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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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The information about photographers includes:
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  • Addresses
  • Dates of operation
  • Biographical notes
  • Examples of work

Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter C that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers C in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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New photographers' names and information are always being added.

C. & C. Photograph Co., Chicago, IL

C. M. Photo Co., New York, NY

Cabinet Studio, Brattleboro, VT

Cable & Giers, Nashville, TN

Cable, Jesse T., Bloomington, IL

Caddy. See Green & Caddy

Caddy and Davis, Johnstown, PA

Caddy, J. J. See Caddy & Davis

Caddy, Jos., Johnstown, PA

Cadieux, Emory L., New York, NY

Cadman, Jacksonville, IL

Cadman, A. W., Jacksonville, IL

Cadmore, A. W., Jacksonville, IL

Cadwallader & Fearnaught, Indianapolis, IN

Cadwalader & Tapen, Marietta, OH

Cadwallader, Indianapolis, IN

Cadwallader, Marietta, OH

Cadwallader, Maysville, KY

Cadwallader, Toledo, OH

Cadwallader & Tappen, Marietta, OH

Cadwallader, J., Indianapolis, IN

Cadwallader, J. D., Marietta, OH

Cadwallader, John, Detroit, MI

Cadwallader, John, Indianapolis, IN

Cadwallader, John, Toledo, OH

Cadwallader Bro's, Detroit, MI

Cadwell, Lydia J. See Gentile

Cady, B. H., Warren, VT

Cady, Chas H., Omaha, NE

Cady, E. H., Cobleskill, NY

Cady, Edward, Cobleskill, NY

Cady, Edward H., Cobleskill, NY

Cady, H. B., Waitsfield, VT

Cady, H. B., Warren, VT

Cady, James, Brandon, VT

Cady, James, New York, NY

Cady's Gallery, New York, NY

Caesber, Beaver Falls, PA

Caesar Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Cahill, Jas., Niagara Falls, NY

Cahill, M. S., Boston, MA

Cahoon, Clement C., Harwich, MA

Cahoon, J. C., Jackson, OH

Cahooon, J. C., Jackson, OH

Caillouet, Prosper J., Columbus, NE

Cain, Asa H., Springdale, OH

Cain, W. C., Alpena, MI

Cairns, Wm., Newark, NJ

Cake. See Barclay & Cake

Calbick, Ethel M., Kalispell, MTl

Calcara. See Rosario & Calcara

Calcara, G. See Rosario & Calcara

Calcara, Girolamo, Philadelphia, PA

Calcara, Giralamo. See Roma Studio

Calcara, Jerome. See Roma Studio

Calder, Charles, New York, NY

Caldwell, Brockton, MA

Caldwell. See Knapp & Caldwell

Caldwell, Abel, Philadelphia, PA

Caldwell, J. B., Jefferson, TX

Caldwell, Paul L., Topeka, KS

Caldwell, W. H. See George F. Atkinson

Caldwell, Warren H., Brockton, MA

Calendar, H. W., Plain City, OH

Calendar, H. W., Springfield, OH

California Photo Co., Wilmington, DE

Calkin & Mahana, Iowa City,  IA

Calkin, John T.  See Calkin & Mahana

Calkins, Grant U., Fairfield, NE

Calkins, L., Ann Arbor, MI

Call & Lee, Frederick City, MD

Call, Edward, Swampscot, MA 

Call, Geo. W., Bangor, ME

Call, George W., Oldtown, ME

Call, Henry C., Bangor, ME

Call, W. R., Manchester, NH

Call, Wm. A., Mohawk, German Flats, NY

Call, Whiting R., Manchester, NH

Callaway, San Antonio, TX

Callaway, A. N., San Antonio, TX

Callicott, Leonidas A., Union City, TN

Calloon, Ebert, Carrollton, IL

Calwell, Dean, Canton, OH

Calohan, C. W., Gallipolis, OH

Calvar,  Frank, El Paso, TX

Calvaruso, Francisco, El Paso, TX

Calver, Frank, El Paso, TX

Calverley, John A., Philadelphia, PA

Calvert, C. E., Portland, OR

Calviello, Peter, New York, NY

Calwell, Dean, Canton, OH

Camarri, M., San Francisco, CA

Camarri, Marcelo, San Francisco, CA

Camera Craft Studio, New York, NY

Camden Studio, Camden, NJ

Cameron. See Guiwits & Cameron

Camille, New Orleans, LA

Camille, P., New Orleans, LA

Cammack, Okaloosa, IA

Cammack. See Stubbs & Cammack

Cammack, J. O., Greencastle, IN

Cammack, James O., Greencastle, IN

Cammack, W. R.  See Stubbs & Cammack

Camera Club, Lewiston, ME

Camp, Geneva, NE

Camp, Hartford, CT

Camp, A. (Mrs.), New Madison, OH

Camp, Daniel S., Hartford, CT

Camp, Daniel S., Rockville, Vernon, CT

Camp, Henry S., New Haven, CT

Camp, Isaac W., Bunker Hill, IL

Camp, Joseph P., Middletown, CT

Campana, Michele E., Boston, MA

Campbell, Harrisburg, PA

Campbell, Mansfield, OH

Campbell, New York, NY

Campbell, Williamsport, PA

Campbell. See Klauber & Campbell

Campbell. See McCutchen & Campbell

Campbell. See Price & Campbell

Campbell & Co. See Robt E. Prince

Campbell & Davis, Boston, MA

Campbell & Harrison, New York, NY

Campbell & Hecker, New York, NY

Campbell & Mills, Ottawa, IL

Campbell, Albert, San Francisco, CA

Campbell, Alfred S., Elizabeth, NJ

Campbell, Alonzo, Forreston, IL

Campbell, B. F., Boston, MA

Campbell, Benjamin S., Norfolk, VA

Campbell, C., Richmond, VA

Campbell, C. A., Bergen, NY

Campbell, C. H. See W. A. Campbell

Campbell, C. O., Richmond, VA

Campbell, Charles O., Richmond, VA

Campbell, Chas. O., Richmond, VA

Campbell, Francis J., Stapleton, NY

Campbell, George W., Richmond, ME

Campbell, Harlan C., Emmett, ID

Campbell, J., New Town, MD

Campbell, J., Radnor, PA

Campbell, Jesse S., Trenton, NJ

Campbell, John A., Middletown, CT

Campbell, Joseph, Pottstown, PA

Campbell, Joseph N., Stahlstown, PA

Campbell, L. D., Burlington, IA

Campbell, M., Warren, PA

Campbell, S. W., Detroit, MI

Campbell, S. William, Detroit, MI

Campbell, Silas W., Detroit, MI

Campbell, W. A. & C. H. Campbell, Macon, GA

Campbell, W. J., Oklahoma City, OK

Campbell, W. S., Detroit, MI

Campbell, William, Detroit, MI

Campbell, William, Springfield, MA

Campbell Studio, New York, NY

Campbell's, Boston, MA

Campbell-Sharpe (Mrs.), New York, NY

Camper, J. W., Annawan, IL

Camrata, Frank, New York, NY

Canaan, D. V., Pana, IL

Canaris, Catharine, Portland, OR

Canby, E. F.  See Biddle Art Gallery

Candee, J. Howard, New Haven, CT

Candle, D. L., Asheville, NC

Canell, Charles, Adrian, MI

Canfield, Boalsburg, PA

Canfield, Claude H., Battle Creek, MI

Canfield, Erastus H., Milwaukee, WI

Canfield, George W., Pleasant Mount, PA

Canfield, James, Eldred, PA

Canfield, James E., Hudson, NY

Canfield, Jas. E., New Milford, CT

Canfield, Ward, Bridgeport, CT

Caniere & Goldner. See Eagle Studio

Cannel, May (Mrs.) See Bee Hive Gallery

Canning, Arthur, Helena, MT

Cannoles. See Brown & Cannoles

Cannoles & Brown, Millington, MD

Cannon & Germond's, Po'keepsie, NY

Cannon, C. F., Greenville, AL

Cannon, J., Boston, MA

Cannon, J. E., San Francisco, CA

Cannon, James E., San Francisco, CA

Cannon, M., Boston, MA

Canova Studio, St. Louis, MO

Canton Engraving & Electrotype Co., OH

Canvel, David, Los Angeles, CA

Cape, T. C., Lamira, Belmont, OH

Capen, Ephraim, Batavia, IL

Capen, N. S., Brandon, VT

Capen, N. S., Fairhaven, VT

Capes, Richard W. R., Chicago, IL

Capital City Photo & Novelty Co., Harrisburg, PA

Capitol Gallery. See Curtis H. Hall

Capitol Gallery. See R. H. Dawson

Caplan, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Caplan, Harry, New York, NY

Caplan, Hyman, Philadelphia, PA

Cappallo, Jacob, Miami, FL

Capper, James M., Troy, NY

Capps, M. B., Livingston, TN

Capron & Rice, Winchester, NH

Capron, Chas., Millerton, NY

Capron, E. P. H., & Bro., Springfield, OH

Caputo & Caruso, New York, NY

Caputo, Andrew, New York, NY

Caradine, J. N., Sherman, TX

Carbaugh, S., Cleveland, OH

Carberry, Morris V., Brooklyn, NY

Carberry, Morris V., New York, NY

Carbon (The), Newark, NJ

Carbon Studio, The, Richmond, VA

Carbon Photo Co., New York, NY

Carbon Studio, Chicago, IL

Carbut, John, Chicago, IL

Carbutt, J., Chicago, IL

Carbutt, Jno., Chicago, IL

Carbutt, John, Chicago, IL

Card and Smith, Gouverneur, NY

Card, Chas., Webster, MA

Card, George A., Rochester, NY

Card, Miller, Bristol, CT

Card, S. Vance, Yonkers, NY

Carder's Pictures, Centreville, IN

Cardinell-Vincent Co., San Francisco, CA

Cardon, Thomas B., Logan, UT

Cardwell, J. R., Portland, OR

Carel, Gallipolis, Gallia, OH

Cardwell. See Buchtel & Cardwell

Carel, Chas., Gallipolis, OH

Carel, Chas., Gallipolis, OH

Carew, Frank, Penn Yan, NY

Carew, George, Sibley, IA

Carey, Morris, NY

Carey. See Mark & Carey

Carey & Greenman, Marion, IN

Carey & Sage, Hartford, CT

Carey, Edgar, Idaho Falls, ID

Carey, F., Penn Yan, NY

Carey, Geo. S., Cleveland, OH

Carey, Imogene, Idaho Falls, ID

Carey, J. J., Easton, PA

Carey, R., Beverly, MA

Carey, Robert, Beverly, MA

Carey, Simon B., Marion, IN

Carey, Thomas A., (N. Springs) Nanticoke, NY

Cargill, J. A., Johnson City, TN

Cargille, Johnson City,

Cargo, Pittsburg, PA

Cargo, R. M., Allegheny, PA

Cargo, R. M., Pittsburg, PA

Cargo, R. M. & Co., Pittsburgh, PA

Carhart, Phillipsburg, NJ

Carl. See Mathews & Carl

Carl. See Young & Carl

Carleton, Waterville, ME

Carleton, C. G., Waterville, ME

Carleton, Charles, New York, NY

Carleton, G., Waterville, ME

Carleton, Horace, Haverhill, NH

Carleton, Samuel L., Portland, ME

Carleton, W. W., Saco, ME

Carley, John, Newport, RI

Carlin, Andrew B., Philadelphia, PA

Carlisle, Fort Howard, WI

Carlisle. See Folsom & Carlisle

Carlisle, G. M., Fall River, MA

Carlisle, Geo M., Providence, RI

Carlisle, George M., Providence, RI

Carlisle, H., Blanchester, OH

Carlon, Robert F., Norfolk, VA

Carlson, A., Wheaton, MN

Carlson, Annie (Miss), Denver, CO

Carlson, J. F., Red Oak, IA

Carlson, T. A., Holdrege, NE

Carlson, Thos. A., Bertrand, NE

Carlston, Charles O., Omaha, NE

Carlton, C. G., Waterville, ME

Carlton, Chas. G., Portland, ME

Carman, Andes and Margaretville, NY

Carman, S. O. Belvidere, NE

Carmen, Theo, New York, NY

Carmichael, George W., Ashtabula, OH

Carmichael, James W., New York, NY

Carnall, W. F., Rochester, NY

Carnell, Mary, Philadelphia, PA

Carneoff, J. C., Franklin, WV

Carner, A., Waverly, IA

Carnes, E. M., Monroe, GA

Carnes, E. Mansfield, Monroe, GA

Carnes, Elihu M., Monroe, GA

Carnes, Elihu Mansfield, Monroe, GA

Carnes, H. P., Brandon, VT

Carnes, H. P., Montpelier, VT

Carnes, Horace, Montpelier, VT

Carnes, Horace P., Brandon, VT

Carnes, Ossie (Mrs.), Monroe, GA

Carney, George S., Milwaukee, WI

Carny, John, McAllisterville, PA

Carothers & Stroud, Mt. Pleasant, MD

Carpenter, Kansas City, MO

Carpenter, Los Angeles, CA

Carpenter & Co., Louisville, KY

Carpenter & Devenny, Louisville, KY

Carpenter & Fox, Troy, NY

Carpenter & Morgan, Grand Rapids, MI

Carpenter & Mullen, Lexington, KY

Carpenter, A. C., Kansas City, MO

Carpenter, A. C., Tacoma, WA

Carpenter, A. D., Ukiah City, CA

Carpenter, A. I., Franklinville, NY

Carpenter, B. N., Moorefield, WV

Carpenter, Charles H., New York, NY

Carpenter, Chas W., New York, NY

Carpenter, D. W., Millville, NJ

Carpenter, Daniel W., Brooklyn, NY

Carpenter, Daniel W., Millville, NJ

Carpenter, E. R., E. Sandy Creek, NY

Carpenter, F. W., Adrian, MI

Carpenter, Frank. See Carpenter & Morgan

Carpenter, G. W., Leon, IA

Carpenter, G. W., Woodburn, IA

Carpenter, Geo., Winfield, NY

Carpenter, Harlan, Strafford,  VT

Carpenter, J. E., Panora, IA

Carpenter, J. H., New Orleans, LA

Carpenter, J. H., Warrensburgh, N

Carpenter, J. S., IA

Carpenter, L. (Miss), Parkersburgh, IA

Carpenter, L. W., Clayville, Paris, NY

Carpenter, Lucelia, Parkersburg, IA

Carpenter, M., Cincinnati, OH

Carpenter, M., Kansas City, MO

Carpenter, M., Warren, PA

Carpenter, M. W., Kansas City, MO

Carpenter, Mary W., New York, NY

Carpenter, N. M., Wyoming, PA

Carpenter, R. J., Louisville. KY

Carpenter, R. J., Paris, KY

Carpenter, Robert J., Louisville, KY

Carpenter, T. H., New Orleans, LA

Carpenter, Thomas H., New Orleans, LA

Carpenter, Thomas H., Sherman, TX

Carpenter, W. Fred., Foxboro, MA

Carpenter, W. O., Troy, NY

Carpenter, William B., New York, NY

Carpenter, Wm J., Casper, WY

Carr, Franklin, MA

Carr & Morrill, Concord, NH

Carr, A., Orono, ME

Carr, A. P., Tacoma, WT

Carr, Benj., Concord, NH

Carr, Benjamin, Concord, NH

Carr, E. D., Iowa City, IA

Carr, Harl S., Wymore, NE

Carr, J. H., Los Angeles, CA

Carr, J. M., Kokomo, IN

Carr, James F., Norfolk, VA

Carr, Perry, Cincinnati, OH

Carr Studio. See Curtman C. Fox

Carriel, W., Coudersport, PA

Carrier, A. D., Hamilton, NY

Carrier, Frank, Omaha, NE

Carrier, W. A., Liberty, NY

Carrier, William A., Bethany, PA

Carrier, William A., Honesdale, PA

Carrol, John, Pike Valley, PA

Carrol, Williard, Pike Valley, PA

Carroll, Malden, MA

Carroll, David D., Amsterdam, NY

Carroll, Henry, Ruppsville, PA

Carroll, J. C., Bannonk, MT Territory

Carroll, Joseph, Omaha, NE

Carroll, L. A., Sheffield, IL

Carroll, Leroy Augustus Carroll, Sheffield, IL

Carruth, Frank, Plattsmouth, NE

Carruth. See Clark & Carruth

Carruthers. See Weed & Carruthers

Carson, El Paso, IL

Carson, Geneseo, NY

Carson. See Andrew & Carson

Carson & Graham, Hillsdale, MI

Carson, Albert A., Philadelphia, PA

Carson, Alice M. (Miss), Peoria, IL

Carson, Art., Pontiac, IL

Carson, John, Geneseo, NY
Carson, John, Waterloo, NY
Carson, William B., El Paso, IL
Carsonia Park, Reading, PA

Carsted, Jean R., New York, NY

Carstens, Abram, Hillsboro', PA

Carstens, William, Chicago, IL

Carter, Hampton, IA

Carter, Waterloo City, IN

Carter, Worcester, MA

Carter. See Pickett & Carter

Carter, A. C., Virginia City, MT Territory

Carter, C. W., Salt Lake City, UT

Carter, Charles H., Philadelphia, PA

Carter, Charles W., Salt Lake City, UT

Carter, E. S., Beardstown, IL

Carter, Edwin K., New York, NY

Carter, Ernest F., Missoula, MT

Carter, G. H., Orange, MA

Carter, J. B., Emporia, KS

Carter, M. T., Worcester, MA

Carter, Milton T., Worcester, MA

Carter, R. S., Los Angeles, CA

Carter, W. J., Boise, ID

Carter, W. Jas, Boise, ID

Carter, Wilbur, Sumter, SC

Carter, Wm J., Boise, ID

Carter’s Studio. See Arthur E. Davis

Cartwright, C. A., Marengo, IA

Caruso. See Albenzio & Caruso

Caruso. See Caputo & Caruso

Caruso & Son, New York, NY

Caruso & Son. See Vincent Caruso

Caruso, A. & Co., New York, NY

Caruso, Bartolomeo, New York, NY

Caruso, Giustina Albenzis, New York, NY

Caruso, Giustine,  New York, NY

Caruso, Raffaele, New York, NY

Caruso, Raphael, New York

Caruso, Silvestro, New York, NY

Caruso, Vincent, New York, NY

Carusor, Raphael, New York, NY

Carvell, J. S., Mountaineer, MT Territory

Carver, Fannie, Felicity, OH

Cary, Charles H., New York, NY

Cary, G. S., Mt. Vernon, OH

Casanova, Francisco, New Orleans, LA

Casanova, Frank, New Orleans, LA

Cascadilla. See J. Beardsley

Case. See Black & Case

Case. See Masury, Silsbee & Case.

Case & Getchell, Boston, MA

Case, F. R., Beatrice, NE

Case, L. B., Trout River, Constable, NY

Case, L. P., West Constable, Westville, NY

Case, Van S., Plainfield, VT

Caseman, Frederick, Denver, CO

Casey, R. H., Fort Worth, TX

Casino Photographic Studios, New York, NY

Caskil, J. H., Hillsboro', OH

Casmire, F. B., Tulsa, OK

Cass & Co., Middleburgh, NY

Cass, Alberta F., Reno, NV

Cass, Wm, Grand Haven, MI

Casseday, A. J., Springfield, IL

Casseday, Albert J., Philadelphia, PA

Cassedy, Moses, Rowlesburg, WV

Cassidy, Hillery S., Albion, MI

Cassill, G. N., Boston, MA

Cassilly, C. W., St. Louis, MO

Cassilly, Louisa, St. Louis, MO

Cassily, C. W., St. Louis, MO

Cassily, Charles W., St. Louis, MO

Cassily, George E., St. Louis, MO

Cassily, William C., St. Louis, MO

Castillan, John F., Brooklyn, NY

Cassin, Benjamin, New York, NY

Casson, Jos E., Washington, DC

Castle, F. T., Washington, DC

Castle, Francis P., Washington, DC

Castle, George, Boston, MA

Castleman, G. C., Keokuk, IA

Castner, Grant, Trenton, NJ

Castner, Samuel J., Philadelphia, PA

Caswell Bros., Gardner, MA

Caswell, B. C., Goliad, TX

Caswell, H. C. (Mrs.), Garden City, MN

Caswell, J. E., Athol, MA

Caswell, P. H., Newport, RI

Cates, S. M., Choctaw Corner, AL

Cathan, D. H., Windsor, VT

Cathan, L. H., Boston, MA

Cathan, Lucius H., Boston, MA

Cathcart, M., Buchanan, MI

Cathcart, Nelson H., Coldwater, MI

Catterlin, W. H., Portland, OR

Catterlin, Wm H., Portland, OR

Caulkins, W. H., Amenia, NY

Causemel, Paul A., Kenyon, MN

Cavanagh, John, Metamora, IL

Cave, John H., Detroit, MI

Caves & Wing, Lyons, IA

Cawthon, Kelso, WA

Cawthon, J. R., Portland, OR

Cawthorne. See Thibodeau & Cawthorne

Cawthorne, G., St. Paul, MN

Caywood, Alfd, Los Angeles, CA

Caywood, Ellery S., Philadelphia, PA

Cebula, Henry, Webster, MA

Cecil, Will W., Leadville, CO

Cecil, William W., Leadville, CO

Ceiluer, A. & Co., New York, NY

Celebrity Photo Shop, Chicago, IL

Celebrity Photo Store, New York, NY

Cencier, L., New Orleans, LA

Censier, L., New Orleans, LA

Centennial Photographic Co., Philadelphia, PA

Center, A. P., Las Cruces, NM

Central Art Studio, Boston, MA

Central Art Studio, New York, NY

Central Park Studio, New York, NY

Central Photo Studio, New York, NY

Central Photo Studio. See Wm Phipps

Central Photographic Gallery. See Fischer & Bro.

Central N. Y. Copying House, Utica, NY

Cesareo, Vincent & Co., New York, NY

Chabiss, H., Ansonia, CT

Chabiss, H., Birmingham, CT

Chabiss, H., Derby, CT

Chabiss, H., Shelton, CT

Chabiss H. & Co., Ansonia, CT

Chabiss H. & Co., Birmingham, CT

Chabiss H. & Co., Derby, CT

Chabiss H. & Co., Shelton, CT

Chabiss, Herman, New York, NY

Chadbourne, C., Fond du Lac, WI

Chadwick. See Curtis, Chadwick & Gates

Chadwick. See Whiley & Chadwick

Chadwick & Folwell, Farmer, NY

Chadwick & Porter, Farmer Village, NY

Chadwick, E. J., Greensboro, AL

Chaese, I. & N., Hartford,

Chafee, C. E., Charleston, SC

Chafee, C. E. See Edward F. Schroder

Chafee, Clarence E., Charleston, SC

Chafee, George A., Norwich, CT

Chaffin, Shelbyville, KY

Chafin, Samuel J., Grand Forks, ND

Chafy, Thomas W., Albion, MI

Chaikowski, Jacob, Los Angeles, CA

Chailly, Alexander, New York, NY

Chaimowitz, Osias, Philadelphia, PA

Chait, Elias, New York, NY

Chait, Harry, New York, NY

Chalfant, A. B., Beaver Falls, PA

Chalker, Frederick, Milwaukee, WI

Chalmers, Fred C., Bangor, ME

Chalmers, Jacob D., Galesburg, IL

Chalmers, R. L. Corsicana,. TX

Chalmers, R. L., Dallas, TX

Chambard, Peter, Mount Eaton, OH


Chamberlain, Norwich, NY

Chamberlain, Southbridge, MA

Chamberlain, Den, Decatur, IL

Chamberlain, Den, Winona, MN

Chamberlain, E., Medfield, MA

Chamberlain, E., Old Orchard, ME

Chamberlain, E., Weymouth, MA

Chamberlain, J. H. Jr., Southbridge, MA

Chamberlain, J. N. Jr., Southbridge, MA

Chamberlain, J. N. Jr., Webster, MA 

Chamberlain, L. C., La Porte City, IA

Chamberlain, W. G., Denver, Colorado Territory

Chamberlain, W. G., Denver, CO

Chamberlain, Walter A., Denver, CO

Chamberlin, Norwich, NY

Chamberlin, Francis, Boston, MA

Chamberlin, Henry, New York, NY

Chamberlin, J. N., Woonsocket, RI

Chamberlin, P. V., Norwich, NY

Chambers Studio, Chicago, IL

Chambers. See Rawson & Chambers

Chambers & Dunn, Erie, PA

Chambers, D., Wesleyville, PA

Chambers, J. B., Brownwood, TX

Chambers, W. J., Montgomery, AL

Chamblin, L. C., Jackson, MI

Chamblin, T. H. B., Sterling, IL

Champ. See Ranger & Champ

Champ, W. A., Livonia Station, Livonia, NY

Champeau & Merril, New York, NY

Champeau, Lawrence X., New York, NY

Champeaux, Lawrence X., New York, NY

Champion, Ocean City, NJ

Champion, Somers T., Smiths Landing, NJ

Champion, Souders T., Pleasantville, NJ

Champlain Studio, Boston, MA

Champlain Studio, New York, NY

Champlin, A. F., Naugatuck, CT

Champlin, J., Worcester, MA

Champlin, Jerry, Lowell, MA

Champlin, T. H. B., Sterling, IL

Champlin, Thomas H. B., Kalamazoo, MI

Chance, James, Annapolis, MD

Chandler, Akron, OH

Chandler, St. Albans, VT

Chandler. See Grieg & Chandler

Chandler & Scheetz, Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, A. B. (Mrs.), Franklinville, NY

Chandler, D. W., St. Albans, VT

Chandler, G. W., Bangor, ME

Chandler, Geo F., Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, Geo. W., Bangor, ME

Chandler, George F., Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, George F. & Samuel Schultz, Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, J. E., Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, J. H., Detroit, MI

Chandler, J. H., Indianapolis, IN

Chandler, Jacob H., Indianapolis, IN

Chandler, Jesse W., Boston, MA

Chandler, Josephine E., Philadelphia, PA

Chandler, M., Hingham, MA

Chandler, M., Marshfield, MA

Chandler, Martin, Marshfield, MA

Chandler, W. D., St. Albans, VT

Chaney, Lawton, OK

Chaney, J. W., Tulsa, OK

Channel, Elias, Georgetown P. O. Philippi, WV

Channel, R. F., Phoenixville, PA

Channel, Ralph, Phoenixville, PA

Channel, Ralph F., Phoenixville, PA

Channell, U. Grant, Wilmington, DE

Channing, John, San Francisco, CA

Channing, Samuel S., New Bedford, MA

Chapelle, Robert, Maspeth, Queens, NY

Chapin, A., Morley, Mecosta Co., MI

Chapin, Addison, Prattsburgh, NY

Chapin, M. S., Worcester, MA

Chapin, N. T., Hartford, CT

Chapin, S. A. (Mrs.), Fairfield, IA

Chapin, W. P., Walpole, NH

Chapin, Warren, Walpole, NH

Chapin Photo Co., Jacksonville, FL

Chapman. See Clark & Chapman

Chapman & Mendenhall, El Dorado Springs, MO

Chapman & Underhill. See Thomas S. Underhill

Chapman, A., Houston, TX

Chapman, A. F., Boston, MA

Chapman, Augustus H., St. Louis, MO

Chapman, C. H., Lockport, NY

Chapman, D., Boston, MA

Chapman, E. A., Lowell, MI

Chapman, Frederick B., St. Paul, MN

Chapman, Geo. F., Kansas City, MO

Chapman, Geo. L., Barre, MA

Chapman, George F., Belton, Mt. Pleasant Twp, MO

Chapman, George F., Brooklyn, NY

Chapman, George L., North Brookfield, MA

Chapman, John C., Brooklyn, NY

Chapman, M. V., Attica, IN

Chapman, R. W., Claremont, SD

Chapman, Stanley, Jersey City, NJ

Chapman, Wm, Manning, IA

Chappel, J. L., (Wyoming) Middlebury, NY

Chappell, Oil City, PA

Chappell. J. W., Des Moines, IA

Chard, E. S., Painesville, OH

Charles & Hultgren, Chicago, IL

Charles-St New Photo Co., Baltimore, MD

Charleston Photograph Co., Charleston, SC

Charleton, William W., Portland, ME

Charter, Miss, Boston, MA

Charter, S. R. (Miss) Boston, MA

Charter Oak Studio, Hartford, CT

Charyn, Victor, New York, NY

Chase, Boston, MA

Chase. See Edwin R. Guilford

Chase. See Larkin & Chase

Chase. See Masury & Silsbee 

Chase. See Sayre & Chase

Chase. See Wheeler & Chase

Chase, C. B., Minneapolis, MN

Chase, C. F., Monticello, FL

Chase, D. B., Alma, CO

Chase, D. B., Garland, CO

Chase, D. B., Pueblo, CO

Chase, D. B., Salt Lake City, UT

Chase, D. B., Trinidad, CO

Chase, D. D., Sante Fe, NM

Chase, Dana B., Salt Lake City, UT

Chase, E. B., Newburyport, MA

Chase, E. B. & L. G., Boston, MA

Chase, E. W., Guttenberg, IA

Chase, Edwin L., Portland, ME

Chase, Estelle, Washington, DC

Chase, G. B., Scranton, PA

Chase, G. W., Newark, OH

Chase, G. W., Newark, Licking, OH

Chase, George B., Scranton, PA

Chase, George H., Newport, RI

Chase, H. A., Atchison, KS

Chase, H. E. & Son, Cleveland, OH

Chase, H. L., Honolulu, HI

Chase, H. L., Keene, NH

Chase, J. A., Atchison, KS

Chase, J. A., Pueblo, CO

Chase, James S., Hartford, CT

Chase, John A., Atchison, KS

Chase, J. W., Chicago, IL

Chase, L. G., Boston, MA

Chase, L. G.  See E. B. & L. G. Chase

Chase, Lorenzo G., Boston, MA

Chase, Mabel, Washington, DC

Chase, Mattie, Washington, DC

Chase, Mattie L., Washington, DC

Chase, Olive W., Hartford, CT

Chase, R. F., Damariscotta, ME

Chase, Theo F., Providence, RI

Chase, Theodore F., Providence, RI

Chase, Thomas F., Providence, RI

Chase, W. H., Hartford, CT

Chase, W. H., Minneapolis, MN

Chase, W. M., Baltimore, MD

Chase, W. P. See W. Knowlton

Chase, Warren, Chicago, IL

Chase, Wm M., Baltimore, MD

Chase's Gallery. See Frank Jewell

Chasis, Henry, New York, NY

Chasis, Nathan H., Jersey City, NJ

Chassles, Elkins, Newport, NY

Chastine, Henry T., Greenville, SC

Chateau Art Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Chatterton, Francis C., Woonsocket, RI

Chatterton, H. D., Centreville, IA

Chatterton, J. T., Woonsocket, RI

Chatterton, N., Warren, RI

Chatterton, N. D., Woonsocket, RI

Chautauqua Photographic Co., Pittsburg, PA

Chautaqua Photographic Co, Pittsburgh, PA

Chavez, Ignacio M., El Paso, TX

Cheeseman. See Cox & Cheeseman

Cheeseman, A., Yorkshire, NY

Cheeseman, Dr., China, NY

Cheeseman, Luther R., Trenton, NJ

Cheeseman, H., Mon_____, PA [illegible]

Cheesman & Co., Freehold, NJ

Cheesman, Ephraim, Youngstown, OH

Cheesman, L. R., Trenton, NJ

Chenette, Adolphus, Wilton, NH

Cheney & Baker, Lansing, MI

Cheney, Alonzo M. See Cheney & Baker

Cheney, C. B., Albany, NY

Chenoweth, C. T., Elk City, KS

Cheny, A. M., Lansing, MI

Cheny, C. W., Orford, NH

Cheny, John, Montgomery, AL

Cherington. See McCormick & Cherington

Cherrington, Marysville, OH

Cherrington & Bro. See Frank S. Bowers

Chesebro, Toledo, OH

Chesebro, G. H., Toledo, OH

Chesley, G. W., Owatonna, MN

Chesley, George W., Pipestone, MN

Chesley, W. A., Pipestone, MN

Chesnutt Bros., Cleveland, OH

Chessman & McCosker, Boston, MA

Chester, Camden, NJ

Chester, Sam'l, Washington, DC

Chester, Samuel C., Camden, NJ

Chester, Walter B., Camden, NJ

Cheston, Gallo W., Philadelphia, PA

Chevalier, Thomas H., New York, NY

Chevalier, Thos E., New York, NY

Chew. See Hawkins & Chew

Chew & Jandus, Denver, CO

Chiappa, Ambrose, San Francisco, CA

Chicago Aerial Survey Co., Chicago, IL

Chicago Architectural Photographing Co., Chicago, IL

Chicago Bromide & Solar Print Co., New York, NY

Chicago Coml Photographic Co., Chicago, IL

Chicago Copying Co., Chicago, IL

Chicago Fine Art Gallery, Richmond, VA

Chicago Fire Cyclorama Co. See Plymon Bernt Greene

Chicago Photo Finishing Co., Chicago, IL

Chicago Photograph Gallery. See C. Klindt

Chicago Photogravure Co., Chicago, IL

Chicago Transparency Co., Chicago, IL

Chichester, George E., Brooklyn, NY

Chick, Exeter, NH

Chickering, Boston, MA

Chickering, Elmer, Boston, MA

Chickering, W. E., Boston, MA

Chicoine, August, Winooski, VT

Chicoine, Augustus, Winooski, VT

Chidester, J. A., Galva, IL

Chidester, J. R., Studio, Galva, IL

Chidester, Wm H. Jr., Jersey City, NJ

Child. See Everett & Child

Child & Co., Newport, RI

Child, A. L., Grinnell, IA

Child, Frank H., Newport, RI

Child, Fred'k G., Boston, MA

Child, G. F., Washington, DC

Child, George F., Washington, DC

Child, R. H., Newport, RI

Child, R. H., Port Chester, NY

Child, Robert H., Newport, RI

Childs, Houghton, MI

Childs. See Koon & Childs

Childs & Adams, Wilmington, VT

Childs & Cole, Ishpeming, MI

Childs, J., Bedford, NY

Childs, John, Philadelphia, PA

Childs, T. A.

Chillman, P. E., Philadelphia, PA

Chillman, P. E. Co., Philadelphia, PA

Chillman, Philip E., Philadelphia, PA

Chiluer, Chas, Jeffersonville, AR

Chindlund Bros, Portland, OR

Chinn, George W., Caldwell, ID

Chipley & Bros, Denton, MD

Chipman & O'Keefe, New Haven, CT

Chipman, Walter F., New Haven, CT

Chippewa Falls Art Co., Chippewa Falls, WI

Choate, Edward R., New York, NY

Choate, S. C., Cumberland, MD

Choicener, J. Frank, Taunton, MA

Chonman, Andrew, Brooklyn, NY

Choquet, Joseph H., Pawtucket, RI

Choquette, J. H., Fall River, MA

Chouinard, Alfred, Chicago, IL

Chouinard, Charles O., New York, NY

Chouinard, J. B., Springfield, MA

Chouinard, Fred., Chicago, IL

Chowning. See Wilhelmi & Chowning 

Chrisler, Merret, Albany, NY

Chrisler, Merrit, Albany, NY

Chrisman, J. F., Elkhart, IN

Chrisman, John, Toledo, OH

Christensen, Brooklyn, NY

Christenson, West Superior, MN

Christensen & Taylor,Salt Lake City, UT

Christensen, C. H., San Francisco, CA

Christensen, E. M., Brooklyn, NY

Christensen, Edw'd M., Brooklyn, NY

Christensen, Gustaf, Salt Lake City, UT
Christensen, Jas A., Salt Lake City, UT
Christensen, L. H., De Witt, IA

Christensen, Theodore J., Chicago, IL

Christensen, J. A., Salt Lake City, UT
Christenson, Duluth, MN
Christian, Wm. K., Richmond, VT

Christiansen, Alfred E., Boston, MA

Christman, E. J., Oelwein, IA

Christman, John F., Ligonier, IN

Christmas. See Savigny & Christmas

Christmas, H. J., Hastings, MI

Christner, S. D., Silver Lake, IN

Christoph, John, Ellinwood, KS

Christopher, Topeka, KS

Christy, A. C., Kansas City, MO

Chromo Art Co., New York, NY

Chudoba, Frank F., Hartford, CT

Church & Field, San Francisco, CA

Church, C., Dallas, TX

Church, Cllifton, Dallas, TX

Church, Gordon B., Warren, RI

Church, J. and R. Lamb

Church, John, New Haven, CT

Church, John P., New York, NY

Churchell, W. D., Clarksville, TN

Churchill, Albany, NY

Churchill, Arcade, NY

Churchill, Cleveland, OH

Churchill, Peru, IL

Churchill. See Wager & Churchill

Churchill & Denison, Albany, NY

Churchill & Ogden, Albany, NY

Churchill and West, Brownwood, TX

Churchill, Erastus, Maumee City, OH

Churchill, Erastus, Morenci, MI

Churchill, George F., Chicago, IL

Churchill, George O., Hastings, NE

Churchill, Henry W., Albany, NY

Churchill, Henry W. See Churchill & Ogden

Churchill, J., New Concord, OH

Churchill, R. E., Albany, NY

Churchill, Rensselaer E., Albany, NY

Churchill, Rensselaer E. See Churchill & Denison

Churchill, Saml. R., Vermont, IL

Churchley Co., Kelso,

Churchley & Hargrave, Kelso, WA

Churchley, A. G., Portland, OR

Chute, Boston, MA

Chute, R. J., Boston, MA

Ciarlo, Newport, KY 

Ciarlo, Jos. J., Cincinnati, OH

Cimmaruta, Enrico, Rochester, NY

Cincinnati Copying House, Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Electric Photo Co., Cincinnati, OH

Cipola, Giacomo, New York, NY

Ciralli, A., New York, NY

Ciralli, A., Yonkers, NY

Ciralli, Anthony, Yonkers, NY

Ciresi, Salvatore, New York, NY

Cirimele, Felix, San Francisco, CA

Cirimeli, F., San Francisco, CA

City Art Gallery. See A. Milt. Lapham

City Art Gallery. See Milt Lapham

City Artist. See C. I. Lewis

City Gallery, Paducah, KY

City Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

City Gallery, Reading, PA

City Gallery. See F. W. Ingmire

City Gallery. See Gill's City Gallery

City Hall Photograph Gallery. See Wm Marratt

City Photograph Gallery, West Liberty, IA

City Picture Palace. See A. A. Barnes

Claffiin, D. B., Dayton, OH

Claflin, Worcester, MA

Claflin. See Ingraham & Claflin

Claflin & Elwell, Toledo, OH

Claflin, C. R. B., Worcester, MA

Claflin, Chas B., Worcester, MA

Claflin, Chas. B. R., Worcester, MA

Claflin, David B., Indianapolis, IN

Claiborne, B. F., Lafayette, TN

Clair Marcelle Inc., Cleveland, OH

Clancy, Luke T., St. Albans, VT

Clapp, W. G., Spencer, NY

Clapsadel, Frederick, Painesville, OH

Clandins & Ray, Auburn, NY

Clare. See Whipple & Clare

Clark, Elyria, OH

Clark, Great Barrington, MA

Clark, Lafayette, IN

Clark, Olympia

Clark, Richmond, IL

Clark, Springfield, IL

Clark, Troy

Clark, Watkinsville, CA

Clark, Worcester, MA

Clark. See Art Studio

Clark. See Cox & Clark

Clark. See Homeier & Clark

Clark. See Huntington & Clark

Clark. See Morgan & Clark

Clark. See Ogilvie & Clark

Clark. See Stone & Clark

Clark. See Webster & Clark

Clark & Carruth, Chicago, IL

Clark & Chapman, Vineland, NJ,

Clark & Co., Chicago, IL

Clark & Evants, Lewisburg, AR

Clark & Freed, New York, NY

Clark & Hamlin, Schenectady, NY

Clark & Hartley, Lyons, IA

Clark & Holmes, Troy, NY

Clark & Litchfield, Boston, MA

Clark & Schnieber, Newark, NJ

Clark & Verbrike, Springfield, IL

Clark & Wise, Springfield, OH

Clark & Wood, La Grande, OR

Clark, __. H., Brooklyn, L.I., NY

Clark, A. E. (Lake) Greenwich, NY

Clark, A. F., Barre, VT

Clark, A. S., Steubenville, OH

Clark, Andrew W., Bridgeport, CT

Clark, Benjamin A. Jr., (Peekskill) Cortlandt, NY

Clark, C., (Phillipsville) Amity, NY

Clark, C. H., Greenwich, NY

Clark, Charles R., Troy, NY

Clark, Cyrus H., St. Johnsbury, VT

Clark, D., N. Brunswick, NJ

Clark, D., New Brunswick, NJ

Clark, D. G., Boulder, CO

Clark, D. L., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, D. R., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, D. R., Lafayette, IN

Clark, D. R. See Jacob Bushong

Clark, Daniel R., Chicago, IL

Clark, Daniel R., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, David, Denver, CO

Clark, David, New Brunswick, NJ

Clark, David L., High Point, NC

Clark, Davis L., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, E. F., Burlington, IA

Clark, E. H., Great Barrington, MA

Clark, E. L., Watsonville, CA

Clark, Edward S., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, Edwin, Lacon, IL

Clark, Edwin H. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Clark, Edwin H., Great Barrington, MA

Clark, Edwin R., Pueblo, CO

Clark, Elmer H., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, F., Belvidere, IL

Clark, F., Pittsfield, MA

Clark, F. E., Webster City, IA

Clark, F. W., Peterson, IA

Clark, Frank E., Denver, CO

Clark, Frank M., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, Fred, Harrisburg, PA

Clark, Frederick, Middletown, PA

Clark, Frederick, Short Mountain, PA

Clark, Fredk, Los Angeles, CA

Clark, Forester, Richmond, IL

Clark, G. W., Auburn, NY

Clark, G. W., Ionia, MI

Clark, G. W. (Mrs.), Buffalo, NY

Clark, Geo W., Boston, MA

Clark, George, Palmdale, CA

Clark, George Jr., Boston, MA

Clark, George P., Tacoma, WA

Clark, George W., Boston, MA

Clark, George W., Ionia, MI

Clark, H., Worcester, MA

Clark, H. L., Greenville, MI

Clark, Harry, Washington, DC

Clark, Henry, Worcester, MA

Clark, Henry H., Baltimore, MD

Clark, Henry L., New York, NY

Clark, J. H., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, J. J., Pittsburgh, PA

Clark, J. L., Germantown, OH

Clark, J. M., Rushford, NY

Clark, J. M., Saginaw City, MI

Clark, J. T., Van Buren, AR

Clark, J. W., Mendota, IL

Clark, James A., Brooklyn, NY

Clark, James A., New York, NY

Clark, James H., Indianapolis, IN

Clark, James M., Newark, NJ

Clark, John, Memphis, TN

Clark, John B., Meridian, MS

Clark, John H., New Orleans, LA

Clark, John J., Chicago, IL

Clark, John M., Elmira, NY

Clark, Joseph S., Portsmouth, VA

Clark, Junius B., Cleveland, OH

Clark, L. H., Decatur, IL

Clark, L. H., Narragansett Pier, RI

Clark, L. H., South Kingstown, RI

Clark, L. W., Streator, IL

Clark, L. Wilson, Olympia, WT

Clark, Lewis W., Griggsville, IL

Clark, Lulu, Osceola, IA

Clark, P. J., Boston, MA

Clark, P. K., Elkhart, IN

Clark, Paul R., Cheyenne, WY

Clark, Peter, Brooklyn, NY

Clark, Peter J., Brooklyn, NY

Clark, R. K., Elkhart, IN

Clark, Rex M., Fairbury, NE

Clark, S., Elyria, OH

Clark, S., St. Paul, MN

Clark, S. A., Gilford, NH

Clark, Saml J., Baltimore, MD

Clark, Samuel, Philadelphia, PA

Clark, Samuel, Piquea, PA

Clark, Samuel, Reading, PA

Clark, Samuel A., Laconia, NH

Clark, Samuel J., Baltimore, MD

Clark, T. W., Norfolk, VA

Clark, Tarlton W., Norfolk, VA

Clark, Theo F., Cheyenne, WY

Clark, W. B., Winchester, TX

Clark, W. D., Charleston, SC

Clark, W. F., Wilkes Barre, PA

Clark, W. H., Lancaster, NH

Clark, Webster, Bridgeport, CT

Clark, Webster, Sandy Hook, CT

Clark, William, Griggsville, IL

Clark, William A., Middletown, CT

Clark, William D., Brooklyn, NY

Clark, William T., Portsmouth, NH

Clark, Wm. M., Brewster, NY

Clark, Wm. T., Boston, MA

Clark Brothers, Rome, GA

Clarke, Charleston, SC

Clarke, Hillsdale, MI

Clarke. See Moore & Clarke

Clarke & Co., Chicago, IL

Clarke & Wiley, Reading, PA

Clarke, David, New York, NY

Clarke, Eugene, Hillsdale, MI

Clarke, Frances A., New York, NY

Clarke, J. Andrew, W Asheville, NC

Clarke, J. B., Cardington, OH

Clarke, James A., Brooklyn, NY

Clarke, John, New Orleans, LA

Clarke, John H., New Orleans, LA

Clarke, L. H., South Kingstown, RI

Clarke, L. H., Wakefield, RI

Clarke, Mary D., New York, NY

Clarke, Samuel. Reading, PA

Clarke's Studio, Charleston, SC

Clarke, William D., Charleston, SC

Clarks, Lincoln, NE

Clarkson, Amherst, MA

Clarkson, North Branch, MI

Clarkson, J. F., Caro, MI

Clary & Co., J. W., Selma, AL

Clary & Root, San Antonio, TX

Clary, J. O. A.

Clary, J. W., Harrisonburg, VA

Clary, J. W., Hot Springs, AR

Clary, J. W., Selma, AL

Clary, John W., Hot Springs, AR

Clauder, Chas, Cincinnati, OH

Claudius and Ray, Auburn, NY

Claus. See Shackell & Claus

Clausen, C. H., Phoenix, AZ

Clauser, Jacksonville, IL

Clauss. See Shackell & Clauss

Clavering, R. K., Portland, OR

Clay & Bro., Fort Scott, KS

Clay, Clara R., Doylestown, PA

Clay, G. (Miss), Doylstown, PA

Clay, Geneva, Doylestown, PA

Clayson. See Green & Clayson

Clayton's, San Jose, CA

Cleary, J. W., Hot Springs, AR

Cleasby, E. W., Galveston, TX

Cleaveland, Stephen, Wellsboro', PA

Cledhill, R. C., Jerseyville, IL

Cleland, Chas, Red River, NM

Clemens & Co., Selena, AL

Clements & Ross, Denver, CO

Clement, Albert O., Goldsboro, NC

Clement, Eben L., Chicago, IL

Clement, Edward L., Chicago, IL

Clement, Leonard H., Chicago, IL

Clementi, Giuseppe, Tampa, FL

Clements, E. G., Lincoln, NE

Clements, E. G., Syracuse, NY

Clements, E. G. See Clements Brothers

Clements, Ed N., Leadville, CO

Clements, Edward, Leadville, CO

Clements, Edward N., Leadville, CO

Clements, Ephraim G., Lincoln, NE

Clements, I. N., Syracuse, NY

Clements, I. N. See Clements Brothers

Clements, William A., Lewiston, ME

Clements Brothers, Syracuse, NY

Clemons, John R., Philadelphia, PA

Clemons. See Morse & Clemons

Clench. See Vickery & Clench

Clench, C. C., Iowa City, IA

Clench, C. E., Lockport, NY

Clench, Frank F., Lockport, NY

Clench, F. B., Lockport, NY

Clench, R. J. See Vickery & Clench

Clendenny, T., Corning, NY

Cleveland, E. S., Monmouth, IL

Cleveland, Ralph D. & Henry E. Torgersen & Co., Successors, Chicago, IL

Cleveland, Roscoe, Philadelphia, PA

Cleveland, W. R., Clymer, NY

Cleveland Electric Light Enlarging Co., Cleveland, OH

Clevinger, Grants Pass, OR

Click, M. E., Columbia City, IN

Cliff, S., Marcellus, MI

Cliffind, Charles, Muscatine, IA

Clifford & Son, Montezuma, IA

Clifford & Son, Muscatine, IA

Clifford, A., Montpelier and St. Johnsbury, VT

Clifford, Charles, Newton, IA

Clifford, Chas S., New York, NY

Clifford, D. A., Boston, MA

Clifford, John H., Cleveland, OH

Clifton, Geo F., New York, NY

Clifton, Mary Anna. See Godeus' Art Studio

Clifton, Rufus B., Abilene, TX

Climax Photo. Studio, Milwaukee, WI

Clime, Charles H., Philadelphia, PA

Clinch, R. J., Tonawanda, NY

Clindinst, B. M., Staunton, VA

Clindinst, B. M., Washington, DC

Cline & Howard, Lawton, OK

Cline & Howard. See Globe Studio

Cline, Earl C., Lawton, OK

Cline, John, Mise, IN

Cline, R. H., Buffalo, NY

Cline, R. H., Mayville, NY

Cline, R. Henry, Buffalo, NY

Cline, Richard, Buffalo, NY

Cline, S. D., Johnstown, OH

Cline, S. D., Youngstown, OH

Cline, William Alfred, Portland, ME

Clinedinst, Staunton, VA

Clinedinst, B. M., Baltimore, MD

Clinedinst, Barnett M., Baltimore, MD

Clinedinst, Barnett M., Washington, DC

Clinedinst, Wm P., Baltimore, MD

Clingan, E. G., Canton, OH

Clingan, E. G., Wooster, OH

Clinger, John J., Philadelphia, PA

Clinton, C. D., St. Louis, MO

Clock, M. E., Columbia City, IN

Clogenson, Henry, Dallas, TX

Close & Co., West Branch, MI

Closer, H., Bellville, OH

Closo, J., Cincinnati, OH

Cloud, A. P., Moulton, IA

Cloud/Cloyd, M. D. L., Sherman, TX

Clough. See Rogers & Clough

Clough, A. C., Warren, NH

Clough, A. F., Springfield, MA

Clough, Amos F., Orford, NH

Clough, Henry R. and Jas. W. Brown, Milwaukee, WI

Clough, Walter J., Brooklyn, NY

Clouse, W., Ironton, OH

Clowney, Catharine, Philadelphia, PA

Cloyd/Cloud, M. D. L., Sherman, TX

Clubb, Richard H., Washington, DC

Clute, E. E., Wyandotte, MO

Clutter, A. W., Ada, OH

Clutter, Jas., Mt. Gilead, OH

Clutter, W., Ada, OH

Clydesdale & Goodrich, Chicago, IL

Clymer, Claypool, IN

Coates, Albany, NY

Coates & Tomes, East Liberty, PA

Coates, A. C., Denver, CO

Coates, Philip J., Jacksonville, FL

Coatsworth. See Ryder & Coatsworth

Coatsworth. See Smith & Coatsworth

Coatsworth, Edward E., Syracuse, NY

Cobb, Binghamton, NY

Cobb. See Edouart & Cobb

Cobb. See Ryan & Cobb

Cobb & Locke, Phillipsburg, KS

Cobb, Benjamin, Dallas, TX

Cobb, E. R. (Mrs.), Albuquerque, NM

Cobb, E. Ross, Albuquerque, NM

Cobb, Geo. N., Binghamton, NY

Cobb, George N., Binghamton, NY

Cobb, George N., Clifford, PA

Cobb, George N., Montrose, PA

Cobb, L., Providence, RI

Cobb, Quincy W., Putney, VT

Cobb, W. H., Albuquerque, NM

Cobb, Wm H., Albuquerque, NM

Cobden, A., Troy, NY

Cobden, Arthur, Troy, NY

Cobey, Thomas F., New Haven, CT

Cobil, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Coble, Albert H., Kinston, NC

Coble, Albert H., New Bern, NC

Coble, J., Newport, PA

Coble, W. M., Trenton, NC

Coble, Wesley M., Kinston, NC

Coble's Art Studio. See Albert H. Coble

Coburn, Owego, NY

Coburn, A. & E., Owego, NY

Coburn, E. See A. & E. Coburn

Coburn's Gallery, Owego, NY

Cochram, Robert, Philadelphia, PA

Cochran, Des Moines, IA

Cochran. See Graham & Cochran

Cochran & Graham, Fairmont, WV

Cochran, Charles, Springville, NY

Cochran, Charles E., Philadelphia, PA

Cochran, David, Mt Vernon, PA

Cochran, Robert, Oxford, PA

Cochran, Robert, Philadelphia, PA

Cockerill, Alfred, Brooklyn, NY

Codding, E., Knoxville, IL

Coddington & Davidson, Warsaw, NY

Coe, Brooklyn, NY

Coe, Flatbush, NY

Coe, Allison. See O. A. Dolph

Coe, N. L. & Son, New York, NY

Coe, Norman L., New York, NY

Coe, Orson B., Machias, NY

Coffee, D. G., Athens, OH

Coffee, D. G., Rochester, PA

Coffin, Claremont, NH

Coffin. See Whiddit & Coffin

Coffin & Marcus, Paola, KS

Coffin, A. K., Boston,

Coffin, E. O., Winthrop, ME

Coffin, Ira S., Freeport, ME

Coffin, J., Paola, KS

Coffin, J. O. & Marcus, Paola, KS

Coffin, James M., Leon, IA

Coffin, William, Claremont, NH

Coffman, C. B. & Nina, Mills, NM

Coffman, Nina. See C. B. & Nina Coffman

Coffrin, Claremont, NH

Coffrin, William, Claremont, NH

Coffrin, Wm, Claremont, NH

Coggeshall, Providence, RI

Coggeshall, Francis, Norton, MA

Cohee Studio, Greensboro,

Cohen, Chicago, IL

Cohen. See Smith & Cohen

Cohen, Isadore, Louisville, KY

Cohen, Isidor, New York, NY

Cohen, Joseph, Chicago, IL

Cohen, Otto A., Philadelphia, PA

Cohen, Wm. & Co., Baltimore, MD

Cohill, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Cohl, Benj, San Francisco, CA

Cohn, Leo, New York, NY

Colbert, L., Boston, MA

Colburn, C. B., Bay City

Colburn, C. B., Elsie, MI

Colburn, Carlos A., Marshfield, VT

Colburn, Fred E., Barre, VT

Colburn, R. W., Jordan, MN

Colby, Manchester, NH

Colby, Meredith,

Colby, C. H., Ocala, FL

Colby, H. H., Erie, PA

Colby, L. W., Manchester, NH

Colby, Lyman W., Manchester, NH

Colclough, William, Brooklyn, NY

Colcord, Wm. T., Boston, MA

Cole, Peoria, IL

Cole. See Childs & Cole

Cole. See Pelot & Cole

Cole, A. R., Zanesville, OH

Cole, Alfred, Brooklyn, NY

Cole, Allen E., Cleveland, OH

Cole, B. F., Biddeford, ME

Cole, C., Boston, MA

Cole, C., Roxbury, MA

Cole, C. P., Monroeville, OH

Cole, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Cole, Charles, Roxbury, MA

Cole, Charles S., Brooklyn, NY

Cole, E. A., Girard, PA

Cole, Eli K., Carmel, NY

Cole, Ella (Mrs.), Leavenworth, KS

Cole, Ellis P., Chicago, IL

Cole, George, Paterson, NJ

Cole, George D., Paterson, NJ

Cole, H. G., Dayton, OH

Cole, H. G., Minneapolis, Kansas

Cole, H. H., Peoria, IL

Cole, Harry A., Cleveland, OH

Cole, Henry H., Peoria, IL

Cole, J. C., New York, NY

Cole, J. D. See Pelot & Cole

Cole, J. R., Hillsdale, MI

Cole, James K., New York, NY

Cole, Jas. K., New York, NY

Cole, M. H. (Mrs.), Ottawa, IL

Cole, N. D. R., New Hampton, IA

Cole, W. R., Bloomington, IL

Cole, Wm R., New York, NY

Coleman, Westfield, MA

Coleman & Co., Providence, RI

Coleman & Remington, Providence, RI

Coleman, C. Floyd, New York, NY

Coleman. Doc, Tampa, FL

Coleman, M., Westfield, MA

Colez, Eugene, Abbeville, LA

Colgate Arth E., New York, NY

Collamer. See Condit & Collamer

Collamer & Condit, Bethany, PA

Collamer & Condit, Honesdale, PA

Collamer, G. W., Danville, PA

Collet, John H., Nashville, TN

Collett, J. E., Chippewa Falls, WI

Collette, Chippewa Falls, WI

Collette, J. E., Los Angeles, CA

Collette, Joseph E., Belt, MT

Colley, James T., West Springfield, NH

Collier, A. (mrs.), Circleville, OH

Collier, Charles T., Riverside, CA

Collier, G., Duluth, MN

Collier, G. L., Car Gallery

Collier, J., Central City, CO

Collier, J., Denver, CO

Collier, Joseph, Denver, CO

Collings, Philadelphia, PA

Collins, Neenah, WI

Collins, Westfield, MA

Collins. See Dare & Collins

Collins & Bickford, Los Angeles, CA

Collins & Englis, Chicago, IL

Collins & Gregg, Boulder, CO

Collins & Levy, Ogden, UT 

Collins, Alexander, New Orleans, LA

Collins, C. M., Gibson, TN

Collins, C. M., Searcy, AR

Collins, Charles, Chattanooga, TN

Collins, Curran M., Searcy, AR

Collins, D. C., New Haven, CT

Collins, D. C., Philadelphia, PA

Collins, David C., New Haven, CT

Collins, E. F., Mount Pleasant, MI

Collins, E. M., Oswego, NY

Collins, E. M., Syracuse, NY

Collins, Frederick Jr., Everett, MA

Collins, G. B. & J. L., Leavenworth City, KS

Collins, G. W., Urbana, OH

Collins, George C., Chicago, IL

Collins, George E., Portland, ME

Collins, George W., Chicago, IL

Collins, H. Shobbrook, New York, NY

Collins, H. Shobrook, New York, NY

Collins, Harry J., Cincinnati, OH

Collins, Harry L., Philadelphia, PA

Collins, Henry A., Cortlandville, NY

Collins, I. A., Worcester, MA

Collins, Ira A., Leominster, MA

Collins, J. H., Anderson, SC

Collins, J. L. See G. B. Collins

Collins, James A., Indianapolis, IN

Collins, John C., Buffalo, NY

Collins, John H., Fort Dodge, IA

Collins, Julian, Buffalo, NY

Collins, Mrs. Mary, Ripley, WV

Collins, Minnie, Searcy, AR

Collins, Oscar L., Greenville, SC

Collins, Paul, Albany, OR

Collins, R. B., Boulder, CO

Collins, R. B., Leadville, CO

Collins, Robt. D., Cincinnati, OH

Collins, S. (Mrs.), McComb, OH

Collins, S. A., Norwich, NY

Collins, S. E., Indianapolis, IN

Collins, Samuel E., Indianapolis, IN

Collins, T. J., Detroit, MI

Collins, T. P., Westfield, MA

Collins, W. J., Rapid City, SD

Collins, William, Philadelphia, PA

Collins, Wm., East Rockford, IL

Collins Art Gallery, Boulder, CO

Collver, Tracy C., Syracuse, NY

Collyer, John T., Waterbury, CT

Colonial Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Color Photo Co., Chicago, IL

Color Photography Inc., Chicago, IL

Colorado Camera Club, Denver, CO

Colpas, P. J., Leadville, CO

Colpitt & Co., Lewiston, ME

Colpitt's & Co., Lewiston, ME

Colson, John G., Rochelle, IL

Colton. See Barker & Colton

Colton, Charles, Mount Holly, NJ

Colton, M., Woodstock, IL

Colton, Winslow M. See Barker & Colton

Columbia Portrait Co., New York, NY

Columbia Studio, Columbia, SC

Columbia Studio, New York, NY

Columbia Studio, South Chicago, IL

Columbus, Arcibald, Washington, DC

Colville, E. F., Idaho Falls, ID

Colville, J. B., Buffalo, WV

Colville Studio, Missoula, MT

Colville Studio. See Ernest F. Carter

Colwell. See Hupp & Colwell

Colwell Lane, Brooklyn, NY

Colwell, James S., Brooklyn, NY

Coman, G. S., Storm Lake, IA

Combs, Evanville, WI

Combs. See McLeod & Combs

Combs, Elmer E., Evansville, WI

Comet Photo Studios, Boston, MA

Comfort, E. W., Butte, MT

Comings, Cedar Rapids, IA

Commerce & Deagan, Hoboken, NJ

Commercial Arts Studio, New York, NY

Commercial Copying Co., New York, NY

Commercial Photo & Engraving Co., San Francisco, CA

Commercial Photo Art Co., New York, NY

Commercial Photo Co., Newark, NJ

Commercial Photo Co. See Robt A. Edwards

Commercial Photograph Co., Inc., Richmond, VA

Commercial Photographic Co., Chicago, IL

Commercial Photographic Co., New York, NY

Commercial Photographic Co., Philadelphia, PA

Commercial Photographing Co., Boston, MA

Commercial Portrait Co., Boston, MA

Compton, Lorenzo D., Salem, NJ

Compy. See Irish & Compy

Coms, Joseph, Safe Harbor, PA

Comsett. See Rood & Comsett

Comsett, R. W., Boston, MA

Comstock. See Pratt & Comstock

Comstock, Centre Village, Colesville, NY

Comstock, Alexander, Providence, RI

Comstock, J. D., Lansingburgh, NY

Conant, Portland, ME

Conant, Skowhegan, ME

Conant. See Freeman Libby 

Conant & Johnson, Lewiston, ME

Conant, C. B., Portland, ME

Conant, C. B.  See Richard W. F. Craig

Conant, Charles B., Portland, ME

Conant, Chas. B.  See Oliver C. Bridge(s)

Conant, F. C., Cavendish, VT

Conant, Freeman C., Chester, VT

Conant, Joseph, Falmouth, MA

Conant, Joseph F., Falmouth, MA

Conant, R. B., Nevada, OH

Conant, Samuel. See Conant Studio

Conaries, Catharine, Portland, OR

Conat's, Manistee, MI

Conaway, B., San Bernardino, CA

Conaway, B. F., Santa Ana, CA

Concannon, James H., Clinton, IL

Concanon, Mary, Adel, IA

Condit. See Collamer & Condit

Condit & Collamer, Wilkes Barre, PA

Condit & Hull's, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Cone, Leland DeForest, Bennington, VT

Cone, Susie (Mrs.), Wellsburg, IA

Cone, W. F., Newark, NJ

Cones, J. W., San Antonio, TX

Cones, James, Xenia, OH

Cones Studio, San Antonio, TX

Congress Studio, Boston, MA

Conkey. See Crandall & Conkey

Conkey, G. W., Glen's Falls, NY

Conkey, George W., Glens Falls, NY

Conkle, A. D., Kenton, OH

Conkle, Arthur D., Grand Forks, ND

Conklin & Kleckner, Atchison, KS

Conklin, C. A., Provo City, UT

Conklin, Charles E., Jamaica, Queens, NY

Conklin, Charles W., Jamaica, NY

Conklin, Chas. W.,  Jamaica, NY

Conklin, Daniel W., Des Moines, IA

Conklin, H. B., Des Moines, IA

Conklin, Hiram B., Des Moines, IA

Conklin, S. L., Urbana, IL

Conklin, T., Fort Wayne, IN

Conklin, Theo, Fort Wayne, IN

Conklin, Theodore, Fort Wayne, IN

Conklin, Theodore. See Andrews & Conklin

Conklin, W. R., Des Moines, IA

Conkling, Daniel, Des Moines, IA

Conkling, Orville C., Omaha, NE

Conley, C. F., Boston, MA

Conley, Jacob, Carthage, Wilna, NY

Conley, N. H., Primghar, IA

Conley, William, Stroudsburg, PA

Conlin, F. B., Boston, MA

Conlin, Frank B., Boston, MA

Conly, Boston, MA

Conly & Parker, Philadelphia, PA

Conly, C. F., Boston, MA

Conn & Underwood, Albany, OR

Conn, R. E., Portland, OR

Conn, Richarde, Albany, OR

Conn Old Gallery. See Mowry

Connaughton, W. H., Dallas, TX

Connell. See Reed & Connell

Connelly, Albert, Cameron, WV

Connelly, W. H., Clarksville, AR

Connelly, Wilson S., Waco, TX

Conner, Alvin, Anderson, IN

Conner, James, Spring Mountain, OH

Conner, John, Holland, NY

Conner, W. J., Roann, IN

Connery, J., New Berlin, NY

Connor. See Witherell & Connor

Connor, Benjamin F.  See Witherell & Connor

Connor, Isaac G., New London, CT

Connor, Elder William H., New London, CT

Conoly, C. C., San Antonio, TX

Conrad, Edmond S., Mecosta, Western MI

Conrad, E. E., Cumberland, MD

Conrad, E. E., Binghamton, NY

Conrad, I. N., Canton, OH

Conrad, I. N., Minerva, OH

Conrad, Jacob, Milwaukee, WI

Conrad, John J., Jennings Twp, IN

Constant, A., New Orleans, LA

Constant and Moses, New Orleans, LA

Constant, A. & L. Moses, New Orleans, LA

Constine, Nathan, New York, NY

Conti, Bianca, San Francisco, CA

Continental Com'l Photographers, Chicago, IL

Converse, John, Concord, NH

Conway, Emma (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Conway, Henry C., Elizabeth, NJ

Conway, R. J., Jacksonville, FL

Conway, W. A., Washington, DC

Conway Bros., Rochester, NY

Cook, Blue Hill, NE

Cook, Charleston, SC

Cook, Portsmouth, NH

Cook. See Tandy & Cook

Cook. See Wright & Cook

Cook & Bergeron, Fort Smith, AR

Cook & Blair, Keokuk, IA

Cook & Blanchard, Davenport, IA

Cook & Fenwick, Bloomington, IL

Cook & Foster, Davenport, IA

Cook & Lewis, Portsmouth, NH

Cook & Noe, Virginia, Nevada Territory

Cook, A. J., Cincinnatus, NY

Cook, C. C., FOrt Smith, AR

Cook, C. C., Little Rock, AR

Cook, C. F., Brockton, MA

Cook, Charles D., New Haven, CT

Cook, Charles E., Bangor, ME

Cook, Charles E., Chicago, IL

Cook, Charles E., New Haven, CT

Cook, Charles F., Quincy, MA

Cook, Charles F., Wilkesbarre, PA

Cook, Chas. F., Quincy, MA

Cook, Christopher C., Fort Smith, AR

Cook, D. E., Anamosa, IA

Cook, E. T., Fairfield, ME

Cook, E. T., Troy, NY

Cook, E. T. & Co., Lawrence, MA

Cook, Frederick, Brooklyn, NY

Cook, G. D., Clarion, IA

Cook, G. D., Elgin, IA

Cook, G. L., Charleston, SC

Cook, G. S., Charleston, SC

Cook, G. S. See George L. G. Cook

Cook, Geo. L., Charleston, SC

Cook, Geo. La. G.  See David R. Lafar

Cook, Geo. S., Charleston, SC

Cook, Geo S., Greenville, SC

Cook, George B., Charleston, SC

Cook, George L. G., Charleston, SC

Cook, George S., Charleston, SC

Cook, Huestis P., Richmond, VA

Cook, I. N., Davenport, IA

Cook, I. N., Tiskilwa, IL

Cook, J. F. See W. H. D. Cook

Cook, J. J., San Francisco, CA

Cook, J. N., Davenport, IA

Cook, Jesse T., Salem, OR

Cook, John W., Baltimore, MD

Cook, John W., Wilmington, DE

Cook, L. W., Boston, MA

Cook, L. W., Huntington, LI, NY

Cook, L. W., Lynn, MA

Cook, L. W., Salem, MA

Cook, L. W., Weymouth Landing, MA

Cook, L. W. See Warren's Photographic Studio 

Cook, N. G., Ames, IA

Cook, Oliver H., Gloucester, MA

Cook, W. H., Anoka, MN

Cook, W. H., Wolcottville, Torrington, CT

Cook, W. H. D & J. F. Cook, Americus, GA

Cook, William, Canton, OH

Cook, William A., South Wallingford, VT

Cooke. See Guy & Cooke

Cooke. See Paradise & Cooke

Cooke & Lewis, Portsmouth, NH

Cooke, C. Frank, Houston, TX

Cooke, Willis S., Boonton, NJ

Cookingham, C. V., Jackson, MI

Cookingham, I. V., Jackson, MI

Cookingham, J. V., Jackson, MI

Cookingham, James V., Jackson,  MI

Cookson, John, Steubenville, OH

Cooledge, E. M. See H. W. & E. M. Cooledge

Cooledge, H. W. & E. M., Kasson, MN

Cooley, Los Angeles, CA

Cooley & Becket, Savannah, GA; Hilton Head, SC; Beaufort, SC

Cooley, A. C., Connersville, IN

Cooley, Charles, Eagle Harbor, MI

Cooley, J. C., Salt Lake City, UT

Cooley, Sam A., Hilton Head, SC, Folly Island, SC, Beaufort, SC, Jacksonville, FL

Cooley, Sam. A. See Cooley & Becket

Coolidge. See Daugherty & Coolidge

Coolidge, Baldwin, Boston, MA

Coombs, H. F., Tacoma, WA

Coombs, I. A., Wiscasset, ME

Coombs, N. E., Canton, OH

Coomer, F., Taos, NM

Coon, H. C., DeRuyter, NY

Coon, Henry C., De Ruyter, NY

Coon, L. W., Hermon, NY

Coon, S. H., Belle Plaine, IA

Coon, S. H., Victor, IA

Coonley, F., Memphis, TN

Coonley, F. J., Memphis, TN

Coonley, H. E., San Diego, CA

Coonley, Jacob F., Syracuse, NY

Coonley, John F., Memphis, TN

Coons, D. M., Buffalo, NY

Coons, W. H. See Emil D. Keller

Coons, Wilson H., Helena, MT

Cooper. See Berger & Cooper

Cooper. See Garrett & Cooper

Cooper. See Hastings & Cooper

Cooper. See Kellberg & Cooper

Cooper. See Siegel & Cooper; Siegel Cooper & Co.

Cooper & Bro, Jacksonport, AR

Cooper & Cotrell, Williamson, NY

Cooper, A., Chicago, IL

Cooper, Alex., Yonkers, NY

Cooper, Alice, Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, C. E., Ypsilanti, MI

Cooper, C. S., Clyde, Galen, NY

Cooper, C. S., Colchester, VT

Cooper, C. S., Zanesville, OH

Cooper, Charles E., Chicago, IL

Cooper, Charles E., Ypsilanti, MI

Cooper, Charles Edwin, Ypsilanti, MI

Cooper, Charles L., Yonkers, NY

Cooper, Charles W., Perry, IL

Cooper, Charlie E., Ypsilanti, MI

Cooper, D. M., Danville, IL

Cooper, E., Williamson, NY

Cooper, E. F., Newport, RI

Cooper, Edward B., Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, Edwin F., Newport, RI

Cooper, Emma (Mrs.), Columbus, OH

Cooper, Geo & Bro., Jacksonport, AR

Cooper, Glenn W., Georgetown, VA

Cooper, H. D., Devil's Lake, ND

Cooper, J. S., St. Charles, IL

Cooper, M. W., Groton, NY

Cooper, P. F., Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, Peter F., Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, Peregrine F., Philadelphia, PA

Cooper, R. B., Monticello, Thompson, NY

Cooper, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Cooper, Robert H. C., Buffalo, NY

Cooper, William A., New York, NY

Cooper, William H., Brooklyn, NY

Cooper, William K., Uniontown, PA

Cooper Art Institute, New York, NY

Cooper Bros., Yonkers, NY

Cooper Brothers, New York, NY

Cooper Square Portrait House, New York, NY

Cooper's Gallery, Louisville, KY

Coover, D. R___, Iowa City, IA

Coover, D. Radnor, Chicago, IL

Coover, Lee, Butte, MT

Cope. See Dougherty & Cope

Cope Bros, Clinton, IA

Copeland, J. H., Cleveland, OH

Copeland, J. H. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Copeland, James H., Cleveland, OH

Copeland, O. H., Newmarket, NH

Copeland, O. P., Norfolk, VA

Copeland, Oliver H., Newmarket, NH

Copelin, Chicago, IL

Copelin. See Wilcox

Copelin & Melander, Chicago, IL

Copelin, A. J. W., Chicago, IL

Copelin, Alexander J. W., Chicago, IL

Copelin, E. L., Chicago, IL

Copley & Ray, Mobile, AL

Copley, William, Birmingham, PA

Copley, William S., Mobile, AL

Copley, William S., Jr., Mobile, AL

Copley, William S. & Son, Mobile, AL

Copley, Wm S., Mobile, AL

Coppers, Gustav, Cleveland, OH

Corbett, O'Neill, NE

Corbin. See Hubbard & Corbin

Corbin, Algernon B., New Haven, CT

Corbutt, J. E., Chicago, IL

Corbutt, John, Chicago, IL

Corcoran, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Corder. See Rhodes & Corder

Corder, Irving, Portland, OR

Cordesman, Edward, New York, NY

Cordingly, John, Chicago, IL

Core, E. B., Cincinnati, OH

Core, E. B., Lincoln, IL

Core, E. B., Newport, KY

Core, Elijah B., Newport, KY

Core, Elijah B., New York, NY

Corell, H. J., Eldred, PA

Corell, Perry J., Cleveland, OH

Corkhill, W. C., Aspen City, CO

Corlis, H. D., Casselton, ND

Corman, James, (Mecklenburg) Hector, NY

Cormany, M. L., Augusta, GA

Corn, Bernhard, Cleveland, OH

Corn, Thomas, Dallas, TX

Corn, Thomas J., Dallas, TX

Cornelis, C., Saratoga Springs, NY

Cornelius, Arthur M., Philadelphia, PA

Cornelius, J. W., Lewisburg, PA

Cornelius, J. Wesley Studio, Lewisburgh, PA

Cornell & Saunders, Rochester, NY

Cornell & Wick, Norwich, NY

Cornell, C. V. D., Waterloo, NY

Cornell, Charles, LaGrange, IN

Cornell, E. C., Edgartown, MA

Cornell, E. M., Roswell, NM

Cornell, Enoch C., Edgartown, MA

Cornell, H. R., Ligonier, IN

Cornell, J., Bull Creek, WV

Cornell, Mr. & Mrs., Waterloo, NY

Cornell, Mr. & Mrs., Waterloo, NY

Cornell, S. S., Chenango Forks, NY

Cornell, S. S., Whitney's Point, NY

Cornell, W., Cuba, NY

Cornell, Wm L., Jersey City, NY

Cornell Bros., Toledo, OH

Cornell Brothers, LaGrange, IN

Cornish, Arkansas City, KS

Cornish & Stocking. See Star Gallery

Cornish, H. E., Arkansas City, KS

Cornish, J. J., Del Norte, CO

Cornish, Jay, Alpena, MI

Cornog, A. W., New Orleans, LA

Cornwall, F. J., Arcade, NY

Cornweiss Brothers, New York, NY

Cornwell, Williamsport, PA

Cornwell. See Dean & Cornwell

Cornwell, James, Kanawha & Ohio Rivers, WV

Cornwell, L. J., Arcade, NY

Cornwell, Thomas J., Buffalo, NY

Correvont, Andrew, Cincinnati, OH

Correvont, F., Cincinnati, OH

Correvont, Frank, Cincinnati, OH

Corsa, John W., (Purdy's Station) North Salem, NY

Corse, S. W., Montpelier, VT

Corser, I. G., Lake Mills, IA

Corson, William L., Augusta, ME

Corville & Peters, Ironton, OH

Corwen, W. F. & Co., Evansville, IN

Corwin, A. J., Ottawa, KS

Corwin, C. A., Tampa, FL

Corwin, E. H., Ottawa, KS

Corwin, E. H. See A. J. Corwin

Corwin, Edward B., New York, NY

Corwin, Emma B., New York, NY

Corwin, Ephraim P., New York, NY

Corwin, Frank H., Longmont, CO

Corwin, G. S., New York, NY

Corwin, Grotius S., New York, NY

Corwin, Henry, New York  NY

Corwin, John H., New York, NY

Cory. See Wood & Cory

Cory, H. C., Holly Springs, MS

Cory, Henry, Marshall Co., MS

Cosmopolitan View Co., Lincoln, NE

Coss, J., Springfield, OH

Coss, John, Springfield, OH

Costelle, Alfred B., Hoboken, NJ

Costello, Alfred B., Hudson City, NJ

Costello, Hudson City, NJ

Costello, Alfred B., Hoboken, NJ

Costello, Alfred B., Jersey City, NJ

Costello, Edward, Jersey City, NJ

Costello, John F., Jersey City, NJ

Cotrell. See Cooper & Cotrell

Cottage Gallery, Clinton, IA

Cottage Gallery Photo Co., Memphis TN

Cottage Gallery, Memphis, TN

Cottage Gallery. See Brothers, Gebhardt & Shaw

Cottage Gallery. See Darst’s Cottage Gallery

Cottage Photo Gallery, Mobile, AL

Cottage Photograph Gallery, Mobile, AL

Cotter, John S., Sterling, IA

Cotter, William, Dover, NJ

Cotter, William, Orange, NJ

Cotter, Wm,, Morristown, NJ

Cotter, Wm, H., Morristown, NJ

Cotting, W. Henry, Boston, MA

Cottrell, Archie E., Portland, OR

Cottrell, C. H., Long Branch, NJ

Couch, Garrettsville, OH

Couch & Minear, Columbus, OH

Couch, A. P., Delaware, OH

Couch, B. F.  See Apex Art Studio

Couch, C. M., Charlestown, NH

Couch, H. E., Danbury, CT

Couch, L., (Havana) Catharine, NY

Couch, Prof., Delaware, OH

Couch, Wm, Hampton, VA

Couchman, E., Albany, NY

Couchman, K., Albany, NY

Coudell, Thomas, Columbus, OH

Coughlin, Edward W., Washington, DC

Coules. See Finn & Coules

Coules & Dando, Los Angeles, CA

Coules, Charles J., Los Angeles, CA

Couling, Herford, Washington, DC

Coulter, Ridgeway, PA

Coulter, Tyrone, PA

Coumbe, Bath, NY

Coumbe, John, Rhinbeck, NY

Coup, J. B., Bedford, IA

Coup, Jacob, Bedford, IA

Couper, Norman G., Chicago, IL

Courser. See Robertson & Courser

Courtney, Akron, OH

Courtney, Canton, OH

Courtney, Canton, Stark Co., OH

Courtney & Appleton, Millersburg, OH

Courtney, Alex., New York, NY

Courtney, F. E., Akron, OH

Courtney, H., Millersburg, OH

Courtney, S. V., Canton, OH

Courtney, Wm. J., Millersburg, OH

Courtright, O. C., Fort Madison, IA

Coutant, Harry, New York, NY

Couture, L., Haverhill, MA

Couturier, Abraham, Lewiston, ME

Cove, Milwaukee, WI

Covell, Frederick W., Syracuse, NY

Cover. See Perry & Cover

Cover, W. L., Baltimore, MD

Cover, Wm L., Baltimore, MD

Covey, E. J., Stanberry, MO

Covill, E. O., Stamford, NY

Covington Studio, Chicago, IL

Cowan & Daniels, Culpeper Co., VA

Cowan, Alex, New York, NY

Cowan, Henry, Cincinnati, OH

Cowan, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Cowan, Hy., Cincinnati, OH

Cowan, John, Fort Covington, NY

Cowan, Louis, New York, NY

Cowan, Louis, Successor to J. Dessaur, New York, NY

Cowan, R. A., Helena, MT

Cowan, R. A. See Charles Pretious

Cowan, Richard A., Helena, MT

Cowee, W. H., Gardner, MA

Cowell, New Haven, CT

Cowell. See Kauffman & Cowell

Cowell, Daniel T. & Co., New Haven, CT

Cowell, E. J., Great Falls, NH

Cowell, E. J. See Seorim Swain

Cowell, E. S., Lewiston, ME

Cowen, Wm. & Co., Baltimore, MD

Cowey, T. W., Brookville, IN

Cowles, A., Peru, NE

Cowles, E. J. See Claude Wainscott

Cowman, Harry, New York, NY

Cowperthwait, Samuel T., Philadelphia, PA

Cox. See White & Cox

Cox & Cheeseman, Princeton, NJ

Cox & Clark, Indianapolis, IN

Cox & Kenyon, Kendallville, IN

Cox & Ward, Baltimore, MD

Cox, Alfred, Chicago, IL

Cox, Benjamin T., Washington, DC

Cox, Geo. C., New York, NY

Cox, Geo W., Mobile, AL

Cox, George, Newark, NJ

Cox, J. B., Danville, PA

Cox, J. B., Dushore, PA

Cox, John, Princeton, NJ

Cox, John & Thomas M., Princeton, NJ

Cox, Joseph L., Richmond, IA

Cox, L. D., Ludlow, VT

Cox, Marvin, Erie, PA

Cox, Marvin I., Erie, PA

Cox, Robert, Atlanta, GA

Cox, Samuel, Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, MN

Cox, Samuel P., Minnehaha Falls, MN

Cox, Theo H., Eutaw, AL

Cox, Thomas M. See John Cox

Cox, W. A., Baltimore, MD

Cox, W. A., St. Augustine, FL

Cox, W. G., Bedford, IN

Cox, William A., Newport, RI

Cox, William A., St. Augustine, FL

Cox, Wm. H., Kendallville, IN

Coyle & Leslie, New York, NY

Coyle, A. B., Waterloo, IA

Coyle, F. A., Cedar Rapids, IA

Coyle, F. A., Monticello, IA

Coyle, John P., New York, NY

Cozier, Darius, Albia, IA

Cozzolino, Joachim, New York, NY

Crabb, John C., New Haven, CT

Crabb, Stephen G., New Haven, CT

Crabill, Mary E., Somerset, IN

Crabtree & Ashton, New York, NY

Crabtree, Charles H., Cumberland, MD

Craddock, Arthur, Muscatine, IA

Craft & Ferry, New York, NY

Craft & Ferry. See Loud Gallery

Craft, George H., Beallsville, PA

Craft, James, Susquehanna Depot, PA

Craft, John W., Philadelphia, PA

Craft, R. S., Holton, Jackson Co., KS

Crafts, Charles B., Stonington, CT

Craig & Mosher, San Francisco, CA

Craig. A. C., West Liberty, IA

Craig, Albert W., Oakland, CA

Craig, Florence A. (Miss), Chicago, IL

Craig, H. W., Marietta, OH

Craig, M. P. (Miss), Los Angeles, CA

Craig, Richard W. F., Portland, ME

Craig, Victor, Oakland, CA

Craig, Victor, San Francisco, CA

Crain, Adeline F., Wapello, IA

Crain, Nellie (Mrs.), Tacoma, WA

Crain, W. E., Tacoma, WA

Craine, Nellie K., Milwaukee, WI

Cram, R. D., Watkins, Dix, NY

Cramer, San Francisco, CA

Cramer, St. Louis, MO

Cramer. See Bayley & Cramer

Cramer. See Julius Gross, Successor to Cramer

Cramer & King, New Haven, CT

Cramer, A. L., Scranton, PA

Cramer, C. L., San Franciso, CA

Cramer, Charles L., San Francisco, CA

Cramer, Corliss, Philadelphia, PA

Cramer, E. A., New Haven, CT

Cramer, Elijah A., New Haven, CT

Cramer, Gross & Co., New York, NY

Cramer, Gross & Co., St. Louis, MO

Cramer, Gustav, St. Louis, MO

Cramer, Gustave, St. Louis, MO

Cramer, John, Milwaukee, WI

Cramer, Joseph, Grafton, WI

Cramer, Joseph, Milwaukee, WI

Crandall. See Anderson & Crandall

Crandall & Conkey, Glenn Falls, NY

Crandall & Barnum, Bridgeport, CT

Crandall & McBride, Hillsboro, OR

Crandall, C. J., Pasadena, CA

Crandall, Clarence L., New Haven, CT

Crandall, H. H., Bridgeport,

Crandall, William H., Berwick, PA

Crandell. See Fellows & Crandell

Crane. See DeCamp & Crane

Crane. See Dille & Crane

Crane & Sons, Indianapolis, IN

Crane & Von der Kammer, Chicago, IL

Crane, Frank, Boise, ID

Crane, Frederick M., Ogdensburg, NY

Crane, G. G., Philadelphia, PA

Crane, Charles G., Philadelphia, PA  

Crane, Chas. G., Philadelphia, PA  

Crane, Geo. G., Taunton, MA

Crane, J. F., Indianapolis, IN

Crane, James, Boston, MA

Crane, James D., Waterbury, CT

Crane, John F., Berea, OH

Crane, Troy, Roswell, NM

Cranley, John K., Chicago, IL

Cranston & Jones, Corry, PA

Crapser, R. A., Rhinebeck, NY

Crapser, Robert A., Chatham Village, NY

Crapser, Robert A., Kingston, NY

Crary, Eva (Miss) Sanborn, IA

Crater, Isaac, Chicago, IL

Crater, J., Chicago, IL

Crater, J. W., Grand Rapids, MI

Crater's, Chicago, IL

Crausbay, J. M., Sante Fe, NM

Craven, L. R., Doylestown, PA  

Craven, Linford R., Doylstown, PA 

Craver, Charles H., Grand Forks, ND

Craver, Ernest T., Mankato, MN

Craver, W. E., Memphis, TN

Craver, W. Ed, Memphis, TN

Crawford, Brooklyn, NY

Crawford & Littler, Albany OR

Crawford & Paxton, Albany, OR

Crawford & Paxton. See Mrs. John N. Duncan

Crawford & Wheeler, Fort Worth, TX

Crawford, Alex., Masterton, OH

Crawford, J., Rome, IA

Crawford, J. G., Albany, OR

Crawford, J. H., Morris, IL

Crawford, J. W., Brooklyn, NY

Crawford, James, Warsaw, IL

Crawford, James H., Dixon, IL

Crawford, James H., Morris, IL

Crawford, James S., Stamford, CT

Crawford, Jas. G., Albany, OR

Crawford, John W., Brooklyn, NY

Crawford, William, Morris, IL

Crawford, Wm. H., Andes, NY

Crawford, Wm. M., Cranesville, TN

Crawford Photo Studio, Boston, MA

Crawley, Michael, Chicago, IL

Crawley, W. P. (Mrs.), Marion, IA

Craycraft & Jackson, Mattoon, IL

Craycraft, A. B., Sante Fe, NM

Craycraft, Daniel, Tipton, IN

Craymer, I., Des Moines, IA

Crayon Gallery. See J. Haldt

Cree. See Kenaston, Cree & Co.

Cree, Van S. See Cree's Car

Cree's Car

Crees, Joseph, Grand River, IA

Creese, J. H., Lineville, IA

Creese, L. D., Burley, ID

Creighton, J. T., Newark, NJ

Cremer, J. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Cremer, James, Philadelphia, PA

Cressy, R. M., Chicago, IL

Creston, Geo C., New York, NY

Crew, E., Alliance, OH

Crew, E., Alliance, Stark, OH

Cridland, Dayton, OH

Cridland, Thos. W., Dayton, OH

Crihfield, Dr., Lincoln, IL

Criley & Aland, Butler, PA

Criley, I. H. See Adah Deegan

Criley, Ira, Helena, MT

Criley, Ira H., Helena, MT

Criley, N. J., Butler, PA

Crilley, Thomas H., Boston, MA

Crispell, Battle Creek, MI

Crissman, J., Laramie, WY

Crissman, Joshua, Seneca, KS

Cristensen, Jesse, Clarinda, IA

Cristman, Philip, New York, NY

Critcherson, Worcester, MA

Critcherson. See Dresser & Critcherson

Critcherson & Storer, Newport, RI

Critcherson, Daniel F., Framingham, MA

Critcherson, G. P., Worcester, MA

Critcherson, Geo, Worcester, MA

Critcherson, Geo P., Worcester, MA

Critcherson, George P., Boston, MA

Critcherson, George P., Worcester, MA

Criterion Photo Art Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Crittenden, Herbert A., New Haven, CT

Crittenden, J. H., Fall River, MA

Crobaugh, Samuel, Cleveland, OH

Crockard, S. L., Britton, SD

Crocker, Perry, NY

Crocker, A. B., Allegany, NY

Crocker, James L., Ansonia, CT

Crocker, James L., Birmingham, CT

Crocker, James L., Corning, NY

Crocker, James L., Derby, CT

Crocker, James L., Shelton, CT

Crocker, Jaymes L., Corning, NY

Crocker, M. M., Perry, NY

Crocker, M. N., Perry, NY

Crocker, William H., New York, NY

Crocket & Smith, Pasquotank Co., NC

Crockett, A. B., Norway, ME

Crockett, E., Richmond, ME

Crockett, E., Rockland, ME

Crockett, Enos, Rockland, ME

Crockett, F. H., Rockland, ME

Crockett, Frank H., Rockland, ME

Crockett Bros., Clarksville, TX

Crockwell, J. H., Salt Lake City, UT

Crockwell, James H., Salt Lake City, UT

Croft, George A., Norwich, CT

Croft, R. S., Holton, KS

Cromwell, J. A., Richmond, ME

Cronenberg, H., Wilmington, NC

Cronenberg, Henry C., Wilmington, NC

Cronin & Adams, Boston, MA

Cronise, Salem, OR

Cronise & Cronise, Salem, OR

Cronise & Cronise. See Lucius J. Hicks

Cronyn, W. W., Pueblo, CO

Cronyn, William W., Denver, CO

Crooks, C. J., Leavenworth, KS

Croom, Marion S., Kinston, NC

Cropsey, Benj. D., New York, NY

Crosbie, T. A., Washington, DC

Crosbie, Theodore A., Philadelphia, PA

Crosbie, Theodore A., Washington, DC

Crosby, Billings, MT

Crosby, Hannibal, MO

Crosby, Lewiston, ME

Crosby, Westboro', MA

Crosby. See Curtis & Crosby

Crosby, A. B., Lewiston, ME

Crosby, Alfred B., Lewiston, ME

Crosby, Ernest S., Cleveland, OH

Crosby, Geo. L., Hannibal, MO

Crosby, John, Bridgeport, Belmont, OH

Crosby, R. R., Boston, MA

Crosby, Robert R., Boston, MA

Crosier, Frank, Monroe, MA

Crosier, Frank, Wilmington, VT

Crosier, Geo., West Richfield, OH

Crosier, George W., Cleveland, OH

Cross & Poole, Des Arc, AR

Cross, A. B. & Geo. W., Lowell, MA

Cross, Andrew B., Salem, MA

Cross, Charles H., Delhi, IA

Cross, D. H., Bennington, VT

Cross, D. H., Des Moines, IA

Cross, D. N., Bennington, VT

Cross, Frederick, Bunker Hill, IL

Cross, Geo. W. See A. B. Cross and Geo. W. Cross

Cross, H. G., Palmer, MA

Cross, J. T., Brenham, TX

Cross, J. W. B., Meridian, MS

Cross, Jas. B., Dayton, OH

Cross, K. Elwood, Augusta, ME

Cross, L. L., Des Arc, AR

Cross, Leonard L., De Valls Bluff, AR

Cross, W. L., Los Angeles, CA

Cross, Walter S., Denver, CO

Crossin, Dean D., New York, NY

Crossman, B. P., Rochester, NY

Crossman, Benj. P., Rochester, NY

Crossman, Chas. L., Bangor, ME

Croston, Charles H., Rochester, NY


Crothers, P. D., Los Angeles, CA

Crouch. See Schoo & Crouch

Crouch, C., Hoopestown, IL

Crouch, W. A., Mt. Vernon, OH

Crouch, William A., Batesville, AR

Crouch, Wm. T., Belleville, IL

Crouse, Charles E., Woodstown, NJ

Crow & Crow, Portland, OR

Crow, Samuel B., Astoria, OR 

Crow, Thomas J., Florence, AL

Crow, Thomas J., Florence, AL

Crow, W. R. See National Gallery

Crow Photograph Co., Portland, OR

Crowell, Mt. Vernon, OH

Crowell. See Wager & Crowell

Crowell & Son, Erie, PA

Crowell, Arthur. See Arthur W. Dowe

Crowell, Arthur B., El Paso, TX

Crowell, C. H., Erie, PA

Crowell, Chas A., Chicago, IL

Crowell, Everard H., Rochester, MN

Crowell, Everard S., Lewiston, ME

Crowell, F. S., Mt. Vernon, OH

Crowell, Fred. S., Fredericktown, OH

Crowell, Fred S., Mt. Vernon, OH

Crowell, H. C., Erie, PA

Crowley, Michael J., Chicago, IL

Crowley-Stokes, Cleveland, OH

Crowly, Jane (Mrs.), Marion IA

Crown, Benjamin A., Brattleboro, VT

Crown, J. H., Fox Lake, WI

Crown, The, Westfield, PA

Crozier & Linaweaver, Findlay, OH

Crozier, Charles, Oceanus, Queens, NY

Cruiser & Sanderson, Fairview, UT

Crum, Penn Yan, NY

Crum & Sharp, Watkins, NY

Crum, R. D., Watkins, NY

Crum, R. L. & Son, Watkins, NY

Crum, Richard D., Watkins, Dix, NY

Crum, Richard D., (Watkins) Dix, NY

Crum, W. C., Penn Yan, NY

Crump, T. R.  See Frank M. Somers

Crutchfield, B. F., Los Angeles, CA

Crutchfield, B. F., North Vernon, IN

Cryler, W. B., Greenfield, IN

Crystal Art Co.

Crystalotype. See Whipple

Csorga, Johann, Bridgeport, CT

Cubberly Bros., Cleveland, OH

Cubbson, Jos R., Sharon, PA

Cuffel, A. B., Minneapolis, MN

Culberson, Broadus A., Greenville, SC

Culbertson's, East Liverpool, OH

Cull, George, Detroit, MI

Cullen, Charles, El Paso, TX

Cullen, Frank J., Washington, DC

Cullen & Co., J. A., Passaic, NJ

Cullen, John J., Orange, NJ

Cullen, William L., Washington, DC

Culpepper, D. W., Cambridge, MD

Culton, Rosa M. (Miss), Peoria, IL

Culver Brothers, White River Junction, VT

Culver, B. L., Pembroke, NH

Culver, B. L., Suncook, Pembroke, NH

Culver, C. Cecil, Philadelphia, PA

Culver, L. W., Fairbury, NE

Culver, W. A.,

Culver, W. W., Lebanon, NH

Culver, W. W. See S. F. Sterlin

Culver, William A., Chicago, IL

Culver, Williams, Niagara City, NY

Cumberland. See Morse's Gallery of the Cumberland

Cumming, Blanche (Miss), San Francisco, CA

Cumming, E. R., Dallas, TX

Cumming, Edwd, Dallas, TX

Cummings, Lancaster, PA

Cummings. See Westcott & Cummings

Cummings, A. H., Bonaparte, IA

Cummings, C., Charleston, IL

Cummings, E. E., Lafargeville, NY

Cummings, Eli, Marietta, PA

Cummings, H. W., Portland, ME

Cummings, Herman W., Portland, ME

Cummings, J. M., New York, NY

Cummings, J. R., Wilmington, DE

Cummings, James R., Wilmington, DE

Cummings, O. S., Lake Preston, SD

Cummings, T. & W., Lancaster, PA

Cummings, Thomas Lancaster, PA

Cummings, Thos., Lancaster, PA

Cummins. See Kuhn & Cummins

Cummins, G. E., Nampa, ID

Cummins, G. E. See Ray G. Cummins

Cummins, G. W., Nampa, ID

Cummins, G. W. See Ray G. Cummins

Cummins, Geo D., Nampa, ID

Cummins, H. A., Muscatine, IA

Cummins, J. S., Baltimore, MD

Cummins, Jas. S., Baltimore, MD

Cummins, Ray G., Nampa, ID

Cundell, Wm Jr., Maquoketa, IA

Cundill, Maquoketa, IA

Cundill, Will, Maquoketa, IA

Cunningham. See Galyon & Cunningham

Cunningham. See Lothrop & Cunningham 

Cunningham, Scotland, CT

Cunningham, Willimantic, CT

Cunningham, Albert A., Lowell, MA

Cunningham, C. J., Lodi, OH

Cunningham, Chauncey J., Lodi Village, Harrisville Twp, OH

Cunningham, Earl, Charlotte, NC

Cunningham, Edward L., Boston, MA

Cunningham, Edwin L., Newmarket, NH

Cunningham, Frederick W., Willimantic, CT

Cunningham, I. A., San Marcial, NM

Cunningham, J. A., Kishacoquillas, PA

Cunningham, J. M., Flora, IL 

Cunningham, John, Locke's Mills, PA

Cunningham, John, Ogdensburg, NY

Cunningham, Mary, New York, NY

Cunningham, P. L., Tiffin, Seneca, OH

Cunningham, Robert, Chicago, IL

Cunningham, Robt, IL

Cunningham, W. H., Lodi, OH

Cunningham, William, Lodi Village, Harrisville Twp, OH

Cunningham, William, Lodi, OH

Cunningham, William H., Litchfield, OH

Cunningham, William H., New Grenada, PA

Cunningham, Wm, Lodi, OH

Cunningham's Gallery, Lodi, OH

Cuplin, Samuel, Iowa Falls, IA

Cupp & Day, Walla Walla, WT

Currads, J. L., Mendota, IL

Curran, Richd L., New York, NY

Current, Sherman, Maquoketa, IA

Currie, R. P., Murray, IA

Currier, Amesbury, MA

Currier, Newmarket, NH

Currier & Jones, Amesbury Mills, MA

Currier, Arthur S., Newmarket, NH

Currier, C. H., Boston, MA

Currier, F. F., Vergennes, VT

Currier, Frank F., Omaha, NE

Currier, H. F., Salisbuy, MA

Currier, H. J., New London, NH

Currier, Herman J., Fisherville, NH

Curry. See Junk & Curry

Curry, D. W., Nebraska City, NE

Curry, J. B. & Co., Idaho City, ID

Curry, W. H., Wilmington, DE

Curry, William, New Orleans, LA

Curry, William H., Wilmington, DE

Curry, Wm. H., Wilmington, DE

Curtis, Emmetsburg, IA

Curtis, San Antonio, TX

Curtis. See Devere & Curtis

Curtis. See Greene & Curtis

Curtis. See Rothi & Curtis

Curtis & Crosby

Curtis & Guptill, Seattle, WA

Curtis & Ross, Lewiston, ME

Curtis & Smith, Syracuse, NY

Curtis, Chadwick & Bates, Rochester, NY

Curtis, Arthur W., Boston, MA

Curtis, C. F., Emmettsburg, IA

Curtis, C. W., Lewiston, ME

Curtis, Cyrus W., Lewiston, ME

Curtis, D. W., Georgetown, VA

Curtis, E. S., Los Angeles, CA

Curtis, Edward, (Fonda) Mohawk, NY

Curtis, Elaine, Prentice, WI

Curtis, Jennie (Mrs.), Bridgeport, CT

Curtis, John. See Gawthrop & Co. 

Curtis, Julian, Lima, Allen, OH

Curtis, M. Edward, Syracuse, NY

Curtis, S. E., Broadalbin, NY

Curtis, Wm H., San Antonio, TX

Curtiss, Buffalo, NY

Curtiss, Madison, WI

Curtiss. See Bonta & Curtiss 

Curtiss & Schervee, New Haven, CT

Curtiss, Charles E., New Haven, CT

Curtiss, D. A., Port Byron, IL

Curtiss, E. R., Madison, WI

Curtiss, Frank, New Haven, CT

Curtiss, Frank, Pitkin, CO

Curtiss, N. S., Syracuse, NY

Cushing & King, Woodstock, VT

Cushing, H., Woodstock, VT

Cushing, Henry, Windsor, VT

Cushing, Henry, Woodstock, VT

Cushman, A. H., Bethel, VT

Cushman, Arth H., New York, NY

Cushman, Jno C., Charlotte, NC

Cusick, J. W., Pyrmont, OH

Cusworth, Charles, Salt Lake City, UT

Cutberth, W. G., Tacoma, WA

Cutbirth, W. G., Tacoma, WA

Cuthbert, W. G., San Francisco, CA

Cutler, H. E., Keene, NH

Cutler, H. E., Successor to Freeman, Keene, NH

Cutler, Harry E., Barre, VT

Cutler, Harry E., Keene, NH

Cutler, M. A., Chariton, IA

Cutler, Wells, Galva, IL

Cutter, E., Dubuque, IA

Cutter, Ephraim, Dubuque, IA

Cutter, Volney, Cincinnati, OH

Cutting & Turner, Boston, MA

Cutting, A. P., Kenton, OH

Cutting, C. P., Lee, MA

Cutting, Chauncey P., Lee, MA

Cutting, Fenwick, New York, NY

Cuttler, E. D., Successor to H. A. Smith, Lyons, IA

Cutts, C. H., Dubuque, IA

Cuyler, Stephen, Parishville, NY

Cuyler, V., Amsterdam, NY

Cuyler, W. B., Greenfield, IN

Cuypers, F. H., Newark, NY

Cuzzo, Vincenzo, New York, NY

Cyclorama. See Plymon Bernt Greene

Cyclorama. See Reed & Gross

Cyclorama. See S. B. Frank

Cypert, J. W., Pineville, AR

Cyphers, John, El Paso, IL

Cyr, Paul, Grand Isle, ME

Czerner, H. N., Tampa, FL



Photographer Lists

Notes on Searching the List

Here are some hints and tips for searching for a photographer. Success may depend on the amount of details you have. If you cannot find the person or company you are looking for, please consider the following:

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Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", "Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", "Jones, George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

Miss or Mrs. Jones may be listed under "Jones, Sarah (Mrs.)" or "Jones, Sarah (Miss)"