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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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Jablonski, Jos, Cleveland, OH

Jack, Clarens, Tulsa, OK

Jackman, Byron D., Denver, CO

Jackman, John S., Fremont, ME

Jackman, L. E., Springfield, VT

Jackman, Lewis E., Springfield, VT

Jacks, F. S., Detroit, MI

Jackson, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson, Owego, NY

Jackson. See Buchwalter & Jackson

Jackson. See Craycraft & Jackson

Jackson. See Rhodes & Jackson

Jackson & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Jackson & Kenney, Portland, ME

Jackson & Powelson, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson, A., New York, NY

Jackson, A. J., Rockland, ME

Jackson, A. L., Tacoma, WA

Jackson, Adolph, New York, NY

Jackson, Alfred J., Richmond, ME

Jackson, Andrew, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson, Andrew, New York, NY

Jackson, B. D., Grand Rapids, MI

Jackson, C., Hannibal, MO

Jackson, Calvin, Barry, IL

Jackson, Charles E., Portland, ME

Jackson, Edward Norwalk, CT

Jackson, Edward M., Norwalk, CT

Jackson, Edward W., Jacksonville, FL

Jackson, Frederick D., Denver, CO

Jackson, H. C., Centre Harbor, NH

Jackson, H. W., Ironton, MO

Jackson, Howard B., New York, NY

Jackson, Israel, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson, Ivan C., Goshen, UT

Jackson, J., Richmond, IN

Jackson, J. L., Williamsport, PA

Jackson, J. S., Lafayette Co., AR

Jackson, Jas A., Baltimore, MD

Jackson, John, Owego, NY

Jackson, John, San Francisco, CA

Jackson, John W. B., Newport, RI

Jackson, LeGrand, Norwalk, CT

Jackson, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson, Louis M., Pawtucket, RI

Jackson, R. L., Portland, ME

Jackson, R. W., Quakertown, PA

Jackson, Richard L., Portland, ME

Jackson, T. H., Akron, OH

Jackson, W. B., Brazos Santiago, TX

Jackson, W. D., Cameron, TX

Jackson, W. H. & Co., Denver, CO

Jackson, W. P., Butte, MT

Jackson, W. P., Tacoma, WA

Jackson, Wm., New York, NY

Jackson, Wm P., Grand Rapids, MI

Jackson Brothers, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson Studio, Enid, OK

Jacob, Herman, Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, Herman, Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, Oelwein, IA

Jacobs, A. L., Tacoma, WA

Jacobs, A. W., Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, Albert W., Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, Alfred W., Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, E., New Orleans, LA

Jacobs, E. A., New York, NY

Jacobs, Henry C., Ilion, German Flats, NY

Jacobs, Herman, New York, NY

Jacobs, Howd R., Charleston, SC

Jacobs, L. R., Lexington, KY

Jacobs, J. T., Tipton, IA

Jacobs, Louis, Chicago, IL

Jacobs, Michael, Brooklyn, NY

Jacobs, Nicholas, St. Louis, MO

Jacobs, R., Union, NY

Jacobs, W. H., Oelwein, IA

Jacobsen, O. C., Chicago, IL

Jacobson. See Doerr & Jacobson

Jacobson, Adolph, Chicago, IL

Jacobson, C., Lewiston, UT

Jacobson, C. Albin, Worcester, MA

Jacobson, Fred M., Chicago, IL

Jacobson, Henry, New York, NY

Jacobson, Ole C., Chicago, IL

Jacobson, R. J. (Mrs.), Tacoma, WA

Jacoby, Minneapolis, MN

Jacoby, St. Peter, MN

Jacoby, B. S., Stroudsburg, PA

Jacoby, Benjamin, Richmond, PA

Jacoby, C. E., Sioux Rapids, IA

Jacoby, Chas L., Minneapolis, MN

Jacoby, Hiram J., St. Peter, MN

Jacoby, W. H., Minneapolis, MN

Jacoby, W. H., Xenia, OH

Jacoby, Wm H., Minneapolis, MN

Jacoby Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Jacquary, Marietta, New Brighton, PA

Jacques, Eugene, Lewiston, ME

Jadwin, M. M. (Mrs.), Butler, IN

Jaeger, Chicago, IL

Jaeger, George, New York, NY

Jaeger, Henry, Chicago, IL

Jaeger, Henry, Paterson, NJ

Jaenucke, Herman, New York, NY

Jaffe, Max, New York, NY

Jaffee, Herman, Hoboken, NJ

Jaggard, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Jagolin, James J., New Britain, CT

Jagolin, John M., New Britain, CT

Jahelka, Maximilian J., New York, NY

Jaixen, Dora W., Syracuse, NY

Jakway, W. H., Syracuse, NY

Jalass, Arthur, Milwaukee, WI

Jalass, Henry V., Milwaukee, WI

James & Bushnell, Seattle, WA

James & Co., Boston, MA

James, Caroline B., New York, NY

James, Charles, Des Moines, IA

James, Charles H., Philadelphia, PA

James, D. E., Boston, MA

James, D. E. & Co., Boston, MA

James, David E., Floyd, NY

James, Edward, Galena, IL

James, F. D., Mount Vernon, OH

James, Francis M., Louisville, KY

James, Frank, Trenton, NJ

James, Henry, New York, NY

James, Henry A., New York, NY

James, J. E., Galena, IL

James, J. E., Utica, NY

James, Jeffrey L., Washington, DC

James, Jno. L., Port Deposit, MD

James, John E., Floyd, NY

James, John E., Utica, NY

James, Louis & Co., Omaha, NE

James, N. W., Iowa City, IA

James, T. Jr., St. Louis, MO

James, Thomas, Des Moines, IA

James, Thomas Jr., St. Louis, MO

James, Tom, Des Moines, IA

James Photo Shop, San Francisco, CA

Jameson, Chas., Harrisburg, PA

Jameson, Lillian (Miss), Detroit, MI

Jameson, Riley G., Cairo, IL

Jamieson, Arthur L., Boston, MA

Jamison, J. M., Lancaster, PA

Jandus. See Chew & Jandus

Janes & Parker, Corning, NY

Janes, R. E., (Wyoming) Middlebury, NY

Janes, Riland E., Stafford, NY

Janney, L., Portsmouth, OH

Janousek and Bruhn, Yankton, SD

Janson, Fred J., Milwaukee, WI

Janson, Joseph C., New Bedford, MA

Jansrud Photo Studio. See Anna Westerman

Janssen, Edward, Milwaukee, WI

Janssen, Edward J. G., Milwaukee, WI

Janssen, Lübbe  J., Peoria, IL

Jantzon, Frank, Birmingham, AL

Jaquay, Anthony, Pittsburg, PA

Jaquith, New York, NY

Jaquith, Alden, Andover, VT

Jaquith, Lucias, Andover, VT

Jaquith, N. C., New York, NY

Jaquith, Nathaniel C., New York, NY

Jarboe, John W., New York, NY

Jarmuth, Chicago, IL

Jarrett, W. C., Pittsburgh, PA

Jarvis, Pasadena, CA

Jarvis. See Jarvis White & Co.

Jarvis. See Manville & Jarvis

Jarvis, Benj., Marshalltown, IA

Jarvis, Benjamin, Pasadena, CA

Jarvis, John F.,Washington, DC

Jarvis, Lucius E., Pasadena, CA

Jarvis, Napoleon J., St. Albans, VT

Jauchler, Stephen, New Orleans, LA

Javens, Pittsburg, PA

Jay, John, Brooklyn, NY

Jayne-Linn, New York, NY

Jayne, Benaiah G., Ithaca, NY

Jaynes & Parker, Corning, NY

Jaynes, A. D., Corning, NY

Jaynes, E. L., Spencer, MA

Jazlowsky, Alex, Wilmington, DE

Jeanes, E. D., Allentown, PA

Jeanes, J., Allentown, PA

Jeanes, J., Wilmington, DE

Jeanes, Joseph, Wilmington, DE

Jeannette, Brooklyn, NY

Jeffcott, Richard T., Philadelphia, PA

Jeffers & McDonnald. See Thompson Gallery

Jeffers, Clara (Miss), Pawtucket, RI

Jefferson, Winchester, IL

Jeffery, Aurora, NE

Jeffery, H. M., Freeport, OH

Jeffres, Edwin W., Baltimore, MD

Jeffres, J. E. 

Jeffres, J. E., York, PA

Jeffryes Studio. See R. F. Schiappachasse

Jefts, A. W., Worcester, MA

Jelley & Duke, Harrisburg, PA

Jenckes, J. F., Middlesborough, MA

Jenison, E. P., Ireton, IA

Jenkins. See Robinson & Jenkins

Jenkins, E. L. (Inc.), Newark, NJ

Jenkins, E. L. & Co., New York, NY

Jenkins, E. L. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Jenkins, John, Monroe, NY

Jenkins, L. D., Tucson, AZ

Jenkins, W. I., Cheyenne, WY Territory

Jenkins, W. I., Chicago, IL

Jenkins, William I., Chicago, IL

Jenkins Bros., Cheyenne, WY Territory

Jenkins Brothers, New York, NY  

Jenks, C. N. See Jenks Bros.

Jenks, J. B., Paterson, NJ

Jenks, J. B. O. See Jenks Bros.

Jenks, J. M., Rome, NY

Jenks, Jonathan B., New York, NY

Jenks, Jonathan B., Paterson, NJ

Jenks, Norton, Boonville, NY

Jenks, William H., Johnsbury, VT

Jenks Bros., Freeport, IL

Jenne, C. R., Iuka, MS

Jenne, C. R., Okolona, MS

Jennen, Ferd, Little Rock, AR

Jennen, Ferdinand, Hot Springs, AR

Jennen, Ferdinand, Dallas, TX

Jenness, Clinton, MA

Jenney & Smith, New Bedford, MA

Jenney & Smith. See Benjamin F. Jenney

Jenney, Benjamin F., New Bedford, CT

Jennings, Louisville, KY

Jennings, Norwich, CT

Jennings, C. P., Ogden, UT

Jennings, Clinton S., Omaha, NE

Jennings, Fred H., Sayre, PA

Jennings, Joseph, Hubbard, OR

Jennings, Joseph, Salem, OR

Jennings, Samuel C., Omaha, NE

Jennings, W. H., Norwich, CT

Jennings, William A., Philadelphia, PA

Jennings, William H., Norwich, CT

Jennings, William N., Philadelphia, PA

Jennison, Chas W., New York, NY

Jensen, A. M., Salt Lake City, UT

Jensen, Andrew, Dysart, IA

Jensen, Geo, Richfield, UT

Jensen, J. K., Schaller, IA

Jensen, Martin C., El Paso, TX

Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Birmingham, AL

Jeretz, A., Detroit, MI

Jernegan, Edward, Saugerties, NY

Jerrel & Metz, Canon City, CO

Jesse. See Doerr & Jesse

Jesse, M. T.

Jesse, Maximilian. See Winther & Jesse

Jesse, Maximillian T., San Antonio, TX

Jessel, Edmond A., Waterbury, CT

Jessen, Christian, Norwich, CT

Jessen, William, Brooklyn, NY

Jessen, Wm., Brooklyn, NY

Jessen, Wm, Pittsburgh, PA

Jessup. See Baird & Jessup

Jessup, E., Middletown, NY

Jessup, E., (Middletown) Wallkill, NY

Jessurun & Co., New York, NY

Jestram, Henry, Chicago, IL

Jette, D. & A., New Bedford, MA

Jette, Joseph, Fall River, MA

Jewel, F. A., Canton, OH

Jewel, W. H., Christiansburg, VA

Jewell, Christiansburg, VA

Jewell, Scranton, PA

Jewell, A. W., Springfield, IL

Jewell, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Jewell, Charles W., Brooklyn, NY

Jewell, Chas. W., Brooklyn, NY

Jewell, Frank, Scranton, PA

Jewell, George, Brooklyn, NY

Jewell, J. B., Nashua, NH

Jewell, J. B., Savannah, GA

Jeys,  Jonas (Mrs.), Indianola. IA

Jicha, Frank, Chicago, IL

Jodoin, Amie, Albany, NY

Joel, Jacques, New York, NY

Joerg, F. E., Spring  City, MN

Johanns, Peter, Chicago, IL

Johanns. See Weinkopff & Johanns

John, S. M., Kenton, OH

John, Thos. L., Odon, IN

Johnen, Arthur, New York, NY

Johns & Faught, Lexington, KY

Johns, C. W., Lexington, KY

Johns, F. E., Lexington, KY,

Johns, H. F., Batesville, AR

Johns, P., Watseka, IL

Johns, W. T., Charleston, SC

Johnsdon, Eliza F., Norwich, CT

Johnson, Chicago, IL

Johnson, Cloquet, MN

Johnson, Crown Point, NY

Johnson, Fairbanks, AK

Johnson, Little Rock, AR

Johnson, Salt Lake City, UT

Johnson. See Conant & Johnson

Johnson. See Davis, Rosebone & Johnson

Johnson. See Fenden & Johnson

Johnson. See Harris & Johnson

Johnson. See Hannigar & Johnson

Johnson. See Markham & Johnson

Johnson. See Michelow & Johnson

Johnson. See Sainsbury & Johnson

Johnson. See Stanley Johnson

Johnson. See Thayer & Johnson

Johnson & Co., Chicago, IL

Johnson & Glenton, Nashua, NH

Johnson & Hodson, San Francisco, CA

Johnson & Lufkin, Erie, PA

Johnson & Revill, Princess Anne, MD

Johnson & Runyon

Johnson & Seeley, Paducah, KY

Johnson & Son, Boise, ID

Johnson & Sullivan's Portable Photograph Gallery, CA

Johnson, A. B., Blooming Prairie, MN

Johnson, A. C., Ozone Park, LI, NY

Johnson, A. G., Northumberland, NH

Johnson, A. M., Greenville, OH

Johnson, Abner, Tucson, AZ

Johnson, Adella, Park River, ND

Johnson, Andrew, New Britain, CT

Johnson, Annie (Miss), Atlanta, GA

Johnson, Arthur O., Bisbee, AZ

Johnson, B. R., Petaluma, CA

Johnson, C. A., Indianapolis, IN

Johnson, C. E. See Johnson Co., Inc, The

Johnson, C. M., Ashland, OH

Johnson, C. M. (Miss), Bode, IA

Johnson, C. M., Buck, PA

Johnson, C. M., San Francisco, CA

Johnson, C. O., Corn Palace City, IA

Johnson, C. O., Jackson, MI

Johnson, C. W., Thorntown, IN

Johnson, C. W., Youngstown

Johnson, Carl O., Jackson, MI

Johnson, Carl Olof, Park Falls, WI

Johnson, Charles A., New York, NY

Johnson, Charles A., Woodhaven, Queens, NY

Johnson, Charles F., Chicago, IL

Johnson, Charles H., St. Louis, MO

Johnson, Charles O., Denver, CO

Johnson, Charles R., Little Rock, AR

Johnson, Chas. A., Cincinnati, OH

Johnson, Chas E., Salt Lake City, UT

Johnson, Clinton, Minneapolis, MN

Johnson, D. W., Ashtabula, OH

Johnson, Daniel L., Portland, OR

Johnson, E., Little Rock, AR

Johnson, E., Wauseon, Fulton, OH

Johnson, E. H., San Francisco, CA

Johnson, E. M., Crown Point, NY

Johnson, E. M., Westport, NY

Johnson, E. P., Marathon, NY

Johnson, E. W., Fairview, IL

Johnson, E. W., Nashua, NH

Johnson, Edwin W., Nashua, NH

Johnson, Elizabeth B., Marion Twp., IA

Johnson, F. A., Hempstead, NY

Johnson, F. M., Hartford, CT

Johnson, F. O., Los Angeles, CA

Johnson, F. O., Pueblo, CO

Johnson, F. O., Sioux City, IA

Johnson, Frank M., Hartford, CT

Johnson, Frank M., Norwich, CT

Johnson, Frank R., Washington, DC

Johnson, Fred N., Orange, MA

Johnson, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Johnson, Frederick C., Philadelphia, PA

Johnson, G. W. & Co., Council Bluffs, IA

Johnson, Geo, Creighton, NE

Johnson, Geo. G., Cleveland, OH

Johnson, George, Louisville, KY

Johnson, George G., Cleveland, OH

Johnson, George H., New York, NY

Johnson, George S., Trenton, NJ

Johnson, Grover C., Goldsboro, NC

Johnson, H. G., Bethel, ME

Johnson, H. G., Gorham, NH

Johnson, H. S., Fairfield, IA

Johnson, Helen, Lincoln, NE

Johnson, Henry W., New York, NY

Johnson, Horace W., Dallas, TX

Johnson, J. B., Gilray, CA

Johnson, J. B., San Jose, CA

Johnson, J. E., Hillsboro, OR

Johnson, J. E., Morgan, MN

Johnson, J. J., Chicago, IL

Johnson, J. J., Dallas, TX

Johnson, J. O., Washington, DC

Johnson, J. Orville, Washington, DC

Johnson, J. P., Fosston, MN

Johnson, J. S., Chicago, IL

Johnson, J. Scott, Chicago, IL

Johnson, James H., Claremont, NH

Johnson, James J., Chicago, IL

Johnson, John, Cincinnati, OH

Johnson, John J., Dallas, TX

Johnson, John L., Middletown, CT

Johnson, Joseph, Baltimore, MD

Johnson, L. D., Edinboro', PA

Johnson, L. D., Limesville, PA

Johnson, L. D., Vineland, NJ

Johnson, L. P., Lima, IN

Johnson, Levi D., Vineland, NJ

Johnson, Lübbe, Peoria, IL

Johnson, M., Delhi, NY

Johnson, M. A., Portland, OR

Johnson, M. M., Bucyrus, OH

Johnson, N. G., Erie, PA

Johnson, O. T., Clayton, NY

Johnson, O. T., & Bro., Clayton, NY

Johnson, P., Chillicothe, IL

Johnson, P. A., Cumberland, WI

Johnson, P. P., Glenwood, MN

Johnson, Peter August, Cumberland, WI

Johnson, Richard J., New York, NY

Johnson, Rufus D., Salt Lake City, UT

Johnson, S. A. 

Johnson, S. M., Canandaigua, NY

Johnson, Sven Alfred, Phillips, WI

Johnson, T., Mystic, IA

Johnson, Thomas H., Cleveland, OH

Johnson, W. C., Portland, OR

Johnson, W. H., Detroit, MI

Johnson, W. S., Providence, RI

Johnson, William, Chicago, IL

Johnson, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Johnson, Wm, Nora Springs, IA

Johnson Bros., Watertown, NY

Johnson Studio, San Francisco, CA

Johnson, Williams & Co., New York, NY

Johnson Co., The, Salt Lake City, UT

Johnson Photo Goods Co., Salt Lake City, UT

Johnson's Photo Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Johnston, Columbia, SC

Johnston, Hewitt, New York, NY

Johnston & Hewitt, New York, NY

Johnston & Trout, Philadelphia, PA

Johnston & Tunick, New York, NY

Johnston, A. A., Cazenovia, NY

Johnston, Charles A., New York, NY

Johnston, E. B. (Mrs.), Burlington, IA

Johnston, E. D., Tacoma, WA

Johnston, Frances B., Washington, DC

Johnston, G. F., Webster City, IA

Johnston, J. M., Lancaster, PA

Johnston, J. W., Portland, OR

Johnston, J. W., West Greenville, PA

Johnston, James, Detroit, MI
Johnston, Jno. P., Pittsburgh, PA
Johnston, John W., Chicago, IL
Johnston, Newton, Greentown, OH
Johnston, R. M., Murphys Mill, WV
Johnston, R. W., Pittsburgh, PA
Johnston, S., Keyser, WV
Johnston, S. Burt, Danbury, CT

Johnston, S. S., Polo, IL

Johnston, W. A., Wytheville, VA

Johnston, W. J., Rock Springs, WY

Johnston, William, Abingdon, IL

Johnston, William, Brockport, NY

Johnston Bros., New York, NY

Johnston's Sky-Light Gallery, Lancaster, PA

Johnstone, C. A., Hartford, CT

Johnstone, Christopher, Hartford, CT

Joiner, Martin T., Royalton, VT

Joins, Chatham, IL

Jolley, John, Columbia, PA

Jolley, Joseph H., Boston, MA

Jonas, Louis, New York, NY

Jonas, Saml, New York, NY

Jones, Fort Wayne, IN and Chicago, IL

Jones, Davenport, IA 

Jones. See Currier & Jones

Jones. See Gihon & Jones

Jones. See Granston & Jones

Jones. See Kennett & Jones

Jones. See Peirce & Jones

Jones. See Shinn & Jones

Jones & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Jones & Brother, Philadelphia, PA

Jones & Co., New York, NY

Jones & Elliott, Davenport, IA

Jones & French, Binghamton, NY

Jones & Lotz, San Francisco, CA

Jones & Meacham, Houston, TX

Jones & Ogier, Elyria, OH

Jones & Scheier, Houston, TX

Jones  & Shinn, Central, WV

Jones  & Shinn, Central Station, WV

Jones & Stiff, Salem, MA

Jones-Yardumian, Philadelphia, PA

Jones and Bro, Ft. Smith at Large, Arkansas

Jones, A. A., El Paso, TX

Jones, A. Asher, El Paso, TX

Jones, Abraham. See Jones & Bro.

Jones, B. F., Salem, MA

Jones, C. F., New York, NY

Jones, C. H. (Mrs.), Del Norte,

Jones, C. S., Trenton, TN

Jones, Catharine, Brooklyn, NY

Jones, Charles C., Philadelphia, PA

Jones, Charles E., Washington, DC

Jones, Ernest, Buffalo, NY

Jones, G. E., Omaha, NE

Jones, Geo. H., Ipswich, MA

Jones, George, Brooklyn, NY

Jones, Heber, Washington, C. H., OH

Jones, J. H., Hillsboro, IL

Jones, J. Hanson, Hillsboro, IL

Jones, J. J., Napoleon, AR

Jones, J. P., Helena, AR

Jones, James S., Denton, TX

Jones, John N., Dubuque, IA

Jones, Jonathan J., Napoleon, AR

Jones, Louis D., Angola, IN

Jones, M. G., Pocahontas, AR

Jones, N. P., Madison, WI

Jones, Oscar (Honeoye) Richmond, NY

Jones, P. B., Davenport, IA

Jones, Paul B., Clinton, IL

Jones, Paul B., Davenport, IA

Jones, Peter M., Louisville, KY

Jones, R. R., County, IL

Jones, R. T., Baltimore, MD

Jones, R. T., Cincinnati, OH

Jones, Rodney C., San Francisco, CA

Jones, Rulofson & Co., San Francisco, CA

Jones, Samuel S., New York, NY

Jones, T. M., Moline, IL

Jones, T. M.  See E. E. Mangold

Jones, Tandy, Union, IA

Jones, Theodore, Louisville, KY

Jones, Toliver, Denton, TX

Jones, W. H., Cedar Springs, MI

Jones, W. L., Silverton, OR

Jones, W. N., Wooster, Wayne, OH

Jones, W. O., Murphrysboro, IL

Jones, Wilbert W., Reno, NV

Jones, Willard W. H., Chicago, IL

Jones, William, Jersey City, NJ

Jones, William, Union Hill, NJ

Jones, William, Philadelphia, PA

Jones, William F., Philadelphia, PA

Jones, William H., Grand Rapids, MI

Jones, William R., Jersey City, NJ

Jones, Wm.  See Jones & Bro.

Jones, Wm H., Cedar Springs, Western MI

Jones, Wm R., Jersey City, NJ

Jones Photo Co., Boston, MA

Jones-Motrola, Chicago, IL

Joost, Albert, Brooklyn, NY

Jordan, Greenwich, NY

Jordan, New London, CT

Jordan & Barrett, Brockton, MA

Jordan & Co., New York, NY

Jordan & Co., NY

Jordan & Co. late Bogardus

Jordan, A. M., Dayton, OH

Jordan, A. M., Wheeling, WV

Jordan, A. W., New York, NY

Jordan, Albert, Dayton, OH

Jordan, Albion P., Boston, MA

Jordan, Andrew, Jersey City, NJ

Jordan, Andrew W., New York, NY

Jordan, And'w W., New York, NY

Jordan, C. H., Brooklyn, NY

Jordan, Charles H., Brooklyn, NY

Jordan, Charles S., New Bedford, MA

Jordan, Chas S., Buhl, ID

Jordan, Clifford H., Brooklyn, NY

Jordan, C., Mound City, KS

Jordan, Cyrus, Mound City, KS

Jordan, Ernest E., Brockton, MA

Jordan, Frank D., Scranton, PA

Jordan, G. E., Chicago, IL

Jordan, H. A., Dubuque, IA

Jordan, H. A., Waterloo, IA

Jordan, Harry J., Indianapolis, IN

Jordan, Harvey C., Indianapolis, IN

Jordan, Henry A., Syracuse, NY

Jordan, Irvin, Rochester, NY

Jordan, Irving H., Rochester, NY

Jordan, J., Dubuque, IA

Jordan, James H., Utica, NY

Jordan, James J., Wilmington, DE

Jordan, James L., Utica, NY

Jordan, John P., Philadelphia, PA

Jordan, John T., Augusta, GA

Jordan, Lester S., Brockton, MA

Jordan, Maud (Miss), Peoria, IL

Jordan, Minnie, Rogers, NM

Jordan, O. J., Paterson, NJ

Jordan, Roger P., Portland, ME

Jordan, Will K., Washington, DC

Jordan, William, Camden, NJ

Jordan, William H., Washington, DC

Jordan, William K., Washington, DC

Jordan, Wm K., Washington, DC

Jordan Bros., Syracuse, NY

Jordan Brothers, Seneca Falls, NY

Jordan Brothers, Utica, NY

Jordan Photographic Co., Boston, MA

Jorns, G. W., Springfield, IL

Jorns, George W. & Green, St. Louis, MO

Jorns, Gustavus W., St. Louis, MO

Jos-Pe Direct Color Process Co., Chicago, IL

Joseph, Robert K., Brooklyn, NY

Joslin & Phillips, Danville, IL

Joslin, A. J. T., Osage, IA

Joslyn & Smith, Vicksburg, MS

Joslyn, G. H., Austin City, TX

Jott, Myron E., Syracuse, NY

Joul, Otto, New York, NY

Journeay, William O., Austin, TX

Joy, Chas L., Salt Lake City, UT

Joy, Minnie B. (Mrs.), Boise, ID

Joyce, A. Jr., Housatonic, MA

Joyce, Joseph H., Bridgeton, NJ

Joyner, Wm, Washington, DC

Jube, Thomas, New York, NY

Judd. See Salter & Judd

Judd & Giles, Murfreesboro, TN

Judd & McLeish, Syracuse, NY

Judd & McNealey, Indianapolis, IN

Judd, A. W. See C. S. & A. W. Judd

Judd, A. W., Chattanooga, TN

Judd, A. W., Columbia, TN

Judd, A. W., Murfreesboro', TN

Judd, Amos, Murphreesboro, TN

Judd, C. L., Jamestown, ND

Judd, C. L., Tacoma, WA

Judd, C. S., Shelbyville, TN

Judd, C. S & A. W, TN

Judd, C. W., San Diego, CA

Judd, Charles I., Fargo, ND

Judd, Charles S., Indianapolis, IN

Judd, Chas. S., Shelbyville, TN

Judd, George F., Chicago, IL

Judd, H. M., Chicopee Falls, MA

Judd, H. Melville, C Falls, MA

Judd, H. O., New Market, AL

Judd, J. L., Litchfield, CT

Judd, Jacob E., Petoskey, Western MI

Judd, Myron E., Syracuse, NY

Judd, Wm H. E., Kalhaska, Western MI

Judge, Henry, Manson, IA

Judge, Henry, Pomeroy, IA

Judkins, Haverhill, MA

Judkins, Rockford, IL

Judkins & Rollins, Lawrence, MA

Judkins & Tucker, Santa Clara, CA

Judkins & Whippey, Indianapolis, IN

Judkins, A. B., Los Angeles, CA

Judkins, D. R., Fitchburg, MA

Judkins, D. R., San Francisco, CA

Judkins, D. R., Seattle, WA

Judkins, D. R., Seattle, WT

Judkins, David R., Denver, CO

Judkins, David R., Puget Sound, WA

Judkins, David R., Seattle, WA

Judkins, David R., Seattle, WT

Judkins, E. G., Seattle, WA

Judkins, Edgar B., Portland, OR

Judkins, Edgar G., Portland, OR

Judkins, Elmer E., Portland, OR

Judkins, G. H., Portland, OR

Judkins, George H., Portland, OR

Judkins, J. C., Seattle, WA

Judkins, Joseph C., Seattle, WA

Judkins, L. D., Haverhill, MA

Judkins, L. D., Indianapolis, IN

Judkins, L. D., Lawrence, MA

Judkins, Lorenzo D., Indianapolis, IN

Judkins, P. W., Santa Clara, CA

Judkins, S. B. (Mrs.), Portland, OR

Judkins, S. B. (Mrs.) See Edgar G. Judkins

Judkins, S. B. (Mrs.) See Elmer E. Judkins

Judkins, Sophie B., Portland, OR

Judson, A. W., Milford, MA

Judson, A. & Co., Newark, NJ

Judson, Agur, Newark, NJ

Judson, Fred. D., Denver, CO

Judson, W. A., New Britain, CT

Judson, William M., Mobile, AL

Juekins, Lorenzo D., Bismarck, ND

Juekins, Lorenzo D. See Carlyle Goodrich

Juley, P. A., New York, NY

Juley, Peter A., New York, NY

Julin, Chicago, IL

Julin, Andrew G., Chicago, IL

Jump, Ransom, Poplar, OH

Junction City Art Gallery

Juniel. See Hopson & Juniel

Junk & Co., Boise City, ID

Junk & Co., Silver City, ID

Junk & Curry, Boise City, ID

Junk & Curry, Idaho City, ID

Junk, J. & Co., Boise City, ID

Junk, J. & Co., Idaho City, ID

Junk, J. & Co., Silver City, ID

Junk, J. J. & Co., Silver City, ID

Junk, Jno & Co., Boise City, ID

Junk, John, Boise City, ID

Jwonski, P.  See Lungkwitz & Jwonski



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"