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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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A'Lrens, J. C. C., Monroe, LA

Aaberg, J. P., Tacoma, WA

Aaberg, John P., Seattle, WA

Aaberg, John P., Tacoma, WA

Abajian, Joseph, Troy, NY

Abate, Michael W., New Haven, CT

Abate, Pietro, Ossining, NY

Abatti, Francesco, Boston, MA

Abbett, E. R., Dayton, OH

Abbett, Edward R., Terre Haute, IN

Abbetts, Flora, IL

Abbey, Edward M., Lansing, MI

Abbott, Albany, NY

Abbott, Jackson, OH

Abbott, Morris, IL

Abbott, Union Springs, NY

Abbott & Law, Little Falls, NY

Abbott & Loring, Springfield, MA

Abbott Bros., Little Falls, NY

Abbott, Abraham, Manchester, NH

Abbott, B. S., Kennebunk, ME

Abbott, B. S., Salem, MA

Abbott, Benjamin, Portland, ME

Abbott, Benjamin S., Biddeford, ME

Abbott, Benjamin S., Haverhill, MA

Abbott, Benjamin S., Manchester, NH

Abbott, Benjamin Smith, Biddeford, ME

Abbott, C. A., Lakeview, IL

Abbott, C. E., Chicago, IL

Abbott, C. L., Alamosa, CO

Abbott, C. S., Waterville, NY

Abbott's Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

Abbott's New Gallery, Jackson, OH

Abbott's Scrim Profile Co., New York, NY

Abbott, D. E., Huntington, WV

Abbott, Darwin E., Huntington, WV

Abbott, E. R., Minneapolis MN

Abbott, Eugene, Waukesha, WI

Abbott, Fred E., Little Falls, NY

Abbott, Fremont D., Attleboro, MA

Abbott, Fremont Q., Rumford, ME

Abbott, J. C., Boonville, NY

Abbott, J. H., Albany, NY

Abbott, J. H., Chicago, IL

Abbott, J. H.  See C. E. Abbott 

Abbott, J. H. & Co., Hamilton, NY

Abbott, J. H. & J. L. Abbott, Albany, NY

Abbott, J. L., (Gloversville) Johnstown, NY

Abbott, J. L. See J. H. & J. L. Abbott 

Abbott, Jacob L., Albany, NY

Abbott, Jacob L., Gloversville, NY

Abbott, James S., Gloversville, NY

Abbott, John, Hartford, CT

Abbott, Jordan H., Albany, NY

Abbott, Jordan H., Chicago, IL

Abbott, Jordan H., Little Falls, NY

Abbott, L. L., Oxford, ME

Abbott, Lenwood, Pasadena, CA

Abbott, Lida M. (Miss), Denver, CO

Abbott, P. E., Huntington, WV

Abbott, R. R., Union Springs, Springport, NY

Abbott, Ralph R., Auburn, NY

Abbott, Ralph R., Syracuse, NY

Abbott, Richard R. T., Brooklyn, NY

Abbott, Robert A., Akron, OH

Abbott, Robert L., Sandusky, OH

Abbott, S. C., (Waterville) Sangerfield, NY

Abbott, Sylvester C., Herkimer, NY

Abbott, W. H., Little Falls, MA

Abbott, W. V., Boston, MA

Abbott, Walter V., Boston, MA

Abbott, Wesley A., Laconia, NH

Abbott, William H., Little Falls, MA

Abbott, Wm. H., Buffalo, NY

Abbott, Wm H., Little Falls, MA

Abboud, Michael, Trenton, NJ

Abdalian, Leon, Boston, MA

Abele, Jno J., Philadelphia, PA

Abele, Nicholas J., Sandusky, OH

Abele, Wm., Springfield, OH

Abele, Wm. A., Springfield, OH

Abell, Grass Valley, CA

Abell & Son, Portland, OR

Abell & Son. See Moore

Abell Studio, Portland, OR

Abell, Frank. See W. H. Towne

Abell, Frank G., Portland, OR

Abell, Frank George, Jr., Portland, OR

Abell, Joseph, Washington, DC

Abents, J. P., Lineville, IA

Abents, John, Lineville, IA

Aber, E. D., Bath, NY

Abraham, A. W., Detroit, MI

Abraham, Alfred M., Detroit, MI

Abraham, Alfred W., Detroit, MI

Abraham, Louis, New York, NY

Abrahams & Luck, Chicago, IL

Abrahams, A., Brooklyn, NY

Abrahams, Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

Abrahams, David, Brooklyn, NY

Abrahams, Julius, New York, NY

Abrahams, Julius,  Philadelphia, PA

Abrams, E. K. See J. M. Abrams

Abrams, J. M. & E. K.. Allegheny City, PA

Abrams, Lester F., Decatur, IL

Abrams, N., Adrian, MI

Abrams, R. B., Elizabeth, PA

Ackart, David, Albany, NY

Acker, Hornellsville, NY

Acker, Calvin, Chicago, IL

Acker, G. C., Bedford, IA

Acker, John, Louisville, KY

Acker, Victor, New York, NY

Ackerly, R. P. Chicago, IL

Ackerman, Clarence D., New York, NY

Ackerman, Clarence D., Paterson, NJ

Ackerman, Jacob, Louisville, KY

Ackerman, O., Boonville, NY

Ackerman, O., Copenhagen, Denmark, NY

Ackerman, Orin, Independence, IA

Acme Copying House, Norristown, PA

Acme Photo Co., Washington, DC

Actino Photograph Car. See S. P. Burgert
Adair, Frank, Indianapolis, IN

Adair, G. F., Los Angeles, CA

Adalman, Harry, New York, NY

Adams, Worcester, MA

Adams. See Baxter & Adams

Adams. See Childs & Adams

Adams. See Cronin & Adams

Adams Daguerreotype Rooms, Worcester, MA

Adams Gallery. See G. P. Critcherson

Adams Gallery. See I. A. Collins

Adams & Hotchkiss, St. Johnsville, NY

Adams & Knight, Worcester, MA

Adams & Schmidt Photo Co., Anniston, AL

Adams, A. A., Lawrence, KS

Adams, A. W., Decorab, IA

Adams, B., Flint, MI

Adams, C. W., Whitehall, NY

Adams, Charles A., Gardner, MA

Adams, Charles A., Pawtucket, RI

Adams, Charles H., Boston, MA

Adams, Charles W., Springfield, VT

Adams, Curtis W., Whitehall, NY

Adams, D. O. See Murdock

Adams, Daniel, Lapeer, MI

Adams, E., Gloucester, MA

Adams, E., Wilmington, VT

Adams, E. S., Cincinnati, OH

Adams, E. S., Harrison, Hamilton, OH

Adams, Edward, Wichita, KS

Adams, Edward T., New Orleans, LA

Adams, Frank F., Portland, ME

Adams, G., Worcester, MA

Adams, G. See I. A. Collins

Adams, Geo., Worcester, MA

Adams, George, Sidney, IA

Adams, George, Uxbridge, MA

Adams, George S. A., Worcester, MA

Adams, H. C., Worcester, MA

Adams, Henry C., Worcester, MA

Adams, Irving. See Centennial

Adams, J., Waterloo, NY

Adams, J. M., Elgin IL

Adams, J. S., Boston, MA

Adams, J. W., Culpepper, VA

Adams, Jas., Elmore, Ottawa, OH

Adams, John M., Elgin, IL

Adams, John M., Terre Haute, IN

Adams, Jos., Cincinnati, OH

Adams, Joseph, Contoocock, Hopkinton, NH

Adams, Joseph H., New York, NY

Adams, M. H., Augusta, AR

Adams, O. R., Sac City, IA

Adams, Orlando F., Rutland, VT

Adams, R. D., Binghamton, NY

Adams, R. F., St. Louis, MO

Adams, Rodney F., St. Louis, MO

Adams, S. E. (Mrs.), Davis City, IA

Adams, S. F., New Bedford, MA

Adams, S. P., Adams, NY

Adams, Stephen F., New Bedford, CT

Adams, W. G., Franklin, MA

Adams, Walter S., Chicago, IL

Adams Bros. Lawrence, Douglas Co., KS

Adams' Gallery. See G. P. Critcherson

Adamson, N. M., Omaha, NE

Adamson, Nathan M., South Omaha, NE

Adamson, Wm., St. Paul, MN

Addis, A. S., Leavenworth City, KS,

Addis, Amos, Philadelphia, PA

Addis, Amos A., Philadelphia, PA

Addis, R. W., Washington, DC

Addis, Robert W., Lancaster, PA

Addis, Robert W., New York, NY

Addleman, J. P., Eaton, Preble, OH

Ade, Richard A., Philadelphia, PA

Adelman, Sarah, New York, NY

Adelsohn, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Adgate, Theodore, Austin, TX

Adgate, Theodore, New Braunfels, TX

Adkins, Albert, Cleveland, OH

Adler. See Duckett & Adler

Adlingon Studio, Viroqua, WI

Adt & Bro., Waterbury, CT

Adt & Brother, Naugatuck, CT

Adt, Alfred, Naugatuck, CT

Adt, Alfred A., Waterbury, CT

Advance Press Service Assn, New York, NY

Advertisers' Photographing Co., Chicago, IL

Advertisers Service Association, New York, NY

Adwall, M., Sarahsville, Noble, OH

Aerne, Robert C., Belt, MT

Aerograph Co of America, Los Angeles, CA

Agler, D. E., St. Mary's, OH

Agler, D. E., Van Wert, OH

Agnew, C. D., Creston, IA

Ahern, John, Chicago, IL

Ahgalstein, Andrew, Brooklyn, NY

Ahlborn, Chicago, IL

Ahlborn, William J., Chicago, IL

Ahrens, Fred, Tarrytown, NY

Ahrens, John, Yonkers, NY

Ahrens, John C., Yonkers, NY

Aiken, Frank J., Cambridge, MA

Aiken, J. M., Ware, MA

Aikin, Evanston, IL

Ainger, J. B., Johnstown, OH

Ainger, J. B., Youngstown, OH

Ainsworth, Perly, Cape Vincent, NY

Ajasee Mfg Co., New York, NY

Akasbi, T. K., Los Angeles, CA

Akers. See Haley & Akers

Akens, N., Bloody Run, PA

Akin, B. E., Los Angeles, CA

Akin, C., Evanston, IL

Aland. See Criley & Aland

Albany Portrait Society.  See Gilbert L. Pearsall

Albee. See Webster & Albee

Albee & Flannery, Marlboro', MA

Albee, A. E., Athol, MA

Albee, Arthur E., Torrington, CT

Albee, M. H., Marlboro', MA

Albee, M. H., Marlborough, MA

Albee, S. V., Pittsburgh, PA

Albee, Seth V. (Mrs.), Jacksonville, FL

Albee, Theodore, Pine Run, MI

Albee, W. C., Tacoma, WA

Albanzio & Caruso, New York, NY

Albenzio & Caruso. See Giustine Caruso

Albert, A., Ashtabula, OH

Albertson & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Albertson, James, Philadelphia, PA

Albertson, T. E., Chicago, IL

Albertus, M. E., New York, NY

Albertype Co., Brooklyn, NY


Albright. See Wooster & Albright

Albright, F. L., Albuquerque, NM

Albright, M. L., Urbana, IL

Albright, M. L., Urbana, Champaign, OH

Albright Bros.  See Charles Gasche

Aldens, Boston, MA

Alden Photograph Co., Providence, RI

Alden, A. E., Boston, MA

Alden, A. E., Providence, RI

Alden, A. E., Saratoga Springs, NY

Alden, A. E., Springfield, MA

Alden, A. E., Troy, NY

Alden, A. E. & A. J., Springfield, MA

Alden, A. J., Springfield, MA

Alden, A. Judson, Providence, RI

Alden, Augustus E., Boston, MA

Alden, Augustus E., Providence, RI

Alden, Augustus E., Springfield, MA

Alden, Augustus E., Troy, NY

Alden, Edward D., Boston, MA

Alden, John A., San Francisco, CA

Alderdice, Charles W., New York, NY

Alderman, S. L., Wilmington, NC

Aldheimer, Geo. S.

Aldrich, Adrian, MI

Aldrich. See Bolton & Aldrich

Aldrich. See Hook & Aldrich

Aldrich & Walden, Adams, MA

Aldrish, A. W., Adrian, MI

Aldrich, B. L. Jr., Tacoma, WA

Aldrich, G. H., Barnet, VT

Aldrich, Geo. H., Barnet, VT

Aldrich, George H., Barnet, VT,

Aldrich, H. B., Catskill, NY

Aldridge. See Hook & Aldridge

Aldridge, Geo, Topeka, KS

Aldridge, George, Topeka, KS

Alesworth, John, Apponaug, Warwick, RI

Alexander, Texarkana, AR

Alexander, Trenton, NJ

Alexander & Stevens, Morristown, NJ

Alexander, D., Poultney, VT

Alexander, David, Poultney, VT

Alexander, Daniel G., Arlington, MA

Alexander, Daniel, Morristown, NJ

Alexander, F. E., Albia, IA

Alexander, J. B., East Birmingham, PA

Alexander, J. B., Pittsburgh, PA

Alexander, J. W., Pittsburgh, PA

Alford. See Diehl & Alford

Alford, B. S., Little Rock, AR

Alford, Byron S., Little Rock, AR

Alford, S. J., Pleasant, Putnam, OH

Alger, I. F., Winchendon, MA

Alger, Israel F., Winchendon, MA

Alhambra Photo Studio, New York, NY

Alie. See Rochefort & Alie

Alirti, Calcedonio, Boston, MA

Allard, A. C. S., Chesterfield, Morgan, OH

Allderidge, W.

Allderige, Naugatuck, CT

Allderige, Waterbury, CT

Allderige, F. W., New Britain, CT

Allderige, F. W.  See William H. Ellis

Allderige, J. W., Waterbury, CT

Allderige, William, Plainville, CT

Allen, Boston, MA

Allen, Philadelphia, PA

Allen. See Berne-Allen

Allen. See Wing & Allen

Allen & Horton, Boston, MA

Allen & Rowell, Boston, MA

Allen's New Art Rooms, Dexter, MI

Allen, A. M., Pottsville, PA

Allen, Arthur, Omaha, NE

Allen, Bertram, Jersey City, NJ

Allen, C. H., Davenport, IA

Allen, C. O., New York, NY

Allen, C. Orlo, New York, NY

Allen, C. V., Boston, MA

Allen, Charles, Claremont, NH
Allen, Charles, Detroit, MI
Allen, Charles C., Orlando, FL
Allen, Charles H., Jackson, MI
Allen, Charles H., Jackson, MS
Allen, Charles Orlo, New York, NY
Allen, Chester, Keene, NH
Allen, E. H., Bradford, VT
Allen, E. L., Boston, MA
Allen, Edw. L., Boston, MA

Allen, Edw. L. See Allen & Rowell

Allen, Eliphas, Bradford, VT

Allen, Eliphas H., Bradford, VT

Allen, F., Catskill, NY

Allen, F. W., Detroit, MI

Allen, Francis, Atchison, KS

Allen, Francis, (Delaware Co.,), Franklin, NY

Allen, Frank, Belleville, Ellisburgh, NY

Allen, Frank, Catskill, NY

Allen, Frank W., Detroit, MI

Allen, George F., Montville, ME

Allen, George L., Henniker, NH

Allen, Harry N., Lewiston, ME

Allen, Harvey, Galveston, TX

Allen, Henry S., Factory Point, VT

Allen, Herbert W., Rochester, NY

Allen, J. H., South Thomaston, ME

Allen, J. O., Dayton, Montgomery, OH

Allen, J. W., Table Rock, NE

Allen, James M., Boonville, IN

Allen, John, New York, NY

Allen, John C., Lafayette, IN

Allen, Jonas, Saxtons River, VT

Allen, Jonas, Wardsboro, VT

Allen, Jonathan, (Fort Plain) Minden, NY

Allen, Jonathan, New York, NY

Allen, Louis E., Rochester, NY

Allen, M., Pottsville, PA

Allen, M. (Mrs.), Norwalk, Huron, OH

Allen, M. D., Fitchburg, MA 

Allen, M. H., Sandy Creek, NY#

Allen, N. E., Dexter, MI
Allen, Norman E., Jackson, MI
Allen, R. R., Detroit, MI
Allen, Rata (Miss), Baker, OR
Allen Robert R., Detroit, MI
Allen, W. F., East Jeffery, NH

Allen, W. F., Winchendon, VT

Allen, W. R., Galesburg, IL

Allen, W. T., Leominster, MA

Allen, W. W., Dryden, NY

Allen, Warren F., Bradford, VT

Allen, Warren F., East Jaffrey, Jaffrey, NH

Allen, Warren P., Gardner, MA

Allen, William H., Buffalo, NY

Allen, William W., Chicago, IL

Allen, Wm. T., Leominster, MA

Allentuck, Harry, Worcester, MA

Aller, Carl, Detroit, MI

Aller, H. C., Lambertville, NJ

Allert, Mrs., Studio, Barrett, MN

Allerton, Port Jervis, NY

Alley, E. A., Toledo, Lucas, OH

Alley, E. H.

Alley, G. H., Toledo, Lucas, OH

Alley, H. F., Beverly

Allgeier Co., The, Chicago, IL

Allgier, F. X., Syracuse, NY

Allison & Son, Wichita, KS

Allison, A. J., Noblesville, IN

Allison, Charles H., Wichita, KS

Allison, Charles M., Wichita, KS

Allison, J. B., Bloomington, IN

Allison, James B., Wichita, KS

Allison, Joseph B., Philadelphia, PA

Allison, William, Kingsessing, PA

Allman, H. C., Philadelphia, PA

Allman, Henry C., Philadelphia, PA

Allsworth, Samuel, Pocatello, ID

Alman & Co., New York, NY

Alman, L., New York, NY

Alman, Louis, Newport, RI

Almond, Thomas W., Louisville, KY

Almstaedt, Isaac, New Brighton, NY

Almy. See Pohlson & Almy

Almy, Perry, Williamson, NY

Alschuler, S., Chicago, IL

Alschuler, Samuel, Chicago, IL

Alsen, N. & C., Shreveport, LA

Alsever & Bentley, Pulaski, NY

Alsever & Bentley, Pulaski, Richland, NY

Alsop Studios, Chicago, IL

Alfter & Graff, Philadelphia, PA

Alster, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Alt, Frank H., Chicago, IL

Alt, Frank H. See J. I. Austen & Co.

Altenburg, Buffalo, NY

Alter, Charles F., Camp Point, IL

Alter, David, Green Castle, PA

Alter, E. A., Johnstown, PA

Althof, Herman, Chicago, IL

Altman, Carl E., New Haven, CT

Altman, Charles A., New Haven, CT

Altman, David, New York, NY

Altman, Ray, Battle Creek, MI

Altman, S. A., Felicity, Clermont, OH

Alton Photograph Gallery. See E. H. Breath

Alvird, D. M., Kenosha, WI

Alvord & Co., Detroit, MI

Alvord & Co. See Anthony F. Godfrey

Alvord, C. A., Portland, OR 

Alvord, Charles A., Portland, OR

Alvord, Charles A.  See Hughes & Alvord

Alvord, Charles A.  See J. Frank Frazier & Co.

Am Art Co., New York, NY

Am. Art Gallery (The), Brooklyn, NY

Am Ferrotype Co., New York, NY

Am Photo & Crayon Co., New York, NY

Am Photo Enlargement Co., New York, NY

Am Photo Player Co., New York, NY

Am Photo Printing Co., New York, NY

Am. Phototype Co., New York, NY

Am Rotogravure Co., New York, NY

Am Stereoscopic Co., New York, NY

Am Studio, New York, NY

Amaru, P., Boston, MA

Amateur Photographic Co., New York, NY

Ambuter, D. A., Boston, MA

American Daguerrean Gallery. See H. Hopper

American Eagle Portrait Co., Cleveland, OH

American Minute Photo Co., Chicago, IL

American Photo Service, Los Angeles, CA

American Picture Gallery. See A. E. Alden

American Solar Print Co.,  Philadelphia, PA

American Studio, Boston, MA

American View Co., Cincinnati, OH

Ames, Chicago, IL

Ames, New York, NY

Ames, Arthur E., Chicago, IL

Ames, George W., Lynn, MA

Ames, James T., Cincinnati, OH

Ames, L. P., New York, NY

Amesbury, S. P., Adams, NY

Amesbury, Stiles P., Adams, NY

Amey & Lemer, Harrisburg, PA

Amrein, K. F., Norman, OK

Anable, Leland, IL

Anable, T. M., Leland, IL

Andersen, Redwood Falls, MN

Andersen, J. S., Rockford, IL

Andersen, N. B., Redwood Falls, MN

Andersen, P., Shelby, IA

Anderson, Charleston, SC

Anderson, Haverhill

Anderson, Lynchburg, VA

Anderson, New York NY

Anderson, Richmond, VA

Anderson, Rockford, IL

Anderson, Springfield, IL

Anderson & Blessing, New Orleans, LA

Anderson, & Turner, New Orleans, LA

Anderson, A., St. Paul, MN

Anderson, A. W., Haverhill, MA

Anderson, Alexander, Chicago, IL

Anderson, Alfred, Kennett Square, PA

Anderson, Alfred T., Kearney, NE

Anderson, Alfred W., Haverhill, MA

Anderson, Alma W., St. Anthony, ID

Anderson, Axel, Chicago, IL

Anderson, Ben, Red Oak, IA

Anderson, C. M., Sioux City, IA

Anderson, Carl W., Denver, CO

Anderson, Charles, Bloomington, IL

Anderson, Charles P., Chicago, IL

Anderson, Charles W., Denver, CO

Anderson, D. H., Norfolk, VA

Anderson, D. H., Richmond, VA

Anderson, D. H. & Co., New York, NY

Anderson, D. R., Cumberland Valley, PA

Anderson, David H., Richmond, VA

Anderson, David H., New York, NY

Anderson, E., Des Moines, IA

Anderson, E. H., Easton, MD

Anderson, Earl B., Lincoln, NE

Anderson, Edwd H., Easton, MD

Anderson, Edward H., Easton, MD

Anderson, Emma (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Anderson, Frank, Galesburg, IL

Anderson, G. E., Salt Lake City, UT

Anderson, G. L., Cincinnati, OH

Anderson, George E., Salt Lake City, UT

Anderson, George, Norwich, CT

Anderson, H. A., Forest City, IA

Anderson, H. L., Springfield, IL

Anderson, Henry J., Newark, NJ

Anderson, J., Cadillac

Anderson, J. A., Chicago, IL

Anderson, J. H., Charleston, SC

Anderson, J. H. See Frank A. Nowell

Anderson, J. S., Racine, WI

Anderson, J. S., Rockford, IL

Anderson, J. August, Denver, CO

Anderson, John, Antonio, TX

Anderson, John, Cadillac, Western MI

Anderson, John M., Oxford, Butler, OH

Anderson, Joseph H., Charleston, SC

Anderson, Josephine B. (Miss). Denver, CO

Anderson, Justinus, Middletown, CT

Anderson, Justinus, Waterbury, CT

Anderson, L., Springfield, IL

Anderson, L. B., Denver, CO

Anderson, L. S., Springfield, IL

Anderson, P., Kimballton, IA

Anderson, P. G., Redfield, Dakota Territory

Anderson, P. S., New Orleans, LA

Anderson, Peter, Kimballton, IA

Anderson, Peter S., New Orleans, LA

Anderson, Ralph C., San Francisco, CA

Anderson, Roy, Rexburg, ID

Anderson, S., Houston, TX

Anderson, S., New Orleans, LA

Anderson, S. L. See Roy Anderson

Anderson, Samuel, Houston, TX

Anderson, Samuel, New Orleans, LA

Anderson, Samuel. See Elias E. George

Anderson, Stanley L., Rexburg, ID

Anderson, T. W., Crestline, Crawford, OH

Anderson, W. C., Des Moines, IA

Anderson, W. M., Cadillac, MI

Anderson's Photo Co., Chicago, IL

Anderson's Saloon, Haverhill, MA

Anderstrom, L. L., Bristol, RI

André, Pottstown, PA

Andre, J. C., Buffalo, NY

Andresen, James M., Helena, MT

Andrew & Carson, Hillsdale, MI

Andrew, J., Atchison, KS

Andrew, J., Boston, MA

Andrew, Jos. A., New York, NY

Andrew, Joseph A., New York, NY

Andrew, Joseph A., Syracuse, NY

Andrew, Lewis, Mt Pleasant, PA

Andrew, Reuben L., Grand Rapids, MI

Andrew, W. P., Phenix Village, RI

Andrew, Warren P., Phenix Village, RI

Andrews, Boston, MA

Andrews. See Smith & Andrews

Andrews & Ives, Hillsdale, MI

Andrews Studio, Laconia, NH

Andrews Studio. See Wesley A. Abbott

Andrews, Chester D., Laconia, NH

Andrews, Christopher S., New Bedford, MA

Andrews, E. C., Seneca Falls, NY

Andrews, Edwin C., Seneca Falls, NY

Andrews, F. W. & W. D., New Bedford, MA

Andrews, Frank, Pitcher, NY

Andrews, Fred. W., New Bedford, MA

Andrews, Frederic W., New Bedford, MA

Andrews, Frederick W., New Bedford, MA

Andrews, George, Saugatuck, MI

Andrews, H. L., Lincoln, NE

Andrews, James, New Orleans, LA

Andrews, James, New Orleans, LA

Andrews, John D., Boston, MA

Andrews, L. W., Greensboro, NC

Andrews, Launcelot E., Buffalo, NY

Andrews, Nathan E., Utica, NY

Andrews, Reuben L. See Andrews & Ives

Andrews, W. D. See F. W. & W. D. Andrews

Andrie, Charles H., Brooklyn, NY

Andrie, George, Brooklyn, NY

Andrie, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Andros, B. R., Bowdoinham, ME

Andrus, Udell, Cleveland, OH

Andruss, William B. (Mrs.), Amboy, IL

Angel, William J., St. Clair, MI

Angell, Diehl & Co., Detroit, MI

Angle, D. G. C., Clinton, NJ

Anglin & Randall, Atlanta, GA

Anninos, Panajes, San Francisco, CA

Anninos, Peter, San Francisco, CA

Ansalone, Emanuel, New York, NY

Anschuetz, Leo., Boscobel, WI

Anschutz, H. M., Keokuk, IA

Anschutz, Herman M., Keokuk, IA

Ansher, Louis, Chicago, IL

Ansley, B. S., Los Angeles, CA

Anson, R., New York, NY

Anthe, Frank, Cincinnati, OH

Anthony. See Hough & Anthony

Anthony, C. E., Weedsport, NY

Anthony, E. & H. T., New York, NY

Anthony, E. & H. T. & Co., Hoboken, NJ

Anthony, Edward N., New Haven, CT

Anthony, John R., New Haven, CT

Antoofian, P., Norwich, CT

Antoofian, Peter, Norwich, CT

Antovil, Michael, New York, NY

Antrim, John A., Washington, DC

Apeda Studio, New York, NY

Apex, The, Dallas, TX

Apfel, Henry, Shell Rock, IA

Apfel, Henry Jr., Chicago, IL

Apgar, Leavitt S., Brooklyn, NY

Apgar, Sanderson L., Brooklyn, NY

Apgar, W. A., Somerville, NJ

Apisdorf, Max, New York, NY

Apollo Studio Inc, New York, NY

Appel, Gustav R., Denver, CO

Appelquest, G. H., Middletown, CT

Appleby, R. B., Rochester, NY

Applegate, Philadelphia, PA

Applegate & Blondin, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Applegate, J. G., Philadelphia, PA

Applegate, J. R., Philadelphia, PA

Applegate, J. W., Portland, OR

Applegate, James R., Philadelphia, PA

Applegate, Oscar R., Trenton, NJ

Applequest, G. H., Middletown, CT

Applequest, Gideon H., Middletown, CT

Applequest, Gideon H., Portland, CT

Appleton. See Courtney & Appleton

Appleton. See James F. Ryder

Appleton & Co., New York, NY

Appleton, D. & Co., New York, NY

Appleton, Wm. R., Lynn, MA

Aquaviva, Pasquale, New York, NY

Arakelyan, S., Boston, MA

Arams. See Munday & Arams

Araujo, Daniel J., Fall River, MA

Arcade Studio, Tampa, FL

Arcade. See Hart

Archambault, L. G. H., Fall River, MA

Archambeault, Lewis, Boston, MA

Archambeault, S., Worcester, MA

Archer and McCleary, Pleasant City, OH

Archer, Andrew, Ararat, PA

Archer, Howard, Philadelphia, PA

Archer, John R., Houston, TX

Archer, Sam'l, New York, NY

Archibald, David Gray, New York, NY

Arcouet, Aurora, IL

Arcouet, C., Aurora, IL

Ardron, Samuel, Poughkeepsie, NY

Arens, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Arganbright, What Cheer, IA

Arganbright, C. W., What Cheer, IA

Argerbright, Solomon A., Chicago, IL

Argo, Lindsay, Ryerson's Station, PA

Aristo Studio, Chicago, IL

Arizona Gallery. See A. M. Feldman

Arjay Color Photo Process Inc., New York, NY

Arlington. See C. Monroe West

Arlington Studio, Minneapolis, MN

Armand & Co., New York, NY

Armand, C. F., Lynn, MA

Armand, Edward F., Portland, ME

Armantrout Bros., Guthrie

Arme, August, Brooklyn, NY

Armen, A. H., Boston, MA

Armiger, Woodberry, MD

Armour, William A., Boston, MA

Armour, Wm. A., Boston, MA

Arms, Frank C., Grand Ledge, MI

Arms, Frank C., Grand Rapids, MI

Arms, Howard, Plainville, CT

Armsbury, S. P., Adams, NY

Armsbury, Stiles P., Adams, NY

Armstead.  See Elliott & Armstead

Armstead, G. W., Columbus, Franklin, OH

Armstrong, Chicago, IL

Armstrong, Rockford, IL

Armstrong.  See Harkullas & Armstrong

Armstrong & Lunn, Seattle, WA

Armstrong, Andrew, Union, NY

Armstrong, Edward L., Covington, KY

Armstrong, F. A., Tampa, FL

Armstrong, Frank A., Tampa, FL

Armstrong, James, Fowlerville, MI

Armstrong, James S., Memphis, TN

Armstrong, John, Boston, MA

Armstrong, John Ferguson, Rockford, IL

Armstrong, John W., Chatham, IL

Armstrong, Nettie, Philadelphia, PA

Armstrong, Nettie G., Philadelphia, PA

Armstrong, Samuel M., Chicago, IL

Armstrong, U. F., Belleville, Richland, OH

Armstrong, W., Randolph, NY

Armstrong, W. A., Milwaukee, WI

Armstrong, Will, Boston, MA

Armstrong, Wm. A., Milwaukee, WI

Armstrong, Wm. E., Milwaukee, WI

Armstrong Cabinet Portrait, Milwaukee, WI

Armstrong's Broadway Gallery, Milwaukee., WI

Arner, John, Shippen, PA

Arnett, H. C., Alger, OH

Arnold, Brooklyn, NY

Arnold, San Luis Obispo, CA

Arnold. See Epler & Arnold

Arnold & Hendrick, Ballston Spa, NY

Arnold, A., Harts Falls, Schaghticoke, NY

Arnold, Alexander, Brooklyn, NY

Arnold, Alonzo H., Omaha, NE

Arnold, Alexander, Brooklyn, NY

Arnold, Andrew J., New York, NY

Arnold, C. E., Dallas, TX

Arnold, Charles D., Brooklyn, NY

Arnold, Dacre T., Philadelphia, PA

Arnold, John S., Downington, Meigs, OH

Arnold, Lyndon, Lyndon, VT

Arnold, S. C., Ottawa, OH

Arnold, Samuel, Montpelier, OH

Arnold, T. J.  See J. S. Wooley

Arnout, Jas. M., New York, NY

Aronow, D. L., New York, NY

Aronow, David L., New York, NY

Aronstein & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Arrah, Antheonia, Garfield, IA

Arrasmith, Muncie, IN

Arrico, Frank, Cincinnati, OH

Arshawsky, Harry, New York, NY

Art Photo & Process Co., New York, NY

Art Photo Studios. See Silvestro Caruso

Art Studio, Newton, IL

Art Studio, The, Ottawa, KS

Arthur. See Howe & Arthur

Arthur & Philbric, Detroit, MI

Arthur & Philbrick, Detroit, MI

Arthur & Philbrick, Toledo, OH

Arthur, A. D. See S. J. Arthur

Arthur, Edward W., Brooklyn, NY

Arthur, James, Detroit, MI

Arthur, S. J. & A. D., New York, NY

Artical Syndicate, New York, NY

Artists' Co-operative Portrait House, Indianapolis, IN

Artists Photo Service Co., Chicago, IL

Artotype Co., Newport, RI

Artura Studio, Trenton, NJ

Arvidson, Karin, Boston, MA

Arwe, August, Brooklyn, NY

Ash, Wm., New York, NY

Ashbaucher, B., Bluffton, IN

Asher, Robt H., Nellie, CA

Asher's Opposition Gallery, Sacramento, CA

Asheville Art Parlors. See Ralph P. De Vault

Ashurst, James, Charleston, SC

Ashley. See Laws & Ashley

Ashley, L. C., San Francisco, CA

Ashman, Wm, Baltimore, MD

Ashmead, Mary B., New York, NY

Ashton. See Crabtree & Ashton

Ashton, Alexis, Lincoln, NE

Ashton, Clarice E., Lincoln, NE

Ashton, Harry B., Indianapolis, OH

Ashton, Henry B., Cincinnati, OH

Ashton, W. W., Defiance, Defiance, OH

Askey, H. F., Elliott, IA

Askey, H. F., Red Oak, IA

Askren, I. M., Casey, IA

Askren, Isaac M., Des Moines, IA

Asnon, Alexander, Elizabeth, NJ

Asnon, Alexander F., Elizabeth, NJ

Aspen, John W., Philadelphia, PA

Aspinwall, Arthur B., East Providence, RI

Asplund, New York, NY

Asquith, Thomas, New York, NY

Assalante, Alf, New York, NY

Assalante, Anthony, New York, NY

Astley. See Hogle and Astley

Astor Photo Studio, New York, NY

Astro Laboratory, New York, NY

Astrom, Brockton, MA

Atcherson, C. E., Atchison, KS

Atchley, Rockford, IL

Atchley, A. S., Rockford, IL

Atencio, J. M., Velarde, NM

Athanas Bros., Chicago, IL

Atherton & Wolfe, Reed City, MI

Atherton, H. M., Davenport, IA

Atherton, H. M., Salina, KS

Atherton, H. W., Topeka, KS

Atherton, Wm R., Detroit, MI

Atkin, Frank M., Billings, MT

Atkins, Kalamazoo, MI

Atkins, E. M., Chicago, IL

Atkins, Edgar M., Chicago, IL

Atkins, Joseph, Warren, CT

Atkins, Joshua, Brooklyn, NY

Atkinson & Osterhout, Indianapolis, IN

Atkinson. See Littlefield & Atkinson

Atkinson, Adelbert. See Littlefield & Atkinson

Atkinson, C. W., Quincy, IL

Atkinson, G., Kansas City, KS

Atkinson, G. T., Kansas City, KS

Atkinson, George, Kansas City, KS

Atkinson, Geo. F., Brockton, MA

Atkinson, George F., Brockton, MA

Atkinson, J. P., Frankfort Springs, PA

Atkinson, Maguma. See W. R. Atkinson

Atkinson, R. E., Palmyra, NY

Atkinson, W. R., Des Moines, IA

Atkinson, William R. See W. R. Atkinson

Atkinson, William D., Philadelphia, PA

Atkinson Bros, Des Moines, IA

Atkinson Bros, Pittsburgh, PA

Atlas Photo Copy, Chicago, IL

Atlas Photo Copy Co., Chicago, IL

Atlas Studio, The, Chicago, IL

Atwater, St. Louis, MO

Atwater, Bertram A., Chicago, IL

Atwater, Henry H., Brooklyn, NY

Atwater, J., Angelica, NY

Atwell, Harry A., Chicago, IL

Atwood. See Lape's

Atwood, New York, NY

Atwood, Georgetown, OH

Atwood & Montgomery, New York, NY

Atwood, E. Adams (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Atwood, Fred W., Wilmington, DE

Atwood, Geo. A., Paraclifta, AR

Atwood, L., Fairfax, VT

Atwood, L. A., Burlington, VT

Atwood, L. A. See C. N. Dutton

Atwood, Lorenzo A., Burlington, VT

Aubert, Andrew J., Chicago, IL

Auchmoody, D. J., Kingston, NY

Auchmoody, David J., Kingston, NY

Auchmoody, David J., Rondout, Kingston, NY

Augarten, Nathan, New York, NY

Aulabaugh, A. L. See John J. Hersh

Auld, J. J., Cedar Falls, IA

Aulds, H. N. (Mrs.), Eaton Rapids, MI

Aune, Portland, OR

Aune. See Daniel L. Johnson

Aurbacher, Matthew N., St. Louis, MO

Aurora Photo Studio, Trenton, NJ

Austen, J. I & Co., Chicago, IL

Austen, John, Oswego, NY

Austen, John, Syracuse, NY

Austen, S., Oswego, NY

Austen, Samuel, Albany, NY

Austen, Samuel, Oswego, NY

Austen, Samuel, Syracuse, NY

Austin. See Bowdish, Ray & Austin

Austin & Hawks, Springfield, MA

Austin, A. C., Nashua, NH

Austin, Alice, Boston, MA

Austin, Charles H., Corydon, IA

Austin, E. E., Rochester, VT

Austin, E. H., Austin, MN

Austin, Edward C., Reading, PA

Austin, Edwin E., Bethel, VT

Austin, Edwin E., Rochester, VT

Austin, J. P., Cedar Falls, IA

Austin, N. M. Studio

Austin, Samuel, Oswego, NY

Austin, W. B., Charleston, SC

Austin, William B., Charleston, SC

Austin, Wm B., Charleston, SC

Auter, John, New York, NY

Auto Photo Studio, Youngstown, OH

Auxer, George H., Marietta, PA

Avery & Potter, Tacoma, WA

Avery, A. S., Morris, NY

Avery, D. L. Naples, NY

Avery, Delos, Naples, NY

Avery, Eugene, Tacoma, WA

Avery, Percy S., Boise, ID

Avery, R. E., Pulaski, Richland, NY

Avery, R. S., Jay, NY

Avery Photo Serice, Boston, MA

Axtell & Bishop, Indianapolis, IN

Axtell, John W., Indianapolis, IN

Ayer, George, Augusta, ME

Ayer, George F., Portland, ME

Ayer, George O., Boston, MA

Ayer, L. E., Boston, MA

Ayers, Jersey City, NJ

Ayers, C. Erwin, Montpelier, VT

Ayers, E. M., Hoboken, NJ

Ayers, Edgar M., Hoboken, NJ

Ayers, Edgar M., Jersey City, NJ

Ayers, Perry, Lake View, IA

Aylesworth, N. O., New Berlin, NY

Ayres, Alba, Wichita, KS

Ayres, W. C., Estherville, IA

Azevedo & Co., John, New Bedford, MA

Azevedo, John V., New Bedford, MA



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"



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