Hans, San Francisco, CA

Given, Thomas D., Atlantic City, NJ,

Given, Thomas D., Philadelphia, PA

Givin, Thos. D., Philadelphia, PA

Glanville, G. W., Salt Lake City, UT

Glanville, J., Salt Lake City, UT

Glasscock & Low, Mannington or Farmington, WV

Glascow, Cornelius, Pittsburg, PA

Glaser, Abraham, New York, NY

Glaser, Leopold, New York, NY

Glasers, Abr, New York, NY

Glasgow, C., Pittsburgh, PA

Glasgow, William S., St. Albans, VT

Glasotype, New York, NY

Glass, G. N., Sheridan, IN

Glass, Robert M., Chicago, IL

Glasser, Frank, Sheldon, NY

Glassberg. See Rosenberg & Glassberg

Glasscock & Low, Basnettville, WV

Glasson, J. T., Rutland, VT

Glasson, James T., Rutland, VT

Glasstone, Abram F., Burlington, VT

Glau, E. F., Charter Oak, IA

Glavering, Portland, OR

Gleadhill, William H., Kalamazoo, MI

Gleason. See Hubbard & Gleason

Gleason, B. F., Adams, NY

Gleason, B. J., Chicago, IL

Gleason, B. J., Wheaton, IL

Gleason, Bishop, Wheaton, IL

Gleason, Bishop J., Chicago, IL

Gleason, Edward U., Boston, MA

Gleason, Frank, Willimantic, CT

Gleason, W. B., Lisbon, NH

Gleason, William B., Lisbon, NH

Gledhill, Enoch & Co., Fort Wayne, IN

Gledhill, R. C., Jerseyville, IL

Gleim, P. L., Ottawa, IL

Glen, D. L., Georgetown Dist., SC

Glenn, C. A., Beech Creek, PA

Glenn, C. E. (Miss), Atlanta, GA

Glenn, Daniel L., Charleston, SC

Glenn, G. L., Florence, SC

Glenn, I. L., Los Angeles, CA

Glenn, Ivy L., Butte, MT

Glenn, John C., Mercer, PA

Glenn, T. C., Sandersville, GA

Glenney, Stephen W., New Haven, CT

Glenton. See Johnson & Glenton

Glenton, F., Nashua, NH

Glenton, Federico, Nashua, NH

Glenwood Art Studio, Glenwood, IA

Glesta, Jack, Portland, OR

Glew, E. E., Colorado Springs, CO

Glidden. See McIntire & Glidden

Glines, Boston, MA

Glines, Arthur A., Boston, MA

Glines, W. B., Norwalk, CT

Glines, W. P., Bradford, VT

Globe Art Gallery, Syracuse, NY

Globe Photograph Co., Cleveland, OH

Globe Photo Studio Co., Seattle, WA

Globe Studio, The, Lawton, OK

Globe Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Globe Studio. See Cline & Howard

Glogger, John N., Allegheny, PA

Glosser, Henry, New York, NY

Glotfelter's New Gallery, Atlanta, IL

Glover, W. H., Kalamazoo, MI

Glover, William, Portland, WV

Glover, William Jr., Portland, WV

Glover, William H., Kalamazoo, MI

Glover Bros., Cadiz, OH

Gluckman, Harris, New York, NY

Gluckman, Paul, Brooklyn, NY

Gmahling, Carl, Great Falls, MT

Goben, E. L., Sherman, TX

Goben, J. L., McKinney, TX

Goben, Perry F., Sherman, TX

Goble, George, Columbus City, IA

Goddard, C. A., Akron, OH

Goddard, Carl G. E., Newport, KY

Goddard, Emerson, Woonsocket, RI

Goddard, J. Gloucester, MA

Goddard, J., Worcester, MA

Goddard, Josiah, Worcester, MA

Goddard, William, DuQuoin, IL

Godeus, J. D., San Francisco, CA

Godeus, John D.

Godeus, M. C. (Mrs.), San Francisco, CA

Godeus', San Francisco, CA

Godfrey, Dansville, NY

Godfrey, Rochester, NY

Godfrey. See Gardner & Godfrey

Godfrey & Noble, N. Dansville, NY

Godfrey, A., Detroit, MI

Godfrey, Anthony F., Detroit, MI

Godfrey, E. E., Waukegan, IL

Godfrey, G., Dansville, N. Dansville, NY

Godfrey, G. W., Rochester, NY

Godfrey, Geo W., Rochester, NY

Godfrey, P., Fulton, MO

Godfrey, William, Chicago, IL

Godkin, W. R., Watertown, NY

Godley & Gates, Charleston, WV

Godley & Gates, Pt Pleasant, WV

Godley, John, Point Pleasant, WV

Godshalk, Abraham, Oregon, PA

Goebel, Ferd. See Fred. Bach

Goebel, Ferdinand, New York, NY

Goebel, R., St. Charles, MO

Goebel, Rudolph, St. Charles, MO

Goehrig, J. F., Trenton, NJ

Goehrig, John F., Trenton, NJ

Goeldner, J., Milwaukee, WI

Goeldner, Julius, Milwaukee, WI

Goelz, Frank, Jersey City, NJ

Goehner & Co., Denver, CO

Goerke, Paul & Son, Colorado Springs, CO

Goeser, Anton, Neola, IA

Goetchius & Griswold, Little Falls, NY

Goetchius, G. H.. Little Falls, NY

Goettel, Philip M., Syracuse, NY

Goetting's Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Goetz, Charles L., Rochester, NY

Goetz, Frederick G., Milwaukee, WI

Goetz, Henry F., Jersey City, NJ

Goetz, Henry F., New York, NY

Goetz, J. W., West Bend, WI

Goetz, Joseph S., Toledo, OH

Goff, F. L., Elkhart, IN

Goff, Orlando S., Bismarck, ND

Gogler, New York, NY

Gogler, Lewis, New York, NY

Goins, James M., Chicago, IL

Gokay, E. S., Petersburgh, NY

Gold. See Levi & Gold

Gold, Peter, Cincinnati, OH

Goldberg, Jos, New York, NY

Goldberg, Joseph, New York,

Golden, Jos., Reinersville, OH

Goldensky, Elias, Philadelphia, PA

Golder & Garber, New York, NY

Golder & Robinson, New York, NY

Golderman, John S., Baltimore, MD

Goldesmann, Nachson, New York, NY

Goldfarb, Morris, New York, NY

Goldin, John & Co., Washington, DC

Goldman, Jos, New York, NY

Goldman, Joseph, New York, NY

Goldman, Wm. I., Reading, PA

Goldner. See Eagle Studio, Caniere & Goldner 

Goldsberry, Bedford, IA

Goldsberry and Gillett, Ottumwa, IA

Goldsberry, A. E., Chariton, IA

Goldsberry, B. E., Bedford, IA

Goldschmidt, Marcus M., Chicago, IL

Goldsmith & Taft, Springfield, MA

Goldsmith, Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

Goldsmith, Charles B., Waterbury, CT

Goldsmith, E. C., Springfield, MA

Goldsmith, Edwin C., Springfield, MA

Goldstein, Jacob, New York, NY

Goldstein, Louis, New York, NY

Goldstein, Osias, Philadlephia, PA

Goldsticker & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Goldstien. See Stollmack & Goldstien

Goldstine, Goetzl, New York, NY

Golembiewski, Teofil, Trenton, NJ

Golling, Jacob, Chicago, IL

Golling, Jacob, Cleveland, OH

Golsh, A. C., Los Angeles, CA

Golty, Earl, Portland, OR

Gomber, Milwaukee, WI

Gomber, Joseph C., Milwaukee, WI

Gomez, J. C., Los Angeles, CA

Gomez, J. L. See Jose Terrones

Gomez, J. Luz, El Paso, TX

Gomez, Jose L., El Paso, TX

Gomez, Vincent, Tucson, AZ

Gonsalves, Joaquin, Honolulu, HI

Gonzales, Joaquin A., Honolulu, HI

Good, Randolph, NY

Good & Kuchner, Columbus, OH 

Good & Stokes, Trenton, NJ

Good, J., Lancaster, PA

Good, J., Trenton, NJ

Good, Jonathan, Trenton, NJ

Goodale, Martin, Ellenburgh, NY

Goodall, H. S., New Hampton, IA

Goode, E. I., Jacksonville, AL

Goodell, Absalom, Otto, NY

Goodell, L. C., Boston, MA

Goodenough, G. C., Farmington, IA

Goodenough, Gilbert, Livingston, IA

Goodenough, Otis, Farmington, IA

Goodhart, John N., Boyerstown, PA

Goodhue, George H., Manchester, NH

Goodhue, Henry T., Manchester, NH

Goodhue, Ira D., Cottonwood, ID

Goodin, David, Boonsboro, IA

Gooding, C. G., Freeport, ME

Gooding, C. G. & Co., Portland, ME

Gooding, Charles G., Yarmouth, ME

Goodloe, G., El Paso, TX

Goodman, Brooklyn, NY

Goodman, Whitewater, WI

Goodman. See Farr & Goodman

Goodman, Abr, New York, NY

Goodman, D., Brooklyn, NY

Goodman, David, Brooklyn, NY

Goodman, David, New York, NY

Goodman, I. E., New Haven, CT

Goodman, J., Brooklyn, NY

Goodman, Jacob, Brooklyn, NY

Goodman, Louis L., Philadlephia, PA

Goodman, Lyman H., New York, NY

Goodman, Max L., New York, NY

Goodman, Robert, Mount Pleasant, PA

Goodman, Thos. H., Port Huron, MI

Goodman Studios, New York, NY
Goodner, W. Frank, Reno, NV

Goodnight, Samuel, Lawton, OK

Goodrich. See Clydesdale & Goodrich

Goodrich & Hough, New York, NY

Goodrich, Carlyle, Bismarck, ND

Goodrich, G. W., Newport, NH

Goodrich, Erastus T., Chicago, IL

Goodrich, Geo. W., Newport, NH

Goodrich, Herbert, Chicago, IL

Goodrich, W. H., New Glarus, WI

Goodrich, Winford W., Reno, NV

Goodridge & Herbert, Chicago, IL

Goodridge, G. J., York, PA

Goodside, Isaac, New York, NY

Goodwin, Syracuse, NY

Goodwin. See Ellis & Goodwin

Goodwin. See Walton & Goodwin

Goodwin & Bro, Washington, DC

Goodwin, _. M., Providence, RI

Goodwin, Edith M. (Mrs.), Worcester, MA

Goodwin, E. J., La Harpe, IL

Goodwin, J. C. Jr., St. Albans, ME

Goodwin, J. W., Providence, RI

Goodwin, James, Opelousas, LA

Goodwin, James W., Providence, RI

Goodwin, John E., Blandenville, IL

Goodwin, R. A., Syracuse, NY

Goodwin, Robert A., Syracuse, NY

Goodwin, S. H., St. Albans, ME

Goodwin, V. W., Newport, NH

Goold, Wm. V., New York, NY

Goozen, John, Grand Rapids, MI

Goranson, Frank, Dayton, IA

Gordon & Roberts, Osawattamie, KS

Gordon & Wilson, Indianapolis, IN

Gordon, David J., Bridgeton, NJ

Gordon, David J., Wilmington, DE

Gordon, P. D., Griswold. IA

Gordon, R., Indianapolis, IN

Gordon, R. E. (Miss), Mt. Vernon, IA

Gordon, Robert, Indianapolis, IN

Gordon, S., Chicago, IL

Gordon, W. Lindsay, New York, NY

Gordon Photographic Studio, Boston, MA

Gordon's Portrait Studio, Tampa, FL

Gorff. See Nichel & Gorff

Gorham, Edward L., Brooklyn, NY

Gorham, S. B., Brooklyn, NY

Gorman, Annie M., Philadelphia, PA

Gornstein, Isidore, Boston, MA

Gorsuch, N. B., Moulton, TX

Goshorn, W., Marshalltown, IA

Goslee. See Tyner & Gosslee

Goss, Ezra L., Waltham, MA

Gosslee. See Tyner & Goslee

Gosting, A. G., Strawberry Point,

Gosting, G. G., Le Mars, IA

Gosting, George G., St. Louis, MO

Gott, Calvin O., Syracuse, NY

Gottshalk, Israel, Zeiglersville, PA

Goulart, M., New Bedford, MA

Gould, Saratoga, NY

Gould & Baxter, Carrollton, OH

Gould & Long, Huntington, NY

Gould & Marsden Studios, New York, NY

Gould, A., North Bridgton, ME

Gould, A. B.

Gould, A. R., Carrollton, OH

Gould, Albert, Bridgton, ME

Gould, C. W., Hamburgh, IA

Gould, C. W., New Orleans, LA

Gould, Charles R., Bangor, ME      

Gould, Chas. R., Bangor, ME

Gould, Frank H., Woburn, MA

Gould, G. E., Saratoga Springs, NY

Gould, George, New York, NY

Gould, George E., Saratoga Springs, NY

Gould, Gilbert E., Saratoga Springs, NY

Gould, J., West Liberty, IA

Gould, J. W., Carrollton, OH

Gould, John W., Carrollton, OH

Gould, T. A., Bath, NY

Gould, Theodore A., Rochester, NY

Gout, W. P., Mt. Sterling, IL

Gove & Allen, Sacramento, CA

Gowan, W. R., Searcy, AR

Gozanski, Anthony, West Superior, WI

Graack, Nicholas P., Davenport, IA

Graask, N. P., Davenport, IA

Grace, David, Cincinnati, OH

Gradner, C. C., Bristol, NH

Gradon, William J., Savannah, GA

Graeber. See Wright & Graeber

Graeff, Lebanon, PA

Graeff, John Jr., Lebanon, PA

Graeff, John W., Lebanon, PA

Graeme, John K., Washington, DC

Graeme, Robert, Richmond, VA

Grafener, John, New York, NY

Graff. See Alster & Graff

Graflex Studio, Charleston, SC

Grafenecker, Jacob, Newark, NJ

Graham, Mexico, MO

Graham. See Carson & Graham

Graham. See Cochran & Graham

Graham. See Woodward & Graham

Graham & Cochran, Fairmont, WV

Graham & Forell, Galesburg, IL

Graham, Benjamin, Snow Hill, MD

Graham, Benjamin & Bro, Snow Hill, MD

Graham, Charles A., Dubuque, IA

Graham, E. M., New London, IA

Graham, Ernest C., Cleveland, OH

Graham, Frank, Piedmont, WV

Graham, G. C., Berea, OH

Graham, J. S., Lawsons, MD

Graham, James R., Baltimore, MD

Graham, John, New Town, MD

Graham, John & Bro, Snow Hill, MD

Graham, Lee, Winterset, IA

Graham, S. B., Howard Lake, MN

Graham, T., Pittsburgh, PA

Graham, W. E., Bethel, VT

Graham, William, Italy Hollow, NY

Graham Photo Co., Los Angeles, CA

Grahl, William C., New York, NY

Grambo, Scranton, PA

Grambo, Oscar

Grambo’s, Scranton, PA

Grammar, H. & J. W., Westminster, MD

Grammer & Perkins, Westminster, MD

Grammer, H. B., Westminster, MD

Grammer, Henry B., Westminster, MD

Gramstorff Bros, Malden, MA

Grand Art Gallery. See Sullivan

Grand Central Gallery, Little Falls, NY

Grand Central Photograph Gallery, Omaha, NE

Grand Central Studio, Fresno, CA

Grand Central Studio, Milwaukee, WI

Granger, Delhi, NY

Granger & Myers, Ithaca, NY

Granger & Young, NY

Granger, F., Ithaca, NY

Granger, Francis, Ithaca, NY

Granger, Francis, (Newark Valley) Newark, NY

Granite State Studio, Keene, NH

Grannis, G. N., Waterbury, CT

Granniss, G. N., Waterbury, CT

Granniss, George N., Waterbury, CT

Granston & Jones, Corry, PA

Grant, Belle, Lamar, MO

Grant, D. M., Buffalo, NY

Grant, E. C., Tripoli, IA

Grant, Henry R., Winsted, CT

Grant, R. S. (Mrs.) See Hollands Studio

Grant, Wm., Brooklyn, NY

Grasberger, Justin L., Philadlephia, PA

Grauman, Walter A., Chicago, IL

Grauman Studio, Chicago, IL

Graves & Gillmore, Kossuth, IA

Graves, Mr. & Mrs., Lockport, NY

Graves, C. E., Minneapolis, MN

Graves, C. H., Philadelphia, PA

Graves, Clarence T., Brooklyn, NY

Graves, E., Osceola, IA

Graves, E. R., Lockport, NY

Graves, E. R., Yates, NY

Graves, E. R. & Emma C., Lockport, NY

Graves, E. R. M. & Mrs., Lockport, NY

Graves, Emma C.  See E. R. Graves

Graves, G. W., Toolsboro, IA

Graves, Hubert D., Portland, OR

Graves, J. C., Osceola, IA

Graves, N. R., Rochester, NY

Graves, Peyton S., Vicksburg, MS

Graves, Ray W., Chadron, NE

Graves, Wallace N., Hartland, VT

Graves Bros., Osceola, IA

Gray, Easton, PA

Gray, Frankfurt, KY

Gray. See Gilmore & Gray

Gray. See Rogers & Gray

Gray. See Thompson & Gray

Gray. See Yantis & Gray

Gray & Helms, Chenoa, IL

Gray & Herron

Gray, Arthur, Jacksonville, FL

Gray, B., Bloomington, IL

Gray, B., Lincoln, IL

Gray, C. W., Elizabeth, NJ

Gray, Carl C., Watertown, SD

Gray, Edmund, Camden, NJ

Gray, Frank L., Jersey City, NJ

Gray, G. E., Boston, MA

Gray, George E., Boston, MA

Gray, H. B., Lockhart, TX

Gray, H. E., Omaha, NE

Gray, H. E.  See Albert Sandberg

Gray, H. E.  See Albert G. Sandberg

Gray, H. E.  See Anton Nadl

Gray, H. E. See  Bee Hive Gallery 

Gray, H. E.  See Frank Roll 

Gray, Helen, Annsville, NY

Gray, Howard E., Omaha, NE

Gray, J. C., Jamestown, NY

Gray, J. C., Marathon, NY

Gray, J. T., Monticello, IL

Gray, James, Pocahontas, AR

Gray, James D., Paterson, NJ

Gray, Jas B., Pocahontas, AR

Gray, John C. (Jamestown) Ellicott, NY

Gray, John H., New Haven, CT

Gray, L., Williamsburgh

Gray, Leonidas W., New Orleans, LA

Gray, Lewis, Brooklyn, NY

Gray, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Gray, Melvin S., Little Rock, AR

Gray, S. E., Salem, OR

Gray, Samuel R., Philadelphia, PA

Gray, Tracey, Oswego, NY

Gray, Tracy, Oswego, NY

Gray, W. G., New York, NY

Gray, W. M., Albuquerque, NM

Gray, Warren A., Salem, MA

Gray, William, Brooklyn, NY

Gray, William, Lynchburg, VA

Gray, William J. See Alva A. Beckwith

Gray, William J., Lincoln, NE

Gray, Wm. B., New York, NY

Gray, Wm J., New York, NY

Graybiel, E., Alameda, CA

Graybiel, E., Haywards, CA

Grayce, New York, NY

Grayson, Ellison C., Charleston, SC

Great Eastern, New York, NY

Great Falls View Photo Co., Great Falls, MT

Great Falls View Photo Co. See Orlando P. McCray

Great Daguerrean. See Carlton

Great Daguerrian. See B. D. Maxham 

Great Sky Light Gallery. See Moulthrop & Litch

Great Western Art Temple. See Gibson

Great Western Copying Co, Pittsburgh, PA

Great Western Photo Co., Indianapolis, IN

Great White Way Photo Studio Inc., New York, NY

Greatrex, George, Chicago, IL

Grebe, Howard, Omaha, NE

Greeley, Generoso, Boston, MA

Green, Boston, MA

Green, Chicago, IL

Green, Pontiac, IL

Green. See Alexander & Green

Green. See George W. Jorns

Green. See Harbaugh & Green

Green. See Jorns & Green

Green. See Losing & Green

Green & Caddy, Johnstown, PA

Green & Clayson, Chicago, IL

Green & Martin, Blairsville, PA

Green & Wing, Chicago, IL

Green and Caddy, Johnston, PA

Green, A. H., Knox Mills, WI

Green, A. W., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Green, A. W., Detroit, MI

Green, Arthur S., New Haven, CT

Green, C. G., New London, OH

Green, Elijah M., Trenton, NJ

Green, Frank, Chicago, IL

Green, Frederick, Boston, MA

Green, G. B. See Hesler Gallery

Green, G. M., Pontiac, IL

Green, Giles, Rawlinsville, PA

Green, J. H., Cincinnati, OH

Green, J. H., Londonderry, OH

Green, J. T., Jersey City, NJ,

Green, J. W., Richland, IA

Green, James, Farmington, IL

Green, James, Vermont, IL

Green, John, Denver, CO

Green, Joseph, Townshend, VT

Green, Joseph J., Newport, VT

Green, L. H., Brighton, IA

Green, Lewis A., Atlanta, GA

Green, Nathaniel, Marion, OH

Green, P. B., Chicago, IL

Green, Plymon B., Chicago, IL

Green, R. E., Oklahoma City, OK

Green, Robert H., Newark, NJ

Green, S., Boston, MA

Green, S. W., Los Angeles, CA

Green, Saml. Jr. (Geneva) Seneca, NY

Green, Simon, Boston, MA

Green, Wesley, Johnstown, PA

Green Bros., Chicago, IL

Green Studio Inc., Boston, MA

Greenbaum, Leon, New York, NY

Greenberg, Harry, Dallas, TX

Greenberg, Joseph, Hartford, CT

Greenburg. See Block & Greenburg  

Greenburg, P., Newark, NJ

Greene. See Harris & Greene

Greene & Curtis, New York, NY

Greene, A. B., St. Louis, MO

Greene, A. W., Detroit, MI

Greene, Albert B., St. Louis, MO

Greene, Alfd, Los Angeles, CA

Greene, B. A., Chicago, IL

Greene, F. L., Blanchard, IA

Greene, G. M., Johnstown, PA

Greene, Henry, New York, NY

Greene, J. M., Cleveland, OH

Greene, J. M. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Greene, James M., (Bowmansville) Lancaster, NY

Greene, Jere. M., Cleveland, OH

Greene, Linus C., Bristol, RI

Greene, M. G., Wilmington, IL

Greene, M. L., Summit, NJ

Greene, P. B., Chicago, IL

Greene, Plymon B., Chicago, IL

Greene, Plymon Bernt, Chicago, IL

Greene, R. E. jr., Potter's Hollow, NY 

Greenig, Louis N., Philadelphia, PA

Greening, Louis N., Philadelphia, PA

Greenlaw, A. A., Boston, MA

Greenleaf, George C., Chateaugay, NY

Greenman, Brooklyn, NY

Greenman. See Carey & Greenman

Greenwald & Gross, Dayton, OH

Greenwald, Carrie C., Plattsmouth, NE

Greenwald, J. P., Adrian, MI

Greenwood, Arthur, Washburn, AR

Greenwood, E. D., Huntington, MA

Greenwood, W. H., Albany, OR

Greenwood, W. H., Jewell, KS

Greenwood, William H., Delaware Co., IA

Greenwood, Wm H., Manchester, IA

Greer & Besterveldt, Elsah, IL

Greer, F. B., Evansville, AR

Greer, Henry, New York, NY

Greer, Lee, Wilmington, NC

Greer, T. B., Evansville, AR

Greg & Brothers, Chequest, IA

Gregg. See Collins & Gregg

Gregg. See Gates & Gregg

Gregg, B. Frank, Boulder, CO

Gregg, G. C., Eldon, IA

Gregg, Sherman, Rochester, NY

Gregg, Thaddeus, Denver, CO

Gregory, Portsmouth, NH

Gregory. See Riley & Gregory

Gregory, A., Portsmouth, NH

Gregory, A. C., Tucson, AZ

Gregory, A. D., Tucson, AZ

Gregory, J. M., Louisville, KY

Gregory, James F., Norwalk,

Gregory, John, Louisville, KY

Gregory, John M., Louisville, KY

Gregory, L. A., Centennial, WY

Greig, William C., Chicago, IL

Greiner. See Bissey & Greiner

Greiner, Christoph M., Philadelphia, PA

Grelick, Abraham, New York, NY

Greling, Gottschalk, Cincinnati, OH

Grelling, G., Detroit, MI

Grelling, Gottschalk, Detroit, MI

Gremrean, New Concord, OH

Grennan, John, Artesia, NM

Gresham, J. F., Bloomfield, IA

Greszingh, Louis J., Cleveland, OH

Grey. See Yantis & Grey

Grey, Charles W., New York, NY

Grey, S. E., Salem, OR

Greyer, L. A., Boston, MA

Gribble, Joseph, Wheeling, WV

Grieco, Humbert C., Jersey City, NJ

Grieg & Chandler, Indianapolis, IN

Grieg & Co., Rochester, NY

Grier. See Beecher & Grier

Grier, A. A., Philadelphia, PA

Griesmer, Herman, New York, NY

Griessler, Julia, New York, NY

Griffeth and Nicholson, Toledo, OH

Griffeth, C. E., Toledo, OH

Griffeth, George E., Forman, ND 

Griffeth, John F., Forman, ND

Griffin, Hebron, NE

Griffin, Monroe, LA

Griffin, Scranton, PA

Griffin. See Ingels & Griffin

Griffin, Charles L., Scranton,

Griffin, Jerome L., Little Falls, NY

Griffin, L. H., Boston, MA

Griffin, L. H., Portsmouth, NH

Griffin, L. H., Reading, MA

Griffin, Lemuel H., Boston, MA

Griffin, Lemuel H., Charlestown, MA

Griffin, Lewis V., Rochester, NY

Griffin, P. E. & Co., Chester, PA

Griffin, W., Hebron, NE

Griffing, L. S., Jersey City, NJ

Griffing, Lewis S., Jersey City, NJ

Griffing, W. D., Cincinnati, OH

Griffing, W. W., Joliet, IL

Griffing, William W., Joliet, IL

Griffith. See Hutchings & Griffith

Griffith. See Whitney & Griffith

Griffith. See Olsen-Griffith

Griffith & Griffith, Chicago, IL

Griffith & Griffith, Philadelphia, PA

Griffith & Nicholson, Toledo, OH

Griffith, Charles, New Brighton, NY

Griffith, James, Lionville, PA

Griffith, William, Lewiston, IL

Griffith, William C., Colesburg, IA

Griffiths, P. W., Marysville, CA

Griffiths, P. W. See Elite Gallery

Griffitt & Morton, Trion, GA

Grignon, Chicago, IL

Grignon, G. F., Chicago, IL

Grigs, Arnold D., Topeka KS

Grime, L. C., Reading, PA

Grimes, Frank H., Rutland, VT

Grimes, Oliver J., Salt Lake City, UT

Grimm, A., Fellowsville, WV

Grimm, William, St. Louis, MO

Grimsehl, H., Brooklyn, NY

Grimsehl, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Grinde, M. E., Colton Village, SD

Grinnell, Andrew B. Jr., New Bedford, CT


Griswold. See English & Griswold  

Griswold. See Goetchins & Griswold

Griswold. See Weidner & Griswold

Griswold & Smith, Columbus, OH

Griswold, B. F., Walton, NY

Griswold, B. J., Cherry Creek, NY

Griswold, M. M., Columbus, OH

Griswold, M. M., Lancaster, OH

Griswold, Manfred M. Jr., Boston, MA

Groken, Harry E., Charleston, SC

Groene. See Rombach & Groene

Groeninger, Wm J., Baltimore, MD

Groesel, C. E., Akron, OH

Groesel, Charles E., Akron, OH

Groff, Arthur J., Freeport, IL

Grogan, Dennis C., Albany, NY

Grondal, Lindsborg, KS

Grondal, B. G., Lindsborg, KS

Groneman, F. C., Fort Dodge, IA

Groom, Philadelphia, PA

Groom & Bullock, Philadelphia, PA

Groom, Jesse J., Philadelphia, PA

Groom, Jesse J.  See Groom & Bullock 

Groom, Jesse Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Groom, Levi J., (Glen Falls) Queensbury, NY

Groomes, I. C., Ripley, Brown, OH

Groomes, J. W., Cincinnati, OH

Groomes, J. W., Portsmouth, OH

Gross, Brooklyn, NY

Gross. See Friedman & Gross

Gross. See Greenwald & Gross

Gross. See Reed & Gross

Gross. See Sanders & Gross 

Gross & Becher, Brooklyn, NY

Gross & Son, Brooklyn, NY

Gross, F., Brooklyn, NY

Gross, H., St. Louis, MO

Gross, Hermann, St. Louis, MO

Gross, Jas. B., Dayton, OH

Gross, Julius, Successor to Cramer, St. Louis, MO

Gross, Julius A., Brooklyn, NY

Gross, P. Leidigh, Bethlehem, PA

Gross, W. A., Colorado Springs, CO

Gross, William H. S., Allentown, PA

Gross Bros., Brooklyn, NY

Grossfield, G. G., Lanesborough, MN

Grossheim, Alex, Muscatine, IA

Grossklaus, Racksecker & Co., Massillon, OH

Grossklaus & Ricksecker, Navarre, OH

Grossman, Herman, New York, NY

Grossman, Herman E., New York, NY

Grotecloss, New York, NY

Grotecloss & Stevenson, New York, NY

Grotecloss, John H., New York, NY

Grotecloss, W. G., New York, NY

Grotecloss, William C., Paterson, NJ

Grotecloss, Wm. G, New York, NY

Grott, C.O. & O., Bangor, NY

Grottkan, Paul, Detroit, MI

Groube, W. P., Logan, IA

Grout, D. W., Pulaski, NY

Grout, D. W., (Pulaski) Richland, NY

Grout, Edw P., New York, NY

Grove, C. E., Portland, OR

Grove, E., Winona, MN

Grove, E. K., Maryville, CA

Grove, Frank, Canon City, CO

Grove, Frank W., Leadville, CO

Grove, Gilbert, Grand Forks, ND

Grove, Gilbert G., Grand Forks, ND

Grove, Gilbert G., Helena, MT

Grove, Jeremiah, Centre Hall, PA

Groves, D. P., Ann Arbor, MI

Grover, F. E., Los Angeles, CA

Grover, F. H., traveling artist, Michigan

Grover, M., Chatfield, MN 

Grover, Sarah, Waseka, MN

Grow, G. E., Boston, MA

Grubb, F. W., West Chester, PA

Grubb, W. Francis, West Chester, PA

Grubbs, Fletcher, Alleghany, PA

Grube, Tobias, Napoleon, OH

Gruber, E., Williamsport, PA

Gruber, G. S., Henryville, PA

Gruberman, Theodore, Jersey City, NJ

Grubman, Leo, Queens, NY

Grumman, Toronto, OH

Grummon, George, Rockwell, IA

Gryer, G. E., Boston, MA

Guariglia, G., Boston, MA

Guay, Edward, New Orleans, LA

Guay, William, New Orleans, LA

Guay, Wm, New Orleans, LA

Guay's Temple of Art, New Orleans, LA

Gubelman, T., Jersey City, NJ

Gubelman, Theo., Jersey City, NJ

Gubelman, Theodore, New York, NY

Gubelman, Theodore, Jersey City, NJ

Gubelman, Theodore, Union Hill, NJ

Gude, Gustav, Philadelphia, PA

Gue & Moffitt, Lyons, IA

Gue, D. J., Lyons, IA

Guedenim, Felix, El Paso, TX

Guenveur, S. F., Selma, AL

Guenveur, S. T., Montgomery, AL

Guerin, A. E., St. Louis, MO

Guerin, F. W., St. Louis, MO

Guerin, Fitz W., St. Louis, MO

Guerin, J. Charles, Rochester, NY

Guest, Wm J., Canton, OH

Guest, Wm J., Cleveland, OH

Guffin. See Ross & Guffin

Guild, A. E., Weld, ME

Guilford, Edwin R., Lowell, MA

Guinn, A. O., Parkersburg, WV

Guinns Studio, Parkersburg, WV

Guion, W. B., Milan, TN

Guiwits & Cameron, Richfield Springs, NY.

Gulick, John W., Cincinnati, OH

Gullberg, A. G. (Mrs.), Butte, MT

Gullberg, A. G. (Mrs.) See Richard H. Post

Gullman, C., Po'keepsie, NY

Gullman, C., Poughkeepsie, NY

Gullman, Christopher, Poughkeepsie, NY

Gullmann, C., Poughkeepsie, NY

Gumbinski, Leon, Cleveland, OH

Gumbinski, Leon, New York, NY

Gunn, L. Frank, Biloxi, MS

Gunnison, E. A., Boston, MA

Gunter, P., Louisville, KY

Guptill. See Curtis & Guptill

Gurdgian, S. A., New Hampton, NH

Gurdjean, S. A., New Hampton, NH

Gurkass, F., New York, NY

Gurley, G. W., Utica, NY

Gurley, Robert W., Asheville, NC

Gurlitz, Harry, New Liberty, KY

Gurlitz, Harry, Owenton, KY

Gurner, Wm., Lincoln, RI

Gurney's, Natchez, MS

Gurney. See G. Frank E. Pearsall

Gurney & Son, New York, NY

Gurney, C. S., Mechanics' Falls, ME

Gurney, Emma L., Covington, KY

Gurney, J. & Son, New York, NY

Gurney, Jeremiah, New York, NY

Gurney, W. H., Pawtucket, RI

Gurnsey, B. H., Colorado Springs, CO

Gurrad, La Salle, IL

Gurrad, J. L., Mendota, IL

Gurrad, J. L., Petersburg, IL

Gurrad, John L., Ottawa, IL

Gustafson, Oscar A. See Sven Alfred Johnson

Gustin, H. B., Towanda, PA

Gustin, M., Troy, PA

Gutekunst, F., Philadelphia, PA

Gutekunst, Frederick, Philadelphia, PA

Gutenmacher, Abr, New York, NY

Gutge, Fred B., Brooklyn, NY

Gutge, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Gutge Brothers, Brooklyn, NY

Guth, Amos S., Reading, PA

Guth, N., Harrisburg, PA

Guthaiss, A. G., Newburgh, NY

Guthrie, G. B., London, OH

Guthrie, J. T., Leesburgh, OH

Gutlian, Max, E. Boston, MA

Guttenfelder, August, Omaha, NE

Guttenstein, Benjamin, Milwaukee, WI

Guy & Cooke, Houston, TX

Guy, H. A. H., Houston, TX

Guy, Henry, Houston, TX

Guy, Henry A. H., Houston, TX

Guyer, B. F. & W. F., New Haven, CT

Guyer, B. Franklin, New Haven, CT

Guyer, W. F. See B. Franklin Guyer

Guzzo & Reciti, New York, NY

Guzzo, Vincenzo, New York, NY

Gwyn, H. T. See Fred H. Schouten

Gylfe, Axel, Tacoma, WA



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, "George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"