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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter M that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers M in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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M'Clees & Germon, Philadelphia, PA

M'Mahan, T. M., Danbury, PA

M'Mahan, T. M., Danville, PA
Maas, Walter, Chicago, IL

Mabie, Wm., Canaseraga, Burns, NY

Mac Arthur Co., Oklahoma City, OK

MacArthur, Hopkinton, IA 

MacArthur, M. H., Hopkinton, IA

MacArthur, Milton H., Hopkinton, South Fork Twp, IA

MacArthur, Milton H., Hopkinton, IA

MacArthur, Milton, Davenport, IA

Macbeth, A. L., Charleston, SC

Macbeth, Arthur L., Charleston, SC

Macbeth, J. C. M., Charleston, SC

MacBeth, James B., Jacksonville, FL

MacCollin, Thomas, Hazleton, PA

MacCormac, Clarksville, TN

MacCormac, W. J., Knoxville, TN

MacCormac, W. J., Clarksville, TN

MacDonald & Dowe, San Francisco, CA

Macdonald, George, Brooklyn, NY

Macdonald, George H., Washington, DC

Macdonald, Pirie, New York, NY

MacDonald, Pirie, New York, NY

Macdonald, Richard, Jersey City, NJ

MacDuffie, Neil, Great Falls, MT

MacFee, E. D., Raleigh, NC

MacGregor. See Knowlton & MacGregor

Macher, H. M., New York, NY

Macher, Henry, East Rutherford, NJ

Macher, Hugo, New York, NY

Macher, Hugo M., New York, NY

Machmer, Herman E., Springville, NY

Machnik, Frank, Jackson, MS

MacIntire, James A., Philadelphia, PA

MacIntosh, H. P., Newburyport, MA

MacIntyre, Andrew M., Philadelphia, PA

Mack, F. A. & Bro., Pottsville, PA

Macke, F., Cincinnati, OH

Macke, Frank, Cincinnati, OH

Mackenzie, Dubuque, IA

Mackenzie, A. H., Dubuque, IA

Mackenzie, M. A. Smith (Mrs.), Lynn, MA

MacKenzie, Walter, New York, NY

Mackey, M. C., Nevada City, Mt Territory

MacLaughlan, J. R., Philadelphia, PA

MacLellan, Roderick R., Biddeford, ME

MacMillin and Mitchell, Oskaloosa, IA

MacNabb, New York, NY

Macnabb, New York, NY

Macnabb, Francis P., New York, NY

Macnabb, Frank P., New York, NY

Macomber, Asa, Gaines, NY

Macomber, Geo., East Bloomfield, NY

Macomber, Philip, Fentonville, MI

Macostas, J., New York, NY

Macostas, Jas, New York, NY

Macurdy. See Bushby, Macurdy & Fritz

Macy & Macy, Bloomington, IL

Macy & Miles, Belle Plaine, IA

Macy, Ira M. See Macy & Miles

Macy, O. W., Blairstown, IA
Macy, O. W., Vinton, IA

Macy, Oliver W., Belle Plaine, IA

Madanno, Moses, Philadelphia, PA

Madden, C. A., Columbus, GA

Maddern, William, Chariton, IA

Maddux, J. D., London, Madison, OH

Madison, J. H., Glenwood, IA

Madison, J. H., Nebraska City, NE

Madison Gallery

Madsen, A. P., Omaha, NE

Madsen, Andrew P., Omaha, NE

Madsen, Michael J., Chicago, IL

Madsen, Chicago, IL

Madsen, Dubin, New York, NY

Madsen, S. C., New Ulm, MN

Madsen, S. C., Sleepy Eye, MN

Madson, Andrew P., South Omaha, NE

Magee, Austin, Salem, NY

Magers, Frederick, St. Louis, MO

Maggio, Mariano, New York, NY

Magnolia Photograph Gallery, Lexington, KY

Magnes, Conrad, Hoboken, NJ

Magnus, Conrad, Hoboken, NJ

Magnus, Conrad, Jersey City, NJ

Magnuson, Albert O., Tucson, AZ

Magovern & Baker, Saratoga, NY

Magovern & Baker, Saratoga Springs, NY

Magovern, George P., Brooklyn, NY

Magras, J., Boston, MA

Magras, John, Boston, MA

Magras, John, Charlestown, MA

Maguire, Wm F., Philadelphia, PA

Mahan. See McBride & Mahan

Mahan & Keller, Philadelphia, PA
Mahan, Davis, Pittsburgh, PA

Mahan, Thomas, Philadelphia, PA

Mahan, Thomas T., Philadelphia, PA

Mahana. See Calkin & Mahana

Mahana, John O. See Calkin & Mahana

Mahannah, C. D., North English, IA

Maher, Nellie (Miss), Denver, CO

Mahler. See Hass & Mahler

Mahler, Henry, New York, NY

Mahon, W. R., Dallas, TX

Mahoney, C. C., Central City, NE

Mahoney, Jeremiah, Philadelphia, PA

Mahoneys Bush Temple Studio, Dallas, TX

Mahurin, W. H., Davenport, IA

Maiden, Carl I., Salem, OR

Maier. See Dill & Maier

Maier, J., Cass City, MI

Maier, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Maier, John, New York, NY

Main, G. J. & Co., Hornellsville, NY

Main, John F., New York, NY

Main, S. J., Olean, NY

Maiori, Jos, New York, NY

Mair, Charles, New York, NY

Maire, E. G., Columbus, MS

Maisch, Fred D., Chicago, IL

Majestic Studios, Dallas, TX

Major, C. L., Detroit, MI

Majori, Jos, New York, NY

Majori, Joseph, New York, NY

Markarian, Peter, Worcester, MA

Makart Photo Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Malachofsky. See Kupritz & Malachofsky

Malcomson, William J., Louisville, KY

Malick, Harrisburg, PA

Malin & Schwartz. See Eclipse Studio

Malin, G. W., Geneva, OH

Malinowski, Roman J., Wilmington, DE

Malin, H. See Howe's 

Mallett, New York, NY

Mallison, Hy, New York, NY

Mallory. See Manville & Mallory

Mallory - Taylor, Allegheny, PA

Mallory, Isaac H., Providence, RI

Malloy, Minneapolis, MN

Mally. See Preucel & Mally

Mally, John F., Chicago, IL

Malmquist, H. O., Omaha, NE

Malmquist, Hans O., Omaha, NE

Malmsquest, Hans O., Omaha, NE

Malnati & Co., New York, NY

Malone, C., Rose Bud, AR

Malone, C., Hot Springs, AR

Malone, Wm., New Orleans, LA

Malouf, Assad J., New London, CT

Maltas, R. T., Cincinnati, OH

Maltas, R. T., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Maltas, R. T., Hamilton, OH

Maltby, Harriet (Mrs.), Louisville, KY

Malthaner. See Osborne & Malthaner

Maluatis, New York, NY

Maly, Chicago, IL

Mammoth Art Gallery. See Urline & Pfeifer

Mammoth Gallery. See Hurd & Ward

Mammoth Wagon. See Dougherty

Mammoth Wagon. See Wm Dougherty

Man, Joseph & Son, Brooklyn, NY

Manass, Marcus, New York, NY

Mancel, H., Pensacola, FL

Manchester & Brother, Providence, RI

Manchester, E. H.  See Manchester & Brother

Manchester, H. N.  See Manchester & Brother

Manchester Bros., Providence, RI

Manchester Bros. & Angell, Providence, RI

Manchester Brothers, Providence, RI

Mandelkern, Israel, New York, NY

Mandeville. See Rodgers & Mandeville

Maneely, H. F., Jacksonville, FL

Maner, J. W., Rochester, NY

Manewal, Wm, Hoboken, NJ

Manger & Young, Schenevus, Maryland, NY

Manger, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Mangold, E. E., Successor to T. M. Jones, Moline, IL

Mangold, E. E., Moline, IL

Mangold, J. G., Orion, IL

Mangold, Jonas G., Palatka, FL

Manhattan Photo Studio, Boston, MA

Manhattan Studio, Boston, MA

Manhattan Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Manier, Henry J., Philadelphia, PA

Manley, G. W., Salem, Columbiana, OH

Manly & Son, Canton, OH

Manly, G. W., Akron, OH

Manly, G. W., Canton, OH

Manly, G. W., Akron, Summit, OH

Manly, Geo W., Akron, OH

Manly, Geo W., Canton, OH

Manly, George W., Canton, OH

Manly, Willie A., Canton, OH

Mann, Newburyport, MA

Mann, Waukesha, WI

Mann & Blodgett, Boston, MA

Mann, Arthur F., Baltimore, MD

Mann, Fredk W., New York, NY

Mann, James, Newburyport, MA

Mann, Jean, Brooklyn, NY

Mann, Rose (Mrs.), Los Angeles, CA

Mann, S. M., Mechaniscsburgh, OH

Mann, S. M., Mechanicsburg, Champaign, OH

Mann, William, Bridgeport, CT

Mann, Wm G., Waukesha, WI

Mannatt, Detroit, MI

Manning, Brooklyn, NY

Manning, Edina, MO

Manning Bros., New York, NY

Manning, J. F., Asheville, NC

Manning, Jno F., Asheville, NC

Manning, Jno M., New York, NY

Manning, John W., Salem, MA

Manning, Richard W., New York, NY

Manning, W. S., Brooklyn, NY

Manning, Webb, Crawfordsville, IA

Manning, William S., Brooklyn, NY

Mannowall, Wm, Jersey City, NJ

Manschutz, H., Keokuk, IA

Manshower, F., Philadelphia, PA

Mansfield. See Beers & Mansfield

Mansfield, Darius A., Philadelphia, PA

Mansfield, Ephraim S., St. Louis, MO

Mansfield, G., Lexington, Richland Co., OH

Mansfield's City Gallery, St. Louis, MO

Mansofilli, Luigi, Boston, MA

Mantle, Alexander P., Enoch, Noble Co., OH

Mantor Photographic Studio, New York, NY

Manville, & Jarvis, Marshalltown, IA

Manville & Mallory, Sheboygan, WI

Manville, C. B., Neenah and Manasha, WI

Manz, Chicago, IL

Manz, Leonard, Bridgeport, CT

Manzer, Oshkosh, WI

Manzer & Young, Schnevus, NY

Manzer, B. & Co., Oneonta, NY

Manzer Bros., Schenevus, Maryland, NY

Mapstone, Richard, Chicago, IL

Marahrens, Heimbert, New York, NY

Marble, C. A., Wilmington, Clinton, OH

Marble, Wm H., Chicago, IL

Marble Hall Gallery. See W. C. Pitner

Marceau, Boston, MA

Marceau & Bellsmith, Cincinnati, OH

Marceau & Power, Indianapolis, IN

Marceau, Theo. C., Successor to Van Loo, Cincinnati, OH

Marceau, Theodore C., Boston, MA

Marceau, Theodore C., New York, NY

Marceau, Theodore N., Philadelphia, PA

Marceau Co. (Ltd), New York, NY

Marcelle, Clair, Chicago, IL

Marcelle Clair Inc., Cleveland, OH

Marcellus, P. W., Lincoln, NE

Marcellus, Tillotson, Fulton, IL

March, C. M., Canandaigua, NY

March, W. C., Quincy, MI

Marcott, Eleazar, Rochester, NY

Marcowitz, Jacob, New York, NY

Marcus. See Coffin & Marcus

Marcus, M., Trading Post, KS

Marden, R. A., San Francisco, CA

Marean, William C., Hubbardston, MA

Margerkurth, Fred. O. See Blanche C. Welch

Margulis, Martin, New York, NY

Marino, Salvatore, New York, NY

Marion, Lowell, MA

Marion, Anthony W., New York, NY

Marion, G. S., Worcester, MA

Mark, Luther, W. F., Chester, VT

Markarian, Peter, Boston, MA

Marken, J. R., Frederick, MD

Markham & Johnson, Brooklyn, NY

Markowutz & Wilson, New York, NY

Marks, Clinton, MO
Marks, New Rochelle, NY

Marks. See Riddle Marks & Bailey

Marks, Abraham, Philadelphia, PA

Marks, H. R., Austin, TX

Marksville, E. See S. & E. Marksville

Marksville, Edw'd, New York, NY

Marksville, S. & E., Boston, MA

Marksville, Sam'l, New York, NY

Marlatt, H. I. See W. & H. I. Marlatt

Marlatt, W. & H. I., Harrisburg, PA

Marlatt, Wilson, Woodhull, NY

Marlatte, C. A., Troupsburgh, NY

Marlborough Photo Shop, New York, NY

Marmu, C., New Orleans, LA

Marmu, Caliste, New Orleans, LA

Marple, Henry, Chicago, IL

Marquard, Bernard A., Cleveland, OH

Marquard, Charles F., Cleveland, OH

Marquardt, Frank, Aberdeen, SD

Marquis, A. Jr., Milwaukee, WI
Marquis, J. B., Norwich, NY

Marquis, Henry F., Portland, ME

Marquis, James B., Norwich, NY

Marr, Arthur E., Boston, MA

Marr, Thomas E., Boston, MA

Marr, Thomas E. & Son, Boston, MA

Marra, John, Philadelphia, PA

Marreon, Wm. C., Hubbardston, MA

Marratt, W., Dansville, NY

Marratt, Wm, Detroit, MI

Marratt, William, (Dansville) North Dansville, NY

Marriott & Stuart, Lewisville, LaFayette Co., AR

Marrow, Harry, Cincinnati, OH

Mars, J. H., Car Studio, Spirit, WI

Marsden. See Gould & Marsden

Marsden, Thos W., New York, NY

Marsh, Greeley, CO

Marsh, B. F., Greeley, CO

Marsh, B. F., Painesville, OH

March, C. H., Owego, NY

Marsh, C. M., Canandagua, NY

Marsh, C. M., Greeley, CO

Marsh, C .M., Havana, NY

Marsh, C. M., Havana, Montour, NY

Marsh, Charles M., Canandaigua, NY

Marsh, E. K., Rochester, NY

Marsh, E. Kirby, Rochester, NY

Marsh, Levi, Adams, MA

Marsh, Spencer, Oramel, Caneadea, NY

Marsh, William F., Elizabeth, NJ

Marshall, Boston, MA

Marshall, Circleville, OH

Marshall, West Chester, PA

Marshall. See Lewis & Marshall

Marshall & Co., Boston, MA

Marshall & Porter, Philadelphia, PA

Marshall, A., Boston, MA

Marshall, Augustus, Boston, MA

Marshall, C. & T. H., Princess Anne, MD

Marshall, C. C., Fisherville, NH

Marshall, C. M., Lewiston, ME
Marshall, E. S.  See Miss Leve Taylor

Marshall, F. E., Tacoma, WA

Marshall, J. P. Leavenworth City, KS

Marshall, J. P. C., Boston, MA

Marshall, Jere, Queenstown, MD

Marshall, Jere, St. Michaels, MD

Marshall, Jos P., Leavenworth City, KS

Marshall, M. K., Circleville, Pickaway, OH

Marshall, M. R., Circleville, Pickaway, OH

Marshall, Moses H., Buffalo, NY

Marshall, Pembroke, Brooklyn, NY

Marshall, Samuel H., Jacksonville, FL

Marshall, Thomas, Fort Plain, Minden, NY

Marshall, Thomas, (Fort Plain) Minden, NY

Marshall Bros., Cazenovia, NY

Marsilliotte, Louis L., Cleveland, OH

Marston, Bangor, ME

Marston. See Dodge & Marston

Marston. See Trask & Marston

Marston, C. L., Bangor, ME

Marston, C. L., Philadelphia, PA

Marston, C. L.  See Chas. R. Gould 

Marston, Charles L., Bangor ME

Marston, Charles L., Philadelphia, PA

Marston, James, Ottawa, IL

Marston, James, Chillicothe, MO

Marston, J. H., Philadelphia, PA

Marston, Samuel M., Portland, ME

Martain, Geo. E., Cambridge, MA

Martain, George E., Cambridge, MA

Martel, Swibert A., Willimantic, CT

Marth, Ole, Garretson, SD

Martin. See Green & Martin

Martin.  See Leonard & Martin

Martin. See Merrill & Martin

Martin.  See Shively & Martin

Martin & Swinford, Paxton, IL

Martin, A. J., Hollow Rock, TN

Martin, Albert, Boston, MA

Martin, Alex., Boulder, CO

Martin, Alexander, Boulder, CO

Martin, Charles, Ogdensburg, NY

Martin, Charles J., Jersey City, NJ

Martin, Ernest, New York, NY

Martin, G. R., Fredonia, Pomfret, NY

Martin, H. T., Topeka, KS

Martin, Harry A., Kearney, NE

Martin, Henry, Carlisle, IN

Martin, Holzheim & Co., New York, NY

Martin, I. R., Paris, IL

Martin, J., Chicago, IL

Martin, J. P., Boone, IA

Martin, J. R., Mattoon, IL

Martin, James, Valleyfield

Martin, John R., Fairview, IA

Martin, Jos, New York, NY

Martin, Louis, New York, NY

Martin, Thomas H., New York, NY

Martin, Thomas W., Chicago, IL

Martin, William B., Busti, NY

Martin, Wm J., New York, NY

Martine, L. F., Philadelphia, PA

Martine, Laura, Philadelphia, PA

Martinez, G. See Martinez Lumiere

Martinez, Louis E., Tampa, FL

Martinez Lumiere Portrait Studio, San Francisco, CA

Martini. See Hemstreet Martini

Martini, Brooklyn, NY

Martland, Lexington, MO

Martland, Thos. C., Fulton, MO

Marton, A. M., Bloomington, IL

Marton, Albert M., Bloomington, IL

Martyn. See Insley & Martyn

Maruyama, Gunjiro, New York, NY

Marvin, Benjamin, Herkimer, NY

Marvin, E. D., Buffalo, NY

Marvin, E. D., Columbus, Franklin, OH

Marvin, Edgar A., Elizabethtown, NY

Marvin, Edward, Buffalo,NY

Marx & Deluce, New York, NY

Marx, Martin Jr., Newark, NJ

Marymee, M. T., Charleston, IL

Marymee & Brothers, Charleston, IL

Maser, J. W., Rochester, NY

Maser, John W., Rochester, NY

Masis Photo Studio, Trenton, NJ

Maslin, Geo. L., Rock Hall, MD

Mason & Bros., Baltimore, MD

Mason, Amos T., Shapleigh, ME

Mason, Anna B. (Mrs.), Keokuk,  IA

Mason, C. F., Lewiston, ME

Mason, E. F., Lewiston, ME

Mason, Ernest, New York, NY

Mason, George A., Providence, RI

Mason, George E., Providence, RI

Mason, J. S., Medina, OH

Mason, J. T., Leavenworth, KS

Mason, J. T. See Brutus Frichot

Mason, J. T. See F. E. St. Clair

Mason, J. W., Medina, OH

Mason, Oscar G., New York, NY

Mason, Peter M., Philadelphia, PA

Mason, S. B., Industry, PA

Mason, Samuel, Niagara Falls, NY

Mason, Samuel J., Niagara Falls, Niagara, NY

Mason, W., Boston,MA

Mason, Wm. A., Towanda, PA

Massey. See Lawrence & Massey

Massey, A. G. See S. J. Massey

Massey, S. J. & A. G., New York, NY

Massey, Alex. Rutledge, New York, NY

Massey, Arthur G., New York, NY
Massey, Sarah J., New York, NY

Massey, William B., New York, NY

Massimino, Rosario, Philadelphia, PA

Massimino, Rosario. See Roma Studio

Massuere, F., Lawrence, MA

Massuere, Francis, Lawrence, MA

Massury & Co., Providence, RI

Master, G. H. (Mrs.), Fort Collins, CO

Masterman, John, New York, NY

Masters, C. H., Princeton, IL

Masters, Charles, Princeton, IL

Masters, L., Brownsville, PA

Masterson, Port Jervis, NY

Masterson, E. P., Port Jervis, NY

Masterson, E. P., Port Jervis, Deer Park, NY

Masury. See Ellis

Masury & Co., Providence, RI

Masury & Silsbee, Successor to Chase, Boston, MA

Masury, S., Boston, MA

Masury, S. See Masury & Silsbee

Masury, Samuel & Co., Providence, RI

Masury, Silsbee & Case, Boston, MA

Maters. See Mrs. Smith

Mates. See Vaughan & Mates

Mather. See Harris & Mather

Mather & Lyon, Cazenovia, NY

Mather, H. S., Clear Lake, IA

Mather, Henry S., Cazenovia, NY

Mathers & Warner, Chicago, IL

Mathes, S. F., Wyandotte, KS,

Matheson, F., Wrangell, AK

Matheson, William, Brooklyn, NY

Mathews and Carl, Hot Springs, AR

Mathews, G., Alleghany

Mathews, Stephen E., Portland, ME

Mathews, Thomas, New York, NY

Mathews, Thomas R., New York, NY

Mathews, W. C., Kewaskum, WI

Mathewson & Carpenter, Albion, Barre, NY
Mathewson, P. J., Medina, NY

Mathewson, Ray, Asheville, NC

Mathewston, T. C., Goodland, KS

Mathias, E. R., Delphos, Allen, OH

Mathias, John B., New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, OH

Mathis, G. W., traveling ambrotypist & photographer

Mathis, W. G.

Matlack, Claude C., Miami Beach, FL

Matousek & Kubicek, Chicago, IL

Matousek, Anna M. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Matousek, Mathias, Chicago, IL

Matson, John, Salt Lake City, UT

Mattern, H. G., Louisville, KY

Mattes, Frank, Philadelphia, PA

Matteson, B. W., Mechanicsburg, PA

Matteson, B. W., Middletown, PA

Matthew, George, Allegheny, PA
Matthews. See Roddy & Matthews

Matthews. See Ruggles & Matthews

Matthews & Co., New York, NY

Matthews & Lambert, LeSueur, MN

Matthews, Charles E., Huntington, WV

Matthews, Geo., Allegheny City, PA

Matthews, Joseph E., Huntington, WV

Matthews, S. E., Allentown, PA

Matthews, S. V., Huntington, WV

Matthews, Samuel V., Huntington, WV

Matthews, William G., Philadelphia, PA

Matthies, Gustave F., Chicago, IL

Matthues, Arthur, Eldorado, AR

Mattocks, B. S., Houston, TX

Mattson, Andrew, Omaha, NE

Mattson, Carl, Kearney, NE
Mattson, Ivan H., Kearney, NE
Mattson Studio, Kearney, NE
Matzen, Brooklyn, NY

Matzen, Omaha, NE

Matzen.  See Heyn & Matzen

Matzene, Chicago, IL

Maudsburg. See Whistler & Maudsburg

Mauer, F. Max, Chicago, IL

Mauer, M., Chicago, IL

Mauer, Max, Chicago, IL

Maul & Brother, Philadelphia, PA

Maul, Jacob, Chicago, IL

Maul, Webster. See Maul & Brother

Maul, Webster R. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Maul, William, Philadelphia, PA
Maull, William W. See Baker & Maull

Maurer, Daniel D., Reading, PA

Maurer, Jos. M., Galveston, TX

Maurer, Otto, Los Angeles, CA

Maurer, S. A., Tripoli, IA

Maurhoff, E., Saxonburg, PA

Maurice, Florence, Philadelphia, PA

Maurice, Florence B., Philadelphia, PA

Maurice, M., New York, NY

Maury, B. F., Slatington, PA

Mauvais, Andre, Dallas, TX

Mauvis, A., Beardstown, IL

Maxden, Frank, New York, NY

Maxfield, F. A., East Spring Hill, PA

Maxham, B. D., Worcester, MA.

Maxham, Benjamin D., Worcester, MA

Maxwell. See Dorr & Maxwell

Maxwell & Estell, Richmond, IN

Maxwell, C., Brooklyn, NY

Maxwell, D. C., Lynchburg, VA

Maxwell, John B., Louisville, KY

Maxwell, M. A. (Mrs.), Boulder, CO

Maxwell, M. G., Mt. Ayr, IA

Maxwell, Thomas B., Portland, OR

May, Watertown, WI

May, A. M., Port Jervis, NY

May, A. M., Port Jervis, Deer Park, NY

May, C. F., New York, NY

May, G. & L., Philadelphia, PA

May, George W., Philadelphia, PA

May, H. J., Lyons, NY

May, Hamilton J., Cadillac, Western MI

May, Jno. B., Watertown, WI

Maybin, Joseph A., Wilmington, DE

Mayer, Columbus, OH

Mayer, Elizabeth, New York, NY

Mayer, John S., New York, NY

Mayers, John S., New York, NY

Mayes, Bloomington, IL

Mayes & Bush, Bloomington, IL

Mayes, J. J. See Mayes & Bush

Mayes, J. J., Bloomington, IL

Mayes, John J., Bloomington, IL

Mayhew, Louis E., Boston, MA

Maylor & Hutchinson, East Saginaw, MI

Maynard, Florence, Boston, MA

Maynard, Henry W., New York, NY

Maynard, Karl, Boston, MA

Maynard, James W., Hastings, MI

Maynard, Wm. P., White Plains, NY

Mayo & Weed, Chicago, IL

Mayo, New York. NY

Mayo, Charles, New York, NY

Mayo, Charles A., Chicago, IL

Mayo, James, Hill Side, NY

Mayo, Joseph, (Pentaquit) Islip, NY

Mayo, Joseph B., New York, NY

Mays & Bell, Bloomington, IL

Mazogan, Wm., Crown Point, NY

Mazur, Anthony, Cleveland, OH

McAdam, J. W., Springfield, MA

McAdams, James, Wenona, IL

McAdams, P., Alexandria, VA

McAdow, J. A., Dunbarton, Adams, OH

McAffrey, John, Philadelphia, PA

McAlees, James K., Philadelphia, PA

McAllister, Dr. J. S., Bristol, VT

McAllister, Louis L., Burlington, VT

McAlpin, A. B., Portland, OR

McAlpin, Arthur B., Portland, OR

McAnally, Dallas, TX

McAnally, C. C. Jr., Dallas, TX

McArthur, Newburyport, MA

McArthur, C. W., Erie, PA

McArthur, John A., Newburyport, MA

McAtee, P. H., Marshall, MO

McAvoy, Mackey D., Chicago, IL

McBeth, Arthur, Charleston, SC

McBeth, Arthur L., Charleston, SC

McBride. See Crandall & McBride

McBride. See Rounds, Locke & McBride

McBride & Mahan, Pittsburgh, PA

McBride & Webster, Albany, NY

McBride, J. J., Buffalo, NY

McBride, Floride, Denton, TX

McBriety, James, Salisbury, MD

McBriety, Joshua, Salisbury, MD

McBright, T. H., Pittsburg, PA

McCaa, David J., Bethlehem, PA

McCaa, Mary, Bethlehem, PA

McCaa, Mary J. (Mrs.). Bethlehem, PA

McCaa, Rosemary. See McCaa Studio

McCaa, Rosemary E., Bethlehem, PA

McCaa, W. Donald, Bethlehem, PA

McCaa, Wm D., Bethlehem, PA

McCaa, Wm G., Bethlehem, PA

McCaa Studio, Bethlehem, PA

McCaa Studio. See David J. McCaa

McCaa's, Ephrata, PA

McCabe, Easton PA

McCabe & Co., Little Rock, AR

McCabe, M. D., Little Rock, AR

McCaffrey, Patrick H., Far Rockaway, Queens, NY

McCain, J. I., Anchorage, AK

McCall & McMullin, Philadelphia, PA

McCalley, George W., Philadelphia, PA

McCallum, H. B., Sumter, SC

McCandless, Arthur W., Atlanta, GA

McCandless, D. C. See Matthew T. McCandless

McCandless, David C., Boise, ID

McCandless, Matthew T., Boise, ID

McCanless, James M., Asheville, NC

McCann, John G., Cleveland, OH

McCann, William A., Chester, PA

McCarley, Thomas, Bolivar, TN

McCarley, Thos, Bolivar, TN
McCarley, Wm. T., Brownsville, TN

McCartey, Augustus, Geneva, NY

McCartey, George, Waterloo, NY

McCarthy. See Kimmell & McCarthy

McCarthy, F. R., Philadelphia, PA

McCarthy, Frederick R., Philadelphia, PA

McCarthy. M. F. R., Binghamton, NY

McCarthy, Margt, New York, NY

McCartney, George, Washington, DC

McCartney, Jeremiah, Kylertown, PA

McCartney, Lawrence & Co., Linton Mills, OH

McCarty. See Rhiedhar & McCarty

McCarty & Righter, De Witt, AR

McCarty, Augustus, Geneva, NY

McCarty, Charles R., Jersey City, NJ

McCarty, J. B., Sacramento, PA

McCarty, James F., Youngstown, OH

McCarty, Timothy F., Elizabeth, NJ

McCaul & Dickson, New York, NY

McCauly, G., Putnam, CT

McCauslin, A. B., Newburg, PA

McChesney, M. M., Iowa Falls, IA

McChesney, W. J., Philadelphia, PA

McChesney, William J., Philadelphia, PA

McClain, Samuel, Eaton, Preble, OH

McClaire, Eldred, Butte, MT
McClaire, M. S., Butte, MT

McClaire, M. S., Seattle, WA

McClaire, M. S., Seattle, Washington Territory

McClaire, M. S. See Maxwell Eyerman
McClaire, Morton S., Butte, MT

McClannahan, N. H., Fultonham, Muskingum, OH

McClary. See Ellinwood & McClary

McCleary. See Archer and McCleary

McCleary. See Ellinwood & McCleary

McCleary, Charles F., Hillsborough, NH

McCleary, Charles F., Hillsborough Bridge, Hillsborough, NH

McClee’s. See R. W. Addis

McClees. See M'Clees

McClees & Co., Philadelphia, PA

McClees, J. E., Philadelphia, PA

McClees, James E., Philadelphia, PA

McClellan, C. H., Cincinnati, OH

McClellan, Charles, Chicago, IL

McClellan, George R., Seneca Falls, NY

McClellan, James, Kersey, PA

McClellan, Samuel, Mifflintown, PA

McClellan, W., Dallas, TX

McClellan, William, Atchison, KS

McClellan, William, Dallas, TX

McClellan, Wm, Dallas, TX

McClelland, Geo. B., La Crosse, WI

McClelland, W. W., Canton, PA

McClintock & Langford, Jackson, TN

McClintock, Ebenezer, Otego, NY

McCloskey, J. B., Indianapolis, IN

McClure Inc., New York, NY

McClure. See Quinby & McClure

McClure, J. S., Mobile, AL

McClure, W. S., Washington, DC

McClure, Walter S., Washington, DC

McClusky, Boonville, NY

McCollin, A. W. F., Williamsport, PA

McCollin, Edward, Williamsport, PA

McCollin, Philip, Philadelphia, PA

McCollin, Thomas, Pottsville, PA

McColloch, McPherson, KS

McCollom, J. W., Melville, GA

McCollough, Samuel, Fowlerville, NY

McCollum, Athens, PA

McComack, H. T., Greene Co., VA

McConnell, F. B., Massillon, Stark, OH

McConnell, F. B. & Son, Massilon, OH

McConnell, G. H., St. Louis, MO

McConnell, George H., St. Louis, MO

McConnell, James, Pultney, NY

McCord, G., Port Byron, IL

McCormac, W. J., Clarksville, TN

McCormick, Boston, MA

McCormick, Oxford, PA

McCormick & Cherington, Logan, OH

McCormick & Gibson, Mount Pleasant, IA

McCormick, A., Oxford, Chester Co., PA

McCormick, A. See Gibson & Hayes

McCormick, J., Oxford, Chester Co., PA

McCormick, J. L., Boston, MA

McCormick, J. T., Connellsville, PA

McCormick, J. T., Logan, OH

McCormick, James A., Denver, CO

McCormick, Joseph A., Boston, MA

McCorney, Mrs., Dexter, MI

McCosker, Boston, MA

McCosker. See Chessman & McCosker

McCosker, Thomas, Boston, MA

McCowan, Wm, Jessup, IA

McCoy. See Brakebill & McCoy

McCoy, H. R., Fairfield, IA

McCoy, Ogle H., Lawton, OK

McCracken. See William & McCracken

McCracken, E. B., Iowa Falls, IA

McCrary & Branson, Knoxville, TN

McCrary, F. B., Knoxville, TN

McCrary, John, (Portageville) Genesee, NY

McCrary, Sylvester H., Rochester, NY

McCray, Orlando P., Great Falls, MT

McCrea, John L., Oskaloosa,  IA

McCrea, Thompson, Brush Valley, PA

McCue, Edw, Janesville, WI

McCue, Edward, Janesville, WI

McCulloch, James M., Phoenix, AZ

McCurdy, J. C., Florence, AL

McDaniel, J. D., Dallas, TX

McDaniel, U. E., Chanute, KS

McDannell, C. A., Wattsburg, PA

McDannell, G. A., Erie, PA

McDermond, Enan, Philadelphia, PA

McDermond, Evan, Germantown, Philadelphia,

McDermons, Enan, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

McDermott, E., Germantown, PA

McDevitt, E., Brooklyn, NY

McDevitt, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

McDonald, South Bend, IN

McDonald, A. J., San Francisco, CA

McDonald, Albert, So. Bend, IN

McDonald, Alexander B., Lowell, MA

McDonald, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

McDonald, D. J., Carlton, NE

McDonald, G. A., Coshocton, Coshocton, OH

McDonald, G. A., Mount Vernon, Knox, OH

McDonald, George H., Chicago, IL

McDonald, George W., Denver, CO

McDonald, Jos. N., Albany, NY

McDonald, N., Augusta, IL

McDonell, D., Buffalo, NY

McDonnald, J., Albany, NY

McDonnald, M. C., Albany, NY

McDonough, John, Beallsville, PA

McDougall, Jacksonville, Illinois

McDougall, John A. See A. Judson & Co.

McDowell, F. W., Medina, OH

McElderry, Wm, Detroit, MI
McElhiney, Nebraska City, NE

McElhose, E. H., Dodgeville WI

McEllery, E. G., Dorchester, MA

McElligott, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

McElliott, Chicago, IL

McElliott, William H., Chicago, IL

McElroy. See Henry & McElroy

McElroy. See Waggoner & McElroy

McElroy, John W., Trenton, NJ
McElroy, William, Philadelphia, PA
McEwen, Jacob H., Noblestown, PA

McFadden, J. A., Boston, MA

McFadden, J. P., Akron, Summit, OH

McFadden, James A., Bath, ME

McFadden, John, Lebanon, Warren, OH

McFadden, W. G., Paducah, KY

McFalls, William C., Alexandria, PA


McFarland, Cleveland, OH

McFarland, Tarkio, MO

McFarland. See Harmer & McFarland

McFarland, Kate, Philadelphia, PA

McFarlin, W. H. C., Portsmouth, Scioto, OH

McGahey, A.  A., Murphrysboro, IL

McGahey, E. C., Anna, IL

McGarrity, J. R., Lansing, IA

McGarry & McGarry, Philadelphia, PA

McGarry, Jos., Asheville, NC 

McGaughey, C. O., Indianapolis, IN

McGee, J. A., Darlington, SC

McGeehon, William, Grove City, IA

McGeltigan, Alex, Philadelphia, PA

McGeorge, Tulsa, OK

McGill. See Mealy & McGill

McGill, Clarence W., Camden, AR

McGinn, Annie, Philadelphia, PA

McGittigan & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

McGittigan, Alexander C., Philadelphia, PA

McGowan, J., Portland, OR

McGowan, John, Portland, ME

McGrady, Daniel, Chicago, IL

McGreevey, James, Brooklyn, NY

McGreevy, James, Brooklyn, NY

McGregor, New York, NY

McGregor, A. Q.,Boulder, CO

McGregory, Fred., New York, NY

McGrew, N. B., New Alexandria, Jefferson, OH

McGrey, Lewis, Cincinnati, OH

McGuire, W. S., Bellaire, OH

McGunegle, D. J., Boston, MA

McHardy, Cath, Portland, OR

McHenry, Freeport, IL

McHenry, J. S., Peabody, KS

McHenry, W., Freeport, IL

McHenry, Wm., Freeport, IL

McIan, New York, NY

McIlroy, J. W., Fayetteville, Manlius, NY

McInnis, Hector C., Petoskey, Western MI

McIntire.  See Launspach McIntire

McIntire & Co., Canton, Stark, OH

McIntire & Glidden, Ames, IA

McIntire, J. H., Galion, OH

McIntire, J. S., Red Lodge, MT

McIntire, Joseph H., Crestline, Crawford, OH

McIntire, Orin, Canton, Stark, OH

McIntire, S. A., Youngstown, OH

McIntosh & Vose, Northfield, VT

McIntock, C., Webster, MA

McIntosh, A., Middletown, CT

McIntosh, Ansel, New London, CT

McIntosh, Burr, New York, NY

McIntosh, Burr, Studio, New York, NY

McIntosh, George F., Hallowell, ME

McIntosh, H. P., Newburyport, MA

McIntosh, M. R., Northfield, VT

McIntosh, R. A., Greenport, Southold, NY

McIntosh, R. M., Northfield, VT

McIntosh, William H., Corning, NY

McIntyre, Putnam, CT

McIntyre & Bradley, Ogdensburg, NY

McIntyre, A. C., Montgomery, AL

McIntyre, A. C. & Co., Ogdensburg, NY

McIntyre, A. C. See Dow

McIntyre, D. G., Bloomington,

McIntyre, Jane, Rocky Bar, ID

McIntyre, Jas., New York, NY

McIntyre, Loren, Oakfield, NY

McKay. See Young & McKay

McKay, Jennie, Canton, NY

McKay, W. H., Omaha, NE

McKay, William D., Lowell, MA

McKay, William H., Omaha, NE

McKay, Wm H., Omaha, NE

McKeague, George A., Philadelphia, PA

McKean, William, Mercer, PA

McKean, Wm., East Palestine, Columbiana, OH

McKee, D. C., Edwards, NY

McKee, F. Tuttle, Hartford, CT

McKee, F. Tuttle (Mrs.), Hartford, CT

McKee, J. P., Mt. Hope, KS

McKee, William, Nittany, PA

McKee, Wm., Millersburg, Holmes, OH

McKendree College Art Gallery, Lebanon, IL

McKenna, James, Detroit, MI

McKenney, Albert H., Portland, ME

McKenney, Albert M., Portland, ME

McKenney, A. M., Portland, ME

McKenney, A. M.  See Leonard F. Libby

McKenney, A. S., Georgetown, CO

McKenney, E. H., Biddeford, ME

McKenney, Enoch H., Biddeford, ME

McKenney, L. J., Willimantic, CT

McKenny, W. B., Garnett, Anderson Co., KS

McKenzie. See Kendall & McKenzie

McKenzie, Daniel, Milwaukee, WI

McKenzie, W. E., Middletown, Butler, OH

McKeough, Wm J., New York, NY

McKercher, James, Winchester, VA

McKernon, P. H., Saratoga Springs, NY

McKiernon, P. H., Saratoga Springs, NY

McKinley Photo Studio, New York, NY

McKinney, C. V., Buchanan, MI

McKinney, Cornelius, Pike Run, PA

McKinney, William, Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA

McKinnon, Jacksonville, IL

McKinnon, K., Jacksonville, IL

McKnight, L. J., Little Rock, AR

McKnight Bros., Seattle, WA

McKown, Kingston, NY

McKown, George, Kingston, NY

McKown, Milton, Kingston, NY

McLachlan & Schlesinger, Chicago, IL

McLain, J. L. F. & T. E., Reeds Creek, AR

McLain, W. W., Boise City, ID

McLaren. See Bennet & McLaren

McLaughlin. See Ewing & McLaughlin

McLaughlin, John R., Philadelphia, PA

McLaughlin, Michael, Philadelphia, PA

McLean, L., Central City, CO

McLean, L., Georgetown, CO

McLees, James E., Philadelphia, PA

McLeish, Wm. See Judd & McLeish

McLelan, Tulsa, OK

McLellan, R. R., Biddeford, ME

McLellan, Roderick R., Biddeford, ME

McLellan, W. E., Bristol, RI

McLellan, W. E., Chicago, IL

McLeod and Combs, Kansas City

McLeod, D., Mendota, IL

McLeod, J. M., Marion, NY

McLeod, N. E., Cleveland, OH

McLeod, Norman E. A., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

McLoughlin, Boston, MA

McMahan. See Wheelan - McMahan

McMahan & Ireland, Danville, PA

McMahan, T. M., Danville, PA

McMahill, J. A., San Francisco, CA

McMahon & Nelson, Rochester, NY

McMahon, B., Mt. Pleasant, IA

McManamon, Frank, Cleveland, OH

McManus, Alphonso, Traverse City, Western MI

McManus, Bernard F., New York, NY

McManus, C. E. & Co., Traverse City, Western MI

McManus, J. H., Litchfield, IL

McManus, Thomas D., Traverse City, Western MI

McManus Bros., Traverse City, Western MI

McManus Studios, New York, NY

McMaster, Brownstown, IN

McMaster, Le Sueur, MN

McMaster, Dan., Indianapolis, IN

McMath, Wm., Milwaukee, WI

McMellen, H., Log Cabin, Morgan,  OH

McMichael, Detroit, MI

McMichael, A. G., Detroit, MI

McMichael, H., Buffalo, NY

McMillan, Merced, CA

McMillan, Chas, Vallejo, CA

McMillan, Eneas, Detroit, MI
McMillan, G. A., St. Louis, MO

McMillan, G. W. (Mrs.), Jefferson, IA

McMillan, John, Santa Maria, Springs, CA

McMillan, Q. A., Cincinnati, OH

McMillan Bros., Chicago, IL

McMillan Bros., Santa Maria, CA

McMillen, Galesburg, IL

McMillen, Red Oak, IA

McMillen, J., Carlisle, PA

McMillen, Z. P., Galesburg, IL

McMillen, Z. R., Newark, Licking, OH

McMillen, Zephinio O., Riverside, CA,

McMullen, Adel, IA

McMullen, Greenfield, IA

McMullen, Fontanelle, IA

McMullen, C. F., Adel, IA

McMullen, J. F., Greenfield, IA

McMullin. See McCall & McMullin

McNair. See Denman & McNair

McNamara, M. S., San Francisco, CA

McNealey. See Judd & McNealey

McNeil, Robert, Mechanicsburg, IL

McNulty, B. F., Springfield, IL

McNulty, F., Springfield, IL

McNulty, Finley, Pike Run, PA

McNulty, J. E., Rochester, NY

McPeek, Wm., Londonderry, Guernsey Co., OH

McPherson. See Pearce & McPherson

McPherson & Oliver, New Orleans, LA

McPherson, J., Joliet, IL

McPherson, James, Joliet, IL

McPherson, Robert, Philadelphia, PA

McPherson, W. D., New Orleans, LA

McPherson, William D., Concord, NH

McPherson, Wm. D., Concord, NH

McPike & Moyer Co., Chicago, IL

McReynolds, R., Maysville, KY

McReynolds, R., Ripley, OH

McVicker, J. F., Mapleton, IA

McWhinney.  See Smith & McWhinney

McWilliams, Wilson, Sardis, PA

Meacham. See Jones & Meacham

Meacham & Sabine, Youngstown, OH

Meacham, Chas T.,Cleveland, OH

Mead, A. G., Brooklyn, NY

Mead, A. G., New York, NY

Mead, M., Waverly, NY

Mead, M., Waverly, Barton NY

Meade & Bowers, Pensacola, FL

Meade and Brother, Albany, NY

Meade Brothers, New York, NY

Meadler, Poughkeepsie, NY

Mealey, M. W., Lawrence, MA

Mealey, M. W., Pueblo, CO

Mealey, Martin W., Pueblo, CO

Mealy. See Habicht & Mealy

Mealy & McGill, Bastrop, LA

Mealy, G. M., Camden, AR

Means, C. D. See W. H. & C. D. Means

Means, W. H. & C. D., traveling photographer, Carrollton, IL

Mears, A. S., Burlington, VT

Meason, L. E., La Crosse, WI

Medbery, Ewell & Co., Providence, RI

Medem Photo Service, New York, NY

Medernach, E. N., Danville, VA

Medina, F., Merced, CA

Medlar, F. W., Spencer, IA

Medlar, Frank W., Spencer, IA

Medlar, J. S., Woodstock, IL

Medlar, John, Woodstock, IL

Medlar, John S., McHenry, IL

Medlar, John S., Woodstock, IL

Medove. See Levoff & Medove

Mee, Elbert A., Great Falls, MT

Meeder, Philip, New York, NY

Meehan, Bernard, New York, NY

Meek. See Beach & Meek

Mehrle, William, Chicago, IL

Mehrle, Wm, Chicago, IL

Meier, Charles, St. Louis, MO

Meier, Charles F., St. Louis, MO

Meier, Fred R., Butte, MT

Meier, Henry J., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Meile, L., Boulder, CO

Meinerth, Cobleskill, NY

Meinerth. See Mosely & Meinerth

Meinerth, Carl, Newburyport, MA

Meinerth, Carl, Successor to Mosely & Meinerth, Newburyport, MA

Meinerth, Charles A., Albany, NY

Meins, Herman, Cincinnati, OH

Meins, Wm. Herman H., Cincinnati, OH

Meirer, Geo H. Co., San Francisco, CA

Meisel, Marion, New York, NY

Meives, Edward, Phillips, WI

Mekolaczk, Leon, Chicago, IL

Melander. See Copelin & Melander

Melander, L. M., Chicago, IL

Melander, L. M. & Bros., Chicago, IL

Melander, S. T., Anaconda, MT

Melander, S. T. See Wm R. Baker

Melander Bros., Chicago, IL

Meldon, John F., Boston, MA

Melendy & Packard, Mantiwoc WI

Melendy and Packard, Manitowoc, WI

Melendy, A. B., Manitowoc, WI

Melendy, Arthur B., Manitowoc WI

Meli, Jas, Cleveland, OH

Mell, Adela (Mrs.), New York, NY

Mell, Max, New York, NY

Mellen, Geo D., Chicago, IL

Mellen, George E., Denver, CO

Mellinger, Samuel H., Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Mellon, Geo, Pueblo, CO

Melrose, John H., New York, NY

Melrose Art Studios, New York, NY

Melsom & Traviss, Brooklyn, NY

Melton, John F., Boston, MA

Meltzer, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Meltzer, Jos, New York, NY

Melven, Westfield, N

Melville, Wm G., Mancelona, Western MI

Melvin, L. B., (Chaut. Co.) Westfield, NY

Mench, P. P., Clear Lake, IA

Menck, Fred Jr., Louisville, KY

Mendelssohn, H. E., Newport, RI

Mendenhall, Canton, IL

Mendenhall. See Chapman & Mendenhall

Mendenhall, D. D., Farmington, IL

Mendenhall, J. K., Summersville, PA

Menderoth & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Menkee, Horace, Howard City, Western MI

Memczock. See Baudesin & Memczock

Mennitton, Domenico, New York, NY

Mennitto, Dominick, New York, NY

Menns, Frederick R., Burlington, VT

Menns, W. K., St. Johnsbury, VT

Mentges, Jacob, Syracuse, NY

Mentzer, J. K., Mount Joy, PA

Menzel, Edward C., Jersey City, NJ

Menzel, Edw C., Jersey City, NJ

Menzen Studios, Paul, Philadelphia, PA

Mercantile Photograph & Engraving Co., New York, NY

Mercer, R. E., New York, NY

Mercer, Robt E., New York, NY

Mercer, Thomas, Palmyra, IL

Merchant, P., Guilford, NY

Merchant, Paschal, Guilford, NY

Meredith, Thomas, Buffalo, NY

Meredith, Thos., Buffalo, NY

Merell, Battle Creek, MI

Mereness, Oneonta, NY

Mereness & Winans, Oneonta, NY

Mereness, W. H., Oneonta, NY

Meriman, P. H., Los Angeles, CA

Meriwether, Henry B., Leesburg, FL

Merke, Gillman & Co., Sharon Springs, Sharon, NY

Merkel, O. P., New York, NY

Merrell, J. C., Geneseo, NY

Merrell, J. O., Rutland, VT

Merrell, Percy, Asheville, NC

Merriam, C. L., Easthampton, MA

Merriam, Chas. F., Hartford, CT

Merrick. See Barker & Merrick

Merrigan, Anna (Mrs.), Butte, MT

Merril. See Champeau & Merril

Merril & Kennedy, Fort Madison, IA

Merril, M. N.  See Merril & Kennedy

Merrill, Rockland, ME

Merrill. See Bradley & Merrill

Merrill & Martin, Dwight, IL

Merrill & Stein, Chicago, IL

Merrill, Amos L., Woonsocket, RI

Merrill, C. C., Port Jervis, Deer Park, NY

Merrill, E. W., Sitka, AK

Merrill, Geo. S., Fisherville, Concord, NH

Merrill, I. W., Farmington, ME

Merrill, J. C., Fairport, Perrinton, NY

Merrill, J. O., Rutland, VT

Merrill, J. P. & Co., Bangor, ME

Merrill, J. W., Farmington, ME

Merrill, James O., Rutland, VT

Merrill, John P., Bangor, ME

Merrill, L. A., Grand Rapids, MI

Merrill, Leonard A., Grand Rapids, MI

Merrill, N. L., Falls, VT

Merrill, N. L., Johnson, VT

Merrill, N. L., Richford, VT

Merrill, Nathaniel L., Springfield, VT

Merrill, P. A., Binghamton.

Merrill, M. E. (Mrs.), Burlington, IA

Merrill Studios, Chicago, IL

Merrit.  See Davies & Merrit

Merrit, George, Winchester, IL

Merritt, Geo, Winchester, IL

Merritt, George, Winchester, IL

Merritt, George, traveling photographer, Whitehall, IL

Merritt, I. D., Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, Fishkill, NY

Merritt, J. D., Washington, DC

Merritt, John Dewitt, Washington, DC

Merritt, Thomas S., Boston, MA

Merritt, Thos. J., Nashville, TN

Merrow, James  J., Madison, NH

Merry, Lewis H., New York, NY

Merryman, Pawnee, OK

Mersereau, Charles, New York, NY

Mersereau, Charles E., New York, NY

Mersereau, Wynn, Brooklyn, NY

Mershon, I., West Springfield, PA

Merwin, U. N., Newton Falls, Trumbull, OH

Merz, New York, NY

Merz, Alfred J., Yonkers, NY

Merz, Charles J., Detroit, MI

Merz, H., New York, NY

Merz, H'y F., New York, NY

Merz, Heinrich, New York, NY

Merz, Henry, New York, NY

Merz, Max, New York, NY

Mesarvey, Portland, OR

Meserve, John M., Boston, MA

Mesner, Andrew, Cleveland, OH

Mesrobian & Karagheusian, New York, NY

Messenger, Adam, New York, NY

Messmer. See Sunter & Messmer

Messmore, E. E., Epworth, IA

Metcalf. See Harley & Metcalf

Metcalf & Welldon, Boston, MA

Metcalf, C. H., Woonsocket, Cumberland, RI

Metcalf, Harlan, Boston, MA

Metcalf, M. Laura, The Dalles, OR

Metcalf, W. W., Washington, DC

Metcalf, W. W. See Whitehurst Gallery

Metropolitan. See Miller

Metropolitan Gallery. See Jno. Holyland

Metropolitan Gallery. See Van Stavoren

Metternick, E. N., Americus, GA

Metz. See Jerrel & Metz

Metz, Arthur O., New Haven, CT

Metzel, Henry, Louisville, KY

Metzen, E. J., Detroit, MI

Metzgar, F. M., San Francisco, CA

Metzger, Emil, New York, NY

Metzung, F. J., Baltimore, MD

Metzung, Frank J., Baltimore, MD

Meyer, Chicago, IL

Meyer, Adolph A., Chicago, IL

Meyer, Godfrey, Philadelphia, PA

Meyer, Gottfried, Philadelphia, PA

Meyer, J., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Meyer, J. H., Cincinnati, OH

Meyer, John H., Cincinnati, OH

Meyer, L., Milwaukee, WI

Meyer, M. C. or C. M., Giddings, TX

Meyer, Maurice, Butte, MT

Meyer, W., Arlington Heights, IL

Meyer, W., Chicago, IL

Meyer, William, Chicago, IL

Meyer, Wm & Son, Chicago, IL

Meylink, J. P. C., Oswego, NY

Meynard, Maurice, New York, NY

Meynen & Co.

Meynen, Franz, Philadelphia, PA

Meynen, Franz & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Meyrowitz Photographic Laboratory, New York, NY

Miami Photo Finishing Co., Miami, FL

Miami Portrait Novelty Co., Miami, FL

Michael, Thos B., Charlotte, NC

Michaels, Andrew, Portland, OR

Michaelson, Brooklyn, NY

Michaelson, Irving T., Brooklyn, NY

Michel, George, Stapleton, NY

Michell, Alf P., New York, NY

Michelow & Johnson, Raleigh, NC

Michniewicz, Benedict S., Bridgeport, CT

Mick, W. C., Bayard, IA

Micklethwaite, Frank W., Elizabeth, NJ

Middleton, F., Brooklyn, NY

Middleton, James N., Charleston, SC

Middleton, John M., Birmingham, AL

Middleton, Odd W., Helena, MT

Middleton, William H., Bristol, RI

Miehle, Otto H., Chicago, IL

Mignon, Dallas, TX

Mignon, A. R., Dallas, TX

Mila, Alonzo, Washington, DC

Milan & Tracy, Stafford Springs, C

Milander, Fred., Brooklyn, NY

Milander, Fred. G., Brooklyn, NY

Milano, Michele, Boston, MA

Mildenberger, Anthony, Jersey City, NJ

Miles. See Macy & Miles

Miles & Windsor, Baltimore, MD

Miles, H. B., Birmingham, Erie, OH

Miles, Joseph A. See Macy & Miles

Miles, Nellie A. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Miles, W. B., Holyoke, MA

Miles, W. H., Louisville, KY

Miles, W. O., Sigourney, IA

Miles, William, Oskaloosa,  IA

Miles, William B. & Co., Springfield, MA

Miles, William B., Springfield, MA

Miles, Wm. B., Springfield, MA

Miles Bros, San Francisco, CA

Miley, M., Lexington, VA

Milice, H. C. & Bro., Warsaw, IN

Milhorn, D., New Oxford, PA

Milker, William E., Ansonia, CT

Milker, William E., Birmingham, CT

Milker, William E., Derby, CT

Milker, William E., Shelton, CT

Millard. See Slatter & Millard 

Millard, Successor to Powelson, Detroit, MI

Millard, A. J., Little Rock, AR

Millard, C. A., Detroit, MI

Millard, George E., Lockport, NY

Millard's Gallery, Scranton, PA

Miller, Aberdeen, S. Dakota

Miller, Arkansas City, KS

Miller, Biddeford, ME

Miller, Birmingham, CT

Miller, Bristol, CT

Miller, Davenport, IA

Miller, Holley, Murray, NY

Miller, Laconia, NH

Miller, Minneapolis , MN

Miller, Waverly, OH

Miller. See Boosz & Miller

Miller. See Laswell & Miller

Miller. See Tullis & Miller

Miller. See Turrill & Miller

Miller & Bixbee, Nevada, IA

Miller & Breitwisch, Milwaukee, WI

Miller & Freeman, Charlestown, MA

Miller & Pierce, Boston, MA

Miller & Rowell, Boston, MA

Miller & Sprague, Walton, NY

Miller & Tankersley, Bloomington, IL

Miller & Willard, Westfield, MA

Miller, A. A. See Grover C. Johnson

Miller, A. B., Indianapolis, IN

Miller, A. C., Troy, OH

Miller, A. C., Troy, Miami, OH

Miller, A. C., Turin, NY

Miller, A. C. D., Dallas, TX

Miller, A. D., Delaware, OH

Miller, A. D., Topeka , KS

Miller, A. J., Alleghany, PA

Miller, A. J., Ashland, PA

Miller, A. R., Indianapolis, IN

Miller, Albert C., Appleton, WI

Miller, Alex A., Goldsboro, NC

Miller, C. A., Moberly, MO

Miller, C. H., Johnstown, OH

Miller, C. M., Washington, DC

Miller, C. R., Portland, OR

Miller, Charles, Jersey City, NJ

Miller, Chas, Jersey City, NJ

Miller, Charles Andrew, Moberly, M

Miller, Charles Albert

Miller, Charles R., Portland, OR

Miller, D. R. & Brother, Mt. Carroll, IL

Miller, E. E., Columbus, Franklin,  OH

Miller, Edgar S., Chicago, IL

Miller, Elias, Minersville, PA

Miller, Ernest, Bridgeport, CT

Miller, Edw W., Butte, MT

Miller, F. Theodore, Fredericksburg, VA

Miller, Frank S., Elyria, Lorain, OH

Miller, G. R., Knoxville, TN

Miller, G. W., Bristol, NH

Miller, G. W., Lancaster, NH

Miller, George W., San Francisco, CA

Miller, H. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Miller, H. H., Los Angeles, CA

Miller, H. W., Brooklyn, NY

Miller, Henry, Cleveland, OH

Miller, Herman, Jersey City, NJ

Miller, Herman R., Milwaukee, WI

Miller, Herman R. and Robert J. Miller, Milwaukee, WI

Miller, Horace, Savoy, MA

Miller, Ira A., Cleveland, OH

Miller, J. C., Green Bay, WI

Miller, J. N., Pittston, PA

Miller, J. Q., Grand Forks, ND

Miller, J. W., Anamosa, IA

Miller, J. W., Baltimore, MD

Miller, J. W., Pittston, PA

Miller, Jacob W., Anamosa, IA

Miller, Jacob W., Mechanicsville, IA

Miller, John, Buffalo, NY

Miller, John A., Trenton, NJ

Miller, John G., New York, NY

Miller, L. C., Tunkhannock, PA

Miller, Loraine E., Alliance, OH

Miller, Lorin E., Alliance, OH

Miller, M. D., Atchison, KS

Miller, Magnus, Seattle, WA

Miller, Minor S., Freeport, IL

Miller, N., West Eaton, Eaton, NY

Miller, P., Elk Horn, IA

Miller, P. A., Arkansas City, KS

Miller, R. A., Boston, MA

Miller, R. A., Milwaukee, WI

Miller, Raynor H., Kenton, OH

Miller, Robert J.  See Herman R. Miller

Miller, S., Rochester, NY

Miller, S. J., Mansfield, Richland, OH

Miller, S. L., Lykestown, PA

Miller, S. L., Millersburg, PA

Miller, S. R., Shirleysburg, PA

Miller, Samuel, Pottsville, PA

Miller, Samuel L., Berrysburg, PA

Miller, Samuel L., East Hanover, PA

Miller, Samuel L., Lykens, PA

Miller, T. C., Alma, CO

Miller, Theodore H., Naugatuck, CT

Miller, Thomas, Upper Sandusky, Wyandot, OH

Miller, Travis K., Livingston, AL

Miller, W., Newark, Licking, OH

Miller, W. A., Boston, MA

Miller, W. J., Erie, PA

Miller, W. M., Springfield, MA

Miller, William, Kansas City, MO

Miller, William E., Ansonia, CT

Miller, William E., Birmingham, CT

Miller, William E., Derby, CT

Miller, William E., Greenfield, MA

Miller, William E., Hartford, CT

Miller, William E., Shelton, CT

Miller, William E., Springfield, MA

Miller, Wm., Burlington, IA

Miller Photograph Co., Concord, NH
Millers Studio, Mattoon, IL

Milliard, A. J., Little Rock, AR

Millice, H. C., Warsaw, IN

Millie, Thomas H., New York, NY

Milligan, J. C., Los Angeles, CA

Milliken, Asa F., Saco, ME

Milliken, Wm., Monticello, Thompson, NY

Millis, Isaac T., Detroit, MI


Mills, Athens, GA

Mills, Huntington, LI, NY

Mills, Penn Yan, NY

Mills. See Campbell & Mills

Mills. See Challenge 

Mills & Son, Pen Yann, NY

Mills & Schwartz, Toledo, Lucas, OH

Mills, C. C., Lynn, PA

Mills, Charles H., Denver, CO

Mills, Dr., Penn Yan, NY

Mills, Grace E. (Miss), Lewiston, ME

Mills, H. A., Camden, ME

Mills, H. W., Wheaton, IL

Mills, Hanson A., Camden, ME

Mills, Harriet B.  (Miss), Lewiston, ME

Mills, Horace F., Penn Yan, Milo, NY

Mills, J. C., Penn Yan, Milo, NY

Mills, J. C., (Penn Yan) Milo, NY

Mills, J. C., Penn Yan, N

Mills, J. H., Denver, CO

Mills, Newton A., DuBuque, IA

Mills, Oliver, Nine Points, PA

Mills, Thomas, Peoria, IL

Mills, Vance, Atlanta, GA

Mills, William & Son, Olneyville, RI

Millsaps, W. F., Hailey, ID

Millstine, Joseph, Albany, NY

Milner, Milwaukee, WI

Milner, A. W., Brooklyn, NY

Milner, Alonzo W., Milwaukee, WI

Miltz & Swart, Peoria, IL

Milum, Charles A., Watertown, SD

Mims, Robert, Saluda, SC

Minear, Solomon, Circleville, Pickaway, OH

Miner, Richmond, New York, NY

Miner [Meiser] & Morse, Chicago, IL

Miner, Charles V., Portland, OR

Miner, Geo H. Co., San Francisco, CA

Minerth, C., Middletown, CT

Minertzhagen, Otto, New York, NY

Minetti, Emil, New York, NY

Minger, D. G., Oconomowoc, WI

Miniature Photo Co., Philadelphia, PA

Mink, Benjamin A., Chicago, IL

Minner, J. A. B., Chester, IL

Minner, John W., Sparta, IL

Minnis. See Rees & Minnis

Minnis, G. W.  See C. Campbell

Minnis, George W., Petersburg, VA

Minnix, Edward J., New Haven, CT

Minns, Garfield C., Akron, OH

Minns, H. W. & Son, Akron, OH

Minns, Harvey W., Akron, OH

Mintonye, J. A., Detroit, MI

Mintonye, John, Detroit, MI

Mirick, A. J., Athens, GA

Misell, Mortimer, New York, NY

Misenheimer, S. (Mrs.), Dongola, IL

Mishima, N., Boston, MA

Mishkin Studio, New York, NY

Mishkin, H., Port Chester, CT

Mishkin, Herman, New York, NY

Miskelly, F. O., Boston, MA

Miskelly, F. P., Boston, MA

Mission Art Co., Los Angeles, CA

Misumi, Harry T., San Francisco, CA

Mitchell. See Bolton & Mitchell

Mitchell. See MacMillin and Mitchell

Mitchell, A. D., Kansas City, MO

Mitchell, A. D. See Adelbert G. Parker

Mitchell, Beekman G., New York, NY

Mitchell, C. W., Blain, PA

Mitchell, D. S., Omaha, NE

Mitchell, Edgar, Washington, DC

Mitchell, F. D., New Buda, IA

Mitchell, Floyd A., New York, NY

Mitchell, G. E. See M. W. Emerson

Mitchell, Goodwin, Ashley, IL

Mitchell, H. L., Brooklyn, NY

Mitchell, Harry L., Boston, MA

Mitchell, Irving, Cleveland, OH

Mitchell, J. E., Tacoma, WA

Mitchell, J. S., Tacoma, WA

Mitchell, John, Washington, New Castle, PA

Mitchell, John S., Jacksonville, FL

Mitchell, M. P., Hollisterville, PA

Mitchell, Mary G., Boston, MA

Mitchell, W. H., Wilmington, IL

Mitchell, W. R., Los Angeles, CA

Mitchell, William R., New York, NY

Mitchell, William R., Philadelphia, PA

Mitchell, William R., Washington, DC

Mitchell, Wm R., Jersey City, NJ

Mitchell's Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Mix. See Hubbard & Mix

Mix, Edw L., New York, NY

Mix, Edward L., New York, NY

Mix, J. P., (Brockport) Sweden, NY

Mntn Art Studio, New York, NY

Mntn Photo-Enlargement Shop, New York, NY

Mntn Portrait & Photo Enameling Co., New York, NY

Moberly, L., Chillicothe, MO

Mock. See Wigger & Mock

Mock, J. E., Rochester, NY

Model Photo Shop, New York, NY

Modern Photo Finishing Co., New York, NY

Modern Photo Studio, Boston, MA

Modern Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Moe, John S., New York, NY

Moeler, Geo, Covington, KY

Moelk, C. F., Edina, MO

Moelk, Charles F., Fort Worth, TX

Moerk, Atlantic City, NJ

Moffat. See Kunz, Wheeler, Moffat Co.

Moffat Bros., Key West, FL

Moffatt, Duncan, Key West, FL

Moffett Studio, Chicago, IL

Moffett, J. A., Caledonia, Marion, OH

Moffett, Stewart R., Newark, NJ

Moffitt, A. L., Pawtucket, RI

Mohler, Wichita, KS

Mohler, Capt., Shenandoah Co., VA

Mohn, Faton C., Downingtown, PA

Mohr-Elberson. See A. W. Clutter

Moir, J., Charleston, SC

Moir, T., Galveston, TX

Moisenet, F., New Orleans, LA

Mojonier, A. L., Los Angeles, CA

Molck, Peter A., Yonkers, NY

Moll's, Norristown, PA

Moloney, M., Boston, MA

Moloney, M. J., Boston, MA

Moltz, G. W.  See Charles F. Keim and G. W. Moltz

Moltz, Henry, Baltimore, MD

Momeyer & Son, M'Keesport, PA

Momeyer, W. P. & Son, M'Keesport, PA

Monachesi, Herbert, Philadelphia, PA

Monaco, Stockton, CA

Monaco, H., Stockton, CA

Monaco, J. B., San Francisco, CA

Monaco, John B., San Francisco, CA

Monaco, L., San Francisco, CA

Monaco Foto., San Francisco, CA

Monaco Photo, San Francisco, CA

Monaghan, James, Philadelphia,

Monckton, Jersey City, NJ

Monckton, Elihu B., Jersey City, NJ

Monfort Studios, Chicago, IL

Monfort and Hill, Burlington, IA

Monfort, Albert H., Poughkeepsie, NY

Monfort, Archilles W., Chicago, IL

Mongiovi, Domenico, Boston, MA

Monitor, George M., Springfield, ME

Monlux, W. L., Kanawha, IA

Monlux, Wm, Corwith, IA

Monroe, C. H., Los Angeles, CA

Monroe, Charles H., Jamestown, NY

Monroe, G. H., Rochester, NY

Monroe, M. H., Rochester, NY

Monroe, M. H. See J. W. Maner

Monroe, Michael H., Milwaukee, WI

Monroe, O., Dunkirk, NY

Monroe, W. H., Fayette, IA

Monson, Charles W., Middletown, CT

Monson, Herbert L., New Haven, CT

Montag, William J., Astoria, OR

Montague, Brooklyn, NY

Montana Photo Supply Co., Helena, MT

Montano, A. See Joaquin Gonsalves

Montano, A. A., Honolulu, HI

Montauk Photo Concern, New York, NY

Montauk Photograph Concern, New York, NY

Montauk Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Montee Bros, Salem, OR

Montee Bros. See Jesse T. Cook

Montford, John, Chicago, IL

Montfort & Hill, Burlington, IA

Montfort, Albert W. See Montfort & Hill

Montgomery. See Atwood & Montgomery

Montgomery, J., Lockport, NY

Montgomery, J. H., Dallas, TX

Montgomery, John, Colesburg, IA

Montgomery, Joseph, Lockport, NY

Montignani, Bridgeport, CT

Montignani, F. M., Bridgeport, CT

Montignani, Frank M., Bridgeport, CT

Montignani, Vincent D., Bridgeport, CT

Montonye, J. A., Detroit, MI

Montonye, John A., Detroit, MI

Montplaisir, Frederick, Lowell, MA

Monty, J. B. I., Springfield, MA

Moodley, Erwin, South Otselic, Otselic, NY

Moody, R. P., New York, NY

Moody, Rufus P., New York, NY

Moody, William T., Norwich, CT

Mook & Child, Newport, RI

Mook, Philip, Newport, RI

Mooney. See Harwood & Mooney

Mooney, Arthur. See Harwood & Mooney

Moor, A., Deersville, Harrison, OH

Moor, J., Deersville, Harrison, OH

Moore, Jamestown, NY

Moore, Kirkville, MO

Moore, Marion, OH

Moore, Middletown, CT

Moore, Portland, OR

Moore, Seattle, WT

Moore. See Bassler & Moore

Moore. See Bourman & Moore

Moore. See Delano & Moore

Moore. See Liscomb & Moore

Moore. See Towne & Moore

Moore & Bragg, Lima, Allen, OH

Moore & Clarke, San Francisco, CA

Moore & Clarke (Misses), San Francisco, CA

Moore & Co., Alleghany, PA

Moore & Co., Boston, MA

Moore, A. C., Arcola, IL

Moore, A. S., Salina, KS

Moore, A. S. See Delano & Moore

Moore, Angus, Albany, NY

Moore, B. M., Eureka, IL

Moore, Benjamin L., Eureka, IL

Moore, C. L., Springfield, MA

Moore, Charles H., Rochester, NY

Moore, Chas. T., New York, NY

Moore, Chauncey L. & Co., Springfield, MA

Moore, Clarence, Vero, FL

Moore, D. S., Lumber City, PA

Moore, E. B., Olean, NY

Moore, E. E. (Mrs.), Constantine, MI

Moore, E. W., Portland, OR

Moore, Elbridge W., Portland, OR

Moore, Elbridge W. See Towne & Moore

Moore, F. J., Westfield, MA

Moore, F. J. See Warren

Moore, Francis J., Westfield. MA

Moore, Frank, Cleveland, OH

Moore, Franklin, Otisfield, ME

Moore, Frederick J., Middleton & Portland, CT

Moore, G. N., Seattle, WA

Moore, G. S., Chicago, IL

Moore, G. S., New Lisbon, OH

Moore, G. S., New Lisbon, Columbiana, OH

Moore, G. S., Salem, OH

Moore, G. W., Medina, Ridgeway, NY

Moore, Geo W., Athol, MA

Moore, George M., Seattle, WA

Moore, George S., Chicago, IL#

Moore, George W., Athol. MA

Moore, H. A., Elma, IA

Moore, H. C., Springfield, MA

Moore, H. C., late firm Moore Brothers, Springfield, MA

Moore, H. L., Elizabeth, NJ

Moore, H. P. Concord, NH

Moore, H. P. See Frank Hayden

Moore, H. P. See Marshall M. Hayden

Moore, Henry L., Elizabeth, NJ

Moore, Henry P., Concord, NH

Moore, Henry P., Warren, NH

Moore, Hiram C., Springfield, MA

Moore, J. & Co., Olean, NY

Moore, J. B., Boston, MA

Moore, J. M., Philadelphia, PA

Moore, J. Mack, Vicksburg, MS

Moore, J. Robert, Jamestown, NY

Moore, J. S., Toledo, Iowa

Moore, J. W., Bellefonte, PA

Moore, James, Proctor, VT

Moore, Jeremiah, Deersville, Harrison, OH

Moore, John R., Trenton Falls, Trenton, NY

Moore, John W., Bellefonte, PA

Moore, John W., Cochransville, PA

Moore, Levi, Albany, NY

Moore, M. L., Lake City, FL

Moore, Matilda, New York, NY

Moore, Mrs., New York, NY

Moore, N. A. & R. A., Hartford, CT

Moore, Nelson Augustus

Moore, O. D., Detroit, MI

Moore, Otho C., Tucson, AZ

Moore, R. A. See Nelson Augustus Moore

Moore, R. S., Chattanooga, TN

Moore, Thomas S., Philadelphia, PA

Moore, Thos S. See Bassler & Moore

Moore, W. S., Chattanooga, TN

Moore, Will B., Cleveland, OH

Moore, William, Womelsdorf, PA

Moore, William D., Bloomfield, IA

Moore, Wm. H., Marion, OH

Moore, Wm. H., Marion, Marion, OH
Moore Bro's, Springfield, MA

Moore Bros., Springfield, MA

Moore Brothers, Springfield, MA

Moores, T. & C., Troy, NY

Moorhouse, E. H. Co., See Irving Corder

Moorhouse, E. P., Williamstown, MA

Moormann, Chas., Cincinnati, OH

Moorney, B. P., Wellman, IA

Mora, New York, NY

Mora. See Atwood & Montgomery

Mora, Joseph M., New York, NY

Mora, Peter M., New York, NY

Moran, Red Oak, IA

Moran, Harold V., Philadelphia, PA

Moran, John, Philadelphia, PA

Morand, Augustus, Brooklyn, NY

Morand, Augustus, New York, NY

Morand, W. A., Erie, PA

Moray, J. B. See Jackson's Gallery

More & Hager's, Blue Earth City, MN

Moreyama, S., San Francisco, CA

Moreau, Victor A., Hartford, CT

Morehouse, Bedford, PA

Morehouse.  See Weston & Morehouse

Moreno, New York, NY

Moreno & Lopez, New York, NY

Morey, Eli, Galesburg, MI

Morgan, Paris, KY

Morgan. See Carpenter & Morgan

Morgan. See Stiffler & Morgan

Morgan & Brusstar, Philadelphia, PA

Morgan & Farach, Brooklyn, NY

Morgan & Hoover, Lansing, IA

Morgan & Kenyon, New London, CT

Morgan, Beershaba. See Stiffler & Morgan

Morgan, David, Brooklyn, NY

Morgan, E. R., Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, E. R. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, Edward R., Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, F. P., Uniontown, PA

Morgan, G. W., Lansing, IA

Morgan, Geo W., Harriman, TN

Morgan, George D., Concord, NH

Morgan, George D., Fisherville, NH

Morgan, George D., Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, George H. See Carpenter & Morgan

Morgan, George W., Viroqua, WI

Morgan, H. W., New London, CT

Morgan, J., Concord, NH

Morgan, John B., Olathe, KS

Morgan, John, Concord, NH

Morgan, L. R., Mount Union, PA

Morgan, Millard M., Chicago, IL

Morgan, Nathan D., Norwich, CT

Morgan, O. T., Worcester, NY

Morgan, Rufus, Raleigh, NC

Morgan, S. S., Nevada, IA

Morgan, S. W., Concord, NH

Morgan, Sanford, Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, Schuyler W., Concord, NH

Morgan, Susan, Clinton, Douglas Co., KS

Morgan, T. & Co., Brooklyn, NY

Morgan, W., Champaign, IL

Morgan, William B., New York, NY

Morgan, William B., Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Morgan, Wm C., Butte, MT

Morhiser, Dubuque, IA

Morhiser, W. H., Dubuque, IA

Moriyama, S., San Francisco, CA

Moriarty, A. J., Putnam, CT

Moriarty, James, Elizabeth, NJ

Moriarty, John, Elizabeth, NJ

Moriarty, John M., Helena, MT

Morlan. See Dunlap & Morlan

Morlan & Nichols, Clinton, IA

Morlan, Micazah M. See Morlan & Nichols

Morley, Frank H., Cleveland, OH

Mormeyer, W. P., McKeesport, PA

Morosky, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Morrall-Hoole, Rochester, NY

Morre, LeRoy, Springfield, IL

Morrell, Alfred, Fair Point, MN

Morrell, Isaac V., Bloomington, IL

Morrell, John A., Cambridge, MA

Morrell, Moses B., Battle Creek, MI

Morrell, Sidney B., Detroit, MI

Morret, William P. See D. L. Strickler

Morrier, Jno J., Butte, MT

Morrill, Lowell, MA

Morrill. See Carr & Morrill

Morrill, Frank A., New Sharon,  ME

Morrill, Frank L., Lowell, MA

Morrill, G. S., Fishervlle, Concord, NH

Morrill, Sarah E. (Mrs.), Coldwater, MI

Morrill, Warren P., Boston, MA

Morrill, William, Andover, NH

Morris, Pittsburgh, PA

Morris & Co., Salt Lake City, UT

Morris, C. V. H., Auburn, NY

Morris, Charles Y., Auburn, NY

Morris, J. Ford, Fulton, Volney, NY

Morris, J. F., (Fulton) Volney, NY

Morris, J. Ford, Fulton, Oswego Co., NY

Morris, John C., Bangor, ME

Morris, Lewis, Port Rich, NY

Morris, Lewis H., Jackson, MS

Morris, M. E., Auburn, NY

Morris, M. E. (Jordan) Elbridge, NY

Morris, Melville E., Auburn, NY

Morris, O. M. & Co., Chicago, IL

Morris, Orville M., Birmingham, AL

Morris, Retta B., Jackson, MI

Morris, R. B. (Mrs.). See Lewis H. Morris

Morris, S. D., Sharpsburg, PA

Morris, S. Hall, Auburn, NY

Morris, S. Hall. See Union Picture Gallery

Morris, S. W., Edmonton

Morris, William, Lockport, NY

Morris, Wm., Perrysburg, Wood, OH

Morrison, Boston, MA

Morrison, Chicago, IL

Morrison, Harrisonburg, VA

Morrison, Yonkers, NY

Morrison, Charles L., Whitefield, NH

Morrison, Chas. L., Lisbon, NH

Morrison, Duane D., Missiu

Morrison, E. G., Canon City, CO

Morrison, E. G., (Springville) Concord, NY

Morrison, Hugh, Harrisonburg, VA

Morrison, J. A., Friendship, ME

Morrison, J. T., Dover, ME

Morrison, J. W. C., Portland, ME

Morrison, Saml B., Spavia, IL

Morrison, Samuel B., Bernadotte, IL

Morrison, T. H., Los Angeles, CA

Morrison, W. M., Chicago, IL

Morrison, William M., Chicago, IL

Morrison, Wm H., Indianapolis, IN

Morrow, F., Fredericktown

Morrow, J. H., New York, NY

Morrow, J. H., Austin, TX

Morrow, J. P., Greenfield, Highland, OH

Morrow, W. A., Hillsboro', OH

Morrow, W. A., Hillsboro', Highland, OH

Morse, Nashville, TN

Morse, San Francisco, CA

Morse. See Miner [Meiser] & Morse

Morse & Clemons, Demopolis, AL

Morse, A. F., Hallowell, ME

Morse, A. F.  See George F. McIntosh

Morse, Alonzo, Chicago, IL

Morse, Benjamin, Boston, MA

Morse, G. D., Greenwich, NY

Morse, G. D., San Francisco, CA

Morse, G. H. A., No. Bennington, VT

Morse, J. E., Fitchburg, MA

Morse, J. H. A., Bennington, VT

Morse, Levi, Thomaston, ME

Morse, Levi, Warren, ME

Morse, S. G., Exeter, NH

Morse, S. G. See W. N. Hobbs

Morse, Thomas N., Ansonia, CT

Morse, Thomas N., Birmingham, CT

Morse, Thomas N., Derby, CT

Morse, Thomas N., Shelton, CT

Morse, Thomson N., Ansonia, CT

Morse, Thomson N., Birmingham, CT

Morse, Thomson N., Derby, CT

Morse, Thomson N., Shelton, CT

Morse, W. H., Sheffield, IL

Morse, William M., Charlotte, NC

Morse, William T., Jacksonville, FL

Morse's Pal;ace of Art, San Francisco, CA

Mortell, D. James, Lincoln, NE

Mortensen, L. A., Chicago, IL

Mortensen, Louis A., Chicago, IL

Mortensen, S., Iron Mountain, MI

Morthorst, William H., Rochester, NY

Morthorst, Wm. F., Rochester, NY

Mortimer, John W., New York, NY

Mortimer, W. R., Pottsville, PA

Mortimer, William R., Pottsville, PA

Morton, Providence, RI

Morton. See Griffitt & Morton

Morton. See Nordell & Morton

Morton & Co., San Francisco, CA

Morton, Alfred M., Cleveland, OH

Morton, Alexander, Lyons, NY

Morton, H. Q., Barrington, RI

Morton, H. Q., New Shoreham, RI

Morton, H. Q., Phenix, Warwick, RI

Morton, H. Q., Providence, RI

Morton, H. Q., Bristol, RI

Morton, J. G., Canton, MO

Morton, J. R., Frederick  MD

Morton, L., Southbridge, MA

Morton, S. D., Hazleton, IA

Morton, Wm, Fort Scott, KS

Mosely, Robert E., Boston, MA

Mosley & Meinerth. See Carl Meinerth

Moser, J. W., Smyrna, DE

Moses. See Constant & Moses

Moses, Trenton, NJ

Moses & Co., New Orleans, LA

Moses & Piffet, New Orleans, LA

Moses & Son, New Orleans, LA

Moses, Adolph, Quincy, IL

Moses, Alphonse, Dallas, TX

Moses, B., New Orleans, LA

Moses, B. &. G., New Orleans, LA

Moses, B. & G., St. Louis, MO

Moses, G. & A., Quincy, IL

Moses, Edward, New Orleans, LA

Moses, L. See A. Constant & L. Moses

Moses, Morris, Trenton, NJ

Moses, S., New Orleans, LA

Moses, S. & Son, New Orleans, LA

Moses, S. Edith, New York, NY

Moses, Samuel, New Orleans, LA

Mosher, Chicago, IL

Mosher, C. D., Chicago, IL

Mosher, C. S., Baltimore, MD

Mosher, Charles D., Chicago, IL

Mosher, Charlie, Chicago, IL

Mosher, Geo. A., Albany, NY

Mosher, George A., Albany, NY

Mosher, George E., Albany, NY

Mosher, S. (Poplar Ridge) Venice, NY

Mosher's Art Gallery, Chiago, IL

Moskowitz, Hamlin, New York, NY

Mosman, Joel, Gardner, MA

Mosman, O., travelling photographer

Moss, Louis, New York, NY

Mosteller, A. J., Philadelphia, PA

Mosure, Tobias, Columbus, Franklin, OH

Mote & Swaine, Richmond, IN

Mote. See Swaine & Mote

Mote, Elisha J., Richmond, IN

Mote, John R., Antwerp, OH

Mote Brothers, Successors to Mote & Swain, Richmond, IN

Motes. See Smith & Motes

Motes, C. W., Athens, GA

Motes, C. W., Atlanta, GA

Motes, Columbus W., Atlanta, GA

Motion Picture Products, Chicago, IL

Motl, Wm A., Janesville, WI

Motrola. See Jones-Motrola

Mott, Katherine M., Fairview, IA

Mott, M. M., Anamosa, IA

Mottinger, A. H., Plainfield, IL

Mould, Baraboo, WI

Mould, F. W., La Crosse, WI

Mould, Sim, Dubuque, IA

Moulin, Gabriel, San Francisco, CA

Moulthrop & Hart, New Haven, CT

Moulthrop & Litchs', New Haven, CT

Moulthrop & Williams, New Haven, CT

Moulthrop, M., New Haven, CT

Moulton, Salem, MA

Moulton. See Hovey & Moulton

Moulton & Co., Plymouth, NH

Moulton, Alfred S. (Mrs.), Hartford, CT

Moulton, C. C. & J., Plymouth, NH

Moulton, F. J., Norwich, CT

Moulton, F. J., Plymouth, NH

Moulton, Frank J., Norwich, CT

Moulton, George C., New Bern, NC

Moulton, George, Raleigh, NC

Moulton, H. D. W., Spencer, NY

Moulton, Harry D. W., Haverhill, MA

Moulton, Horatio, Fitchburg, MA

Moulton, Horatio D., Fitchburg, MA,

Moulton, J. See C. C. & J. Moulton

Moulton, J. C., Fitchburg, MA

Moulton, J. W., Salem, MA

Moulton, John S., Salem, MA

Moulton, Joseph C., Fitchburg, MA

Moulton, Joshua W., Salem, MA

Moulton, L. W., Lorraine, NY

Moulton, L. W., Rome, NY

Moulton, W. J., Elmira, NY

Mount Morris Photo Studio, New York, NY

Mountford, Chicago, IL

Mountford, John, Chicago, IL

Mountain, John W., Philadelphia, PA

Mounts, D. D., Los Angeles, CA

Mouradian, H. F., Boston, MA

Mourer & Walgemuth, Fort Madison, IA

Mourer & Wolgemuth, Fort Madison, IA

Mourer, John. See Mourer & Walgemuth

Mourney, Ruth (Mrs.), Richmond, IL

Mouzon, S. C., Spartanburg, SC

Mowbray, Isaac H., New York, NY

Mowel, Thos., Creek Locks, Rosendale, NY

Mower & Edwards, Detroit, MI

Mowery, Abraham. See Ella Mowery

Mowery, Ella, Portland, OR

Mowrey, Francis, Rutland, VT

Mowrey. See Smith & Mowrey

Mowry, E. L., Lewisburg, PA

Mowry, Wm. H., Newport, RI

Moyer, Searcy, AR

Moyer. See McPike & Moyer 

Moyer, Elwood L., Philadelphia, PA

Moyston, Memphis, TN

Moyston. See Balch & Moyston

Moyston, J. H.  See Albert Denerley

Moyston, J. H., Memphis, TN
Moyston, John H., Memphis, TN

Moyston, Wm. H., Memphis, TN

Mozart, J. M., Boston, MA

Mt. Spring Gallery, Ephrata, PA

Mudge, Charles, Redford, MI

Mudge, M., Ironton, OH

Mudge, M. M., Chattanooga, TN

Mudge, Marion M., Norwich, CT

Mudgett, J. C., Fitchburg, MA

Mueller, Owatonna, MN

Mueller, A. F., New York, NY

Mueller, Aug F., New York, NY

Mueller, Charles A., Jersey City, NJ

Mueller, Fred, Owatonna, MN

Mueller, Frieda, Cincinnati, OH

Mueller, G. C., Baltimore, MD

Mueller, Geo C., Baltimore, MD

Mueller, H., Cincinnati, OH

Mueller, H. J., Milwaukee, WI

Mueller, Herman, Cincinnati, OH

Mueller, Herman J., Milwaukee, WI

Mueller, Herman L., Milwaukee, WI

Mueller, J., Council Bluffs, IA

Mueller, Mary, Cincinnati, OH

Mueller, Paul, Cincinnati, OH

Mueller, Robert, Milwaukee, WI

Mueller, Robert A., Milwaukee, WI

Mueller, Theodore, Zanesville, OH
Muench, New York, NY

Muhlenbeck, F., Toledo, Lucas, OH

Muhlenbeck, Prof., Indianapolis, IN
Muhlstein, Isaac, New York, NY

Muhrman, C. H., Cincinnati, OH

Muir, Joliet, IL

Muir. See Lodder & Muir

Muir, Francis, Detroit, MI

Muir, Frank, Detroit, MI

Mulford, R. B., West Chester, PA

Mulit, Henry S., Salem, OR

Mulkin, J., Hellen, PA

Mullen, Lexington, KY

Mullen. See Burke & Mullen

Mullen, George B., New York, NY

Mullen, J., Lexington, KY

Mullen, Jas. See Magnolia Photograph Gallery

Muller Brothers & Co., New York, NY

Muller & Ellis, New York, NY

Muller, Charles, New York, NY

Muller, Geo, New York, NY

Muller, Geo jr, New York, NY

Muller, George, New York, NY

Muller, Herman, Jersey City, NJ

Muller, Prof., New York, NY

Mulligan, B. J., Brooklyn, NY

Mulligan, Robert E., Portland, OR
Mulligan Bros., Columbus, OH

Mullin, Levi, Burlington, KS

Mullins, J. J., Brenham, Washington Co., TX

Mulready, Nellie C., Jamestown, ND

Munday & Arams, Syracuse, NY

Munder, Theoph., York, PA

Mundy, Utica, NY

Mundy & Williams, Utica, NY

Mundy, J. J., Charleston, SC

Mundy, John J., Syracuse, NY

Mundy, L. C., Utica, NY

Mumper, J. I, Gettysburg, PA

Mumper, Jacob I., Gettysburg, PA

Mumper, Levi, Gettysburg, PA

Munger, Oconomowoc, WI

Munger, Quincy, IL

Munger, D. G., Oconomowoc, WI

Munn & Faul, Atchison, Atchison Co., KS

Munn, J. M., Atchison City, KS

Munn, John, Atchison, KS

Munroe, Fred., Osceola, NY

Munroe, O., (Dunkirk) Pomfret, NY

Munson, Madison, SD

Monson & Wolfer, Peru, IL

Munson, F. W., Le Roy, NY

Munson, Henry, Millerton, North East, NY

Muraour & Hoffmeister, New Orleans, LA
Murdock, Successor to D. O. Adams, Columbus, IN

Murdock, G. W., Knoxville, TN

Murdock, Will S., Buffalo,NY

Murdock, Willis S., Brooklyn, NY

Murdock, Willis S., Buffalo, NY

Murillo, St. Louis, MO

Murillo Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Murlless, D., Northampton, MA

Murphy. See Bosworth & Murphy

Murphy, Augustus A., New York, NY

Murphy, Dan'l F., New York, NY

Murphy, E., Binghamton, NY

Murphy, E. & Brother, Binghamton, NY

Murphy, Ezra, Binghamton, NY

Murphy, M., Grand Island, NE

Murphy, P., Canton, MA

Murphy, S. R., Ipava, IL

Murphy, Samuel R., Canton, IL

Murphy Bros., Alton, IL

Murr, C., Joliet, IL

Murr, Charles, Joliet, IL

Murr, Chas., Joliet, IL

Murray, Petersburg, VA

Murray. See Kilborn & Murray

Murray, C. J. I., Federalsburg, MD

Murray, C. M. See Kilborn & Murray

Murray, Cyrus J., Marsh, PA

Murray, David S., Jacksonville, FL

Murray, Edward, Brighton, IL

Murray, K. See Kilborn and Murray

Musser, F. E., Harrisburg, PA

Musser's, Harrisburg, PA

Mussey, Frederic B., Phoenix, AZ

Musgrove, George, Magnolia, IA

Mutual Photo Finishing Co., Chicago, IL

Myer, C. E., Hornellsville, NY

Myers, Boise, ID

Myers, Middletown, NY

Myers, Saratoga Springs, NY

Myers, Poughkeepsie, NY
Myers. See Granger & Myers

Myers & Hosley, Fair Haven, VT

Myers & Rice. See Jacob C. Shaver

Myers, C. A., San Francisco, CA

Myers, C. E., Hornellsville, NY

Myers, Charles M., Lansingburgh, NY

Myers, Chas A., San Francisco, CA

Myers, E. G., Wheeling, WV

Myers, Frank N., Saratoga Springs, NY

Myers, H. C. See Mabel A. Stewart

Myers, Horace C., Boise, ID

Myers, John S., Poughkeepsie, NY

Myers, Jos., Frostburg, MD

Myers, S. H. & Co., Saratoga Springs, NY

Myers, Simon C., Weston, VT

Myers, Simon H., Fair Haven, VT

Myers, Thomas, New York, NY

Myers, Wm, Wheeling, WV

Myhrer, Luverne, MN

Myklebust, C. P., Eagle Grove, IA

Myland, Christian, Philadelphia, PA

Mytinger, Frank B., Chicago, IL



Photographer Lists

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Jones & Co. may be listed under "Jones & Co.", Jones, G. & Co." or "Jones, George & Co."

Jones & Son may be listed under "Jones & Son", "Jones, G. & Son" or "Jones, George & Son"

Jones & Smith may be listed under "Jones & Smith", Jones, "George & Smith" or "Jones, George & William Jones"

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