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Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

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The information about photographers includes:

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  • Dates of operation
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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter K that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers K in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Kabley, Clinton, MA

Kabley, Charles A., Clinton, MA

Kackley, Maysville, KY

Kackley, J. T., Maysville, KY

Kadgihn, H., Bloomington, IL

Kadgihn, Henry, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kadighn, Bloomington, IL

Kadign, Henry, Bloomington, IL

Kadison, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Kadison, Louis, New Haven, CT

Kadison, Louis, New York, NY

Kahlert, Albert H., Milwaukee, WI

Kahm, J. A., Port Townsend, WT

Kaihl, J. K., Pennsburg, PA

Kaiser, E., Tucson, AZ

Kalb. See Brimmer & Kalb

Kaleta, Stanley, Cleveland, OH

Kallos Studios, New York, NY

Kalos Studios, New York, NY

Kalt, Alexander C., Brooklyn, NY

Kaltenbach, Erie, PA

Kaltenbach, Geo C., Erie, PA

Kanberg, J. J., Chicago, IL

Kanberg, John I., Chicago, IL

Kanberg, John J., Chicago, IL

Kann, A., Chicago, IL

Kansas City Photograph Rooms

Kansas City Photograph Rooms. See G. Wertz

Kansas City View Co., Kansas City, MO

Kantro, John D., Brooklyn, NY

Kautz, I. A., Seattle, WA

Kantz, Ira A., Roslyn, WA

Kaplan & Love, New York, NY

Kapp & Gross, New York, NY

Karagheusian. See Mesrobian & Karagheusian

Karekin, Sahagian Der, Waterville, ME

Karker, Marx, Cincinnati, OH

Karlson, Carl J., New Haven, CT

Karlsson, Karl, New Haven, CT

Karmel, L., Newburgh,

Karnes, S. O., Los Angeles, CA

Karras & Brown, San Francisco, CA

Karras & Brown. See Vaughan's Gallery

Kasanjian, A., Boston, MA

Kasebier, Gertrude, New York,

Kaska, Max, Cincinnati, OH

Kasper, John A., Hebron, ND

Kaste, Wm, Freeport, IL

Kastenholz, John & Co., Milwaukee, WI

Kastenholz, John C., Milwaukee, WI

Katler, Benj., New York, NY

Katz, Boston, MA

Katz, Harry, Cleveland, OH

Katz, I., Boston, MA

Katz, Isaac, Boston, MA

Katz, Joseph, Brooklyn,

Katz, Lillian G., Boston, MA

Katzman, Jacob, New York,

Kauffman & Cowell, Philadelphia, PA

Kauffman, M. E., Pueblo, CO

Kauffman, M. E., Ward City, CO

Kauffman, Z., York, PA

Kaufman & Fabry Co., Chicago, IL

Kaufman, Nathan, Cleveland, OH

Kaufman, Saml, New York, NY

Kaufman, Samuel, New York, NY

Kaufman, Sol, New York, NY

Kaufman, Solomon, New York, NY

Kaufmann, Pittsburg, PA

Kaufmann & Fabry Co., Chicago, IL

Kautz, Russell J., Fairbury, NE

Kavanaugh. See Simms & Kavanaugh

Kaw River Studio, Lawrence, KS

Kay, R. W., Virden, IL

Kaye, Frank B., Washington, DC

Kayenmeyer, F. F., Newark, NJ

Kaylor, Lupton L., Waynesboro, PA

Kaylor, Thos. O., Cincinnati, OH

Kayne, Jennie A., Indianapolis, IN

Kayow, William, Ft. Smith, AR

Kayser, W. N., Fort Smith, AR

Kazanjian, Aram, Boston, MA

Kazanjian, Horen, Boston, MA

Kazenmeyer, F. G., Newark, NJ

Keachie & Ramsdell, Cedar Rapids, IA

Keagly, M. Luther, Canton, OH

Keagy, J., Chambersburg, PA

Keagy, John, Chambersburg, PA

Keagy, M. L., Canton, OH

Keaho, John F., Rome, NY

Keane, D. D., New Orleans, LA

Kearney, Michael, Jr., Meridian, MS

Kearney, Theodore F., Brooklyn, NY

Keath, C. H., Muscatine, IA

Keating, Frederick, Norwalk, CT

Keck, Youngstown, OH

Keck, Calvin, Johnstown, OH

Keck, Calvin, Youngstown, OH

Keckeissen & Naegeli, New York, NY

Keddy, Thomas, Baton Rouge, LA

Keddy, Thomas, Bastrop, LA

Kedney, Norwalk, CT

Keefe, William J., New Haven, CT

Keefer, Anna, New York, NY

Keegan & Joel, New York, NY

Keegan, E. J., New York, NY

Keegan, Edw J., New York, NY

Keeler, E. C., Salt Lake City, UT

Keeler, F., Philadelphia, PA

Keeler, F. F., Westport, CT

Keeler, F. S., Philadelphia, PA

Keeler, Francis, Philadelphia, PA

Keeler, Francis S., Philadelphia, PA

Keeler, Jennie, Fremont, NE

Keeler, William M., Brooklyn, NY

Keeley, Harry J., Cheyenne, WY

Keeley, Henry C., Chicago, IL

Keely, Philadelphia, PA

Keely, Henry C., Chicago, IL

Keely, Robert N., Philadelphia, PA

Keen, Lilburn W., Jonesboro, TN

Keen, William, Adamsville, PA

Keenan, J. A., Philadelphia, PA

Keenan, J. A. See J. H. Stetser

Keenan, John A., Philadelphia, PA

Keenan, N. E., Cincinnati, OH

Keenan, Newton, Cincinnati, OH

Keenan, Newton E., Ludlow, KY

Keenan's Old Stand, Philadelphia, PA

Keene, G. E., Mankato, MN

Keenes/Keener, James H., Rowlesburg, WV

Keenor, George, Harrisburg, PA

Keesler, J., Marathon, NY

Keet, A. G., Harrisburg, PA

Keet, Asahel G., Harrisburg, PA

Keeter, J. P., Indianapolis, IN

Keeter, Joseph P., Indianapolis, IN

Keeter, Rufus G., Indianapolis, IN

Keeter Bros., Indianapolis, IN

Kehres & Yauch, Cleveland, OH

Kehres, Gustav C., Cleveland, OH

Kehrwieder, Germantown, PA

Kehrwieder, Shamokin, PA

Kehrweider, Carrie, Philadelphia, PA

Kehrwieder, Carrie B., Philadelphia, PA

Kehrweider, Reta, Philadelphia, PA

Kehrwieder, William H. F., Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Keil, Chas. Jr., Brooklyn, NY

Keil  Emanuel, Salem, OR

Keiler, Levi, Catawissa, PA

Keilopt, A., Baltimore, MD

Keim, Jersey City, NJ

Keim & Moltz. See Charles F. Keim 

Keim, Charles F., NE

Keim, Charles F. and G. W. Moltz, Omaha, NE

Keim, J.  See T. O. Light

Keim, J. H., Lebanon, PA

Keim, J. H. See J. Smith Sr.

Keim, John H., Jersey City, NJ

Keim, William, Brooklyn, NY

Kein, George W., New York, NY

Keipen, Sigmund, New York, NY

Keiser, George B., Allentown, PA

Keister, W. H., Washington, DC

Keitges, John, Omaha, NE

Keith, Frederick T., New York, NY

Keith, John S., Erie, PA

Keith, L. L., East Machias, ME

Keith, Luman M., Lincoln, NE

Keith, Sarah (Miss), Erie, PA

Keith, W. L., Erie, PA

Kelch, Gustave, Naugatuck, CT

Kelhledge, P. D., Belvidere, NJ

Kell, Edward, San Francisco, CA

Kell, J. H., Canton, OH

Kell, John H., Canton,OH

Kellberg & Cooper, Harrisburg, PA

Keller. See Mahan & Keller

Keller. See Williams & Keller

Keller, Emil D., Helena, MT

Keller, Ernest F., New York, NY

Keller, F. C. See Cath McHardy

Keller, Frank H. See Webb & Keller

Keller, George, Brooklyn, NY

Keller, H., San Francisco, CA

Keller, H. D., Wapello, IA

Keller, Herman, San Francisco, CA

Keller, P. J., Tiffin, OH

Keller Photo Supplies. See Ralph E. Halldorson

Kellerman, Adolph, New York, NY

Kellermann, Adolph, New York, NY

Kellett, Sarah E. P.  See T. A. Kellett & Wife

Kellett, T. A. & Wife, Laporte, IA

Kellett, Thomas A.  See T. A. Kellett & Wife

Kelley, New York, NY

Kelley. See Bennett & Kelley

Kelley. See Watson & Kelley

Kelley, A. E., Bluffton, IN

Kelley, E. T. & Co., New York, NY

Kelley, James H., New York, NY

Kelley, Joseph, Terre Haute, IN

Kelley, Maurice W., St. Johnsbury, VT

Kelley, Oratus H., Darby 4 Corners, VT

Kelley, Orratus H., Darby 4 Corners, VT

Kelley, Wm. S., Waterbury, CT

Kellie, Geo. I.  See Elite Studio

Kellmer, Hazleton, PA

Kellner, Anthony, Leavenworth, KS

Kellogg, Red Wing, MN

Kellogg. See Hedley & Kellogg

Kellogg & Butler, Hartford, CT

Kellogg, Mrs., wife of artist

Kellogg Brothers, Hartford, CT

Kellogg, A. G., Des Moines, IA

Kellogg, C. P., Hartford, CT

Kellogg, E. P., Hartford, CT

Kellogg, E. P. & Wm., Hartford, CT

Kellogg, E. S., Beaver Dam, WI

Kellogg, J. D., Janesville, WI

Kellogg, J. D., Red Wing, MN

Kellogg, John D., Red Wing, MN

Kellogg, William M., Hartford, CT

Kellogg, Wm. See E. P. & Wm. Kellogg 

Kellum. See Reed & Kellum

Kelly. See Washburn & Kelly

Kelly & Runnels, San Francisco, CA

Kelly & Sobieska, Chicago, IL

Kelly, A. B. & S. W., Merrimac, MA

Kelly, C. M., Gainesville, AL

Kelly, E. R., Farragut, IA

Kelly, Everet, Dallas, TX

Kelly, Geo F., San Francisco, CA

Kelly, George F., San Francisco, CA

Kelly, H. C., Whitehall, IL

Kelly, Heaster G., Cleveland, OH

Kelly, Isaac M., Philadelphia, PA

Kelly, J. J., Newark, NJ

Kelly, James B., Cincinnati, OH

Kelly, Jas. B., Cincinnati, OH

Kelly, John G., Leavenworth City, KS

Kelly, John W. Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Kelly, Oratus H., Darby, VT

Kelly, Reginald, San Francisco, CA

Kelly,, Thos. J., Leavenworth, KS

Kelly, S. W. See A. B. Kelly

Kelly, W. W., Candor, PA

Kelly, Williams F., Philadelphia, PA

Kelly, Wm. S., Waterbury, CT

Kelman & Spaete, Chicago, IL

Kelsey, Delavan, WI

Kelsey, C. C., Chicago, IL

Kelsey, D. W., Sidney, OH

Kelsey, O., Pioneer, OH

Keltner, Thomas J., Atlanta, GA

Kemeny & Tuly, Newark, NJ

Kemeny, Ferdinand, New York, NY

Kemp, Trenton, NJ

Kemp. See Doremus & Kemp

Kemp, J. H. R., Luzerne, PA

Kemp, John M., Paterson, NJ

Kemp, K. C., Ironton, OH

Kemp, Robert A., Salem, IN

Kemp, William C. R., Orleans, IN

Kempe, Rochester, NY

Kempf, Charles L., Brooklyn, NY

Kempf, Chas. L., Brooklyn, NY

Kempf's, Brooklyn, NY

Kenaston, Cree & Co., Chicago, IL

Kendal/Kindal, James, Dallas, IN

Kendall & McKenzie, Boston, MA

Kendall, Edwin, New Lebanon, NY

Kendall, James, Huntington, IN

Kendall, Joshua, Veteran, NY

Kendall, Leroy, Biddeford, ME

Kendall, Merrill G., Brandon, VT

Kendall, W. P., Woodstock, VT

Kendall, William P., Manchester, NH

Kendall, William P., Woodstock, VT

Kendall, Wm. P., Woodstock, VT

Kendig, C., Naperville, IL

Kendra, Joseph W., Philadelphia, PA

Kenedy, P. B., Greensboro, NC

Keney, E. H., Dayton, OH

Kenfield, G. W., Bergen, NY

Keniston & Co., Lynn, MA

Keniston, J. F., Concord, NH

Keniston, J. F. & Co., Fitchburg, MA

Keniston, John M., Danville, IL

Keniston, Joseph F., Boston, MA

Kennard & Co., New York, NY

Kenneda, M. A., Hot Springs, AR

Kenneday & Schenck, Newark, NJ

Kennedy, Lincoln, NE

Kennedy. See Deihl & Kennedy 

Kennedy. See Merril & Kennedy

Kennedy. See Merrill & Kennedy

Kennedy & Douglass, Hot Springs, AR

Kennedy & Schence, Newark, NJ

Kennedy & Schenck, Newark, NJ

Kennedy, A. M., Hot Springs, AR

Kennedy, C. W.

Kennedy, E. M., Camden, OH

Kennedy, Geo. K. See Merril & Kennedy

Kennedy, Herbert S., Boston, MA

Kennedy, Herbert S., Portland, ME

Kennedy, I. F., Lincoln, NE

Kennedy, I. Fremont, Lincoln, NE

Kennedy, Irvin F., Lincoln, NE

Kennedy, J. A., Pittsburgh, PA

Kennedy, J. F., Hot Springs, AR

Kennedy, J. F., York, NE

Kennedy, Lewis, Jackson, MS

Kennedy, Louis H., Jackson, MS

Kennedy, M. A., Lawrence, KS

Kennedy, Philip P., Asheville, NC

Kennedy, W. H., Williamsport, PA

Kennett & Jones, San Francisco, CA

Kennett, Luther W., San Francisco, CA

Kenney. See Jackson & Kenney

Kenney, B. F., Boston, MA

Kenney, C. C., Augusta, GA

Kenney, George, New York, NY

Kennicott. See Bigford & Kennicott

Kennish, John T., Cleveland, OH

Kenniston, George H., Calais, VT

Kenny, David J., New London, CT

Kenny, Herbert J., Bozeman, MT

Kenny, Herbert J., Portland, OR

Kent, Brockton

Kent, A. L., Independence, MO

Kent, Ada H., Rochester, NY

Kent, J. H., Brockport, NY

Kent, J. H., Rochester, NY

Kent, John H., Rochester, NY

Kent, M., Troy, IA

Kent, T. H., Rochester, NY

Kenyon, McGregor, IA

Kenyon. See Bishop & Kenyon 

Kenyon. See Cox & Kenyon

Kenyon. See Morgan & Kenyon 

Kenyon & Wheeler, Great Falls, MT

Kenyon & Wheeler. See Blanche S. Thompson

Kenyon & Wheeler. See Jno K. Thompson

Kenyon, Austin T., Port Leyden, Leyden, NY

Kenyon, C. C., Hopkinton, RI

Kenyon, C. C., Wyoming, Hopkinton, RI

Kenyon, Clarke C., Richmond, RI

Kenyon, Clarke C., Wyoming, Richmond, South Kingstown, RI

Kenyon, M., Chicago, IL

Kenyon, Marcus, Chicago, IL

Kenyon, Perry B., New London, CT

Kenyon, William H., New Britain, CT

Keoderer, H. F., Cardington, OH

Kepperling & Co., Chicago, IL

Kepple, E. C., Harrisburg, PA

Kepple, J. A., Harrisburg, PA

Kerfoot, Charles E., Washington, DC

Kerker & Schake, San Francisco, CA

Kerlin, Theodore J., Anaconda, MT

Kerlinger, L. H., Glen Rock, PA

Kern & Gaugler, Selins Grove, PA 

Kern, Jos A., Crawford, NE

Kern Bros., New York, NY

Kern Brother, New York, NY

Kern Brothers, New York, NY

Kerpen, Sigmund, New York, NY


Kerr. See Funk & Kerr

Kerr, C. (Mrs.), Pella, IA

Kerr, D., NY

Kerr, David, New York, NY

Kerr, J. H., Louisa, KY

Kerr, J. M., Bowling Green, OH

Kerr, W. F., Indianapolis, IN

Kerr, W. F., Tipton, IN

Kersting, F. W., Galveston, TX

Kersting, Henry C., Chicago, IL

Kersting, Chicago, IL

Kersting Bros., Chicago, IL

Kertson & Barber, New York, NY

Kertson & Co., Newark, NJ

Kertson & Thompson, New York, NY
Kertson, M., New York, NY

Kertson, M., Newark, NJ

Kerzman, Henry, Chicago, IL

Keslea, R. D., Atlanta, Illinois

Kesler, F., Beardstown, IL

Kesler, F. J., Beardstown, IL

Kessberger. See Halliday & Kessberger 

Kessberger, A. W., Springfield, IL

Kesses, Charles, New York, NY

Kesses, Chas, New York, NY

Kester, J. W., Grinnell, IA

Kester, M. R., Los Angeles, CA

Kestler & Co., New York, NY

Ketcham, William G., Chicago, IL

Ketchledge, P. D., Belvidere, NJ

Ketchledge, Peter D., Belvidere, NJ

Ketcham, William G., Chicago, IL


Ketchum. See Nichols & Ketchum

Ketchum, W. L., Union City, PA

Kettering, R. S., Little Rock, AR

Ketteringham, Captain B., Houston, TX

Ketz, Kemethy, Washington, DC

Kevorkian, Moses, Portsmouth, NH

Keyes. See Teel & Keyes

Keyes, Asahel, Elsah, IL

Keyes, C. H., Dixon, IL

Keyes, William M., Elkader, IA

Keyes Studios, Inc, New York, NY

Keys, Isahel, Jersey Co., IL

Keys, James H., Washington, DC

Keyser & Tinker, Belle Plaine, IA

Keyser, H. D. W., Coxsackie, NY

Keystone Photo Jewelry Co., Philadelphia, PA

Keystone Photo Service, Los Angeles, CA

Keystone View Co., Allentown, PA

Keystone View Co., Los Angeles, CA

Kibbe, Geo., Amsterdam, NY

Kibbe, Wm. H., Johnstown, NY

Kibler. See Schriver & Kibler

Kiblinger, E. C., Jackson, LA

Kidd, Fredk G., San Francisco, CA

Kidd, J. Harry, Trenton, NJ

Kidd, Thomas, Detroit, MI

Kidd, William M., Philadelphia, PA

Kidder, Benjamin D., Tisbury, MA

Kidder, G. R., Watertown, MA

Kidder, George R., Watertown, MA

Kiddoo, E. E., Glenwood, IA

Kidney, Wm. H., Cincinnati, OH

Kieclokewski, F., Trenton, NJ

Kieclokewski, Frank, Trenton, NJ

Kief & Wilson, Batavia, NY

Kiefer & Kirsch, Lawrenceburg, IN

Kielczenski, Frank, Trenton, NJ

Kielczewski, F., Trenton, NJ

Kielkoph, John G., Philadelphia, PA

Kiener, Herman, New York, NY

Kiener, Hermann, Tompkinsville, NY

Kientz, C. F., Lancaster, NY

Kientzle. See Evers & Kientzle

Kientzle, A., Philadelphia, PA

Kientzle, A. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Kientzle, Alexander, Philadelphia, PA

Kienzke. See Moore & Kienzke

Kiernan, John, Brooklyn, NY

Kierski, Minneapolis, MN

Kies, G., Batavia, NY

Kihlholz. See Heinzman & Kihlholz

Kihlholz, B., St. Louis, MO

Kihlholz, Bernhard, Chicago, IL

Kikuchi, Toyo, New York, NY

Kilborn & Gilbert, Lincoln, NE

Kilbom, W. F. & Co., Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilbom, Wilber F.  See W. F. Kilbom & Co.

Kilbom, Wm F.  See W. F. Kilbom & Co.

Kilborn, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilborn & Co., Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilborn & Murray, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilborn, Frank, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilborn, W. K. & Co., Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilborn, W. Franklin, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kilborn Brothers, Littleton, NH

Kilborne. See Townsend & Kilborne

Kilbourn. See Townsend & Kilbourn

Kilbourne, F. F., Middleborough, KY

Kilburn, B. W., Littleton, NH

Kilburn, E., Littleton, NH

Kilburn Brothers, Littleton, NH

Kilby, A. S., Anderson, IN

Kilby, Almon S., Huntington, IN

Kilby, Charles, Huntington, IN

Kilgen, George J., St. Louis, MO

Kilgore, Belfast, ME

Kilgore, H. L., Belfast, ME

Kilgore, Henry L., Belfast, ME

Kilholz, Bernard, Chicago, IL

Killam, Albert, Hartford, CT

Kilman, W. D. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Kilmer. See Snook & Kilmer

Kilner, Walter, Mattoon, IL

Kimball, Boston, MA

Kimball, Concord, NH

Kimball, Lowell, MA

Kimball, Richmond, ME

Kimball & Sons, Concord, NH

Kimball & Tallant, Lowell,  MA

Kimball, A. W., Augusta, ME

Kimball, A. W., Lowell, MA

Kimball, A. W., Richmond, ME

Kimball, A. W., Manchester, NH

Kimball, Alonzo W., Augusta, ME

Kimball, Alonzo W., Richmond, ME

Kimball, E. C., Lowell, MA

Kimball, E. Wyatt, Concord, NH

Kimball, Edward B., Portland, ME

Kimball, Howard A., Concord, NH

Kimball, Howard A., Leavenworth, KS

Kimball, J. L., Concord, NH

Kimball, J. L., Leavenworth, KS

Kimball, M. Frank (Miss), Lowell, MA

Kimball, M. H., New York, NY

Kimball, Myron H., Philadelphia, PA

Kimball, R. H., Concord, NH

Kimball, Richard H., Concord, NH

Kimball, W. G., Concord, NH

Kimball, W. G. C., Concord, NH

Kimball, W. G. C. See Albert E. Perkins

Kimball, W. H. G., Concord, NH

Kimball, William H., Concord, NH

Kimball, Willis C. G., Concord, NH

Kimball, Willis G. C., Concord, NH

Kimball Bros., Concord, NH

Kimball Brothers, Fitchburg, MA

Kimberly Bros., Norfolk, VA

Kimble, Charles W., Trenton, NJ

Kime Studio, Little Rock, AR

Kimmel. See Fromheart & Kimmel

Kimmell & McCarthy, Cleveland, OH

Kincaid, Joseph, Tacoma, WA

Kinch. See Swain & Kinch

Kinch & Swaim, Bordentown, NJ

Kinch Bros., Walton, NY

Kindel, Oscar, Brooklyn, NY

Kindergraph Studio, Boston, MA

Kindler, F., Newport, RI

Kindler, F., Salem, MA

Kindler, Frederick, Newport, RI

Kindmark, E., Coldwater, MI

Kindmark, Edward, Jersey City, NJ

Kinetograph Co., New York, NY

King, Newport, RI

King. See Cramer & King

King. See Cushing & King

King & Babb, Hartford, CT

King & Emmens, Windsor, VT

King & Pearson, Cambridge, MA

King & Wagness, Tacoma, WA

King, A. B. (Mrs.), Union Mills, PA

King, Charles, Waterford, PA

King, Charles H., Bridgewater, MA

King, Chas P., Oskaloosa, KS,

King, David, New Bedford, MA

King, E. C.  See Frank P. Foster

King, E. V., Topeka, KS

King, Edward C., Augusta, GA

King, Edw. E., Bangor, ME

King, F. T., Boston, MA

King, F. W., Covington, KY

King, Francis P., New Haven, CT

King, Frank L., Boston, MA

King, G. W., New York, NY

King, Geo W., New York, NY

King, George R., Boston, MA

King, H. B., Boston, MA

King, H. B., Taunton, MA

King, H. H., Washington, DC

King, Henry, Columbus, PA

King, J. B., Salt Lake City, UT

King, J. C., Honolulu, HI

King, J. P., Waterloo, IA

King, J. T., Randolph, MA

King, James B., Salt Lake City, UT

King, Jerry, Lawrence, MA

King, John, Crab Orchard, KY

King, Kee, Portland, OR

King, M. A., Los Angeles, CA

King, M. F., Portland, ME

King, Marcus F., Portland, ME

King, Marquis F., Portland, ME

King, Marquis F.  See J. D. Dexter & Co.

King, Minor B., Troy, NY

King, Samuel H. 2nd, Portsmouth, NH

King, Seth B., Hartford, CT

King, Theodore, Cambridge, MA

King, Theodore A., Boston, MA

King, Theodore E., Cambridge, MA

King, Theodore P., Springfield, MA

King, W. A., Windsor, VT

King, W. B., Hagerstown, MD

King, W. J., Chicago, IL

King, Wallace A., Windsor, VT

King, William, Waterbury, CT

King, William J., Chicago, IL

King, William S., Denver, CO

King, Wm, Waterbury, CT

King Bros., Santa Paula, CA

Kinger, C. P., Cambridge City, IN

Kingman. See Seaver & Kingman     

Kingham, J. P., Oklahoma City, OK

Kingman, Frank, Houston, TX

Kingman, M., Boston, MA

Kingman, S., Boston, MA

Kingman & Wilkins, Boston, MA

Kingman, Sidney.  See Seaver & Kingman

Kingsbury, Edward S., Boston, MA

Kingsbury, Edward S. N., Boston, MA

Kingsbury, Henry, Buffalo, NY

Kingsbury, Loren A., Spring Valley, MN

Kinnamon, C. F. See F. & C. F. Kinnamon

Kinnaman, F. & C. F., Sandusky, OH and Fostoria, OH

Kinnaman, Fred., Findlay, OH

Kinne, E., Northeast, PA

Kinne, P. F., Leland, IL

Kinney, E. B., Newark Valley

Kinsey, Charles A., Belgrade, MT

Kinsman, Henry, Brandon, VT

Kirbey, Joseph, Heber City, UT

Kirby, John B., Susquehanna Depot, PA

Kirby, Samuel, Massilon, OH

Kirby, William E., Carbondale, PA

Kirchoff, O. E., Milwaukee, WI

Kirchoff, O. E. See Paul Prescher, Successor to O. E.  Kirchoff

Kirchhoff, Otto E., Milwaukee, WI

Kirk, Frank A., Burlington, VT

Kirk, George W., Huntington, WV

Kirk, H. P., Mason City, IA

Kirk, J., Newark, NJ

Kirk, J. H., Wheeling, WV

Kirk, John H., Wheeling, WV

Kirk, Joseph, Newark, NJ

Kirk, Joseph, New Garden, OH

Kirk, L., Gilmore, OH

Kirk, S. C., Johnstown, OH

Kirk, William H., New York, NY

Kirk, Wm Hale Co., New York, NY

Kirker, William, Demopolis, AL

Kirker, Wm, Demopolis, AL

Kirkham, J. W., Leavenworth, KS

Kirkham, Reuben, Logan, UT

Kirkland, C. D., Cheyenne, WY Territory

Kirkland, G. W., Denver, CO

Kirkle, Dietrich E., Cleveland, OH

Kirkpatrick. See Lukens and Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick & Brown, Davenport, IA

Kirkpatrick, C. E. Jr., Anna, IL

Kirkpatrick, E. G., Newtown, MD

Kirkpatrick, R. C., Kansas City, MO

Kirkpatrick, W. L., Geneseo, IL

Kirkpatrick, William L., Buda, IL

Kirkpatrick, William M. See P. Olmsted

Kirmes, W. L., Boston, MA

Kirsch. See Kiefer & Kirsch

Kirsch, Joseph, Detroit, MI

Kirtiklis, Wm, Hazleton, PA

Kirwin, Peter T., Albany, NY

Kiser Photo Co., Portland, OR

Kiss, Emil, Cleveland, OH

Kit Carson Studio. See F. Coomer

Kit Carson Studio, Taos, NM

Kitchell, Hoboken, NJ

Kitchell, Aaron, Fort Hamilton, NY

Kitchell, Aaron, Newark, NJ

Kitchen, Littleton, White Mountains, NH

Kitchen, William, Warren, PA

Kitching, W. C., New Sharon, IA

Kitchings, St. Louis, MO

Kite, L. J., Chicago, IL

Kite, Louis J., Chicago, IL

Kittering, Ralph, Little Rock, AR

Kittie, H. (Miss), Port Byron, NY

Kitzsteiner & Co., Cleveland, OH

Klain, Nathan, New York, NY

Klain, Nathan M., San Francisco, CA

Klapper, William, New York, NY

Klapper, Wm, New York, NY

Klauber & Campbell, Louisville, KY

Klauber, E., Louisville, KY

Klauber, E. See Charles D. Rowland

Klauber, E. See William J. Root

Klauber, Edward, Louisville, KY

Klauber, Henry, Louisville, KY

Klauck, A. Mrs., Buffalo, NY

Klauck, V., Buffalo, NY

Klauck, Valentine, Buffalo, NY

Klauer. See Funk & Klauer

Klauser. See Duchochois & Klauser

Klauser, Karl, Farmington, CT

Klauser, W., New York, NY

Klauser, William, New York, NY

Klauser, Wm., New York, NY

Kleckner. See Conklin & Kleckner

Kleckner, Molton A., Bethlehem, PA

Kleckner, Samuel, Sugar Valley, PA

Klein, Adolph, New York, NY

Klein, Emil, Jersey City, NJ

Klein, Geo. J., Successor to Joshua Smith, Chicago, IL

Klein, George J., Chicago, IL

Klein, J. & Son, New York, NY

Klein, Jacob, New York, NY

Klein, Julius J., San Francisco, CA

Klein, Samuel, Philadelphia, PA

Klein Bros., Philadelphia, PA

Klemet, W., Philadelphia, PA

Klemovich, Harry, Trenton, NJ

Klindt, C., San Diego, CA

Klindt, Chas., San Diego, CA

Kline, Huntingdon, PA

Kline, Philadelphia, PA

Kline. See Donnell & Kline

Kline. See Reynolds & Kline

Kline, F., Canton, OH

Kline, Frank, Philadelphia, PA

Kline, Huntingdon, PA

Kline, L.B., Huntington, PA

Kline, Samuel, Philadelphia, PA

Kline, T. J., Catasauqua, PA

Klinedinst, William H., Madison, NJ

Klinefelder, Jacob, Sharpsburg, PA

Klinghalz, Hugo, Springfield, IL

Klingholtz, Mantiwoc, WI

Klingholtz, Hugo, Mantiwoc, WI

Klintworth. See Blakeslee-Klintworth

Klock, B. Z., Pine Bluff, AR

Klock, B. Z.  See Frederick Whitton

Kloo, Newport, KY

Klopp, William T., Jersey City, NJ

Klotter, Charles, St. Louis, MO

Knabe, Gustave J., Torrington, CT

Knaffl, Knoxville, TN

Knaffl & Bro., Knoxville, TN

Knaffl and Brakebill, Knoxville, TN

Knaffl and Bro., Knoxville, TN

Knapp. See Briggs & Knapp 

Knapp, E. P., Scott, NY

Knapp, Felix, New York, NY

Knapp, U., Saranac Lake, Harrietstown, NY

Knapp, William R., New York, NY

Knecht, Charles F. A., Philadelphia, PA

Knecht, George V., Traveling Artist, Allentown, PA

Knecht, Josiah, Travelling Artist, Allentown, PA

Knecht, R., Easton, PA

Knecht, Reuben, Easton, PA

Kneehts, Reuben, Easton, PA

Kneeland, Pittsburgh, PA

Knickerbocker, S., St. Johnsville, NY

Knickerbocker, Samuel, St. Johnsville, NY

Knickerbocker Commercial Photo Co., New York, NY

Knickerbocker Commercial Photographic Co., New York, NY

Knickerbocker Studio, New York, NY

Knight, Henry, IL

Knight, Worcester, MA

Knight. See Adams & Knight

Knight. See Baker & Knight

Knight. See Eldredge & Knight

Knight & Randolph, Charleston, SC

Knight, C. W., Los Angeles, CA

Knight, E. B., Little Rock, AR

Knight, E. W., (Glen Falls) Queensbury, NY

Knight, Edgar, Albuquerque, NM

Knight, F. M., Clarksburg, WV

Knight, F. M., Henry, IL

Knight, F. M., West Union, WV

Knight, G. H., San Francisco, CA

Knight, George H., Brooklyn, NY

Knight, H., Charleston, SC

Knight, H. D., Fayette, IA

Knight, Henry, Chicago, IL

Knight, J. H., Worcester, MA

Knight, J. T., Washington, DC

Knight, J. Lee, Topeka, KS

Knight, James T., Washington, DC

Knight, John, Kossuth, PA

Knight, Q. P., Batavia, NY

Knight, Robert T., Washington, DC

Knight, Robt. T., Washington, DC

Knight, Samuel F., Seattle, WT

Knight, W. M., Buffalo, NY

Knight, Willard M., Buffalo, NY

Knight, William M., Buffalo, NY

Knittel, Joseph, Pittsburgh, PA

Knore, R. W., Trenton, NJ

Knorr, Joseph, Albuquerque, NM

Knorr, Rudolph N., Trenton, NJ

Knorr, Rudolph W., Trenton, NJ

Knowles & Hillman, New Bedford, MA

Knowles, C. B., Woonsocket, RI

Knowles, J. C., New Bedford, MA

Knowles, Joseph C., New Bedford, MA

Knowlton & Co., Kankakee, IL

Knowlton & McGregor, Brooklyn, NY

Knowlton, Chas, Erie, PA

Knowlton, G. E., Boone, IA

Knowlton, George A., Lincoln, NE

Knowlton, Charles, Kankakee, IL

Knowlton, I. N., Cumberland, OH

Knowlton, M. H., Brooklyn, NY

Knowlton, W., Elmira, NY

Knowlton, William H., Brooklyn, NY

Knowlton Brothers

Knowlton Brothers, Newburyport, MA

Knowlton Bros., Westfield, MA

Knox, Westboro', MA

Knox, A. A., Richmond, VA

Knox, A. A. & Co., New York, NY

Knox, George H., Harrisburg, PA

Knox, Herbert, Chicopee, MA

Knox, Herbert, Hartford, CT

Knox, O. C., Athol Depot, MA

Knox, O. C., Westborough, MA

Knox, Oliver C., Athol Depot, Athol, MA

Knudsen, John W., Fargo, ND

Koch, Albert, New York, NY

Koch, Caroline, S Beach, Rosebank, NY

Koch, M. H., White Oaks, NM

Koch, Mathias, Chicago, IL

Kodak. See The Mac Arthur Co.

Koedt, Carl M., Chicago, IL

Koehler, C., New York, NY

Koehler, G., Indianapolis, IN

Koehler, Godfried, Indianapolis, IN

Koehler, Gottfried, Indianapolis, IN

Koehne & Bretzman, Chicago, IL 

Koehne, William L., Chicago, IL

Koehne, Wm L., Chicago, IL

Koehne Studios, Chicago, IL

Koella, John, Toledo, OH

Koellein, A., New York, NY

Koenig. See Boehl & Koenig

Koenig, Max, New Brighton, NY

Koeppelmann & Panneberg, Chicago, IL

Koerner, F. J., Portland, OR

Koestle, George G., Cleveland, OH

Koestle, William, Cleveland, OH

Koestner, Wm H., Baltimore, MD

Koger, W. _., Henderson, KY

Kohlbeck, P. & Co., New York, NY

Kohlbeck, Peter, New York, NY

Kohler, C. F., Los Angeles, CA

Kohler, E. F., Pasadena, CA

Kohlhoff. See Haeseler-Kohlhoff

Kohn, Bernhard, Milwaukee, WI

Kohn, J. Stewart, Alliance, OH

Kolb, P. C., Detroit, MI

Kolb, Philip C., Detroit, MI

Kolbeck, J., Philadelphia, PA

Kolbeck, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Koll, M. G., Earling, IA

Kollatz. See Krohn & Kollatz

Kon's, Spencer OH

Konold, H. A., Los Angeles, CA

Konrad, Max, New York, NY

Kontorowitz, L., New York, NY

Konuizeski, Robert, Winona, MN

Kooi, Doris E., Kooi, WY

Koon & Childa, Bloomington, IN

Koonce, Henry C., Asheville, NC

Koonce, Gertrude L., Dallas, TX

Koonce, Ruth, Cleveland, OH

Koone, J. L., Appleton, WI

Koons, A., River Junction, IA

Koons, A. E., Des Moines, IA

Koonz & Son, Herkimer

Koonz & Son, Newport

Koonz, J. L., Appleton, WI

Koopman, Henry Ralph, Chicago, IL

Koopman, Henry Ralph, Roseland, IL

Kooy, P. W., Chicago, IL

Kopke, Brooklyn, NY

Kopke, Frank, Brooklyn, NY

Kopke, H., Brooklyn, NY

Kopke, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Kopke, Henry, Brooklyn, NY

Kopke, John F., Brooklyn, NY

Kopke, John K., Brooklyn, NY

Kopp. See Krumhar & Kopp 

Kopp, Chas., New York, NY

Kopp, E. C., Princeton, NJ

Kopooshian, N., New York, NY

Koraleski, Felix, Yonkers, NY

Koretke. See Burke & Koretke

Korn, Bernhard, Cleveland, OH

Korn, Charles, Baltimore, MD

Korn, William, Jersey City, NJ

Kornweiss, Abr, New York, NY

Kornweiss, Jos, New York, NY

Kornweiss, Joseph, New York, NY

Kornweiss Brothers, New York, NY

Kosel, Maria, Brooklyn, NY

Koshiba, H. T., New York, NY

Koshiba, Hy T., New York, NY

Kosling, Max, Cleveland, OH

Koss, H. Inc., Cleveland, OH

Kottman, Edward, Altoona, PA

Kottmann, Edward, Philadelphia, PA

Kourken, Delacroix, New York, NY

Kozorek, New Bedford, MA

Kozy Studio. See Earl B. Anderson

Kracaw & Farley, Washington, IA

Kracaw, A., Washington, IA

Kracaw, Austin, Washington, IA

Kraft & Farrar, San Francisco, CA

Kraft, E., Portland, OR

Kraft, E & Co., New York, NY

Kraft, Edward, Portland, OR

Kraft, J. P., New York, NY

Kraft, J. F., New York, NY

Kraft, John F., New York, NY

Kraft, John F. Jr., New York, NY

Kraft, Louis A., Chicago, IL

Kraidman & Berkowitz, New York, NY

Krakow & Redfield, New York, NY

Krakow & Son, Chicago, IL

Kramer, Alexander, Philadelphia, PA

Kramer, George H., Birmingham, AL

Kramer, I. W., Des Moines, IA

Kramer, Isaac W., Des Moines, IA

Kramer, L. C., Los Angeles, CA

Kramer, P. A. Jr., Chicago, IL

Krammer, J. H., New Orleans, LA

Krasko, Louis, New York, NY

Krasencky, Jos, New York, NY

Krasensky, Jos, New York, NY

Krasnopolsky. See Issof & Krasnopolsky

Kratzer, Lebanon, OH

Kratzer, John, Johnstown, PA

Kratzer, L. E., Lebanon, OH

Kratzer, Lemuel E., Lebanon, OH

Kratzer, Successor to Slater, Lebanon, OH

Krauch, C. A., Portland, OR

Krauch's Studio, Trenton, NJ

Kraus, D., Cincinnati, OH

Kraus, David, Pine Bluff, AR

Kraus, H. D., Los Angeles, CA

Kraus, Hector, Harrisburg, PA

Kraus, Paul R., Lawrence, KS

Kraus Studio, New York, NY

Krause, Ernest W., Chicago, IL

Krause, Henry, Austin, Nevada Territory

Krause, Herman, Austin, Nevada Territory

Krauss. See Plumer & Krauss

Krauss & Ebersole, Lima, OH

Krauss, S. K., Lima, OH

Krauss, S. K., Wooster, OH

Krebs, A. R., Lima, Allen, OH

Krebs, Edward N., Baltimore, MD

Krech, M (Mrs.), St. Paul, MN

Kreidler, Jacob S., Wind Gap, PA

Krieg, J. W., Cincinnati, OH

Kreiter, Aaron S., Litiz, PA

Krementz. See Campbell & Krementz

Krementz. See Phillips & Krementz

Krementz, Joseph, Louisville, KY

Krementz, Thomas, Louisville, KY

Krementz, Thomas H., Louisville, KY

Krichefsky, Feibel, New York, NY

Kriebs, Nicholas, McGregor, IA

Krieg, J. W., Cincinnati, OH

Krikawa & Hedbawney, New York, NY

Krikawa, Joseph, New York, NY

Kriling, John, Dalton, Wayne, OH

Kriling, John, Frease's Store, Stark, OH

Krimmel, George, Philadelphia, PA

Kripps, George D., Philadelphia, PA

Krips, Philadelphia, PA

Krips, George D., Philadelphia, PA

Krips, Harrison, Philadelphia, PA

Kriswell, J. A., Kishacoquillas, PA

Kritchever, A. A., Kalispell, MT

Krogman, Chas., Cincinnati, OH

Krogmann, Chas. H. E., Cincinnati, OH

Krohn & Kollatz, New York, NY

Kroker, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Krone, Charles O., Zanesville, OH

Krone, Paul R., Lawrence, KS

Krone, P. R., Lawrence, KS

Krone, Richard, Little Rock, AR

Kroneberger, Frank A., Philadelphia, PA

Kroneberger, L. & F., Philadelphia, PA

Krouse, W. Joseph, Washington, DC

Kreuger. See Works & Krueger

Krueger, Carl E., Fort Worth, TX

Krueger, Edw, Cleveland, OH

Krueger, G. H., Salt Lake City, UT

Krug, Cincinnati, OH

Krug, Simon, Cincinnati, OH

Kruger, David, Cincinnati, OH

Kruger, Reinhold, New York, NY

Kruger, Samuel, Brooklyn, NY

Krumhar. See Turton & Krumhar

Krumhar & Kopp

Krumhar & Stiles, Cleveland, OH

Krumhar, Carl A., Cleveland, OH

Krumhar, Robert F., Cleveland, OH

Krumhar, Rynald H., Cleveland, OH

Krumhar Bros., Cleveland, OH

Krupp, B., Saginaw, E.S., MI

Kruse, A., Chicago, IL

Kruse, August, Chicago, IL

Kruse, August Jr., Chicago, IL

Kruse, Wm. H., Milwaukee, WI

Krutch, C. C., Atlanta, GA

Krutch, C. C., Knoxville, TN

Krutch, Chas., Richmond, VA

Krutis. See Galbabey & Krutis

Kubey, Louis, Philadelphia, PA

Kubick, Roman, Chicago, IL

Kubick, Roman A., Chicago, IL

Kuchner. See Good & Kuchner

Kucker, L. S., Alta, IA

Kucker, L. S., Los Angeles, CA

Kuebler, Louis, Philadelphia, PA

Kuebler, William J. Jr., Philadelphia, PA

Kues, Vurney, Brooklyn, NY

Kues, Werner, Brooklyn, NY

Kuessner, Hugo E., Chicago, IL

Kuester & Wyer, Yonkers, NY

Kugler, Addie, Franklin, OH

Kuhen, Harry E., Trenton, NJ

Kuhl. See Statesman & Kuhl

Kuhn & Cummins, Baltimore, MD

Kuhn, E., Boston, MA

Kuhn, F., Atlanta, GA

Kuhn, Frank, San Antonio, TX

Kuhn, J. M., San Antonio, TX

Kuhn, J. M., Stillwater, MN

Kuhn, John M., St. Paul, MN

Kuhn, Louis, Rochester, NY

Kuhn, Ludwig, Philadelphia, PA

Kuhn, S. M., Del Norte, CO

Kuhn, William, Atlanta, GA

Kuhn Bros, St. Louis, MO

Kuhns & Son, Atlanta, GA

Kuhns, Julius H., Atlanta, GA

Kuhns, Wm & Son, Atlanta, GA

Kuhns, Wm M., Atlanta, GA

Kuhns, Wm T., Atlanta, GA

Kuing Co., Boston, MA

Kull, Adratus H., New York, NY

Kumming, H. H., Covington, KY

Kumming, Henry H., Newport, KY

Kunneck, Herman, Louisville, KY

Kunnecke, H. F., Louisville, KY

Kunnecke, Herman, Louisville, KY

Kuntz, Isidore J., Syracuse, NY

Kuntzle, A., Philadelphia, PA

Kunz, Wheeler, Moffat Co., Boston, MA

Kupritz & Malachofsky, Brooklyn, NY

Kurland, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Kurtz. See Huston & Kurtz

Kurtz, W., New York, NY

Kurtz, William, New York, NY

Kusel, E. A., Chico, CA

Kusel, E. A., Oroville, CA

Kusel, Edward Abraham, Marysville, CA

Kusel, Edward Abraham, Oroville, CA  

Kusel, Edward Abraham, Sacramento, CA

Kuske, Henry, Cincinnati, OH

Kuykendall, Frank, Silver Cliff, CO

Kuyl, Richard, Ottawa, IL

Kyle. See Gilchrist & Kyle

Kyle, Alexander, St. Louis, MO

Kyle, J. A., Dallas, TX

Kyle, James A., Dallas, TX



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