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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter V that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers V in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Vahlteich, Julius, Chicago, IL

Vahlteich, Lena (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Vail, Marion, OH

Vail, Po'keepsie, NY

Vail. See Prentice and Vail

Vail, Edward B., Marion, OH

Vail, J. A., Marion, OH

Vail, J. A., Marion, Marion Co., OH

Vail, J. G., Geneva, NY

Vail, J. P., Palmyra, NY

Vail, J. W., Poughkeepsie, NY

Vail, James G., Geneva, NY

Vail, John P., Palmyra, NY

Vail, Joseph, Marion, OH

Vail, Joseph A., Marion, OH

Vail, Joseph Andrew, Marion, OH

Vail Brothers, Poughkeepsie, NY

Vale Studio, Wilmington, NC

Valencia, Antonio, Memphis, TN

Valentine, E., Brooklyn, NY

Valentine, Edwin M., Chester, PA

Valentine, Fred C., Cleveland, OH

Valkenbergh, R. F., Leavenworth, KS

Vallade, J. G., Altoona, PA

Vallee & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Vallet. See Robins & Rich

Vallet, George A., Kingston, NY

Vallett, Geo. A., Rondout, Kingston, NY

Vallett, George A., Rondout, Kingston, NY

Van Aernam, Frederick T., Albany, NY

Van Aken, E. M., Lowville, NY

Van Aken, Elisha M., Elmira, NY

Van Alen, Philadelphia, PA

Van Alstin, Dr., Worcester, MA

Van Alstine, C. W., Potsdam, NY

Van Alstine, Charles W., Potsdam, NY

Van Alstine, Charles W., Big Rapids, Western MI

Van Anson, William, Lansingburgh, NY

Van Arnam. See Hardy & Van Arnam 

Van Art Co., New York, NY

Van Buren, Amelia, Detroit, MI

Van Buren, Martin W., New York, NY

Van de Sande Studio, New Smyrna, FL

Van De Wall, Lancaster, WI

Van De Wall, F. & Son, Lancaster, WI

Van De Wall, W. B., Lancaster, WI

Van Deusen, Charles H., Detroit, MI

Van Deventer, C. J., Decatur, IL

Van Dewall, Wm B., Exeter, NE

Van Doorn, G. F., Brooklyn, NY

Van Doorn, Geo. F., Brooklyn, NY

Van Doorn, George F., Brooklyn, NY

Van Derver, New Brunswick, NJ

Van Doorn, George F., Brooklyn, NY

Van Drelzen, J. A., Peoria, IL

Van Droskey, Benj., New York, NY

Van Dusen, Cato, NY

Van Dyck Studio, Main, Dallas, TX

Van Dyke Studio, Muskegon, MI

Van Gieson, H., New Haven, CT

Van Gorden, C. E., Catskill, NY

Van Gorder, Wm P., Bloomington, IL

Van Grieken. See Nollen & Van Grieken

Van Grieken, Samuel, Keokuk, IA

Van Horn, John W., Leadvillle, CO

Van Housen, M. E. (Mrs.), Bath, NY

Van Houten, Arthur, Brooklyn, NY

Van Kampen, A., Hoboken, NJ

Van Kampen, Adrian, Hoboken, NJ

Van Kampen, Adrian, Jersey City, NJ

Van Loo. See Theo. C. Marceau        

Van Loo & French, Successors to Charles Waldack, Cincinnati, OH

Van Loo, Leon, Cincinnati, OH

Van Loo, Leon, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Van Ness, Charles W., Baltimore, MD

Van Ness, I. I., Lynchburg, VA

Van Ness, J. H., Charlotte, NC

Van Ness, J. I., Lynchburg, VA

Van Ness, J. J., Lynchburg, VA

Van Ness, W. I. & Co. See Martin L. Philemon

Van Norman, George H., Springfield, MA

Van Orsdell, C. M., Wilmington, NC

Van Orsdell, C. M. Jr., Camden, SC

Van Osdel, G. C., Toulon, IL

Van Osten, T. S., Philadelphia, PA

Van Pallandt, Adolph, Little Rock, AR

Van Patten, John, San Francisco, CA

Van Pelt & Webber, Pittsburgh, PA

Van Schaick, Black River Falls, WI

Van Scoy, Isaac, (Sag Harbor) Southampton, NY

Van Scoy, Isaac S., Sag Harbor, Southampton, NY

Van Sickle, Adolphus, Ottumwa, IA

Van Slyke, O. C., Centerville, IA

Van Slyke, O. C., Lincoln, NE

Van Stavoren, Nashville, TN

Van Stavoren, James D., Atlanta, GA

Van Tine, Isaac, Chicago, IL

Van Valkenburg, C., Hermon, NY

Van Valkenburg, Joseph, Middletown, CT

Van Valkenberg, Josiah, Hartford, CT

Van Vlack, Jay E., Chicago, IL

Van Wagner, Pokeepsie, NY

Van Wagner, Poughkeepsie, NY

Van Wagner, I. M., Poughkeepsie, NY

Van Wagner, Isaac M., Nyack, Orangetown, NY

Van-Liew, Tacoma, WA

Van, M. J., Newark, NJ

Vanakin, Lowville, NY

Vanalstine, Charles, Oakland, IA

Vanart Studio, Tampa, FL

Vance, Allrich, Portland, OR

Vance, H., Barnesville, Belmont, OH

Vancleave, N. M., Crawfordville, IN

Vancleave, S. M., Crawfordsville, IN

Vandal, Albert, Pawtucket, RI

Vandal, Albert J., Pawtucket, RI

Vanderbeck, Abram, Brooklyn, NY

Vanderbilt, (Mrs.), Blairsville, PA

Vanderbilt Portraits, Sing Sing, NY

Vanderker, George, Brooklyn, NY

Vandermey, John S., Louisville, KY

Vanderoef, William, Jersey City, NJ

Vanderoef, William A., Jersey City, NJ

Vanderoef, Wm. A., New York, NY

Vandersweep, James, Newark, NJ

Vandervert, Sarah (Mrs.), Grandview, IA

Vanderweyde, John J., New York, NY

Vanderzee. See Radley & Vanderzee

Vandroskey, Benjamin, New York, NY

Vandroskey, Benjamin J., Jersey City, NJ

VanDrosky, Benj., New York, NY

Vanhousen, M. Mrs., Hammondsport, Urbana, NY

VanLoan & Ennis, Philadelphia, PA

Vannanstrand, John, Cadillac, Western MI

Vanneman, Helen (Miss), Lebanon, Warren, OH

Vanness. See Tanner & Vanness

VanNess, James H., Charlotte, NC

VanNess, William I., Charlotte, NC

VanOeyen, Cleveland, OH

Vanorsdell, C. M., Wilmington, NC

Vanostrand, Henry, New York, NY

Vanpelt. See Park & Vanpelt

Vans, J., New York, NY

Vansciver, James, Philadelphia, PA

Vansyckel, H. C., Philadelphia, PA

Vansyckel, Henry C., Philadelphia, PA

Vanwagner, Charles W., New York, NY

Varden & Lansdale, Baltimore, MD

Varga, Emery J., Trenton, NJ

Varga, James, Trenton, NJ

Varian Bros., Mt. Vernon, NY

Variel, J. S., Gardiner, ME

Varley, Thomas P., Baltimore, MD


Varney. See Perry & Varney

Varney, Fred D., Boston, MA

Varney, George W., Chicago, IL

Varney, Hiram, Denver, CO

Varney, J. C., La Crosse, WI

Vars, N. H. D., Westerly, RI

Vars, Nathan, Norwich, CT

Vars, Nathan H D, Norwich, CT

Vasbinder, J. A. & Bro., Grove City, PA

Vasbinder, J. A., photographer, DuBois, PA

Vasbinder, W. Harvey, Sharon, PA

Vasbinder and Bro., DuBois and Grove City, PA

Vasquez, Domingo, West Tampa, FL

Vassallo, A., New York, NY

Vaughan, California

Vaughan, New York, NY

Vaughan, San Francisco, CA

Vaughan. See Palmer & Vaughan

Vaughan. See Sewell & Vaughan

Vaughan & Mates, Little Rock

Vaughan & Tidball, San Francisco, CA

Vaughan, (Mrs.) H. W., San Francisco, CA

Vaughan, Frederick, San Francisco, CA

Vaughan, Hector, San Francisco, CA

Vaughan, Hector W., San Francisco, CA

Vaughan, J. L., Little Rock, AR

Vaughan, J. W., Oakland, CA

Vaughan, W. E., New York, NY

Vaughan, William E., New York, NY

Vaughan's Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Vaughn. See Russel & Vaughn

Vaughn, C., Helena City, MT Territory

Vaughn, Irene (Mrs.), Alton, IL

Vaughn, M. H., Lewisburg, AR

Vaughn, S. E. A., Montgomery, AL

Vaupel, Arthur, New York, NY

Vaupel, H. M., New York NY

Vayana, Nino, Cleveland, OH

Vayana, Nunzio, Hartford, CT

Veach, W. L., Cedar Falls, IA

Veasey, Louisville, KY

Vebber, O., Boonville, NY

Vedder, Aaron, Albany, NY

Vedder, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Veeder, Albany, NY

Veeder, A. G., New York, NY

Veeder, A. G., Brooklyn, NY

Veeder, Aaron, Albany, NY

Veeder, Augustus, Brooklyn, NY

Veeder, Augustus G., Brooklyn, NY

Veeder, E. C., Rochester, NY

Veeder, Edwin C., Rochester, NY

Veeder, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Velasquez Studio, New York, NY

Venables, Wm., (Short Tract) Granger, NY

Venner, G. W., Charlestown, MA

Venner, Geo. W., Charlestown, MA

Venturanza, F., San Francisco, CA

Venturanza, Salvador, San Francisco, CA

Venus Art Studio, New York, NY

Verbrike. See Clark & Verbrike

Vermillion, Sabetha, KS

Vermillion, F. L., Springfield, IL

Vermont Photo Co.

Vernon, Richmond, VA

Vernon, Wm N., Boise, ID

Vetromile, Umberto, New York, NY

Vetter, Albert, Jersey City, NJ

Vetter, Albert, New York, NY

Vetter, Felix E., Jersey City, NJ

Vezyk, Stanislawa Mrs., Chicago, IL

Vickery & Clench, Lockport, NY

Vickery & Hight, Haverhill, MA

Vickery, D. B., Haverhill, MA

Vickery, Dexter B., Haverhill, MA

Vickery, J. D., Bath, NY

Vickery, Oscar W., Lockport, NY

Vickery, Oscar W. See Vickery & Clench

Vickery, W. W. See Vickery & Clench

Vick, B. S., Alliance, OH

Vick, B. S., Alliance, Stark, OH

Victor, B. M., New York, NY

Victoria Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Victory Gallery, Wooster, OH

Vienna Studio. See Hakelier

Vienop, Wm, Daykin, NE

Viets & Daum, Johnstown, OH

Vignette Gallery. See Sherman

Vignos & Hurford, Canton, OH

Vignos, A., Canton, OH

Vignos, Maj A., Canton, OH

Vigus & Ford, New York, NY

Vigus, John, New York, NY

Villar, New York, NY

Vinal, Charles B., Vinal Haven, ME

Vincent, Cincinnati, OH

Vincent. See Cardinelli-Vincent

Vincent. See Wells & Vincent

Vincent & Lewis, Salisbury, MD

Vincent, C. L., (Durhamville) Verona, NY

Vincent, H. W., Bloomington, IL

Vincent, J. & W., Cincinnati, OH

Vincent, J. & W., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Vincent, W. See J. & W. Vincent

Virgil, Benjamin, Fabius, NY

Visconti, Giacomino, Brooklyn, NY

Visconti, Giuseppe, Brooklyn, NY

Visscher. See Webster & Visscher

Vitali, Salvatore, New York, NY

Vitalini, C. H., San Francisco, CA

Vitalini, Charles E., San Francisco, CA

Vivian, Joseph J., Montpelier, VT

Vogel, William, St. Louis, MO

Vogelitz, L., Wichita, KS

Vogelitz, Loren, Wichita, KS

Vogelsang, John C. (Mrs.), Philadelphia, PA

Vogt, Chas. F., Allegheny, PA

Voice, Ulysses A., Denver, CO

Voight, Milwaukee, WI

Voight, C. F., Milwaukee, WI

Voight, Charles F., Milwaukee, WI

Voiland, H. E., Albia, IA

Volkers, Charles L., Brooklyn, NY

Volkers, Henry C., Brooklyn, NY

Volkmor, L. L., Massillon, OH

Vollert. See Lecher & Vollert

Volquarts, Plymouth, WI

Von Balsan, Rinaldo, St. Augustine, FL

Von der Kammer. See Crane & Von der Kammer

Von Dieck, Chicago, IL

Von Dieck, Theodore, Chicago, IL

Von Dieck, Theodore Jr., Chicago, IL

Von Fielitz, Mary (Mrs.), New London, CT

Von Fielitz, Nicholas, New London, CT

Von Katte, Fred, San Francisco, CA

Von Moser, G. C., Jacksonville, FL

Von Nagle, Rudolph, Washington, DC

Von Nieda, D. S., Brunnerville, PA

Von Nieda, J. W. See Mt. Spring Gallery

Von Rapp, Frederic J., Philadelphia, PA

Von Rubens. R. M., San Francisco, CA

Von Stein, John, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Von Suessmilch, F., Chicago, IL

Voorhees & Burdsal, Dallas, TX

Voorhees, H. C., Meriden, CT

Voorhees, S. M., St. Louis, MO

Voorhis, Isaac H., Springfield, IL

Vore, Ira H., Sugar Valley, PA

Voris, Walter G., Cleveland, OH

Vosburg, Isaac G., (Blockville) Harmony, NY

Vosburgh, Barrington, IL

Vose. See McIntosh & Vose

Vose & Paul, Feowhegan, ME

Vose, Ambrose S., Windsor, VT

Wose, Ezekiel, Machias, ME

Vose, Hiram A., Bethel, VT

Vose, J. H., Canton, MA

Vose, S. S., Skowhegan, ME

Vose, S. S. & Son, Waterville, ME

Vredenburg, Calvin J., Chicago, IL

Vroman, Franklin, Delta, NY

Vuille, Huntingdon, PA



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