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Photographers D

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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter D that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers D in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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D'Almaine, George, Baltimore, MD

D'Almine, George, Baltimore, MD

D'Amanda, Louis, Rochester, NY

D’Amours, Joseph N., Lowell, MA

D'ole, J. M., Kansas City, MO

D'Ole, Jennie M., Kansas City, MO

D'Ore, Butte, MT

D'Zon, Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

D'Zon, Adolph, Brooklyn, NY

Da Lee, A. G., Jerseyville, IL

Da Lee, A. G., Lawrence, KS Territory

Dabb, J. V., Le Mars, IA

Dabb, Le Mars, IA

Dabb, R. I., Le Mars, IA

Dabbs, Pittsburgh, PA

Dabbs, B. L. H., Allegheny City, PA

Dabbs, B. L. H., Pittsburgh, PA

Dabbs, B. L. H. jr, Pittsburgh, PA

Dabbs, Benjamin L. H., Pittsburgh, PA

Dabbs, Frank H., Pittsburgh, PA

Daboll. See Bennett & Daboll

Dacus. See Thomason & Dacus

Dadmun & Co., Boston, MA

Dadmun, Leon E., Boston, MA

Dadmun, Leon E., Concord, NH

Dael, Frederick, Kansas City, MO

Daggett, E., Nunda, NY

Daggy. See Young & Daggy

Dagles, Murphrysboro, IL

Daguerre Studio, Chicago, IL

Dahlquest, S. T., Duluth, MN

Dahms, Gustav, Davenport, IA

Dailet, Jules, New Orleans, LA

Dailey, C. L., San Francisco, CA

Dailey, Carl L., San Francisco, CA

Dailey, Edwin V., Bristol, RI

Daily, J., Lebanon, PA

Daily, John, Lebanon, PA

Dale, D. E., Lucas, IA

Dale, M., Lawrence, IN

Dale, W. N., Nokomis, IL

DaLee, A. G., Lawrence , KS

Dales, G. S., Akron, OH

Dales, G. S., Akron, Summit, OH

Daley, John C., Boston, MA

Daliet, New Orleans, LA

Daliet, A. See Jules Daliet

Daliet, Aristide, New Orleans, LA

Daliet, Aristides, New Orleans, LA

Daliet, Jules, New Orleans, LA

Daliet, Octave, New Orleans, LA

Dalrymple, Joseph F., Philadelphia, PA

Dalrymple, Joseph P., Philadelphia, PA

Daly, Isaac S., Lowell, MA

Daly, Richard W., New York, NY

Dambly, Joseph, Shreveport, LA

Dames, Oakland

Dames & Hayes, San Francisco, CA

Damp. See Leach & Damp

Dampf, Charles J., Brooklyn, NY

Dampf, J. H., Baltimore, MD

Dampf, J. H., Corning, NY

Damron, Virgil C., San Bernardino, CA,

Dana, Brooklyn, NY

Dana, New York, NY

Dana & Hargrave, New York, NY

Dana, E. C., Newport, RI

Dana, Edw'd C., Brooklyn, NY

Dana, Edward C., New York, NY

Dana, Edward C., Saratoga Springs, NY

Dana, G. B., Providence, RI

Dana, Gilbert B., Providence, RI

Dana, Mary O., Springfield, MA

Dana Studio, San Francisco, CA

Danby, S. P., Macomb, IL

Dancereau, J. A., Woonsocket, RI

Dando. See Coules & Dando

Dando, F. C. See Lamson Photographic Studio

Dando, Farnham C., Los Angeles, CA

Dane, A. P., Lawrence, MA

Danenhower, A. S., Line Lexington, PA

Danforth, Charles H., Cambridge, MA

Danforth, Chas. H., Cambridgeport, MA

Dangerfield, Ithaca, MI

Daniel, Joseph E., Fort Worth, TX

Daniels. See Cowan & Daniels

Daniels, A. F., Worcester, MA

Daniels, Albert N., Lyndon, VT

Daniels, Alfred L., Newark, NJ

Daniels, Dillwyn, Los Angeles, CA

Daniels, E. M., Chepachet, RI

Daniels, Fillmore F., Bellville, IL

Daniels, M. T., Monterey, IA

Daniels, O. A., Payson, UT

Daniels, Rufus, Montville, OH

Daniels, T. E., Provo, UT

Danielson, Albert J., Des Moines, IA

Danks, Don I., Syracuse, NY

Danks, H. P., Chicago, IL

Danks, Malcolm I., Syracuse, NY

Danley, S. P., Macomb, IL

Dannell. See Tillett & Dannell

Dannemann, Simon, Philadelphia, PA

Darby, G. S., Elizabeth, NJ

Darby, Greenleaf R., Elizabeth, NJ

Darby, Greenleaf S., Elizabeth, NJ

Darbyshire, D. R., San Francisco, CA

Dare & Collins, San Antonio, TX

Dare, Marmaduke, Deerfield, NJ

Darling, Clarence M., New York, NY

Darling, Daniel P., Brooklyn, NY

Darling, Daniel T., Brooklyn, NY

Darling, O. H., Crafton, NE

Darnall, Lucy (Miss), Durham, NC

Darnell, R. H., St. Charles, MO

Darnell, T. L., Cumberland, MD

Darnell, T. L., Raleigh, NC

Darnell, Thomas L., Cumberland, MD

Darnell, Victor E., Raleigh, NC 

Darnell, Victor E., Washington, DC

Darracott, Geo., Muncie, IN

Darrow, Fulton, NY

Darrow, Francis M. (Mrs.), Syracuse, NY

Darst's Cottage Gallery, Bowling Green, KY

Dart, C., Bennington, VT

Dart, Calvin, Bennington, VT

Dassau, Emil, Fort Madison, IA

Dassonville, W. E., San Francisco, CA

Dassonville, William E., San Francisco, CA

Datesman, P., Burlington, IA

Datesman, Peter, Marshalltown, IA

Dato, Gaetano, Hoboken, NJ

Daugherty. See Baldwin & Daugherty

Daugherty & Coolidge, Des Moines, IA

Daugherty, C. J., Des Moines, IA

Daugherty, W. F., Medina, OH

Daughters, Samuel, Milton, IA

Daum. See Viets & Daum

Dauphin, John W., Ironton, OH

Davalos, Juan, San Antonio, TX

Davalos, M. L., San Antonio, TX

Davenport, S. T., Upton, MA

Davey, Fred C., Morristown, NJ

David, George W., Richmond, VA

David, L. P., New Orleans, LA

David, R., Minneapolis, MN

David, Richard, Senecaville, OH

Davidow, Jos, New York, NY

Davids, R., Kennonsburg, OH

Davidson. See Briskham & Davidson

Davidson. See Coddington & Davidson

Davidson. See Ludlow & Davidson

Davidson. See Shuster & Davidson

Davidson, Columbus C., Dallas, TX

Davidson, I. G., Portland, OR

Davidson, I. G., Tacoma, WT

Davidson, Isaac G., Tacoma, WT 

Davidson, J. G., Tacoma, WA

Davidson, John, Portland, OR

Davidson, John B., New Britain, CT

Davidson, L. D., Los Angeles, CA

Davidson, T. M., Des Moines, IA

Davidson, T. W., Chicago, IL

Davidson, Thomas M., Des Moines, IA

Davidson, W. B., Jamestown, RI

Davidson, W. B., Narragansett Pier, RI

Davidson, W. B., Wakefield, RI

Davidson, William B., Pawtucket, RI

Davidson, Wm W., Cheboygan, Western MI

Davie, Joseph B., Utica, NY

Davie, Robert M., Brooklyn, NY

Davies. See Howard & Davies

Davies & Merrit, Indianapolis, IN

Davies, G. W., Portland, OR

Davis, Geo W., Richmond, VA

Davies, George, Portland, OR

Davies, George W., Portland, OR

Davies, J. W. & W. W., Richmond, VA

Davis, James A., Cleburne, TX

Davies, John, Cincinnati, OH

Davies, John W., Richmond, VA

Davies, John W. & Son, Richmond, VA

Davies, M. C., Little Rock, AR

Davies, T. J., Indianapolis, IN

Davies, W. J., Butte, MT

Davies, W. W. See J. W. & W. W. Davies

Davies gallery. See John T. Barnes

Davies gallery. See E. Johnson

Davies Photograph Gallery, Little Rock, AR

Davies Studio, Parkersburg, WV

Davies Studio, Portland, OR

Davila, Roberto, El Paso, TX

Davis, Deposit, NY

Davis, Hartford, CT

Davis, Painesville, OH

Davis, Richmond, VA

Davis, Worcester, MA

Davis. See Caddy & Davis

Davis. See Campbell & Davis

Davis. See Horton & Davis

Davis. See Righter & Davis

Davis. See Rochell & Davis

Davis & Co., Boston, MA

Davis & Co., New York, NY

Davis & Co.  See Andrews

Davis & Dow, Boston, MA

Davis & Eickemeyer, New York, NY

Davis & Riggs, Worcester, MA

Davis & Sanford, New York, NY

Davis & Sanford Co., New York, NY

Davis, A. L., Portland, OR

Davis, A. R., Biddeford, ME

Davis, A. S., Portland, ME

Davis, A. S. & Co., Portland, ME

Davis, Albert R., Biddeford, ME

Davis, Alonzo S., Portland, ME

Davis, Arthur E., Worcester, MA

Davis, Arthur W., Covington, KY

Davis, B. W., Philadelphia, PA

Davis, Benjamin P., Phoenixville, PA

Davis, Benjamin W., Philadelphia, PA

Davis, C. F., Boston, MA

Davis, C. H., Rochester, NY

Davis, C. R., Port Austin, MI

Davis, C. W., Athens, GA

Davis, C. W., Sumter, SC

Davis, Carrie, Boston, MA

Davis, Charles, Portsmouth, NH

Davis, Charles L., Omaha, NE

Davis, Charles W., Athens, GA

Davis, Clarence H., Middletown and Portland, CT

Davis, E. G., Leominster, MA

Davis, E. J., Jacksonville, FL

Davis, E. T., Frederick City, MD

Davis, Edw, New York, NY

Davis, Edward J., Philadelphia, PA

Davis, Ellwood, Philadelphia, PA

Davis, Frank, Correctionville, IA

Davis, G. B., Burlington,VT

Davis, G. B. See Styles

Davis, G. W., Hartford, CT

Davis, G. W., Louisville, KY

Davis, G. W., Randolph, VT

Davis, G. W., Richmond, VA

Davis, George W., Jacksonville, FL

Davis, George W., Richmond, VA

Davis, George W., Salem, MA

Davis, Guy B., Burlington, VT

Davis, Guy B. See M. J. Bixby

Davis, H., Cadiz, OH

Davis, H., Cadiz, Harrison, OH

Davis, H., Scio, OH

Davis, H. J., Greenfield, MA

Davis, Hattie, Medina, OH

Davis, Henry, Cadiz, OH

Davis, Henry, Cadiz, OH

Davis, Hugh, Greenville, SC

Davis, J. D. & W., Brooklyn, NY

Davis, J. F., Grand Rapids, MI

Davis, J. F., Sumner, IA

Davis, J. J. P., Boston, MA

Davis, J. L. G., Schenectady, NY

Davis, J. P., New York, NY

Davis, J. R., Dallas, TX

Davis, J. R. See Alfred Billows

Davis, J. R. See Benjamin Cobb

Davis, James, Cambridge, MD

Davis, James A., Cabin Creek, MD

Davis, James R., Dallas, TX

Davis, James R., Rushville, IL

Davis, John J. P., Boston, MA

Davis, John W., Richmond, VA

Davis, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Davis, Joseph D., Brooklyn, NY

Davis, Levi, Orleans, IA

Davis, Lewis G., Portsmouth, NH

Davis, (Miss), Postville, IA

Davis, M. A. (Miss), Ottawa, KS

Davis, N. D., Geneseo, IL

Davis, Otis, (Collins) North Collins, NY

Davis, P., Waverly, NY

Davis, Rosebone & Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

Davis, S. C. (Mrs.), Whitehall, NY

Davis, S. P., Danielsonville, CT

Davis, Samuel A., Des Moines, IA

Davis, Samuel P., Danielson, CT

Davis, T. H., East Birmingham, PA

Davis, Thomas, Van Buren, AR

Davis, Thomas J., Indianapolis, IN

Davis, Truman, Crownpoint, NY

Davis, W., Baltimore, MD

Davis, W., Mankato, MN

Davis, W. See J. D. & W. Davis

Davis, W. R., Cincinnati, OH

Davis, W. S., Ellenville, NY

Davis, Warren B., Brooklyn, NY

Davis, Willard A., Brooklyn, NY

Davis, Willard H., Lowell, OH

Davis, William, Baltimore, MD

Davis, Wm., Baltimore, MD

Davis, Wm, Mankato, MN

Davis, Wm A., Charlotte, NC

Davis Bros., Exeter, NH

Davis Bros., Portsmouth, NH

Davis Studio, Richmond, VA

Davison, A. J., Hartford, CT

Davison, Kath, New York, NY

Davison, Mary, Wayne, PA

Dawson & Freeman, Lyons City, IA

Dawson, Charles H., Little Rock, AR

Dawson, Everett, Houston, TX

Dawson, George W., Brooklyn, NY

Dawson, N. R., Little Rock, AR

Dawson, N. R., San Antonio, TX

Dawson, R. H., Springfield, IL

Dawson, R. H. See Capitol Gallery of Art

Dawson, R. W. See Charles H. Dawson

Dawson, R. Nelson, Little Rock, AR

Dawson, Robert, Colfax, IA

Dawson, Robert W., Elgin, IL

Dawson, Robert W., Little Rock, AR

Dawson, Robert W. See Dawson & Freeman

Dawson, Walter, Providence, RI

Day. See Cupp & Day

Day & Dean, Boston, MA

Day & Night Studio, Hartford, CT

Day, B. B., Walla Walla City, WAT

Day, B. F., Springfield, MA

Day, Benjamin, North Bergen, Hoboken P. O., NJ

Day, Benjamin F., Jamaica, VT

Day, E., Holley, NY

Day, Edwin, Exeter, NH

Day, Edwin, Waltham, MA

Day, Elijah, (Holley) Murray, NY

Day, G. H., Norristown, PA

Day, Geo. W., Brooklyn, NY

Day, George, West Springfield, MA

Day, H. H., Nevada, IA

Day, James, Boston, MA

Day, Louis, Walla Walla, WT

Day, M. Henry, Boston, MA

Day, Samuel S., Darlington, MD

Day, Thomas, Hamburg, AR

Day, Thos. P., Monticello, AR

Day, W. S., Atlantic, IA

Day, Y., Memphis, TN

Daylight Camera Co., New York, NY

Daymon, W. D., Mount Vernon, NY

Dayton & Rockwell, Towanda, PA

Dayton, C. S., Cincinnati, OH

Dayton, C. S., Newport, KY

Dayton, L. M., Newport, KY

De Anquinos, L. L., Brooklyn, NY

De Buelo, H. G., Philadelphia, PA

De Camp, G. W., Newark, NJ

De Carlo, Nicola, Philadelphia, PA

De Fafchamps. See Paul De Fafchamps

De Haven Photo Studio, Chicago, IL

De Haven Studio, Chicago, IL

De Hours, Gaston & Co., New Orleans, LA

De L. Sackett, Chicago, IL

De. L. Sackett, Sycamore, IL

De La Franc, Francis, Baltimore, MD

De la Rosa, Carlos, El Paso, TX

De Lameter & Son, Hartford, CT

De Lane Potterie, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

De Lano, F. H., Russell, IA

De Lapotterie, Charles, Hoboken, NJ

De Lemos, Albert, Bridgeport, CT

De Long & Robie, Cooperstown, NY

De Long, John L., New York, NY

De Lux Studio, San Francisco, CA

De Malignon, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

De Malignor, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

De Morat, A. J., Philadelphia, PA

De Morat, Alexander J., Philadelphia, PA

De Morat, O. B., Philadelphia, PA

De Morat, O. B. See H. B. Hanbury

DeMorat, Oliver B., Philadelphia, PA

De Mulder & Son, Greenville, SC

De Mulder's Studio. See Miss Dessie Martin

De Riemer, Cornelius B., Auburn, NY

De Vault, Ralph P., Asheville, NC

De Voe, James H., Brooklyn, NY

De Vorkin, Hyman, Los Angeles, CA

De Vos, Warsaw, IN

De Vos, Isaac, Chicago, IL

De Vos, Isaac, Pella, IA

De Vos, Izaac, Chicago, IL

De Waal, Charles H., Orlando, FL

De Witt, Scranton, PA

De Witt, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

De Witt, Henry Jr., Jersey City, NJ

De Young, New York, NY

De Youngs', New York, NY

Deacon. See Rankin & Deacon

Deacon & Pedrick, Mount Holly, NJ

Deacon, Nelson W., Mt. Holly, NJ

Deagan. See Commerce & Deagan

Deagler, Lucy, Rochester, NY

Deakeimer, Marion, IN

Deakin & Giles, Chicago, IL

Deakin, Geo, New York, NY

Deal. See Williams & Deal

Dean & Cornwell, Williamsport, PA

Dean, Bradley, Boston, MA

Dean, George A., Cleveland, OH

Dean, H. H., Portland, IN

Dean, John & Co., Worcester, MA

Dean, Martin O., Memphis, TN

Dean, Robt. D., Pullman Photo Car

Dean, W., Williamsport, PA

Dean, W. P., Lincoln, ME

Dean, William Colebrook, NH

Dean, William, New York, NY

Dean, William F., Williamsport, PA

Dean, Wm. P., Canaan, VT

Dean's Gallery

Deane, Fort Worth, TX

Deane, Kansas City, MO

Deane, C. C., Hannibal, MO

Deane, C. C., Houston, TX

Deane, Clarence C., Houston, TX
Deane, G. M., Dallas, TX

Deane, Jarvis C., Dallas, TX

Deane, M. O., Fort Worth, TX

Deane, M. O., Memphis, TN

Deane, R. J., Griffin, GA

Deanquinos, Lawrence L., Brooklyn, NY

Deans. See Hazleton & Deans

Dearborn Photo Studio, Chicago, IL

Dearborn Studio, Chicago, IL

Dearborn, Chas H., Washington, DC

Dearman, Charles B., Athens, PA

Dearstyne, J. H., Binghamton, NY

Deaton, Lewis W., Des Moines, IA

Debois, John, Schenectady, NY

Debovis, Fischer, Washington, DC

DeCamp & Crane, Newark, NJ

DeCamp, George W., Newark, NJ

DeCarlo & Lemmie, Philadelphia, PA

DeCarlo, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

DeCarlo, Nicholas, Philadelphia, PA

Decke, Charles, Belleville, IL

Decker, Cleveland, OH

Decker, A. H., Brooklyn, NY

Decker, Delos, Keokuk, IA

Decker, E., Cleveland, OH

Decker, Edgar, Cleveland, OH

Decker, H. H., Binghamton, NY

Decker, Hiram, Binghamton, NY

Decker, J. P., Newburgh, NY

Decker, Jacob P., New York, NY

Decker, Julia J. (Mrs.), Cleveland, OH

Decrevel Bros., Virden and Roodhouse, IL

Dedaker, George, Philadelphia, PA

Dedes, B. W. N., Sharon, PA

Deery, Elizabeth, Detroit, MI

Deetz, June, Tampa, FL

Defendorf, Bensen, McConnellsville, NY

DeForest, D. Algen, Detroit, MI

DeGaston & Hauck, Lincoln, NE

DeGregory, Isadore, Tampa, FL

Dehl, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Dehls, W. H. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Dehls, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Dehls, William Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Dehls, Wm. H., Philadelphia, PA

Deihl & Kennedy, Hot Springs, AR

Deikert, Henry S., Schuykill Haven, PA

Deisinger, Chas, Jersey City, NJ

Deitz, John P., Philadelphia, PA

Dehne, Gustaf, Hastings, NE

DeKalb, J. E., Cedar Rapids, IA

Dekle, J. Albert, San Angelo, TX

Del Beato, Antonio, Los Angeles, CA

Delafrank, Francis, Baltimore, MD

DeLamater, Hartford, CT

DeLamater & Son, Hartford, CT

DeLamater, R. S., Hartford, CT

DeLamater, Richard S., Hartford, CT

Deland. See Peters & Deland

Deland & Bracey, Great Falls , NH

Deland, E. J., Great Falls, NH

Deland, E. J., Somersworth, NH

Delane, Albert, Lowell, MA

Delaney, Washburn, WI

Delaney, Andrew E., East Grand Forks, ND

Delano & Moore, Washington, DC

Delano, D. C., Steubenville, Jefferson,  OH

Delany, C. M., Hurd, E. O., Chattanooga, TN

Delany, C. M. See Hurd & Delany 

Delapotterie, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

Delapotterie, Charles, New York, NY

Delchamps, Edwin A., Mobile, AL

DeLemos, C., Bridgeport, CT

DeLemos, Carrie (Mrs.), Bridgeport, CT

DeLeon, George, New York, NY

Delfs, John, Cleveland, OH

DeLisle. See Benjamin & DeLisle

Delius, William, Waterbury, CT

Della Torra, Aniello. See A. Caruso & Co.

Della Torra, Aniello. See Raffaele Caruso

Dellac, New York, NY

Dellafranc, Francis, Chicago, IL

Dellafrank, Francis, Baltimore, MD

Dellas, Marcelin F., New York, NY

Delle, L. C., Waukon, IA

Dell-Elmo Studio, Tampa, FL

Dellinger, Henry R., New Berlin, PA

Dellinger, J. L., Marietta, PA

Dellinger, S., Lancaster, PA

Dellinger, S. L., Marietta, PA

Dellinger's Photograph & Ambrotype Rooms, Lancaster, PA

Dellmont, Edward, Pana, IL

Delmas, Frank, New Haven, CT

Delong, B. L., Tacoma, WA

DeLong, C. A., Minneapolis, MN

Delong, James L., New York, NY

DeLong, Malcher L., Great Falls, MT

Delmas, Newark, NJ

Delp, Rolland R., Tampa, FL

Delvallee, Alphonse, Springfield, IL

Demalignon, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

DeMarco, Louis, Cleveland, OH

Demaree, William H., Denver, CO

Demarest & Wilkie, Brooklyn, NY

Demarest, Abrm. G., New York, NY

Demarest, Fred M., New York, NY

Demaria & Porzio, New York, NY

Demaria & Simon, New York, NY

DeMells Studio, New York, NY

Dement, Miss Lou, Dubuque, IA

Demers & Son, Holyoke, MA

Demers, Fred, Holyoke, MA

Demers, Hormidas, Holyoke, MA

Demers, Hormisdas, Holyoke, MA

Demers, Jacques L., Holyoke, MA

Demers, Mary L. (Miss), Holyoke, MA

Demers, Wilfred, Holyoke, MA

Deming, West Winsted, CT

Deming and Frost, Chillicothe, MO

Deming, A. R., Oil City, PA

Deming, W. M., West Winsted, CT

Deming, Wilbur M., Winsted, CT

DeMorat. See De Morat

Demoss, R. M., San Francisco, CA

Dempsey, Michael, Oswego, NY

Dempsie, G. M., Minneapolis, MN

Dempsie, George M., Minneapolis, MN

Dempt, H., Rocky Mount, NC

Dempt, Harry, Rocky Mount, NC

Denault, C. N., Fall River, MA

Deneault, Charles N., Laconia, NH

Denerley, Albert, Memphis, TN

Dengler, Lucy (Mrs.), Rochester, NY

Dengler, S. S., Slatington, PA

Denhardt, Charles, New York, NY

Denio, W. Harry, Rochester, NY

Denison, Albany, NY

Denison, Barron, WI and Dallas, WI

Denison. See Churchill & Denison 

Denison & Roberts, Chicago, IL

Denison, D., Albany, NY

Denison, Daniel, Albany, NY

Denison, Daniel. See Churchill & Denison

Denison's Studio, Dallas, TX

Denker, Belle (Mrs.), Anaconda, MT

Denman & McNair, Piqua, OH

Dennerle, A. B, Memphis, TN

Denney, Antonio, El Paso, TX

Denney, Mortimer, Norwalk, CT

Denney, Mortimer W., Norwalk, CT

Dennie, O., Portland, OR

Dennie, O. See J. McGowan

Denninger, Anthony, New York, NY

Denninger, Anton, New York, NY

Dennis. See Peck & Dennis

Dennis & Fry, Cincinnati, OH

Dennis, A. W., Canon City, CO

Dennis, Joseph D., Chicago, IL

Dennis, M. J., Cincinnati, OH

Dennis, P. A., Jasper, NY

Dennison, A., Port Byron, NY

Dennison, Hattie, Philadelphia, PA

Dennison, J., Cleveland, OH

Dennison, Kitty (Miss), Port Byron, NY

Decker, E., Cleveland, OH

Dennison, Keith E., Oakland, CA

Dennison, William M., Cleveland, OH

Denniston, E., London, PA

Denny, A. J., Correctionville, IA

Dennie, Oliver, Portland, OR

Denny, Oliver, Tacoma, WA

DeNos & Hogue, South Bend, IN

Denslow, Chicago, IL

Denson, Tucumcari, NM

Denson, B. J., Laceyville, PA

Denson, J. H., Tucumcari, NM

Denton, Jacksonville, IL

Denton & Pobjay, New York, NY

Denton, A. M., Memphis, TN

Denton, J. W., Bloomington, IL

Denton, James W., Bloomington, IL

Denver Photographic Rooms, Denver, CO

Denver Photographic Rooms. See W. G. Chamberlain

Derby, William C., Brooklyn, NY

Des Moines Portrait Co., Des Moines, IA

DeSanto, George, Brooklyn, NY

Desclos, Ephraim, Manchester, NH

Deshon, George, Dallas, TX

DeSilva & Hill, New York, NY

Deslauriers, A., Woonsocket, RI

Desmarais, Hector,  Woonsocket, RI

Desmarais, Olivier, Manchester, NH

Desmond, D. C. & Co., Pueblo, CO

Desmond & Sutterley, Virginia, NV

Dessau, Jacob, New York, NY

Dessaur, Fernando, New York, NY

Dessaur, J.  See Louis Cowan

Dessaur, Jacob, New York, NY

Desheimer, Marion, IN

DeSilva, Abraham M., New Haven, CT

DeSilva, Leon, New York, NY

Deswick, Jerome, New York, NY

Deswick, Jerome W., New York, NY

Deswick, W. Jerome, New York, NY

Detartas, Augustus, New York, NY

Detrich, Altoona, PA

Detrich, Henry H., Altoona, PA

Detrick, W. E., Holstein, IA

Detroit Photographic Co., Detroit, MI

Detroit Photographic Co., New York, NY

Detroit Pub. Co., New York, NY

Dettmer, J. B., Muncie, IN

Dettra, André, Pottstown, PA

Detweiler & Rodgers, Trenton, MO

Detweiler, A. R., Canton, MO

Detweiler, O. W., Canton, MO

Detwiler, Canton, MO

Deuel, George, Philadelphia, PA

DeVane, J. R., Tampa, FL

Devaul, Albert T., Helena, MT

Devendorf, Candace (Miss), Oklahoma City, OK

Devenny. See Carpenter & Devenny

Devenport, Frank P., Texarkana, AR

Dever, D. L., Blue Creek, IN

Deveraux, Addison, Evansville, IN

Devere & Curtis, New York,

DeVere & Curtis, New York, NY

Devere, R. J., Oceanus, Queens, NY

Devere, Richard J., Hoboken, NJ

Devereaux, Alfred, Detroit, MI

Devine & Parsons, Boston, MA

Devine, J. M. & Co., Charlestown, MA

Devoe, A. J., Eau Claire, WI

Devoe, A. J. See Dewey & Bonnell

Devoe, James H., Charleston, SC

Devoe, Joseph, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Devore, Jas, New York, NY

Devore, (Mrs.), Danforth, IL

DeVorkin. See Soreboe & DeVorkin

DeVorkin, Hyman K., Los Angeles, CA

Devyr, Richard, Brooklyn, NY

DeWaal , Charles N., Orlando, FL

DeWall, Charles N., Chicago, IL

Dewey, Cincinnati, OH

Dewey, Columbus, OH

Dewey. See Whitehead & Dewey

Dewey & Bonnell, Eau Clare, WI

Dewey & Bonnell, Successor to A. J. Devoe, Eau Claire, WI

Dewey & Gibson, Cincinnati, OH

Dewey Bros & Co., Los Angeles, CA

Dewey, Arthur _., Jamestown, ND

Dewey, G. N., Los Angeles, CA

Dewey, Herbert J., Chicago, IL

Dewey, J. E., Cincinnati, OH

Dewey, Jesse E., Thetford Centre, VT

Dewey, R. H., Pittsfield, MA

DeWitt, Pittston, PA

DeWitt, Scranton, PA

DeWitt, Ellen, New York, NY

Dewitt, Harry, Jersey City, NJ

DeWitt, Joseph A., Chicago, IL

DeWitt, M., Scranton, PA

DeWitt, Marcellus, M., New York, NY

DeWitt, Marcellus, M., Scranton, PA

Dexter, Hartford, CT

Dexter, Gertrude P., Jersey City, NJ

Dexter, J. D.  See Marquis F. King

Dexter, J. D. & Co., Portland, ME

Dexter, Jennie M. (Miss), Rutland, VT

Dexter, Joseph C., Middletown, CT

Dexter, Joseph D., Portland, ME

Dexter, S. A., Providence, RI

Dexter, Stephen A., Providence, RI

Deyo, Philip, Schoharie, NY

Deyoung, Joseph, New York, NY

DeYoung, Joseph B., New York, NY

DeYoung's, New York, NY

Diamond, Louis, New York, NY

Diamond Art Parlors, McKeesport, PA

Diamond Photo Co., Boston, MA

Dibert, A., Lisbon, IA

Dick, J., Fremont, OH

Dickens. See Pennington & Dickens

Dickensheets, Philadelphia, PA

Dickensheets, J. Q., West Union, IA

Dickerson, George W., Philadelphia, PA

Dickey, Elizabeth, Delavan, IL

Dickers, Andrew J., Birmingham, AL

Dickerson, F. W., New Brunswick, NJ

Dickes, Theresa, San Francisco, CA

Dickinson & Oliver, Warsaw, IL

Dickinson, C. F., Olean, NY

Dickinson, Frank L., Cincinnati, OH

Dickinson, W., Cincinnati, OH

Dickinson, Wellington, Cincinnati, OH


Dickmann, F. & J. A., New York, NY

Dickmann, J. A. See F. & J. A. Dickmann

Dickson, Eliz, New York, NY

Dickson, L., St. Louis, MO

Dickson, L. & Bro., St. Louis, MO

Dictating Machine Co., New York, NY

Didenhoe, William, photographer, Westminster, MD

Didero, Joseph M., Cleveland, OH

Diehl. See Angell, Diehl & Co.

Diehl & Alford, Little Rock, AR

Diehl, A. J.  See Bracy, Diehl & Co.

Diehl, Ambrose C., Detroit, MI

Diehl, Ambrose J., Detroit, MI

Diehl, Ambrose J. See Diehl, Ladd & Co.

Diehl, Henry P., Little Rock, AR

Diehl, Ladd & Co., Detroit, MI

Diehl, Ladd & Co. See Ambrose J. Diehl

Diehl, Ladd & Co. See Burrell W. Ladd

Diehl, Ladd & Co. See Jefferson J. Gibson

Diekmann, William G., New York, NY

Diekmann, Wm, New York, NY

Diekmann, Wm. G., New York, NY

Diemer, Margaret N., Hastings, NE

Dietrich, John E., Cleveland, OH

Dietrichson, Ernest G. See Makart

Dietrick, Wm. H., Reading, PA

Di Gangi, John, Hartford, CT

Digazar, Lawrence A., Jersey City, NJ

Diggs, M. E., Earlham, IA

Dijeau & Severin, San Francisco, CA

DiLeone, Peter, Cleveland, OH

Dietrich. See Patton & Dietrich

Dietrick, William H., Reading, PA

Dietz, John, Jr., Brooklyn, NY

DiFazio, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Dill & Maier, Atlanta, GA

Dill, C. W., Atlanta, GA

Dill, Charles W., Atlanta, GA

Dillan, William E., Philadelphia, PA

Dillard, Lee, South Pittsburg, TN

Dille's Portraits, Prospect, OH

Dille & Crane, Fort Wayne, IN

Diller, J., Williamsville, Amherst, NY

Dilley, A., Lake City, MN

Dilley, S. Burton, Lake City, MN

Dillhoff. See Oxford & Dillhoff

Dilliard, James, Newton Stewart, IN

Dillion, Robert J., Cambridge, VT

Dillon, Chicago, IL

Dillon, Cincinnati, OH

Dillon. See Rothengatter & Dillon

Dillon & Hall, Brookville, PA

Dillon, B. B., Wagon, WV

Dillon, Edward, Omaha, NE

Dillon, Edward W., Omaha, NE

Dillon, J. W., Fond Du Lac, WI

Dillon, James L., Philadelphia, PA

Dillon, Luke C., Washington, DC

Dillon, Samuel W., Chicago, IL

Dillon, Samuel W., Cincinnati, OH

Dimmers, Rudolph A., Hoboken, NJ

Dimmers, Rudolph A., Jersey City, NJ

Dimmers, Rud’ph, Jersey City, NJ

Dimmers, T. G., New York, NY

Dimmers. Theodore G., Hoboken, NJ

Dimmers, Theodore G., Jersey City, NJ

Dine, D. J., Canton, OH

Dine, Howard G., Hartford, CT

Dingman, Los Angeles, CA

Dingman. See Smale & Dingman

Dinkle, L., Charlestown, WV

Dinmore & Lister, Baltimore, MD

Dinmore, Harry, Avondale, PA

Dinmore, Walter, Baltimore, MD

Dinmore, Walter, Selma, AL

Dinmore, Walter & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Dinsmore, D. C., Dover, ME

Dinsmore, W. H., Anita, IA

Dinturff, E. C., Syracuse, NY

Dinturff, Edward C., Syracuse, NY

DiPaolo, Paul, Cleveland, OH

Dipchainski, Joseph, Hartford, CT

Dippe, Henry, Chicago, IL

Dippel. See Schneider & Dippel

Diran, Arsen, Boston, MA

Diran, Suren, Boston, MA

Disbrow, R., Albion, NY

Disbrow, Richard, Albion, Barre, NY

Disher. See Smith & Disher

Dittmar, Charles F., Milwaukee, WI

Dittor & Waddell, Bradford, PA

Dittor, W. E., Bradford, PA

Dittrich, Wm., Milwaukee, WI

Divine, S. R., (Monticello) Thompson, NY

Dix, Phillip, Milwaukee, WI

Doan, Brookfield, MO

Doan, J. S., Cincinnati, OH

Doan, J. S., Vinton, IA

Doane, R. N., Charlestown, MA

Doane, Robert N., New Bedford, MA

Doane, Robert N. B., New Bedford, MA

Doane, T. D., Brooklyn, NY

Doane, Tappan D., Morristown, NJ

Dobbins, Samuel, Pittsburg, PA

Dobbs. See Lewis & Dobbs

Dobbs & Fleming, New Whatcom, WA

Dobbs & Fleming, Portland, OR

Dobkin, G., New York, NY

Dobkin, Gregory, New York, NY

Dobkin, Wm, New York, NY

Dobler, C. F., Beloit, KS

Dobson, Bernard, New York, NY

Dobson, R. A., Boston, MA

Dobson, Dodd. See Terrill & Dodd

Dodd. See Parish & Dodd

Dodd. See Terrell & Dodd

Dodd, Geo C., New York, NY

Dodd, L. N., Utica, OH

Dodge. See McCarter & Dodge

Dodge. See Roberts & Dodge

Dodge & Marston, Boston, MA

Dodge, Alvin H., Indianapolis, IN

Dodge, C. W.  See Proctor’s Room

Dodge, Charles W., Boston, MA

Dodge, Edwin G., Boston, MA

Dodge, Fred H., New Brunswick, NJ

Dodge, Isaac, Muscatine, IA

Dodge, James H., Bangor, ME

Dodge, John L., Chicago, IL

Dodge, L. P. & Co., Detroit, M

Dodge, Luther P., Detroit, MI

Dodson. See Wall & Dodson

Dodson & Stone, Fayetteville, NC


Doerflinger, Max, Butte, MT

Doerr. See Engle & Doerr

Doerr. See Veasey, the Doerr Gallery

Doerr & Jacobson, San Antonio, TX

Doerr & Jesse, San Antonio, TX

Doerr, George W., Philadelphia, PA

Doerr, H. A., San Antonio, TX

Doerr, J. H. & Co., Clarksville, TN

Doerr, J. Henry, Louisville, KY

Doerr, J. Henry. See James D. Hart

Doheny, E., Arlington, MN

Doherty, M., Indianapolis, IN

Dolan & Barmore, New York, NY

Dolbey, Conrad, Lionville, PA

Dole. See Charles R. Gould

Dole & Gould, Bangor, ME

Dole, A. A., Boston, MA

Dole, A. K., Bangor, ME

Dole, Augustus K., Bangor, ME

Dole, C. E., Boston, MA

Dole, W. H., Boston, MA

Dolega, Walter J., Hartford, CT

Dolen, J. C., Lake Mills,IA

Dolen, J. O., Buffalo Center, IA

Dolen, James, Poughkeepsie, NY

Doll, George, Louisville, KY

Dollarhide, E. F., Seattle, WT

Dollinds, J. S.,  Alexandria, NE

Dolph. See Dunn & Dolph

Dolph, O. A., Rock Creek, OH

Dolph Bros., Farrar Hall, Erie, PA

Dolson, Doris (Mrs.), Butte, MT

Dolson, Doris (Mrs.) See Lee Coover

Dombroff, Brooklyn, NY

Dombroff. See Pudlin & Dombroff

Donald Studio.  See Wm D. McCaa

Donaldson, Tiffin, OH

Donaldson. See Smith & Donaldson

Donaldson, George G., Washington, DC

Donaldson, J. F. G., Caldwell, Noble, DC

Donaldson, R. H., Garvanza, CA

Donaldson, S. J., Caldwell, Noble, OH

Donaldson, W., Brooklyn, NY

Donaldson, W. D., Brooklyn, NY

Donati Gallery, New York, NY

Dondish, Israel, Cleveland, OH

Donnally, W. A., Middleport, OH

Donnell & Kline, Huntington, PA

Donnelly, James, El Paso, TX

Donnelly, John J., Cincinnati, OH

Donnelly, William, New Haven, CT

Donnelly, William F., New Haven, CT

Donner, Herbert W., Appleton, WI

Donner, Lawrence W., Green Bay, WI

Donner, N. A., Garnavillo, IA

Donner, William A., Clara City, MN

Donner, William August Frederick, Clara City, MN

Donner, Wm M., Clara City, MN

Donner, Wm A, Clara City, MN

Donohue, J. M. (Miss), Chicago, IL

Donovan, Harry T., Brooklyn, NY

Donovan, M. B., Boston, MA

Doole, W. T. See John Parkin

Dooley, C. O., Lisbon, IA

Dolittle, Edward R., Little Rock, AR

Doolittle, Estherville, IA

Doolittle, Montrose, PA

Doolittle, Frank, Canton, NY

Doolittle, Frank M., Syracuse, NY

Doolittle, Geo. W., Montrose, PA

Doolittle, George W., East Stroudsburg, PA

Doolittle, George W., Montrose, PA

Doolittle, George W., Tunkhannock, PA

Doolittle, H. G., Lisbon, IA

Doolittle, Harry, East Stroudsburg, PA

Doolittle, J. W., Owell, PA

Doolittle, L. C., Estherville, IA

Doolittle, S. K. (Miss), Belvidere, IL

Doolittle, Wm L., Fetterman, WV

Dooner, Richard T., Philadelphia, PA

Doore, R. L., Greene, IA

Dopp, C., St. Louis, MO

Dopp, John C., St. Louis, MO

Dora's, Maysville, KY

Doreing, Frederick, Detroit, MI

Dorella, J. P., Tampa, FL

Doremus, Morristown, NJ

Doremus, Paterson, NJ

Doremus & Kemp, Eddyville, IA

Doremus, L. H., Paterson, NJ

Doremus, J. P., Paterson, NJ

Doremus, John P., Paterson, NJ

Doremus, Leonard H., Paterson, NJ

Doremus Brothers, Paterson, NJ

Dorey, Chas, Jersey Shore, PA

Dorf, David, New York, NY

Dorian, Louis N., Albany, NY

Dorman, Daniel H., Carlinsville, IL

Dorr & Maxwell, San Francisco, CA

Dorr, Henry, Summersville, PA

Dorsaaz & Schwerin, Seattle, WT

Dorsaz & Schwerin, Seattle, WT

Dorsey, Robert C., Washington, DC

Dorst, John V., Cincinnati, OH

Dorticus, Newton, NJ

Doty & McMannus, Travelling Photography, Cedar Rapids, IA

Doty, D. B., Grenola, KS

Doty, Elias, Cedar Rapids, IA

Doty, G. W., Lancaster, OH

Doty, J. W., Youngstown, OH

Doubleday, E. N., Saratoga Springs, NY

Doubleday, Edgar N., Saratoga Springs, NY

Doubleday, Ralph R., Cheyenne, WY

Doubleday Studio. See Lena Bleth

Doud, Arthur E., Chicago, IL

Dougall, W., Escondido, CA

Dougherty. See Brink & Dougherty

Dougherty. See Hallum & Dougherty

Dougherty, Mammoth Wagon

Dougherty & Cope, Norristown, PA

Dougherty, Emma, New York, NY

Dougherty, J., Bucyrus, OH

Dougherty, James, Bucyrus, OH

Dougherty, Nancy N., Paoli, IN

Dougherty, Wm, Mammoth Wagon

Dougherty Bros., Dayton, OH

Dougherty Bros., Enid, OK

Doughty, F. M., Winsted, CT

Doughty, F. M. V., Winsted, CT

Doughty, Carrie (Miss), Winsted, CT

Doughty, T. M. V., Winsted, CT

Doughty, Thomas M., Torrington, CT

Doughty, Thomas M. V., Winsted, CT

Doughty, W. S., Sibley, IA

Douglas, Evansville

Douglas, Pleasantville, IA

Douglas, G. A., Le Mars, IA

Douglas, G. A., Portland, OR

Douglas, Henry, Des Moines, IA

Douglas, J. A., Osage, IA

Douglas, J. Henry, Des Moines, IA

Douglas, John, Wappinger's Falls, NY

Douglas, Mellie (Miss), Des Moines, IA

Douglas, Millie, Des Moines, IA

Douglas, O. F., Fall River, MA

Douglas, Oscar F., Fall River, MA

Douglas, Thos J., Wittsburg, AR

Douglas, Wm. F. See H. W. Morgan

Douglas, William H., Fall River, MA

Douglass, Peacedale, South Kingstown, RI

Douglass. See Kennedy & Douglass

Douglass & Co., Buffalo, NY

Douglass, C. A., Baltic, CT

Douglass, C. B., Brooklyn, NY

Douglass, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Douglass, Charles B., Brooklyn, NY

Douglass, E. M., Brooklyn, NY

Douglass, Eliza M., Brooklyn, NY.

Douglass, F. M., Truro, IA

Douglass, G. A. & Co., Buffalo, NY

Douglass, L. A., Manchester, IA

Douglass, O. F., Fall River, MA

Douglas, Preston Jr., Texarkana, AR

Douglass, R., Gardner, MA

Douglass, Wm. F., New London, CT

Dourm, H. W., Canton, OH

Doust, I. U., Syracuse, NY

Doust, Isaac U., Syracuse, NY

Dove, Adam, Brooklyn, NY

Dow, Ogdensburg, NY

Dow, St. Paul, MN

Dow, Successor to A. C. McIntyre, Ogdensburg, NY

Dow. See Davis & Dow

Dow & Wilson, Ogdensburg, NY

Dow, Eugene, Ogdensburg, NY

Dow, James, Ogdensburg, NY

Dow, James M., Ogdensburg, NY

Dow, James M., Ogdensburgh, NY

Dow, Jessie (Miss), Ogdensburg, NY

Dowd & Smith, Davenport, IA

Dowd, Albert A., Middletown, CT

Dowd, F. B., Davenport, IA

Dowd, F. B. D. See Dowd & Smith

Dowd, J. H., Newark, Arcadia, NY

Dowd, R. R., Davenport, IA

Dowdell, Albert J., New York, NY

Dowe, Arthur W., San Francisco, CA

Dowe, A. W., Los Angeles, CA

Dowe, A. W., San Jose, CA

Dowe, L., Sycamore, IL

Dowey, T., Elgin, IL

Dowling, W. P. Jr., Charleston, SC

Dowling, William P. Jr., Charleston, SC

Dowling, W. P. Jr. See William H. Droze

Dowling, Wm P., Charleston, SC

Dowling, Wm P., Hendersonville, NC

Downen, Walter, Salt Lake City, UT

Downing, Wichita, KS

Downing & Bates, Dallas, TX

Downing, Benjamin, Hartwick, NY

Downing, George, Topeka, KS

Downing, J. D. & Co., Newport, RI

Downing, J. J., Xenia, OH

Downing, Marshall, Locke, NY

Downing, W. H., Hillsboro, OH

Downs, A., Little Rock, AR

Downs, James E., New Haven, CT

Downs, S., (Medina) Ridgeway, NY

Doyle, Andrew, New York, NY

Doyle, Frank, Brooklyn, NY

Doyle, Frank H., San Francisco, CA

Doyle, John, Baltimore, MD

Doyle, Wm H., Birmingham, AL

Drake. See Baldwin & Drake

Drake, Josephus L., Centre Effingham, NH

Drake, Josephus L., Effingham NH

Drake, W. H., Waterloo, WI

Draper & Husted, Philadelphia, PA

Draper, Andrew J., Columbus, OH

Draper, Edmund, Philadelphia, PA

Dray, Elmer C., Jewett Village, OH

Dresden Studio, New York, NY

Dressel, Herman M., Springfield, VT

Dresser, Winfield, KS

Dresser & Critcherson, Worcester, MA

Dresser, A. J., Worcester, MA

Dresser, G. H., San Francisco, CA

Drew, A. P., Dover, NH

Drew, Alfred P., Dover, NH

Drew, Edward A., Jacksonville, FL

Drew, Geo. H., Boston, MA

Drew, George H., Boston, MA

Drew, Ralph W., Little Rock, AR

Drewery, Harry, Ogden, UT

Drewery, Harry, Soda Springs, ID

Drewry, A. K., Le Roy, NY

Drexel Studio, Chicago, IL

Dreyer, L. H., New York, NY

Dreyer, Louis H., New York, NY

Dreyer's Photo Studio, Richmond, VA

Driggs, William J., East Saginaw, MI

Driscoll, Mary A., Cleveland, OH

Driza, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Drow, Wm H., San Antonio, TX

Drozd, John, Springfield, MA

Droze, William H., Charleston, SC

Droze, Wm H., Charleston, SC

Drucker & Co., New York, NY

Drucker, John, St. Louis, MO

Drucker Banquet Photographs, New York, NY

Druehl, Harry, New Haven, CT

Druggists' Co-op Photo Service, Chicago, IL


Drum, Longton, KS

Drummond, New York, NY

Drummond, A. J., New York, NY

Drummond, Alonzo J., New York, NY

Drummond, Aubrey, New York, NY

Drummond, Geo C., Atlanta, GA

Drummond, Leslie A., New York, NY

Drummond, Q. J., Huntington, IN

Drummond, Quincy, Huntington, IN

Drummond, Quincy J., Huntington, IN

Drummond, William L., New York,

Drummond, Wm., Bristol, Morgan, OH

Drummond, Wm L., New York, NY

Drummond Accident, Expert & Legal Photographer, New York, NY

Drummond Associated Photographers, New York, NY

Drummond Photo News Service, New York, NY

Drury, A. K., Le Roy, NY

Druse, H. C., Wapello, IA

Dryer. See Smith & Dryer

Dryer, G. W., Indianapolis, IN

Dryer, George W., Indianapolis, IN

Drysdale, Brainerd, MN

Drysdale, James S., Fargo, ND

Drysdale, James S., St. Cloud, MN

Drysdale, Jas S., Superior, WI

Du Bois, Henry C., New York, NY

Du Bois, S. F., Doylestown, PA

Du Moulin. See Smith & Du Moulin

Dubbs & Co., Toledo, OH

Dublin, Isidore, New York, NY

Duboce, M., Springfield, IL

Duboce, M. A., Springfield, IL

Dubois & Nolting, New York, NY

Dubois, Henry C., New York, NY

Dubois, J., Schenectady, NY

Dubois, John, Schenectady, NY

Dubois, S. F., Doylestown, PA

Ducharme, Ed., New Bedford, MA

Duchchois & Klauser, New York, NY

Duchchois, Peter C., New York, NY

Duchochois, Peter C., New York, NY

Duck, James L., Flushing, Queens, NY

Duckenfield, Arthur, Philadelphia, PA

Duckett & Adler, New York, NY

Duckett, Richard, New York, NY

Duclos, Nashua, NH

Duclos & Lavoie, Lewiston, ME

Duclos, Frank, Manchester, NH

Duclos, Frank E., Manchester, NH

Duclos, Gustave, Manchester, NH

Duclos, Louis, Manchester, NH

Dudley, Hamilton, NY

Dudley, A. H., Hamilton, NY

Dudley, Andrew H., Hamilton, NY

Dudley, Geo. W., Hardwick, VT

Dudley, H., Northville, PA

Dudley, William, Washington, IA

Dudley, William G., Hartford, CT

Due, Theodore S., Charlestown, MA

Duer, John J., Pinckney, MI

Duffey, G., Corry, PA

Duffield, John G., jr., Austin, TX (

Duffin, Thos. F., Marion, AL

Duffy, George, Fargo, ND

Duffy, Marie G., Ottawa, KS

Dufresne, J. T., Portland, OR

Dufresne, Jean Z., Portland, OR

Dugan, J. L., Waynesburgh, PA

Dugas, Pierre, Norwich, CT

Dugas, Pierre, Taftville, CT

Dugas, Prime, Norwich, CT

Dugas, Prime, Taftville, CT

Duhem, C. & Co., San Francisco, CA

Duhem, Victor, San Francisco, CA

Duhem Bros., Denver, CO

Duheur, C. & Bro, Albuquerque, NM

Duhson, C. & Broth, Albequerque, NM

Duke. See Jelley & Duke

Dukehart, F., Baltimore, MD

Dukehart, Feodor, Covington, KY

DuLanq, Albert, Chicago, IL

Duling, Thomas B., Weston, VT

Dumar, Oscar, Jamaica, Queens, NY

Dumble & Co., A. E., Rochester, NY

Dumble, A. E., Rochester, NY

Dumermuth, W. M., Tacoma, WA

Dumermuth, Wm M., Tacoma, WA

DuMoulin, Benj., Brooklyn, NY

Dunahew, Providence, RI

Dunbar, A. B., Gaysville, VT

Dunbar, A. B., Stockbridge, VT

Duncan, J. A., Lima, OH

Duncan, John A., Chicago, IL

Duncan, John N. (Mrs.), Albany, OR

Duncan, Robert A., Brooklyn, NY

Duncan, W. A., Oskaloosa, IA

Duncan, Wm. F., Lancaster, PA

Dunckleburg, Wm., Fort Wayne, IN

Dungan. See Robbins & Dungan

Dungan, James, Philadelphia, PA

Dunham. See Booth & Dunham

Dunham, B. F., Springfield, IL

Dunham, Chas., New York, NY

Dunham, Henry E., Marshall, MI

Dunham, J. C., Loda, IL

Dunham, F. A., Belmond, IA

Dunham, S. E., Hopkinton, IA

Dunklee & Bau, Greenfield, MA

Dunklee, A. E., Greenfield, MA

Dunklee, Albert E., Athol, MA

Dunklee, Charles, Greenfield, MA

Dunlap, Salem, OH

Dunlap & Son, Bloomfield, IA

Dunlap & Morlan, Salem, OH

Dunlap, Charles, New York, NY

Dunlap, Frank T., New York, NY

Dunlap, M. V., Salem, OH

Dunlap, M. V., Salem, OH

Dunlap, T. A., Bloomfield, IA

Dunlap, W. L., Tecumseh, NE

Dunlap, Wm., Pennsville, OH

Dunlevy, J. M., De Soto, WI

Dunlop, T. H., Willink, Aurora,NY

Dunn, New Brunswick, NJ

Dunn. See Chambers & Dunn

Dunn & Dolph, Erie, PA

Dunn, C. E. (Mrs.), Portland, OR

Dunn, F. P., New Brunswick, NJ

Dunn, G. W., Brownsville, TX

Dunn, J. D., Meadville, PA

Dunn, J. H., Indianapolis, IN

Dunn, Jas W., Baltimore, MD

Dunn, John, Bruceville, IN

Dunn, W. A., Chicago, IL

Dunne, J. Fred, Hartford, CT

Dunning, E. G., New York, NY

Dunning, Edwin Gore, New York, NY

Dunning, Orvin B., Dowagiac, MI

Dunshee, Providence, RI

Dunshee & Hill, Boston, MA

Dunshee, C. E., Fall River, MA

Dunshee, C. E., Rochester, NY

Dunshee, Cornelius, Rochester, NY

Dunshee, E. Byron, Jacksonville, FL

Dunshee, E. S., Boston, MA

Dunshee, E. S., New Bedford, MA

Dunshee, E. S., Philadelphia, PA

Dunshee, Eddie B., Boston, MA

Dunshee, Edward S., Boston, MA

Dunshee, Edward S., Fall River, MA

Dunshee, Edward S., Philadelphia, PA

Dunshee, F. F. and A. E. Hill, Boston, MA

Dunshee, H. L. & Brother, Taunton, MA

Dunshee, H. S., Beloit, WI

Dunshee, H. S., Rochester, NY

Dunshee, Irving, Bristol, VT

Dunshee Brothers, Rochester, NY

Dunton, Ezbon H., Burlington, VT

Dunton, O. E., Pueblo, CO

Dunwick. See Schoonmaker & Dunwick

Dunwick, W. H., Ft. Edward, NY

Dupee & Co., Portland, ME

Dupee, Isaac, Portland, ME

Dupee, Isaac H., Portland, ME

Dupont, Aime, New York, NY

Dupont, Aime Studios, New York, NY

Duque, Francis, New York, NY

Durfee, O. R., Forest, OH

Durgan, J. O., Portland, ME

Durgan, J. O., Saco, ME

Durgan, James O., Portland, ME

Durgan, James O., Yarmouth, ME

Durgan, Mary E., Norwich, CT

Durhem, Paxton, IL

Durkee, Willis P., Bethel, VT

Durkin, W. E., Chicago, IL

Durland & Co., Lawrence, KS

Durst, F. H., Camden, NY

Durstewitz, C., Jersey City Heights, NJ

Durstewitz, Christian, Hoboken, NJ

Durstewitz, Christian, Jersey City, NJ

Durtha, Bo, Delaware, OH

Duryea, Brooklyn, NY

Duryea, New York, NY

Duryea, Perry, NY

Duryea, S., Brooklyn, NY

Duryea, S. B., Brooklyn, NY

Duryea, Sanford B., Brooklyn, NY

Dusseau & Thompson, Butte, MT

Dusseau, A. J., Butte, MT

Dusseau, A. J. See Alfred Orner

Dustin, S. C., Keene, NH

Dustin, Samuel G., Keene, NH

Dutassy, Frederick G., New York, NY

Dutcher Studio, New York, NY

Dutton, Adeline (Mrs.), Washington, DC

Dutton, C. N., Burlington, VT

Dutton, Charles N., Naugatuck, CT

Dutton, Myron, Mesopotamia, OH

Dutton, William M., Brooklyn, NY

Duval, George, Washington, DC

Duval, Perry, Baltimore, MD

Duvall, John, Lexington, MO

Duvall, John H., Lexington, MO

Duvall's Art Gallery, J. H., Lexington, MO

Duventz, Claude, Chicago, IL

Dvorkin, Hyman, Los Angeles, CA

Dwelle. See Ranger & Dwelle

Dwelle, Lemuel C., Covington, KY

Dwight, J. M., Marcus, IA

Dwight, J. M., Merrill, IA

Dwight, J. M., Remsen, IA

Dwight, T.  See Union Gallery

Dwight, T. Jr., Beloit, WI

Dyall, C. H., Mt. Pleasant, IA

Dyall, Will, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Dye, Mary, Billingsley, AR

Dyer, John, Franklinville, NY

Dyer, John W., Denver, CO

Dyer, W. D., San Francisco, CA

Dyer, Wesley A., North Haven, ME

Dyer, William B., Chicago, IL

Dyer, William T., Putnam, CT

Dygert, George, Jordan, Elbridge, NY

Dygert, George H., Jordan, Elbridge, NY

Dygert, J. A., Fort Plain, Minden, NY

Dygert, John, Canajoharie, NY

Dygert, John A., Schenectady, NY

Dygert, S., Canajoharie, NY

Dygert, Sylvanus, Canajoharie, NY

Dykes, John, New York, NY

Dzon, Abraham, Brooklyn, NY



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Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"