Custom Photo Services

Photo Dating, Photo Comparison and Photographer Search
Photo Dating
Year Taken and Approximate Age of Subject When Photographed

The Photo Dating Service will provide you with an email PDF report, giving the approximate time in which an image was created, based on the type of photo and the studio setting. I will tell you as much as I can about the photo, narrowing the time frame in which it was taken and tell you about the clothing, hair style and jewelry and the person's approximate age at the time he or she was photographed. If there is more than one individual in a photo, each will be described. 

Please send a scan of each photo. If there is a photographer's mark on the reverse, send a scan of the back as well. Please include the dimensions of the image, for instance, a cabinet photo is about 4 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches and a carte de visite is 2 1/2 by 4 inches. Is anything written on the back? Occasionally there may be faded handwriting in pencil or just indentations left from writing. If you do not have scans, photocopies sent through the mail will be fine. 


The charge is $30.00 for the first photo. Each additional photo at the same time, would be $20.00 for each with a limit of five (5) images in one research report.

Photo Comparison
Starting at $200/mo

A Photo Comparison will provide you with a PDF report sent to your email address. I will tell you if they are the same person or not and provide an explanation and details as to why I arrive at that conclusion based on facial characteristics and other elements. Analysis of facial characteristics for one photo compared with one, two or three other photos maximum, suspected to be of the same person. The individuals in the photos may be of any age. 

I work with images sent to my email address or sent through the mail: 
1. Scans of your pictures sent to my email address. 
2. Images taken with a camera/phone sent to my email address. 
3. Photocopies of photos sent to my physical mailing address. 

The charge for a Detailed Photo Comparison is $30.00. If your photos are not clear enough to work with, I will refund your payment.

Photographer Search
Starting at $250/mo

If the photographer you are seeking is not listed on the Photographer Lists, please ask and I will search the data base for photographers not yet listed on the web site. If the photographer is not in the unpublished data base, I can perform a general search for one specific photographer for a fee.

Although I cannot guarantee the results, I will try to locate any information on one photographer providing you have at least a last name for the photographer and a city and/or state. Any additional information or clues that you already know may lead to the success of the search. 

The Photographer Search Service will provide you with an email PDF report, giving all the information found about that photographer, location and dates of operation. I cannot predict what will be found, but the information will be anything and everything I can locate about that particular early photographer.

In order to narrow the time frame of the search, it may help for me to see scans, a phone/camera shot or a paper photocopy of an image made by the photographer.


The charge is $20.00 for one photographer. If I am unable to locate any information about your photographer, I will refund the full payment.

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