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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter L that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers L in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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L'Estrange, Thomas, Boston, MA

La Barnes, Herbert B., New Haven, CT

La Berg, Hattie, Bourbon, IN

La Chapelle, Camille, Philadelphia, PA

La Fayette Studio, San Francisco, CA

La Forge, J. E., Elizabeth, NJ

La Luna Studio, Tucson, AZ

La Pine, Alpena, MI

La Roche & Co., Seattle, WA

La Roe, C. R., Providence, RI

La Tier, J. D., Waterloo, IA

LaBarre, I. D., Whitehall, NY

Labe, Erastus P., Rockland, ME

Labelle, Israel, Holyoke, MA

Labreche, John, Fall River, MA

Labrecque, Joseph, St. Albans, VT

Lacey, F. M., Indianapolis, IN

Lacey, Frank M., Indianapolis, IN

Lacey, Sarah (Mrs.), Grandview, IA

LaChappelle & Sweeney, Chicago, IL

Lachapelle, Camille, Philadelphia, PA

Lachman, Pottstown, PA

Lachman & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Lachman, G. W., Mechanicsburg, PA

Lachman, Isaac S., Philadelphia, PA

Lachman, Isaac S., Pottstown, PA

Lackey, M., Gilman, IL

Lacy, Clarence A., Dallas, TX

Ladd, Muskegon, MI

Ladd. See Diehl, Ladd & Co.

Ladd & Pringle, Fredonia, NY

Ladd, Burrell, Detroit, MI 

Ladd, Burrell W., Muskegon, MI

Ladd, Burrell W. See Diehl, Ladd & Co.

Ladd, Burwell W., Detroit, MI

Ladd, Charles A., Muskegon, MI

Ladd, Henry E., Haverhill, MA

Ladd, Leander, Summer Hill, NY

Ladow, Chauncey L., Conquest, NY

Lady. See B. Lewis & Lady

LaFar, David R., Charleston, SC

LaFar, David Robertson, Charleston, SC

Lafayette, Jay, Jacksonville, FL

Lagacy, Joseph, Burrillville, RI

Lagasse, Joseph, Burrillville, RI

Lage, William A., New York, NY

Lagerborg. See Samain & Lagerborg

LaGrou, Maurice H., Detroit, MI

Laidler. See Howard & Laidler

Laidler. See Upham & Laidler

Laighton, John, Norwich, CT

Laighton, Wm S., Norwich, CT

Laighton Bros, Norwich, CT

Laine, D. J., Waco, TX

Lainer, Charles, San Francisco, CA

Laisy, Edward W., Armstrong, IA

Lak, S. S., Prentice, WI

Lake & Holcomb, Garrettsville, OH

Lake, E. L. (Mrs.), Erie, KS

Lake, J. W., Bloomington, IL

Lake, John, Port Richmond, NY

Lake, John E., Port Rich, NY

Lake, S. J., Ogden, UT

Lake, S. J., St. Paul, MN

Lake Photo Print Co., Chicago, IL

Lakeside Photographic Co., Chicago, IL

Lakin, J. H., Montgomery, AL

Lakin, J. H., Selena, AL

Lakin, Jas H., Selena, AL

Laley, Leo H., Baltimore, MD

Lallance, Charles N., Barboursville, WV

Lallance, Charles N., Ravenswood, WV

Lalumia. See Farach & Lalumia

Lamarche, B. P., Chicago, IL

LaMarsh. See Truesdell, S. W., B. LaMarsh

Lamb. See McAlpin & Lamb

Lamb, C. F., Southbridge, MA

Lamb, Colby, Lynn, MA

Lamb, Restore B., Paterson, NJ

Lambden, John, Chicago, IL

Lamberson, D. H., Galena, IL

Lambert. See Matthews & Lambert

Lambert. See Woodruff & Lambert

Lambert, B. E., Cincinnati, OH

Lambert, Charles, Lanesborough, MN

Lamblin, Centralia, IL

Lambrecht, F. R. See Fred Bossler

Lamereaux, R. P., Easton, PA

Laming, J. W., Boston, MA

Lamm, Henrietta, New York, NY

Lammon, Benjamin B., Grass Lake, MI

Lamon, David, Albany, NY

Lamon, W. H., Lawrence, KS

Lamont, F. L., Pottsville, PA

Lamoreaux, R. P., Allentown, PA

Lamoreux, R. P., Allentown, PA

Lamoreux, Allentown, PA

Lamoreux, R. P., Springfield, OH

Lamprecht, Robert W., New York, NY

Lamprey, M. S., Concord, NH

Lamprey, M. S., Fisherville, NH

Lamprey, M. S., Penacook, NH

Lamprey, Maurice S., Fisherville, NH

Lamphrey's, Penacook, NH

Lampron, F. F., Lowell, MA

Lampron, Fred F., Torrington, CT

Lampson, Fred F., Winsted, CT

Lamson, Portland, ME

Lamson, A. F., Chelsea, MA

Lamson, A. L., Lynn, MA

Lamson, Alvan F., Chelsea, MA

Lamson, Geo. L., Lafargeville, NY

Lamson, J. H., Pasadena, CA

Lamson, J. H. Co., Los Angeles, CA

Lamson, J. H., Portland, ME

Lamson, J. H.  See Charles E. Jackson

Lamson, J. H. See William H. Gay

Lamson, Joseph H., Portland, ME

Lamson Branch, Portland, ME

Lamson Photographic Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Lancaster, J. W., Rome, GA

Lancaster, J. W., West Point, GA

Lancaster, James, Jonesboro, IN

Lancaster, James, Pierceton, IN

Lancaster Bros., Waterloo, IA

Lancey & Co., Roxbury, MA

Lancil, George. See George Lansil

Land, Frederick J., Detroit, MI

Landbeck, Henry, Rochester, NY

Landbeck, Wm. H., Rochester, NY

Landes & Weiser, New York, NY

Landes, M. F. & Co.’s, Roanoke, VA

Landesman, Louis, New York, NY

Landhuis, J. B., Hosper, IA

Landis, D. R., Chicago, IL

Landis, Isaac, Dayton, OH

Landon, L. W., Milton, VT

Landon, S. C., New Milford, CT

Landon, Seth C., New Milford, CT

Landy, Cincinnati, OH

Landy & Porter, Cincinnati, OH

Landy, J., Cincinnati, OH

Landy, James, Cincinnati, OH

Landy, Jas., Cincinnati, OH

Lane, Galena, IL

Lane. See Richardson’s

Lane. See Smith & Lane

Lane, A., Pike, NY 

Lane, A., Rostraver, PA

Lane, A. H., Lincoln, ME

Lane, A. H., Waldoboro', ME

Lane, A. H., Waldoborough, ME

Lane, Albert A., Lowell, MA

Lane, Alice L. F., Dallas, TX

Lane, C., Brooklyn, NY

Lane, Chas, Brooklyn, NY

Lane, Colwell, Brooklyn, NY

Lane, Colwell, Red Bank, NJ

Lane, Edwin C., Brooklyn, NY

Lane, Frank P., New Haven, CT

Lane, George. See Smith & Lane

Lane, H. E., Hartford, CT

Lane, I. M., Columbus Junction, IA

Lane, M. L., Columbus Junction, IA

Lane, O. R., Atlanta, GA

Lane, O. R., Chattanooga, TN

Lane, T. H., Somers Centre, Somers, NY

Lane, V. R., West Liberty, IA

Lane, W. H., Fitchburg, MA

Lane, W. H. See D. R. Judkins

Lane, Warren, Berea, OH

Lane, Wm Benj, Easton, MD

Lane's Premium Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Lanesburgh, P., Putman, NY

Lang, J. J., Boston, MA

Langan, Nevada, MO

Langan, William E., Nevada City, MO

Langdell, G., Philadelphia, PA

Langdell, Giles, Philadelphia, PA

Langdon & Fielding, Somerville, MA

Langdon, Alonzo, Middletown, OH

Langdon, Grace E., Watertown, MA

Langdon, H. T., Kilbourn City, WI

Langdon, Harry, Shreveport, LA

Langdon, Margaret, Westport, CT

Langdon, Melvin, Copake, NY

Langdon, S. M., Los Angeles, CA

Langdon, William A., Philadelphia, PA

Langdon, William Austin, Philadelphia, PA

Langdon, William H., Fulton, NY

Langdon, Wm A., Trenton, NJ

Lange, Anthony, Philadelphia, PA

Lange, Dorothea, San Francisco, CA

Lange, Frederick, Philadelphia, PA

Lange, O. V., San Francisco, CA

Langenheim, F. & W., Philadelphia, PA

Langenheim, Lloyd & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Langenheim, William, Philadelphia, PA

Langer. See Howard & Langer

Langer, C., Detroit, MI

Langer, Charles, Detroit, MI

Langer, George L., Altoona, PA

Langford. See McClintock & Langford

Langford, A. B., Jackson, TN

Langford, Geo F., Greenville, SC

Langford, H. B., Jackson, TN

Langford, Olive, LaGrande, OR

Langham, Alex., Belleville, OH

Langill, C. C., New York, NY

Langill, Cranmer C., New York, NY

Langill Commercial Photograph Co., New York, NY

Langley, Manchester, NH

Langley, Emma L., Philadelphia, PA

Langley, J. T., Manchester, NH

Langley, Jos P., Baltimore, MD

Langley, Josiah T., Manchester, NH

Langlois. See Huard & Langlois

Langlois, E. T., Burlington, VT

Langlois, E. T., Winooski, VT

Langtry, Charles S., Chattanooga, TN

Lanham, Jesse, Carlisle, IN

Laning & Woodruff, Bridgeton, NJ

Laning, Henry. See Laning & Woodruff

Laning, John M. See Laning & Woodruff

Lansdale. See Varden & Lansdale

Lansil, George, Bangor ME

Lansil, George L., Bangor, ME

Lansing. See Wayman & Lansing

Lansing, A. B., (Penn Yan) Milo, NY

Lantern Slide. See Elite

Lantz & Bradley, Woodburn, OR

Lanza, Louis, New York, NY

Lapadat, Vasile, Canton, OH

Lape, Successor to Atwood, New York, NY

Lape, G. T., New York, NY

Lape, George T., New York, NY

Laperche, Ludger E., Bath, ME

Lapham, A.  See Bracy, Diehl & Co.

Lapham, A. Milt., Decatur, IL

Lapham, Abraham, Detroit, MI

Lapham, Abraham.  See Bracy, Diehl & Co.

Lapham, Milt, Decatur, IL

Lapham, William A., Los Angeles, CA

Lapka, Louis P., Cleveland, OH

Laplante, Octave, Worcester, MA

Laplount, O. W., Prairie du Chien, WI

Lapotterie, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

Lapp, Isaac K., Philadelphia, PA

LaPrease, Charles, Syracuse, NY

Larabee & Smith, Fort Wayne, IN

Larabee, William F., Elizabeth Co., VA

Laramore, W. P., Americus, GA

Lardner, James F., Washington, DC

Larew, John T., Nevada, IN

Lariviere, Frank, Pawtucket, RI

Larkcom, A. C., Freedom, Portage, OH

Larkin, Philadelphia, PA

Larkin. See Moulton & Larkin

Larkin & Chase, Elmira, NY

Larkin, J. E., Concord, NH

Larkin, J. E., Elmira, NY

Larkin, S. E. photographer, Philadelphia, PA
Larkin, W. P., Philadelphia, PA

Larkin, William P., Philadelphia, PA

Larmore, Alfred, Nanticoke Point, MD

Larmore, Alfred, Tyaskin, MD

Larnson, George L., La Fargeville, NY

LaRoche Studio, The, Seattle, WA

Larock, H., Lewiston, ME

Larock, Henry, Lewiston, ME

Larocque, George, Lewiston, ME

Larocque, H., Lewiston, ME

Larocque, Henri, Lewiston, ME

Larocque, Henry, Lewiston, ME

Larocque, Jean, Lewiston, ME

Larocque, Jean B., Lewiston, ME

Laroy, Hiram, Jasper, NY

Larrabee, J. H., Binghamton, NY

Larrobee, W. F., Mill Creek, VA

Larsen, N., Chicago, IL

Larson. See Barry & Larson

Larson, Minneapolis, MN

Larson, A., Minneapolis, MN

Larson, Anton, Minneapolis, MN

Larson, Laura, Missoula, MT

Larue, A., Iowa City,  IA

LaSalle Studio, New York, NY

Lash, Lee Studios, New York, NY

Lasiter, W. G., Browning, IL

Lass, G. J., Billings, MT

Lass, G. J., Denison, IA

Lasselle, G. P., Boston, MA

Lassesen, Peter E., Sioux Falls, SD

Lasswell, F. A., Oklahoma City, OK

Last, Wm., Milwaukee, WI

Laster, Abe, Clarksville, AR

Laswell & Miller, Peoria, IL

Laswell, Geo F., Kalispell, MT

Latham, Charles H., Bradford, PA

Latham, F. F., New York, NY

Lathrop, David, Philadelphia, PA

Lathrop, W. H., La Crosse, WI

LaTour, A. E., Chicago, IL

Latour, Wm., Sedalia, MO

Lattner, Jacob F., Laporte, IA

Latto, J. C., Boston, MA 

Latton, John, Hickey, IA

Lau, Max, Jersey City, NJ

Lauber, Adam, Avon, PA

Lauch, R. E., Chanute, KS

Lauchman, A. W., Nauvoo, IL

Lauck, Isaac A., Zanesville, OH

Lauck, J. A., Putnam, OH

Laudenbuck, J. W., Des Moines, IA

Laudy, L. H., (Orange Co.), Middletown, NY 

Laudy, L. Z., Port Jervis, NY

Laughlin, H. H., Philadelphia, PA

Laughlin, J. R., Philadelphia, PA

Laughlin, John R., Philadelphia, PA

Laughner, L. M., Braddock, PA

Launer, George, New York, NY

Launey. See Sittler & Launey

Launspach McIntire, Indianola, IA

Laurence, P. C., Kiron, IA

Laurie, Arthur, Detroit, MI

Lauritz, Thor, Los Angeles, CA

Lavalee, Edward, Burlington, VT

Lavender & Pointer, Morristown, TN

Laveridge, James, Dresden, OH

Lavery, J. T., New Orleans, LA

Lavigne, Joseph J., New Orleans, LA

Lavigne, Joseph jr., New Orleans, LA

Lavoie, Ludger J., Lewiston, ME

Law. See Abbott & Law

Law, Charles M., New Haven, CT

Law, F. W.  See Grand Central Gallery 

Law, Fred, Boulder, CO

Law, Frederick, New York, NY

Law, Hezekiah, Waston, WV

Law, Joseph C., New York, NY

Law, L. L., Waukegan, IL

Law, S. L., Williamsport, PA

Lawfer, E. Joseph, Leith, ND

Lawhead, H. W., Onarga, IL

Lawhon, John P., Sherman, TX

Lawler, Patrick, Rutland, VT

Lawless, J. H., Ute, IA

Lawn Studio, Sacramento, CA

Lawrence, Lawrence, MA

Lawrence, Newburgh, NY

Lawrence, Weyauwega, WI

Lawrence, Worcester, MA

Lawrence. See McCartney, Lawrence & Co.

Lawrence & Kelly, Charleston, IL

Lawrence & Massey, Lancaster, OH

Lawrence & Son, Los Angeles, CA

Lawrence, Alfred, Lawrence, KS

Lawrence, Alfred, Pittsburgh, PA

Lawrence, C. A., Nashua, NH

Lawrence, Charles, Wichita, KS

Lawrence, Chas, Wichita, KS

Lawrence, D. H., Corpus Christi, TX

Lawrence, David T., Newburgh, NY

Lawrence, Frank, Worcester, MA

Lawrence, G. E., Los Angeles, CA

Lawrence, Geo R., Chicago, IL

Lawrence, George E., Dorchester, MA

Lawrence, George R., Chicago, IL

Lawrence, George R. Co., New York, NY

Lawrence, Jos Z., Dallas, TX

Lawrence, M. M., New York, NY

Lawrence, O. B., Wichita, KS

Lawrence, Oscar B., Wichita, KS

Lawrence, S. A., Keokuk, IA

Lawrence, Sarah A. (Mrs.), Keokuk,  IA

Lawrence, T. C., Charleston, IL

Lawrence, T. H., Charleston, IL

Lawrence, Theo C., Clark, IN

Lawrence, Theodore C., Charleston, IL

Lawrence, Wade, Syracuse, NY

Lawrence, William, Neligh, NE

Lawrence, Wm., Wellsville, OH

Lawrence, Wm. & Son, Los Angeles, CA

Lawrence Art Studio, Dallas, TX

Lawrence Studio, New York, NY

Lawrence Studio Co., Cleveland, OH

Lawrenson, L. H. See Camden Studio

Lawrenson, John, Camden, NJ

Lawrenson, Lizzie H., Camden, NJ

Lawry, C. B., Farmington, ME

Laws & Ashley, Boise City, ID

Lawson, Billings, MT

Lawson, Crawfordsville, IN

Lawson, Los Angeles, CA

Lawson, South Bend, IN

Lawson. See Fulton Lawson

Lawson & Bro., La Fayette, IN

Lawson & Powers, Los Angeles, CA

Lawson, A. W.  See Rizard  

Lawson, Alexander J., Helena, MT

Lawson, Arthur W., Chicago, IL

Lawson, B. W., Fremont, OH

Lawson, H. M. Mrs., Smyrna, NY

Lawson, Herbert E., New York, NY

Lawson, W. H., Louisville, KY

Lawson Studios, Chicago, IL

Lawton, A. J. (Mrs.), Willimantic, CT

Lawton, Lena W., San Francisco, CA

Lawyer, H., West Manchester, PA

Lawyer, J. H., Binghamton, NY

Lawyer, J. H., Pittsburgh, PA

Lawyer, Jacob, Pittsburgh, PA

Lawyer, Jacob H., Pittsburg, PA

Lax, Jacques, New York, NY

Lay, Hoboken, NJ

Lay, F. L., Boston, MA

Lay, H. E., Hartford, CT

Lay, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Lay, Harry, Oceanus, Queens, NY

Lay, Horace E., Hartford, CT

Lay, Herman, Jersey City, NJ

Lay, Herman N., Jersey City, NJ

Lay, Herman N., New York, NY

Lay, James S., Philadelphia, PA

Laycook, Henry E., Hygiene, CO 

Layton, Richmond, VA

Layton. See Ganiere & Layton

Layton, T. T. See Layton Studio

Layton, Thos T., Richmond, VA

Lazar, C., Brooklyn, NY

Lazar, Christian, Brooklyn, NY

Lazarnick, Nathan, Cleveland, OH

Lazarnick, Nathan, New York, NY

Lazelle, E. J., Springfield, MA

Lazier, Syracuse, NY

Lazier, H., Syracuse, NY

Lazier, H., Syracuse & Oswego, NY

Lazier, Hiram, Syracuse, NY

Le Beau, J. L. & Bro., Chicago, IL

Le Clear, Jackson, MI

Le Clear, Lansing, MI

Le Clear, A. A., Detroit, MI

Le Clear, F. B., Jackson, MI

Le Clear, H. W. See J. M. Le Clear

Le Clear, J. M., Jackson, MI

Le Clear, J. M. & H. W., Grand Rapids, MI

Le Clear Bros., Jackson, MI

Le Fevre, W. L., Monroe, IA

Le Roys, Newburgh, NY

Le Roy, Charlotte O., Philadelphia, PA

Le Roy, J. E., Newburgh, NY

Lea & Beach Inc, New York, NY

Leach, McCook, NE

Leach & Damp, Baltimore, MD

Leach, A. L. Dwight, IL

Leach, Chas, Baltimore, MD

Leach, J. A., Indianola, IA

Leach, James A., Chelsea, MI

Leach, William, St. Augustine, FL

Leahy, John, Boston, MA

Leahy, John. See Baxter & Co.

Leaman & Lee, Reading, PA

Leaman, W. K., Reading, PA

Leaman, William K., Reading, PA

Lear, E. K., Hot Springs, AR

Lear, India B. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Lease, Lancaster, PA

Lease, A. M., Lancaster, PA

Leavenworth, Alson E., New Haven, CT

Leavitt & Co., Newport, RI

Leavitt, A. L., Hopkintown, MA

Leavitt, A. L., Newport, RI

Leavitt, Aaron L., Newport, RI

Leban, J. L., Chicago, IL

LeBeau, J. L., Chicago, IL

LeBeau, James, Chicago, IL

LeBeau, James S., Chicago, IL

Lebetteir, T. R., Bridgeport, AL

Lebisch, Carl, Cincinnati, OH

Lebovitz, Saul, New York, NY

Lecher & Vollert, Milwaukee, WI

Lecher, Paul G., Milwaukee, WI

Lecher, William D., Waynesboro', PA

Lechner, Valentine, Buffalo, NY

Lecinsky & Son, Brooklyn, NY

Leck, Lawrence, MA

Leck, Geo. H., Lawrence, MA

LeClear, Jackson, MI

LeClear & Pedison, Jackson, MI

LeClear, A. A., Batavia, NY

Leclear, J. M., Batavia, NY

LeClear, James M., Jackson, MI

Lecocq, Ernest J., New York, NY

Lecours. See Lindsey & Lecours

Lecours. See Sanderson & Lecours

Leczinsky, Stanislaus, Brooklyn, NY

LeDare, Lawrence, New York, NY

Ledkins, Wm J., Evergreen, AL

Ledlie, J. F., Delaware, OH

Ledo. See Rhein & Ledo

Leduc, Charles, Holyoke, MA

Lee, Phillipsburg, NJ

Lee, Richmond, VA

Lee. See Erekson & Lee

Lee. See Leaman & Lee

Lee. See Patton & Lee

Lee & Beach Inc, New York, NY

Lee & Parker, Pinckneyville, IL

Lee, Anton, Deary, ID

Lee, Benj F., Mount Holly,

Lee, Chas. W., Norwalk, OH

Lee, Crestine, Milwaukee, WI

Lee, Ernest, Reading, PA

Lee, Evander, Charlotte, NC

Lee, F. J., Tacoma, WA

Lee, F. T., Havre De Grace, MD

Lee, Frank, Taylorville, IL

Lee, Frank H., Ansonia, CT

Lee, Frank H., Birmingham, CT

Lee, Frank H., Derby, CT

Lee, Frank H., Shelton, CT

Lee, I. W., Greencastle, IA

Lee, J., Phillipsburg, NJ

Lee, J. F., Due West, SC

Lee, J. T., Warrenton, GA

Lee, J. W., Colfax, IA

Lee, John, Philadelphia, PA

Lee, John, Reading, PA

Lee, Jonathan, Reading, PA

Lee, N. W., Reading, PA

Lee, O. K., MacIntosh, MN

Lee, Stephen, Leoni, MI

Lee, W. J., Rochester, NY

Lee, William, Port Deposit, MD

Lee, William T., Havre de Grace, MD

Lee Bros., Minneapolis, MN

Leech, L. B., Smithfield, PA

Leedom, Roy C., Twin Falls, ID

Leeds, Brooklyn, NY

Leeds, G. W., New York, NY

Leeds, George W., Brooklyn, NY

Leeds, George W., New York, NY

Leeds, Geo. W., Brooklyn, NY

Leeds, L. M., Sanborn, IA

Leeman, N. S., Haverhill, MA

Leese, M. A., Washington, DC

Leeseman, H. L., Urbana, IL

Leeson. See Swymmer & Leeson

Leeson, Harry O., Houston, TX

Leeson, W. H., New Orleans, LA

Leeson, William H., Houston, TX

Leeson, Wm. H. See Harry O. Leeson

Leet, Edgar B., Keene, NH

Leet Bros, Washington, DC

Leezer, N. W. See Apex Art Studio

Lefavour, John S., Salem, MA

Lefferts & Co., Jersey City, NJ

Leffler. See Thomason & Leffler

Leffler, Frank, Fort Worth, TX

LeForgee, C., Decatur, IL

LeForgee, Chenoweth, Decatur, IL

LeForgee, F. M., Decatur, IL

Legace, J. A., Fitchburg, MA

Legendre & Levick, New York, NY

Legrande, Lincoln, NE

Legras. See Persac & Legras

Legg, Charles, Salt Lake City, UT

Legg, Frank, Dover, NH

Legg, Frank W., Dover, NH

LeGwin, John H., Wilmington, NC

Lehmann, Paul, Tacoma, WA

Lehmer, C. J., Syracuse, NE

Lehnhardt, Albert, New York, NY

Lehnkering, A. L., Rochester, NY

Leidloff, Herman, Charleston, SC

Leigh, F. G. See People's Gallery

Leight, J. W., Sidney, Shelby, OH

Leight, M., Kerr's Store, PA

Leighton, E. F., Minneapolis, MN

Leighton, George A., Lawrence, MA

Leinback, H. A., Salem, NC

Leisenring & Berunan, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Leisenring, J. B., Galesburg, IL

Leisenring, J. B., Henry Co., IA

Leisenring, J. P., North Danville, PA

Leisenring, J. P., Danville, PA

Leisenring, J. P. & Son, Danville, PA

Leisenring, J. R., Mt. Pleasant, IA

Leisenring, J. R.  See W. K. Leisenring

Leisenring, W. K. & J. R., Mount Pleasant, IA

Leisenring, Wm, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Leisenring, Wm K., Mt. Pleasant, IA

Leisenring Bros., Mount Pleasant, IA

Leiter, Hamilton, OH

Leitzinger, J. J., Tipton, IA

Leland, E. J., Worcester, MA

Leland, Edwin J., Worcester, MA

Leman, E. A., Bradford, MA

Leman, E. A., Haverhill, MA

Leman, N. S., Bradford, MA

Leman, N. S., Haverhill, MA

Lemberger, Charles, Pana, IL

Lemelin, Lewiston, ME

Lemelin & Roux, Lewiston, ME

Lemelin, Edmond, Lewiston, ME

Lemer. See Amey & Lemer

Lemer, J. D. Harrisburg, PA

Lemer, John D. Harrisburg, PA

Lemer, LeRue, Harrisburg, PA

Lernez, Arthur, St. Louis, MO

Lemin, D. C., Milwaukee, WI

Lemlen, Otto, Chicago, IL

Lemley, Geo W., Topeka, KS

Lemmie. See DeCarlo & Lemmie

Lemon, Arthur W., Cincinnati, OH

Lendley, Clark, Mt Pleasant, PA

Lenfesty, J. F., Marion, IN

Lengfield, Ed., Fultonville, Glen, NY

Lenhard, Conrad, Buffalo, NY

Lenhart, Thomas T., Allentown PA

Lenhart, Allentown, PA

Lenney, J. M., Middletown, PA

Lennon, Wm J., Sheridan, WY

Lenny. See North & Lenny

Lenny's, Newport, PA

Lenox Studios, Boston, MA

Lentget, Chas., Cleveland, OH

Lentz, C. E., Des Moines, IA

Lentzner, Jacob, Milwaukee, WI

Lenz, Davenport, IA

Lenz, San Francisco, CA

Lenz & Janssen Co., New York, NY

Lenz, Alfred, New York, NY

Lenz, J. M., San Diego, CA 

Lenz, Jacob M., Chicago, IL

Lenz, M. See Berlin Photographic Art Studio

Lenz, Nicholas, Dubuque, IA

Lenz, Nick, Dubuque, IA

Lenz Bros., Dubuque, IA

Lenz Bros, Green Bay, WI

Lenz' Temple of Music & Art, San Diego, CA

Lenzi, G. A., Norristown, PA

Lenzi, Geo. A., Norristown, PA

Lenzi, George A., Norristown, PA

Leon & Williams, Pueblo, CO

Leon, T. J., Los Angeles, CA

Leon, T. J. See New York Gallery

Leonard, Pontiac, MI

Leonard. See Engle and Leonard

Leonard & Martin, Topeka, KS

Leonard, Alistes, Chicago, IL

Leonard, C. L., Galena, OH

Leonard, C. L., Rochester, MN

Leonard, C. W., Detroit, MI

Leonard, Chauncy, St. Paul, MN

Leonard, F. A., Hollisterville, PA

Leonard, F. F., Carbondale, PA

Leonard, F. F., Salem, PA

Leonard, J. E., Los Angeles, CA

Leonard, J. H., Topeka, KS

Leonard, L. D. & V. V., St. Charles, MN

Leonard, V. V., Plattsmouth, NE

Leonhardt, John H., Baltimore, MD

Leopold, George H., Ansonia, CT

Leopold, George H., Birmingham, CT

Leopold, George H., Derby, CT

Leopold, George H., New Haven, CT

Leopold, George H., Shelton, CT

Lepan, Frederick, Norwich, CT

Leray, H. & W. F., Dunkirk, NY

Leray, W. F. See H. Leray

Lerner, Harrisburg, PA

Lerow, Jacob H., Boston, MA

Lerow & Co., Boston, MA

Leroy & Terrill, Youngstown, OH

LeRoy, Charlotte O., Philadelphia, PA

Leroy, F. L., Warren, Trumbull, OH

LeRoy, F. L., Youngstown, OH

LeRoy, J., Newburgh, NY

LeRoy, J. A., Worcester, MA

Lesher, B. C., Sedalia, MO

Lesher, J. C., Carlisle, PA

Leslie. See Coyle & Leslie

Leslie & Co., Silver City, Idaho Territory

Leslie, H. E. & Co., Silver City, ID

Leslie, H. E., Silver City, ID

Lessere, James, Galveston, TX

Lester, Canton, OH

Lester, H. R., New York, NY

Lester, Harry R., New York, NY

Letellier, T. R., Pueblo, CO

Letkemann, Herman V., New York, NY

Lett, James, Harrisburg, PA

Lettarte, Augustan, Brooklyn, NY

Lettarte, Augustine, Brooklyn, NY

Lettelier & White, Bloomington, IL

Letts, I. M., Starkey, NY

Letts, J. M., Dundee, Starkey, NY

Letts, J. M., (Dundee) Starkey, NY

Leuf, William, Philadelphia, PA

Leuf, William F. J., Philadelphia, PA

Leutwiler, John, Philadelphia, PA

Leutwyler, John, Philadelphia, PA

Levenson, Walter, Queens, NY

Leveque, Charles A., Portland, OR

Leveridge, Benjamin H., New York, NY

Leveridge, Walter H., Elizabeth, NJ

Levi & Gold, Cincinnati, OH

Levi, Josiah, New Haven, CT

Levick. See Legendre & Levick

Levick, Edwin, New York, NY

Levidow, Morris, New York, NY

Levin. See Weinstein & Levin

Levin, Henry, Chicago, IL

Levin, Jacob, New Haven, CT

Levin, Jacob, New York, NY

Levine. See Wachs & Levine

Levine, Charles, Chicago, IL

Levino Bros., Chicago, IL

Levins, A. F. (Mrs.), New York, NY

Levins, Anna F., New York, NY

Levinsohn, Hy, New York, NY

Levit, Morris, Chicago, IL

Levit, Victor, Brooklyn, NY

Levoff & Medove, New York, NY

Levy. See Collins & Levy

Levy, Abe, New York, NY

Levy, Charles, Detroit, MI

Levy, J. E., Pueblo, CO

Levy, Jacob H., New York, NY

Levy, M. H., Pueblo, CO

Levy, Mary Clare Godeus. See Godeus'

Levy, Melville H., Grand Forks, ND

Levy, Morris. See Gaston D. de Hours

Lewin, Otto, New York, NY

Lewin, Otto, Yonkers, NY

Lewin, William O., Yonkers, NY

Lewin's Photographic Studio, Yonkers, NY

Lewis, Brookings, S. Dakota

Lewis, East Des Moines, IA

Lewis, Eureka, KS

Lewis, Mt. Vernon, OH

Lewis, Saugerties, NY

Lewis. See Cook & Lewis

Lewis. See Vincent & Lewis

Lewis. See West & Lewis

Lewis & Berthe, Kana[wha] Salines, WV

Lewis & Dobbs, Brooklyn, NY

Lewis & Marshall, Salisbury, MD

Lewis & Marshall, St. Michaels, MD

Lewis & Whittaker, Piatt, WV

Lewis, A. C., Portland, ME

Lewis, A. T., Madison, SD

Lewis, A. T., Rock Rapids, IA

Lewis, Abel. See Percy Lewis

Lewis, Abram T., Sioux Falls, SD

Lewis, Alf J., Strator, IL

Lewis, Andrew C., Portland, ME

Lewis, B. and Lady, Cleveland, OH

Lewis, B. Russell, Hudson, MA

Lewis, C. E., Lebanon, NH

Lewis, C. I., Ann Arbor, MI

Lewis, C. L., Toledo, OH

Lewis, Charles E., Lebanon, NH

Lewis, Collins W., Montezuma, NY

Lewis, David, Bridgeport, CT

Lewis, David L., Dover, DE

Lewis, E. C., Galveston, TX

Lewis, E. C., Waterbury, VT

Lewis, Ed., Kingston, NY

Lewis, Edith M. (Miss), New London, CT

Lewis, Edward, Johnstown, PA

Lewis, Edward, Kingston, NY

Lewis, Edward, Norwalk, CT

Lewis, Edwin C., Waterbury, VT

Lewis, F. M., Clarion, PA

Lewis, F. M., Emlenton, PA

Lewis, F. M., Parker, PA

Lewis, F. M., Petrolia, PA

Lewis, Frank J., Phoenix, AZ

Lewis, G. F., Carthage, NY

Lewis, Harry, Philadelphia, PA

Lewis, Ide E., Baltimore, MD

Lewis, J., Earville, IL

Lewis, J. A. See Eugene S. M. Haines

Lewis, J. H., New York, NY

Lewis, James H., Atlanta, GA

Lewis, Jas H., New York, NY

Lewis, John A., New Britain, CT

Lewis, L. R., Colchester, CT

Lewis, M. L., Cleveland, OH

Lewis, Melancton W., Washington, IA

Lewis, N. E., Successor to A. Bisbee, Cleveland, OH

Lewis, Percy, Successor to Abel Lewis, Clifton, NJ

Lewis, R. A., New York, NY

Lewis, R. A., Successor to W. & W. H. Lewis

Lewis, R. B., Hudson, MA

Lewis, R. L., Colchester, CT

Lewis, Richard A., New York, NY

Lewis, Riley, Cannelton, WV

Lewis, Riley, Clifton, WV

Lewis, Russell B., Hudson, MA

Lewis, T. D., Kingston, NY

Lewis, Thomas, Cambridge, MA

Lewis, Thomas, Foxboro, MA

Lewis, Thomas R., Ayer, MA

Lewis, Thos, Chicago, IL

Lewis, W. & W. H. See Alonzo Drummond

Lewis, W. R., Newport, KY

Lewis, Walter, Newport, KY

Lewis, William T., Zanesville, OH

Lewis, Wm P., Meridian, MS

Lewison, A., San Antonio, TX

Lewison's Studio, San Antonio, TX

Lewiston, A., San Antonio, TX

Lewitz, Charles, Chicago, IL

Lewitz, Emil, Chicago, IL

Lexford, Charles, Freeport, PA

Ley, A. M., Boise, ID

Libbey, Dover, NH

Libbey, C. E., Calais, ME

Libbey, Charles E., Dover, NH

Libbey, Chas. E., Dover, NH

Libby, E. P., Iowa

Libby, E. Porter, Manchester, IA

Libby, Freeman, Portland, ME

Libby, John D., New London, CT

Libby, Leonard F., Portland, ME

Liberchuck, Barnet, Philadelphia, PA

Liberty Photo Co. Inc, New York, NY

Liberty Studio, New York, NY

Libutti, Raphael, New York, NY

Lickman, New York, NY

Lickman, A. E. See Edward K. Blush

Lickman, Albert E., New York, NY

Lidberg, A., Ishpeming, MI

Liddell, George H., Chicago, IL

Liden, L. N., Duluth, MN

Lieberharr, Fred, Quincy, IL

Lieberman, Jacob L., Jonestown, PA

Liebichs & Co., Cleveland, OH

Liebich's Protographic Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH

Liedloff, H., Charleston, SC

Liedloff, Hermann, Charleston, SC

Lientz, Chas., Lancaster, NY

Lien, Peder, Vesta, ND

Lies, George, Pittsburgh, PA

Lieske, Wm, Pittsburgh, PA

Lifshey, Samuel H., Brooklyn, NY

Light, Donn W., Cincinnati, OH

Light, T. O., Successor to J. H. Keim, Lebanon, PA

Lightning Photo Co., New York, NY

Lightning Portraits. See Bennetts’ 

Lightning Studio. See Welch's 

Lilienthal, Louis, Houston, TX

Lilienthal, T., New Orleans, LA

Lilienthal, Theo., New Orleans, LA

Lilienthal, Theodore, New Orleans, LA

Lillibridge, C. H., Chicago, IL

Lillibridge, Clark H., Chicago, IL

Limpert, W. R., Groveport, OH

Linaweaver. See Crozier & Linaweaver

Lincaster, James H., Westbury, CT

Lind, Marinette, WI

Lind & Co., Galveston, TX

Lind & Donner’s, South Kaukauna, WI

Lind, J. A., Des Moines, IA

Lind, J. A., Slater, IA

Lindahl, Conrad, Tacoma, WA

Lindahl, J. C., Tacoma, WA

Lindeman, Julius, Jersey City, NJ

Lindeman, Julius, Newark, NJ

Linden, Carl, Chippewa Falls, WI

Linden, Clarence, Jersey City, NJ

Lindenberg, Adolph, St. Paul, MN

Lindenmuth, Allentown, PA

Lindenmuth, A. N., Allentown, PA

Linder. See Wood & Linder

Linder, James A., St. Louis, MO

Linderman, John, Crooked Hill, PA

Lindgren, Henry, New York, NY

Lindgren, J. A., Cleburne, TX

Lindgren, J. A., Johnson, TX

Lindgren, John A., Greenville, TX

Lindgren, Soren, New York, NY

Lindholm, Maurice S. & Co., Chicago, IL

Lindner, Charles W., Chicago, IL

Lindquist, New Paynesville, MN

Lindquist & Berglund, Chicago, IL

Lindquist, Annie (Miss), Chicago, IL

Lindsay, I. A., Moravia, IA

Lindsay, Jessie F., Fairfield, NE

Lindsay, W. T., Charlotte, NC

Lindsey. See Everett & Lindsey

Lindsey. See White & Lindsey

Lindsey & Co., Castand, IA

Lindsey & Lecours, Manchester, NH

Lindsey, Charles H., Nashua, NH

Lindsey, Charles H., Manchester, NH

Lindsey, Dora E. (Miss), Asheville, NC

Lindsey, J., Moorhead, IA

Lindsey, Thomas H., Asheville, NC

Lindsly, Henry R., Auburn, NY

Lindsted. See Egbert & Linsted

Lindstedt, A. R., Los Angeles, CA

Lineback, H. A., Salem, NC

Lineback, H. V., Roanoke, VA

Lineback, Henry A., Winston-Salem, NC

Linegar, M. T., Cairo, IL

Lines, H. C., San Francisco, CA

Linges, P. F., Georgetown, WV

Lingo, E. A., Uniontown, PA

Linke, Frank, Buffalo, NY

Linke, Frederick, Buffalo, NY

Linke, Otto, Milwaukee, WI

Link, C. G., Pittsburgh, PA

Link, Otto H., Milwaukee, WI

Linn & Olive, Victoria, TX

Linn, C. A., Seattle, WA

Linsenmeyer, Andw H., Baltimore, MD

Linsley. See Hudson & Linsley

Linstrom, Nicholas A., Edgar, NE

Lintz, Charles F., Terre Haute, IN

Lipman, Herman, Milwaukee, WI

Lipp, Philadelphia, PA

Lipp, Albert E., Philadelphia, PA

Lipp Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Lippe, Herman, El Paso, TX

Lippiatt, T. H., Shamokin, PA

Lippiett, T. H., Shamokin, PA

Lippincott, Oliver, New York, NY

Lippincott, Restore, Mount Holly, NJ

Lippold, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

Lips, Chas. K., New York, NY

Lipschutz, B., Newark, NJ

Lipschutz, Boris, New York, NY

Lipscomb. See Strong & Lipscomb

Lipscomb & Brothers, Jerseyville, IL

Lipscomb & Moore, Bristol, RI

Lipscomb, William C., Bristol, RI

Lisbona, P., Yonkers, NY

Lisbona, Paul, Bridgeport, CT

Lisbona, Paul, Yonkers, NY

Liscomb & Moore, Bristol, RI

Lisle. See Loveridge & Lisle

Lisle, Ed., Kendallville, IN

Lisle, Edwin, Kendallville, IN

Lissau, George, Chicago, IL

Lister. See Dinmore & Lister

Litch. See Bowdoin & Litch

Litch. See Moulthrop & Litch

Litch & Whipple, Boston, MA

Litch & Whipple. See John A. Whipple

Litchfield. See Clark & Litchfield

Litchfield & Reynolds, Wichita, KS

Litchfield, C. M., Boston, MA

Litchfield, C. M. See Clark & Litchfield

Litchfield, Charles M., Boston, MA

Litchfield, F. M., Wichita, KS

Lithgow, Arthur W., New Haven, CT

Litterst, J. D. See Julius W. Gatewood

Little, Charles F., Rockville, CT

Little, Charles F., Vernon, CT

Little, Emmet, Rosita, CO

Little, Ernest I., Omaha, NE

Little, George P., Palmyra, NY

Little, H. N., Des Moines, IA

Little, Hiram N., Des Moines, IA

Little, James, Peterborough, NH

Little, R. J. M., Columbia, PA

Little Gallery Around the Corner, Portland, OR

Littlefield & Atkinson, Anamosa, IA

Littlefield & Co., Roxbury, MA

Littlefield, E., Burlington, IA

Littlefield, Ernst. See Littlefield & Atkinson

Littler. See Crawford & Littler

Littler, James C., Gainesville, FL

Livermore, B. H., Cincinnatus, NY

Llanes, Oscar, West Tampa, FL

Llius, Pedro, Tampa, FL

Lloyd, Troy, NY

Lloyd. See Langenheim, Lloyd & Co.

Lloyd, Alex. Jr., Albany, NY

Lloyd, Clarence, San Antonio, TX

Lloyd, H. J., Wyalusing, PA

Lloyd, Hamlin J., PA

Lloyd, J. F., New York, NY

Lloyd, James H., Cohoes, NY

Lloyd, James H., Saratoga Springs, NY

Lloyd, S. H., Boston, MA

Lloyd, Wm. B., Hartford, CT

Lloyd, Wm. B. (Mrs.), Hartford, CT

Lobdell, S. A., Salem, OR

Lobenthal, Galion, OH

Lochman, Allentown, PA

Lochman, Ben, Allentown, PA

Lochman, Benj., Allentown, PA

Lochman, Benjamin, Allentown, PA

Lochman, C. L., Carlisle, PA

Lochman, C. L. See J. McMillen

Lochman, W. G., Hamburg, PA

Lochman, W. J., Hamburg, PA

Lochman, W. J., Harrisburg, PA

Lochman, William, York, PA

Lock, J. T., Ulysses, NE

Locke. See Cobb & Locke 

Locke. See Rounds, Locke & McBride

Locke & Peterson, Deadwood, S. Dakota

Locke, A. H., Athol, MA

Locke, A. H., Clinton, MA

Locke, Amos H., Plymouth, MA

Locke, C. N., Lyons, NY

Locke, J. F., Swanton, VT

Locke, Wm A., Ottawa, IL

Locke Bros., LaSalle, IL

Lockman, Harry W., Cincinnati, OH

Lockman, J. B., Drakeville, IA

Lockner, Wm, Le Claire, IA

Lockwood, Huntington, LI, NY

Lockwood, Ripon, NY

Lockwood, Chas, Muncie, IN

Lockwood, F. C., Freehold, NJ

Lockwood, Lester, Prattsburg, NY

Lockwood, Maurice W., New York, NY

Lockwood, Theodore A., Butternuts, NY

Lockwood, Wm., Augusta, GA

Lodder & Muir, Rochester, NY

Loder, Benjamin, Elkton, MD

Lodgaard, J. J., Bloomer, WI

Lodge, Samuel, Columbia, PA

Lodore, B. E., Elkton, MD

Lodore, Benj. E., Elkton, MD

Loeber, John, New York, NY

Loeffler, Alexander, New York, NY

Loeffler, August, New York, NY

Loeffler, August, Staten Island, NY

Loeffler, August, Tompkinsville, NY

Loeffler, J., Staten Island, NY

Loeffler, John, Middletown, NY

Loeffler, John, Stapleton, NY

Loeffler, John, Staten Island, NY

Loeffler, John, Tompkinsville, NY

Loevitt, H. I., San Francisco, CA

Loewa, William, Chicago, IL

Logan & Moffett, Newark, NJ

Logan, G., Shelby, NC

Logan, Harriet, Jersey City, NJ

Logan, James, Mount Vernon, IA

Logan, John R., Moundsville, WV

Logan, S. H. See Maggie  M. Logan

Logan, Samuel H., Fargo, ND

Logemann's Studio, San Francisco, CA

Logston, E. W., Lawton, OK

Logston, Edwin A., Lawton, OK

Logue, Alan, Trenton, NJ

Lohman, Charles H., Chicago, IL

Lohman Photo Service, Los Angeles, CA

Lohn. See Pierce & Lohn

Lohn, A. W., Los Angeles, CA

Lohn, A. W., Ventura, CA

Loker, J. E., Galestown, MO

Lollis, A., San Francisco, CA

Loman, Isaac, Monongahela City, PA

Lombard, Geo. N., Fiskdale, MA

Lonas, Frank, Canton, OH

Lomax, Cyrus, Paoli, IN

London Art Company. See Hancock

Lone & Frisbie, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Lone Star Photograph Gallery. See W. K. French

Lonergan. See Howland & Lonergan

Lonergan, M. B., Chicago, IL

Lonergan, M. D., Chicago, IL

Lonergan, Michael B., Chicago, IL

Lones, S. H., Baxter, IA

Long, New York, NY

Long. See Gould & Long

Long, Charles, Des Moines, IA

Long, E., St. Louis, MO

Long, Elmer E., Baxter Springs, KS

Long, Elmer E., Pittsburg, KS

Long, Enoch, St. Louis, MO

Long, F. A., Wattsburg, PA

Long, Furman L., Greenville, SC

Long, H. G., Elysian Fields, TX

Long, Horace G., Elysian Fields, TX

Long, J. D., Sanborn, IA

Long, Jacob, Vicksburg, MS

Long, L. Furnian, Greenville, SC

Long, Lewis, Muscatine, IA

Long, Louisa (Mrs.), Kalispell, MT

Long, Lumus F., Greenville, SC

Long, Peter, New Stanton, PA

Long, Peter, Ruppsville, PA

Long, S. L., Keithsburg, IL

Long, Thomas G., Kinston, NC

Long, William, Philadelphia, PA

Long, Wm., Germantown, OH

Longaker & Steckman, Cedar Falls, IA

Longaker, Joseph L.  See Longaker & Steckman

Longcor, Levi, Washington, NJ

Longdon, Lancaster, WI

Longdon, C. W., Chicago, IL

Longfield, Edward, Fultonville, NY

Longstreet, Frank, New York, NY

Loofbourow. See Park & Loofbourow

Look, Henry, Addison, ME

Loomas, F. M., Lawrence, KS

Loomer, A. W., Los Angeles, CA

Loomis, Chicago, IL

Loomis. See Plumb & Loomis

Loomis. See Snedecker & Loomis

Loomis, Parkersburg, WV

Loomis, E. N., Harford, PA

Loomis, Elwood D., Minneapolis, MN

Loomis, Eugene, Syracuse, NY

Loomis, F. A., Salina, KS

Loomis, F. E., Mattoon, IL

Loomis, Franklin E., Stillwater, MN

Loomis, G. H., Boston, MA

Loomis, G. M., Boston, MA

Loomis, George Jr., North Kingstown, RI

Loomis, M. A., Jefferson, OH

Loomis, M. A., Jefferson, Ashtabula, OH

Loomis, R. S., Pawlet, VT

Loomis, S. C., Chicago, IL

Loomis, S. C. & Son, Chicago, IL

Loomis, Samuel C., Chicago, IL

Loomis, Sheldon, Pawlet, VT

Loomis' Gallery. See D. K. Prescott

Loon, Peter, Pembroke, NH

Loop Photo Service, Chicago, IL

Loops, C., Milwaukee, WI

Loops, Charles, Milwaukee, WI

Loos, William, Philadelphia, PA

Loose, Geo. W., Wheeling, WV

Loper, Geo. W., Brooklyn, NY

Loper, J. H., Belvidere, IL

Loper, John, Cameron, VA

Lopez. See Moreno & Lopez

Lopez, Jos, New York, NY

Lopez, Jose, New York, NY

Lopez, R. C. See Jose M. Mariscal

Lopez, Raul C., El Paso, TX

Lopez, Rosario, New York, NY

Loquist, Peoria, IL

Loquist. See Smith & Loquist

Loraine E. Miller, Alliance, OH

Lord, Charles O., Sanford, ME

Lord, Charles O., Springvale, ME

Lord, Lafayette, Equinunk, PA

Lord, R. A., New York, NY

Lord, Ralph A., New York, NY

Lord, Thomas, Newport, RI

Lorence, Theo, Cleveland, OH

Lorenz, Matteawan, NY

Lorenz, Charles O., Fort Worth, TX

Lorenz, J. A., Los Angeles, CA

Lorenz, John A., Los Angeles, CA

Lorenz, Max, Detroit, MI

Lorig, William A., Chicago, IL

Loring. See Abbott & Loring

Loring's, Eastport, ME

Loring, Davis, Eastport, ME

Loring, E. P., Syracuse, NY

Loring's New Rooms, Eastport, ME

Lorish, J., Dansville, NY

Lorish, Josiah, (Dansville) North Dansville, NY

Loryea, Milton I., Spokane, WA

Losch, John B., Absecon, NJ

Losch, John H., Philadelphia, PA

Lose. See Brown & Lose

Lose, G. W., Wheeling, WV

Lose, Geo W., Wheeling, WV

Losh, John H., Absecon, NJ

Losing & Green, Syracuse, NY

Lothers & Young, San Francisco, CA

Lothrop & Cunningham, Lowell, MA

Lothrop, Charles D., Lowell, MA

Lothrop, David, Philadelphia, PA

Lothrop's, Philadelphia, PA

Lotridge, Edwin, Brooklyn, NY

Lott, Geo H., Burning Spring, WV

Lotz. See Jones & Lotz

Loubell Studios Inc., Chicago, IL

Loucks, Ottawa, IL

Loucks, William J., New York, NY

Loud, New York, NY 

Loud, G. W., Brooklyn, NY

Loud, G. W., New York, NY

Loud, Geo. W., New York, NY

Loud, George W., New York, NY

Loud, Thomas C., Philadelphia, PA

Loud Bros., Philadelphia, PA

Lougee & Turner, Boston, MA

Lougee, D. G., Boston, MA

Loughlin, L. F., Eagle Grove, IA

Loughran, James, Lexington, IN

Loughrey & Co., Muscatine, IA

Loundagin, J. B., traveling photographer

Lounsbery, J. B., Des Moines, IA

Loupret, Lowell, MA

Loupret. See Hevy & Loupret

Loupret, Napoleon J.

Louther, M. R., Johnstown, PA

Love. See Kaplan & Love

Love, (Mrs.), Alma, CO

Loveday. See Hess & Loveday

Loveday, H. W., Chicago, IL

Loveday, Henry W., Chicago, IL

Lovejoy, Trenton, NJ

Lovejoy & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy & Simonds, Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy & Strout, Bridgeport, CT

Lovejoy, C., Owego, NY

Lovejoy, C. A., Nashua, NH

Lovejoy, C. L., Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy, C. L., Utica, NY

Lovejoy, Charles L., Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy, E. H., Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy, Edward, Chicago, IL

Lovejoy, Fred, Waltham, VT

Lovejoy, Geo. W., Stepney Depot, CT

Lovejoy, H. C., Trenton, NJ

Lovejoy, H. E., Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy, H. Elmer, Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy, Henry C., Trenton, NJ

Lovejoy, Howard E., Philadelphia, PA

Lovejoy, Solomon, Meredith, NH

Lovejoy's, Philadelphia, PA

Loveland, Harry E., Elizabeth, NJ

Lovell, Geo. M., Southbridge, MA

Lovell, George M., Southbridge, MA

Lovell, J. L., Amherst, MA

Lovell, J. S., Davenport, IA

Loveridge. See Perry and Loveridge

Loveridge & Lisle, Kendallville, IN

Loveridge, C., Savannah, GA

Loveridge, J., Newark, OH

Loveridge, James, Newark, OH

Loveridge, S. D., Newton, IA

Lovering, R. F., Boston, MA

Lovewell, S. J., Dubuque, IA

Lovine, Charles F., Naugatuck, CT

Low and Furbee, Mannington, WV

Low. See Glasscock & Low

Low, A. B., Attica, OH

Low, C. R., Polo, IL

Low, Frederick C., Cambridge, MA

Low, Frederick C., East Cambridge, MA

Low, Hezekiah, Ellenboro, WV

Lowden, E. M., Brooklyn, NY

Lowe, Murray, KY

Lowe, Frederick C., East Cambridge, MA

Lowe, M. H., Birmingham, IA

Lowe, Skene. See Hall & Lowe

Lowell, W. J., Del Norte, CO

Lowell, Wm J., Ione, OR

Lower, G. W., Roseville, IL

Lower, George W., Roseville, IL

Lowry, Jos T., Baltimore, MD

Lozo, Alex., Denver, CO

Lozo, Alexander, St. Joseph, MO

Lubin, S., Philadelphia, PA

Lubken, Walter J., Boise, ID

Lubliner, William, New York, NY

Lucas, C. W., Brodhead, WI

Lucas, James F. Jr., Boston, MA

Lucas, James H., St. Paul, MN

Lucas, William, Rushville, IL

Luccock, C. D., San Diego, CA

Luccock, Christopher, Pittsfield, IL

Luccock, G. D., Council Bluffs, IA

Luce & Silverman, Cortland, NY

Luce, C. C., Brooklyn, NY

Luce, Christopher C., Brooklyn, NY

Luce, E. B., Coffeyville, KS

Luce, E. B., Worcester, MA

Luce, Ivan H., Philadelphia, PA

Luce, J. E., Humbolt, KS

Luce, N. D., Rochester, NY

Luce, R. Raymond, Rochester, NY

Luce Bros., Cortlandville, NY

Lucerne, Canton, OH

Luck. See Abrahams & Luck 

Luckhaus, August, Philadelphia, PA

Ludecke, Adolph, Cincinnati, OH

Ludecke, Christ., Cincinnati, OH

Ludeke, Adolph, Cincinnati, OH

Ludlow & Co., Carson City,Nevada Territory

Ludlow & Davidson, Carson City, NV

Ludlow, Chas F., St. Anthony, ID

Ludlow, Frank G., Carson, Nevada Territory

Ludlow Bros., Edinburg, IN

Ludlum, J. H., Morrow, Warren, OH

Ludovicki, Newport, RI

Ludovici, J., Newport, RI

Ludowicki, Julius, Newport, RI

Ludwig, Frank, Chicopee, MA

Ludwig, Frank P., Chicopee, MA

Luedecke, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Luedecke Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Luedicke, Otto H., Milwaukee, WI

Luedicke, Otto Jr., Milwaukee, WI

Luellen, John, Washington, PA

Luettich, F. A., New York, NY

Luffkin, M. H.  See A. W. Yeaw 

Lufkin. See Johnson & Lufkin

Lufkin, M. H. See Yeaw & Co.

Luhme, J. F. & Co., New York, NY

Lukacs, Eugene, Trenton, NJ

Lukasy, J. W., Rochester, NY

Luke, Leadville, CO

Luke & Wheeler, Leadville, CO

Luke, W. O., Meshoppen, PA

Lukenbach, William S., Liverpool, PA

Lukenback, Wm. S., Newport, PA

Lukens and Kirkpatrick, Philadelphia, PA

Luker, Fred C., Bridgeport, CT


Luledjian, S. M., San Francisco, CA

Lum, Joe, Portland, OR

Lumiere Studio. See Thos E. Halldorson

Lumiere Studios, New York, NY

Lummis, E. F., Philadelphia, PA

Lummis, E. F., Watkins, Dix, NY

Lummis, E. Frank, Chicago, IL

Lummis, Helen M. B. (Mrs.), Omaha, NE

Lumpkin, E. S., Richmond, VA

Lumpkin, Edward S., Richmond, VA

Lunburg, Richard G., Chicago, IL

Lund. See Walker & Lund's

Lundahl, E. W., Boston, MA

Lungkwitz & Jwonski, San Antonio, TX

Lungkwitz, H., San Antonio, TX

Lungkwitz, Herman, San Antonio, TX

Lunn. See Armstrong & Lunn

Lunn, A. M., Seattle, WA

Lunn, Axel, Seattle, WA

Luntz, Abram S., Colchester, CT

Luntz, Moritz, New York, NY

Luplau, Louis, Chicago, IL

Lupton, Burlington, IA

Lupton, J. See McKendree

Lupton, O. L., Burlington, IA

Lupton, O. L., Paxton, IL

Lusby, C. P., Baltimore, MD

Lusby, J. R., Cincinnati, OH

Lusby, J. R., Dayton, KY

Lusby, John R., Cincinnati, OH

Luscomb, Horace A., Honolulu, HI

Luscombe, James, Iowa City, IA

Luscombe, James, West Branch, IA

Lusk, Ira, Union City, MI

Lustig, Samuel A., Cleveland, OH

Luttbeg, Jacob B., Mt. Vernon, NY

Lutge, Frederick, Detroit, MI

Lutge, Frederick C., Detroit, MI

Lutge, T. C., Detroit, MI

Lutge's, Detroit, MI

Luther. See Norton & Luther

Luther, F., (Collins) North Collins, NY

Luther, H., San Francisco, CA

Lüttbeg, J. B., Mt. Vernon, NY

Luttbeg, Jacob B., Mt. Vernon, NY

Luttbeg, John B., New York, NY

Lutz, J. N., Pomeroy, Meigs, OH

Lyden, C. E., Manning, IA

Lyden, G. E., Westside, IA

Lydian Art Gallery, Chicago, IL

Lydian Art Gallery. See Gentile

Lydston, Milwaukee, WI

Lyle, Will T., Findlay, OH

Lyles. See Harvey & Lyles 

Lyles' Studio. See Henry C. Escobar

Lyles' Studio. See Ignatio H. Escobar

Lyles, William H. Jr., Columbia, SC

Lyman & Wells, Columbus, OH

Lyman, (Miss), Franklin Mills, OH

Lynch. See Schroeder & Lynch

Lynch, Walter, New York, NY

Lynchburg Photographic Co., Lynchburg, VA

Lynd, A., Nunda, NY

Lynd, George, Grundy Center, IA

Lyndsey, Thomas, Philadelphia, PA

Lynn, E. A., Tacoma, WA

Lynn, E. K., Pittsburgh, PA

Lynn, John, Ida Grove, IA

Lynn, S., Paris, TX

Lynn, W. W., Tucson, AZ

Lyon, Maquoketa, IA

Lyon. See Mather & Lyon

Lyon, A. E., Saginaw, MI

Lyon, A. T., Albany, GA

Lyon, Albert T., Albany, GA

Lyon, E. M., Mooers, NY

Lyon, J. L., New London, CT

Lyon, Joseph, Monticello, IA

Lyon, Joseph B., Monticello, IA

Lyon, T. D., Southbridge, MA

Lyon, Thomas D. New Britain, CT

Lyon, Thomas S., Teton, ID

Lyon's New York Studio, North Adams, MA

Lyons. See Hill & Lyons

Lyons, A. M., Philadelphia, PA

Lyons, Alfred, Philadelphia, PA

Lyons, Alpheus M., Philadelphia, PA

Lyons, Millard F., Jersey City, NJ

Lyons, W. M., New York, NY

Lytle, A. D., Baton Rouge, LA

Lytle, J. R., Canton, OH

Lytle. J. R., Tampa, FL

Lytle. Jacob R., Tampa, FL

Lyttle, A. D., Bastrop, LA

Lyttle, A. D., Baton Rouge, LA



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"