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Saari, Alfred A., Astoria, OR

Sabin, George H., Naugatuck, CT

Sabin, L., Nunda, NY

Sabin, Leander, Cuba, NY

Sabine. See Meacham & Sabine

Sabine, John, Cranston, RI

Sabine, W. G., Johnstown, OH

Sabine, W. G., Youngstown, OH

Sabins, L., Rushford, NY

Sacheli, Camelo S., Portland, ME

Sachs & Walker, Philadelphia, PA

Sackett, C. A., Unadilla, NY

Sackett, De L., Chicago, IL

Sackett, De. L., Sycamore, IL

Sackett, L. N., Medina, OH

Saettele, St. Louis, MO

Saettele, Frederick, St. Louis, MO

Saettele, Max, St. Louis, MO

Sagar, J., Corning, NY

Sage. See Carey & Sage

Sage, Charles E., Louisville, KY

Sager, S. S., Marietta, Washington, OH

Sahakian, H. H., Boston, MA

Sailer, William R. H., Philadelphia, PA

Sainsbury & Howarth, Salt Lake, UT

Sainsbury, George A., Salt Lake City, UT

Sainsbury, Hyrum J., Salt Lake City, UT

Sainsbury, John H., Salt Lake City, UT

Saint Louis Double-Light Photograph Gallery, St. Louis, MO

Salem Art Co., Salem, OR

Salen, P., Cleveland, OH

Salen, Peter, Cleveland, OH

Salisbury, A. F., Pawtucket, RI

Salisbury, Arnold F., Pawtucket, RI

Salsbery, C. W., Carroll, IA

Salt, Luke R., Brooklyn, NY

Salt Lake Photo Supply Co. See Hyrum J. Sainsbury

Salt Lake Photo Supply Co. See Edna L. Hasalone

Salt Lake Photo Supply Co. See Ivy I. Hasalone

Salter, Otwey. See Salter Photo-Art Studio

Salter, T. W. (Miss). See Salter Photo-Art Studio

Salter, W. H., Indianapolis, IN

Salter, Wm H., Indianapolis, IN

Salter Photo-Art Studio, Spartanburg and Newberry, SC

Saltsman, T. F., Nashville, TN

Samain & Lagerborg, Portland, OR

Samarjian, Charles, Boston, MA

Sammis, E. F., Watkins, Dix, NY

Sammons, Edna (Mrs.), Little Rock, AR

Samo, Buffalo, NY

Samo & Bellsmith, Buffalo, NY

Samo, Joseph, Buffalo, NY

Sampson, William, DuBuque, IA

Sams, Lewis E., Brooklyn, NY

Samuels. See Williams & Samuels

Samuelson, A. R., Stratford, IA

Samuelson, Chas., Santaquin, UT

Samuelson, Gordon C., Billings, MT

Samuelson, J. M., Moline, IL

San Francisco Gallery, Omaha, NE

San Francisco Gallery, Portland, OR

Sanberg, J. A., Omaha, NE

Sanbier, George M., Reading, PA

Sanborn. See Phippen & Sanborn

Sanborn, A. H., Manchester, NH

Sanborn, Amos H.  See Henry C. Sanborn

Sanborn, Amos H. & Co., Lowell, MA

Sanborn, Arthur N., Wilmington, DE

Sanborn, H. C., Lowell, MA

Sanborn, Henry C., Lowell, MA

Sanborn, N. C., Lowell, MA

Sand, John W., Buffalo, NY

Sand, Reuben W., Lockport, NY

Sandberg. See Hughes & Sandberg

Sandberg, Albert, Omaha, NE

Sandberg, Albert G., Omaha, NE

Sandee, Wm., Portland, OR

Sanders, Chicago, IL

Sanders & Gross, Chicago, IL

Sanders, Anna (Miss), Des Moines, IA

Sanders, Fred, Little Rock, AR

Sanders, Frederick, Little Rock, AR

Sanders, G. A., Chicago, IL

Sanders, Henry F., Chicago, IL

Sanders Pho Co., Chicago, IL

Sanderson & Lecours, Nashua, NH

Sanderson, C. S., Dover, NH

Sanderson, Charles S., Dover, NH

Sanderson, H. E., Harrisburg, PA

Sanderson, J. G., Freeport, IL

Sanderson, Jacob G., Freeport, IL

Sandison, William, New York, NY

Sanford. See Davis & Sanford

Sanford & Westlake, Brooklyn, NY

Sanford, E. Starr, New Haven, CT

Sanford, E. Starr, New York, NY

Sanford, Goold, Garden Grove, IA

Sanford, W. R. & Co., Chicago, IL

Sanftleben & Richter, Quincy, IL

Sanftleben, John, Quincy, IL

Sanger, Edw'd, New York, NY

Sangunitto, James, Brooklyn, NY

Sanker, Julia B., Cleveland, OH

Sanstrom. See Rothi & Sanstrom

Santa Clara Gallery, See H. Schoene

Santee & Temple, Clinton, IA

Santee, Addison J.  See Santee & Temple

Santee, Franklin, Allentown, PA

Santman, Clarence Y., Philadelphia, PA

Santman, Comly T., Philadelphia, PA

Sapo, Sam'l, Brooklyn, NY

Sappoe, S., Brooklyn, NY

Sappoe, Sam'l, Brooklyn, NY

Sappoe, Samuel, Brooklyn, NY

Saraceni, A. & Sons, New York, NY

Sargeant. See Hughes & Sargeant

Sargeant, James P., St. Louis, MO

Sargent, A. J., Rushville, IN

Sargent, E. M., Amesbury, Salisbury, MA

Sargent, Frank P., Haverhill, MA

Sargent, James P., St. Louis, MO

Sargent, Jno A., Columbia, SC

Sargent, Mathew, Greenup, IL

Sarjeant. See Hughes & Sarjeant

Sarony, New York, NY

Sarony, Napoleon, New York, NY

Sarony, Otto C., Brooklyn, NY

Sarony, Otto Co., New York, NY

Sarre, Henry, New Orleans, LA

Satterlee, Richmondville, NY

Satterlee, A., Gloversville, Johnstown, NY

Satterlee, A. M., Larchwood, IA

Satterlee, Albert, Sandwich, IL

Saucier, M., Mobile, AL

Sauerbier, G. M., Reading, PA

Sauerbier, Geo. M., Reading, PA

Saul, P. F., Humboldt, IA

Saul, William H., New York, NY

Saul, Wm. H., New York, NY

Saunders, Alfred Centre and Friendship, NY

Saunders, Algona, IA

Saunders. See Cornell & Saunders

Saunders & Fuller, Algona, IA

Saunders, I., Alfred Centre, NY

Saunders, I., Alfred Centre, Friendship, NY

Saunders, Irving, Alfred Centre, Alfred, NY

Saunders, Irving, Rochester, NY

Saunders, John H.  See Saunders & Fuller

Saunders, Jos. R., New York, NY

Saurman, J. S., Leavenworth, KS

Saurman, J. S. See R. G. Smith

Saurman, O. S., Norristown, PA

Saurman, T. M., Norristown, PA

Saurman, Thomas, Norristown, PA

Savage & Ottinger, Great Salt Lake City, UT

Savage, A. J., Columbus, OH

Savage, C. H., San Antonio, TX

Savage, C. R., Salt Lake City, UT

Savage, C. R. See  George A. Sainsbury

Savage, C. R. See John H. Sainsbury

Savage, C. R. See George L. Savage

Savage, C. R. See James E. Bush

Savage, C. R. See Melvin R. Savage

Savage, C. R. See Ralph G. Savage

Savage, C. R. See Ray T. Savage

Savage, Charles R., Salt Lake City, UT

Savage, George L., Salt Lake City, UT

Savage, I. C., Johnstown, OH

Savage, J. W., Raymond's, Union, OH

Savage, Melvin R., Salt Lake City, UT

Savage, Ralph G., Salt Lake City, UT

Savage, Ray T., Salt Lake City, UT

Savery & Thompson, Rawlinsville, PA

Savigny & Christmas, Lansing, MI

Savory, Jeannette H., Boston, MA

Savoy Studio, Philadelphia PA

Sawden, W. D., Marlin, TX

Sawtel, Biddeford, ME

Sawtelle, Biddeford, ME

Sawtelle, E. E., Biddeford, ME

Sawtelle, Wm. F., Wellington, Lorain, OH

Sawyer. See Brittingham & Sawyer

Sawyer. See French & Sawyer 

Sawyer & Bro., Philadelphia, PA

Sawyer, C. E., Wichita, KS

Sawyer, Harrison E., Ludlow, VT

Sawyer, John & Co., Boston, MA

Sawyer, Samuel W., Bangor, ME

Sawyer Bros., Philadelphia, PA

Saxe, Plainview, MN

Saxon, Max, New York, NY

Sayer, J. S., Des Moines, IA

Sayler, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Sayles. See Smith & Sayles

Saylor, Lancaster, PA

Saylor, Reading PA

Saylor, B. Frank, Lancaster, PA

Saylor, B. Frank & Co., Lancaster, PA

Saylor, C. A., Reading, PA

Saylor, Charles A., Reading, PA

Saylor, Chas. A., Reading, PA

Saylor, H. F., Union, NY

Saylor, Lee J., Chicago, IL

Saylor, M. E., Hammondsport, NY

Saylor, Samuel, Jackson, Jackson, OH

Saylor, W. M., Reading, PA

Saylor, Wellington M., Reading, PA

Saylor, Wm. M., Reading, PA

Saylor's New York Gallery, Reading, PA

Sayre & Chase, Bucyrus, Crawford, OH

Schadee. See Hardie & Schadee

Scanland, J. F., Frankford, MO

Scanlon, J. B., Wyandotte, MO

Scannell, D., Philadelphia, PA

Scarborough, Alvis, Nevada City, MO

Scaring, Andrew J., Brooklyn, NY

Scarring & Hunt, Brooklyn, NY

Scate, William T., Norwood's Ville, AR

Schaefer, G. F.  See P. H. Schaefer

Schaefer, Henry, Baltimore, MD

Schaefer, J. H., Baltimore, MD

Schaefer Sisters, Clarion, IA

Schaeffer, H. B., Bellfonte, PA

Schaeffer, Henry, Elizabeth, NJ

Schaefer, P. H. & G. F., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Schaetzle, Louis, Cincinnati, OH

Schaetzle, Louis T., Cincinnati, OH

Schaidner, Charles B., New York, NY

Schake. See Kerker & Schake

Schake, A. P., San Francisco, CA

Schamberg, Morton L., PA

Scharff, Nicholas, Milwaukee, WI

Schaub & Perkins, Atlanta, GA

Schauble, Erie, PA

Schauble, Louis A. 

Schauble, Louis A., Erie, PA

Schlauch. D. S., New Holland, PA

Scheer Studio, Jersey City, NJ

Scheer, Jonas, Jersey City, NJ

Scheetz. See Chandler & Scheetz

Scheetz, S., Philadelphia, PA

Scheller, Bert, Ottumwa, IA

Scheller, Oswald, Phillips, WI

Schence. See Kennedy & Schence

Schenck. See Kenneday & Schenck

Schenck. See Kennedy & Schenck

Schenck, Wm. A.  See Charles T. Shape

Scherer, New York, NY

Scherer, Charles A., New York, NY

Scherer, Frank R., New York, NY

Scherer, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Scherer, L. E., New York, NY

Scherer, S. J., Buffalo, NY

Scherer, Stephen J., Brooklyn, NY

Scherer, Stephen J., New York, NY

Scherholz, Charles, Leadville, CO

Schermbeck, T. H.

Schermerhorn, P. V., Prattsville, NY

Schermerhorn, Wm. (Westkill) Lexington, NY

Schervee & Bushong, Worcester, MA

Schervee, H., Worcester, MA

Scheurer, Lewis, Jersey City, NJ

Schiffer, A., Cleveland, OH

Schiffer, Adolph, Cleveland, OH

Schiffer, Christopher, Philadelphia, PA

Schill, L., Newark, NJ

Schill, Ludwig, Newark, NJ

Schillare, A. J., Northampton, MA

Schilling, Catharine, New York, NY

Schilling, Jacob, New York, NY

Schinzel, Louis, Brooklyn, NY

Schinzel, William, New York, NY

Schlattman, Edward J., St. Paul. MN

Schlattman, Henry F., St. Paul. MN

Schlattman Bros, St. Paul, MN

Schlauch, D. S., Ephrata, PA

Schlauch, D. S., New Holland, PA

Schlauch, David S., New Holland, PA

Schlauch, P. S., New Holland, PA

Schlegel, Louis, Louisville, KY

Schlegel, Louis, Richmond, KY

Schleier, New York, NY

Schleier, T. M., Knoxville, TN

Schleifenbaum, Jacob, Hartford, CT

Schleifer, Michael, New York, NY

Schlernitzauer, Peter & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Schlernitzauer, Peter J., Philadelphia, PA

Schlesinger, Braddock, PA

Schlesinger. See McLachlan & Schlesinger 

Schlesinger, J., Cairo, IL

Schlesinger, Jacob, New York, NY

Schlichting, Albert, Miles City, MT

Schlickeisen, G., Jersey City, NJ

Schlickeisen, Gustav, Jersey City, NJ

Schlickeysen, Gustav, Hoboken, NJ

Schloeder, William, New York, NY

Schloeder, William P., New York, NY

Schloeder, Wm., New York, NY

Schloerb, Wm., New York, NY

Schlonge, Fred, Anaheim, CA

Schloss, Jacob, New York, NY

Schlueter. See Heiman & Schlueter

Schmauss, John B., New York, NY

Schmedling, M. E

Schmeider, George, Chicago, IL

Schmidt, Casper, Middletown, CT

Schmidt, Charles W., New York, NY

Schmidt, Francis, Brooklyn, NY

Schmidt, Francis, Hoboken, Jersey City, NJ

Schmidt, Francis A., Arkansas City, KS

Schmidt, Francis W., Arkansas City KS

Schmidt, Francis W., Fairbury, NE

Schmidt, Fred, New York, NY

Schmidt, Guido, Newport, KY

Schmidt, H. A., Chloride, NM

Schmidt, Harry, Council Bluffs, IA

Schmidt, J. B., Victoria, TX

Schmidt, John J., Cleveland, OH

Schmidt, L. N., Chicago, IL

Schmidt, Lauritz N., Chicago, IL

Schmidt, Louis, Jersey City, NJ

Schmidt, Oskar, Chicago, IL

Schmidt, William, Chicago, IL

Schmidt, William A., Chicago, IL

Schmidt, William H., Chicago, IL

Schmitt, Chas. B., Cincinnati, OH

Schmitt, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Schmittinger, John, Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA

Schmitz, Frederick W., Milwaukee, WI

Schmitz, J. H., Creston, IA

Schmutler, Frank, Chicago, IL

Schnabel. See Feln & Schnabel

Schnieber. See Clark & Schnieber

Schneider, A., Milwaukee, WI

Schneider, A. H., Garner, IA

Schneider, Bernhard, Milwaukee, WI

Schneider, Edmund C., Milwaukee, WI

Schneider, George, Chicago, IL

Schneider, Max. See L. S. Heliel

Schneider, Otto, Omaha, NE

Schneider, Peter, Chicago, IL

Schneider, Phillip, Oelwein, IA

Schneidt, Thomas, St. Louis, MO

Schnelder, Ernest, Chicago, IL

Schnell, Charles, Tippecanoe, Miami, OH

Schnurmaun, S., Tamaqua, PA

Schoemaker, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Schoemer, Christina, Cincinnati, OH

Schoenberg & Zutterling, Cincinnati, OH

Schoenberg, A., Cincinnati, OH

Schoenberg, Alpheus, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Schoene, San Francisco, CA

Schoene, H., Santa Clara, CA

Schoene, Herman, San Francisco, CA

Schoenfeld, F. (Mrs.), San Francisco, CA

Schoenfeld, Florence (Mrs.), San Francisco, CA

Schoerry, Henry, New York, NY

Schoerry, Henry D., New York, NY

Scholes, Albert H., Providence, RI

Schofield, Spring Valley, MN

Scholfield, Westerly, RI

Schofield, John, Frankford, PA

Schofield, John, Philadelphia, PA

Schofield, John H., Philadelphia, PA

Schofield Bros., Westerly, RI

Scholfield, Westerly, RI

Scholfield, E. A., Mystic River, CT

Scholfield, E. A., Westerly, RI

Scholfield, Edwin A., Westerly, RI

Scholl, Philadelphia, PA

Scholl, Emil, Philadelphia, PA

Scholl, John B., Chicago, IL

Scholten, St. Louis, MO

Scholten, J. A., St. Louis, MO

Scholten, J. A.  See Matthew N. Aurbacher

Scholten, John A., St. Louis, MO

Scholton, John A., St. Louis, MO

Scholze, Herman, Avondale, AL

Scholze, Herman, Birmingham, AL

Scholze, Herman, Chattanooga, TN

Schonberg, Tage, New York, NY

Schone, H., New York, NY

Schoonmaker & Dunwick, Troy, NY

Schoonmaker & Hill, Troy, NY

Schoonmaker & Smith, Troy, NY

Schoonmaker, C. C., Albany, NY

Schoonmaker, C. C., Troy, NY

Schoonmaker, Christopher C., Troy, NY

Schoonmaker, M. A., Walden, NY

Schorb, J. R., Yorkville, SC

Schrader. See Werner & Schrader

Schreck, C. H., Johnstown, OH

Schreiber & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Schreiber & Sons, Philadelphia, PA

Schreiber, F. W., Brooklyn, NY

Schreiber, Francis, Philadelphia, PA

Schreiber, Frederick W., Long Island City, Queens, NY

Schreiber, Wm., New York, NY

Schreier, James, Chicago, IL

Schriver, C. C.  See Excelsior

Schroder, Arnold, San Francisco, CA

Schroeder & Lynch, New York, NY

Schroeder, C. F., Green Bay, WI

Schroeder, Hugo, Milwaukee, WI

Schroeder, J. D., Mt. Lake, MN

Schroeder, John, Brooklyn, NY

Schroeter, H. O., Green River, KY

Schreurs, John A., Chicago, IL

Schrotz, John, Cincinnati, OH

Schubert, Jos. See Madison

Schuch, Carl, New York, NY

Schuckle, Christian, Brooklyn, NY

Schuckle, Christian Jr., New York, NY

Schueler, John, Davenport, IA

Schuepf, Eugene, New Rochelle, NY

Schuler, Edwin M., Boyerstown, Berks Co., PA

Schuler, King, Alexandria, VA

Schultz, A. F., Milwaukee, WI

Schultz, Ernest, Bronx, NY

Schultz, Max, Chicago, IL

Schultz, T. L., Brooklyn, NY

Schultz, William, Summit, NJ

Schultze, Theodore L., Brooklyn, NY

Schulze, Carl W. F., New Haven, CT

Schulze, Karl, Morristown, NJ

Schumacher, F. G., Los Angeles, CA

Schumacher, N., La Motte, IA

Schumaker, E. O., Battle Creek, MI

Schurch, W. H., Scranton, PA

Schurch, Wm H., Scranton, PA

Schuster, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Schutt. See Selover Schutt

Schutte, H. B., Baltimore, MD

Schutte, Henry B., Baltimore, MD

Schutter, Rochester, NY

Schutter, Henry, Rochester, NY

Schutz. See Rohde & Schutz

Schutz, Adolph S., Worcester, MA

Schuyler, C. D., Parish, NY

Schuyler, James V. R., Ithaca, NY

Schwab, Chas. F., Bradford, PA

Schwabe, H., Omaha, NE

Schwabe, Hermann, Omaha, NE

Schwalb, William, New York, NY

Schwartz. See Eclipse Studio of Malin & Schwartz

Schwartz. See Mills & Schwartz

Schwartz, J. H., Portland, IN

Schwartz, Louis B., New York, NY

Schwarzer, Henry G., Brooklyn, NY

Schwentner, Bruno, New York, NY

Schwentner, Jos., New York, NY

Schwerin. See Dorsaaz & Schwerin

Schwert, Marcus, White's Corners, Hamburg, NY

Sciandra, John J., New York, NY

Scibird, H. W., Decatur, IL

Scibird, Joe H.  See Miller & Tankersley

Scidmore, Ansel, Appleton, WI

Scidmore, D., Gloversville, NY

Scidmore, David, Gloversville, Johnstown, NY

Scofield, G. H., Utica, NY 

Scoggins, James H., New Orleans, LA

Scoles, Topeka, KS

Scoles, J. C., Dexter, IA

Scotchler, James, Boston, MA 

Scotcler, James, Boston, MA

Scotford & Co., Kansas City, MO

[torn] Scott, Gowanda, NY

Scott, Hume, NY

Scott, New Brunswick, NJ

Scott & Co., Topeka, KS

Scott, A. Wentworth, New York, NY

Scott, Chauncey, Poughkeepsie, NY

Scott, E. G., San Francisco, CA

Scott, J. C., New Brunswick, NJ

Scott, J. M., Vincennes, IN

Scott, O. P., Chicago, IL

Scott, O. P., Tacoma, WA

Scott, Oliver P., Chicago, IL

Scott, R. L. (Mrs.), Hedrick, IA

Scott, R. V., San Francisco, CA

Scott, S. C., Los Angeles, CA

Scott, Stephen W., Hastings, MN

Scott, W. A., San Francisco, CA

Scott, Walter A., San Francisco, CA

Scovell, E. F., Peterboro', NH

Scranton. See Hewes & Scranton

Scripture, G. H., Peterboro’, NH

Scripture, George H., Peterborough, NH

Scudder, A. A. & J. P. Herrick, Roxbury, NY

Scully, Frank P., Baltimore, MD

Seabold, Albert E., Baltimore, MD

Seabrook, Ephraim, Charleston, SC

Seaman, Oscar, Poughkeepsie, NY

Searbey, Thomas W., Philadelphia, PA

Searby, T. W., Philadelphia, PA

Seargeant, Y. P., La Grange, TX

Searing & Hunt, Brooklyn, NY

Searing, A. J., Brooklyn, NY

Searing, Andrew J., Brooklyn, NY

Searles. See Hewitt & Searles

Searles, George, Amsterdam, NY

Searles, H. C., Charleston, SC

Searles, Henry C., Charleston, SC

Searls, C. W., Moscow, ID

Searls, F. P., Moscow, ID

Searls, H. C., Charleston, SC

Sears, Charles L., San Bernardino, CA

Sears, D. (Mrs.), Camden, NY

Seaver & Butler, Boston, MA

Seaver & Kingman, Boston, MA

Seaver & Lothrop, Boston, MA

Seaver, C., Boston

Seaver, C. Jr., Boston, MA

Seaver, C. Jr., Pittsfield, MA

Seaver, Chandler Jr., Boston, MA

Seaver, Francis, Halifax, VT

Seavey, W., Canton, IL

Seavy, H. P., Columbia, TN

Seavy, Hial P., Columbia, TN

Seay, Leon E., Charlotte, NC

Seay, Leon Ernest, Charlotte, NC

Sebring, J. P. (Mrs.) San Antonio, TX

Seclear, J. M., Montville, Geauga, OH

Secord. See Briggs & Secord

Secord, George R., Chicago, IL

Sedgewick, Datus E., Ithaca, NY

Sedgwick, Howard M., Zanesville, OH

See & _____ [5 letter name]

Seebohm, Louis, Dayton, OH

Seebohm, Louis, Dayton, Montgomery, OH

Seeds, Levi B., Philadelphia, PA

Seeger, Port Jervis, NY

Seeger, Shohola Glen

Seeley, Pokeepsie, NY

Seeley & Warnock, Bridgeport, CT 

Seeley, H. B., Poughkeepsie, NY

Seeley, H. B., Successor to S. L. Walker, Poughkeepsie, NY

Seeley, H. J., Bridgeport, CT

Seeley, J. F.  See Johnson & Seeley

Seeley, Rufus A., Brooklyn, NY

Seelig, Sam'l, New York, NY

Seeling & Evans, ork, PA

Seely. See Tolles & Seely

Seely. See Tollis & Seely

Seely & Garbanati, New York, NY

Seely, H. B., Newburgh, NY

Seely, William T., Addison, NY

Seeman, Oscar, Schleswig, IA

Seet, P. W., Vienna, NY

Segar, J. W.  See W. J. Baker

Segerberg, Bern, Denver, CO

Segesman, Salem, OH 

Segitz, F., Salem, MA

Seibert, J. A., St. Louis, MO

Seibert, John A., St. Louis, MO

Seigfried, Theo., Ashland, PA

Seigfried, Theodore, Allentown, PA

Seitz, Perry, Denver, CO

Selander, Julius C., Baltimore, MD

Selby, James H., Flora, IL

Selby, Misses, New York, NY

Selig, William N., Chicago, IL

Sell, C. F., Canton, OH

Sellars, J. W., Bellaire, Belmont, OH

Selleck, Silas, San Francisco, CA

Selleck's, San Francisco, CA

Sellers, Burlington, NC

Sellers, Charles, Keokuk, IA

Sellers, J. W., Bellaire, OH

Sellner, Charles, Quincy, IL

Selon, Chas., Toledo, Lucas, OH

Selover Schutt, Cortland, NY

Semon, Carle, Cleveland, OH

Semon, Joseph E., Jersey City, NJ

Semon, Martin, New York, NY

Semple, Andrew K., Albany, NY

Senechal, Frank A., Sioux Falls, SD

Senter, E. Price, Auburn, NY

Seppo, Sam'l, Brooklyn, NY

Serebrin, Harry, Brooklyn, NY

Serebrin, Hyman, New York, NY

Sergeant, Saml S., Harvard, IL

Service, Calvin A., Council Bluffs, IA

Service, E. Moronia, Council Bluffs, IA

Service, Richard, Philadelphia, PA

Service, William E., Bridgeton, NJ

Service, William E., Philadelphia, PA

Service, Wm E., Bridgeton, N

Servis, C. G., Magnolia, IA

Sessions, Ira B., Olivet, MI

Setzer and Roth, St. Louis, MO

Seutter, Armin, Jackson, MS

Severance & Yocum, Portland, OR

Severance, F. J., Albany, NY

Severn, T., Joliet, IL

Severn, Thomas, Joliet, IL

Severt, A., Pella, IA

Severt, A. T., Fremont, IA

Sewall Shattuck, Lowell, MA

Seward & Thorn, Bloomington, IN

Seward, H. Watson, Utica, NY

Sewell & Vaughan, Lewisburg, AR

Sewell, D., San Francisco, CA

Sewell, E. N., San Francisco, CA

Sewell Prints, San Francisco, CA

Sewell's Art Gallery, Sonora, CA

Sexton, Lacon, IL

Sexton, Sylvia, Seward, AK

Sexton, T. E., Wilmington, DE

Seybt, Julian, Charleston, SC

Seymour, H. A., Jackson, MI

Seymour, H. A., Sioux City, IA

Seymour, J. S., Paris, IL

Seymour, James, Annapolis, IN

Seymour Platter & Sons, IN 

Shackell & Claus, New York, NY

Shackell & Clauss, New York, NY

Shackell, Francis, New York, NY

Shackford, A. H., Farmington, NH

Shackford, Amasa W., Farmington, NH

Shadle & Busser, York, PA

Shadle & Toner, Latrobe, PA

Shadle, C. C., Kittanning, PA

Shadle, E. J., Latrobe, PA

Shaeffer, S. G., Hanover, PA

Shaeffer's Gallery. See P. S. Weaver

Shafer. See Wilson & Shafer

Shafer & Watson, Parkersburg, WV

Shaffer, A., Youngstown, Mahoning, OH

Shafer, Andrew, Poland, Mahoning, OH

Shafer, J. M., Sinnamahoning, PA

Shaffer, Huntingdon, PA

Shaffer, A., Youngstown, Mahoning, OH

Shaffer, A. N., Poughkeepsie, NY

Shaffer, S. W., Central City, IA

Shaffer, William C., Philadelphia, PA

Shaffer, William H. A., Harrisburg, PA

Shaffer, Wm H. A., Altoona, PA

Shaffer, Wm H. A., Philadelphia, PA

Shaffer, Wm H. A., Topeka, KS

Shaffer, Wm H. A., York, PA

Shager, Anthony, Dows, IA

Shaker, R. G., Eau Claire, WI

Shaljan, John H., Worcester, MA

Shamp, Moses C., Fairfield, IA

Shandy, F. A. & Co., Pine Bluff, AR

Shane, William, Philadelphia, PA

Shang, Henry L., Salem, IA

Shanklin, D. H., Bloomington, IL

Shanning, Frank H., Portland, ME

Shannon, Malvern

Shannon, Patrick, St. Louis, MO

Shannon, T. F., Waverly, IA

Shape, Charles T. and Wm. A. Schenk, Milwaukee, WI

Shapiro, Herman, Cleveland, OH

Shapiro, Michael, Brooklyn, NY

Sharp, Trenton, NJ

Sharp. See Crum & Sharp

Sharp. See Richardson & Sharp

Sharp, C., Argyle, NY

Sharp, Cornelius, Argyle, NY

Sharp, H. E., Boston, MA

Sharp, J. A., Rensselaer, IN

Sharp, Jonas, Leyden, NY

Sharp, P. T., Newport, RI

Sharpe, C., Hartford, NY

Sharpe, C., Rupert, VT

Sharpnack, T. A., Brownsville, PA

Sharpsteen, W. H., Genoa, NY

Shartle, Harry, Knoxville, TN

Shartleff.  See Fancy & Shartleff

Shattuck, J. M., Manchester, VT

Shattuck, John M., Manchester, VT

Shattuck, Luther H., Boston, MA

Shattuck, S., Lowell, MA

Shattuck, Sewall, Lowell, MA

Shaver, E. E., Chelsea, MI

Shaver, Jacob C., Boise, ID

Shaver, John, Aughwick Mills, PA

Shaw. See Bauer & Shaw

Shaw. See Brothers, Gebhardt & Shaw

Shaw & Smith, Chagrin Falls, OH

Shaw, E. L., Oskaloosa, IA

Shaw, E. N., Janesville, WI

Shaw, George Frank, Bangor, ME

Shaw, J. D., Concord, NH

Shaw, Robert. See Bauer & Shaw

Shaw, T., Chagrin Falls, Cuyahoga, OH

Shaw, Thos., Chagrin Falls, OH

Shaw, W., Schenectady, NY

Shaw, Wallace, Schenectady, NY

Shaw, Walter W., New Haven, CT

Shaw, William, Chicago, IL

Shaw, William, Jacksonville, FL

Shaw, Wm., Chicago, IL

Shaw, Wm., Santa Rosa, CA

Shaw's Studio, Manchester, NH

Shea, M. A., Boston, MA

Shead, Chas., Cincinnati, OH

Shead, E. E., Eastport, ME

Sheaffer, S. G., Hanover, PA

Shears, G. W., Lima, OH

Shedd, Lyndon _., Windsor, VT

Sheehy, Cornelius A., Washington, DC

Sheets, F., Wellsville, OH

Sheets, Frederick, Wellsville, Columbiana, OH

Sheetz, Francis M., Trumbaursville, PA

Sheffel, Ottawa, IL

Shelburn, Burlington, NC

Sheburn, William, Raleigh, NC

Shelburne, W., Durham, NC

Sheldon, New Orleans, LA

Sheldon, J. A., New Orleans, LA

Sheldon, King T., Torrington, CT

Sheldon, King T., Winsted, CT

Sheldon, W., Berea, Cuyahoga, OH

Shell. See Twining & Shell

Shell, John H., Miamisburg, Montgomery, OH

Shellman, L. P., Cummington, MA

Shene, William, Philadelphia, PA

Shepard & Partis, Brooklyn, NY

Shepard, A., Brooklyn, NY

Shepard, Amos L., Naugatuck, CT

Shepard, Arthur W., Brooklyn, NY

Shepard, B., McArthur, Vinton, OH

Shepard, Idalene (Miss), Waukon, IA

Shepard, L. H. D., Boston, MA

Shepard, William, Lincoln, NE

Shepardson, Simeon, Newbury, VT

Shepherd, George B., Queens, NY

Shepherd, J., Attica, IN

Shepherd, J. H., Birmingham, AL

Shepherd, John H., Birmingham, AL

Shepherdson, Simeon, Newbury, VT

Sheppard & Hannan, Gallipolis, OH

Sheppard & Partis, Brooklyn, NY

Sheppard, Arthur, Brooklyn, NY

Sheppard, Arthur W., Brooklyn, NY

Sheppard R. H., Gallipolis, Gallia, OH

Sheppard, Richard H., Gallipolis, OH

Sherard, Solan L., Livingston, AL

Sherman, Brooklyn, NY

Sherman, Putnam, CT 

Sherman, C. H., Elgin, IL

Sherman, C. S., Windsor,

Sherman, Ellen Augusta French, Montpelier, VT

Sherman, Francis P., New Bedford, MA

Sherman, G. H., Elgin, IL

Sherman, L., Rochester, NY

Sherman, M. H., Milwaukee, WI

Sherman, O. G., Marengo, IL

Sherman, S. J., Brooklyn, NY

Sherman, Sylvanus J., Brooklyn, NY

Sherman, W. H., Milwaukee, WI

Sherman, Wm H., Milwaukee, WI

Sherraden, Council Bluffs, IA

Sherraden, C. H., Council Bluffs, IA

Sherraden, Chas H., Council Bluffs, IA

Sherrill, H. T., Columbus, MS

Sherrit, Wm., Thurman, Gallia, OH

Sherwood, Sing Sing, NY

Sherwood, C. C., Peekskill, Cortlandt, NY

Sherwood, Charles E., Portland, ME

Sherwood, Stephen, New York, NY

Sherwood, W. K., Candor, NY

Sherwood, W. K., Flemington, NJ

Sherwood, Wm., Bedford, NY

Sherwood, Wm. K., Oneonta, NY

Shew, Jacob, San Francisco, CA

Shew, M., Boston, MA

Shew, Wm, Boston, MA

Shew, Wm., San Francisco, CA

Shew, William, San Francisco.,

Shew's, Wm, San Francisco, CA

Shick & Hall, Chicago, IL

Shields. See Whippey & Shields

Shields, C. C., Indianapolis, IN

Shilcock, Edw'd, New York, NY

Shiller, S. A., Boston, MA

Shimmin. See Patterson & Shimmin

Shinghi, J., Dryden, NY

Shinn, H. A., Little Rock, AR

Shinn, H. A., Pine Bluff, AR

Shinn, H. S., Pine Bluff, AR

Shinn, John T., Philadelphia, PA

Shipler. See Clifton L. Bray

Shipler, Harry, Salt Lake City, UT

Shipler, James W., Salt Lake City, UT

Shipman, Edward B., Brooklyn, NY

Shipman, John S., Brooklyn, NY

Shipman Process Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Shirafuji, Frank, Los Angeles, CA

Shishmanian, George N., Wilmington, NC


Shively & Martin, Chicago, IL

Shively, E. W., Butte, MT

Shively, E. W. See Max Doerflinger

Shively, Edward W., Butte, MT
Shoaff, J. A., Fort Wayne, IN
Shock. See McConkey & Shock

Shockley. See Streeter & Shockley

Shoe Store Art Studio, Neligh, NE

Shoemaker, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Shoemaker, J. F., Pierceton, IN

Shoemaker, W. C., Philadelphia, PA

Shoemaker, William C., Philadelphia, PA

Shoemaker, William L., New York, NY

Shoener, W., Orwigsburg, PA

Shorey, Augusta, ME

Shorey, Baltimore, MD

Shorey, C. E., Lynn MA

Shorey, Carleton E., Augusta, ME

Shorey, Carleton E., Swampscott, MA

Shorey, Nelles C., Cleveland, OH

Shorey, W. F., Baltimore, MD

Shorey, William F., Baltimore, MD

Shorey, Wm F., Baltimore, MD

Short, Kingston, NY

Short, Rondout, NY

Short. See Hayes & Short

Short, Isabel, Esopus, Ulster Co., NY

Short, Isabell, Kingston, NY

Short, J. Co. See Harry E. Groken

Short, Lorenzo, Esopus, NY

Short, Lorenzo, Kingston, NY

Short, Lorenzo, Rondout, Kingston, NY
Showell, John G., Missoula, MT

Shrader, Jos, Little Rock, AR

Shreffer, Samuel, Mifflinburgh, PA

Schrempel, South Bethlehem, PA

Shreves, W. Jr., Bushnell, IL

Shrieves, Charles D., Minersville, PA

Shriner, R. A., Hawarden, IA

Shrive, William, Yonkers, NY

Shroyer. See Hayes & Shroyer

Shubart, C. A., Canton, OH

Shueler, J., Davenport, IA

Shuford Studio. See Dorothy Beaty

Shuford's Studio. See Chas G. Rich

Shugard, J. C., Chicago, IL

Shuler, Minnie E. (Miss), Cozad, NE

Shull, Geo. P., Cincinnati, OH

Shull, L. O., New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, OH

Shull, L. T., Richmond, KY

Shultz, Gallatin, MO

Shultz, Henry L. & William, Kingston, NY

Shultz, William. See Henry L. Shult

Shumard, Sylvester, Dewitt, NE

Shumacher, H., Newark, NJ

Shumway, H. L., Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, OH

Shumway, J. D., New Haven, CT

Shurr & Rastall, Milwaukee, WI

Shurtleff & Hutchinson, Boston, MA

Shurtleff, Henry, Boston, MA

Shurtleff, Henry, Mendota, IL

Shuster, H. S., Hillsboro, OR

Shute, Richard, Edgartown, MA

Shute, Richard & Son, Edgartown, MA

Sickler, H. O., Buffalo, NY

Sidey, Clinton, MA

Sidman, H. Herbert, New York, NY

Sidney, St. Louis, MO

Siebert, Albert Z., New York, NY

Siebert, Christie, CT

Siebert, F., New York, NY

Siebert, John A., St. Louis, MO

Siegel, Cooper & Co., Chicago, IL

Sieger, Port Jervis, NY

Siegmund, John, Rock Island, IL

Siegrist, D., New York, NY

Sieler. See Etter & Sieler

Sienkiewicz, Jos, Cleveland, OH

Sievers, Geo C., Jersey City, NJ

Sifrit, Edward H., Cincinnati, OH

Sifrit, Edwin H., Cincinnati, OH

Sigerist, Daniel A., Hoboken, NJ

Sigler, R. Harold, Boise, ID

Sigman, J. William, Phoenixville, PA

Sigmund, J., Rock Island, IL

Sigrist, Joseph, New York, NY

Sikes, Calvin, Randolph, PA

Silk, Thomas A., Boston, MA

Silkworth, A. W., Brooklyn, NY

Silkworth, Amos W., Brooklyn, NY

Silsbee. See Masury & Silsbee; See Ormsbee & Silsbee

Silsbee, Case & Co., Boston, MA

Silsbee, G. M. See Masury & Silsbee

Silver & Waterman, New York, NY

Silver, J. B., Salem, Columbiana, OH

Silver, J. P., Philadelphia, PA

Silver, Joseph P., Philadelphia, PA

Silver, William W., New York, NY

Silver Photo, Merced, CA

Silverman. See Luce & Silverman

Silvers, M. J., Fonda, IA

Silvester, C., Princeton, NJ

Silvestri, Achille, New York, NY

Silvis, J. B. See U. P. P. R. Photograph Car

Simcoe, T. J., Marshall, MO

Simkins, J. H., Salem, NJ

Simmons, A. R., Gardiner, ME

Simmons, Frances, New York, NY

Simmons, Henry S., New York, NY

Simmons, J. R., Hempstead, TX

Simmons, James H., Brooklyn, NY

Simmons, V. L., Waterloo, IA

Simmons Bros., Bloomington, IL

Simms & Kavanaugh, Hillsboro, TX

Simon, Rockwell City, IA

Simon, Achille J. B., New Orleans, LA

Simon, Alfred W., Buffalo, NY

Simon, Eugene, New Orleans, LA

Simon, O. A., Los Angeles, CA

Simond, J. L., Little Falls, NY

Simonds, F. A., Chillicothe, OH

Simonds, F. A., Chillicothe, Ross, OH

Simonds, Henry, Marlow, NH

Simonds, J. S., Detroit, MI

Simonds, Joseph S., Detroit, MI

Simonds, L. B., Gardner, MA

Simonds, S. J., Philadelphia, PA

Simonelli, James A., New York, NY

Simoni, C. Julien, New York, NY

Simons, F. A., Chillicothe, Ross, OH

Simons, M. P., Philadelphia, PA

Simons, Montgomery P., Philadelphia, PA

Simpkins, Walton, NY

Simpson, Indianapolis, IN

Simpson, Lowell, MA

Simpson & Baine, Indianapolis, IN

Simpson & Burnett, Indianapolis, IN

Simpson, A. J., Lowell, MA

Simpson, F. H., Scranton, PA

Simpson, Frederick S., New York, NY

Simpson, Jesse W., New Bern, NC

Simpson, Thomas C., Jones' Mill, PA

Simpson, W. P., Boston, MA

Simpson, W. P., Paterson, NJ

Simpson, W. P., Dallas, TX

Simpson, Willard P., New York, NY

Simpson, Willard P., Paterson, NJ

Simpson, Wm, Indianapolis, IN

Sims, Andrew, Camden, NJ

Sims, Leonard S., Camden NJ

Simson, A., Buffalo, NY

Simson, Andrew, Buffalo, NY

Simson, H., Buffalo, NY

Sinclair, Wichita, KS

Sinclair, A. W., Wichita, KS

Sinclair's, A., Erie, PA

Sinclear, Ward, (Gerry) Charlotte, NY

Singer, O. A., Delaware, Delaware,  OH

Singhi, Rockland, ME

Singhi, C. A., Binghamton, NY

Singhi, John F., Rockland, ME

Singhi, W. G., Binghamton, NY

Singhi, Well G., Bainbridge, NY

Singhi, Well G., Binghamton, NY

Singhi, Wellington G. 

Single, John F., Richmond, ME

Sinkler, Samuel, Philadelphia, PA

Sinn, Gertrude, New York, NY

Sinnett, John, Southport, NY

Sinsabaugh. See J. G. Vail

Sinsabaugh, J. B., Geneva, NY

Sinsabaugh, J. B., (Geneva) Seneca, NY

Sinsabaugh, James B., Geneva, NY

Sipperlee, W. H., Schuylerville, Saratoga, NY

Sipperly, Hoosick Falls, NY

Sipperly, W. H., Schuylerville, NY

Sires, Joseph, Putneyville, PA

Sisson, D. C., Boston, MA

Sisson, E. R., Great Barrington, MA

Sissons, R. E., Wickford, N. Kingstown, RI

Sistrunk, James E., Jacksonville, FL

Sitherwood & Anderson, Brainerd, MN

Sittler & Launey, Shelbyville, IL

Sizer, Edgar W., Charlotte, NC

Skaggs, J. M., Talladega, AL

Skalnick, Betty, New York, NY

Skalnik, Morris, Brooklyn, NY

Skalnick, Wm, New York, NY

Skalnick, Wm J., New York, NY

Skates, W. T., Mt. Enterprize, TX

Skates, W. F., Rusk Co., TX

Skelly, Geo., Globe, AZ

Skewes, J. D., Covington, KY

Skewes, T. J. D., Cincinnati, OH

Skewes, T. John D., Cincinnati, OH

Skewis, Benjamin P., Windom, MN

Skidmore, David, Gloversville, Johnstown, NY 

Skidmore, J. M., Wichita, KS

Skiff, Julius, Laceyville, PA

Skilling Art Studio, Des Moines, IA

Skinner, Fulton, NY

Skinner, C. W., Fulton, Volney, NY

Skinner, E. F., Windsor, VT

Skinner, Frank A., Quincy, MA

Skinner, H., Fulton, NY

Skinner, Joseph C., Manchester, IA
Skoglund Bros., Lincoln, NE

Skokum, Harrie J., Brooklyn, NY

Skolnick, Louis, New York, NY

Skrivseth, Henning D., Minot, ND

Skrivseth, J. L., Hillsboro, Dakota

Skrivseth, J. L., Hillsboro, DT

Sky-Light Gallery. See Johnston

Skylight. See Randall

Skylight Gallery. See H. Bishop

Slagle, J. Wall, T. B., MD

Slanovz, Victor, Cleveland, OH

Slaten. See Hagen & Slaten

Slater. See Kratzer, Successor to Slater

Slater, E. B., Douglas, MA

Slater, E. B., Worcester, MA

Slater, Hugh, Auburn, NY

Slater, Jos., Franklin, OH

Slater, Joseph, Maineville, Warren, OH

Slater, W., Douglas, MA

Slater, Wm, Helena, AR

Slatter & Millard, Little Rock, AR

Slatter, Henry, Cincinnati, OH

Slatter, Henry, Little Rock, AR

Slaughenhaupt, H. T., Littlestown, PA

Slaughenhaupt, Harry T., York Springs, PA

Slaz, M. B., Jerusalem, OH

Slear, C. J., Mifflinburg, PA

Slee Bros, Poughkeepsie, NY

Slee Brothers, Poughkeepsie, NY

Sleight, James E., New York, NY

Sleight, W. F., Mount Vernon, NY

Slemmens. See Fredericks & Slemmens

Slemons, James F., Atlanta, GA

Sletter, Albert, Fargo, ND

Slifer. See Hosbach & Slifer

Sliker, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Sloan, Gilson, Zanesville, OH

Sloan, Hester, Adel, IA

Sloan, William M., Jefferson, TX

Sloat, Fredrick, Chicago, IL

Sloat, George W., Chicago, IL

Sloat, M. D., Little Rock, AR

Slocum, Cincinnati, OH

Slocum, A. T., Cincinnati, OH

Slocum, J. E., San Diego, CA

Sloper, M. H., West Meridian, CT

Slover, H. K., Athens, TN

Smale, Des Moines, IA

Smale & Dingman, Des Moines, IA

Smales, Thomas O., Brunswick, GA

Small, James M., Milwaukee, WI

Smart, L. C., Renovo, PA

Small, Webster, Des Moines, IA

Smallwood, Richard Jr., Cincinnati, OH

Smead, Bellefontaine, OH

Smead, J. D., North Lewisburg, Champaign, OH

Smead, Wm. W., Bellefontaine, Logan, OH

Smedley, Greenfield, MA

Smedley, Thomas D., New York, NY

Smets, Henry, Frostburg, MD

Smilee, J., Littleton, NH

Smiley. See Bolton & Smiley

Smiley, Freeborn, Kingsleys, PA

Smiley, John, Newbury, VT

Smiley, John, Wells River, VT

Smiley, T. H., Knoxville, TN

Smilie, John, Littleton, NH

Smillie, John, Littleton, NH

Smillie, John, Wells River, VT

Smith, Buffalo, NY

Smith, Crete, NE

Smith, Detroit, MI

Smith, Kasson, MN

Smith, Lockport, NY

Smith, (Mrs.), Millwood, OH

Smith, New Bedford, MA

Smith, New Rochelle, NY

Smith, Newark, OH

Smith, Olympia, WA

Smith, Roseburg, OR

Smith, Salem, MA

Smith, Southbridge.

Smith, St. Louis, MO

Smith, Utica, NY

Smith, Zanesville, OH

Smith. See Blumenstiel & Smith

Smith. See Bolles & Smith

Smith. See Crocket & Smith

Smith. See Curtis & Smith

Smith. See Down & Smith

Smith. See Foulkes & Smith

Smith. See Friend & Smith

Smith. See Griswold & Smith

Smith. See Jenney & Smith
Smith. See Joslyn & Smith

Smith. See Larabee & Smith

Smith. See Pattison & Smith

Smith. See Ransom & Smith

Smith. See Schoonmaker & Smith

Smith. See Shaw & Smith

Smith. See Warriner & Smith

Smith. See Wise, Smith & Co,

Smith. See Wynne & Smith

Smith & Bousley, Salem, MA

Smith & Co., Sante Fe, NM

Smith & Andrews, New Bedford, CT

Smith & Bousley, Salem, MA

Smith & Coatsworth, Syracuse, NY

Smith & Davis, Detroit, MI

Smith & Donaldson, Eau Claire, WI

Smith & Dryer, Indianapolis, IN

Smith & Du Moulin, Brooklyn, NY

Smith & Harter, Troy, Miami, OH

Smith & Loquist, Peoria, IL

Smith & McWhinney, Chicago, IL

Smith & Miller, Roxbury, MA

Smith & Motes, Atlanta, GA

Smith & Mowrey, Troy, NY

Smith & Price, Traverse City, MI

Smith & Riley, Council Bluffs, IA

Smith & Sayles, Cooperstown, Otsego, NY

Smith & Soderberg, Marengo, IA

Smith & Wheaton, Providence, RI

Smith & Wybrant

Smith, A., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, A. & J., New York, NY

Smith, A. A., Cincinnati, OH

Smith, A. A., Seneca Falls, NY

Smith, A. C., Harrisburg, PA

Smith, A. Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Smith, A. D., Providence, PA

Smith, A. H., Salem, MA

Smith, A. H. See A. S. Balentine

Smith, Aaron, New York, NY

Smith, Aaron A., Jacksonville, FL

Smith, Aaron A., Moncrief Springs, FL

Smith, Al, Sacramento, CA

Smith, Alfred F., Chicago, IL

Smith, Axel F., Crete, NE

Smith, Barbara E. (Mrs.), Rochester, NY

Smith, Benjamin F. & Co., Portland, ME

Smith, B. F. & Co., Portland, ME

Smith, Benjamin F., Haverhill

Smith, Benjamin F., Haverhill, MA

Smith, Benjamin F., Portland, ME

Smith, C., Annville, PA

Smith, C. A., Webster, MA

Smith, C. A., West Boylston, MA

Smith, C. C., Photo Car

Smith, C. E., Peoria, IL

Smith, C. H., Detroit, MI

Smith, C. H. (Mrs.), Detroit, MI

Smith, C. O., Buffalo, NY

Smith, C. R., Sanford, ME

Smith, Carl T., Phoenix, AZ

Smith, Carlton, New York, NY

Smith, Carrie, Chicago, IL

Smith, Charles A., Lockport, NY

Smith, Charles A., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Charles H., New York, NY

Smith, Charles O., Buffalo, NY

Smith, Charles W., New York, NY

Smith, Cornelius, Anneville, PA

Smith, Costie (Miss), Deer Isle, ME

Smith, Costillia D. (Miss), Lowell, MA

Smith, D., Athol Depot, MA

Smith, D. H., Brooklyn, NY

Smith, Daniel S. See Down & Smith

Smith, David H., Brooklyn, NY

Smith, David H., New York, NY

Smith, E., Abingdon, IL

Smith, E. F., Boston, MA

Smith, E. R., East Hampton, MA

Smith, E. V., Cumberland, IA

Smith, Ed, West Bay City

Smith, Edward, Chariton, IA

Smith, Edward A. G., Woonsocket, RI

Smith, Edward E., Corning, NY

Smith, Edward F., Boston, MA

Smith, Edward M., Brooklyn, NY

Smith, Edwin, Canton, Stark, OH

Smith, F. H., Shelby, Richland, OH

Smith, F. W., Boston, MA

Smith, Frank W., Cleveland, OH

Smith, Fred, Shelby, OH

Smith, G. B., Bristol, TN

Smith, G. B., Bristol, VA

Smith, G. M., Lockport, NY

Smith, G. S., Brownsville, TX

Smith, G. S., Salt Lake City, UT

Smith, Geo., Chicago, IL

Smith, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Smith, Geo., Rockland, NY

Smith, Geo H., Asheville, NC

Smith, George W., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Gregory, Ottawa, KS

Smith, Guy E., Bisbee, AZ

Smith, H. A., Winchendon, MA

Smith, H. G., Boston, MA

Smith, H. M., Portland, ME

Smith, H. Pierre, San Francisco, CA

Smith, H. S., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, H. S., Rochelle, IL

Smith, H. W. See M. & H. W. Smith

Smith, Harris, New York, NY

Smith, Harry W., Coatesville, PA

Smith, Harvy, Kendallville, IN

Smith, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Henry, Waterbury, CT

Smith, Henry A., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Henry C., New York, NY

Smith, Henry W., New Bedford, MA

Smith, Howard M., Portland, ME 

Smith, Hugh H., Chicago, IL

Smith, I. D., Plainwell, MI

Smith, Irvin L., Windsor, NY

Smith, Isaiah, Lincoln, NE

Smith, J., Wapakoneta, Auglaize, OH

Smith, J., Chicago, IL

Smith, J., Lewistown, PA

Smith, J. Sr., Lebanon, PA

Smith, J. &. M., New York, NY

Smith, J. B., Utica, NY

Smith, J. D., Plainwell, MI

Smith, J. E., Bordentown, NJ

Smith, J. E., Painesville, Lake, OH 

Smith, J. Frank, Chicago, IL

Smith, J. G., Utica, NY

Smith, J. H., Charlotte, NC

Smith, J. Henry, Newark, NJ

Smith, J. L. See Smith's

Smith, J. Rennie, Asbury Park, NJ

Smith, J. Rennie, Newark, NJ

Smith, J. T., Springfield, IL

Smith, J. W., Lewistown, PA

Smith, J. Watson, Chicago, IL

Smith, James, Lima, NY

Smith, James, New York, NY

Smith, James F., Jacksonville, FL

Smith, James F., Moncrief Springs, FL

Smith, James W.  See Rachel A. Smith

Smith, Jno W., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, John, Bordentown, NJ

Smith, John B., Lansingburgh, NY

Smith, John B., Utica, NY

Smith, John F., Albion, IA

Smith, John H., Middletown, MD

Smith, John T., Springfield, IL

Smith, Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

Smith, Joseph, New York, NY

Smith, Joseph S., (Schuylersville) Saratoga, NY

Smith, Joshua, Chicago, IL

Smith, Joshua. See George J. Klein

Smith, L. F., El Paso, IL

Smith, L. G., Los Angeles, CA

Smith, L. S., Crestline, Crawford, OH

Smith, Lee F., Freeport, IL

Smith, Louis F., Columbus, OH

Smith, M., New Bedford, MA

Smith, M. & H. W., New Bedford, MA

Smith, M. E. M. (Mrs.), Chanute, KS

Smith, Manford H., Portland, ME

Smith, Maters (Mrs.) Chanute, KS

Smith, Morris, New Bedford, MA

Smith, N., Sandwich, IL

Smith, N. W., Ashland, Ashland, OH

Smith, N. W., Fostoria, Seneca, OH

Smith, Nathaniel, Sandwich, IL

Smith, O. J., Fayetteville, Manlius, NY

Smith, O. J., Newbern, NC

Smith, Olin C., New Haven, CT

Smith, Oliver W., Morley, Western MI

Smith, Oscar F., New York, NY

Smith, P. J., Oberlin, Lorain, OH

Smith, R. A., Carlisle, PA

Smith, R. G., Leavensorth ,KS

Smith, R. H., Castleton, VT

Smith, R. H., St. Albans, VT

Smith, R. I., Austin, MN

Smith, Rachel A., New York, NY

Smith, Ray L., San Francisco, CA

Smith, Robt J., Scott Co., AR

Smith, S., San Antonio, TX

Smith, S. B., Newville, PA

Smith, S. B., Palmyra, NY

Smith, S. P., Providence, RI

Smith, Samuel B., Honeoye, Richmond, NY

Smith, Samuel C., Trenton, TN

Smith, Silence A. (Miss), Fife Lake, Western MI

Smith, T. W., Mercer, PA

Smith, Thomas, Providence Annexation, RI

Smith, Tom, Langdon, ND

Smith, U. G., Creston, IA

Smith, V. S., Beech Creek, PA

Smith, W. A., Newark, Licking, OH

Smith, W. A., Plymouth, OH

Smith, W. A., Stoneham, MA

Smith, W. C., Leadville, CO

Smith, W. G., Cooperstown, NY

Smith, W. G., Cooperstown, Otsego, NY

Smith, W. H. H., Knoxville, IA

Smith, W. L., St. Mary's, OH

Smith, W. M., Beverly, MA

Smith, W. M., Ironton, Lawrence, OH

Smith, W. R., Butternuts, NY

Smith, W. W., Harrisburg, PA

Smith, W. W., Minersville, PA

Smith, Waite A., Chicago, IL

Smith, Weston L., Philadelphia, PA

Smith, Wiley A., Augusta, GA

Smith, Will., Warren, PA

Smith, William, Albany, NY

Smith, William B., Putnam, CT

Smith, William C., Searsport, ME

Smith, William L., Brooklyn, NY

Smith, William L., Buffalo, NY

Smith, Willard M., Chicago, IL

Smith, William R., Butternuts, NY

Smith, Winfield L., Winsted, CT

Smolansky, Moses, New Haven, CT

Smolensky, Moses, New York, NY

Smrcek, Joseph, Traer, IA

Smugden, Gustav, Cleveland, OH

Smyth, William J., New Berlin, NY

Smythe, Bloomington, WI

Smythe, H. E., Norman, OK

Snead, J. E., Los Angeles, CA

Snedecker & Loomis. See F. E. Loomis

Snell, M. V., Medina, OH

Snell, W., Salem

Snell, William, Chester, PA

Snell, William, Salem, MA

Snider, C. W., Attica, IN

Snider, J. & Son, Dresden, Muskingum, OH

Snively. See Ross & Snively

Snively, C. H., Millersburg, PA

Snoddy, R. F., Shippensburg, PA

Snodgrass, Ashley, Eldora, IA

Snodgrass, Lou B., Caldwell, ID

Snodgress, Mary B., Caldwell, ID

Snook & Kilmer, Akron, OH

Snook, Byron, Antwerp, Spaulding, OH

Snook, Geo. J., Emmett, ID

Snook, George J., Akron, OH

Snow, B. B., Lunenburg, VT

Snow, C. A., Lime Spring, IA

Snow, Cora (Miss), Lincoln, NE

Snow, Luther A., Milwaukee, WI

Snyder & Co., Indianapolis, IN

Snyder & Plummer, Celina, Mercer, OH

Snyder & Walton, Philadelphia, PA

Snyder, Adam W., Philadelphia, PA

Snyder, C. J., Topeka, KS

Snyder, G. W., Dayton, OH

Snyder, Geo. W., Dayton, Montgomery, OH

Snyder, George W., Philadelphia, PA

Snyder, John, Chicago, IL

Snyder, John H., Gettysburg, PA

Snyder, Ralph F., Bloomsburg

Snyder Bros., Minneapolis, MN

Sobieska.  See Kelley & Sobieska

Sockett, L. N., Medina, Medina, OH

Soderberg, Sutton, NE

Soderberg.  See Smith & Soderberg 

Soderholtz, E. E. Co., Boston, MA

Soell, Katie (Miss), Niagara Falls, NY

Soellner.  See France & Soellner

Solander. See Newberry & Solander

Solar Picture. See Wells H. White

Solar printer. See Cronin & Adams

Solar printer. See Miller &

Solar printing. See E. A. Stein

Solberg, O. T., Decorah, IA

Soldi, S. E., Los Angeles, CA

Soldiers Picture Gallery. See J. Fletch. Woodward

Solomon, G. R. & Co., New York, NY

Solomon, T. D., Round Rock, TX

Solomons. See Philp & Solomons

Soltz, John, Lime Ridge, PA

Somack, M., Brooklyn, NY

Somers, F. M., Memphis, TN

Somers, Frank M., Memphis, TN

Somers, M. & Co., Memphis, TN

Somes, A., Schenectady, NY

Somiesky, Pottstown, PA

Somlo, Alex, Cleveland, OH

Sommers Photographic Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Sonnenberg, H., Allegheny City, PA

Sonrel, A., Boston, MA

Sonrel, A., Cambridge, MA

Sonrel, Antoine, Woburn, MA

Sooy & Co., Oakland, CA

Soper, Allan, St. Ignace, Western MI

Sorcucen, Henry, Las Vegas, NM

Soreboe & DeVorkin, Los Angeles, CA

Sorensen, Harley, Dannebrog, NE

Sorter, J. E., Norway, MI

Souby, Edward J., New Orleans, LA

Soucon, F., Thibodeaux, LA

Souder, Charles H., Birmingham, AL

Souder, Stephen T., Charleston, SC

Soule, C. W., Boston, MA

Soule, John P., Boston, MA

Soule Photograph Co., Boston, MA

Souley. See Ball & Souley

Soultanian, Maxoude, East Providence, RI

Sours, Charles, Denver, CO

South & Hay, York, PA

South, John M., Danville, VA

Southwick, E. P., Frenchtown, NJ

Southwick, George E., New York, NY

Southworth & Gage, Walton, NY

Southworth & Hawes, Boston, MA

Southworth, A. S. & Co., Boston, MA

Southworth, H. B., Oswego, NY

Sowinski, Jos, Detroit, MI

Sowinski, Joseph, Detroit, MI

Sowles, H. H., Franklin, VT

Spaete. See Kelman & Spaete

Spafard, E. A., Norwich, CT

Spafford & Cable, Bloomington, IL

Spafford, Ralph I., Bloomington, IL

Spalding, Ella D., Boston, MA

Spalding, L. H., Otto, NY

Spalding, Stephen, Springville, NY

Spalding, Stephen E., Springville, NY

Spalt, Seattle, WA

Spalt, F. Robert, Seattle, WA

Spamer & Spier, New York, NY

Sparhawk, L. T., Randolph, VT

Sparhawk, L. T., West Randolph, VT

Sparhawk, Luther T., W. Randolph, VT

Sparks, C. W., Marshalltown, IA

Sparks, J. W., State Center, IA

Sparks, Louis D., Terre Haute, IN

Sparrow, W. E., Phoenix, Schroeppel, NY

Sparrow, Wm. E., (Fulton) Volney, NY

Speairs, S. H., Atlanta, GA

Spaulding, Springville, NY

Spaulding, L. H. (Mrs.), Otto, NY

Spaulding, S., Otto, NY

Spaulding, S. E., Springville, NY

Spaulding, S. E., Springville, Concord, NY

Spaulding, Sherman R., Auburn, ME

Speake, J. G. See Calvin C. Tylee

Speake, J. G. See Philetus A. Walton

Speaker, E. R., Wilmot, Stark, OH

Speakers, Isaac, Paterson, NJ

Speakers, Isaac G., Paterson, NJ

Spear & Bolton, Springfield, MA

Spear, James H., Springfield, MA

Spear, John W., Boston, MA

Specht, J. F., Marengo, IA

Spedden, Wm., L., Baltimore, MD

Speelman, Charles M., West Dresden, NY

Speer, J. H., Atlanta, GA

Speers, A. A. & W. H., Tacoma, WA

Speers, W. H. See A. A. Speers

Speiss, New York, NY

Speiss, Wm., New York, NY

Spellman, D. D., Detroit, MI

Spellman, L. P., Cummington, MA

Spencer, Circleville, OH

Spencer, Salem, OH

Spencer, David H., Chicago, IL

Spencer, F. M., Mansfield, PA

Spencer, Geo. B., Flemington, NJ

Spencer, George B., Waterbury, CT

Spencer, George E., Chicago, IL

Spencer, H. S., Albion, MI

Spencer, John F., Elizabeth, NJ

Spencer, Joseph D., Louisville, KY

Spencer, O. H., Circleville, OH

Spencer, T. W., Circleville, Pickaway, OH

Spencer, T. W., McArthur, Vinton, OH

Spengler, J. A., Lebanon, PA

Spengler, R. L., Freeport, IL

Sperber, Allegheny, PA

Sperring. See Wheeler & Sperring

Sperry, George, Iowa City, IA

Sperry, Myra (Mrs.), Salem, OR

Sperry, Myra. See Frankie E. Noe

Spettel, La Crosse, WI

Spettel Bros., North La Crosse, WI

Spettel Bros., La Crosse, WI

Spettel, Alvisant F.  See Spettel Bros. Studio

Spettel, Clement J. See Spettel Bros. Studio

Spicer, D. M., Batavia, IL

Spicer, W. E., Salem, OR

Spieler, C. H., Philadelphia, PA

Spieler, Charles H. Philadelphia, PA

Spieler, W. F., Philadelphia, PA

Spieler, William F., Philadelphia, PA

Spier. See Spamer & Spier

Spier, Harry, New York, NY

Spiess, William, New York, NY

Spiller, Saml C., Travelling Photographer, Brandon, VT

Spillman, H., New Orleans, LA

Spinney. See Sprague & Spinney

Spinney. See Wheeler & Spinney

Spinney, Charles S., Lewiston, ME

Spiter, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Spitzen, Solomon, Brooklyn, NY

Spitzer, R., 427 Grand, Brooklyn,

Spitzer, S., Brooklyn, NY

Spitzer, Salomon, Brooklyn, NY

Spitzer, Solomon, Brooklyn, NY

Spitznass, Wm., Belleville, IL

Spohn, John L., Cincinnati, OH

Spooler, Augus, Lynn, MA

Spooner & Wells, New York, NY

Spooner, D. B., Springfield, MA

Spooner, F. W., Buffalo, NY

Spooner, J. C., Springfield, MA

Spooner, John Pitcher, Stockton, CA

Spracklen, E. E., Webb City, MO

Sprague, Walton, NY

Sprague.  See Miller & Sprague

Sprague & Hathaway Co., New York, NY

Sprague & Spinney, Lewiston, ME

Sprague, A., Lewiston, ME

Sprague, A. W., Lewiston, ME

Sprague, Anselm W., Lewiston, ME

Sprague, B., New Haven, CT

Sprague, Ellis D., Cleveland, OH

Sprague, F. L., Walton, NY

Sprague, W. A., Columbus, OH

Sprague, W. A., St. Louis, MO

Sprecher, Daniel F., New Leipzig, ND 

Sprengel, Henry, Philadelphia, PA

Spring, Emma A., Cincinnati, OH

Sprinkle, New York, NY

Sprinkle, Westerfield A., New York, NY

Sproul, Albert E., New York, NY

Spurling, Dover, ME

Spurr, A. H., Creston, IA

Spurr, A. H. See J. H. Schmitz

Spurr, E. W., Decorah, IA

Spurr, Melbourne, Los Angeles, CA

Squier's. See Charles Bostwick

Squiers, G. W., Rochester, NY

Squires, Andrew, Nicholville, Lawrence, NY

Squires, L. S., North Brookfield, MA

Squyer, Auburn, NY

Squyer & Wright, Auburn, NY

Squyer, H. Seymour, Auburn, NY

St. Clair, A., Des Moines, IA

St. Clair, Alexander, Des Moines, IA

St. Clair, Amelia, Brooklyn, NY

St. Clair, Elsie, Brooklyn, NY

St. Clair, F. E., Des Moines, IA

St. Clair, F. E., Leavenworth, KS

St. Clair, George H., Brooklyn, NY

St. Clair, Ira M., Portsmouth, NH 

St. George, William, Jersey City, NJ

St. John, Hartford, CT

St. John & Travel, Greensboro, AL

St. John S. Tavel, Greensboro, AL

St. John, John Henry, Hartford, CT

St. John, M. J., Poughkeepsie, NY(

St. Pierre, Ipswich, MA

St. Pierre, Joseph, Salem, MA

St. Pierre, Leon F., Hartford, CT

St. Sauveur, Jean Bte., Pawtucket, RI

Stacey & Wheatley, Duquoin, IL

Stacey, Henry C., Jersey City, NJ

Stackhouse, W. H., Des Moines, IA

Stacy, Charles E., Brooklyn, NY

Stacy, J. G., Rahway, NJ

Stadler Photo Co., Chicago, IL

Stadtfeld, Maurice, New York, NY

Staehman, William, Lancaster, PA

Stafford, Minneapolis, MN

Stafford. See Bird & Stafford

Stafford & Son, Chicago, IL

Stafford & Wells, Norwich, NY

Stafford, Alpheus V.  See Bird & Stafford

Stafford, Charles, Chicago, IL

Stafford, Henry T., Newfield, ME

Stage, Wallace B., New York, NY

Stagg, R. M., Los Angeles, CA

Stahmer, Albert J., Chicago, IL

Stahn, Matheus, Baltimore, MD

Stahn, Mathias, Baltimore, MD

Stahn, Matthew, Baltimore, MD

Stair & Brother, Hanover, PA

Stair, Wm., Swanton, Fulton, OH

Stalley, F. C.  See John Harter

Stalley, F. C.  See Nellie C. Mulready

Stalley, Frederick C., Jamestown, ND

Stallings, W. F., Des Moines, IA

Stalmach, J. F., Dallas, TX

Staly Bros, Winchester, TN

Stam, F. E., La Crosse, WI

Stam, F. W., La Crosse, WI

Stamp, De Forest, Elmira, NY

Stamp Photo Co., Tacoma, WA

Stampen, Frank, Red Rock, IA

Stamper, Calvin F., Boise, ID

Stamper, Elsbury, Boise, ID

Stamper, Junie L., Boise, ID

Stamper Bros., East Des Moines, IA

Standard Photo Co., Hartford, CT

Standard Photo Co., New York, NY

Standard Photo Service, Trenton, NJ

Standard Photoprint Service, San Francisco, CA

Standard Portrait Co.

Standiford, Cleveland, OH

Standish, Norman P., Jackson, MI

Stanford Studio, The, San Francisco, CA

Stanford. See Taber-Stanford

Stange, F. A., Fifield, WI

Stanger, Louis, New York, NY

Stanhope, Clarence, Newport, RI

Stanislawa, Vezyk (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Stanley, Lewiston, ME

Stanley, C. L., Des Moines, IA

Stanley, Charles L., Des Moines, IA

Stanley, Frank E., Auburn, ME

Stanley, Frank E., Lewiston, ME

Stanley, Louis, Des Moines, IA

Stanley Studio, New York, NY

Stansifer, Stephen H., Newport, KY

Stanton, Springfield, OH

Stanton. See Outland & Stanton

Stanton & Butler, Baltimore, MD

Stanton & Son, Akron, OH

Stanton, B. F., La Belle, MO

Stanton, E., Wheeling, WV

Stanton, Edwin M., Wichita, KS

Stanton, Eldridge, Baltimore, MD

Stanton, Eug M., Seattle, WA

Stanton, H. L., Evansville, IN

Stanton, Henry, Fall River, MA

Stanton, Henry, Syracuse, NY

Stanton, Henry Jr., (Mohawk) German Flats, NY

Stanton, Henry S., Syracuse, NY

Stanton, I. B., Amsterdam, NY

Stanton, I. B., Peekskill, NY

Stanton, Ithra B., Findlay, OH

Stanton, J. F., Mobile, AL

Stanton, James B., New York, NY

Stanton, John B., Denver, CO

Stanton, John B., Somerville, MA

Stanton, John F., Mobile, AL

Stanton, M. C., Springfield, OH

Stanton, Marie W., Syracuse, NY

Stanton, R. R., San Francisco, CA

Stanton, Ray, San Francisco, CA

Stanton, Raymond R., Seattle, WA

Stanton, T. E., Los Angeles, CA

Stanton, Thomas J., Pittsburgh, PA

Stanton, Thos J., Pittsburgh, PA

Stanton, William, Mobile, AL

Stanton, Wm., Mobile, AL

Staples, Indianapolis, IN

Staples & Co., Mobile, AL

Staples, Abigail, New Britain, CT

Staples, Theodore, Stroudsburg, PA

Staples, W. F., Dallas, TX

Staples, William F., Dallas, TX

Staples, William F., Mobile, AL

Staples, William F., Nashville, TN

Staples, William F., New Britain, CT

Staples, Wm F., Atlanta, GA

Staples, Wm F., Canton, OH

Staples, Wm F., Indianapolis, IN

Star $1 and $2 Studio, Springfield, IL

Star and Crescent Art Gallery, Mt. Vernon, OH

Star Ferrotype Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Star Gallery, Alpena, MI

Star Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Star Gallery, Cedar Rapids, IA

Star Gallery, Shreveport, LA

Star Gallery. See H. A. Balch

Star Gallery. See McFarland

Star Gallery. See Strickmaker Brothers

Star Photograph Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Starbird, C. H., Augusta, ME
Starbird, Charles H., Augusta, ME

Starbird, Charles H., Portland, ME

Stark & Hayter

Stark, A. D., Manchester,, NH

Stark, Alfred D., Manchester, NH

Stark, Charles M., Ann Arbor, MI

Stark, Ferdinand, New York, NY

Stark, Geo., Cincinnati, OH

Stark, J. A., Battle Creek, MI

Stark, Sidney T., Canton, OH

Stark, Thomas C., Columbus, OH

Stark, Walter, Butte, MT

Stark, Wm G., Zanesville, OH

Starke, St. Louis, MO

Starke & Barton, Zanesville, Muskingum, OH

Starke, N. P., Linden, AR

Starke, W. G., Zanesville, OH

Starkey, Joseph B., Lockport, NY

Starks, Ottumwa, IA

Starks, F. R., Ottumwa, IA

Starks, Fred R., Ottumwa City, IA

Starks, M. W., Sioux City, IA

Starkweather, J., Roxbury, MA

Starkweather, J. B., Boston, MA

Starkweather, J. B., Jamaica Plain, MA

Starkweather, N. B. K.  See Lancey & Co.

Starr. See Farrington & Starr

Starr, A. M., New Bedford, MA

Starr, J., Philadelphia, PA

Starr, Jesse, Camden, NJ

Starr, Jesse, Philadelphia, PA

Starr, Jesse W., Philadelphia, PA

Starup, Edward, Boston, MA

Stadtfeld, M., New York, NY

_tatesman & Kuhl, Marshalltown, IA

Stauffer, Asbury Park, NJ

Stauffer, A. N., Mt. Pleasant, PA

Stauffer, A. N. & Co., Mt. Pleasant, PA

Stauffer, Aaron, Mount Pleasant, PA

Stauffer, Aaron N., Mount Pleasant, PA

Stauffer, J. & A. N., Mount Pleasant, PA

Staunton, Rochester, NY


Stead, James U., New York, NY

Stearns, Abraham, Woodstock, VT

Stearns, Charles, Wallingford, CT

Stearns, David, Wallingford, CT

Stearns, E. I., Honesdale, PA

Stearns, E. I., Huntington, LI, NY

Stearns, J. H., Vergennes, VT

Stearns, J. K., Vergennes, VT

Stearns, Joseph H., Vergennes, VT

Stearns, Lee, Wilkes Barre, PA

Steavinson, E. A., Centre Point, AR

Stebbins. See Hurd & Stebbins

Stebbins, A. W., St. Charles, MN

Stebbins, M. B., St. Charles, MN

Stebbins, N. L., Boston, MA

Stech, J. H., Philadelphia, PA

Steckel Fults Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Steckel, George, Allentown, PA

Steckel, George, Los Angeles, CA

Steckman. See Longaker & Steckman

Steckman, George S. See Longaker & Steckman

Steed, T. D., Cleveland, TN

Steele, Jackson

Steele, Oberlin, KS

Steele, Hugh H., Jackson, MI

Steele, R. I., Waukon, IA

Steele, Richard, Charleston, SC 

Steele, Walter, Reno, NV

Steele, William C., Denver, CO

Steelhead, Albert, Smithland, IA

Steely, J. S & Co., Charleston, AR

Stefan, James, Hazleton, PA

Steffe, O. P., Angola, IN

Steffens & Co., Chicago, IL

Steffens, L. A. See Steffens Studio

Steffens, M. J., Chicago, IL

Steffens, Matthew J., Chicago, IL

Steffens Studio, Chicago, IL

Steffey, J. H., Mt. Union, OH

Steffey's, Mount Union, OH

Stefley, J. H., Alliance, Stark, OH

Stehman, J., Lancaster, PA

Stein, Ravenna, OH

Stein, Milwaukee, WI

Stein. See Merrill & Stein

Stein & Rosch, Chicago, IL

Stein, David, New York, NY

Stein, David, Philadelphia, PA

Stein, E. A. & Co., Cleveland, OH

Stein, George I., Morristown, NJ

Stein, H. L., Milwaukee, WI

Stein, H. R., San Antonio, TX

Stein, Henry B., New York, NY

Stein, J. V., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Stein, Philip I., Addison, PA

Stein, S. L., Milwaukee, WI

Stein, Simon L., Milwaukee, WI

Stein, W. F., Ravenna, Portage, OH

Steinert, D. A., Los Angeles, CA

Steinberg, Charles, New York, NY

Steinberg, I. & M., New York, NY

Steine, F. W., Belleville, Richland, OH

Steinebach, Charles F., Philadelphia, PA

Steinebach, Rudolph, Philadelphia, PA

Steiner, Frederick G., Middletown, CT

Steinbrunn, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Steiner, Harry J., Hoboken, NJ

Steiner, J. H., Hoboken, NJ

Steiner, Julius H., Hoboken, NJ

Steinhardt, Theodore, Wilmington, DE

Steinman, Jacob C., Philadelphia, PA

Stender, Valentine, Jersey City, NJ

Stephany, Anton P., Chicago, IL

Stephens, Rushville, IN

Stephens & Son, Chicago, IL

Stephens, D. H., Ogden, UT

Stephens, H. S., Rushville, IN

Stephens, J. O., Ogden, UT

Stephens Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Stephenson, Cleveland, OH

Stephenson, Emma, Philadelphia, PA

Stephenson, Marie J. (Mrs.), Glen Ullin, ND

Sterlin, S. F., Woodstock, VT

Sterlin, Seth F., Woodstock, VT

Sterling, Trenton, NJ

Sterling, G. F., Detroit, MI

Sterling, G. F., West Bay City, MI

Stern, J. & Co., New York, NY

Stern, Rupert, Brooklyn, NY

Sterner, John J., Moscow, ID

Sterry, E., Lansingburgh, NY

Sterry, Edwin S., Albany, NY

Stetser, Joseph, Philadelphia, PA

Stetser, Joseph H., Philadelphia, PA

Stetson, Alvin, Mesopotamia, Trumbull, OH

Stetson, Benj. L., Hanover, MA

Stetter, Cornelius, Arlington, IA

Stevens, Altoona, PA

Stevens, Flushing, MI

Stevens, Lewiston, ME

Stevens. See Alexander & Stevens

Stevens. See Baldwin & Stevens

Stevens, C. B., San Francisco, CA

Stevens, Caleb A., Foxboro, MA

Stevens, Emil A., Norwich, CT

Stevens, F. A., Chelsea, VT

Stevens, Frederick, New York, NY

Stevens, Frederick A., Chelsea,  VT

Stevens, Frederick A., West Fairlee, VT

Stevens, G. E. See H. S. & G. E. Stevens

Stevens, G. L., Flushing, MI

Stevens, G. W., Batavia, NY

Stevens, Gilbert L., Flushing, MI

Stevens, H. S. & G. E., Keene, NH

Stevens, Halsey, Dryden, NY

Stevens, Herbert L., Lewiston, ME

Stevens, H. L., Lewiston, ME

Stevens, J. K., Chicago, IL

Stevens, J. K. & Son, Chicago, IL

Stevens, J. K. & Son Co., Chicago, IL

Stevens, J. M., Columbus, Franklin,  OH

Stevens, J. W., Craftsbury, CT

Stevens, James W., Craftsbury, VT

Stevens, John K., Chicago, IL

Stevens, John M., Rochester, NH

Stevens, R. J., Covington, KY

Stevens, R. J., Ripley, Brown, OH

Stevens, Raymond B., Philadelphia, PA

Stevens, Richard J., Covington, KY

Stevens, William R., Norwich, CT

Stevens, Wm. R., Auburn, ME

Stevenson, El Reno, OT

Stevenson, Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, E. S., El Dorado, KS

Stevenson, Edw'd, Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, Edward G., Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, Edwd G., Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, H. S., Leavenworth, KS

Stevenson, Harold, Rochester, NY

Stevenson, Horace S., Leavenworth, KS

Stevenson, I., Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, J., Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, John, Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, John, New York, NY

Stevenson, Joshua, Brooklyn, NY

Stevenson, M. A., Toledo, Lucas, OH

Stevenson, R. & Co., Leavenworth, KS

Stevenspn, Richard, Leavenworth, KS

Stevenson, Robert, New York, NY

Stevenson, W. F. See Swaine & Mote

Stevenson's, Brooklyn, NY

Steward & Hamilton, Butte, MT

Steward & Hamilton. See Fred R. Meier

Stewart, Fossil, OR

Stewart, Milford, MI

Stewart & Piper, Columbus, IN

Stewart, C. E., Chicago, IL

Stewart, Charles T., Brooklyn, NY

Stewart, Charles T. Jr., Brooklyn, NY

Stewart, J. B., Carrollton, GA

Stewart, J. B., Carlinville, IL

Stewart, J. G., Carlinsville, IL

Stewart, J. W., Knoxville, TN

Stewart, John G., Carlinsville, IL

Stewart, Mabel A., Boise, ID

Stewart, O., Salem, OH

Stewart, O., Salem, Columbiana, OH

Stewart, P. L., Oneida, Lenox, NY

Stewart, Richard, Boise, ID

Steyert, Robt A., Brooklyn, NY

Stich, H. H., Hamburg, IA

Sticles, Carl, Ventnor, NJ

Stickney, Lincoln, IL

Stickney, L., Lincoln, IL

Stickney, L. (Mrs.), Morris, NY

Stickney, Leroy, Detroit, MI

Stickney, Newell H., New York, NY

Stieringer, Wm. C., Cincinnati, OH

Stieringer, Wm. C., Covington, KY

Stiff. See Jones & Stiff

Stiff. See Woodward & Stiff

Stiff & Brother, Middleboro, MA

Stiff, Charles W., Danvers, MA

Stiff, T. P., Hyannis, MA

Stiff, T. P. Barnstable, MA

Stiff, T. P. See George F. Atkinson

Stiffler & Morgan, Des Moines, IA
Stiffler, G. W., De Moines, IA

Stiffler, George W. See Stiffler & Morgan

Stigleman, Edward W., Richmind, IN

Stigleman, G. W., Richmond, IN

Stigleman, George W., Richmond, IN

Stiles. See Brigham & Stiles

Stiles. See Krumhar & Stiles

Stiles & King, Windsor, VT

Stiles, A. J., Cleveland, OH

Stiles, A. J., (Gowanda) Persia, NY

Stiles, A. W., Gibson, PA

Stiles, Arthur E., Cleveland, OH

Stiles, Dewey, Los Angeles, CA

Stiles, E. G., Chicago, IL

Stiles, F. W., Westerly, RI

Stiles, Florence I., Mandan, ND

Stiles, Fred W., Westerly, RI

Stiles, Jas F., Chester, VT

Stiles, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Stiles, Virginia H. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Still, Roy C., Reno, NV

Still, W. W., Reno, NV

Still, W. W. See Roy C. Still

Still, Wilbert W., Reno, NV

Stiller, Benjamin, Boston, MA

Stillman, Jamestown, NY

Stillman, C. H., Portsmouth, Scioto, OH

Stillman, Harry G., Cincinnati, OH

Stillman, R. P., Albion, NY

Stillman's, Jamestown, NY

Stillwegen, J. T., Connellsville, PA

Stimson, Chippewa Falls, WI

Stimson, H. C., Westfield, MA

Stinson. See Yagear & Stinson

Stinson, E. R. & Co., Omaha, NE

Stinson, L. J., Marysville, CA

Stinson, Lewis J., Marysville, CA

Stirk, Harry, Springvale, ME

Stirling, H. N. (Mrs.), Niles, MI

Stitch, H. M., Sidney, IA

Stock, John & Co., New York, NY

Stockdorf, Fred, Leadville, CO

Stockenberg, L., Salina, KS

Stocking. See Cornish & Stocking

Stocking, Albert, Alpena, MI

Stockman, Charles, New York, NY

Stoddard, Granville, NY

Stoddard, New Haven, CT

Stoddard. See Bundy & Stoddard

Stoddard, Charles C., Cranston, RI

Stoddard, F. A., Calais, ME

Stoddard, I. H., New Haven, CT

Stoddard, J. H., Granville, NY

Stoddard, S. R., Glens Falls, Queensbury, NY

Stoffregen, A., Brooklyn, NY

Stoffregen, Alfred, Brooklyn, NY

Stokes. See Crowley-Stokes

Stokes & Co., Trenton, NJ

Stokes, Emily (Mrs.), Boston, MA

Stokes, Glenn, Los Angeles, CA

Stokes, Mary K., Philadelphia, PA

Stokes, S., Trenton, NJ

Stokes, Stockton, Trenton, NJ

Stokes, Thomas C., Brooklyn, NY

Stokes, William H., Chattanooga, TN

Stokien, Harrie J., Brooklyn, NY

Stoll, Frank R., Cleveland, OH

Stoll, G. (Mrs.), Leadvillle, CO

Stoller. See Blank & Stoller

Stoller, Geo., New York, NY

Stollmack & Goldstien, New York, NY

Stollmack, Isaac, New York, NY

Stollmack, R., Brooklyn, NY

Stollmack, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

Stollmack, Sol., New York, NY

Stolte. See Buchtel & Stolte

Stoltze, Herman, Philadelphia, PA 

Stolze, Philadelphia, PA

Stolze, Hans, Philadelphia, PA

Stolze, Hans H., Philadelphia, PA

Stone. See Dodson & Stone

Stone & Waggoner, Austin, TX

Stone & Youngblood, Dardanelle, AR

Stone, A. A., Cleveland, OH

Stone, A. C., Clark, S. Dak

Stone, Albert R., Rochester, NY

Stone, Alvin R., Baldwinsville, Lysander, NY

Stone, Arthur C., Edgerton, WI

Stone, B. H., Fayetteville, AR

Stone, C. D., New York, NY

Stone, Charles P., Coxsackie, NY

Stone, Edward, Salem, MA

Stone, Frederick A., Waterbury, CT

Stone, I. C. M., Brooklyn, NY

Stone, Isaac C. M., Brooklyn, NY

Stone, J., Boston, MA

Stone, J. Lee, High Point, NC

Stone, J. Lee Jr., High Point, NC

Stone, Jennie, Leadville, CO

Stone, M. P., Reidsville, NC

Stone, Morris, New York, NY

Stone, R. B., Shabbona, IL

Stone, Robt F., Cleveland, OH

Stone, T. P. Mrs., Woodhull, NY

Stone, William, Cohoes, NY

Stonecypher, Gothernburg, NE

Stoner, Daniel, Chicago, IL

Stoner, Ellwyn, Highspire, PA

Stonestreet, J. M., Gilman, IA

Stonestreet, J. M., Marshalltown, IA

Stonestreet, M. E. (Mrs.), Marshalltown, IA

Stoops, L. M., Perry, IA

Stopff, Emil H., New York, NY

Storer. See Critcherson & Storer

Storer, John W., Jersey City, NJ

Stores, I. J., Clifton Springs, Manchester, NY

Storey, John, Chicago, IL

Storm, Francis D., Detroit

Storms, Orrin B., Palmyra, NY

Storrs, George, Humphrey, NY

Story, A., Cambridge, MA

Story, Augustus, Boston, MA

Story, J. E., Knoxville, TN

Story, John, Chicago, IL

Story, Lewis, Gloucester, MA

Story, W. H., Pontiac, IL

Story Brothers, Peoria, IL

Stotzer, Frederick, Chicago, IL

Stouffer, Aaron N., Mt. Pleasant, PA

Stout, Louisville, KY

Strout, Howard E., Woburn, MA

Stout, Peter A., Pittsburgh, PA

Stout, Thomas, Chicago, IL

Stoveall & Co., Bonham, TX

Stover, J. W., Chicago, IL

Stow, A. B., Middletown, CT

Stow, E. C., Quincy, IL

Stow, James B., Middletown, CT

Stowe, E. C., Mount Pleasant, IA

Stowe, George R., Chicago, IL

Stowe, H. D. See R. T. Stowe

Stowe, Henry D., Louisville, KY

Stowe, R. T., Louisville, KY

Stradley, W. W., Des Moines, IA

Strait, D. C., Sylvania, PA

Strait, Wm., (Brockport) Sweden, NY

Straka, James, Milwaukee, WI

Strang, Amelia, Lewiston, ID

Strassburg, Henry, Omaha, NE

Strasser, Albert H., Cleveland, OH

Stratton. See Patten, Perkins & Stratton

Stratton, Charles R., New Haven, CT

Stratton, Walter W., Greenfield, MA

Straub, M. V., Canton, OH

Straub, Max V., Canton, OH

Strauch, H. W., Pine Grove, PA

Strauss, B. F., Bismarck, ND

Strauss, Benj, Cleveland, OH

Strauss, Julius C., St. Louis, MO

Straut, J. R., Pittsburgh, PA

Strawn’s, C. B., Cumberland, IA

Streb, Alfred, Rochester, NY

Street. See Terrell & Street

Streeter, G. A., Gilroy, CA

Streeter & Shockley, Hannibal, MO

Streit, Frederick W., Milwaukee, WI

Streuser, M. J., Bellevue, IA

Stribling, B. S., Bellefonte, AR

Strickland, H. W., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

Strickler, D. L. & Co., Centreville, IA

Strickler, David L. S. See D. L. Strickler

Strickler, M. M., New York, NY

Strickmaker Brothers, New Philadelphia, OH

Strickrott, John F., Topeka, KS

Strock, John M., Boston, MA

Strode, Kokomo, IN

Stroefer, Theodore, New York, NY

Strojny, Anthony, Cleveland, OH

Strom, J. A., Shenandoah, IA

Stromstein, Sopha, Allerton, IA

Stromsten, John, Corydon, IA

Strong & Bingham, Mount Vernon, Knox, OH

Strong & Lipscomb, Jerseyville, IL

Strong, Bernard A., Rochester, NY

Strong, J. C., Jerseyville, IL

Strong, D. M., King City, MO

Strong, G. M., Portland, OR

Strope, Harry B., New York, NY

Stroud, Hutchinson, KS

Stroud. See Carothers & Stroud

Stroud, William, Norristown, PA

Strout, H. F., Walderboro'. ME

Strout, Howard E., Brunswick, ME

Strowbridge, (Mrs.), Franklin Mills, Portage,  OH

Struber, Daniel, Louisville, KY

Struble & Wendel, Brooklyn, NY

Struble, Irving, Brooklyn, NY

Strunk, Reading, PA

Strunk, J. D., Reading, PA

Strunk, John D., Reading, PA

Strye Studio, San Francisco, CA

Stuart. See Marriott & Stuart 

Stuart, C. T., Hartford, CT

Stuart, Calvin A., Buffalo, NY

Stuart, Charles T., Hartford, CT

Stuart, Chas T., Hartford, CT

Stuart, Eugene, Williamsport, PA

Stuart, Geo. W., Hartford, CT

Stuart, George W., Hartford, CT

Stuart, Mrs., Boston, MA

Stuart, O. O., Passadumkeag, ME

Stuart, Wm. M., Stockton, CA

Stubbs & Cammack, Marshalltown, IA

Stubbs, A., Philadelphia, PA

Stubbs, Alfred, Philadelphia, PA

Stubbs, C. J.  See Stubbs & Cammack

Stuber. See P. Gunter

Stuber, Louisville, KY

Stuber, D., Louisville, KY

Stuber, Daniel, Louisville, KY

Stuber, Francis, South Bethlehem, PA

Stuber, M., Louisville, KY

Stuber, W., Louisville, KY

Studebaker, L. J., Wichita, KS

Studio Grand, Pueblo, CO

Studio Imperiale, Cleveland, OH

Studio Novak, San Francisco, CA

Studley, George, Chicago, IL

Studley, George D., Chicago, IL

Stull. See Price & Stull

Stumpf, C. T., Tonawanda, NY

Stumpf, S. H., Tonawanda, NY

Sturdevant, Atkinson, NE

Sturdevant, E. K., San Antonio, TX

Sturdevant, Eugene, Wyalusing, PA.

Sturdevant, J. D., Tunkhannock, PA

Sturdevant, James B., Brainstrem, PA

Sturdevant, Robt. W., Oneida, Lenox, NY

Sturtevant, E. E., Skowhegan, ME

Styles, Middlebury, VT

Styles, Montpelier, VT

Styles, A. F., Burlington, VT

Styles, A. F., Montpelier, VT

Styles, A. J., Middlebury, VT

Styron, John L., Morrisville, Eaton, NY

Such, James A., St. Louis, MO

Suchy, Frank, Chicago, IL

Suchy, John, Chicago, IL

Suddard, J. F., Fall River, MA

Suddard, J. F., Providence, RI

Suddards & Fennemore, Philadelphia, PA

Suden. See Hagedorn & Suden

Suden, F. G., Jefferson City, MO

Suffel, E. J., Mattoon, IL

Suhr, Theodore, Chicago, IL

Sullivan, Garrett, IN

Sullivan. See Johnson & Sullivan

Sullivan Bros., Hudson, NY

Sullivan, Charles, Philadelphia, PA

Sullivan, Charles M., Philadelphia, PA

Sullivan's Grand Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Summer, Charles, Chicago, IL

Summer, L. H. See Nathan D. Morgan

Summers, J. N. W., Magnolia Co., AR

Summers, J. M. W., Magnolia Co., AR

Summers, J. M. W., Magnolia, AR

Summers, Jessie M., Magnolia, AR

Summers, R. D., Rochester, NY

Summers, R. D., Waterloo, NY

Sumner, Fred, Haverhill, MA

Sumner, M., Fall River, MA

Sunbeam, The, Grand Island, NE

Sun Beam. See A. P. Hart

Sun Beam. See C. Evans

Sunbeam. See Erler

Sunbeam. See F. Jas. Evans

Sunbeam. See G. W. Godfrey, Geo. W. Godfrey 

Sunbeam Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Sunbeam Gallery, Dansville, NY

Sunbeam Gallery, Pipestone, MN

Sunbeam Photo Studio, New York, NY

Sunderland, J. C., Girard, KS

Sunderland, J. C., Hartford, WI

Sunderland, W. L.,  Milledgeville, IL

Sunderlin, Flemington, NJ

Sunderlin & Walling, Fort Edward, NY

Sunderlin, J. C., Granville, NY

Sundermeyer, J. F., Burt, IA

Sunergren. See Folsom & Sunergren

Sunter & Messmer, Buffalo, NY

Suppiger. See E. Baer

Surber, A. J., Hartford, IA

Surbitt, William H., Mexico, PA

Surry's, Wenatchee, WA

Susong, J. D., Des Moines, IA

Susong, Joseph D., Des Moines, IA

Susong, L. A., Des Moines, IA

Susong, W. S., Dallas Center, IA

Susong, Warren S., Des Moines, IA

Sussman, Minneapolis, MN

Sutcliffe, Harvey R., Cleveland, OH

Sutherland, Asa, Chesapeake City, MD

Sutlerley. See Sutterley

Sutphen, D., Mount Morris, NY

Sutphen, D., Mt. Morris, NY

Sutphen, David, Moravia, NY

Sutphen, David, Mount Morris, NY

Sutter, Harry, Milwaukee, WI

Sutter, Helen (Mrs.), Milwaukee, WI

Sutterley, Napa City, CA

Sutterley, Virginia, Nevada

Sutterley & Co., Wilmington, DE

Sutterley, J. K., Wilmington, DE

Sutterley, James K., Wilmington, DE

Sutterley Brothers

Sutterley Brothers, Virginia, NV

Sutterley Brothers, Virginia City, NV

Sutterley/Sutlerley Bros, Idaho City, ID

Sutton, Andover, NY

Sutton, Hornellsville, NY

Sutton, W. L., Hornellsville, NY

Sutton, William L., Hornellsville, NY

Sutton, William R., Goshen, NY

Sutton Studio, Yonkers, NY

Swadley, San Francisco, CA

Swafford, J. G., Keokuk, IA

Swafford, J. Guy, Keokuk, IA

Swafford, Minnie.  See J. Guy Swafford


Swain, St. Paul, MN

Swain. See Mote & Swain       

Swain & Meade, New York, NY

Swain, Allen, Paul, MN

Swain, E. C., Malden, MA

Swain, J., East Wilton, Wilton, ME

Swain, Seorim, Dover, NH

Swaine. See Mote & Swaine

Swaine & Mote, Portable Gallery

Swaine, J. H., Richmond, IN

Swaine, J. Harry, Detroit, MI

Swaine, J. Harry, Richmond, IN

Swaine, S., Rochester, NH

Swan, B. P., Lynnville, IA

Swan, J. W. See J. U. P. Burnham and J. W. Swan

Swan, Jas. C.

Swan, John W., Portland, ME

Swan, Thos., New York, NY

Swan, W. H., Rutland, VT

Swan, W. H., White River Junction, VT

Swanton & Oswald, Brooklyn, NY

Swanton, John E., Brooklyn, NY

Swart. See Miltz & Swart

Swart, J., Nevada City, CA

Swartz, Adam, Stuart, IA

Swartz, H. A., Somerset, Perry, OH

Swayne, Annabella, Kennett Square, PA

Sweeney. See La Chappelle & Sweeney

Sweeney, Wm, San Francisco, CA

Sweeny, Thos. T., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH


Sweet. See Hubbard & Sweet

Sweet, Chas., Cincinnati, OH

Sweet, Chas., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Sweet, Geo. A., Taunton, MA

Sweet, J. L., Clinton, MA

Sweet, Wm. H., Baltimore, MD

Sweetman.  See C. R. Gibson; See Gibson & Sweetman

Sweetser, C. A., Holyoke, MA

Sweetser, C. A., Lynn, MA

Sweetser, C. A., Springfield, MA

Sweetzer, Charles A., Springfield, MA

Sweitzer, B. K., Allentown, PA

Swem, E. L., Cedar Rapids, IA

Swem, Thomas M., Fargo, ND

Sweney, T. H., Wellsville, NY

Swenson, Chas. J., Cincinnati, OH

Swetnam, Edina, MO

Swett, James, Lewiston, ME

Swett, James A., Auburn, ME

Sweitzer, Jacob, Louisville, KY

Swick, M., Bloomington, IL

Swift & Bean, Boston, MA

Swift, Chas., Boston, MA

Swift, G. W., Raleigh, NC

Swift, George W., Jacksonville, FL

Swift, H. B., Philadelphia, PA

Swift, J. M., Brooklyn, NY

Swift, John M., Brooklyn, NY

Swift, John M., New York, NY

Swineford, Philip, Middleburg, PA

Swinford. See Martin & Swinford

Swingley, New Castle, IN

Swisher Studio, Chicago, IL

Swope, M. A., Astoria, OR

Sword Bros, Philadelphia, PA

Sword, James B., Philadelphia, PA

Swymmer & Leeson, New Orleans, LA

Swymmer, H. H., New Orleans, LA

Swyter, Hilko, Aplington, IA

Sydney F. Ober, Bridgeport, CT

Syftestad, J. T., Appleton, MN

Sykes. See Gibson, Sykes & Fowler

Sykes, J. B., Clinton, NY

Sykes, Mabel, Chicago, IL

Sykes, Melvin H., Chicago, IL

Sykes, O. A., Chebanse, IL

Sylvester, C. T., Boston, MA

Sylvia, Joseph T., New Bedford, MA

Symonds, Henry, Marlow, NH

Symons. See Fox & Symons

Symons, C. W., Salt Lake City, UT

Symons, John P., Bisbee, AZ

Sympson, Carthage, IL

Syphers & Son, La Salle, IL

Syvertson, H. O., La Crosse, WI

Szekeress, Frank, Cleveland, OH



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