Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

18 April 2014

Langdon's List of

19th & Early

20th Century


This list contains a few of the myriad of early photographers operating studios and galleries in the United States. The intent is to provide a gallery of information about some of these early photographic artists, which may help others in dating and further identifying their own photographic images.


This is an ongoing project. The list is being compiled from original photographs in my personal collections, federal census and city directories and more importantly from submitters' own family photographs and research. The year or years in parentheses (    ) is the time a photographer was active. An asterisk (*) after a listing indicates I saw an actual image by the artist, not just a listing. Two asterisks (**) after a listing means the image is currently part of my own collection.


If you would like to add to or make adjustments to this list, please send a list of the photographers along with their location which appears on the front/and or back of your cabinet photos or cartes de visite. If you can provide an estimation of the date the photograph was taken, this will provide a time frame for the photographer's working at a specific location. If you need assistance in approximating the date of an image, please email me and you will be referred to an expert to help you.

Our ancestors were every bit as captivated by photography as we are today.

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