Established 2006

Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers

Photographer Search Service

If the photographer you are seeking is not listed on the Photographer Lists, please ask and I will search the data base for photographers not yet listed on the web site. If the photographer is not in the unpublished data base, I can perform a general search for one specific photographer for a fee.


Although I cannot guarantee the results, I will try to locate any information on one photographer providing you have at least a last name for the photographer and a city and/or state. Any additional information or clues that you already know may lead to the success of the search. The fee is $5.00.


The Photographer Search Service will provide you with an email PDF report, giving all the information found about that photographer, location and dates of operation. I cannot predict what will be found, but the information will be anything and everything I can locate about that particular early photographer.

In order to narrow the time frame of the search, it may help for me to see scans, a phone/camera shot or a paper photocopy of an image made by the photographer.  

For more information Contact me.

Payment: Paypal, cash or personal check


Carte de visite by Leaman & Lee of their studio in  Reading, Pennsylvania 1860s