Established 2006

Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

Sample Page From Photo Dating Report

Photo No.  2


Date:  1897 to 1900

Type of photo:  Cabinet photo

Photographer:  Masseys', New York, New York

Identified:  No


His outfit:  Jacket with notched lapels, trousers, vest with lapels, white shirt, silk bow tie, handkerchief in pocket.

His jewelry:  Possible stick pin on tie.

Estimation of his age:  20 to 24 years old


Her outfit:  Dress with leg of mutton sleeves, lace trim on bodice and sleeves.

Her jewelry: Diamond stud earrings, pendant on cord or could it be the ring from the boy's photo? The crocheted lace can be seen in the center of the object on the cord.

Her hairstyle:  Upswept in bun with curly bangs.

Estimation of her age:  19 to 23 years old