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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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Bergeron. See Cook & Bergeron

Blunt, A. H. See C. R. & A. H. Blunt
Case See Black & Case

City Photograph Gallery. See J. Gould

Davidson See Shuster & Davidson
Estell. See Maxwell & Estell

Kinch. See Swain & Kinch

Littler. See Crawford & Littler

Mitchell See Bolton & Mitchell

Peaslee. See Treadwell & Peaslee

Perkins. See Grammer & Perkins

Porter. See Webb & Porter

Rasberry. See Payne & Rasberry

Schwarzer. See Walsh & Schwarzer
Stolte. See Buchtel & Stolte

Swansen. See Alseen & Swansen

Taylors. See Hughes & Taylors
Thompson. See Hayes & Thompson
Vail. See Prentice & Vail

Wallace. See Reed & Wallace

Welldon. See Metcalf & Welldon

West. See Churchill and West