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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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The information about photographers includes:

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  • Addresses
  • Dates of operation
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  • Examples of work

Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter T that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers T in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Taber, San Francisco, CA

Taber & Howland, Syracuse, NY

Taber-Stanford Studio, San Francisco, CA

Taber, C. A. M., Schenectady, NY

Taber, Charles, New Bedford, CT

Taber, Charles & Co., New Bedford, CT

Taber, Frederick L., Chicago, IL

Taber, I. W. & Co., San Francisco, CA

Taber, James H., New Bedford, MA

Taber, Lemuel, New Bedford, MA

Taber Bas-Relief Photograph Co., Elizabeth, NJ

Taber Photographic Co., San Francisco, CA

Tacoma Studio, The, Tacoma, WA

Taft, Saxton's River, VT

Taft. See Goldsmith & Taft

Taft, C. M., Bennington, VT

Taft, C. Marvin, Springfield, MA

Taft, E. K. (Mrs.), Ashland, NY

Taft, Edwin R., Springfield, MA

Taft, L. E., Springfield, MA

Taft, Louis E., Springfield, MA

Taft, Minnie O. (Miss), Springfield, MA

Taft, O. A., Middlebury, VT

Taft, Otis A., Middlebury, VT

Taft, P. W., Bellows Falls, VT

Taft, P. W., Rockingham, VT

Taft, Philip E., Springfield, MA

Taft, Philip Edward, Springfield, MA

Taft, Preston W., Rockingham, VT

Taggard, Frank E., Lynn, MA

Taggart, John, New York, NY

Tait, J. B., Gustavus, Trumbull, OH

Tait, Wm. J., New York, NY

Talbert, A. W., Cameron, WV

Talbert, F. T., Brookfield, NY

Talbot, Schenectady, NY

Talbot, N. H., Easton, MA

Talbot, N. H., Evans, CO

Talbot, Walter E., Schenectady, NY

Talbott, Fairbury, NE

Talbott, John G., Chicago, IL

Talfor, R. B., Greenpoint, LI, NY

Talfor, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Talfor, Robert B., Brooklyn, NY

Talmadge, F. A., Edgerton, WI

Talman & Son, Shelbyville, IN

Tallant. See Kimball & Tallant

Tallbert. See Merrill & Tallbert

Tallett, G. H., Clayton, NY
Tallman. See Langdon & Tallman

Tallman. See Pedersen & Tallman

Tallman & Negus, New Bedford, CT

Tallman, C. W., Arcade, NY

Tallman, C. W., Batavia, NY

Tallman, Charles W., Lockport, NY

Tallman, E. G., New Bedford, MA

Tallman, Edward G., New Bedford, CT

Tallman, Joseph W., Bellefontaine, OH

Talmadge, Edgar, Mason City, IA

Tamblin, G. H., Burlington, KS

Tamblin, G. H., Kansas City, MO

Tampa Photo Co., Tampa, FL

Tanaka, C., Los Angeles, CA

Tandy, Jacksonville, IL

Tandy & Cook, Hamilton, NE

Tandy, H. C., Hanford, CA

Tandy, W., Jacksonville, IL

Tandy, W. I., Carrolton, IL

Tandy, W. S., Carrolton, IL

Taney, Emma J., Bangor, ME

Tankersley. See Miller & Tankersley

Tankersley, J. R., Bloomington, IL

Tanley, Frank E., Lewiston, ME

Tanner & Vanness, Lynchburg, VA

Tanner, D. T., Augusta, GA

Tanner, D. W., Springfield, MA

Tanner, Jos., Cincinnati, OH

Tapen. See Cadwalader & Tapen

Tapley, I. S., Lewiston

Tappan, Thomas, Noblesville, IN

Tappan, Thos S., Noblesville, IN

Tappen. See Cadwallader & Tappen

Tappin & Elcha, New York, NY

Tarbell, M., Little Valley, NY

Tarbox, Daniel, Lewiston, ME

Tarnogurski, John J., Philadelphia, PA

Tarr, Abr, New York, NY

Tarr, Bernard, New York, NY

Tarr, H., Brooklyn, NY

Tarr, Holley, Newark, NJ

Tarr, Saml, New York, NY

Tarsy, Ralph, New York, NY

Tate, Frank, Kimberly, ID

Tate, S., Pontiac, IL

Taterka, Abraham, New York, NY

Tatman, J. H., Connersville, IN

Tatman, Joshua D., Connersville, IN

Tattersall, Hamilton, OH

Tauber, Isidore, Yonkers, NY

Tavel, St. John S., Greensboro, AL

Tayler, John, Quincy, IL

Taylor, Amsterdam, NY

Taylor, Aurora, IL

Taylor, Menominie, WI

Taylor, Newfield, NY

Taylor, Pontiac, MI

Taylor, Rochester, NY

Taylor, West Chester, PA

Taylor. See Bowdoin, Taylor & Co.

Taylor. See Butler & Taylor

Taylor. See Christensen & Taylor

Taylor. See Hartman & Taylor

Taylor. See Hough & Taylor

Taylor. See Taylors

Taylor. See Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown

Taylor & Bacon, Rochester, NY

Taylor & Barhydt, Rochester, NY

Taylor & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Taylor & Preston, Salem, MA

Taylor & True, Mount Vernon, OH

Taylor & Wheeler, Alexandria, VA

Taylor, A. & G., Boston, MA

Taylor, A. &. G., Chicago, IL

Taylor, A. & G., New York, NY

Taylor, A. D., Raleigh, NC

Taylor, A. Sylvester, Springfield, MA

Taylor, Alfred, West Chester, PA

Taylor, Alfred H., Janesville, WI

Taylor, B. C., Warsaw, IL

Taylor, B. F., Clearwater, KS

Taylor, B. F., Philadelphia, PA

Taylor, B. F., Wichita, KS

Taylor, Benjamin F., Philadelphia, PA

Taylor, Bettie E., Dallas, TX

Taylor, C. C., Youngstown, OH

Taylor, C. R., Lamar, MO

Taylor, D. B., Greenfield, MA

Taylor, D. B. & Co., San Francisco, CA

Taylor, Daniel B., Rochester, NY

Taylor, Delores E. (Mrs.), El Paso, TX

Taylor, Eleanor, St. Louis, MO

Taylor, Farmer, Charleston, VT

Taylor, G. See A. & G. Taylor

Taylor, G. W., Oakville, IA

Taylor, Geo W., Sycamore, IL

Taylor, Geo. W. H., Baltimore, MD

Taylor, J.

Taylor, J., New York, NY

Taylor, J. W., Chicago, IL

Taylor, J. W., Fond du Lac, WI

Taylor, J. W., Rochester, NY

Taylor, Jacob J., West Chester, PA

Taylor, James, New York, NY

Taylor, John W., Chicago, IL

Taylor, John W., Rochester, NY

Taylor, Joseph F., Buffalo, NY

Taylor, Josiah B., Concord, MI

Taylor, Leve (Miss), Denver, CO

Taylor, Luther E., Hartford, CT

Taylor, Morgan P., Chattanooga, TN

Taylor, Myron, Syracuse, NY

Taylor, N., Weedsport, Brutus, NY

Taylor, Norman, Franklin, NY

Taylor, Paul M., Norfolk, VA

Taylor, Paul M., Tanner Creek, VA

Taylor, Paul M., Wilmington, NC

Taylor, Roy, Los Angeles, CA

Taylor, S. A., Brooklyn, NY

Taylor, S. B., Aurora, IL

Taylor, S. M., Berlin, WI

Taylor, S. W., Hartford, CT

Taylor, Sanford, Brooklyn, NY

Taylor, Sanford A., Brooklyn, NY

Taylor, Schuyler M., Chicago, IL

Taylor, T. V., Detroit, MI

Taylor, T. V. (Mrs.), Detroit, MI

Taylor, Thomas, Hartford, CT

Taylor, Thomas F., Milesburg ,PA

Taylor, Thomas W., West Chester, PA

Taylor, Thos W., Brooklyn, NY

Taylor, Thos W.  See Gardner & Co.

Taylor, W. H., Helena, MT

Taylor, W. H. See Samuel Honey

Taylor, Wm H., Helena, MT

Taylor, W. Curtis. See Broadbent & Taylor

Taylor, William, Berlin, NY

Taylor, William, Denton, TX

Taylor, William, Philadelphia, PA

Taylor, Wm. Curtis, Philadelphia, PA

Taylor, Zachary, Chicago, IL

Taylors. See Hughes & Taylors
Teague, H. M., Lenoir, NC

Teal, Joseph A., Philadelphia, PA

Tebbetts, G. H., Laconia, NH

Tebbetts, George H.., Laconia, NH

Tebbetts, J. H., Laconia, NH

Tebbs Architectural Phortographic Co., New York, NY

Technical Photo Co., New York, NY

Tedro. See Winter & Tedro

Tedro. See Winters & Tedro

Tedro, James. See Winter & Tedro

Teed, George W., Chicago, IL

Teel & Keyes, Boston, MA

Teel, S. S., Washington, NJ

Teeple, Ashland, OH

Teeple, Massillon, OH

Teeple, Wooster, OH

Teeple, Chas. B., Denison, TX

Teeple, T., Cincinnati, OH

Teeple, T.  See Harry's Temple of Art

Teeple, Theodore, Wooster, OH

Teeter, A. B., Knoxville, IA

Tefft, Arthur J., Hartford, CT

Tegeda, Jos., New York, NY

Tegg, George J., Norfolk, VA

Teidmore, Henry N., (Northville) Northampton, NY

Teitsort, Ira, Cassopolis, MI

Telfer, Union Hill, NJ

Telger & Brown, Sante Fe, NM

Teller, C. W., Newburgh, NY

Teller, Chas. W., Newburgh, NY

Temple. See Santee & Temple

Temple of Art. See A. M. May

Temple of Art. See A. M. Mays

Temple of Art. See Gordon & Wilson

Temple of Art. See Kelsey's

Temple, G. L., Clinton, IA

Temple, G. L. See Cottage Gallery

Temple, Gilbert L. See Santee & Temple

Temple, W. T. & Co., Trenton, NJ

Templeton, A. J., Little Rock, AR

Ten Eyck & Co., Chicago, IL

Ten Eyck, Mrs., Milwaukee, WI

Tenant, Adam, Blacksville, VA

Tennant, Haverhill, MA

Tennant & Strosnider, Blacksville, WV

Tennant, Adam, Blacksville P.O., WV

Tennant, P. W., Rumney, NH

Tennant, P. W. & Son, Haverhill, MA

Tennent, Harry F., Willimantic, CT

Tennent, J. C.  See T. Tennent

Tennent, T. & J. C., Philadelphia, PA

Tenney. See Hoard & Tenney

Tenney, Chas. A., Winona, MN

Tenney, G. Trumbull, Milford, MI

Tenny. See Hoard & Tenny

Tenny, Alonzo., Highland, MI

Ter Maat & Co., Fond du Lac, WI

Terbush, Augustus D., Chicago, IL

Terhune, J. D., Hackensack, NJ

Terkelson & Henry, San Francisco, CA

Terley, Fred., Sonora, OH

Terreforte, John D., New York, NY

Terrell. See Tillotson & Terrell

Terrell & Dodd, Warren, OH

Terrell & Street, Philadelphia, PA

Terril. See Higgins & Terril

Terrill. See Le Roy & Terrill

Terrill & Dodd, Warren, OH

Terrill, Butler, Chicago, IL

Terrill, Butler E., Chicago, IL

Terrones, Jose, El Paso, TX

Terry, Bristol, CT

Terry, David E., Brooklyn, NY

Terry, H., (Greenport) Southold, NY

Terry, H., Sag Harbor, LI, NY

Terry, M. C., Washington, IA

Terry, Mark C., Washington, IA

Terry, Peter J., Brooklyn, NY

Terry, Robt, Houston, TX

Terry, Robt. See Frank Kingman

Terry, W. A., Bristol, CT

Terry, William, New York, NY

Terry, William A., Bristol, CT

Terry's Art Gallery, Plainville, CT

Terry's Gallery, Bristol, CT

Terwilliger. See Olsen & Terwilliger

Tessandori & Co., Pittston, PA

Teste, B. F., Brownsville, TN

Teuber, Max, Chicago, IL

Teush, Wm. L., Boonton, NJ

Tews, Richard, Kimberly, ID

Thaddeus, Gregg, Denver, CO

Thayer & Johnson, Brookfield, MA

Thayer, A. A., Ashtabula, OH

Thayer, Abraham A., Chicago, IL

Thayer, Amos, F., Dallas, IN

Thayer, C., Boston, MA

Thayer, Charles, Charlestown, MA

Thayer, G. D., Grand Junction, IA

Thayer, L. E., Newport, VT

Thayer, N. C. & Co., Chicago, IL

Thayer, Napoleon, Auburn, NY

Thayer, Nathaniel C., Chicago, IL

Thayer, Stella A. (Miss), Boise, ID

Thayer, William H., Auburn, NY

Theilemaan, J., Newark, NJ

Thein, H. J., Newark, NJ

Thein, Henry, Chicago, IL

Thein, Henry, Newark, NJ

Thein, Henry J., Chicago, IL

Theodore & Rose, Philadelphia, PA

Thertolla, Paul J., San Antonio, TX

Thibault, Charles, Fall River, MA

Thibault, Frank X., Burlington, VT

Thibault, Joseph, Fall River, MA

Thibault, Louis A., Fall River, MA

Thibault, Theophile, Fall River, MA

Thibault, William, Burlington, VT

Thibault, William J., Burlington, VT

Thibeault, Fall River, MA

Thibodeau & Cawthorne, Minneapolis, MN

Thibodeau, Edward, Minneapolis, MN

Thibodeau, T. E., Minneapolis, MN

Thiel, Ferdinand, Keosauqua, IA

Thiele, Ernest, Brooklyn, NY

Third Street Gallery. See Dorr & Maxwell

Thode, Waldemar F., Roxbury, MA

Thoede, W. F., Milford, CT

Thoma, Clara M., Gooding, ID

Thomas, Central City, CO

Thomas, Ottumwa, IA

Thomas, Racine, WI

Thomas. See See Ball & Thomas

Thomas. See Mason & Thomas

Thomas. See Roberts & Thomas

Thomas & Huyette, Detroit, MI

Thomas, A. J., Bushnell, IL

Thomas, A. S., Cincinnati, OH

Thomas, A. W., Athens, Athens,  OH

Thomas, Butler, Indiana

Thomas, C. Ward, Parkesburg, PA

Thomas, David, Grand Rapids, MI

Thomas, Didymus, Remsen, NY

Thomas, E. V., Indianapolis, IN

Thomas, E. W., Fostoria, OH

Thomas, Edmeston V., Indianapolis, IN

Thomas, Ely, Lewiston, ID

Thomas, G. L., Columbus City, IA

Thomas, G. L., Washington, IA

Thomas, G. W., Ottumwa, IA

Thomas, Geo W., Ottumwa, IA

Thomas, George W., Chicago, IL

Thomas, H. W., Horicon, WI

Thomas, J., Mt. Savage, MD

Thomas, J. W., Durham, NC

Thomas, K. K., Jacksonville, FL

Thomas, K. K., Mt. Holly, NJ

Thomas, Kathryn E., Kalispell, MT

Thomas, Kendall K., Mount Holly, NJ

Thomas, Kendall K., Jacksonville, FL

Thomas, L. H. See John Brown, Thos Brown

Thomas, M., Shamokin, PA

Thomas, P. B., Cincinnati, OH

Thomas, Richard F., Aberdeen, SD

Thomas, S. A., New York, NY

Thomas, S. E., Detroit, MI

Thomas, S. M., Jewell, IA

Thomas, Samuel A., New York, NY

Thomas, Thos, Houston, TX

Thomas, W. O., Silver City, NM

Thomas, Wm. C., Florida, Warwick, NY

Thomas, Wm W., Owatonna, MN

Thomas Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Thomas' New Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

Thomason, Louisiana, MO

Thomason & Dacus, Jacksonport, AR

Thomason & Leffler, Fort Worth, TX

Thomason, Jas. A., Grand Glaize, AR

Thompson, Brooklyn, NY

Thompson, Orange, MA

Thompson, Brillion, WI

Thompson. See Dusseau & Thompson

Thompson. See Hayes & Thompson

Thompson. See Horton & Thompson

Thompson. See Kertson & Thompson

Thompson. See Savery & Thompson

Thompson & Gray, Jacksonport, AR

Thompson & Nye, New York, NY

Thompson & Pearson, Macomb, IL

Thompson & Robenalt, Ottawa, OH

Thompson, A., Robertson's Store, GA

Thompson, A. D., Media, PA

Thompson, Adelbert M., Mason City,  IA

Thompson, Alexander, New York, NY

Thompson, Alton L., Sharon, PA

Thompson, Arthur, San Francisco, CA

Thompson, B. L., Enid, OK

Thompson, Blanche S., Great Falls, MT

Thompson, C. A., Brooklyn, NY

Thompson, C. A., Camden, NY

Thompson, C. B., East Waterford, PA

Thompson, Charles A., Brooklyn, NY

Thompson, Charles N., North Adams, MI

Thompson, Charles P., New York, NY

Thompson, Charles T., Holland Patent, Trenton, NY

Thompson, Charles T., Rochester, NY

Thompson, Chas. A., Brooklyn, NY

Thompson, Clark R., El Paso, TX

Thompson, Conrad J., Newport, KY

Thompson, D. P., Kansas City, MO

Thompson, E. B., New Haven, CT

Thompson, Edward B., Westport, CT

Thompson, Edwin C., Ithaca, NY

Thompson, Elijah, Brockton, MA

Thompson, Elijah, East Abingdon, MA

Thompson, Ezra B., Washington, DC

Thompson, Frank, Norwich, CT

Thompson, Frank S., Yonkers, NY

Thompson, G. C. (Mrs.), Ottawa, IL

Thompson, G. H., Orange, MA

Thompson, Geo W., Jacksonport, AR

Thompson, Herbert, Lawrence, KS

Thompson, J. A., Chicago, IL

Thompson, J. C., Lewiston, ID

Thompson, J. K., Easton, PA

Thompson, James, Niagara Falls, NY

Thompson, James D., Boston, MA

Thompson, James D., Lowell, MA

Thompson, James D., New York, NY

Thompson, Jno K., Great Falls, MT

Thompson, Julius (Mrs.), Meridian, MS

Thompson, L., Norwich, CT

Thompson, Lucius, Norwich, CT

Thompson, Lucius, Windham, CT, Willimantic P. O

Thompson, Nathaniel, Farmington, MI

Thompson, Osborne M., New Haven, CT

Thompson, Paul, New York, NY

Thompson, R. A., Cowansville, PA

Thompson, R. C., Somonauk, IL

Thompson, S. (Mrs.), Trinidad, CO

Thompson, S. J., Albany, NY

Thompson, S. J., Troy, NY

Thompson, T. G., Gardner, IL

Thompson, W. C., Newburyport, MA

Thompson, W. J., Lancaster, OH

Thompson, W. R., Bloomfield, AR

Thompson, W. W., Atlanta, GA

Thompson, William, Montgomery, OH

Thompson, William D., Chicago, IL

Thompson, William J., Lancaster, OH

Thompson, Wm. D., New York, NY

Thompson Gallery, Albany, NY

Thompson's, Professor, Wyoming, IL

Thomson, Kansas City, MO

Thomson. See Billington & Thomson

Thomson. See William & Thomson 

Thomson, D. P., Kansas City, MO

Thomson, E. H., Cascade, IA

Thomson, H., La Porte City, IA

Thomson, J. N., Birmingham, CT

Thomson, John, Boston, MA

Thomson, Lizzie G. (Mrs.), Winstead, CT

Thomson, W. C., Amesbury, MA

Thomson Studio, Butte, MT

Thomson Studio. See Wm C. Morgan

Thorn. See Seward & Thorn

Thorn, Guillermo, Plainfield, NJ

Thornbury, Joseph, Beallsville, OH

Thorne, Chase, Los Angeles, CA

Thorne, George W., New York, NY

Thorne, H. C., Cassville, NJ

Thorne, J. R., Piqua, Miami, OH

Thornton, See Runyon & Thornton

Thornton, E. C., Wilmington, OH

Thornton, L. W., St. Johns, MI

Thornton, Mary A., Perrysburg, OH

Thornton Sisters, Farragut, IA

Thorp, A. N., Storm City, IA

Thorp, E., Bucyrus, Crawford, OH

Thorp, Ronald C., Brooklyn, NY

Thorpe, Frank H., Turner, ME

Thorpe, Thomas D., Indianapolis, IN

Thors, Louis, San Francisco, CA

Thorsen, Morris, IL

Thorsen's, M., Leland, RI

Thorson, Kansas City, MO

Thorson, Nilson E., St. Paul, MN

Thorson, O. R., Des Moines, IA

Thorson, Oscar, Des Moines, IA

Thrash. See Bair & Thrash

Thrasher, J., Indianapolis, IN

Threadwell, S. B., Chicago, IL

Thrift, Samuel L., Jackson, MS

Throbeck, Denver, CO

Throckmorton, L. B., Reidsville, NC

Throckmorton, M. Blanche (Miss), Reidsville, NC

Throssel, Richard, Billings, MT

Throssel Photocraft Co., Billings, MT

Thum & Miller, Portland, OR

Thune, W. M. [or M. W.], Ada, MN

Thuot, Alphonsine, Fall River, MA

Thuot, Emma, Fall River, MA

Thuot, Hormidas L., Fall River, MA

Thuot, Marcelin A., Fall River, MA

Thuot Bros., Fall River, MA

Thurber. See Gavitt & Thurber

Thurber, Charles F., Norwich, CT

Thurber, Charles F., Westerly, RI

Thurlow & Smith, Peoria, IL

Thurlow, J., Manitou, CO

Thurlow, J. (Mrs.), Manitou, CO

Thurlow, J., Peoria, IL

Thurlow, James, Peoria, IL

Thurman, John, Philadelphia, PA

Thurmond, M. T., Barnesville, GA

Thurmond, M. T., Forsyth, GA

Thurn, Eug, New York, NY

Thurston, Charles H., Port Chester, CT

Thurston, E. Q. & J. S., Waukegan, IL

Thurston, J. B., Providence, RI

Thurston, J. S. See E. Q. Thurston

Thuss & Bingham, Memphis, TN

Thuss, W. G. & Co., Nashville, TN

Thwaite, Jos. See Little Gallery Around the Corner

Thwaite, Joseph, New York, NY

Thwaites, Jos, Portland, OR

Thwaites, Joseph, Portland, OR

Thyberg. See Flodin & Thyberg

Tibballs, Horace W., Detroit, MI

Tibbals & Barnard, Painesville, OH

Tibbals, H. W., Painesville, OH

Tibbals Bros., Painesville, Lake, OH

Tibbels, Lambertville, NJ

Tibbens, Daniel, Nittany, PA

Tibbles. See Hall & Tibbles

Tibbs, N. J., Eureka Springs, AR

Tice, Janesville, WI

Tice, A. W, Ellenville, Wawarsing, NY

Tice, A. Wurtz, Ellenville, NY

Tice, A. Wirts, Ellenville, Wawarsing, NY

Tice, J. A., Janesville, WI

Tichenor, George, Elizabeth, NJ

Tichner, Archibald, (Rondout) Kingston, NY

Ticker, Little Falls, NY

Tickner, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

Ticknor, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

Ticknor, Edward A., Brooklyn, NY

Tidball. See Vaughan & Tidball

Tidball, Scott. See Hector W. Vaughan

Tidwell, J. D., Beeville, Bee Co., TX

Tierny, J. J., New Haven, CT

Tietz, Leonard, Brooklyn, NY

Tiffany, D. M., Montrose Depot, PA

Tiffany, H. C. & Co., Chicago, IL

Tifft, E. L., Anthon, IA

Tileson Bros., Evansville, IN

Tileston & Bros., Evansville, IN
Tileston, Jas. E., Chicago, IL

Tileston Bros., Evansville, IN

Tillery, H. B., Tuscaloosa, AL

Tillett & Dannell, Awalt, TN

Tillman, Gustave, Jersey City, NJ

Tillotson & Terrell, Chicago, IL

Tilmes, Adolph, San Francisco, CA

Tilton & Strader, Los Angeles, CA

Tilton, Annie M.  See William P. Tilton

Tilton, Edwin N., Charleston, SC

Tilton, W. P. Jr., Exeter, NH 

Tilton, William P., Exeter, NH

Timberlake, Jno. S., Warren Co., VA

Times Sq Photo Co., New York, NY

Timm, Oshkosh, WI

Timpe, August, Davenport, IA

Tims, Fred H., Burlington, VT

Tingley, W. H., Church, MI

Tinker. See Keyser & Tinker

Tinker, C. B., Pittston, PA

Tinker, Jeremiah, Plymouth, NY

Tinn, John Q., Mount Rock, PA

Tinsley, C. D., Corning, IA

Tinsely, F. R. See J. W. & F. R. Tinsley

Tinsley, J. W. & F. R., Chicago, IL

Tinsley, John W., Chicago, IL

Tinsley Brothers, Chicago, IL

Tippet, W. H., Billings, MT

Tippett, W. H. See Gordon C. Samuelson

Tippett, Wm H., Billings, MT

Tippie, R., Mapleton, KS

Tipton, Luther, Centerdale, IA

Tirell, Joseph G., New Bedford, CT

Tise, Alma M. (Miss), Salem, NC

Tisdell, Gouverneur, NY

Titus, Lincoln, NE

Titus. See Adams & Titus

Titus & Bell, Cincinnati, OH

Titus, F. M., Cincinnati, OH

Titus, Frank M., Cincinnati, OH

Titus, Thomas J., Lincoln, NE

Tobey, Frank A., Chicago, IL

Tobey, Frank D., Chicago, IL

Tobias, Carondelet, MO

Tobias & Co., St. Louis, MO

Tobias, Henry, Frederick, MD

Tobias, Henry, St. Louis, MO

Tobias, J., Washington, DC

Tobie, O. C., Montville, ME

Tobler, Louis, Galveston, TX

Todd & Wright, Corydon, IN

Todd, C. W. B., Shannonville, PA

Todd, F. L., Wichita, KS

Todd, J. A., Sacramento, CA

Todd, Jesse. J., Wichita, KS

Todd, John A., Sacramento, CA

Todd, S. N. & Co., Sidney, OH

Toe, Laer, Galveston, TX

Tofferi, W. F., Red Lodge, MT

Tofferi, Wm F., Red Lodge, MT

Tolan, C., Philadelphia, PA

Tolan, Chalkley, Philadelphia, PA

Toler. See Edwards & Toler

Tollefson, Gilbert L., Minneapolis, MN

Tolles, Plainview, CT

Tolles & Seely, Ithaca, NY

Tolles, C. C., Ithaca, NY

Tolles, Edwin H., Ansonia, CT

Tolles, Edwin H., Birmingham, CT

Tolles, Edwin H., Derby, CT

Tolles, Edwin H., Shelton, CT

Tolles, Edwin H., Waterbury, CT

Tollis & Seely, Ithaca, NY

Tollman, C. W., Batavia, NY

Tollman, J. W., Portland, OR

Tollman, J. W. See Grand Central Photograph Gallery

Tollman Studio, Boise, ID

Tolman & Fieldman, New Brunswick, NJ

Toloff, Lester, El Paso, TX

Tomaszewski, A. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Tomes. See Coates & Tomes

Tomlinson, Plainfield, IN

Tomlinson, Pontiac

Tomlinson, Trenton, NJ

Tomlinson. See Parker & Tomlinson

Tomlinson & Pardee. See S. Peck

Tomlinson, Anson, Detroit, MI

Tomlinson, C., Elmira, NY

Tomlinson, C., Penn Yan, NY

Tomlinson, C. J., Winona, MN

Tomlinson, Charles, Middletown, CT

Tomlinson, Chas, Wichita, KS

Tomlinson, E. E., Springfield, IL

Tomlinson, Elizabeth E., Springfield, IL

Tomlinson, F. N., Detroit, MI

Tomlinson, Frank N., Detroit, MI

Tomlinson, G. W., Boston, MA

Tomlinson, J. A., Fort Scott, KS

Tomlinson, J. A., Trinidad, CO

Tomlinson, J. E., Salt Lake City, UT

Tomlinson, J. M., LaGrange, GA

Tomlinson, M., Plainfield, IN

Tomlinson, William A., New York, NY

Tomlinson Bros., Trenton, NJ

Tompkins, I. G., Grand Rapids, MI

Tompkins, Ira G., Grand Rapids, MI

Tompkins, Ira G. See Star Gallery

Tompkins, J. H., Buffalo, NY

Tompkins, J. H., Grand Rapids, MI

Tompkins, Joseph H., Grand Rapids, MI

Tonberg, Louis, New York, NY

Toner. See Shadle & Toner

Tonge, Jesse H., Portland, OR

Tonkin, George E., Boise, ID

Tonkins, John W., New York, NY

Tonnele & Co., New York, NY

Tonnesen Sisters, Chicago, IL

Tooker, J. L., Ironwood, MI

Tooker, J. L., Las Vegas, NM

Tooker, T. D., Avon, NY

Tooker, T. Daniel, Ann Arbor, MI

Tooley, J. B., Glasgow, MO

Torbert, J. E., Wilmington, DE

Torgersen, Edward, IL

Torgersen, Henry E. & Co., Chicago, IL

Torney, Milwaukee, WI

Torney, Paul I., Milwaukee, WI

Torney Victor J., Milwaukee, WI

Torp, A. N., Story City, IA

Torres, M., Socorro, NM

Torrey, O. E., Homer, NY

Torrey, Wilber H., Buffalo, NY

Torry, O. E., Homer, NY

Torry, Wilber H., Buffalo, NY

Toser, Charles, Milwaukee, WI

Toser, Charles H., Milwaukee, WI

Tossell, W. P. & Son, Deming, NM

Tougas. See Prezeau & Tougas

Touseley, H. S., Keeseville, NY

Tousley, H. N., Keeseville, NY

Tousley, H. S., Keesville, NY

Tousley, H. S., (Keesville) Au Sable, NY

Towels Studio, Washington, DC

Towers Co., San Francisco, CA

Towle, S., Lowell, MA

Towle, S. See G. C. Gilchrest

Towle, Simon, Lowell, MA

Towler, John, Geneva, NY

Towne, Boston, MA

Towne & Moore, Portland, OR

Towne & Whitney, Gardner, MA

Towne & Whitney, West Gardner, MA

Towne, Adfer M., Willimantic, CT

Towne, Adler M., Willimantic, CT

Towne, B. C., Portland, OR

Towne, Bert C., Portland, OR

Towne, C. F. (Mrs.), Boston, MA

Towne, H. W., Troy, NY

Towne, Ralph W., Portland, OR

Towne, W. H., Oakland, CA

Towne, W. H., Portland, OR

Towne, W. H. See San Francisco Gallery

Towne, W. L., Boston, MA

Towne, Walter E., Portland, OR

Towner, James, Helena, MT

Townes, C. C., Baker, OR

Townes, D. R., Rockford, IL

Townly, Newton, NJ

Townse, H., Fitchburg, MA

Townsend, Covington, OH

Townsend, Iowa City, IA

Townsend, Lincoln, NE

Townsend, Poughkeepsie, NY

Townsend, Southbridge, MA

Townsend & Broas, Poughkeepsie, NY

Townsend & Kilborne, Muscatine, IA

Townsend & Kilbourn, Muscatine, IA

Townsend, A. A., Gowanda, Persia, NY

Townsend, A. C. See George A. Knowlton

Townsend, A. C. See Helen Johnson

Townsend, A. C. See Pauline K. Hauck

Townsend, Alva C., Lincoln, NE

Townsend, C. F., Muscatine, IA

Townsend, C. H., Southbridge, MA

Townsend, C. H., Willimantic, CT

Townsend, Charles A., Belfast, ME

Townsend, Charles F., Lincoln, NE

Townsend, Charles H., Southbridge, MA

Townsend, Charles H., Willimantic, CT

Townsend, E. F., Charles City, IA

Townsend, Emer T., Freeport, ME

Townsend, George F., Austin, TX

Townsend, H., Southbridge, CT

Townsend, J. W., Hartford City, IN

Townsend, L. M., Muscatine, IA

Townsend, S. Jr., Providence, RI

Townsend, Sol., Wellston, OH

Townsend, T. W., Lincoln, NE

Townsend, T. W. & Co., Iowa City, IA

Townsend, Timothy W., Lincoln, NE

Townsend, W. A., Cincinnati, OH

Townsley, I. N., Portland, OR

Towse, Frank P., Milwaukee, WI

Tracht, W. A., (Manitou), Colorado Springs, CO

Tracy. See Milan & Tracy

Tracy, Cassius, Pana, IL

Tracy, N. B., Shawnee, PA

Tracy, P. M., Gravity, IA

Trainor, M. D., Baltimore, MD

Tritz, M. J., Waterloo, IA

Trade Photo Studio, New York, NY


Traeumer, George, Milwaukee, WI

Train. See Bundy & Train

Train, E. H., Deer Loop, MT Territory

Tralles, Paul, Washington, DC

Trapp, Columbus, WI

Trapp, J. M., Williamsport, PA

Trapp, T. J., Williamsport, PA

Trask & Birth, Philadelphia, PA

Trask & Marston, Philadelphia, PA

Trask, A. K. P., Philadelphia, PA

Trask, Albion K. P., Philadelphia, PA

Trask, E. K., Philadelphia, PA

Trask, Manly G., Bangor, ME

Trautwein, R. J., Philadelphia, PA

Travel. See St. John & Travel

Traveler Photograph and Portrait Co., Boston, MA

Traveling Gallery. See  Frank Z. Fritz

Travell, W. John L., Selma, AL

Travis & Birkland, Dallas, TX

Travis, E. H., Pioneer City, ID

Travis, Frank, Elsmere, NE

Travis, M., (Canastota) Lenox, NY

Traviss. See Melsom & Traviss

Tray, E. S., Jackson, MI

Tray, E. Steuart, Jackson, MI

Treadwell & Peaslee, Indianapolis, IN

Treadwell, Stephen B., Indianapolis, IN

Treat, J. E., Boston, MA

Treat, O. P., Calais, ME

Treet, Oscar, Orion, MI

Treiver, Edward, Yonkers, NY

Trejo, Tomas, Alcalde, NM

Trembly, David, (Trumansburg) Ulysses, NY

Trenton Gallery, Trenton, NJ

Tresize, J. Q. A., Springfield, IL

Tresize, J. Q. A., Zanesville, OH

Tresize, S. P., Springfield, IL

Tresize, S. P., Xenia, OH

Tresize, W. C., McConnellsville, OH

Tresselt, R., Chicago, IL

Tresselt, Rudolph, Chicago, IL

Tresslar, Fort Scott, KS

Tresslar & Coleman, Montgomery, AL

Tresslar, E. P., Los Angeles, CA

Tresslar, E. P. See S. P. Tresslar

Tresslar, S. P., Montgomery, AL

Tresslar, S. P.  See J. W. Blyth

Tresslar, S. P. & E. P., Los Angeles, CA

Tressler, S. P., Riverside, CA

Trevaskis, Hazleton, PA

Trezie, S. P., Springfield, IL

Trice, Louis E., Dallas, TX

Triece, W. G., Blairsville, PA

Trimble, S. T., Wappelo, IA

Trimmer, John, Cincinnati, OH

Tripp & Raymond, Fulton, Volney, NY

Tripp, David F., Concord, NH

Tripp, F. H., New Bedford, MA

Tripp, Geo W., Ogden, UT

Tripp, H., Arlington, NE

Tripp, Henry, Schenectady, NY

Tripp, J., Cold Water, MI

Tripp, J., Coldwater, MI

Tripp, J. See E. Kindmark

Tripp, James, Berlin, WI

Tripp, James, Waterford, PA

Tripp, M. K., Attica, NY

Tripp, M. K., Warsaw, NY

Triplett, Will A., Bluffton, OH

Triton.  See R. H. Krumhar

Tritz, M. J., Waterloo, IA

Tromater, G. W., Hot Springs, AR

Tromblay, E. E., Detroit, MI

Tromblay, Edward E., Detroit, MI

Trombetta, Peter, Brooklyn, NY

Tromp, G., Zeeland, MI

Tromp, Garrett, Los Angeles, CA

Trompetter, Solomon, Enid, OK

Troncone, Sabina, Boston, MA

Trost, Toledo, OH

Trost. See Van Loo & Trost

Troth, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Trott, A. P., Boston, MA

Trott, J., Warren, RI

Trott, John, Warren, RI

Trotter, M. F., Charlotte, NC

Trout. See Johnston & Trout

Trowbridge, Frank, New London, CT

Trowbridge, Frank J., New London, CT

Trowbridge, I. C., Indianapolis, IN

Troxell & Bro., Brooklyn, NY

Troxell & Bro. See Heald & Stiff

Troxell, B. F., Brooklyn,

Troxell, B. F., Succ'r to Troxell & Bro., Brooklyn, NY

Troxell, B. Frank, Brooklyn, NY

Troxell, Benjamin F., Brooklyn, NY

Troxell, John P., Stinesville, PA

Troxell, W. L., Brooklyn, NY

Troxell, William, Brooklyn, NY

Troyer, R. A., San Francisco, CA

Truair, A. J. See J. L. & A. J. Truair

Truair, Andrew J. See J. L. & A. J. Truair

Truair, J. L. & A. J., Ann Arbor, MI

Truair, John L. See J. L. & A. J. Truair

Truax, Swanton, VT

Truax, L. B., St. Albans, VT

Truax, L. B., Swanton, VT

Truax, Leslie B., St. Albans, VT

Trudeau, Fred, Butte, MT

True. See Taylor & True

Trueman, William T., Philadelphia, PA

Truesdell, Kenosha, WI

Truesdell, L. B., DeLand, FL

Truesdell, P. S., Goshen, NY

Truesdell, S. W., B. LaMarsh, Kenosha, WI

Trufant, A. F., Boston, MA

Truman, Eunice, Magnolia, IA

Trumble, R., Helena, MT Territory

Trumbull, Lyman J., Harbor Springs, Western MI

Truscott, C. H. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Truscott, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Truscott, Charles J., Philadelphia, PA

Tryon, Harrison, Philadelphia, PA

Trzpis Studio, Syracuse, NY

Tubbs, A. B., Binghamton, NY

Tubbs, A. B., Farmer Village, Covert, NY

Tubbs, A. B., Farmersville, NY

Tubbs, A. B., Trumansburgh, NY

Tubbs, Andrew B., Binghamton, NY

Tubbs, G. S., Geneva, NY

Tubbs, J. H., Beatrice, NE

Tubbs, M. N., Binghamton, NY

Tubbs, M. N., Newark Valley, NY

Tubbs, Walter J., Bristol, RI

Tubesing, H. C., Buffalo, NY

Tubesing, Henry, Buffalo, NY

Tubesing, Henry C., Buffalo, NY

Tuck, Gloversville, NY

Tuck, N. H., Aurora, IN

Tucker, Little Falls, NY

Tucker. See Judkins & Tucker

Tucker, A., Bentonville, OH

Tucker, A. R., Canton, OH

Tucker, B. O., Council Bluffs, IA

Tucker, Eugene Jr., New Bern, NC

Tucker, Eugene Jr., Washington, DC

Tucker, Eugene, Raleigh, NC

Tucker, Frederick H., Boston, MA

Tucker, H. B., Worcester, MA

Tucker, Harry, New York, NY

Tucker, J. E., Worcester, MA

Tucker, J. F., Columbia, TN

Tucker, Junius F., Columbia, TN

Tucker, Wm. M., Little Falls, NY

Tudor, Robert M., Philadelphia, PA

Tuegel, C., Chicago, IL

Tuegel, Christian G., Chicago, IL

Tufford & Co., Lockport, NY

Tull, B. H., Lena, IL

Tull, Bernard H., Lena, IL

Tulleys, John, Bainbridge, OH

Tullis & Miller, Troy, OH

Tullis, A. T., West Paw Paw, IL

Tully. See Proctor & Tully

Tully, Elmer B., Huntington, WV

Tulsa Photo Studio, Tulsa, OK

Tuly. See Kemeny & Tuly

Tuly, D., Newark, NJ

Tunick. See Johnston & Tunick

Tunison & Fay, Tiffin, Seneca, OH

Tunison & Son, Tiffin, OH

Tunison, D., Tiffin, Seneca, OH

Tunnell, Orville A., Salt Lake City, UT

Tunning & Twiford, Burlington, IA

Tupper, Chas, F., Binghamton, NY

Tupper, George M., Cleveland, OH

Turk, Lovina (Mrs.) See Fred W. Rider

Turk, T. W., Lake Park, IA

Turldon, C. D., Bingham, UT

Turldon, Clinton D., Leadville, CO

Turnell, Joseph, Burrillville, RI

Turnell, Joseph, N. Smithfield, RI

Turnell, Joseph, Pascoag, Burrillville, RI

Turner, Boston, MA

Turner, Brockton, MA

Turner, New York, NY

Turner, Tuscaloosa, AL

Turner. See Anderson & Turner

Turner. See Cutting & Turner

Turner. See Hildreth & Turner

Turner. See Lougee & Turner

Turner & Co., New Orleans, LA

Turner & Macdonald, Fall River, MA

Turner, A. A., New Orleans, LA

Turner, A. A. See Anderson & Turner

Turner, A. A. See Appleton & Tully

Turner, A. A. See D. Appleton & Co.

Turner, A. M. Brockton, MA

Turner, A. M., Portsmouth, VA

Turner, C. R., Tuscaloosa, AL

Turner, E. H., San Diego, CA,

Turner, E. P., Pea Vine P. O., AR

Turner, George A., San Francisco, CA

Turner, H. C., Buda, IL

Turner, J. Frank, Lawton, OK

Turner, J. W., Boston, MA

Turner, Jas. W., Boston, MA

Turner, John G., Brooklyn, NY

Turner, Orren Jack, Trenton, NJ

Turner, Thos. N., Stanton, WV

Turner, W. F., Boston, MA

Turner, W. F., Reading, MA

Turner, W. F., Wakefield, MA

Turner, Wilbur F., Boston, MA

Turner Studio, oswell, NM

Turpin, J. H., Brooklyn, NY

Turrill & Miller, San Francisco, CA

Turton & Krumhar, Cleveland, OH

Turton, Fred. R., Cleveland, OH

Tuthill, T. T., Moravia, NY

Tuthill, T. T., Union Springs, NY

Tuttle. See Rieman & Tuttle

Tuttle, Belfast, ME

Tuttle, Los Angeles, CA

Tuttle, Adrian C., Belfast, ME

Tuttle, B. H., Los Angeles, CA

Tuttle, C. M., Lyons, NY

Tuttle, C. M., Sodus, NY

Tuttle, D. D., Nunda, NY

Tuttle, E. O., Brookfield, MA

Tuttle, H. C., Bridgeport, CT

Tuttle, L. S., Williamson, NY

Tuttle, M., Sodus, NY

Tuttle, M. C., St. Paul, MN

Tuttle, T. T., Moravia, NY

Tuttle, Truman, Clinton, IA

Tuttle, W. C., Belfast, ME

Tuttle, William C., Belfast, ME

Tuybring, Elizabeth, Brooklyn, NY

Twamsley, D. F., Boston, MA

Tweedy. See Bedell & Tweedy

Twiford. See Twining & Twiford

Twin City Studio, Winston-Salem, NC

Twining & Kinneman, Findlay, OH

Twining & Shell, Finley, Hancock, OH

Twining & Twiford, Burlington, IA

Twining. H. N., Burlington, IA

Twist, N. H, Willimantic, CT

Tworkington, H., Searcy, AR

Tybring, George F., Brooklyn, NY

Tycko, Aaron, Los Angeles, CA

Tye, J., Parowan, UT

Tylee, Calvin C., Lincoln, NE

Tylee, Felix, Cleveland, OH

Tyler, Easton, PA

Tyler & Bugbee, Waukesha, WI

Tyler, Abel, Biddeford, ME

Tyler, C. B., Adams, NY

Tyler, Carlton B., Adams, NY

Tyler, Charles H., Biddeford, ME

Tyler, F., Cleveland, OH

Tyler, H. B., Concord, VT

Tyler, John S., Jonesboro, AR

Tyler, M. E., Union City, IN

Tyler, N. L. (Mrs.), Johnstown, OH

Tyler, O. E., Los Angeles, CA

Tyree & Huff

Tyrell, J. R., Wyandot, KS

Tyrrell, W. G., New York, NY

Tyson, West Grove, PA

Tyson & Rice, Nebraska City, NE

Tyson & Brother, Gettysburg, PA

Tyson & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Tyson, Albert R., Nebraska City, NE

Tyson, Charles B., Philadelphia, PA

Tyson, Charles J., Gettysburg, PA

Tyson Perry, Charlottesville, VA

Tyson, T. H., Philadelphia, PA

Tyson, Thomas H., Philadelphia, PA

Tyson Brothers, Gettysburg, PA



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", Jones, "George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"