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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

Dating Photographs by Clothing Style

1890 to 1899 [under construction 8-03-21]

Ladies' suit clothing and corset, Fargo, North Dakota, 1891 Pettibone's Fargo and Moorhead Directory

Cabinet card by Jas. S. Patterson of Union City, Tennessee. Well-to-do young mother and two sons [cropped, retouched] (1895-1900)
Cabinet card by Munson of Madison, South Dakota late 1890s
Cabinet card by J. B. Chambers, Brownwood, TX [cropped, retouched] 1890s
Cabinet card by W. H. Jewel, Christiansburg, Virginia 1890s
Cabinet card by Foss, Chicago, Illinois 1890s

Cabinet card by Jacobs, Brooklyn, New York. Infant identified as "John Henry Farrell born Sept.18, 1895"