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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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Eady, Fannie P. (Miss), Burlington, VT

Eagan, S. T., Little Rock, AR

Eagan, Thomas, Portland, ME

Eagan, Thomas E., Portland, ME

Eagle Pillow Top & Art Co., New York, NY

Eagle Studio, Chicago, IL

Eames, St. Paul, MN

Earhart, W. S., Somerville, OH

Earl, Marcus, Plainwell, MI

Earl's, Casnovia, MI

Earle, Grand Rapids, MI

Earle. See Randall & Earle

Earle, C. W., Detroit, MI

Earle, James, Philadelphia, PA

Earle, James B., Philadelphia, PA

Earle, M. A., Worcester, MA

Earle, William S., Grand Rapids, MI

Earle Motion Picture Laboratory, San Francisco, CA

Earle's Galleries, Philadelphia, PA

Earp, A. J., Stanford, KY

East Side Photo Parlors. See C. E. Graves

Easterly, A. N., Mechanicsville, IA

Easterly, Thomas M., St. Louis, MO

Easterly, Thomas Martin, St. Louis, MO

Eastland Studio, Philadelphia, PA


Eastman, Portland, OR

Eastman & Hall. See Alfred Hall

Eastman & Randall, East Saginaw, MI

Eastman, Charles, Gorham, NH

Eastman, D. L., Los Angeles, CA

Eastman, E. E., Gorham, NH

Eastman, E. F., Townshend, VT

Eastman, E. R. (Mrs.), San Francisco, CA

Eastman, G. L., Georgetown, CO

Eastman, G. L., Portland, OR

Eastman, G. L., Salt Lake City, UT

Eastman, H. N. See Eastman & Randall

Eastman, W. B., Boston, MA

Eastman, W. B. & Co., Boston, MA

Eastman, Walter B., Boston, MA

Eastman, Walter B., Charlestown, MA

Eastman Photo Gallery. See Wm G. Emery

Easton, C. N., Webster City, IA

Easton, J. H., Rochester, MN

Easton, J. H. (Mr. & Mrs.), Rochester, MN

Easton, J. H. & (Mrs.) L. B. J., Rochester, MN 

Easton's Photographic Gallery, Rochester, MN

Eaton & Pierce. See William Pierce

Eaton & Webber, Cincinnati, OH

Eaton, A. B., Lowell, MA

Eaton, A. B., Manchester, NH

Eaton, A. B., Nashua, NH

Eaton, A. B., Tacoma, WA

Eaton, Asa B., Manchester, NH

Eaton, C.  F. [or F. C.], Harrisburg, PA

Eaton, D. F., Council Bluffs, IA

Eaton, D. F., Magnolia, IA

Eaton, E. F., Harrisburg, PA

Eaton, E. L. Omaha, NE

Eaton, E. L. See Frank Barlage

Eaton, E. L. See G. E. Jones

Eaton, E. L. See Rosa Wiess

Eaton, E. L. See San Francisco Gallery

Eaton, E. L. (Mrs.), Omaha, NE

Eaton, Eben F., Harrisburg, PA

Eaton, Edric L., Omaha, NE

Eaton, Fred C., Barre VT

Eaton, J. H., Portland, OR

Eaton, J. H., Rochester, MN

Eaton, James H., Portland, OR

Eaton, James H., Terre Haute, IN

Eaton, Nathan, Port Madison, WT

Eaton, Philander, New Berlin, NY

Eaton, Raymond S., Centreville, MI

Eaton, W. S., LaGrange, IN

Eaton, William C., Newark, NJ

Eaton, Wm. C., Lawrence, MA

Ebel, Brooklyn, NY

Ebel, Valentine, New York, NY

Ebeling, August, Brooklyn, NY

Eberhart, Asa Amend, Iowa City,  IA

Eberhart, H. C., Tama City, IA

Eberhart, Ira A.

Eberhart, Isa A. & Bro., Cedar Rapids, IA

Eberhart, M. H., Mt. Vernon, IA

Eberhart, M. H. E. See Isa A. Eberhart

Eberhart, Manoah H., Mt. Vernon, IA

Eberman. See Harmany & Eberman

Eberman, C. W., Lancaster, PA

Eberman, Charles W., Lancaster, PA

Ebert, W. P., Davenport, IA

Eby, J. S., Huntington, IN

Echard, Birmingham, AL

Echard, Columbus, MS

Echelberry, Wm., Casey, IL

Echer, E. M., Hagerstown, MD

Echols, T. J., Argenta, AR

Echols, T. J., Little Rock, AR

Echols, Thomas J., Little Rock, AR

Eck, J. L., Kutztown, PA

Eck, James L., Millerstown, PA

Eckart, Wm Studios Inc., New York, NY

Ecker, Louisville, KY

Ecker. See Campbell & Ecker

Ecker, J. M., New Albany, IN

Ecker, J. T., Central City, NE

Ecker, John M., New Albany, IN

Eckerman, A. L., Centerville, IA

Eckhout, Richard, Stapleton, NY

Eckler, E. H., Hot Springs, AR

Eckles, See Moore & Eckles

Eckles, John T., Bloomfield, IA

Eckley. See Evans & Eckley

Eckman, Wm C., New York, NY

Eclipse, Portland, IN

Eclipse, Sunbury, PA

Eclipse Photograph Co., Hoboken, NJ

Eclipse Studio, Lincoln, NE

Eclipse Studio, The

Economy Slide Co., New York, NY

Eddley, Lewis, Lynchburg, VA

Eddowes Brothers, New York, NY

Eddowes Co., New York, NY

Eddy, Amos, New York, NY

Eddy, E. O., Wallingford, VT

Eddy, Ethelbert, Wallingford, VT

Eddy, Ethelbert O., Wallingford, VT

Eddy, Helena, Payette, ID

Eddy, Lester A., Brooklyn, NY

Eddy, Lewis, New York, NY

Eddy, Louis A., Brooklyn, NY

Eddy, M. S., Monona, IA

Eddyington, F. G., Westside, IA

Edel, Adolphus, Philadelphia, PA

Edelman, Harry A., Battle Creek, MI

Edena Co., Philadelphia, PA

Edgecomb, Edwin J., Boston, MA

Edgecomb, James E., Gardiner, ME

Edgell, O. P., Canton, OH

Edgerly, J. S., Greenfield, ME

Edgerly, John, Biddeford, ME

Edgerton, Horatio C., Albany, NY

Edgeworth, Joliet, IL

Edgeworth, A. D., Chicago,IL

Edgeworth, A. D., Joliet, IL

Edgeworth, A. D. & Son, Chicago, IL

Edgeworth, L. E., Chicago, IL

Edgeworth, Reuben, Joliet, IL

Edick, P. D., Parish, NY

Edinger, W. C., Des Moines, IA

Edinger, W. C.  See J. Henry Douglas; Mellie Douglas

Edkins, Joseph, Baltimore, MD

Edlen, Salida, CO

Edmiston, J. A., Canton, IL

Edmonds & Harraden, Lynn, MA                                                                            

Edmondson. See Butt & Edmondson

Edmondson, G. W., Cleveland, OH

Edmondson, G. W., Plymouth, OH

Edmondson, George M., Cleveland, OH

Edmondson Co., Cleveland, OH

Edmunds, C. E. See Frank L. Smith

Edmunds, C. E. See Salvador L. Fraslosheros

Edmunds Studio, Chicago, IL

Edmundson, Robert, Jackson, MI

Edmuston, J. A., Bushnell, IL

Edouart & Cobb, San Francisco, CA

Edouart & Son, Los Angeles, CA

Edouart, A., Los Angeles, CA

Edoart, Alexander, San Francisco, CA

Edsall, New York, NY

Edsall, Edward, Hoboken, NJ

Edsall, Edward, Jersey City, NJ

Edsall, Frank, Goshen, NY

Edson, Alfred, Stockton, ME

Edwall, I. C., Salt Lake City, UT

Edwall, Ida, Salt Lake City, UT

Edwards, Huntingdon, PA

Edwards, Laurel, MT

Edwards, New Sharon, IA

Edwards, Winston-Salem, NC

Edwards. See Farrell & Edwards

Edwards. See Holding & Edwards

Edwards. See Mower & Edwards

Edwards & Hines, Smyrna, DE

Edwards & Ogden, Bridgeton, NJ

Edwards & Rice, Milford, DE

Edwards & Toler, Paola, KS

Edwards, A. (Mrs.), Roxbury, MA

Edwards, C. E. See Delores E. Taylor

Edwards, C. G., Rushford, MN

Edwards, C. H., Jacksonville, FL

Edwards, Callie, Kinston, NC

Edwards, Callie M., Vance, NC

Edwards, Charles H., Vicksburg, MS

Edwards, Collin, Kinston, NC

Edwards, E. B., Muscatine, IA

Edwards, E. Charles, Port Elizabeth, NJ

Edwards, E. D., Akron, OH

Edwards, F. C. (Mrs.), Albia, IA

Edwards, F. W.

Edwards, Frank, Pittsburgh, PA

Edwards, Frank C. (Mrs.), Waterloo, IA

Edwards, G. J., Dubuque, IA

Edwards, G. W., Dover, NH

Edwards, H. W., Rocky Hill, CT

Edwards, Hiram, Salt Lake City, UT

Edwards, J., Skaneateles, NY

Edwards, J. E., Orleans, IA

Edwards, J. E., Santa Barbara, CA

Edwards, J. H., Portland, OR

Edwards, J. W., Chester, PA

Edwards, J. W., Charlottesville, VA

Edwards, J. W., Salisbury, MD

Edwards, John R., Paola, KS

Edwards, Jonathan, Skaneateles, NY

Edwards, L. & Sons, Newton, NJ

Edwards, O. D., Boonville, MO

Edwards, Richard J., Brooklyn, NY

Edwards, Robt A., Charlotte, NC

Edwards, Samuel, Albert Lea, MN

Edwards, Simon P., Otisfield, ME

Edwards, T., Whitney's Point, Triangle, NY

Edwards, Timothy, Cortland Village, Cortlandville, NY

Edwards, Timothy, Marathon, NY

Edwards, W. and H. Hoyt, Birmingham, AL

Edwards, W. D., Winston-Salem, NC

Edwards, W. L., Ashland, OH

Edwards, Wm D., Winston-Salem, NC

Eels, Geo W., Albany, OR

Egan & Holloway, Philadelphia, PA

Egan, John E., Philadelphia, PA

Egbert & Lindsted, Davenport, IA

Egbert, W. P., Atlantic, IA

Egbert, W. P., Davenport, IA

Egbert, Walter A., Yonkers, NY

Egbert, William P., Davenport, IA

Ege, John, Cincinnati, OH

Egirt, Frederic S., Stratford, CT

Eggan, Minneapolis, MN

Eggan, H. P., Los Angeles, CA

Eggan, H. P. See James P. Eggan

Eggan, Halvard P., Seattle, WA

Eggan, Halvor P., Moscow, ID

Eggan, James P., Moscow, ID

Eggan, James P., Seattle, WA

Eggan, O. P., Minneapolis, MN

Eggan Bros., Seattle, WA

Eggel, F.  See Brown's Gallery

Eggleston, Chardon, OH

Eggleston & Co., Fort Wayne, IN

Eggleston, H. L., Chardon, OH

Ehlert, Frank, Milwaukee, WI

Ehlert, Frank, Jr., Milwaukee, WI

Ehm, Fred'k, Brooklyn, NY

Ehm, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Ehm, Jacob, Brooklyn, NY

Ehmann, Charles E., San Francisco, CA

Ehnert, Edward C., photographer, Cando, ND

Ehrlich, David, New York, NY

Ehrlicher, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Ehrman, Michael C., Lancaster, PA

Ehrmann & Co., New York, NY

Ehrmann, Geo L., New York, NY

Eib, J. G., Sycamore Dale, WV

Eichler, George, New York, NY

Eichmuller, Robert, Waterbury, CT

Eichoff, William, Muscatine, IA

Eichwald, Louis, New York, NY

Eickemeyer, Rudolph Jr., New York, NY

Eickemeyer, Rudolph Jr. See Campbell Studio

Eide, Ole H., Dell Rapids, SD

Eidman. See Ersnt-Eidman

Eigs, O. (Mrs)., Chicago, IL

Einbigler, John W., Buffalo, NY

Einhausen, C. H., Lyons, IA

Eisele, H. & Co., Indianapolis, IN

Eisele, Herman, Indianapolis. IN

Eisele, Hermann, Indianapolis. IN

Eisen. See Bruguiere & Eisen

Eisenbrey, H. E., Carversville, PA

Eisenbrey, Henry E., Lumberville, PA

Eisenhardt, C., Detroit, MI

Eisenhardt, Charles, Detroit, MI

Eisenhardt, Chas, Detroit, MI

Eisenhardt, Constantine, Detroit., MI

Eisenmann, New York, NY

Eisenmann, Chas., New York, NY

Eisner, Louis, New York, NY

Eitrell, Goshen, NY

Eklund, H. E., Billings, MT

Eklund Studios, Billings, MT

Eklund Studios. See Lawrence A. Brennan

El Rose Studio, New York, NY

Elberson. See Mohr-Elberson Photo Gallery

Elbrg, Andrew, DeKalb, IL

Elbrich, W. F., Clarksville, TN

Elcha. See Tappin & Elcha

Elder, A., Bower, PA

Elder, G. W., Forest City, IA

Elder, Robert B., Brady, PA

Eldredge & Knight, Salt Lake City, UT

Eldridge, A. G., Warren, RI

Eldridge, Ed E., Salt Lake City, UT

Eldridge, Mary (Mrs.), Salt Lake City, UT

Eldridge, R., East Greenwich, RI

Electric Photo & Novelty Co., New York, NY

Electric Photo Co., Tampa, FL

Electric Studio, Portland, OR

Electric Studio, Providence, RI

Elikofer, Fred A., Evansville, IN

Eliss, P. N., Richford, VT

Elite, Abilene, KS

Elite, Billings, MT

Elite, Brooklyn, NY

Elite, Butte, MT

Elite, Chicago, IL

Elite, Cincinnati, OH

Elite, Great Falls, MT

Elite, Iowa City, IA

Elite, Pella, IA

Elite Oskaloosa, IA

Elite, Phoenix, AZ

Elite, Quincy, MA

Elite, San Francisco, CA

Elite, Toledo, OH

Elite. See A. E. Raymond

Elite. See E. Murphy 

Elite. See E. H. Turner

Elite. See Miss Foster and Miss Wachtman

Elite. See Samuel C. R. Hamilton

Elite. See Timothy W. Townsend

Elite. See Townsend

Elite Gallery, The. See P. W. Griffiths

Elite Lantern Slide Co., New York, NY

Elite Photo Studio, New York, NY

Elite Photo Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Elite Photo Studio, San Francisco, CA

Elite Studio Co. (The), Norfolk, VA

Ellen, J. O., Spring Valley, MN

Ellenger, J. R., Newtown, PA

Ellenger, John, Newtown, PA

Ellenger, John R., Newtown, PA

Ellerbrock, Herman, Baltimore, MD

Ellerbrock, Herman H., Baltimore, MD

Ellinger. See Hunt & Ellinger

Ellinger & Paxson, New Egypt, NJ

Ellinwood & McClary, Manchester, NH

Ellinwood, & McCleary, Manchester, NH

Ellinwood, J. G., Manchester, NH

Ellinwood, John G., Manchester, NH

Elliot, Eli, Chester, SC

Elliot, J. B., Johnstown, NY

Elliott, Hicksville, OH

Elliott, Marion, IA

Elliott. See Jones & Elliott

Elliott & Hall, Northwood, IA

Elliott & Heyl, Columbus, OH

Elliott & Hill's, Marshalltown, IA

Elliott & Powers, Minneapolis, MN

Elliott, G. R., Columbus, OH

Elliott, G. R. & Co., Columbus, OH

Elliott, Geo R. Columbus, OH

Elliott, George R., Columbus, OH

Elliott, H. F., Marion, IA

Elliott, H. I., Marion, IA

Elliott, Harry J., Muncie, IN

Elliott, J. A., Pittsburgh, PA

Elliott, J. M., Columbus, OH

Elliott, J. M. See George R. Elliott

Elliott, J. Mitchell, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Elliott, J. P., Indianapolis, IN

Elliott, J. Perry, Indianapolis. IN

Elliott, James A., Effingham, IL

Elliott, James M., Columbus, OH

Elliott, John A., Butte, MT

Elliott, O. Sacramento, CA

Elliott, O., Stockton, CA

Elliott, O., Woodland, CA

Elliott, Perry W., Erie, MI

Elliott, R. F., Georgetown, CO

Elliott, Ralph F., Waterbury, CT

Elliott, S. D., Havana, IL

Elliott, W. H., Clarinda, IA

Elliott, W. H., Marshalltown, IA

Ellis, Wilmington, NC

Ellis. See Muller & Ellis

Ellis & Bangham, Xenia, OH

Ellis & Goodwin, Salt Lake City, UT

Ellis & Son, Los Angeles, CA

Ellis & Son, Penn-Yan, NY

Ellis & Walker, Mt. Pleasant, IA

Ellis's formerly Masury's, Providence, RI

Ellis, A. D., Waterloo, IA

Ellis, Carleton F., Jacksonville, FL

Ellis, Charles E., Sioux Falls, SD

Ellis, Elias, Boston, MA

Ellis, Homer, Springfield, IL

Ellis, Howard, Pawnee, NE

Ellis, Howard, Salt Lake City, UT

Ellis, James, Salt Lake City, UT

Ellis, L., Bangor, ME

Ellis, L., Los Angeles, CA

Ellis, O. M., Anamosa, IA

Ellis, Orville M., Anamosa, IA

Ellis, Robert W., Butte, MT

Ellis, Thomas E., Kearney, NE

Ellis, U. C., Wilmington, NC

Ellis, Urchie C., Wilmington, NC

Ellis, William H., New Britain, CT

Ellis, William S., Philadelphia, PA

Ellis, William Shewell, Philadelphia, PA

Ellison, E. O., Traer, IA

Ellison, Thomas, Boston, MA

Ellison, Thomas, Portland, ME

Elmo. See Dell-Elmo

Elphee, Edward, Montezuma, NY

Elrod, Arthur N., Louisville, KY

Elrod, C. E., Lexington, KY

Elrod, Charlton H., Louisville, KY

Elrod, E. W., Louisville, KY

Elrod, Eugene L., Louisville, KY

Elrod, J. C., Louisville, KY

Elrod, J. C. See C. Reimers

Elrod, J. C. See Charlton H. Elrod

Elrod, J. C. See John C. Elrod Jr.

Elrod, J. C. See Walter L. Elrod

Elrod, John C., Louisville, KY

Elrod, John C. Jr., Louisville, KY

Elrod, Walter L., Louisville, KY

ElRose Studio, New York, NY

Elson, Buchanan, MI

Elson, Elon J., Buchanan, MI

Elting, N. D., Lloyd, NY

Elting, N. D., Highland, Lloyd, NY

Elton & Co., Washington, DC

Elton, F., L. (Miss), Cleveland, OH

Elton, Fannie L. (Miss), Cleveland, OH

Elton, G. M., Palmyra, NY

Elton, Geo, Palmyra, NY

Elton, George, New York, NY

Elton, George, Palmyra, NY

Elton, George G., New York, NY

Elton, George M., Palmyra, NY

Elton, J. H., Woodstown, NJ

Elwell. See Claflin & Elwell

Elwell, A. O., Danvers, MA

Elwell, G. S., Toledo, OH

Elwell, W. A., Gloucester, MA

Elwell, Wm. A., Gloucester, MA

Elwood, F. W., Milan, MI

Elwood, F. W., Blissfield, MI

Elwood, Fred W., Jamestown, IN

Elwood, Fred W., Tecumseh, MI

Ely, Duluth, MN

Ely, C., Duluth, MN

Ely, E. C., Greenfield, MA

Ely, William, Jersey City, NJ

Ely, William Newton, Dublin, MD

Ely, Wm. A. (Amesville) Esopus, NY

Emanuel, G. W., Austin, TX

Emanuel, Simon, New Orleans, LA

Embrey, Martin T., Sherman, TX

Emerson, Derry Depot, NH

Emerson, Little Rock, AR

Emerson, Lowell, MA

Emerson, G. W., Haverhill, MA

Emerson, J. H., Keokuk, IA

Emerson, James H., Keokuk, IA

Emerson, L. W., Liberty, NY

Emerson, M. W., Lowell, MA

Emerson's, M. W. formerly G. E. Mitchell's, Lowell MA,

Emery, Boston, MA

Emery, C. E., Colorado Springs, CO

Emery, C. E., Silver Cliff, CO

Emery, Ernest, Bar Harbor, ME

Emery, Franklin, Detroit, MI

Emery, Geo. H., Rutland, VT

Emery, George A., Boston, MA

Emery, George H., Manchester, NH

Emery, L. M., travelling photographer, DC

Emery, Peter, Setzler's Store, PA

Emery, Philip W., Boston, MA

Emery, R., Napoleon, OH

Emery, R., Plymouth, OH

Emery, W. H., Athol, MA

Emery, W. H., Burlington, VT

Emery, Wm G., Astoria, OR

Emhuff, J. W., Detroit, MI

Emhuff, Joseph, Detroit, MI

Emhuff, Leonardo, Detroit, MI

Emhuff, W. J., Detroit, MI

Emhuff, Wm J., Detroit, MI

Emmerling, Frank, Buffalo, NY

Emmerson, Paris J., Little Rock, AR

Emmhuff, J. W., Detroit, MI

Emminger, Cincinnati, OH

Emminger & Wendland, Cincinnati, OH

Emmons, Frank, Glidden, IA

Emmons, Jas, Cleveland, OH

Emory, Omaha, NE

Emory, H. S. See Arthur D. Busch

Empire, Canton, OH

Empire, Canton, Stark, OH

Empire Photo Co., New York, NY

Empire Photo View Co., New York, NY

Empire Photograph & Copying Co., Chicago, IL

Empire Photograph Gallery, Canton, OH

Empire Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Ende, L. F., New York, NY

Endean, Theo., Cleveland, OH

Ender, Della (Mrs.), Tampa, FL

Endres, Buffalo, NY

Engel. See Petz & Engel

Engell, Chr., Spring Grove, MN

Engelman, S. A., Fremont, OH

Engels, Eugene, Brooklyn, NY

Engle, Abigail, Wilmington, DE

Engfer, Louis, Milwaukee, WI

England, George E., New York, NY

England, George F., Chicago, IL

Engle & Doerr, San Antonio, TX

Engle and Leonard, Wharton Co., TX

Engle, Abigail, Wilmington, DE

Engle Bros., Williamsport, PA

Englehardt, Philip, Lansing, MI

Engleman's, D. B., Staunton, VA

Englis. See Collins & Englis

English & Griswold, So. Dayton, NY

English, Harry, Wardner, ID

English, John L., Chicago, IL

English, Wayland, San Antonio, TX

Enkle, J. S., Baltimore, MD

Enna, John, IA

Ennis. See VanLoan & Ennis

Ennis & Haller, Attica, IN

Ennis, Geo. O., Richmond, VA

Ennis, George O., Richmond, VA

Ennis, J. W., Attica, IN

Ennor, Stevens Point, WI

Enoch, A. C., Martin's Ferry, WV

Enoch, B. F. (Mrs.), Parkersburg, WV

Enoch, Lavina, Chicago, IL

Enos, E. W., Wichita, KS

Enos, G. L., Wichita, KS

Ensminger. See Hogan & Ensminger

Ensminger, Clara (Miss), Toledo, IA

Ensminger, E. M., Ashland, Ashland, OH

Ensminger, Harry, Morristown, NJ

Ensminger, Jefferson C.  See Ensminger Bros

Ensminger, Madison J.  See Ensminger Bros

Ensminger, Ph. G., Manheim, PA

Ensminger, S. A., Manheim, PA

Ensminger, Wm. H., Manheim, PA

Ensminger Bros., Independence, IA

Ensminger Bros., Sanford, FL

Enterprise Gallery. See S. P. Tresize

Entrekin, Manayunk, PA

Entrekin & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Entrekin, Sarah, Philadelphia, PA

Entrekin, William, Manayunk, PA

Entrekin, William G., Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA

Entrekin, Wm., Philadelphia, PA

Enyon. See Morgan & Enyon

Epler & Arnold, Saratoga Springs, NY

Epler, H. J., Sandusky, OH

Epler, H. J., Sandusky, Erie, OH

Eppert, C., Terre Haute, IN

Eppert, Charles, Terre Haute, IN

Eppert, Charles and George M. Eppert, Terre Haute, IN

Eppert, George M.  See Charles Eppert

Eppler, Arthur O., San Francisco, CA

Epstein, Isaac, New York, NY

Epstein, Saml, New York, NY

Erb, Winfred I., Winsted, CT

Ereckson, Ole, New York, NY

Erekson & Bodurtha, Bridgeport, CT

Erekson & Lee, Bridgeport, CT

Erekson, O., Bridgeport, CT

Erekson, Ole, Jersey City, NJ

Erger, Wm, Philadelphia, PA

Ericius, Emil A., Brooklyn, NY

Erickson, St. Paul, MN

Erickson, C. A., Raton, NM

Erickson, Edwd, Los Angeles, CA

Erickson, Erick, Chicago, IL

Erickson, Eugene, Chicago, IL

Erickson, Henry, Troy, ID

Erickson, Isaac, Butte, MT

Erickson, S. O. See John W. Knudsen

Erickson, S. O. See Julius C. Ziebell

Erickson, Saron O., Fargo, ND

Ericsson, Otto, Brooklyn, NY

Ericsson, William, Brooklyn, NY

Erie Photograph Co., Pueblo, CO

Erick, John, Shakopee, MN

Erixon, C. T., Albuquerque, NM

Erler, Peoria, IL

Erler & Foster. See Sunbeam Gallery

Ernest, F. William, Washington, DC

Ernest, John, Bendersville, PA

Ernsberger & Ray, Auburn, NY

Ernsberger, J. D., Baltimore, MD

Ernsberger, W. H., Auburn, NY

Ernsberger, W. H., Auburn, NY

Ernst, Lancaster, PA

Ernst, Fred., Lancaster, PA

Ernst, Frederick, Rochester, NY

Ernst, George J., Quincy, IL

Ernst, John, Menallen, PA

Ernst-Eidman, Cleveland, OH
Ernstthal, Henry. See Stinson & Co. 

Erren, Mary (Miss), St. Paul, MN

Erskine, Robert S., Philadelphia, PA

Erwin & Forman, St. Louis, MO

Erwin, T. J., Chandlersville, OH

Eskildsen, J. P., Fredericksburg, IA

Eskildsen, J. P., Jerico, IA

Eskildsen, J. P., Lawler, IA

Eskildsen, J. P., Waucoma, IA

Esmay, John, Independence, IA

Esmay, John, Sabula, IA

Esmoer, Lawrie P., Chicago, IL

Espey, J. N., Union, Darke, OH

Ess and Ess Photo Co., New York, NY

Esselborn, Adolph, Jersey City, NJ

Esselsteyn, Justus N., Detroit, MI

Esselstyn, J. N., Clinton, NY

Essery, St. Paul, MN

Essery, J., Fargo, ND

Essery, R. W., St. Paul, MN

Essery, Robert W., St. Paul, MN

Essex Studio, Waynesboro, PA

Essex, Benjamin H., Waynesboro, PA

Estabrook, Hoosick Falls, NY

Estabrook & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Estabrook, Charles B., Washington, DC

Estabrook, E. M., New York, NY

Estabrook, E. R., Hoosick Falls, NY

Estabrook, Ezra R., (H. Falls) Hoosick, NY

Estabrook, Richard P., Newburyport, MA

Estabrook, T. S., Brooklyn, NY

Estabrook, Thomas S., Brooklyn, NY

Estabrook, W. L., New York, NY

Estabrooke, Elizabeth, NJ

Estabrooke, Houlton, ME

Estabrooke, New York, NY

Estabrooke, Edward M., Elizabeth, NJ

Estabrooke, Edward M., New York, NY

Estabrooke, T. S., Houlton, ME

Estabrooke, W. L., New York, NY

Estabrooke, William L., New York, NY

Estell. See Maxwell & Estell

Estell. See Watson & Estell

Esterbrook, E. M., Elizabeth, NJ

Estevez, Andrew J., Key West, FL

Estey, Charles V., San Francisco, CA

Estes, Arthur J. Crosskeys, SC

Estey, Chas V., Oakland, CA

Estrella, A. M., Fall River, MA

Estus, Burton O., Plymouth, MA

Ette, Oscar, New York, NY

Etter, Great Falls, NH

Etter, Somersworth & Rochester, NH

Etter & Sieler, San Francisco, CA

Etter, B., Great Falls, NH

Etter, B., Rochester, NH

Etter, B., Somersworth, NH

Etter, Burton, San Francisco, CA

Etter, Burton. See John M. Stevens

Ettlin, William A., New York, NY

Etz, Geo., Elmira, NY

Etz, George S., Bridgeport, CT

Eulass, T. H., Mason City, IL

Eureka Duplicating Co., New York, NY

Eureka Studio, Philadelphia, PA

European Photo & Art Co., Chicago, IL

Evans, Auburn, NY

Evans, Binghamton, NY

Evans, Buffalo, NY

Evans, Centralia, IL

Evans, Chicago, IL

Evans, Corning, NY

Evans, Los Angeles, CA

Evans, Oakland, CA

Evans, Rochester, NY

Evans, Rock Rapids, IA

Evans, Titusville, PA

Evans, York, PA

Evans. See Hall & Evans

Evans. See Rivers & Evans

Evans. See Seeling & Evans

Evans & Bro., Portsmouth, OH

Evans & Brother, Cleveland, OH

Evans & Co., Scranton, PA

Evans & Eckley, Sigourney, IA

Evans & Prince, York, PA

Evans, Paige & Ray, Buffalo, NY

Evans, Anne, Windom, MN

Evans, B. F.., Kalamazoo, MI

Evans, C., Philadelphia, PA

Evans, C. L., Freeport, IL

Evans, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Evans, Charles, Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Evans, D. F., Franklin, TN

Evans, D. F., Nora Springs, IA

Evans, D. P., Portland, OR

Evans, D. P. See Lee Gillam

Evans, David L., Pittsburg, PA

Evans, David P., Portland, OR

Evans, E. E. (Mrs.), Onawa, IA

Evans, F. E., Los Angeles, CA

Evans, F. J., York, PA

Evans, F. Jas., York, PA

Evans, F. S., Attalissa, IA

Evans, Frank F., New York, NY

Evans, Gabriel, Jordan, MN

Evans, George W., Philadelphia, PA

Evans, H. E., Davenport, IA

Evans, Hudson H., Bellefontaine, OH

Evans, J. G., Iowa City, IA

Evans, J. G., Muscatine, IA

Evans, J. G., Los Angeles, CA

Evans, James, Leon, NY

Evans, James G., Muscatine, IA

Evans, L. W., Clinton, IL

Evans, O. B., Buffalo, NY

Evans, O. B. (Mrs.), Fredonia, NY

Evans, O. B., Rochester, NY

Evans, Oliver B., Buffalo, NY

Evans, Parmer J., Boise, ID

Evans, Platt R., Summit, NY

Evans, Samuel D., Hop Bottom, PA

Evans, Thomas C., New York, NY

Evans, Thomas R., Washington, DC

Evans, W. H., Boston, MA

Evans, W. L., Brookville, IN

Evans, Willis O., Elgin, NE

Evans Photo Studios, Philadelphia, PA

Evans' Studio, Roswell, NM

Evants. See Clark & Evants

Evants, S. S., Mineral Springs, AR

Even, Joseph, Morris, IL

Even, Joseph, Morris, IL

Even, Joseph. See Crawford & Even

Evens, Morris, IL

Everden, Wm., Lafayette, IN

Everett. See Hill & Everett

Everett & Child, Worcester, MA

Everett & Lindsey, Concord, NH

Everett, E., Andover, NY

Everett, E. A., Grant's Pass, OR

Everett, E. B., W. Meriden, CT

Everett, F. O., Manchester, NH

Everett, Frank O., Manchester, NH

Everett, Frank O., Worcester, MA

Everett, James, Des Moines, IA

Everett, L. C., Troy, NY

Everett, W. M., Chicago, IL

Everett, William M., Chicago, IL

Everitt, Marquette

Everitt, _. B., West Meriden, CT

Everitt, E., Andover, NY

Everitt, E. F., Grants Pass, OR

Everitt, Elias F., Mankato, MN

Everitt, Henry, Fargo, ND

Evernden, William, Lafayette, IN

Evers & Kientzle, Philadelphia, PA

Evers, Theo, Philadelphia, PA

Evers, Theodore, Philadelphia, PA

Evers, Thos, Philadelphia, PA

Eves, Alma C., Philadelphia, PA

Evick, C., Guyandotte, WV

Ewart, John, Beallsville, PA

Ewell, E. C., Romeo, MI

Ewell, Edmund C., Port Huron, MI

Ewery, L. B., East Waterford, PA

Ewing & Co., Cumberland, MD

Ewing & McLaughlin, Cumberland, MD

Ewing, B. M., Industry, PA

Ewing, Herbert C., Waterbury, CT

Ewing, James B., Taylorville, IL

Ewing's Studio, Oklahoma City, OK

Excelsior, Alliance, OH

Excelsior View Co, Des Moines, IA

Excelsior, Denver, CO

Excelsior, Harrisburg, PA

Excelsior. See Hagan

Excelsior. See Eugene Clarke

Excelsior. See G. P. Lasselle

Excelsior. See Geo. W. Loud

Excelsior. See John Nicholson

Excelsior. See Monaco

Excelsior. See N. E. Allen

Excelsior. See Osborne & Malthaner

Excelsior. See Richard Walzl

Excelsior. See T. H. Tyson

Excelsior. See W. W. Hawk

Excelsior Copying House, Harrisburg, PA
Eyer, McDonald, PA

Eyerman, Maxwell, Butte, MT

Eyerman, Maxwell B., Butte, MT

Eyth, L. See Blessing & Co.



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

The word "The" has been omitted from the front of a name. The Riverside Gallery is listed under R for Riverside

G. Jones may be listed under "Jones, G." or "Jones, George"

Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"