A Detailed Photo Comparison will provide you with a PDF report sent to your email address. I will tell you if they are the same person or not and provide an explanation and details as to why I arrive at that conclusion based on facial characteristics and other elements. Analysis of facial characteristics for one photo compared with one, two or three other photos maximum, suspected to be of the same person. The individuals in the photos may be of any age. 

The charge for a Detailed Photo Comparison is $30.00


I work with images sent to my email address or sent through the mail: 

1. Scans of your pictures sent to my email address. 

2. Images taken with a camera/phone sent to my email address. 

3. Photocopies of photos sent to my physical mailing address. 

If your photos are not clear enough to work with, I will refund your payment.


Personal check, cash or money order. 

For more information contact: Langdonbr@Langdonroad.com