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CDV by Julius Parish, Friendship, NY Identified as Ada Flint Vincent

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Carte de visite of a young woman identified in penciled script on the back as "Adda Flint, nee Vincent, Hinsdale". The studio is Julius Parish, photographer, Friendship, N.Y."

The image is mounted on  a heavy pink card with rounded corners which measures about 2 1/2 by 4 1/8 inches.

The inscription though puzzling, proved to be true. What it is saying is: Adda nee Flint, Vincent of Hinsdale, [New York]. She was the daughter of Henry or Mason H. Flint, born about 1820 in Vermont, and his wife Lydda, who appear on the 1850 and 1860 Allegany County, New York Census in Friendship. Ada M. Flint was born in July 1860 and appears on the 1880 Census when she was nineteen years old, teaching school and living with her parents. By 1900, she is married to William H. Vincent, a physician, and living in Hinsdale, Cattaraugus County, New York. She had one daughter named Genevieve Vincent, born in January 1887. In 1910, Ada M. Vincent is widowed and the superintendent of a college boarding house in Wellesley, Massachisetts. On the 1930 New York Census, she is living in Manhattan, working as a typist. Her census information included that she was twenty-three when first married.

Maurice Farrington, photographer of Delhi, New York

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1866-1869 CDV of Fannie Perry by Maurice Farrington of Delhi, NY


This is an authentic carte de visite (cdv) vignette portrait of a lady named Fannie Perry. When visiting in Victorian America, these small photographs could be used as calling cards. Often one wrote his name on the back or front. In this case, it could have been the admirer who wrote her name. Notice the pinhole in the top. Someone idolized this young lady.

Fannie Perry posed at Maurice Farrington’s Art Gallery which was located over Calhoun & Sons’ Drug Store in Delhi, Delaware County, New York. Farrington was the Successor to Byron R. Johnson & Co. and likely would have bought Johnson's trade and equipment.

The albumen is on a thin cardboard mount which measures 2 1/4 inches x 4 inches, has rounded corners and a gold pinstripe border. The name of the photography studio is on the reverse.

This is fine example of a fancy day dress, with decorative braid on the bodice and cuffs. She is wearing dark gloves and the perfect Eugénie style hat should mean that the photo was taken before 1870, closer to 1866 to 1869. Fashion has always been everything.

In 1870, Maurice Farrington makes his first appearance as a working photographer in Delhi, NY. On the 1870 NY Census, he was one of many individuals living in a hotel belonging to David Cottrell. The post office for this address in the city was given on the census as Meredith.

Maurice Farrington was born 1837 in Delaware County, NY, and died after 1910 in Delhi, Delaware County, NY. He was the son of Morris Farrington (b ca 1791) and Ruth neé Frisbee* of Delhi, NY. Maurice Farrington married in 1872 to Fannie or Frances Eliza Thompson. By the 1880 Census they and their young son Frank and daughter Pauline were thriving with a maid servant in their employ.

Maurice Farrington served in Michigan during the War Between the States. His name is on the US Civil War Draft Registrations Rolls 1863-1865 - Class 1, No. 18 Farrington, Maurice, age 25, occupation Farmer, Single, born NY (Michigan 2nd, Vol 1 of 3, Class 1, A-K, p 240) Prior to that, in 1860, he was still living at home and farming with his father.

Using the 1870 New York Federal Census for downtown Delhi, it is possible to take a ramble and locate some important people and places for the timeline in the research of Maurice Farrington, photographer:

At Household No. 23 on page 4 is another photographer,   aged 42 with his family. [Do not know yet if he and Farrington knew each other.] By the time you reach Household No. 62, on page 8, there is Calhoun’s Drug Store, in which Maurice Farrington’s photo gallery was located in the upper story.

On page 9 of the same 1870 census, Fanny Thompson, aged 21, school teacher, was living with other young adults who may be her siblings [On the 1860 Census, she can be found in the household of Nathaniel R. Thompson and his wife, Caroline C.]

On page 13 at Household No. 95 is David Cottrell’s Hotel where Maurice Farrington was living in 1870.

And several pages further away at Household No. 192 is a single young lady named Fanny Perry! She was living with other female relatives.



Since, Maurice Farrington was in Michigan in the Army as late as 1865, and working in his photography studio over the drug store in Delhi, NY in 1870, it only takes the fashion style of Fanny Perry’s outfit to estimate the date of this cdv as 1866-1869.


SOURCES: A descendant on has augmented the birth date of Maurice Farrington to 17 July 1837. He also gives the maiden name for his wife Fannie Farrington as Thompson.

*The Village of Delhi: Excerpts from the book by Pauline Hovenmeyer called "100 Years in the History of Delhi, New York 1860-1960". 

 Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site. List of Photography Studios in Delaware County.

Israel F. Alger, Photographer, Winchendon, Worcester Co., Massachusetts 1860's

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I. F. Alger, Photograph Artist, Winchendon, Mass


Authentic Victorian Era pair of cartes de visite (CDVs) of an unidentified middle aged couple who posed at the studio of I. F. Alger in Winchendon, Mass. On the 1870 Massachusetts State Census there is an Israel F. Alger, Photograph Artist, born about 1828 in Massachusetts.


The somber couple may be husband and wife, although there is no way to be certain. The lady has paper in her left hand which brings to mind a letter from a son or daughter. Her dress in 1860’s style, although some experts say that some women wore gowns that were out of style! She has a marvelous brooch at her throat. And extremely distinctive cross hatch pattern trim on hersleeves.


The CDVs measure about 2½ inches by 4 inches and the white or cream color card on which they are mounted is thin, with square corners anda delicate double gold pinstripe. The artists' mark is on the back. Every indication that the photos were taken in the mid to late 1860's.



Source: MA State Census

Charles Gasche, photographer, of Wooster, Ohio

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Emma Shafer cdv by Charles Gasche of Wooster, OH ca. 1880


Authentic Victorian Era carte de visite portrait of a young lady identified in pencil as Emma Shafer. She posed at the studio of Charles Gasche, Photographer, Wooster, Ohio. According to the 1880 Federal Census for Wooster, Wayne Co., OH, Charles Gasche, artist, lived at 278 North Buckeye St. in Wooster.


Emma Shafer's dark hair falls in long curls. Her frock has shirred accents on the cuffs and she is wearing long dangle pierced earrings. Also there was an Emma Shaffer living on Buckeye Street in 1880. Listed on the same 1880 U.S. Census at 326 Buckeye St. in Wooster was a 13 year old school girl named Emma Shaffer; living with her father George Shaffer and family.


The 2 1/4 by 3 5/8 inch albumen is mounted on a heavy cream card with rounded corners and a gold pinstripe around the image. Overall it is 2 1/4 by 4 1/8 inches and the artist’s mark is printed on the pale yellow back.


In order to better estimate the date this cdv was taken, I searched for information about the photographer. Charles Gasche, artist, listed on the 1880 Federal Census for Ohio in the City of Wooster, was living at 278 North Buckeye Street with his wife Mary and two children, Paul G.  Gasche and Edmund Gasche. Charles Gasche was born about 1847 in Ohio of German parents who had emigrated from Prussia. Living nearby at No. 282 North Buckeye St. is Christian Gasche born about 1825 in Prussia. This it seems may have been Charles Gasche's mother.

And living several doors away at 275 North Buckeye St. is William H. Harvy, a photographer, with a wife Alice and daughter Jennie. Although I have no other information at this time about William H. Harvy, might they ever been in partnership as photographers? Could Charles Gasche have been working as a photocolorist?

There was no one that resembled Charles Gasche on the 1900 Census in Wooster or elsewhere. I then found a record of death for a Charles Gasche:

There is an Ohio Obituary Index 1830s-2009 at the Rutherfordf B. Hayes Presidential Center. My reference was found on

Name:  Charles Gasche, born 1847, died 3 July 1886 at the age of 39, in Wayne County, OH. Source: Newspaper: Wayne County Democrat; Wooster Weekly Republican, Wooster, Ohio, issue of Jul 1886, p. 3, col. 0.  Newspaper Repository at Wayne County Public Library (Wooster). See also: Wayne County Grave Registration Cards by Bonnie Knox, Wayne County Public Library. Other notes: Civil War, Army, Co B, 186th OH vol.inf; Wooster Cemetery, Wooster, Ohio.

There is  a service record for Charles Gasche referred to in the Ohio Obituary Index. He served in Co. B of the 186 Ohio Infantry. He first received a pension as an invalid (disabled) in May 1881, and then his widow Mary petitioned again and received his pension as his widow in 1886. Although the several service records listed may be for more than one Charles Gasche, his name is to be found in U.S. Civil War Soldiers,1861-1865. Also  American Civil War Soldiers.

On the 1870 Census, Charles Gasche, born about 1847 in OH, a fresco painter by profession, appears twice, once listed as a single man living in the home with Gottlieb Gasche, a wealthy butcher, born about 1818 in Prussia and Christena Gasche born about 1825 in Prussia, living in the second ward. In the second listing he is boarding in the first ward with a family named Stark: Charles Gosche,  Fresco Painter, born about 1846 in OH. A woman Mary Gasche aged 23 is living next door.

On the 1860 Federal Census, Charles Gashey is aged 13 and living with his family in Wooster, Wayne County, OH. His father is G. Gashey 46, his mother is Christian Gashay 35 and he has two brothers Augustus G. 15 and William G. 10. There is an older Cath Nold aged 65 living with them.

And in 1850 Federal Census in Wooster, Wayne Co., Charles Gashey is 4 and with his family Gotleib Gashey 34, Christiann Gashey 25, August Gashey 5, Charles Gashey 4 and  William Gashey 0.

Souces: US Federal Censuses; Ohio Obituary Index 1830's-2009 at the Rutherfordf B. Hayes Presidential Center. All accessed on


Dexter B. Vickery, Photographer of Haverhill, Massachusetts

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With the use of photo software, it is possible to "clean" the appearance of the image. Photos of this kind are used by costume makers and authors writing about Victorian fashion.

Authentic Victorian Era carte de visite portrait of a young woman who posed at the studio of D. B. Vickery, 37 Merrimack St., Haverhill, Mass. According to the Haverhill Massachusetts City Directory for 1869-1870, Dexter B. Vickery, Photographer, was indeed at 37 Merrimack Haverhill.

The lady's hair is plaited and curled and a froth of lace sets off her face. And she is wearing large wood or semi precious stone crosses on earwires, dangle earrings which must be more than two inches long.

The albumen measures about 2 3/8 inches by 3 5/8 inches and is mounted on a heavy white or cream card with rounded corners, that is 2 1/2 inches by 4 1/8 inches. The artist's mark is in a fanciful pattern on the back. The cdv is not in the best condition, but the image itself is clear and has good contrast. Photo software has been used to enlarge and touch up the image to show her lovely face.

The photographer Dexter B. Vickery appears clearly in New England Censuses from 1850 to 1900. He was born in about 1840, the son of Alfred Vickery, a farmer in Merrimack, New Hampshire. By 1860, at just the age of 19, D. B. Vickery was a Daguerrean Artist in Lowell, Massachusetts. William Kendall, another Daguerrean Artist, born about 1832, is boarding at the same address as Vickery in 1860.

By the 1870 Census, Dexter Vickery, Photographer, was flourishing and working in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and married to Julia Vickery. As noted in the Haverhill City Directory 1869-1870, he was at 37 Merrimack Street, as the back of the photo also shows.

Vickery and wife Julia are also listed in Haverhill on the 1880 Census, living at 19 Highland Avenue. Boarding with him is Eva Lee, his niece, aged 27 and single, who is working as an Artist, possibly as a retouch artist. Also another lady named Ginny Blakeslee, a boarder, is also working as an Artist.

Sources: Federal Censuses

Orlando B. Richardson, Photographer of Cambridge, MA

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When it began this search was for more information about this carte de visite which has the 1860's look and the only information on the back: “Richardson, Lowell, Mass.”


This type of photo image, a vignette portrait and the style of the CDV place this in the 19th century. The characteristics of the card: the size of the card (about 2 1/4" x 4"), the cream colored thin cardboard mount with square corners and a plainly printed photographer's back mark places this unidentified young lady in the 1860's. Her hair parted in the center and with a cascade of long sausage curls, the day dress which has a high collar with a little white ruffle and tiny buttons down the front were fashionable around the time of the American Civil War. If there was tax stamp on the back, it might be more precisely dated to the Civil War years, we must settle for Civil War Era and/or the 1860's. ,


The search did not prove exactly whose studio produced this particular carte, Beginning the search using Federal Census records for Lowell, MA, I did not find a photographer named Richardson living and working in Lowell, Massachusetts in the1860’s. It seems though that there was a photographer named Orlando B. Richardson who first appears as a Photographer on the 1870 Massachusetts Census in Middlesex County in Cambridge’s Second Ward. The photographer was 28 years old and married to Malvinia S. Richardson. The young couple had a personal estate of $7,000 and were living in the same household with John Wilder, a wealthy real estate agent, his wife Persis D.Wilder and son Albert F. Wilder.

In 1860, Orlando B. Richardson aged 17 is living and working with Mary A. Richardson, a widow who is farming in Middlesex Co.

In 1880, Orlando B. Richardson, Photographer, is enumerated on the Middlesex County, MA Census in Somerville. His address is 142 Clarendon Avenue. His wife is Malvinia and the children are: Edith W. Richardson, Albert W. Richardson, Persis E. Richardson and Madeline Richardson who was born in June 1879.


In 1900, Orlando B.Richardson surfaces on the other side of the dark period of the lost 1890 Census, but he is working as a boot and shoe salesman. He and daughter Edith W. Richardson, a teacher of drawing and design, are living at 8 Warland Street in Cambridge.  On the 1900 census, Orlando B. Richardson and his wife each indicate they are married, but they are living apart., Daughter is  Edith W. living with her father and the remaining children are living with Malvinia Richardson: Persis C., Madaline, Odline, Albert W. and two younger children.Their son, Albert W. Richardson says he has been married 6 years, so the two youngsters Leslie and Roland may be Albert's children.


In 1910, Orlando B.Richardson, boot and shoe salesman and his daughter Edith W., an architectural draftsman are still living at 8 Warland Street with William A. Thomas and family.

Now for the family historian in you, here is other Bio compiled using Massachusetts Federal Census records:

Orlando B. Richardson was born April 1842 in Massachusetts and Malvinia S. Richardson born March 1844 in New Hampshire.

The 1850 Census shows that Orlando B. Richardson is likely the son of: George B. Richardson, who was born about 1807 in Maine, a Dealer in Ice and Fruit with $4,600 of personal estate in West Cambridge, Middlesex Co. ,Massachusetts. In 1850  George B. Richardson’s wife was Mary A. Richardson, born about 1814 in Massachusetts and the children listed were: George E., Orlando B., Elenor W., Francis E. and Ella R. Richardson.


On both the 1850 and 1860 Censuses, Samuel Wilson born 1787 and Mary A. Wilson born about 1792-1794, both in Mass. are living in Mary A. Richardson’s household.



It cannot be proven at this time with this information and the image to prove that the above cdv was taken by Orlando B. Richardson.

Crawford & Huston, Photographers of Morris, Illinois

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Carte de Visite (CDV) of an unidentified Illinois family in the city of Morris in Grundy County. They posed at the studio of: "Crawford & Huston, Photo. Artists, Morris, Ill."

The image measures 2¼ inches by  3¾ inches and is mounted on a heavy white card with a pink back which overall is 2½ by x 4 1/8 inches


On the 1880 Federal Census for Grundy County, Illinois, are the two photographers Crawford & Huston living at different addresses in the city of Morris. William Crawford, Photographer, born about 1858 in IL, is boarding with Catharine Crawford. In 1880,[Albert] Berta Crawford is working as an Editor and also living with Catherine Crawford. On the 1870 Census also in Morris is James H. Crawford, Photographer, born about 1833 in NY and his wife Catherine. Albert and William Crawford are children. In 1860, in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois, is James H. Crawford, Artist, born about 1833 NY with Catherine and his children.

In 1870 in the household next door to James H. Crawford and family is: Joseph Even, Photographer, born about 1826 in Luxembourg.


Dewitt Huston, Photographer, of Crawford & Huston, was born about 1851 in IL, and was living on Liberty Street with his wife, Anna C. Huston. He was the son of Charles Huston, a mail carrier and Mary J. Huston.


Source: Federal Censuses