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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter N that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers N in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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N. Y. T. Gallery. See J. H. Folsom

Nachbour. See Fessenden & Nachbour

Nadl, Anton, Omaha, NE

Naegeli. See Keckeissen & Naegeli

Naegeli, Albert, New York, NY

Nagel, L., Hoboken, NJ

Nager, Wm. F., East New York, New Lots, NY

Nagerl, L., Hoboken, NJ

Nagle, J. F., Ligonier, PA

Nagle, Silas W., Easton, PA

Nair, H. E., Johnstown, OH

Nanheim, Louis, New York, NY

Narragansett Studio, Pawtucket, RI

Naschke, P. H., Galveston, TX

Naschke, Paul H., Galveston, TX

Nash, E. D., Burlington, IA

Nash, G. W., Lynn, MA

Nash, Mathias O., Grand Forks, ND

Nash Studio, Burlington, IA

Nason, Cleveland, OH

Nason. See Harlen & Nason

Nason & Parker, Cleveland, OH

Nason, J. H., Cleveland, OH

Nason, J. H., Springfield, MA

Nason, James H. See Nason & Parker

Nason, P. C., Cleveland, OH

Nason Photograph Gallery, Springfield, MA

Nassau Photo Co., New York, NY

Nasse, John, San Francisco, CA

Nast, Denver, CO

Nast, C., Denver, CO

Nast, Charles, Denver, CO

Nast, J. E., Denver, CO

National Art Co.'s Railroad Palace. See Mantello  

National Copying Co., Chicago, IL

National Ferrotype Co., Hartford, CT

National Gallery. See Dr. Mills

National Gallery. See J. H. Wakeman

National Gallery. See Mills & Son

National Gallery. See W. R. Crow

National Photo Co., Chicago, IL

National Photo Service, Chicago, IL

National Photo Studio, Boston, MA

National Photograph Co., Great Falls , NH

National Photograph Co., New York, NY

National Photograph Rooms, Boston, MA

National Photographers Inc., New York, NY

National Photographic Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

National Photographic Gallery. See T. W. Clark

National Porcelain Portrait Gallery, New York, NY

National Portrait Co., Los Angeles, CA

National Portrait Studio, Brooklyn, NY

National Printing and Art Co., Indianapolis, IN

National Studio, Boston, MA

Natus, John, Detroit, MI

Naughton, T., Champaign, IL

Naughton, Thomas, Champaign, IL

Nauman, C. G., New York, NY

Nauman, Carl G., New York, NY

Naunchik, Anton, Cleveland, OH
Nauschuetz, B., San Antonio, TX

Nava, D. N.,Los Angeles, CA

Nay, Fred L., Antrim, NH

Naylor, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Neal, E. E., Keota, IA

Neal, John D., Waterville, ME

Neal, Minnie E., Jacksonville, FL

Neal, Reuben D., Atlanta, IL

Nealey, N. A., Exeter, NH

Nealy, Andrew, Putnam, CT

Neary, Wm., New York, NY

Needham, New Eustis,, IN

Needles. See Stone & Needles

Needles, Pueblo CO

Needles, J. T., Leadville, CO

Needles, J. T., Pueblo, CO

Needles, John T., Chillicothe, MO

Needles, John T., Leadville, CO

Needles, John T., St. Joseph, MO

Needles, Sylvia, St. Joseph, MO

Neely, J. C., Akron, OH

Neely, T. S., Muncie, IN

Neff, Bellville, IL

Neff, A. H., Hot Springs, AR

Neff, A. H., Indianapolis, IN

Neff, H., Indianapolis, IN

Neff, Herbert, Indianapolis, IN

Neff, Jos., Dayton, OH

Neff, Layton S., Bellville, IL

Negale, John, Hillsview, PA

Negus. See Tallman & Negus

Negus, Ira S., New Bedford, MA

Negus, Ira S. See Edward G. Tallman

Neibel Studio, Reading, PA

Neick, Carl, Milwaukee, WI

Neick, Henry J., Milwaukee, WI

Neidhardt, George E., Chicago, IL

Neidhardt, H. F., Chicago, IL

Neidhardt, Herman, Chicago, IL

Neidhardt, Herman F., Chicago, IL

Neidhardt, Louise (Miss), Chicago, IL

Neidhardt, William, Chicago, IL

Niedhardt's, H. F. Branch, Chicago, IL

Neidig & Co., Newark, NJ

Neidig, Charles F., Brooklyn, NY

Neiler, J. P., Sharon, PA

Neill, Allentown, PA

Neill, J., Packer, PA

Nein, Gilbert G., Fargo, ND

Neim, Harry L., Fargo, ND

Neis, Coral M., Tucumcari, NM

Nellis, G. H., Dayton, OH

Nellis, George K., Chicago, IL

Nelson. See McMahon & Nelson

Nelson. See Pomeroy Gallery

Nelson & Foster, Toulon, IL

Nelson, Aug., Silver Lake, MN

Nelson, August, Jamestown, NY

Nelson, C. C., Toledo, OH

Nelson, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Nelson, E., Minneapolis, MN

Nelson, Earl, Brooklyn, NY

Nelson, Edward C., Urbana, NY

Nelson, G., Minneapolis, MN

Nelson, G. H., Rochester, NY

Nelson, Geo. See Nelson's Studio

Nelson, Jno, Ericson, NE

Nelson, Marie, Brooklyn, NY

Nelson, Nels, Troy, ID

Nelson, O. R., Omaha, NE

Nelson, R. C. See Gustaf Dehne

Nelson, R. C. See Margaret N. Diemer

Nelson's Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Nemeck Bros., Joliet, IL

Nenkum, Fred., Pleasant Hill, OH

Nepon, H., Brooklyn, NY

Nergent, G. H., Chillicothe, OH

Nesbit. See Pearson & Nesbit

Nesbit, Carroll E., Des Moines, IA

Nesbit, W. A., Davenport, IA

Nesbit, Wm A., Davenport, IA

Nesbitt, W. A., Davenport, IA

Neskern, W. C., Bennett, IA

Nettle, Alfred, Boston, MA

Neubergall, Fredk, Chicago, IL

Neubern, Joseph, Richmond, VA

Neuman, W. J., Nogales, AZ

Neumann, Samuel, New York, NY

Neuser, William, Baton Rouge, LA

Neuser, Wm, Baton Rouge, LA

Neville, D. S., Colorado Springs, CO

Neville, D. S., Columbus, OH

Neville, David S., Clarksville, TN

Nevra, Washburn, WI

New, J. H., Cohoes, NY

New, John H., Cohoes, NY

New, John H., Saratoga Springs, NY

New, Sylva, Endee, NM

New Comer, T. H., Philadelphia, PA

New England Dag. Gallery. See Campbell’s

New England Novelty Photo Co., Worcester, MA

New Excelsior Gallery. See Perry & Cover

New Gallery, St. Louis, MO

New Idea Amateur Photo Co., New York, NY

New Novelty Studio. See John Y. Allen

New Photo Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

New Rembrandt Studio, Tampa, FL

New York Art Gallery, Richmond, VA

New York Club Gallery, Allegheny City

New York Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

New York Gallery, Reading, PA

New York Gallery, Omaha, NE

New York Gallery, San Francisco, CA

New York Gallery. See Baker & Benham

New York Gallery. See E. P. & H. W. Baker

New York Gallery. See Frank A. Pickerill

New York Gallery. See L. Dickson

New York Institute of Photography, New York, NY

New York Photo Co., New York, NY

New York Photo Specialty Co., New York, NY

New York Photograph Gallery, Chicago, IL.

New York Photograph Gallery. See B. F. Howland

New York Photographic Co., New York NY

New York Portrait Co., New York, NY

New York Portrait Co., St. Louis, MO

New York Portrait Studio, Wilmington, DE

New York Press Art Bureau, New York, NY

Newberry & Solander, Rock Island, IL

Newberry, F. E., Clarksville, IA

Newcomb, Middlefield, OH

Newcomb. See Packard & Newcomb

Newcomb & Co., Salt Lake City, UT

Newcomb, J. L., Jesup, IA

Newcomb, M. W., Portland, OR

Newcomb, M. W., Salt Lake City, UT

Newcomb, Scott, Salt Lake City, UT

Newcomb, T. J., Humboldt, NE

Newcomb, T. J., Pomona, CA

Newcomb, T. J., Salt Lake City, UT

Newcombe, C. H., Huron, DT

Newcomer, T. H., Philadelphia, PA

Newcomer, Thomas H., Philadelphia, PA

Newcomer, William, Newberry, PA

Newdick, New York, NY

Newdick, A. P., Los Angeles, CA

Newdick, Alfred P., Chicago, IL

Newdick, Alfred P., New York, NY

Newdick, Alfred P., San Francisco, CA

Newdick, Philip A., New York, NY

Newell, Rockville, CT

Newell, Alon A., Rockville, CT

Newell, Arthur R., Rockville, CT

Newell, Arthur R., Vernon, CT

Newell, Mabelle, Boise, ID

Newell, Mabelle (Mrs.), Meridian, ID

Newell, R., Philadelphia, PA

Newell, R. & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Newell, Robert, Philadelphia, PA

Newell, W. J., Dover, NH

Newell, W. J., Lawrence, MA

Newing. See Rogers & Newing

Newkirk, Charles H., Salem, NJ

Newkirk, E. F., Kansas City, MO

Newland, G. _., Jamestown, ND

Newland. See Bean & Newland

Newlin, S. (Miss). See A. Gawthrop

Newlon & Hare, Uniontown, PA

Newman, Brooklyn, NY

Newman, Cleveland, OH

Newman, Hornellsville, NY

Newman & Co., New York, NY

Newman & Kosenkranius, New York, NY

Newman, A., Edmeston, NY

Newman, A., Philadelphia, PA

Newman, Adolphus, Philadelphia, PA

Newman, Anna, New York, NY

Newman, H. & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Newman, L. R., Rochester, NY

Newman, Max, San Francisco, CA

Newman, Sam'l , New York, NY

Newman, Solon, Hillsborough Bridge, NH

Newman, Solon, Hillsboro’ Bridge, NH

Newman Studio, New York, NY

Newport Studio, Cheyenne, WY

Newsboy, New York, NY

Newsom, James P., Birmingham, AL

Newsom, Paul, High Point, NC

Newth, Ernest W., San Francisco, CA

Newton. See Parker & Newton

Newton, C. B., Belmont, Amity, NY

Newton, Charles P., Denison, TX

Newton, E. H. jr., New Orleans, LA

Newton, F. R., New York, NY

Newton, Frank, Litchfield, OH

Newton, G. W., Newton, IA

Newton, Isaac, Wickliffe, IN

Newton, J. J., Council Bluffs, IA

Newton, J. P., Memphis, TN

Newton, N. D., Tioga, NY

Newton, R. L., Beatrice, NE

Newton, Russell D., Barton, NY

Newton, W. L., Santa Barbara, CA

Newton, William H., Houston, TX

Newton Gallery, The, Newton, NJ

Newville, N. A. (Mrs.), Whittemore, IA

Neymann Portraits, San Francisco, CA

Nias, Ray, Chicago, IL

Nice, J. F., Williamsport, PA

Nice, Jno. F., Lewisburg, PA

Nice, Jno. F., Williamsport, PA

Nice, John F., Jersey Shore, PA

Nice, John F., Williamsport, PA

Nice, R. Y., Williamsport, PA

Nice, R. Y. See J. F. Nice

Nice, Robert Y., Williamsport, PA

Nichel & Gorff, Columbus, MS

Nichlou, Alexander, Drakestown, PA

Nichol, A. C., Leavenworth City, KS

Nichols, Findlay, OH

Nichols. See Bartlett & Nichols

Nichols. See Morlan & Nichols

Nichols & Bro, St. Louis, MO

Nichols & Howard, St. Louis, MO

Nichols & Ketchum, Findlay, OH

Nichols & Warren, Fall River, MA

Nichols, A. C., Leavenworth, KS

Nichols, A. C., Leavenworth City, KS

Nichols, A. H., Findlay, OH

Nichols, C., Boston, MA

Nichols, C.A., Angelica, NY

Nichols, Catherine A. (Mrs.), Rochester, NY

Nichols, Carlos W., Rutland, VT

Nichols, Ephraim, Shawsville, PA

Nichols, G. C., Plattsmouth, NE

Nichols, George B.  See Morlan & Nichols

Nichols, James C., New York, NY

Nichols, John Wesley, New York, NY

Nichols, Marian, Jackson, MS

Nichols, Marion L., Rochester, NY

Nichols, S. A., Conneautville, PA

Nichols, S. A., Waterford, PA

Nichols, T. H. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Nichols, Thomas F., Fall River, MA

Nichols, Thomas H., Philadelphia, PA

Nichols, Walter A., Indianapolis, IN

Nichols, William L., Kankakee, IL

Nichols' Plumbe Dag. Gallery, Boston, MA

Nichols Portrait Co., Indianapolis, IN

Nicholson, Crawfordsville, IN

Nicholson. See Griffeth and Nicholson

Nicholson. See Griffith & Nicholson

Nicholson, Albert R., Decatur, IL

Nicholson, James, Bastrop., TX

Nicholson, John, Franklin, IN

Nick, William, Traveling Artist

Nickels, A. C., Leavenworth City, KS

Nickerson, A., Readfield, ME

Nickerson, A. A., West Waterville, ME

Nickerson, Amos S., Ticonderoga, NY

Nickerson, G. H., Provincetown, MA

Nickerson, George H., Orleans, MA

Nicklas, W. H., Redlake, NM

Nicklin, J. W., Selma, IA

Nickols, Clarence, Villisca, IA

Nicol & Son, Monmouth, Illinois

Nicolet, A. D., Fall River, MA

Nicoletti, Giuseppe, New York, NY

Nicolletti, Jos, New York, NY

Nicoloy, Phillip, Terre Haute, IN

Nicoulin, J. F., Algona, IA

Nicoulin, Joseph F., Algona, IA

Nieberg, T., St. Mary's, Auglaize, OH

Niebergall & Harmsen, Chicago, IL

Niebergall, F., Chicago, IL

Niebergall, Frederick, Chicago, IL

Niebergall, Fritz, Chicago, IL

Niedhardt, G. E., Chicago, IL

Niedlinger, John, New York, NY

Nielsen, Auburn, NE

Nielson, Madison, WI

Nieswand, Francis J., New York, NY

Niethammer's, J. F., Lancaster, OH

Nightingale, W. H., New York, NY

Nightingale, William B., Brooklyn, NY

Nightingale, William H., New York, NY

Nightingale, Wm H., New York, NY

Niklas & Co., Chicago, IL

Niklas & Pawloski, Chicago, IL

Niklas & Piotrowski, Chicago, IL

Niklas Co., The White Eagle Gallery

Nikodem, A. M., Chicago, IL

Nikodem, Annie M. (Miss), Chicago, IL

Niles, Roy, Sumner, IA

Nill, Franklin, Gainsboro, AR

Nimbs, A. B., Buffalo, NY

Nims, Fort Edward, NY

Nims, C. H., Buffalo,NY

Nims, Charles H., Buffalo, NY

Nims, William, Fort Ann, NY

Nims, William, Fort Edward, NY

Nims, Wm, Fort Edward, NY

Nishyama, Geo, Sheridan, WY

Nitschke, Bellville, OH

Nix, Frank H., Reed City, Western MI

Nixon, F. W., Binghamton, NY

Nixon, J. D., Dayton, IA

Nixon Bros, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Noad, Wm. T., Rockville, CT

Noank Studio Shop, New York, NY

Noble, Waldoboro', ME

Noble. See Godfrey & Noble

Noble, J. & Co., Leavenworth, KS

Noble, James, Afton, NY

Noble, James, Deposit, Sanford, NY

Noble, James, (Hobart) Stamford, NY

Noble, Jay & Co., Leavenworth, KS

Noble, John A., Columbus Grove, OH

Noble, John T., Haverhill, MA

Noble, Oliver D., Denver, CO

Noble, Ray, Chicago, IL

Noble, T. F., Grand Rapids, MI

Noble Art Gallery, Jackson, MI

Noble's Gallery. See I. H. Bonseli

Nock, E. B., Cleveland, OH

Nock, Edward B., Cleveland, OH

Nockin, Edward, Denver, CO

Noe. See Hedger & Noe

Noe, C. B., Virginia, NV

Noe, Frankie E. (Miss), Salem, OR

Noe, J. S., Virginia, Nevada

Noel & Ward, Florence, AL

Noel, C. See Noel & Ward

Nofsinger. See Wharton & Nofsinger

Noiseworthy, L. F., Henderson, TX

Noiseworthy, L. F., Rusk Co., TX

Nolan, J. H., Camden, NY

Nolan, John, Waterville, Sangerfield, NY

Noll, Charles, New York, NY

Noll, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Noll, John, Brooklyn, NY

Noll, John, New York, NY

Nollen & Van Grieken, Keokuk, IA

Nollen & Vangrieken, Keokuk, IA

Nollen, G. H., Keokuk, IA

Nollen, Gerhard H., Keokuk,  IA

Nollman, Wm., New York, NY

Nonnamaker, Andrew, Circleville, OH

Norcross, G. A., Boston, MA

Nord Italia Photo Studio, New York, NY

Nordell & Morton, San Francisco, CA

Nordell & Morton. See Photo Craft

Nordyke, Grace (Mrs.), Phoenix, AZ

Norman-Willets, Chicago, IL

Norman, H. C., Natchez, MS

Norman, H. C. See Gurney

Norman, James, Augusta, ME

Norris, Frank, Detroit, MI

Norris, Henry. See West Side

Norris, Henry M., Elizabeth, NJ

Norris, J. E., Chambersburg, PA

Norris, Moses, Cleveland, OH

Norris, T. R., Saxton, PA

Norris, Wm E. Jr., MT

Norrish, S., Fargo, ND

North, Trenton, NJ

North & Lenny, Houston, TX

North & Oswald, Toledo, OH

North & Schwerdt, Cleveland, OH

North & Upson, Buffalo, NY

North, A., Harford, PA

North, A. M., Otego, NY

North, F. E., Rockville, CT

North, Frederick E., Springfield, MA

North, George S., South Norwalk, CT

North, Jeremiah, Atchison, KS

North, Jerry E., Wichita, KS

North, W. C., Cleveland, OH

North, W. C., Utica, NY

North, W. J., Salem, IA

North, Walter C., Utica, NY

North, Wm. C., Boston, MA

North, Wm. C., Cleveland, OH

North Side Gallery. See C. R. Taylor

Northern, J. T., Whitewright, TX

Northern Engraving Co., Canton, OH

Northland Studio, Chicago, IL

Northland Studio, Cleveland, OH

Northrup, L., Breedsville, MI

Northrup, L. L., Bangor, MI

Northup, Charles, Monticello, IA

Northup, V. L., Portland, OR

Northup, Vassar L., Portland, OR

Norton & Luther, Cleveland, OH

Norton & Son, Cuba, NY

Norton, C. W., North Litchfield, NY

Norton, Clifford, Cleveland, OH

Norton, E. B., St. Louis, MO

Norton, H. M., Alden Hill, PA

Norton, H. Q., Boston, MA

Norton, Henry Q., Bangor ME

Norton, Luther, Cleveland, OH

Norton, S. R., Bronson, MI

Norton, T., Champaign, IL

Norwalk, Abraham, Albany, NY

Norwalk, Maurice W., Albany, NY

Norwood, Francis (Livingstonville) Broome, NY

Norwood, Francis M., Allegany, NY

Noss, H., New Brighton, PA

Notestein, Columbus, NE

Notman, Boston, MA

Notman, Albany, NY

Notman, Newport, RI

Notman, James, Boston, MA

Notman, William

Notman Photograph Association, Newport, RI

Notman Photographic Co., Boston, MA

Noto & Polzinetti, NY

Nott, Elon, Hamburgh, NY

Nott, N. P., Henry, IL

Nott, Victor E., Denver, CO

Nottelman, Henry P., Chicago, IL

Nourse, G. R., Fairview, PA

Novak, George, San Francisco, CA

Novelty Photo Co., Tacoma, WA

Novelty Photo Studio, Richmond, VA

Novelty Photograph Studio, Arctic Centre, Warwick, RI

Nowak, Michael, Minneapolis, MN

Nowell, Frank A., Charleston, SC

Nowell, R. A., Portales, NM

Nowell, R. A., Tucumcari, NM

Nowlin, Earle W., Missoula, MT

Noyes, D. P., Dubuque, IA

Noyes, David P., DuBuque, IA

Noyes, E. R., Concord, NH

Noyes, Perley F., Gardiner, ME

Nu-Way Photo Studio, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Nugent, I. H., Chillicothe, Ross, OH

Nugent, John J., New York, NY

Nunally, William, Martinsburg, IN

Nunamaker, Henry, Ottumwa, IA

Nunnamaker, H., Ottumwa, IA

Nunneley, J. B., Middletown, OH

Nurst, New York, NY

Nuss, Wm., Dubuque, IA

Nute, C. N., Bloomington, IL

Nutter, T. S., Logan, OH

Nybo, Peter, Oceanus, Queens, NY

Nye. See Bates & Nye

Nye. See Thompson & Nye

Nye, D. B., Minneapolis, MN

Nye, Edward, Sturgis, MI

Nye, J. L., Platteville, WI

Nye, S. S., Albion, MI

Nye, W. A., Chicago, IL

Nye, William B., New Bedford, CT

Nye, Wm. B., New Bedford, MA

Nyemetz, Chester, PA

Nyemetz, Ferdinand, Chester, PA

Nyser, Hartford, CT

Nyser, John C. F., Hartford, CT



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