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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter H that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers H in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Haack, Julius A., Washington, DC

Haady, Boston, MA

Haag. See Ploetz & Haag

Haag, Joseph, Leavenworth, KS

Haarer, John, Ann Arbor, MI

Haas, D., Alexandria, VA

Haas, G. F., Dunlap, IA

Haas, Herman, New York, NY

Haas, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Haas, Lynn M., New York, NY

Haase, Ephraim, Brooklyn, NY

Habberfield, Lansing, Pekin, IL

Habenicht. See Boye & Habenicht

Habenicht, Geo, San Francisco, CA

Habenicht, George, San Francisco, CA

Haberman, J. H., New York, NY

Haberman, Jacob, Brooklyn, NY

Haberman, Jacob H., New York, NY

Habicht & Mealy, Little Rock, AR

Hack, T. L., Portland, OR

Hackenberry, Jeramiah, Chester Twp, IN

Hacker, F., Providence, RI

Hacker, Francis, Providence, RI

Hacker, John D., Dayton, OH

Hacker, Joseph A., Birmingham, AL

Hackett, Reading, MI

Hackett Studios, New York, NY

Haddock, Circleville, OH

Haddock, Wm., Circleville, OH

Haderer, Stephen, El Paso, TX

Hadley, E., Manchester, NH

Hadley, E. P., Emporia, KS,

Hadstate, Hiram C., Detroit, MI

Haendel, F. G., Orange, NJ

Haepner, Emil, New Liberty, IA

Haeseler, Conrad F., Philadelphia, PA

Haeseler-Kohlhoff Carbon Company, Philadelphia, PA

Haessler Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Hafemeister, Frank, Milwaukee, WI

Hafen, Ernest, Philadelphia, PA

Hafen, Ernst, Philadelphia, PA

Hafer, Reading, PA

Hafer, E. E., Successor to F. M. Yeager, Reading PA

Hafer, Ed. E., Reading, PA

Haffner, F. & Co., Chambersburg, PA

Haffner, Frank J., Denver, CO

Hafner, A., Eatonton, GA

Hagadorn, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Hagadorn, Chas., Poughkeepsie, NY

Hagaman, M. S., Philadelphia, PA

Hagaman, Moses S., Philadelphia, PA

Hagan, Charles W., Atchison, KS

Hagan, H. B., Muscatine, IA

Hagan, W., Atchison, KS

Hagan, William, Atchison, KS


Hagans, John, Goshen, IN

Hagans, Wesley, Goshen, IN

Hagar, Henry, New York, NY

Hagebough, H., White Deer, PA

Hagedorn & Suden, Jefferson City, MO

Hagedorn, C., Butler, MO

Hagedorn, J. C., Butler, MO

Hagelstein, Anthony, Brooklyn, NY

Hagelstein Brothers, New York, NY

Hagemann, P. C., St. Louis, MO

Hagemann, Peter C., St. Louis, MO

Hagen & Slaten. See Charles N. Hetland

Hagen, H. W., Monticello, IA

Hagenbough, Henry, Uniontown, PA

Hagenbuch, H. A., Willamsport, PA

Hagenbuch, H. W., Dewart, PA

Hagenbuch, H. W., Turbutville, PA

Hagendorff, Milwaukee, WI

Hagendorff, E., Milwaukee, WI

Hagendorff, Louis, Milwaukee, WI

Hagenstein Brothers, New York, NY

Hager. See More & Hager

Hager. See Wittmeyer & Hager

Haggstrom, J. L. J., New York, NY

Haggstrom, Jno L. J., New York, NY

Haggstrom, John L. J., New York, NY

Hague, C. F., Lockport, NY

Hague, Charles F., Niagara Falls, NY

Hague, Charles F., Suspension Bridge, NY

Hagun, Henry, Grand Forks, ND

Hahn, B. F., Hagerstown, MD

Hahn, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

Haig. See Ploetz & Haig

Haigh, John, Lowell, MA

Haight, Charles L., Rutland, VT

Haight, F., Cleveland, OH

Haiha, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Hail, Joseph D., Greensboro, AR

Hailman, Clifton L., Philadelphia, PA

Haimovitz, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Haines, Albany, NY

Haines & Wickes, Albany, NY

Haines, A. S., Marion, NY

Haines, C. B., Warren, OH

Haines, E. S. M., Albany, NY

Haines, Edward C., Woodstown, NJ,

Haines, Eugene S. M., New Britain, CT

Haines, George W., Cecil Co., MD

Haines, Jacob W., Philadelphia, PA

Hains, Edward C., Woodstown, NJ

Hainsworth, Marshall, Newport, KY

Haisle, Anna, Andrew, IA

Haisle, Anna, Bellevue, IA,

Hak, C. I., Chicago, IL

Hakalier, Rock Island, IL

Hakelier, O., Rock Island, IL

Hakelier Studio, Rock Island, IL

Halbach, Sheboygan, WI

Haldt, J., Philadelphia, PA

Haldt, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Hale, Boston, MA

Hale, Seneca Falls, NY

Hale. See Gifford & Hale

Hale, A. H. See Curtis W. Walker

Hale, B. F., Rochester, NY

Hale, Benj. F., Rochester, NY

Hale, Benjamin F., Rochester, NY

Hale, Bessie M. (Miss), New London, CT

Hale, Charles E., Boston, MA

Hale, DeW. C., Elkader, IA

Hale, Frank L., Hartford, CT

Hale, Frank L., Manchester, CT

Hale, Frank L., New London, CT

Hale, G. M., Fostoria, OH

Hale, H. A., Portland, OR

Hale, Herbert A., Portland, OR

Hale, J. E., Geneva, NY

Hale, J. E., Trumansburg, NY

Hale, J. Ellery, Geneva, NY

Hale, J. F., Lima, NY

Hale, J. H. & Co., Boston, MA

Hale, J. W., Randolph, VT

Hale, J. W., W. Randolph, VT

Hale, James E., Geneva, NY

Hale, John W., Randolph, VT

Hale, Joseph D., Jonesboro, AR

Hale, L. H., Boston, MA

Hale, L. H., Millbury, MA

Hale, L. H. & Co., Boston, MA

Hale, L. W., Boston, MA

Hale, Luther H., New Bedford, CT

Hale, O. C., Cincinnati, OH

Haley & Akers, Meriden, CT

Haley, E., Wauseon, OH

Haley, E., Wauseon, Fulton, OH

Haley, John F., Boston, MA

Haley, John P., Bridgeport, CT

Haley, Joseph F., Boston, MA

Haley, Mary, Boston, MA

Haley, Michael J., Boston, MA

Haley, N. D., Vineland, NJ

Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Hall, Chicago, IL

Hall, Greenfield, MA

Hall, New York, NY

Hall, Plainfield, WI

Hall, So. Royalton, VT

Hall, Trenton, NJ

Hall, Urbana IL

Hall. See Dillon & Hall

Hall. See Hatstat & Hall

Hall. See Shick & Hall

Hall & Bean, Dover, NH

Hall & Evans, St. Louis, MO

Hall & Howland, Cherry Valley, NY

Hall & Lowe, Victoria, BC

Hall & Tibbles, Fort Wayne, IN

Hall, A. H., Chatsworth, IL

Hall, A. M., Alexandria, VA

Hall, Alfred, Chicago, IL

Hall, Alfred, Lawrence, MA

Hall, Allen F., Cuthbert, GA

Hall, Allen F., Newark, NJ

Hall, Asa G., Springfield, MA

Hall, Augustus, Alexandria, VA

Hall, B. F., Lansing, MI

Hall, C. H., Amenia, NY

Hall, C. J., Ponca, NE

Hall, C. L., Ellenburgh Centre, Ellenburgh, NY

Hall, Carey, Baltimore, MD

Hall, Curtis H., Springfield, IL

Hall, Daniel O., Sherman, NY

Hall, David, Philadelphia, PA

Hall, E. C., Brookville, PA

Hall, E. S, Hoopeston, IL

Hall, E. W., Green Bay, WI

Hall, Edwin, Honolulu, HI

Hall, Elisha, Centreville, PA

Hall, Frank J., Keene, NH

Hall, Frank S., Winston-Salem, NC

Hall, Frederic, Mobile, AL

Hall, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Hall, Frederick C., Mobile, AL

Hall, Frederick H., Chicago, IL

Hall, G. B., Cincinnatus, NY

Hall, G. B., Fort Plain, Minden, NY

Hall, G. B., Pasadena, CA

Hall, G. H., Adams Centre, Adams, NY

Hall, Garnet (Miss), San Francisco, CA

Hall, Geo P., Brooklyn, NY

Hall, George H., Philadelphia, PA

Hall, George P., Brooklyn, NY

Hall, George P., St. Louis, MO

Hall, George P. & Son, New York, NY

Hall, H., Havana, Montour, NY

Hall, H. See Van Stavoren

Hall, H. M., Toledo, OH

Hall, Harvey S., New Haven, CT

Hall, Henry, Bloomingdale, St. Armand, NY

Hall, Henry A., Lowell, MA

Hall, I. N., Ann Arbor, MI

Hall, I. Wilton, Boston, MA

Hall, J. B., Litchfield, IL

Hall, J. B. See H. B. Hagan

Hall, J. G., Elizabeth, NJ

Hall, J. H., Panora, IA

Hall, J. L., Great Bend, OH

Hall, Peter J., Genesee, ID

Hall, J. R., Monroe, IA

Hall, John, Elizabeth, NJ

Hall, John G., Elizabeth, NJ

Hall, John G., Lansing, IA

Hall, John H., Brooklyn, NY

Hall, John R., Newton, IA

Hall, John W., W. Randolph, VT

Hall, Jos., Brooklyn, NY

Hall, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Hall, Joseph, New York, NY

Hall, Joseph S., Brooklyn, NY

Hall, L. A., Marion, OH

Hall, Leslie C., Corning, NY

Hall, Melville, Chicago, IL

Hall, Oscar E., Royalton, VT

Hall, Oscar E., So. Royalton, VT

Hall, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Hall, S., Baresville, OH

Hall, S. Burr, Summit, NJ

Hall, S. E., Hoopeston, IL

Hall, Samuel M., Philadelphia, PA

Hall, Samuel N., Philadelphia, PA

Hall, W. A., Los Angeles, CA

Hall, W. H., Newark, NJ

Hall, W. L., Wellsville, NY

Hall, Will L., Camden, ME

Hall, William L., Belfast, ME

Hall, Wm, Green Bay, WI

Hall, Wm L., Trumansburgh, NY

Hall Bros., Brooklyn, NY

Hall Brothers, Brooklyn, NY

Hall's Portrait Studio, New York, NY

Hall's-Gentry Studio, Dallas, TX

Hallacher, Adam, Rothsville, PA

Halladay, D. H., Jacksonville, FL

Halldorson, Ralph E., Lincoln, NE

Halldorson, Thos E., Omaha, NE

Hallen Studios, New York, NY

Hallenbeck, Frances T., New York, NY

Hallenbeck, Frank M., Chicago, IL

Haller, Charles M., Portland, OR

Hallett, New York, NY

Hallett & Brother, New York, NY

Hallett, C. W. See S. I. Hallett

Hallett, S. J. & C. W., New York, NY

Hallett, Samuel J., New York, NY

Halliday & Kessberger, Springfield, IL

Halliday Historical Photo Co., Boston, MA

Halloran, James E., Pawtucket, RI

Halloran, John J. Pawtucket, RI

Halloran, Wm. F., Providence, RI 

Halloran Bros., Pawtucket, RI

Hallowell, George Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Hallowell, George R., Philadelphia, PA

Hallum & Dougherty, near Ellenboro, VA

Hallwig & Co., St. Louis, MO

Halmer, Chas. W., Chittenango, NY

Halmrast, Gust., Minneapolis, MN

Halmrast, Gustaf, Minneapolis, MN

Halmrast Bros., Stillwater, MN

Halsey, Earl L., Albuquerque, NM

Halsey, H. H., Dutch Flat, CA

Halsey, Norris H., New Haven, CT

Halsey, Samuel O., Montpelier, VT

Halstead, Dixon, IL

Halstead, J., Dixon, IL

Halstead, Milton, PA

Halsted, A.  Eugene, Sioux Falls, SD 

Halsted, J., Milton, PA

Halvorsen, J. R., St. Ansgar, IA

Halvorson, J. R., St. Ansgar, IA

Ham & Pulver. See C. O. Pulver

Ham, Georgia E. (Miss), Portland, ME

Ham, Robert N., Chicago, IL

Ham, Robert N., Cohoes, NY

Ham, W., Athens, NY

Hamaker, H. L., Santa Ana, CA

Haman, Jacob Y., Nazareth, PA

Haman, John, Washington, DC

Hambleton. See Pond & Hambleton

Hambleton & Henning, Buffalo, NY

Hambleton, Albert, McConnellsville, OH

Hambleton, E. B., Buffalo, NY

Hambleton, E. B. (Mrs.), Buffalo, NY

Hambleton, Erastus B., Buffalo, NY

Hambleton, Joshua, Ironton, OH

Hambly & Schaal, Providence, RI

Hamby, A., Texarkana, AR

Hamel, Alfred F., Lawrence, MA

Hamel, Alfred, Lawrence, MA

Hamel, Alfred J., Lawrence, MA

Hamel, Joseph, Lawrence, MA

Hamel, Joseph, Manchester, NH

Hamel, William, Lawrence, MA

Hamel, William, Manchester, NH

Hamel Bros., Lawrence, MA

Hames, H., Arlington, MN

Hamil, J. W., Pleasant Plain, IA

Hamil, John, Pleasant Plain, IA

Hamill, Monmouth, IL

Hamill, E. C., Keokuk, IA

Hamill, E. Calvin, Keokuk,  IA

Hamilton, Boston, MA

Hamilton, ____ D., Boston, MA

Hamilton,  Bozeman & White Sulphur Springs, MT

Hamilton, Grand Rapids, MI

Hamilton, Oklahoma City, OT

Hamilton. See Steward & Hamilton

Hamilton, C., Freeport, IL

Hamilton, C. F.  See Hector W. Vaughan

Hamilton, Charles A., Cleveland, OH

Hamilton, Charles F., San Francisco, CA

Hamilton, D. H., Detroit, MI

Hamilton, Daniel H., Milwaukee, WI

Hamilton, E. C., Chicago, IL

Hamilton, E. W., Oklahoma City, OK

Hamilton, Eugene C., Chicago, IL

Hamilton, G. C., Nevada, IA

Hamilton, Geo D., Boston, MA

Hamilton, George D., Boston, MA

Hamilton, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Hamilton, Harry, Peekskill, NY

Hamilton, I. B., Shenandoah, IA

Hamilton, J. H., Sioux City, IA

Hamilton, James H., Sioux City, IA

Hamilton, John, New York, NY

Hamilton, Pauline K., New York, NY

Hamilton, S. C., Nashua, NH

Hamilton, Samuel C., Nashua, NH

Hamilton, Samuel C. R., Butte, MT

Hamilton, Thos, Little Rock, AR

Hamilton Bros., Galesburg, IL

Hamilton Studio, Oklahoma City, OK

Hamley, A. J., Maquoketa, IA

Hamlin, Casselton, ND

Hamlin, Topeka, KS

Hamlin. See Clark & Hamlin

Hamlin, C. B., Fonda, NY

Hamlin, F. B., Gardiner, ME

Hamlin, Gary B., Fonda, NY

Hamm, Robert N., Chicago, IL

Hammatt, E. A. (Mrs.), Greeley, CO

Hammel, E., Oklahoma City, OK

Hammer, Frederick, St. Louis, MO

Hammer, L. Friedrich, St. Louis, MO

Hammer, Ludwig F., St. Louis, MO

Hammerli, Topeka, KS

Hammersley & Grant, St. Louis, MO

Hammersley, Charles, St. Louis, MO

Hammersley, Charles V., St. Louis, MO

Hammerschmidt, J. E., San Francisco, CA

Hammersmith, J. E., San Francisco, CA

Hammersmith, Jacob H., Chicago, IL

Hammett, Henry J., Portland, ME

Hammett, J. T., Portland, ME

Hammett, John T., Portland, ME

Hammond & Co., Bath, ME

Hammond and Fansher, Inkster, ND

Hammond, Arthur, Boston, MA

Hammond, Charles E., Lewiston, ME

Hammond, Fred L., Lewiston, ME

Hammond, Frederick, Jacksonville, FL

Hammond, I. L. & Co., Lewiston, ME

Hammond, Irving L. & Co., Lewiston, ME

Hammond, J., Leroy, IL

Hammond, John, Chicago, IL

Hammond, Lewis, Greenport, NY

Hammond, S. G., La Crosse, WI

Hammond, Wilbur F., Greenport, NY

Hamner, Chas, New York, NY

Hamrick, Westley, Bushnell, IL

Hana, Gideon, Cincinnati, OH

Hanaford, S. R., Milford, NH

Hanaman, Geo, Shelbyville, IL

Hanberry, T. E., Batesville, AR

Hanbury, H. B., Successor to O. B. De Morat, Philadelphia, PA

Hance, James B., Lyons City,  IA

Hance, Jas B., Lyons, IA

Hanchett, Des Plaines, IL

Hanchett & Whorrall, Chicago, IL

Hanchett & Woodell, Richmond, IL

Hancock, Lapeer, MI

Hancock, John, Wichita, KS

Hancock, Le Roy, Scranton, PA

Hand, Alvah J., Marion, OH

Hand, Edwin, Cochecton Centre, NY

Handbury, George W., Peoria, IL

Handee, Augusta, ME

Handel, Karl C., Brooklyn, NY

Handsome, Pritchard, Louisiana, MO

Handsome, William, Chicago, IL

Handy, Levin C., Washington, DC

Handy, Quincy, Butte, MT

Hanes, Edward C., Woodstown P. O., NJ

Hanks, Lucius, Summerfield, MI

Hanley. See Warren & Hanley

Hanlon, T. F., Worcester, MA

Hanna & Hanna, Albuquerque, NM

Hanna & Hanna. See Earl L. Halsey

Hanna & Hanna. See Louis P. Sylvester

Hanna & Hanna. See Rafael Marquez

Hanna & Hanna. See Savadra O. Barnum

Hanna, D. B., Punxsutawney, PA

Hanna, Daniel B., Buffalo, NY

Hanna, Daniel B., Punxsutawney, PA

Hanna, M. Edmund, Albuquerque, NM

Hanna Ottilia L. (Mrs.), Albuquerque, NM

Hanna, Wm F., Cleveland, OH

Hannan. See Sheppard & Hannan

Hannay, H. H., Brooklyn, NY

Hannay, Hugh H., Brooklyn, NY

Hanney, Mayclest, New York, NY

Hannigar, George F., Philadelphia, PA

Hannon. See Gilchrist & Hannon

Hansard, Arthur R., Gentry, AR

Hansarde, R. W., Bentonville, AR

Hansberry, H. B., Philadelphia, PA

Hansborough, W. A., Leavenworth City, KS

Hansbrook, W. A., Leavenworth, KS

Hansbrough, G. W., Leavenworth City, KS

Hansbrough, J. A, Leavenworth City, KS

Hansbury, Philadelphia, PA

Hansbury, Edw B., New York, NY

Hansbury, H. B., Philadelphia, PA

Hansbury, Harry B., Philadelphia, PA

Hansbury, Harry B.  See DeMorat

Hansbury Studio,  Philadelphia, PA

Hansel, Emanuel, New York, NY

Hansen & Co. See Allrich Vance

Hansen, A., Tacoma, WA

Hansen, Andrew, Tacoma, WA

Hansen, Anna C., San Francisco, CA

Hansen, H. J. & W. R., Chicago, IL

Hansen, Hans T., Fargo, ND

Hansen, J. J., Portland, OR

Hansen, N., Ida Grove, IA

Hansen, P. B. Lund, Chicago, IL

Hansen, W. R.  See H. J. Hansen & W. R. Hansen

Hansen, W. R., Chicago, IL

Hansen, Warren R., Chicago, IL

Hansens, Bozeman, MT

Hansom, Tristam, Saco, ME

Hanson. See Gebhardt & Hanson

Hanson, Portland, ME

Hanson, C. L., Joliet, IL

Hanson, Charles W., Genesee, ID

Hanson, Chas, New York, NY

Hanson, H. P., Omaha, NE

Hanson, Hans T., Fargo, ND

Hanson, Maynard D., Portland, ME

Hanson, R. V. H., Chittenango, NY

Hanson, T., Biddeford, ME

Hanson, T. E., Memphis, TN

Hanvey, H. G., San Francisco, CA

Harada, T., San Francisco, CA

Harada Studio, San Francisco, CA

Harbaugh & Co., Chicago, IL

Harbaugh & Green, Allegheny City, PA

Harbaugh, C. C., Allegheny, PA

Harcourt, John W., Albany, NY

Harden, Wichita, KS

Harden & Ostergren, Wichita, KS

Harden, A. W., Wichita, KS

Harden, Alden W., Wichita, KS

Harden, C. H., Beaufort, NC

Harden, Carrie E., Wichita, KS

Harden, Homer T., Wichita, KS

Hardesty, Frank, San Antonio, TX

Hardie & Schadee, Northampton, MA

Hardin, N., Londonderry, OH

Harding. See Jenkins Harding

Harding. See Wood & Harding

Harding, A. D.,Binghamton, NY

Harding, C. S., Brooklyn, NY

Harding, Charles S., Brooklyn, NY

Harding, Chas, Brooklyn, NY

Harding, Edward S., Frederick, MD

Harding, J. E. T., Babylon, NY

Harding, J. W., Hughesville, PA

Harding, May (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Harding, Stephen T., Brooklyn, NY

Hardy, Boston, MA

Hardy, Frankfort, IN

Hardy, Springfield, MA

Hardy & Van Arnam, Troy, NY

Hardy, A. N., Boston, MA

Hardy, A. N., Bucksport, ME

Hardy, F. M., Bangor, ME

Hardy, F. W., Springfield, MA

Hardy, F. W. See J. P Hardy

Hardy, Francis W. Bangor ME

Hardy, Frank W., Bangor ME

Hardy, G. A., Lansingburgh, NY

Hardy, George R., Lansingburgh, NY

Hardy, J. P. & Son. See Francis W. Hardy

Hardy, J. P. & F. W., Bangor, ME

Hardy, Jeremiah P., Bangor ME

Hardy, Jeremiah P. & Son, Bangor, ME

Hardy, Jonathan, Seattle, WA

Hardy, S. P., Castile, NY

Hare. See Newlon & Hare

Hare & Hoult, West Union, WV

Hare, F. M., Greensburgh, PA

Hare, G. B., Syracuse, NE

Hare, Silas W., Middlebourne, WV

Hare, T. H., Hamilton, MO

Hare, Walter M., Fairbury, NE


Harford, George G., Providence, RI

Hargett, I. B., Sandusky, OH

Hargrave, Brooklyn, NY

Hargrave. See Churchley & Hargrave

Hargrave, A. J., New York, NY

Hargrave, Anthony J., Jersey City, NJ

Hargrave, J. J., Buena Vista, CO

Hargrave, J. J., Horicon, WI

Hargrave, William G., Brooklyn, NY

Hargrove, Owego

Hargroves. See Strong & Hargroves

Haring, J. C., Massilon, OH

Harker. See Patee & Harker

Harkey, Jacob, Pocahontas, AR

Harkey, James M., Russellville, AR

Harkines, F. M., Woodland, CA

Harkles, J. M., Valparaiso, IN

Harkless, Albion, IN

Harkullas & Armstrong, West Las Animas, CO

Harkullas, (Mrs.), Trinidad, CO

Harkullas, A. (Mrs.), Trinidad, CO

Harlan & Wilson, Cincinnati, OH

Harlan, A. J., Colorado Springs, CO

Harlem, The, New York, NY

Harlem Photo Co., New York, NY

Harlem Photo Studio, New York, NY

Harley & Metcalf, Boston, MA

Harley & Metcalf, Cambridgeport, MA

Harlow, Bristol, NH

Harlow, Ware, MA

Harlow, Windsor, VT

Harlow, Alonzo C., Montpelier, VT

Harlow Brothers, Windsor, VT

Harman & McFarland, Philadelphia, PA

Harman, H. L., Columbia, SC

Harmany, Lancaster, PA

Harmany & Eberman, Lancaster, PA

Harmany, Alfred, Lancaster, PA

Harmer & McFarland, Philadelphia, PA

Harmon, H. S., Sheboygan, WI

Harmon, J. C., Philadelphia, PA

Harmon, John C., Philadelphia, PA

Harmsen. See Niebergall & Harmsen

Harmsen. See Schneider & Harmsen

Harner, E., Boone, IA

Harner, Emory, Boone, IA

Harness, Charles, Bentonsport, IA

Harness, Herman J., Hope, ND

Harney, Minneapolis, MN

Harney, Wm. J., Hartford, CT

Harney, Wm. P., Hartford, CT

Harnish, G. A., Bluffton, IN

Harpel. See Hoffman& Harpel

Harper, Corsicana, TX

Harper, Greenville, TS

Harper, Texarkana, TX

Harper, Waxachie, TX

Harper & Brother, Greenville, OH

Harper & Co., Charleston, SC

Harper & Co., Dallas, TX

Harper & Co., Galveston, TX 

Harper & Co., Galveston, Houston and Ennis, TX

Harper & Co., Houston, TX

Harper & Co., Shreveport, LA

Harper & Co., Waco, TX,

Harper & Co. See Frank Shirley

Harper & Co. See Roy Harper

Harper & Co. See Thos J. Harper

Harper, Alvan S., Philadelphia, PA

Harper, C. L., Mt. Ayr, IA

Harper, D. W., Dubuque, IA 

Harper, D. W. See Wm. Nuss

Harper, J., Greenville, OH

Harper, John, Greenville, OH

Harper, O. L., Bancroft, IA

Harper, Roy, Dallas, TX

Harper, S. L., Presque Isle, ME

Harper, T. J. See J. B. Willyerd

Harper, Thos J., Dallas, TX

Harper Studio, The, Tallahassee, FL

Harr, Frank, Omaha, NE

Harraden. See Edmonds & Haraden

Harrell, Walter L., Charleston, SC

Harrelson, S. H., Oklahoma City, OK

Harriman, E. D. N., Haverhill, NH

Harriman, Moses C., Warner, NH

Harriman, Wm. H., Georgetown, MA

Harrimond, E., Colebrook, NH

Harrington, Carthage, NY

Harrington, L. W., London, OH

Harrington, Neal P., Cleveland, OH

Harrington, Neal P., Mount Vernon, OH

Harrington, W. H., New Orleans, LA

Harrington, Walter, Williamsburg, IA

Harris, Philadelphia, PA

Harris, Port Byron, IL

Harris. See Blanke-Harris

Harris. See Gurley & Harris

Harris & Greene, Utica, NY

Harris & Johnson, Orange, MA

Harris & Mather, Wyandot, KS

Harris & Roddy, Conneautville, PA

Harris-Ewing, Washington, DC

Harris, A. E., Essexville, MI

Harris, Augustus E., Essexville, MI

Harris, B. G., Osborn, OH

Harris, Benjamin Co., New York, NY

Harris, C. H., Argenta, AR

Harris, C. H., Houston, TX

Harris, C. M., Raleigh, NC

Harris, Carl C.., Rochester, NY

Harris, Charles G., Little Rock, AR

Harris, Chas G., Houston, TX

Harris, Chas W., Le Clair, IA

Harris, Crandal, Richmond, VA

Harris, David, Utica, NY

Harris, Dora (Mrs.), Tucson, AZ

Harris, E. A., Humboldt, IA

Harris, Edward, Cincinnati, OH

Harris, Edwin, Cincinnati, OH

Harris, F. J., Camden, NJ

Harris, F. J., Hightstown, NJ

Harris, Francis J., Wilmington, DE

Harris, Frank J., Burlington, NJ

Harris, G. R., Salem, IN

Harris, G. W., Lancaster, NY

Harris, G. W., Little Rock, AR

Harris, G. W. See J. H. & G. W. Harris

Harris, Geo, Tucson, AZ

Harris, George, Jacksonville, FL

Harris, George H., Rochester, NY

Harris, H. H., Meadville, PA

Harris, H. H., Sharon, PA

Harris, H. H. See Roddy & Matthews

Harris, H. T., Wyandott, KS

Harris, H. V., Portland, ME

Harris, Henry E., Carver, MN

Harris, Hiram V., Portland, ME

Harris, J. B., Youngstown, OH

Harris, J. H., Little Rock, AR

Harris, J. H. & G. W. Harris, Little Rock, AR

Harris, J. J., Sandusky, Freedom, NY

Harris, James H., Little Rock, AR

Harris, James T., Collierville, TN

Harris, Isaac G., Williamsport, PA

Harris, John O., Hammonton, NJ

Harris, Jos, Tucson, AZ

Harris, Joseph, Tucson, AZ

Harris, Louis, New York,

Harris, Louis I., New York, NY

Harris, M., Fremont, OH

Harris, M., Fremont, OH

Harris, Maxwell J., Indianapolis, IN

Harris, Mayer, Chicago, IL

Harris, Munell, Cleveland, OH

Harris, Peter H., Asheville, NC

Harris, Robert, Salem, IN

Harris, T. E., Springfield, IL

Harris, W. L., Fruitland, ID

Harris, W. T., Carthage, IL

Harris, Warren, Cincinnati, OH

Harris Fotographer, Little Rock, AR

Harris Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Harrison, Chicago, IL

Harrison. See Burgess & Harrison

Harrison. See W. R. Wasson

Harrison & Barton, Brooklyn, NY

Harrison & Coover, Chicago, IL

Harrison, C. D., New York, NY

Harrison, C. H., Golden, CO

Harrison, Chas D., New York, NY

Harrison, Chas F., Charlotte, NC

Harrison, Fredk M., New York, NY

Harrison, George L., Newark, NJ

Harrison, John, Alton, IL

Harrison, M. A., Far Rockaway, Queens, NY

Harrison, Maggie, Galesburg, IL

Harrison, Mortimer A., New York, NY

Harrison, Paul, Topeka, KS

Harrison, R. W., Miami, FL

Harrison, R. W., Selma, AL

Harrison, T., Chicago, IL

Harrison, Thomas, Chicago, IL

Harrison, Thomas Jr., Chicago, IL

Harrison, Thos., Galesburg, IL

Harrison, Washington, Brooklyn, NY

Harrison, Wm R., Jersey City, NJ

Harrison, William R., Jersey City, NJ

Harrison's, Chicago, IL

Harrod, Indianapolis, IN

Harrold, W. H., Brooklyn, NY

Harrold, William H., Brooklyn, NY

Harru's, Wooster, OH

Harry's, Steubenville, OH

Harry's Temple of Art, Successor to T. Teeple, Wooster, OH

Harshman & Rowe, Chicago, IL

Harstn, Alfred L. & Co., New York, NY

Hart, Watertown, NY

Hart. See Bushby & Hart

Hart. See Moulthrop & Hart

Hart & Co., Carthage, Wilna, NY

Hart & Hose, Watertown, NY

Hart, A. P., Elmira, NY

Hart, A. P., Rochester, NY

Hart, Charles S., Watertown, NY

Hart, Chas. S., Watertown, NY

Hart, Daniel C., Springfield, MA

Hart, Elwin G., Minot, ND

Hart, Genevieve, New York, NY

Hart, Gould W., Brooklyn, NY

Hart, Henrietta, Plymouth, MI

Hart, Henry, New York, NY

Hart, James, Louisville, KY

Hart, James, Muscatine, IA

Hart, James D., Louisville, KY

Hart, John G., Springfield, MA

Hart, Levi J., Cashtown, PA

Hart, N. E., Ramah, CO

Hart, P. M., Port Huron, MI

Hart, Will, Watertown, NY

Hart, Wm H., Ilo, ID

Harter. See Smith & Harter

Harter, J. H. Rev., Auburn, NY

Harter, Jacob H., Auburn, NY

Harter, Jacob H. Rev., Auburn, NY

Harter, John, Jamestown, ND

Hartford, George, Arctic, Warwick, RI

Hartford, George, River Point, RI

Hartford, George W. C., Wolfeborough, NH

Hartford, J. L., Fairfield, ME

Hartford, James L., Bangor, ME

Hartford Photograph Co., Hartford, CT

Hartgreen's Studio & Photo Shop, Miami, FL

Hartley. See Clark & Hartley


Hartley, Chicago, IL

Hartley, Charles F., Chicago, IL

Hartley, Edw F., Chicago, IL

Hartley, Edward F., Chicago, IL

Hartly, James, Marion, AL

Hartman, Des Moines, IA

Hartman, Knoxville, IA

Hartman. See Hovey & Hartman

Hartman & Taylor. See Taylor & Bacon

Hartman, Jay J., Brooklyn, NY

Hartman, John, Millville, NJ

Hartman, L., Houston, TX

Hartman, N. E., Jacksonport, AR

Hartman, S. J. K., Knoxville, IA

Hartman, William F., Des Moines, IA

Hartman, Wm F., Salt Lake City, UT

Hartman, L., Houston, TX

Hartmann, Leopold, Houston, TX

Hartmann, Tina, Milwaukee, WI

Hartshorn, Corydon, IA

Hartshorn, Edward, Somerville, MA

Hartshorn, J. G., Corydon, IA

Hartshorn, S. W., Providence, RI

Hartsoch, J. S., Mount Blanchard, OH

Hartsock, I. S., Van  Wert, OH

Hartsook, Marion, IN

Hartsook. See Hockett & Hartsook

Hartsook, Fred, San Francisco, CA

Hartsook, Fredk, San Francisco, CA

Hartsook Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Hartung Studio, Brownwood, TX

Hartung, Leonard, Chicago, IL

Hartung, Leonhard, Chicago, IL

Hartwell, Madison, ME

Hartwell, Charles C., Lewiston, ME

Hartwell, F. A., Danville, IL

Hartwell, F. A., Phoenix, AZ

Hartwell, Geo. W., Lewiston, ME

Hartwell, T. A. Danville, IL

Hartwick, C., Fairport, NY

Hartwig, L., Chicago, IL

Hartwig, Leonard, Chicago, IL

Harvey, Greenfield, IN

Harvey, Hartford City, IN

Harvey, Tipton, IN

Harvey. See Bement & Harvey

Harvey. See Whyte & Harvey

Harvey & Forler, Minneapolis, MN

Harvey & Lyles, Chicago, IL

Harvey, C. E., Boise, ID

Harvey, C. F., Ft. Smith, AR

Harvey, C. F., Van Buren, AR

Harvey, C. Edwin, Boise, ID

Harvey, Charles F., Van Buren, AR

Harvey, Chester E., Chicago, IL

Harvey, Eugene C., Chicago, IL

Harvey, G. M., Chicago, IL

Harvey, H. P. (Mrs.), Maquoketa, IA

Harvey, L. A., New Hagerstown, OH

Harvy, William H., Wooster, OH

Harward, A. W., Windsor, VT

Harwood & Mooney, Charles City, IA

Harwood, A. W., Windsor, VT

Harwood, Burt. See Harwood & Mooney

Harwood, George, Fitchburg, MA

Harwood, George W., Salem, MA

Harwood, H. J., 95 Fayette, Utica, NY

Hasalone, Edna L., Salt Lake City, UT

Hasalone, Ivy I., Salt Lake City, UT

Hasbach, Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

Hasben, F. G., Youngstown, OH

Hase & Peck, Watertown, NY

Hase, H., Sacketts Harbor, Hounsfield, NY

Haseltine, John P., Portland, ME

Haskell, Dwight, Sandusky, Freedom, NY

Haskell, E. J., Boston, MA

Haskell, W. G. & Co., Lowell, MA

Haskell's Studio, Augusta, ME

Haskins, F. W., Holyoke, MA

Haskins, F. W., So. Hadley Falls, MA

Haskins, Fred. W., Boston, MA

Haslach, Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

Haslack, Thomas, Brooklyn, NY

Hass, David, Alexandria, VA

Hass, Lewis, Brooklyn, NY

Hass & Mahler, Alexandria, VA

Hassall, Keokuk, IA

Hassall, G., Keokuk, IA

Hassall, George, Keokuk, IA

Hassall's, Keokuk, IA

Hassan, N., Glencoe, MN

Hassinger, Herman, Milwaukee, WI

Hassler. See Zimmerman & Hassler

Hassler, A. J., St. Paul, MN

Hastie, Geo., Silver City, ID

Hastings, Boston, MA

Hastings, Davenport, IA

Hastings, Iowa Fall, IA

Hastings, Newport, RI

Hastings. See Ritz & Hastings

Hastings & Cooper, Allegheny, PA

Hastings & McClane, Pittsburgh, PA

Hastings, White & Fisher, Davenport, IA

Hastings, A. W., Adamsville, OH

Hastings, C. C., Port Townsend, WT

Hastings, Frank S. See See Hastings, White & Fisher

Hastings, George, Newport, RI

Hastings, H. A., Iowa Falls, IA

Hastings, Harry L., Allegheny, PA

Hastings, Matthew, St. Louis, MO

Hastings, O. C., Port Townsend, WT
Hastings, Oregon C., Victoria, BC
Haswell, S. S., Salem, MA

Hatch, Cambridge City, IN

Hatch, A., Bath, ME

Hatch, Aug., Bath, ME

Hatch, Augustus, Bath, ME

Hatch, H. F., New Bedford, MA

Hatch, H. M., Rockland, ME

Hatch, Henry F., New Bedford, MA

Hatch, Leslie A., Tucson, AZ

Hatch, Orlando, Centreville, NY

Hatch, R. H., Milford, MA

Hatch, S. R., Milford, MA

Hatchell, William A., Wilmington, NC

Hatcher, Thomas H., Augusta, GA

Hatfield. See Wheeland & Hatfield

Hatfield, A. L., Clyde, OH

Hatfield, A. L., Woodville, OH

Hatfield, J. S.,  Anaheim, CA

Hatfield, L., Fremont, Sandusky, OH

Hatfield, R. L., New Columbia, PA

Hathaway, E. G., N. Adams, MI

Hathaway, T. S., Elmira, NY

Hatheway, Nathaniel, Leavenworth, KS

Hatkin, Philip, New York, NY

Hatlett & Brother, New York, NY

Hatstat & Hall, Boston, MA

Hatstat, A. J., Boston, MA

Hatter, G. L., Minneapolis, MN

Hatton, Marshall, IL

Hatton. See Brisbois & Hatton

Hatton, Anton, Cleveland, OH

Hatton, M. F., Vincennes, IN

Hatton, Thomas F., Terre Haute, IN

Hauck. See DeGaston & Hauck

Hauck, Pauline K., Lincoln, NE

Haug, Robert R., Philadelphia, PA

Haug, William, Philadelphia, PA

Haugh, G. C., Davenport, IA

Haughey & Butler, Mason City, IL

Hauser, V. C., Chicago, IL

Hauslein, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Hauslein, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Hausold, Alvin, Allegheny, PA

Haussler, Los Angeles, CA

Haussler, Andrew C., St. Louis, MO

Haussler, F. O., Oakland, CA

Haussler, F. O., San Francisco, CA

Haussler, Prof., San Jose, CA

Hautthof, H. J., Van Buren, IN

Havee, T., Stamford, CT

Havener, O. P., Jacksonville, FL

Havener, O. Pierre, Jacksonville, FL

Havens, H. E., Taylorsville, IL

Havens, O. Pierre, Jacksonville, FL

Havens, O. Pierre, Savannah, GA

Haverstick, William F., West Chester, PA

Hawarth, Cora A. Mrs., Hartford, CT

Hawarth, Edward P., Hartford, CT

Hawes. See Southworth & Hawes

Hawes, Charles E., New Bedford, MA

Hawes, J. J., Boston, MA

Hawes, Josiah J., Boston, MA

Hawes, W. S., Butte, M

Hawes, William, New Bedford, CT

Hawes, Winfield S., Butte, MT

Hawes, Wm., New Bedford, MA

Hawk, P., Hamilton, Butler, OH

Hawk, W. W., Conneaut, OH

Hawk, Wm. W., Conneaut, OH

Hawke, W. R., East Boston, MA

Hawker, C., Newbury

Hawkes, B. Franklin, Charlestown, MA

Hawkes, C. S., Milwaukee, WI

Hawkes, Carlton S., Milwaukee, WI

Hawkes, Jos, New York, NY

Hawkes, M., Brunswick, ME

Hawkes, M. E., Red Lodge, MT

Hawkes, M. E. H., West Union, IA

Hawkes, Mark E., Red Lodge, MT

Hawkes, W. R., Boston, MA

Hawkes, W. R., East Boston, MA

Hawkins, Medina, OH

Hawkins & Chew, Denver, CO

Hawkins & Philpot, Macomb, IL

Hawkins & Rutter, Erie, CO

Hawkins, A. J., Mansfield, OH

Hawkins, Amasa, Providence, RI

Hawkins, B. & E., Steubenville, OH

Hawkins, B. E., Denver, CO

Hawkins, D. W., Galesburg, IL

Hawkins, E. See B. & E. Hawkins

Hawkins, F. I., Medina, OH

Hawkins, John P., Milwaukee, WI

Hawkins, L. D., Lake City, IA

Hawkins, Michael, New York, NY

Hawkins, Robt E., Cleveland, OH

Hawkins, William D., St. Paul, MN

Hawks, East Boston, MA

Hawks & Son, Columbus, MT

Hawks. See Austin & Hawks

Hawks, Thomas C., Pawtucket, RI

Hawley. See Platt & Hawley

Hawley. See Warren & Hawly

Hawley, John, Hinsdale, NY

Hawley, N. D., Peekskill, NY

Hawley, Percy J., Albuquerque, NM

Hawley, T. M., Malone, NY

Hawley, Thomas, Nicholville, NY

Hawley, Thomas S., Smithville, NC

Hawly. See Warren & Hawly

Haworth-Baker, Hartford, CT

Haws, J. (Mrs.), Decatur, IL

Haws, John H., Decatur, IL

Hay. See Ott & Hay

Hay. See South & Hay

Hayden, Atlantic, IA

Hayden, Lowell, MA

Hayden, Lincoln, NE

Hayden, Charles, Boston, MA

Hayden, Edward S., Jersey City, NJ

Hayden, Eli, Warsaw, IN

Hayden, Frank, Concord, NH

Hayden, J. A., Lincoln, NE

Hayden, J. W., Manchester, NH

Hayden, Jesse A., Lincoln, NE

Hayden,  Julius W., Manchester, NH

Hayden, M. M., Lowell, MA

Hayden, Marshall M., Concord, NH

Hayden, Marshall M., Lowell, MA

Hayden, Marshall M., Manchester, NH 

Hayden, Prof., Havana, IL

Hayden, Stephen S., Havana, IL

Hayes, Chicago, IL

Hayes, New Haven CT

Hayes, New York, NY

Hayes. See Dames & Hayes

Hayes. See Gibson & Hayes

Hayes. See Yocum & Hayes

Hayes & Co., Detroit, MI

Hayes & Hayes. See Vassar L. Northup

Hayes & Shroyer, Mt. Ayr, IA

Hayes & Short, Portland, OR

Hayes & Thompson,Alamance Co., NC

Hayes, C. E., New Haven, CT

Hayes, C. M. & Co., Detroit, MI

Hayes, Charles E., New Haven, CT

Hayes, Clarence M., Detroit, MI

Hayes, F. M., Danville, IL

Hayes, F. M., Lincoln, IL

Hayes, Finley, New Salem, IL

Hayes, H. C., Portland, OR

Hayes, H. Seguine, New Haven, CT

Hayes, John P., Raleigh, NC

Hayes, Newton, Greenville, OH

Hayes, William J. A., Portland, ME

Hayes Art Co., Chicago, IL

Haygood, A. J., Conyers, GA

Hayner, N. S., Corinth, MS

Haynes, St. Paul, MN

Haynes, Sterling, IL

Haynes & Albright, Wooster, OH

Haynes, A. H., Raleigh, NC

Haynes, F. E., Fargo, ND

Haynes, F. J., Moorhead, MN

Haynes, F. J., St. Paul, MN

Haynes, F. Jay, Fargo, ND

Haynes, J., New Lisbon, OH

Haynes, J. F., Dubuque, IA

Haynes, John, Belvidere, IL

Haynes, T. C., St. Johnsbury, VT

Haynes, Trustam, St. Johnsbury, VT

Haynes, Tristam C., St. Johnsbury, VT

Haynes, Trustum, St. Johnsbury, VT             

Haynes, Tristum C., St. Johnsbury, VT

Haynes, Trustum C., St. Johnsbury, VT

Haynes, W. G., Salem, MA

Haynes, William H., Nashua, NH

Hays, E. William, Louisville, KY

Hays, E. F., Portland, WV

Hays, I. N., Kenton, OH

Hays, J. N., Kenton, OH

Hays, P., Hellen, PA

Hays, Philip W., Kersey, PA

Hayt. See Broas & Hayt

Hayter. See Stark & Hayter

Hayward, A. S., Chester, VT

Hayward, A. S., Proctorsville, VT

Hayward, Albert S., Chester, VT

Hayward, G. W., Boston, MA

Hayward, Geo. W., Boston, MA

Hayward, Geo. W., Cambridgeport, MA

Hayward, George W., Boston, MA

Hayward, Henry S., Rutland, VT

Haywood. See Fish & Haywood

Haywood, Albert S., Cavendish, VT

Haywood, Harry H., Wilmington, DE

Haywood, S. H., Rutland, VT

Hazard, Emerson W., Southington, CT

Hazard, William O., Norfolk, VA

Hazeltine. See Rata Allen

Hazeltine, John P., Portland, ME

Hazeltine, Leland S., Butte, MT

Hazeltine, Leon S., Butte, MT

Hazeltine, Leon S.  See Ivy L. Glenn

Hazeltine, Martin M., Baker City, OR

Hazeltine's Studio, Baker City, OR

Hazeltine's Studio, Butte City, MT

Hazelton, Boston, MA

Hazelton. See Hill & Hazelton

Hazelton & Hill. See Benson C. Hazelton

Hazelton, B. C., Boston, MA

Hazelton, Benson C., Lowell, MA

Hazelton, Edward S., Salem, MA

Hazelton, John B., Montrose, PA

Hazenstab, John A., St. Louis, MO

Hazenstab, William, St. Louis, MO

Hazer. See Ranger & Hazer

Hazer, N. H., Johnstown, NY

Hazer, W. H., Syracuse, NY

Hazer, Warren H., Syracuse, NY

Hazleton & Deans, Montrose, PA

Heackel, Ernest, Philadelphia, PA

Head, Emmett, Quincy, IL

Head, J. G., Havana, IL

Headley & Reed, New Bedford, MA

Headley, Ebenezer B., Wilkes Barre, PA

Heald. See Wright & Heald

Heald & Giles, Providence, RI

Heald & Stiff, Successors to Troxell & Bro., St. Louis, MO

Healey, Charles D., Wells, ME

Healy, A. A., Afton, IA

Healy, Henry C., Waterloo City, IN

Heard. See Heywood & Heard

Heard. See Rice & Heard

Heard, John A., Boston, MA

Hearfield, William J., New York, NY

Hearn, C. W., Boston, MA

Hearn, C. W., Portland, ME

Hearn, Chas. W., Portland, ME

Hearn, Chas. W., Boston, MA

Hearn, Chas. W., Narragansett Pier, RI

Hearn, Chas. W., Old Orchard, ME

Hearn, F. E., Portland, ME

Hearsay, Saml. O., Monpelier, VT

Heath, Bangor and Orono, ME

Heath, Louisville, KY

Heath. See Bo____ & Heath

Heath, A. & M., (Centre), Adams, NY

Heath, Albert, Adams Centre, Adams, NY

Heath, Amasa B., Valatie, Kinderhook, NY

Heath, Bruce C., New Albany, IN

Heath, D. L., Norwalk, CT

Heath, F. L., Grand Rapids, MI

Heath, Fred, Grand Rapids, MI

Heath, H. C., La Cross, WI

Heath, Montgomery, Danville, VT

Heath, Montgomery, Marshfield, VT

Heath, P., photographer, Monroe, MI

Heatley, Charles L., Brooklyn, NY

Heatley, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Heaton, Ironton, OH

Heaton, Portsmouth, OH

Heaton, F., Cincinnati, OH

Hebard, Charles E., Lincoln, NE

Hebard, F. L., Lincoln, NE

Hebard, Frank C., Brooklyn, NY

Hebard, George M., Brooklyn, NY

Hebbel, J., Baltimore, MD

Hebbel, Julius, Baltimore, MD

Hebden, William, Peoria, IL

Hebel, J. H., Baltimore, MD

Heberger, John N., Rochester, NY

Hecht, Treu E., San Francisco, CA

Heck, Geo F., Baltimore, MD

Heck, William, Philadelphia, PA

Heckhart, William, Brighton, IA

Hecock, Ambrose, Binghamton, NY

Hecox, Frank C., El Paso, TX

Hedding, C. B., Colton, NY

Hedding, C. B., Parishville, NY

Hedeles, Ragnvald, San Francisco, CA

Hedger & Noe's, Virginia, NV

Hedges (Misses), Alison, IA

Hedges, Raymond E., Terre Haute, IN

Hedley & Kellogg, Rochester, NY

Hedley, E. C., Rochester, NY

Hedrick, J. C., Cuba, IL

Hedrick, William, New York, NY

Heeb, Adam, Milwaukee, WI

Heering. See Charles G. Button

Heering, John H., San Jose, CA

Heermans, L. W., Scranton, PA

Heffron. See French & Heffron

Hegemann, O., San Antonio, TX

Hegemann Studio, San Antonio, TX

Hegg, Alex S., Janesville, WI

Hegg, Alexander S., Janesville, WI

Heichert, Frankfort, IN

Heighstedt, Minneapolis, MN

Heighstedt, A. W., Minneapolis, MN

Heilmann, Christian O., Waco, TX

Heiman & Schlueter, Bartlett and Granger, TX

Heimberger, C., New Albany, IN

Heimberger, Christian, Louisville, KY

Heimberger, Christoph, New Albany, IN

Heimberger, Christopher, New Albany, IN

Heimburg, Charles H., New York, NY

Heimburg, Chas. H., New York, NY

Heimburgh, Charles H., New York, NY

Heimburgh, L., New Rochelle, NY

Hein, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Hein, Edwd, Baltimore, MD

Hein, G. See Ernest I. Little

Heinemann, August, Chicago, IL

Heinisch, Frank, New York, NY

Heinrich, Carl, New York, NY

Heinrich, Karl, New York, NY

Heintz, Peter, Harlan, IA

Heinz, H. F., Sharon, PA

Heinz, Harry F., Sharon, PA

Heinz, William, Philadelphia, PA

Heinze, R. C., New York, NY

Heinze, Robt C., New York, NY

Heinzelman, M. F., Augusta, WI

Heinzman & Kihlholz, New York, NY

Heisel, Bernard R., Rochester, NY

Heisel, Christian W., Philadelphia, PA

Heiser Co., Cleveland, OH

Heismantel, New York, NY

Heiss, W. H., Philadelphia, PA

Heiss, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Heister, H. T., Chariton, IA

Heitz, C. H., Carroll, IA

Heitzman, A. C., New Orleans, LA

Helbel, Baltimore, MD

Helbling, A. F., Leadville, CO

Helbling, Louis, Philadelphia, PA

Held, Gephart, Omaha, NE

Heldt, Fred, Chicago, IL

Helfer, Adolph, Philadelphia, PA

Helfer, Adolph J., Philadelphia, PA

Helfmann, L., Newark, NJ

Helgeson, Lake Mills, IA

Helgeson, T. J., Lake Mills, IA

Heliel, L. S., San Francisco, CA

Helio-Art Studio. See Tuttle

Heliogravure Co. Inc., New York, NY

Heliotype Printing Co., Boston, MA

Helleburg, C. G., Cincinnati, OH

Heller, Celina, Mercer, OH

Heller, H. D., Wapello, IA

Hellerman, William R., Philadelphia, PA

Helliographic Gallery. See Carlton

Hellmich, Bernhard, New York, NY

Hellmich, Bernhard H., New York, NY

Helm, Daniel, Troy, ID

Helman, J. L., Seneca, IL

Helmann, Louis, St. Louis, MO

Helmbold, A., Clinton, MA

Helmold, A., Clinton MA

Helmold, A., Falmouth, ME

Helmold, Adolar, Clinton, MA

Helmold, G. E. A., Biddeford, ME

Helms. See Gray & Helms

Helois Co., New York, NY

Helsom, Menomonie, W

Hemes, Emile, New York, NY

Hemment, New York, NY

Hemment, Jno C., New York, NY

Hemment, John C., New York, NY

Hemmer, P. E. B., Salt Lake City, UT

Hemperley, Philadelphia, PA

Hempstead, Chas., Newark, OH

Hempstead, H., Jr., Piketon, OH

Hempsted, C., Newark, OH

Hemstreet Martini Co., Brooklyn, NY

Hemtz, E. P. (Mrs.), Boston, MA

Hendee, Augusta, ME

Hendee, D., Portland, OR

Hendee, D. H., Portland, OR

Hendee, E. L., Portland, OR

Hendee, J. S., Augusta, ME

Hendee, J. S.  See K. Elwood Cross

Hendee, J. S., Augusta, ME

Hendee, John S., Augusta, ME

Hendershett, J. D., Springwater, NY

Hendershott, M., Rochester, NY

Henderson, A. Elizabeth, New York, NY

Henderson, E. L., Augusta, GA

Henderson, Frederick, Tenant's Harbor, St. George, ME

Henderson, G. A., Decatur, IL

Henderson, George A., Decatur, IL

Henderson, J. W., New York, NY

Henderson, Jas W., New York, NY

Henderson, John, New York, NY

Henderson, R. L., Bellaire, OH

Henderson, R. S., Harrisburg, PA

Henderson, Robert, Bellaire, OH

Henderson, Robert L., Bellaire, OH

Henderson, Robt L., Bellaire, OH

Henderson, W. Y., Andover, NY

Henderson, William S., Chicago, IL

Henderson's Studio, Bellaire, OH

Hendrick. See Arnold & Hendrick

Hendricks & Co., Allegheny, PA

Hendricks, J. R., Okolona, AR

Hendricks, W. H., Ottawa, IL

Hendrickson & Zahner, Niagara Falls, NY

Hendrickson, A., Philadelphia, PA

Hendrickson, Andrew, Philadelphia, PA

Hendrickson, Horatio, Albany, NY

Hendrickson's Studio, Yonkers, NY

Hendrick Hudson Studio, New York, NY

Heney, Thomas, New York, NY

Henfield, J., Castle Rock, CO

Henfield, John, Baltimore, MD

Henigar, G. W., Middletown, CT
Heninger, William L., Brooklyn, NY
Henkel, Hoboken, NJ

Henkel, Charles A., Jersey City, NJ

Henkle, Chas. A., Jersey City, NJ

Henley, Mollie (Miss), Dongola, IL

Henline, N., Bloomington, IL

Henne, Paul E., Philadelphia, PA

Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN

Hennies, G. V., Columbia, SC

Hennies, G. V. See Wm C. Hennies

Hennies, Geo V., Columbia, SC

Hennies, Wm C., Columbia, SC

Hennigar, Brooklyn, NY

Hennigar, Lambertville, NJ

Hennigar, Middletown, CT

Hennigar & Johnson, Middletown, CT

Hennigar, G. W., Middletown, CT

Hennigar, Geo. W., Middletown, CT

Hennigar, J. W., Lambertville, NJ

Hennigar, J. W., New Rochelle, NY

Hennigar, John W., New York, NY

Hennigar, Morton, W., Middletown, CT

Hennigar, W., Brooklyn, NY

Hennigar, William L., Brooklyn, NY

Hennigar, Wm., Brooklyn, NY

Hennigar, Wm. L., Brooklyn, NY

Hennigar Bros., Middletown, CT

Hennigar Photo Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Henniger, George W., Middletown, CT

Henniger, Morton W., Middletown, CT

Henning. See Hambleton & Henning

Henning, C. & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Henning, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Hennings, J. G., Main, Buffalo,NY

Hennings, W. O., West Union, IA

Hennscher, Hermann, Manitowoc, WI

Henrichsen, Cleveland, OH

Henrichsen, John H., Cleveland, OH

Henrici & Brownworth, Philadelphia, PA

Henrici, H., Philadelphia, PA

Henrici, Herman, Philadelphia, PA

Henrik Hudson Studio, New York, NY

Henry, Pittsburgh, PA

Henry, Streator, IL

Henry. See Hurlbut & Henry

Henry. See Terkelson & Henry

Henry & Co., New York, NY

Henry & McElroy, Pueblo, CO

Henry, D. A., Brattleboro, VT

Henry, Daniel A., Brattleboro, VT
Henry, E. E., Leavenworth, KS

Henry, E. E. See Harrison Putney

Henry, Emil, New York, NY

Henry, F. W., Clay City, KY

Henry, Francis W., Seneca Falls, NY

Henry, J. W. M. & Co., near Morgantown, WV

Henry, James, Philadelphia, PA

Henry, Levi, Bonaparte, IA

Henry, L. W., Spencer, MA

Henry, Norman, New York, NY

Henry, O. C., Pittsburgh, PA

Henry, S. O., Montpelier, VT

Henry, W. T., Carlisle, KY

Henrye, J., Clinton, TX

Hensel, L., Port Jervis, NY

Henshel, Chicago, IL

Henshel, C. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Henshel, J., Chicago, IL

Henshel, Jacob, Chicago, IL

Henshel, W. M., Chicago, IL

Henshel, William, Chicago, IL

Henshel, William M., Chicago, IL

Henslee, S. H., New Lexington, OH

Henszey & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Hentscher, H., Manitowoc, WI

Hentscher, Herman, Mantiwoc, WI

Hentscher, Hermann

Hentz, Josiah, Boston, MA

Hentz, Josiah G., Boston, MA

Hentz, P. Edward, Boston, MA

Henwood, A. R., Carlisle, PA

Hepburn, Philadelphia, PA

Hepburn, G. L., Madrid, NY

Hepburn, G. L. H., Madrid, NY

Heppner, George, New York, NY

Hera, Wm. G., Newport, KY

Herbert. See Goodridge & Herbert

Herbert, Charles H., New York, NY

Herbert, Wm H., Cedar Rapids, IA

Hercher, H., Milwaukee, WI

Hercher, Henry, Milwaukee, WI

Hereth, J. C., Indianapolis, IN

Herin, P. M. (Mrs.), Tacoma, WA

Herington, James R., White Rock, TX

Heritage, Frank C., Columbus, OH

Heritage, Mary (Miss), Monroe, MI

Herkimer, Wallace R., Houston, TX

Herkules, A. (Mrs.), Trinidad, CO

Herman, Charles, Farm School, PA

Herman, Fannie (Mrs.), New York, NY

Herrman, Henry, Burlington, IA

Herman, Theodore, Wind Gap, PA

Herman, Walter C., Cleveland, OH

Hermance, L. M., Poughkeepsie, NY

Hermann & Wagner, Chicago, IL

Hermann, Herman, New York, NY

Hermann, John, Lowell, MA

Hernandez, E. R., El Paso, TX

Hernandez, Luis, El Paso, TX

Heroy, Boston, MA

Herrick. See French, Herrick & Co.

Herrick, C. H., Youngstown, OH

Herrick, D. W., Franklin, NH

Herrick, F. J., Orange, ME

Herrick, Frank J., Rockland, ME

Herrick, J. P.  See A. A. Scudder
Herrick, James, Prattsville, NY

Herrington, Homer E., Dorchester, IA

Herron. See Gray & Herron

Herron, J. M., Troy, NY

Herron, Joseph M., New York, NY

Hersey, George W., Medford, MA

Hersey, S. O., Montpelier, VT

Hersey, S. O. See Styles

Hersey, Susan, New York, NY

Hersh, John J., New Oxford, PA

Hershey, Bert, Muscatine, IA

Herstein, J., Nashville, TN

Hertzler, Canton, OH

Hertzog, Nazareth, PA

Herzik, Louis M., Houston, TX

Hesler & Peabody, Chicago, IL

Hesler, A., Chicago, IL

Hesler, A., Evanston, IL

Hesler, Alexander, Chicago, IL

Hesler, Alex., Chicago, IL

Hesler Gallery, Chicago, IL

Hessler, Alexr, Chicago, IL

Hess, Cobleskill, NY

Hess & Hess, Girard, PA

Hess & Loveday, Chicago, IL

Hess-Ives Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

Hess, George, Girard, PA

Hess, Godfrey Jr., Williamsport, PA

Hess, H., Brooklyn, NY

Hess, J., Reading, PA

Hess, J. S., Rieves Ville, WV

Hess, Jno S., Boothville, WV

Hess, Jonathan, Reading, PA

Hess, Louis, Cobleskill, NY

Hess, Louis, Guttenberg, IA

Hess, Mathias, Girard, PA

Hesse, J., New York, NY

Hesse, Julius, New York, NY

Hesser, E. B., Los Angeles, CA

Hesser Bros, Enid, OK

Hession, Geo., Lafayette, IN

Hester, U. H., Van Wert, OH

Hester, Wm, Tacoma, WA

Hetfield, Elizabeth (Mrs.), Erie, PA

Hetland, Charles N., Fargo, ND

Hetzel, Charles, Louisville, KY

Heuck. See Walter & Heuck

Hevy & Loupret, Nashua, NH

Hevy, L. N., Worcester, MA

Hevy, Louis N., Worcester, MA

Hewes' Photograph Rooms, New York, NY

Hewes & Scranton, New York, NY

Hewes, J. Will, Brooklyn, NY

Hewes, Wm. J., Poundridge, NY

Hewes, Wm J. See Hewes & Scranton

Hewett, Ephraim H., No. Yarmouth, ME

Hewey, John S. & Co., Lewiston, IL

Hewins, Julius A., Lewiston, ME

Hewitt. See Johnston Hewitt

Hewitt & Co., Amsterdam, NY

Hewitt & Searles, Amsterdam, NY

Hewitt, James (Mrs.), Portland, OR

Hewitt, S., Cincinnati, OH

Hewitt, T. E., Amsterdam, NY

Hewitt, Thaddeus E., Amsterdam, NY

Hewitt Photo Shop, Spirit Lake, ID

Hewitt's Gallery, Portland, OR

Hewke, T. S., Watertown, NY

Hewling, Clara B. (Mrs.), Gainesville, AL

Heyde, W. H., Minneapolis, MN

Heydon, H. K., (Newark) Arcadia, NY

Heydon, H. K., Newark, NY

Heyl. See Elliott & Heyl

Heyn & Matzen, Chicago, IL

Heyn, G. See Geo F. Waldron

Heyn, G. See Samuel C. Jennings

Heyn, George, Omaha, NE

Heyn, H.  See Louis James & Co.

Heyn, H. H.  See Clinton S. Jennings

Heyn, Louis, Great Falls, MT

Heyn, Louis. See Elbert A. Mee

Heywood, Oxford, IA

Heywood & Heard, Boston, MA

Heywood, John D., Boston, MA 

Heywood Studios, New York, NY

Hibbard, C. P., Burlington, VT

Hibbard, Chas P., Burlington VT

Hibbard, H. W., No. Woodstock, CT

Hibbard, Jerome, South Butler, NY

Hiblinger, E. C., Jackson, LA

Hickcox, A., Binghamton, NY

Hickenlooper, Cyrus, Plattville, IA

Hickenlooper, H. G., MO

Hickethier, A., Drain, OR

Hickinbotham, William, Allegheny, PA

Hickman, Mt. Sterling, IL

Hickman, G. W., Mt. Sterling, IL

Hickox, Ambrose, Corning, NY

Hickox, L. P., Santa Ana, CA

Hicks, A. J., Wms Burgh, NY

Hicks, Augustus T., New York, NY

Hicks, L., Brooklyn, NY

Hicks, L. S., Brooklyn, NY

Hicks, Lemuel S., Brooklyn, NY

Hicks, Lucius J., Salem, OR

Hicks, P., Cortlandville, NY

Hicks, Samuel S., Brooklyn, NY

Hicks, Willis G., McKenzie, TN

Hidlock, J. B. (Miss), Sterling, IL

Hieser. See Wilson & Hieser

Higbee Bros., Chagrin Falls, OH

Higbee, E. R., Chagrin Falls, OH

Higbia, Dan'l, (Schuyler Lake) Exeter, NY

Higgins, Newmarket, NH

Higgins. See Brown & Higgins

Higgins & Terril, Elyria, OH and Jackson, MI

Higgins & Whitaker, Boston, MA

Higgins, A. S., Galva, IA

Higgins, Chas. B., Frenchtown, NJ

Higgins, Edw E., Jersey City, NJ

Higgins, Edward D., Newport, KY

Higgins, Henry, Wheeling, WV

Higgins, J. C., Bath, ME

Higgins, J. C., Boston, MA

Higgins, J. C., Foxborough, MA

Higgins, J. C. & Son, Bath, ME

Higgins, John C., Bath, ME

Higgins, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Higgins, O. T., Boston, MA

Higgins, S. C., Columbus, OH

Higgins, S. R., Fresno, CA

Higgins, T. H., Wheeling, WV

Higgins, T. J., San Francisco, CA

Higgins, Thos H., Wheeling, WV

Higgs, Charles W., Augusta, GA

Higgs, Charles W., Brooklyn, NY

Higgs, Chas. W., Brooklyn, NY

High, J. R., La Belle, MO

Highland View Co., Springfield, MA

Highness, Fertile, MN

Hight. See Vickery & Hight

Hight, H. A., Haverhill, MA

Hight, Harry & Co., Chicago, IL

Hihlholz, Bernhard, Chicago, IL

Hilbert, Albert, Fairfield, IA

Hilbert, Emma, Jersey City, NJ

Hild, Frank S., St. Louis, MO

Hild, William F., Chicago, IL

Hildebrand, A. W., Windham, OH

Hildebrand, Nicholas J., Chicago, IL

Hildebrand, Wm O., Omaha, NE

Hildreth & Co., California, MO

Hildreth & Turner, North Troy, VT

Hildreth, Clifford A., New Haven, CT

Hildreth, F. L., Kansas City, MO

Hile, W., Greensburg, PA

Hiles, A. J., Tidioute, PA

Hilker, Perth Amboy, NJ

Hill, Elizabeth, NJ

Hill, Monroe, MI

Hill, photographer, Worcester, [MA]

Hill. See Dunshee & Hill

Hill. See Elliott & Hill 

Hill. See Monford & Hill

Hill. See Monfort and Hill

Hill. See Schoonmaker & Hill

Hill & Co., New York, NY

Hill & Benson, Troy, NY

Hill & Everett, Burlington, IA

Hill & Hazelton, Boston, MA

Hill & Hazelton. See Benson C. Hazelton

Hill & Lyons, Greencastle, IN

Hill, A. E., Lynn, MA

Hill, A. E. See F. F. Dunshee and A. E. Hill

Hill, Albert, Mt. Taber, VT

Hill, Alex. D., New York, NY

Hill, C. G., Troy, NY

Hill, C. W., Monroe, MI

Hill, Charles, Key West, FL

Hill, Charles G., Troy, NY

Hill, Chas., New York, NY

Hill, Chester T., Cleveland, OH

Hill, Chester T., Detroit, MI

Hill, Cornelius, Morris Cross Roads, PA

Hill, E. S., St. Cloud, MN

Hill, Elson C., Brooklyn, NY

Hill, F. E., Worcester, MA

Hill, George, Brooklyn, NY

Hill, George. See Montfort & Hill

Hill, H. H., Hamilton, NY

Hill, Harry E., Fort Pierce, FL

Hill, Henry H., Hamilton, NY

Hill, Ira L. Studios, New York, NY

Hill, Isaac N., St. Louis, MO

Hill, J., Anoka, MN

Hill, J. F. (Mrs.), Los Angeles, CA

Hill, J. G., Detroit, MI

Hill, J. M., Bridgewater, VA

Hill, J. W., Fort Worth, TX

Hill, James C., Brooklyn, NY

Hill, Jesse A., Galesburg, IL

Hill, John H., Barnstead Centre, NH

Hill, John M., Tyler, TX

Hill, Joseph, Anoka, MN

Hill, Kate E. (Mrs.), Fort Pierce, FL

Hill, Lowell G., Fort Pierce, FL

Hill, M. W., Nashville, AR

Hill, Noah A., Jacksonville, FL

Hill, Norman D., Somerville, MA

Hill, R. & G. W. Hill, New York, NY

Hill, S. B., Austin, TX

Hill, S. B., Austin and San Antonio, TX

Hill, Samuel B., Waterbury, CT

Hill, W. H., Elizabeth, NJ

Hill, W. H., Pasadena, CA

Hill, W. Harry, Elizabeth, NJ

Hill, W. Henry, Elizabeth, NJ

Hill, William H., Asbury Park, NJ

Hill, William H., Elizabeth, NJ

Hill Bros, Detroit, MI

Hill City Gallery, Lynchburg, VA

Hillberg, John, Anaconda, MT

Hillberg, John, Twin Falls, ID

Hille, Chicago, IL

Hille, James J., Chicago, IL

Hille, John J., Chicago, IL

Hiller, C. M, San Francisco, CA

Hiller, Charles M., Elizabeth, NJ

Hilliard. See Bingham & Hilliard

Hilliard. See Antonio Valencia

Hilliard & Co. See C. D. Hilliard

Hilliard, C. D., Memphis, TN

Hillier, R. J., Philadelphia, PA

Hillier, Richard J., Philadelphia, PA

Hillman. See Knowles & Hillman

Hillman & Houck, Corning, NY

Hillman, A., Buffalo, NY

Hillman, A. C., (C. 4 Corners) Charleston, NY

Hillman, Adolph, Buffalo, NY

Hillman, Frank, Buffalo, NY

Hillman, Fred., New York, NY

Hillman, J. H., Le Roy, NY

Hillman, Jethro, New Bedford, CT

Hillman, Leonard, Corning, NY

Hills, Attica, NY

Hills, E. N., Syracuse, NY

Hills, F. O., Torrington, CT

Hills, Frederick O., Torrington, CT

Hills, Ira Studios, New York, NY

Hills, M. T., Attica, NY

Hillyer, H. B., Dallas, TX

Hillyer, H. B. & Son, Dallas, TX

Hilstad, Ole, Sioux Falls, SD 

Hilt, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Hilt, Morton, Philadelphia, PA

Hilton, Alton C., New York, NY

Hilton, David C., Clarksville, IA

Hilton, Emma (Mrs.), New York, NY

Hilton, W. H., Chicago, IL

Hilton Photo Studio, Newark, NJ

Hinchey, P. J., Detroit, MI

Hinckle, Adam, Baltimore, MD

Hinckley, Geneva, NY

Hinckley, A. S., Geneva, NY

Hinckley, Abel S., Geneva, NY

Hinckley, B. T., Camden, NY

Hinckley, Frank W., Barre, MA

Hind, William C., PA

Hinderman, Omro, WI

Hinderman, B., Omro, WI

Hinds, Amos L., Portland, ME

Hinds, B. W., N. Vasselboro', NH

Hinds, B. W., North Vassalborough, ME

Hinds, James, Schenectady, NY

Hinds, Jerome, Schenectady, NY

Hinds, William C., Philadelphia, PA

Hindsley, Elmer O., Valley City, ND

Hine, Burton, (Del. Co.), Franklin, NY

Hine, J. W., Otego, NY

Hine, T., Chicago, IL

Hine, Thomas, Chicago, IL

Hine, Thos., Chicago, IL

Hineman, Milton M., Newark, NJ

Hines. See  Edward & Hines

Hines, Burton, Walton, NY

Hines, W. C., Philadelphia, PA

Hines, Wm. B., Hastings, NE

Hinke, Charles H., Middletown, CT

Hinkel & Son, Warrensburg, MO

Hinkle, A., Baltimore, MD

Hinkle, D., Germantown, PA

Hinkle, David, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Hinkle, David, Philadelphia, PA

Hinkle, Wm., Germantown, OH

Hinkley, New York, NY

Hinkley, A. S., Geneva, NY

Hinkley, Alfred, (Williamsville) Amherst, NY

Hinman & Stidson, Ravenna, OH

Hinman, E. B., Clarinda, IA

Hinman, George H., New Haven, CT

Hinman, Hannah, Yorkshire, NY

Hinman, Henry, Ravenna, OH

Hinman, Henry D., Ravenna, OH

Hinsey, A., Wilmington, IL

Hinton & Oppenheimer, Mobile

Hinton, D. I. (Mrs.), Butte, MT

Hinton, D. I. (Mrs.) See Emil E. Olson

Hinton, Edward C., Atlanta, GA

Hinton, M. J., New Orleans, LA

Hinton's Galleries, Montgomery, AL

Hinton's, Galleries, New Orleans, LA

Hippard, E., Elizabethtown, PA

Hipple, Edward P., Philadelphia, PA

Hirsch, Aaron, New York, NY

Hirsch, William, Chicago, IL

Hirshburg, Wesley. See Harper Studio

Hirschinger, H., New York, NY

Hirschinger, Henry, New York, NY

Hirst, Hutchinson, Kansas

Hirst, Edwin, Wilmington, DE

Hirst, Sam'l., Hutchinson, KS

Hiscock, F. G., Lamoni, IA

Hissong, Geo W. & Son, LaGrange, IN

Hissong, George W., Bloomfield, IN

Hissong, J. P., Cumberland, MD

Histed, E. W., New York, NY

Histed, E. W., Newport, RI

Histed, Edw W., New York, NY

Histed Co., New York, NY

Hitchcock, Emerson Ward, Canton, NY

Hitchcock, Dr. J. (Mrs.), Canton, NY

Hitchcock, Edward, Philadelphia, PA

Hitchcock, Geo. E., Akron, OH

Hitchcock, George

Hitchcock, George, Canton, OH

Hitchcock, J., Mt. Vernon, IL

Hitchcock, Jas., Mr. & Mrs., Mt. Vernon, IL

Hitchcock, Jennette, Canton, NY

Hitchcock, John Mrs., Canton, NY

Hitchler & Beattie, New Orleans, LA

Hitchler, A. H., Houston, TX

Hitchler, A. H., New Orleans, LA

Hitchler, Anthony H., Houston, TX

Hitchler, Anthony H., New Orleans, LA

Hitchner, Willink, NY

Hite, R. J., Camden, IN

Hite, Rachael Jane, Bluffton, IN

Hite, Rachel Jane, Zanesville, IN

Hitt, L. L., Ironton, OH

Hitt, L. L., McArthur, Vinton, OH

Hittel, Franklin, Shimersville, PA

Hittler, J. H., Marysville, OH

Hix, W. P. & Co., Chester, SC

Hix, W. Preston, Columbia, SC

Hix's, Columbia and Newberry, SC

Hix's Portraits, Columbia, SC

Hoag & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Hoag & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Hoag & Quick, Cincinnati, OH

Hoag & Roe, Strawberry Point, IA

Hoag, A. B., Centre Sandwich, NH

Hoag, J. M., Adrian, MI

Hoag & Quick, Cincinnati, OH

Hoag Quick & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Hoagland, Dwight L., Roswell, NM

Hoagland, F. M., Omaha, NE

Hoard & Laidler, Jamestown, NY

Hoard & Tenney, Winona, MN

Hoard & Tenny, Winona, MN

Hoard, L. C., Dunkirk, NY

Hoave, Joseph, Monroeville, PA

Hobart, Big Rapids, MI

Hobart, C. M., Chicago, IL

Hobart, Marl E., Big Rapids, Western MI

Hobart, Wilbur F., Richmond, VA

Hobbs, Charles H., Carroll, NH

Hobbs, J. F., Johnstown, PA

Hobbs, I. N., Beatrice, NE

Hobbs, W. N., Exeter, NH

Hobbs, William N., Exeter, NH

Hobbs Brothers, Whitefield, NH

Hobday & Co., Norfolk, VA

Hobday, Joseph, Norfolk, VA

Hobdays, Portsmouth, VA

Hobron, Lucy M., San Francisco, CA

Hobson, Samuel, Portland, OR

Hoch, Heinrich, Jersey City, NJ

Hoch, John, Boston, MA

Hochberg, Moses, Boston, MA

Hochhalter, John J., Streeter, ND

Hock, Charles, New York, NY

Hockensmith, John, Jackson Hall, PA

Hockett & Hartsook, Marion, IN

Hodge, Des Moines, IA

Hodge, Providence, RI

Hodge. See Pressey & Hodge

Hodge, Frank M., Pawtucket, RI

Hodge, Frank M., Providence, RI

Hodge, J. C., Johnston, RI

Hodge, L. Cady, Topeka, KS

Hodge, O. S., Des Moines, IA

Hodges, John, Paw Paw, MI

Hodges, William H., Lincolnville, ME

Hodgkins, S., Pittsfield, VT

Hodgman. See Weeks & Hodgman

Hodgman, C. O., Holliston, MA

Hodgman, R., Princeton, IL

Hodgson, Abram B., Biddeford ME

Hodgson, Jno., Omaha, NE

Hodgson, Jno, South Omaha, NE

Hodgson, John, Gallup, NM

Hodsdon, Charles C., Saco, ME

Hodson, Sacramento, CA

Hodson. See Johnson & Hodson

Hodson, A., South Troy, VT

Hodson, Burton M., Sacramento, CA

Hodson, J. R., Sacramento, CA

Hodson, J. R., San Francisco, CA

Hodson, J. R., Santa Clara, CA

Hodson, Jos., East Liverpool, OH

Hodson, Joseph, East Liverpool, OH

Hodson, Jos., East Liverpool, OH

Hodson, L., East Liverpool, OH

Hoe, Emmet M., Louisville, KY

Hoedil. See Alexander & Hoedil

Hoefle, Erna, Brooklyn, NY

Hoefle, G., Belleville, IL

Hoelfe, Erna, Brooklyn, NY

Hoeger, Henry, Milwaukee, WI

Hoek, Albert G., Cleveland, OH

Hoel, Robert, Hot Springs, AR

Hoelke. See Benecke & Hoelke

Hoelke & Benecke, St. Louis, MO

Hoenes, Victor C., Blackfoot, ID

Hoenes, Victor C., Salt Lake City, UT

Hoenig, Morris, Hoboken, NJ

Hoff, David P., Sandwich, IL

Hoff, E. M., Denison, IA

Hoff, J. B., Angola, IN

Hoff, W. L., Essex, IA

Hoff, Will L., Angola, IN

Hoffer, William, New York, NY

Hoffer, Wm P., New York, NY

Hofferbert, Louis J., New York, NY

Hoffman, Brooklyn, NY

Hoffman & Harpel, Des Moines, IA

Hoffman, A. J., Salt Lake City, UT

Hoffman, Albert J., Chicago, IL

Hoffman, Albert J., Louisville, KY

Hoffman, C. H., Wilmington, DE

Hoffman, Chas., New York, NY

Hoffman, F. William, Chicago, IL

Hoffman, G. M., Le Roy, NY

Hoffman, Henry, Tahoe, ID

Hoffman, J., Boston, MA

Hoffman, O. R., Chicago, IL

Hoffman Bros., Chicago, IL

Hoffmann, Frank A., Chicago, IL

Hoffman, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Hoffman, Louis, Boston, MA

Hoffman Photogravure Co., Chicago, IL

Hoffman Studio, Chicago, IL

Hoffmeier, S. B., Easton, PA

Hoffmeister. See Muraour & Hoffmeister

Hoffmeister, Heindrich E., Columbus, MS

Hoffstad, P. J., Chicago, IL

Hoffstad, Peter J., Chicago, IL

Hoffsteater, O. M. See Charles V. Miner

Hofius, L. W., Johnstown, OH

Hofius, L. W., Youngstown, OH

Hofman, Geo. H., St. Louis, MO

Hofman, George, St. Louis, MO

Hofsteater & Co., Portland, OR

Hofsteater, O. M., Portland, OR

Hofsteater, Orlando M., Vancouver, BC

Hofstrum, John, Boston, MA

Hogan, Bert, Lyons, IA

Hogan & Ensminger, Mendota, IL

Hogan, Genevieve (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Hogan, J. W., Mendota, IL

Hogan, R. M., Portland, OR

Hogan, W. J., Detroit, MI

Hogg, J., McMinnville, OR

Hoggins, John, Chicago, IL

Hogle, J. A., Atwater, Portage, OH

Hoglund, Uli, New Haven, CT

Hogue, Henry H., Chicago, IL

Hohen, Alf, New York, NY

Hohenstein, Carl J., Brooklyn, NY

Hohenstein, Chas, Brooklyn, NY

Hohenstein, Geo. H., Brooklyn, NY

Hohenstein, George H., Brooklyn, NY

Hohenstein, Henry, New York, NY

Hohenstein, Wm., Brooklyn, NY

Hohlweg, L., Baltimore, MD

Hohlweg, Vincent, Baltimore, MD

Hohman, Henry A., Baltimore, MD

Hohn, Emma, Brooklyn, NY

Hohne, Julius, Chicago, IL

Hohnof, Arthur W., Chicago, IL

Hoit, R. B., Miami, FL

Holborn, Henry, St. Louis, MO

Holborn, Henry. See When Gallery

Holcomb. See Lake & Holcomb

Holcomb & Felt, Salina, KS

Holcomb & French, Garretsville, OH

Holcombe & Metzen, Detroit, MI

Holcombe, B. J., Detroit, MI

Holcombe, Burton A., Detroit, MI

Holden, Alfred, Philadelphia, PA

Holden, Charles W., Worcester, MA

Holden, H. T., Essex, IA

Holden, Solomon, Winchester, NH

Holder, Zilla (miss), Salt Lake City, UT

Holding & Edwards, Lynchburg, VA

Holdman, Chas, Chicago, IL

Holdmann, Milwaukee, WI

Holdmann, Charles, Chicago, IL

Holdridge, L., Trenton, NJ

Hole, J. O., Muscatine, IA

Holes, Charles, Clearfield, PA

Holes, Charles, Smith's Mills, PA

Holl, G. B., Kansas City, MO

Holland, Boston, MA

Holland, Elkhart, IN

Holland & Roberts, Boston, MA

Holland, A. P.  See Mathias O. Nash

Holland, Andrew J., Benson, MN

Holland, Daniel, Clinton, IA

Holland, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Holland, T. G., Wilmington, DE

Holland, Thomas G., Wilmington, DE

Holland, W., Trenton, NJ

Holland, William C., Trenton, NJ

Holland's Studio, Charleston, SC

Holland's Studio. See J. Robt. Overall

Holland's Studio. See Miss Marie C. Bacot

Hollen, Harry J., New York, NY

Hollen, Henry J., New York, NY

Hollenbach, Lewis B., Low Hill, PA

Hollenback, O. A., (Oneida) Lenox, NY

Hollenback, D. H., Centre Point, IA

Hollenbeck, M., (Erieville) Nelson, NY

Holler, Brooklyn, NY

Holler, Anton, Brooklyn, NY

Holler, Gustav A., San Francisco, CA

Holler, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Holler, J., San Francisco, CA

Holler, Joseph, San Francisco, CA

Holler Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Hollinger, Urbana, IL

Hollinger & Co., New York, NY

Hollingsworth, J. A., Jacksonville, FL

Hollis, David, Pittstown, NY

Hollis, Edwin F., Jersey City, NJ

Hollis, Freeman, Triangle, NY

Hollister, Mexico, NY

Hollister, E. D., Parisville, OH

Hollmann, G., New Ulm, MN

Holloway. See Egan & Holloway

Holloway & Buckingham, Terre Haute, IN

Holloway, C. W., Newport, RI

Holloway, Charles W., Newport, RI

Holloway, George D. See David H. Wright

Holloway, W. C., Newport, RI 

Hollyland, Washington, DC

Hollywood Studio, Chicago, IL

Holman, Warren, OH

Holman, Randel, Troy,  MI

Holmboe, Even M., New Salem, ND

Holmes. See Clark & Holmes
Holmes. See Schofield & Holmes

Holmes. See Smith & Holmes

Holmes, A., Boston, MA

Holmes, Alfred S., Albany, NY

Holmes, A. S., Albany NY

Holmes, A. S., Troy, NY

Holmes, Alfred S. Jr., Albany, NY

Holmes, Burton W., Albany, NY

Holmes, Burton W., Hartford, CT

Holmes, C. D., Worcester, MA

Holmes, Charles, Norwich, CT

Holmes, Charles A., Providence, RI

Holmes, Charles D., Worcester, MA

Holmes, Chas. D., Worcester, MA

Holmes, Fred W., Lewiston, ME

Holmes, Horace F., Syracuse, NY

Holmes, J. H., Britt, IA

Holmes, J. J. (Sandy Hill) Kingsbury, NY

Holmes, James M., Stonington, CT

Holmes, P. R., Milford, DE

Holmes, Patrick, Brooklyn, NY

Holmes, Peter, Brooklyn, NY

Holmes, R. C., Dover, DE

Holmes, San Luis Obispo, CA

Holmes, R. R. R., San Luis Obispo, CA

Holmes, S. A., New York, NY

Holmes, Silas A., New York, NY

Holmes, Thomas, Jewett City, CT

Holmes, Thomas, Southbridge, MA

Holmes, W., Phelps, NY

Holmes, William, Greenburg, PA

Holmes, William, New York, NY

Holmwood, John, Yonkers, NY

Holston, F. Aug, New York, NY

Holston, Frithiof A., New York, NY

Holston Studio, New York, NY

Holt. See Wilson & Holt

Holt, E. Paul, Philadelphia, PA

Holt, Mildred, Boston, MA

Holt, Robert, New Orleans, LA

Holt, William P., Concord, NH

Holton & Inman, Lancaster, PA

Holton & Robinson, Boston, MA

Holton, E. A., Boston, MA

Holton, Eugene A., Boston, MA

Holton, Lewis, East Ashford, NY

Holts, Philadelphia, PA

Holtzinger, Joseph H., Altoona, PA

Holverson, Arthur D., Chicago, IL

Holyland, J., Washington, DC

Holyland, Jno., Washington, DC

Holyland, John, Baltimore, MD

Holyland, John, Washington, DC

Holzmann, Louis, Jersey City, NJ

Homan, Charles, New Haven, CT

Homan, Charles D., New Haven, CT

Homan, Chas, New Haven, CT

Home Portrait Studio, Keene, NH

Homeier & Clark, Richmond, VA

Homeier, Adolph, Milwaukee, WI

Homer. See Berry-Homer

Homer & Fancy, Boston, MA

Homer, Herve A., New York, NY

Homer, Heve A., New York, NY

Homrig, C. P., Frankfort, IN

Hondlette, Aaron, Dresden, ME

Hone, James, Gainsville, AL

Honey, Guy C., Salem, MA

Honey, Samuel, Helena, MT

Honeysette, James, Mayville, NY

Hongall, August, Red Lodge, MT

Hood, A. M., Somerset, NY

Hood, Alfred S., Honolulu, HI

Hood, Thomas, (Weedsport) Brutus, NY

Hoof, F. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Hook, Waukegan, IL

Hook & Aldrich, Ft. Smith, AR

Hook & Aldridge, Fort Smith, AR

Hook, Josiah S., Bangor, ME

Hook, R. W., Waukegan, IL

Hook, W., Fort Smith, AR

Hook, Wm, Fort Smith, AR

Hook, Wm M., Fort Smith, AR

Hooker, Addison, NY

Hooker, F. S., Addison, NY

Hoole. See Morrall-Hoole

Hoord & Upham, (Jamestown) Ellicott, NY

Hoot, H. S., Goldfield, IA

Hooven. See Wallace & Hooven

Hoover, Cortland, NY

Hoover, Easton, PA

Hoover. See Morgan & Hoover

Hoover & Bowyer, Charleston, WV

Hoover & Brickel, Olean, NY

Hoover, C. D., Johnstown, OH

Hoover, C. D., Youngstown,OH

Hoover, D. E. C., Tonawanda, NY

Hoover, David F., Charleston, WV

Hoover, De Witt C., Buffalo, NY

Hoover, T. J., West Point, IA

Hoover Art Co., Los Angeles, CA

Hope, New York NY

Hope, G. W., Goshen, NY

Hope, G. W., (Orange Co.), Middletown, NY

Hope, George W., New York, NY

Hope, Geo. W., New York, NY

Hopkins, Annapolis, MD

Hopkins, Junction City, KS

Hopkins. See Frederick & Hopkins

Hopkins. See Reeves & Hopkins

Hopkins & Son. See Geo. P. Hopkins

Hopkins, A. G., Palmyra, NY

Hopkins, Alfred C., Utica, NY

Hopkins, C. H., Annapolis, MD

Hopkins, C. H., Tecumseh, MI

Hopkins, Clarence E., Brooklyn, NY

Hopkins, Freedom D., Boston, MA

Hopkins, G. P., Albion, NY

Hopkins, G. P., (Albion) Barre, NY

Hopkins, Geo. P., Albion, NY

Hopkins, Geo. P., Albion, Barre, NY

Hopkins, Horace, Will'msville, NY

Hopkins, J. B., Lockhaven, PA

Hopkins, Smith, Oakfield, NY

Hopkins, Smith Jr., Batavia, NY

Hopkins, T. E., Colorado Springs, CO

Hopkins, Verne J., Canton, OH

Hopkinson, Jotham A., Lowell, MA

Hopper, New York, NY

Hopper, A. D., New York, NY

Hopper, H., New Haven, CT

Hopper, H. O., Hackensack, NJ

Hopper, L., New York, NY

Hopper, Thomas B., Norwalk, CT

Hopping, Charles H., Cincinnati, OH

Hopson & Juniel, New York, NY

Hopson, Mary, New York, NY

Hord, J. T., New Orleans, LA

Hord, Jesse H., El Paso, TX

Horgan, J., Birmingham, AL

Horgan, J.  See Lewis A. Wiborn 

Horgan, John Jr., Birmingham, AL

Hori, Ichiro E., New York, NY

Horine & Ormsby, Bloomington, IL

Horine, William H., Carlinville, IL

Horlbog, Chas, Los Angeles, CA

Horn, Charles E., Battle Creek, MI

Horn, Isaac, New York, NY

Hornbecker, Jacob, Manassas, VA

Hornby & Freiberg, Chicago, IL

Horner, Boston, MA

Horner & Bennett, Weston, WV

Horner, A., Brooklyn, NY

Horner, Axel, Boston, MA

Horner, Axel, Brooklyn, NY

Horner, Axel L., Brooklyn, NY

Horner, Axel L. F., Brooklyn, NY

Horner, B. M., Weston, WV

Horner, C. J., Boston, MA

Horner, Carl J., Boston, MA

Horner, G. B., Warrenton, VA

Horner, Samuel, Punxutawny, PA

Hornick, L. G., Johnstown, PA

Horning, Philadelphia, PA

Horning, A. A., McGregor, IA

Horning, J. M.

Horning, J. M. & Co., Travelling Artists

Horning, L., Philadelphia, PA

Horning, Lewis, Philadelphia, PA

Horning, Lewis, Phoenixville, PA

Horowitz, Harry, New York, NY

Horowitz, Hy, New York, NY

Horshoff, J., Newark, NJ

Horsman, Frederick William, Boston, MA

Horswill, Archie J. Aberdeen, SD,

Horton, Beaver Dam, WI

Horton. See Allen & Horton

Horton & Davis, Greenfield, MA

Horton & Richardson, Canton, OH

Horton & Thompson, New York, NY

Horton & Wise, Successors to D. B. Taylor, Greenfield, MA

Horton, Elisha Jr., Boston, MA

Horton, G. R., Monticello, AR

Horton, H. W., Boston, MA

Horton, Henry W., Boston, MA

Horton, J. A., Las Cruces, NM

Horton, J. A., Leadville, CO

Horton, Jacob, Sugar Grove, PA

Horton, James, Tarrytown, NY

Horton, L. E., Romeo, MI

Horton, Lucius E., Hornellsville, NY

Horton, O. W., Grand Rapids, MI

Horton, Orsamus W., Grand Rapids, MI

Horton, R., New York, NY

Horton Bros., Providence, RI

Horton's, Boston, MA

Horvitz, Nat, Ansonia, CT

Horvitz, Nat, Birmingham, CT

Horvitz, Nat, Derby, CT

Horvitz, Nat, Shelton, CT

Horwich, Alex, San Francisco, CA

Horwich Bros, San Francisco, CA

Hosbach & Slifer, Philadelphia, PA

Hose, Watertown, NY

Hose.  See Hart & Hose

Hose, Henry A., Watertown, NY

Hosford, H. W., Lyndon, VT 

Hosford, Herman W., Lyndonville Village, VT

Hosford, W. C., West Rutland, VT

Hoskell, William, Smithfield, PA

Hosken, W. K., Columbus, WI

Hoskins, Pontiac, MI

Hoskins, Alexander, Cheboygan, Western MI

Hoskins, Collin A., Cheboygan, Western MI

Hoskins, N. P., Tacoma, WA

Hoskins, Wm C., Cheboygan, Western MI

Hosley. See Myers & Hosley

Hossley, Wm H., Weston, VT

Hostetler, G. L., Fort Dodge, IA

Hostettler, John A., Hartford, CT

Hotchkiss, Norwich, NY

Hotchkiss. See Adams & Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss. See Wright & Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss, Merriman L., New York, NY

Hotchkiss, Eugene, Kankakee, IL

Houck. See Hillman & Houck

Houdiette, Aaron B., Boston, MA

Hougaard, Jno, Manti, UT

Hough. See Billings & Hough

Hough. See Goodrich & Hough

Hough & Anthony. See G. S. Hough

Hough & Taylor, New York, NY

Hough, E. K. See Cady's Gallery

Hough, E. K. & S. E., New York, NY

Hough, Edward, Chicago, IL

Hough, Eugene K., New York, NY

Hough, G. S., Pittsburgh, PA

Hough, Ira A., Aurora, IL

Hough, Joshua, Chicago, IL

Hough, Sylvester E., New York, NY

Hough Brothers, New York, NY

Houghton, A. A., Lansing, IA

Houghton, A. S., Portland, OR

Houghton, G. H., Brattleboro, VT

Houghton, Geo H., Brattleboro, VT

Houghton, J. M., Lewisburg, PA

Houghton, T. A., Salt Lake City, UT

Houle & Bebby, Central Falls, RI

Houle, Hermann, Central Falls, RI

Houle, Hermann, Pawtucket, RI

Hoult. See Hare & Hoult

House, A., Bristolville, OH

House, C. G., Los Angeles, CA

House, H. L., Rockford, IA

House, J. W., Elmira, NY

House, J. W., Horse Heads, NY

House, T. J. B., (Penn Yan) Milo, NY

Household Art Rooms, Chicago, IL

Householders, Sol., Montpelier, IN

Householders, Solomon, Montpelier, IN

Housekeeper, A. R., Telford, PA 

Houser, Huntington, IN

Houser, E. F., Sterling, IL

Houser, Victor C., Chicago, IL

Houseworth, Elliott, Philadelphia, PA

Houseworth, Thomas & Co., San Francisco, CA

Houston, F. K., Charleston, SC

Houston, Frank K., Charleston, SC

Houston, Frank K., Holliston, MA

Houston, Harry S., Covington, KY

Houston, John, New York, NY

Houston, Thos M., Omaha, NE

Houston, W. H., Newark, NJ

Hovatter, C. C., Phillippi, WV

Hovey & Brainerd, Rome, NY

Hovey & Hartman, Rochester, NY

Hovey & Moulton, Rome, NY

Hovey, Charles E., Cleveland, OH

Hovey, Clarissa, Boston, MA

Hovey, E. F., Philadelphia, PA

Hovey, Guy C., Salem, MA

Hovey, J. S., Rome, NY

Hovey, John S., Rome, NY

Hovey, Rex M. (Miss), Carlinville, IL

Hovey, Samuel, Rome, NY

Howard, Essex, NY

Howard, Greenport

Howard, New Bedford, MA

Howard, Plattsburgh, NY

Howard, Pueblo, CO

Howard, Trenton Falls, NY

Howard. See Babbitt & Howard

Howard. See Cline & Howard

Howard. See Nichols & Howard

Howard. See Tripp & York

Howard & Co., Akron, OH and Ashland, OH

Howard & Co., Plattsburg, NY

Howard & Co., Plattsburgh, NY

Howard & Davies, Indianapolis, IN

Howard & Laidler, Jamestown, Ellicott, NY

Howard & Langer, Altoona, PA

Howard, A., Winchendon, MA

Howard, A. & Son, Gardner, MA

Howard, Apollos, Winchendon, MA

Howard, Chan. W., Jacksonville, FL

Howard, E., New Bedford, CT

Howard, E. E., Fitchburg, MA 

Howard, E. E., Lewiston, ME

Howard, E. J., Akron, Summit, OH

Howard, E. P., Bentonsport, IA

Howard, E. P., Eldon, IA

Howard, E. P., Farmington, IA

Howard, Edgar E., Worcester Co., MA

Howard, Edward P., Bentonsport, IA

Howard, Edward P., Farmington,  IA

Howard, Edwin, New Bedford, MA

Howard, Elizabeth, New York, NY

Howard, Ellen, Alstead, NH

Howard, Ellen M. (Mrs.), Alstead, NH

Howard, Everett E., Lewiston, ME

Howard, F. L., Nebraska City, NE

Howard, F. L., Rock Island, IL

Howard, Frank A., Washington, DC

Howard, G. W. & Co., New York, NY

Howard, H. H., Caledonia, NY

Howard, J. S., New Bedford, MA

Howard, James, Plattsburgh, NY

Howard, James S., New Bedford, CT

Howard, L., Foster, RI

Howard, L. B., North Bridgewater, MA

Howard, Lysander, Grafton, VT

Howard, Mary E., New York, NY

Howard, Milton B., Leadville, CO

Howard, S., Connellsville, PA

Howard, S. B., Potteville, PA

Howard, S. B., Reading, PA

Howard, W., Philadelphia, PA

Howard, W. S., North East, PA

Howard, W. S. Paola, KS

Howard, W. S. [or S. W.], Pueblo, CO

Howard, Wm., Trenton Falls, NY

Howard Bros., Bridgewater, MA
Howard's Studio, Pueblo, CO
Howarth. See Sainsbury & Howarth

Howarth, Nephi, Ogden, UT

Howcroft, Edward O., St. Louis, MO

Howd, D. H., Paterson, NJ

Howe, Chicago, IL

Howe, Jamestown, NY

Howe, Pittsfield, ME

Howe, _____ Gallery, Elmira, NY

Howe & Arthur, Chicago, IL

Howe, A. D., Brattleboro, VT

Howe, C. L., Brattleboro', VT

Howe, C. L. & Son, Brattleboro, VT

Howe, C. M., Erskine, MN

Howe, C. H., Ithaca, NY

Howe, Caleb L., Brattleboro, VT

Howe, Fred E., Keene, NH

Howe, George M., Portland, ME

Howe, John C., Brattleboro, VT

Howe, John C. See Benjamin A. Crown

Howe, Richard H., Brooklyn, NY

Howe, W., Pittsfield, ME

Howe, Will. H., Pittsfield, ME

Howe, Willard, Boston, MA

Howe, X., Chicago, IL

Howe, Xenophon O., Chicago, IL

Howe's Studio, Keene, NH


Howell, Temple, TX

Howell & Wheeler, Sullivan, IL

Howell, Bertha, Boston, MA

Howell, E. W., Bedford, IN

Howell, J. B. Savannah, GA

Howell, J. L. (Mrs.), Jackson, MI

Howell, Jacob. See Jennie L. Howell

Howell, Jennie L., Jackson, MS

Howell, John A., Temple, TX

Howell, John H., Temple, TX

Howell, Menoah, Tampico, IN

Howell, R. H., Savannah, GA

Howell, Richard H., Savannah, GA

Howell, Robert, Louisville, KY

Howell, Robert A., Louisville, KY

Howell, W. O., Louisville, KY

Howell, William O., Louisville, KY

Howell, William R., Brooklyn, NY

Howell, William R., New York, NY

Howell, Wm. R., Brooklyn, NY

Hower, Goshen, IN

Hower, A. B., Tampa, FL

Hower, Ida L. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Hower Photo & Enlarging Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Howers', Goshen, IN

Howerton, J. R., Fayetteville, AR

Howerton, J. R. & Bro., Fayetteville, AR

Howes, A., Ashfield, MA

Howes, C. D., Boston, MA

Howes, C. D., San Francisco, CA

Howes, M. P., Rockford, IL

Howie, Columbia, SC

Howie, Detroit, MI

Howie, G. W., Detroit, MI

Howie, G. W. Jr., Detroit, MI

Howie, J. P., Columbia, SC

Howie, Jno P., Charleston, SC

Howie, John P., Charleston, SC

Howitt, C. (Miss), Chatfield, MN

Howland, Cincinnati, OH

Howland. See Hall & Howland

Howland. See Taber & Howland

Howland & Lonergan, San Francisco, CA

Howland, B. F. & Co., San Francisco, CA

Howland, B. F. & Co., Syracuse, NY

Howland, Benj F., Oakland, CA

Howland, C. W., Cincinnati, OH

Howland, Chas., Cincinnati, OH

Howland, Chas. W., Cincinnati, OH

Howland, E. A., Cincinnati, OH

Howland, Harry C. See Broadbent Co.

Howland, Henry C., Philadelphia, PA

Howland, J. D., Denver, CO

Howland, Myrtle M., Los Angeles, CA

Howlett, W. L., Portsmouth, VA

Howorth, Charles W., Chicago,

Howson, W. S., Mt. Vernon, NY

Howson, William S., Brooklyn, NY

Hoxie, Charles A., Albany, NY

Hoyer, H. C., Cincinnati, OH

Hoyer, F. M., Missouri Valley, IA

Hoyer, H. C. (Mrs.), Covington, KY

Hoyer, Henry C., Cincinnati, OH

Hoyle, Charles A., Boston, MA

Hoyt. See French & Hoyt

Hoyt, Charles, Winooski, VT

Hoyt, Dudley, New York, NY

Hoyt, Dudley F., Jacksonville, FL

Hoyt, E. J., New York, NY

Hoyt, Fanny (Mrs.), Salt Lake City, UT

Hoyt, Frank W., Albany, NY

Hoyt, H. See W. Edwards

Hoyt, Hiram, San Antonio, TX

Hoyt, J., Fort Recovery, OH

Hoyt, John E., Erie, PA

Hoyt, R. W., St. Joseph, MI

Hoyt, S. B., Athens, PA

Hoyt, W., Brooklyn, NY

Hoyt, William P., Detroit, MI

Hoyt, William W., Brooklyn, NY

Hoyt, Wm W., Brooklyn, NY

Huard & Langlois, Winooski, VT

Huard, Hector, Winooski, VT

Huard, Hector. See Huard & Langlois

Hubbard & Corbin, Bethlehem, MD

Hubbard & Gleason, Lisbon, NH

Hubbard & Sweet, St. Louis, MO

Hubbard, Frank, Emmetsburgh, IA

Hubbard, Mary M., New York, NY

Hubbard, O., Marion, AL

Hubbard, S. R., New Richmond, OH

Hubbard, William A., St. Louis, MO

Hubbard Photo Co., New York, NY

Hubbell, Algernon S., Norwich, CT

Hubbell, Elbert A., Stratford, CT

Hubbs, C. H., Vancouver, WT

Huber, J. J., Mechanicsville, IA

Huber, Samuel, Mechanicsville, IA

Huber, W. E., Bernville, PA

Hubertz, John A., Fargo, ND

Hubley, Lancaster, PA

Hubley, John W., Lancaster, PA

Hubner, G. R., Portland, OR

Hubner, Jacob, New York, NY

Hucks, J. G., San Francisco, CA

Hucks, J. George, San Francisco, CA

Hucks, John G., San Francisco, CA

Huddleston, C. M., Lotus, IN

Hudlett, Wm, Cleveland, OH

Hudson, Atlanta, GA

Hudson. See Henrik Hudson

Hudson & Linsley, Tipton, IA

Hudson, Alexander, Pittsburgh, PA

Hudson, Ephraim, Campbell's Creek, WV

Hudson, J. S., Wyoming, IA

Hudson, Marale, Okemos, MI

Hudson, S. (Mrs.), City Coldwater, MI

Hudson, S. P. (Mrs.), Coldwater, MI

Hudson S. P. (Mrs.), Chicago

Hudson, Wm. Jr., Hingham, MA

Hudson View Photo Co., New York, NY

Hudson's Camera Shop. See Horace W. Johnson

Huebinger, Davenport, IA

Huebinger, M. & A., Davenport, IA

Huebschen, John M. Milwaukee, WI

Huested, Watertown, NY

Huested, E., Albany, NY

Huested, R. W., Mannsville, Ellis Village, Belleville, Henderson, NY

Huested, Ralph M., Mannsville, Ellis Village, Belleville, Henderson, NY

Huff. See Tyree & Huff

Huff, C. F. H., Cincinnati, OH

Huff, Chauncey F. H., Cincinnati, OH

Huff, F. L., Newark, NJ

Huff, Ferdinand L., Newark, NJ

Huff, J., Bluewater, NM

Huff, Ray, Chicago, IL

Huffman & Barnard, Waukon, IA

Huffman & Walton, Chillicothe, MO

Huffman, J. B., Chillicothe, MO

Hufnagel, B., New York, NY

Hug, E. F., Elgin, OR

Huggins, Andrew (Mrs.), Byron, MI

Huggins, Estelle H., New York, NY

Hughes, Bisbee, AZ

Hughes, Detroit, MI

Hughes, Humboldt, NE

Hughes, Jonesboro, AR

Hughes & Estabrook, New York, NY

Hughes & Sandberg, Omaha, NE

Hughes & Sargeant, Detroit, MI

Hughes & Sarjeant, Detroit, MI

Hughes & Taylors, Tarkio, MO

Hughes, Arthur A., Humbolt, NE

Hughes, B. F., Carbondale, IL

Hughes, Benjamin F., Carbondale, IL

Hughes, Benson, New York, NY

Hughes, C. C., Nashville, TN

Hughes, E. L. See F. P. Hughes

Hughes, F. P., E. L. Hughes, Nashville, TN

Hughes, Henry, New York, NY

Hughes, Henry T., St. Louis, MO

Hughes, J. W., Detroit, MI

Hughes, John H., New York, NY

Hughes, M. W., Wauconda, IL

Hughes, Milton E., Dallas, TX

Hughes, R. F., Toledo, OH

Hughes, Robert F., Chicago, IL

Hughes, S. G. (Mrs.), Little Rock, AR

Hughes, T. H., Louisville, KY

Hughes, W. A., Los Angeles, CA

Hughes, W. P., Greensboro, NC 

Hughes Bros., Blanchard, IA

Hughes Bros., Joliet, IL

Hughson, Edw'd, New York, NY

Hughson, Jas. A., Springfield, TX

Hugus, William, Salem Cross Roads, PA

Huiet, John H., Terre Haute, IN

Huish, Frank D., Payson, UT

Huish, Orson P., Payson, UT

Hulbert, Armada, MI

Hulbert, L. L., Los Angeles, CA

Hull, Fremont, NE

Hull. See Condit & Hull

Hull, A. B., Parkersburg, WV

Hull, A. C., Fremont, NE

Hull, A. C., St. Cloud, MN

Hull, Dana, Chicago, IL

Hull, E. V. See Rogers Studio

Hull, Erastus, Ballston Spa, NY

Hull, Erastus, Broadalbin, NY

Hull, H. B., Fairmont, WV

Hull, H. B., Parkersburg, WV

Hull, H. B. & Bro., Parkersburg, WV

Hull, Henry B., Parkersburg, WV

Hull, Joseph J., Oxford, NY

Hull, O. N., New Haven, CT

Hull, Orrin N., New Haven, CT

Hull, S. S., Wilkes Barre, PA

Hull, W. B., Parkersburg, WV

Hull, Walter, San Francisco, CA

Hultgren. See Charles & Hultgren

Hultgren Bros., Joliet, IL

Humel, Levi, Summerset, IN

Hummel, Abner, Hummelstown, PA

Hummel, John H., Battle Creek, MI

Hummel, Levi, Wabash, IN

Hummer, J. E., Leon, IA

Hummler, Scranton, PA

Hummler, F., Scranton, PA

Hummler, Fred, Scranton, PA

Humpage. See Bonner & Humpage

Humphrey, F. C., Merrifan, WI


Humphreys, Caroline W., New York, NY

Hunger, C. F., Cleveland, OH

Hunold, F., College Point, Flushing, NY

Hunold, Frank, College Pt, Queens, NY

Hunsicker & Warmkessel, Allentown, PA

Hunster, Richard L., Cincinnati, OH

Hunt, Camden, NJ

Hunt. See Searing & Hunt

Hunt & Rogers, Brownsville, PA

Hunt, C. L., Franklin Falls, NH

Hunt, C. T., St. Charles, IL

Hunt, Charles E., San Francisco, CA

Hunt, Chas C., Charleston, SC

Hunt, E., Wytheville, VA

Hunt, F. D., Chesterton, IN

Hunt, H. S., Emporia, KS

Hunt, John F., Burnesville, WV

Hunt, Lillie R. Miss, New Haven, CT

Hunt, Peter, Brownsville, PA

Hunt, Thomas E., New Haven, CT

Hunt, W., New Haven, CT

Hunt, W. H.

Hunt, William, New Haven, CT

Hunt, William F., Brooklyn, NY

Hunt's Studio, Davenport, IA

Hunter, G. P., Anaconda, MT

Hunter, George, Butte, MT

Hunter, H. H., Detroit, MI

Hunter, Hiram H., Detroit, MI

Hunter, William F., Brooklyn, NY

Hunter, William F., New York, NY

Hunter, Wm. F., Brooklyn, NY

Hunter, Wm. R., Jasper, NY

Hunter Bros., Taunton, MA

Hunting, J. M., Boston, MA

Huntington & Clark, Detroit, MI

Huntington, A. W. (or W. A.), Princeton, IL

Huntington, Charles J., St. Paul, MN

Huntington, G. C., Kelley's Island, OH

Huntington Studio, Boston, MA

Huntley, Philo, Sherman, NY

Hupp & Colwell, Oakesdale, WA

Hurd, Providence, RI

Hurd & Delany, Chattanooga, TN

Hurd & Delany, Whitfield, GA

Hurd & Smith, North Adams, MA

Hurd & Stebbins, Adams, MA

Hurd & Walden's, North Adams, MA

Hurd & Ward, North Adams, MA

Hurd, G. L., Providence, RI

Hurd, Gustine L., Providence, RI

Hurd, James, Portland, OR

Hurd, John A., Bangor ME

Hurd, L. J., Newnan, GA

Hurd, M., Marshall, MI

Hurd, W. P., Clarence, IA

Hurdus, Albert, New York, NY

Hurdus, P. & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Hurdus, Paul, Jersey City, NJ

Hure, Victor, New York, NY

Hurford. See Vignos & Hurford

Hurlburt, Newark, NY

Hurlburt, George, Lexington, MI

Hurlbut & Henry, Greenville, PA

Hurn. See Rehn & Hurn

Hurn, J. W., Philadelphia, PA

Hurn, John W., Philadelphia, PA

Hurowitz, Abram, New Haven, CT

Hursen Bros., Chicago, IL

Hurst, Philadelphia, PA

Hurst, Geo S., Philadelphia, PA

Hurst, J. A., Philadelphia, PA

Hurst, John, Baltimore, MD

Hurst, John A., Philadelphia, PA

Hurst, John H., Philadelphia, PA

Hurst, John J., Philadelphia, PA

Hurst, Jno A., Philadelphia, PA

Hurt, F. E., Boise, ID

Hurwitz, Philip, New York, NY

Husher, E. H., Detroit, MI

Husselton, B. C., Butler, PA

Hussey, Lewiston, ME

Hussey, Lynn, MA

Hussey, William G., Salem, MA

Hussey, Wm, Boston, MA

Husson, Louis, Philadelphia, PA

Husted. See Draper & Husted

Husted & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Husted, Annie, Philadelphia, PA

Husted, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Husted, Wm E., Philadelphia, PA

Huston. See Crawford & Huston

Huston & Kurtz, New York, NY

Huston, James, Mount Eaton, OH

Huston, Jude, Grant City, MO

Huston, Michael, Huntersville, IN

Huszagh, John Chicago, IL

Huszagh, Oscar H., Chicago, IL

Hutchcraft, Jas S., Houston, TX

Hutcheon. See Burgess & Hutcheon

Hutchings & Griffith, Salt Lake City, UT

Hutchings, T. H., Los Angeles, CA

Hutchings Railroad Photo Car, KS and NE

Hutchins, Marlboro', MA

Hutchinson, Chicago, IL

Hutchinson. See Maylor & Hutchinson

Hutchinson. See Shurtleff & Hutchinson

Hutchinson, A., Grasshopper Falls, KS

Hutchinson, Charles, Windsor, VT

Hutchinson, Chas G., Chicago, IL

Hutchinson, D. P., Hightstown, NJ

Hutchinson, Eugene, Chicago, IL

Hutchinson, John W., St. Louis, MO

Hutchinson, L. N., Sturgis, MI

Hutchinson, Milo, St. Johnsbury, VT

Hutchinson, Thomas, Philadelphia, PA

Hutchison, Thomas, Philadelphia, PA

Huttenlocher, Frederick H., Brooklyn, NY

Hutti, Joseph, Louisville, KY

Hutton, J. W., West Salem, OH

Huyette. See Thomas & Huyette

Hybner, Jacob, New York, NY

Hyde. See Reeves & Hyde

Hyde, C. L., Methuen, MA

Hyde, Cyrus, Albia, IA

Hyde, Cyrus L., Monroe Co., IA

Hyde, E., New Mt Pleasant, IN

Hyde, E. (Miss), New Mt Pleasant, IN

Hyde, Frank, Rockville and Vernon, CT

Hyde, Hervey. See Reeves & Hyde

Hyde, N. H., Manchester, IA

Hyder, E. C., Winterset, IA

Hyder, Edward, Winterset, IA

Hyink, H. W., Sioux Center, IA

Hyland, K. U., Portland, OR

Hyland, William R., Wilmington, DE

Huylar, New York, NY

Huylar, E. P., Sturgis, MI

Hyler, Carlton P., Adams, NY

Hynes, W. J. & Co., San Francisco, CA

Hytland. See Barkhurst & Hytland



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Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

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