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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers



How are the photographers listed?


In alphabetical order by last name.

Example:  Gilbert B. Johannson is listed under "J" for Johannson.




Can I search for a photographer's name by State?


Yes.  Click on Index of Names by State at the top of the page.

Example:  If you are searching for an Alabama photographer, click on Index of Names by State and in the drop down is Alabama.  This is a list by last name only.  The Index of Names by State for Alabama will show last names of photographers active in Alabama that are listed currently on this site. These State Indices are continually in progress.

Can I search for a photographer's name by City?

Not at this time.


My photo has the words "negatives preserved" on it.


If a photographer has the words "negatives preserved" printed on the back of an image from his studio, the negatives were retained by him for future orders for copies. 

My photo has a four or more digit number on it.

This is the number given to the negative for that particular image. The number is his recording system.


Where are the negatives?


It is believed that negatives and records would have been transferred along with all cameras, equipment and stock, to the successor or buyer of a photographer’s business. Scattered evidence shows that descendants of photographers may have negatives, camera equipment and remains of a photographer’s business.

Could negatives and business records have gone to city, county or state archives, libraries or historical/genealogical societies?


Yes, possibly. Some university and college library collections and state and local historical societies have documented and searchable photo collections. Contact institutions in your city, county and state for your photographer’s location.


Local historical societies collect old photos. Some post them on the web as history and genealogy of a city or county. Search for surname (last name), city, county, and state. 

See also New England Historical and Genealogical Society, The Wisconsin Historical Society, Library of Congress and the National Archives Photo and Map Collection.





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