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Below is an index to photographers whose names begin with the Letter R that are listed on this web site. To locate details, hover over Photographers R in the navigation bar and the sections will appear. The photographers' information is within these sections.

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Raba, E., San Antonio, TX

Rabb, George. See Herman A. Feiker

Rabe, Edw H., Cleveland, OH

Rabenau, Daniel, St. Louis, MO

Rabenaw, Daniel, St. Louis, MO

Rabineau, Albany, NY

Rablan, William, Brooklyn, NY

Race, J. W., Brooklyn, NY

Race, James W., Brooklyn, NY

Racer, G. C., Marietta, OH

Racksecker. See Grossklaus, Racksecker & Co.

Radabaugh, E. B., Huntington, IN

Rader, Ottis J., Charlotte, NC

Radley & Vanderzee, Albany, NY

Ragan & Ploetz, Kansas City, MO

Ragan & Son, Kansas City, MO

Ragan, George C., Las Vegas

Ragan, W. O.  See Ragan & Ploetz

Ragan, Wm O., Bushnell, IL

Ragsdale, M. C.

Railroad. See U. P. P. R. Photograph Car

Railroad Palace. See Mantello

Raimonde Art Studio, New York, NY

Rainaud, Hubert, Haverhill, MA

Rainbow Art Studio, New York, NY

Raines, W. L., Huntington, WV

Rainwater, T., Montrose, MO

Raker, C., Shamokin, PA

Ramalie, Henry, Parisville, Portage, OH

Rambo, Philadelphia, PA

Rambo, Ritter L. C., Philadelphia, PA

Ramsdell, D. P., New Haven, CT

Ramsdell, Daniel P., New Haven, CT

Ramsdell, J. N., Ballston Spa, NY

Ramsdell, J. N., Ballston Spa, Milton, NY

Ramsdell, J. N., Fort Plain, Minden, NY

Ramsdell, John, Brooklyn, NY

Ramsdell, John, New York, NY

Ramsey, Henry B., Asheville, NC

Ramsey, John A., Zanesville, OH

Rance, F. G. & Co., Salt Lake City, UT

Rand, Stillman N., Newark, NJ

Randal, A., Adamsville, Muskingum, OH

Randall, Detroit, MI

Randall. See Anglin & Randall

Randall & Blackmore, Hartford, CT

Randall & Earle, Detroit, MI

Randall, C. C., Detroit, MI

Randall, Charlotte (Mrs.), Clyde, Sandusky,

Randall, Corydon C., Detroit, MI

Randall, Corydorn C., Detroit, MI

Randall, Frank A., Denver, CO

Randall, Herbert, Hartford, CT

Randall, John C., Cincinnati, OH

Randall, Levi E., Lewiston, ME

Randall, N. D., Oneida, Lenox, NY

Randall, Robert A., New York, NY

Randall, Wm., New Baltimore, MI

Randall, Wm E., Newtown Borough, PA

Randall Bros., Natick, MA

Randall's Skylight Gallery, Saginaw, MI

Randell, Nathan, New York, NY

Randell, R. A., New York, NY

Randell, Robt, New York, NY

Randisi, Peter, Cleveland, OH

Randolph. See Knight & Randolph

Randolph. See Warner & Randolph

Randolph, D. S., Xenia, OH

Randolph, H. Levi, Jackson, MI

Raney, David M., Clarksville, TN

Ranger, Geneva, NY

Ranger & Champ, Geneseo, NY

Ranger & Hazer, Syracuse, NY

Ranger & Whitmore, Clyde, NY

Ranger & Whitmore, Clyde, Galen, NY

Ranger, W. V., Syracuse, NY

Ranger, Wm. E., Warsaw, NY

Ranier Photo Studios, Seattle, WA

Rank Bros., Van Wert,OH

Rank, J. F., Van Wert, OH

Rankin, Taunton, MA

Rankin & Bissell, Effingham, IL

Rankin & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Rankin & Co., Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

Rankin, E. K., Millersburg, IA

Rankin, Henry W., Newport, RI

Rankin, John H., Effingham, IL

Rankin, Joseph W., Mexico, ME

Rankins, J. R., Martinsburg, VA

Ranklin, A. K., Taunton, MA

Ranney, Oris N., Lockport, NY

Ransdell, Matilda C., Cleveland, OH

Ransom & Smith, Philadelphia, PA

Rantz, B. F., Quasqueton, IA

Ranzini, Chas, New York, NY

Rape, W. M., Opelika, AL

Rappaport, Hy, New York, NY

Rasbeck, George, Hermon, NY

Raschkovan, Sidney, New York, NY

Rasmussen, Riverside

Rasmussen, Rock Island, IL

Rasmussen & Free, Rock Island, IL

Rasmussen, J. Charles, San Francisco, CA

Rasmuth, Peter, Chicago, IL

Rastell. See Shurr & Rastall

Rathburn, G. W. (Mrs.), Bristol, RI

Rathburn, G. W. (Mrs.), Pawtucket, RI

Rau, George, Philadelphia, PA

Rau, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Rauch, Albert, Chicago, IL

Rauch, E., Lancaster, OH

Raugean, A., Donaldsonville, LA

Ravel, Charles H., (Fayetteville) Manlius, NY

Ravell, C. H., Lyons, NY

Ravell, C. H., Rochester, NY

Ravell, C. H., Wolcott, NY

Ravell, Charles, Lyons, NY

Ravell, Charles H., Lyons, NY

Ravell, Charles H., St. Paul, MN

Raw, Jacob, Chicago, IL

Raw, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Raw, Jacob, Trenton, NJ

Rawleson, John G., Fairbury, NE

Rawlins & Co., Wooster, OH

Rawlins & Co., Wooster, Wayne, OH

Rawlins & Co. See Victory Gallery

Rawlins, W. A., Wichita, KS

Rawlins, Wm J., Wichita, KS

Rawls Bros, Columbia, SC

Rawson, Brooklyn, NY

Rawson. See Bowman & Rawson

Rawson & Chambers, Erie, PA

Rawson, Charles S., Brooklyn, NY

Rawson, Chas. S., Brooklyn, NY

Ray. See Clandins & Ray

Ray. See Claudius & Ray

Ray. See Ernsberger & Ray

Ray. See Evans, Paige & Ray

Ray, C. F., New York, NY

Ray, E. E., Middleton, TN

Ray, Nias, Chicago, IL

Ray, Noble, Chicago, IL

Ray Photo Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Ray's Studio. See Percy Merrell

Rayburn, Thomas B., Little Rock, AR

Rayfield, Henry, Detroit, MI

Raymond. See Tripp & Volney

Raymond & Barney, Spencer, MA

Raymond, A. E., Vermillion, NY

Raymond, Harvey, Pleasant Plain, IA

Raymond, James, Potlatch, ID

Raymond Studio, Dallas, TX

Raynor, Edgar, Riverhead, NY

Raynor, Edgar, River Head, Long Island, NY

Razin & Blumenthal, New York, NY

Rea, W. J., St. Joseph, MO

Read, Taunton, MA

Read, A. J., Austinburg, Ashtabula, OH

Read, P. R., Taunton, MA

Reader, William, Newberry Twp, IN

Reading, J. T., Lancaster, PA

Reading, John T., New York, NY

Readman, Norwalk, CT

Readman, Francis E., Norwalk, CT

Readman, J. B., Charlotte, NC

Ream, M. C., Cleveland, OH

Ream, Marston C., Lancaster, OH

Ream, Morston, New York, NY

Ream, Morston C., Cleveland, OH

Reamer. See Bancroft & Reamer

Rearden, Eug, New York, NY

Reardon, E., New York, NY

Reasoner, M., Jackson, OH

Reasoner, M., Jackson C. H., OH

Recher, E. M., Hagerstown, MD

Reciti. See Guzzo & Reciti

Reciti, Jno, New York, NY

Reck, L. M., Galion, OH

Reck, L. M., Galion, Crawford, OH

Reckling, W. A., Chester, SC

Reckling, W. A., Columbia, SC

Reckling, W. A., Rome, GA

Reckling, W. A. & Son, Columbia, SC

Recknagle, Carl, Boston, MA

Record. See Baker & Record

Record, E. A., Saratoga, NY

Record, Emerson A., Saratoga Springs, NY

Rectigraph Co., The, New York, NY

Rectigraph Prints, Chicago, IL

Red Star Photograph Co., New York, NY

Redd, H. S., Wichita, KS

Redd, John J., Camden, AR

Redd, Thos. K., Cincinnati, OH

Redden, Samuel, St. Charles, MO

Reddy, William H., Half Moon, PA

Rederus, F. M., Pella, IA

Redfield, Sol, New York, NY

Redin, W. H., Louisville, KY

Redington, Daniel, St. Louis, MO

Redman, G. H., Webster, MA

Redmon's Studio, Springfield, IL

Redmond, James, Brooklyn, NY

Redmond, James, Oceanus, Queens, NY

Redpath, Charles, Butte, MT

Reece, M. D., Cincinnatus, NY

Reed, Brunswick, ME

Reed, Kokomo, IN

Reed, Lynn, MA

Reed, Newburyport

Reed. See Headley & Reed

Reed. See Storer & Reed

Reed & Co., Chicago, IL

Reed & Connell, Los Angeles, CA

Reed & Gross, Englewood, IL

Reed & Gross, Chicago, IL

Reed, A., Quincy, IL

Reed, A. O., Brunswick, ME

Reed, Amos O., Brunswick, ME

Reed, Amos O., Portland, ME

Reed, Arthur E., Jackson, MI

Reed, Edward, Chattanooga, TN

Reed, H. J., Worcester, MA

Reed, Henry J., Worcester, MA

Reed, J. J., Hickory, PA

Reed, Leon L., Lewiston, ME

Reed, Nathaniel K., Charleston, SC

Reed, Oscar O., Paris, IL

Reed, R. A., Charlestown, MA

Reed, R. A., Lynn, MA

Reed, S. C., Georgetown, MA

Reed, Samuel T., New York, NY

Reed, Thomas, Bermudian, PA

Reed, W. A. (Mrs.), Quincy, IL

Reed, W. O., Missouri Valley, IA

Reed, Walter S., Clay Center, NE
Reed Bros., Lawrence, MA
Reeder, Pleasantville, IA

Reeder, Alonzo F., Fairbury, NE

Reeder, William M., Bedford, IA

Rees, A. L., Johnstown, OH

Rees, Charles R., Richmond, VA

Rees, E. J., Petersburg, VA

Reese, J. A., Virginia

Reese, W. A., Moulton, IA

Reeve & Watt, Columbus, Franklin,  OH

Reeve, J. C., Lambertville, NJ

Reeves & Hyde, Cleveland, OH

Reeves, C. R., Anderson, IN

Reeves, E. J., El Paso, TX

Reeves, H., Newburgh, Cuyahoga, OH

Reeves, Henry, Cleveland, OH

Reeves, Henry. See Reeves & Hyde

Reeves, Henry H., Cleveland, OH

Reeves, W. R., Clarksville, TN

Regan, John, Cincinnati, OH

Regenfuse. See Gaenzle & Regenfuse

Reger, Altoona, PA

Reger, F. R., Altoona, PA

Reger, George, Philadelphia, PA

Reger, T. M., Philadelphia, PA

Reger, Theodore M., Philadelphia, PA

Rehn & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Rehn & Hurn, Chestnut, Philadelphia, PA

Rehn & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Rehn & Sons, Philadelphia, PA

Rehn, I., Philadelphia, PA

Rehn, I. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Rehner & Son, Indianola, TX

Reich, James, Charles City, IA

Reichel, Red Lake Falls, MN

Reickard, P. S., Lock Haven, PA

Reid, E. L., Tucumcari, NM

Reid, Edward L., Hot Springs, AR

Reid, J., Paterson, NJ

Reid, John, Paterson, NJ

Reid, L. A., Harvard, IL

Reid, R., Battle Creek, MI

Reid, W. R., Fulton, IL

Reid Brothers, Paterson, NJ

Reidenbach, H., Harrisburg, PA

Reider, John, Maiden Creek, PA

Reif, C. P., Wheeling, WV

Reiff, J. B., Hallettsville, TX

Reiff, J. B., Huntsville, TX

Reigert, Daniel, Sugar Valley, PA

Reil, George F., Chicago, IL

Reilly, J. J., Suspension Bridge, Niagara, NY

Reilly, John J., Suspension Bridge, NY

Reilly, Thomas F., Port Rich, NY

Reimann & Co., Cincinnati, OH

Rieman, Jos., Cincinnati, OH

Riemann, Jos., Cincinnati, OH

Reimer, B. F., Philadelphia, PA

Reimer, Benjamin F., Philadelphia, PA

Reimers, C., Louisville, KY

Reinecke, F. W., Sutherland, IA

Reinecke, W. F., Waverly, IA

Reinhold, Henry J., Cincinnati, OH

Reinig, Edward M., Helena, MT

Reinmiller, J. Clarence, Hazleton, PA

Reiss, Charles Jr., Brooklyn, NY

Reiss, Charles J., Brooklyn, NY

Reiss, Norman, Los Angeles, CA

Reiss, W. F., Detroit, MI

Reitermand, W., Finley, Hancock, OH

Rembrandt Galleries, New York, NY

Rembrandt Photo Co., New York, NY

Rembrandt Photo Studio, Hartford, CT

Rembrandt Photo Studio, New York, NY

Rembrandt Studio, Chicago, IL

Rembrandt Studio, Fresno, CA

Rembrandt Studio, Jersey City, NJ

Rembrandt Studio, Newport, RI

Remillard, A.B. E., Newburgh, NY

Remillard, Abraham B. E., Newburgh, NY

Remington. See Coleman & Remington

Rembrandt. See Jesse H. Tonge

Remington, Stephen, Chicago, IL

Remmy's, Columbus, OH

Renchler, Andrew, Detroit, MI


Reno, Glenwood, IA

Renshaw, Richard, Philadelphia, PA

Repetto, Silvio, New York, NY

Replogle, J. W., Walnut, PA

Resser, J. B., Waynesboro', PA

Resnick, Meyer, New York, NY

Rettus, Jos, New York, NY

Reuling, Louisville, KY

Reuling, J. A., Louisville, KY

Reusi, Leopold, New York, NY

Reuvers, Pella, IA

Reuvers, J. H., Pella, IA

Reuvers, John H., Pella, IA

Review Photo Co., New York, NY

Revill. See Johnson & Revill

Reynard, L. F., Syracuse, NY

Reynold, Charles C., Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, Burlington, IA

Reynolds, Nashville, MI

Reynolds. See Litchfield & Reynolds

Reynolds & Foley, Greenfield, IA

Reynolds & Kline, Batavia

Reynolds & Rider, Chicago, IL

Reynolds, Arthur T., Gardiner, ME

Reynolds, B. F., Saint Louis, MO

Reynolds, B. F., St. Louis, MO

Reynolds, B. J., Decorah, IA

Reynolds, Bartley J., Decorah, IA

Reynolds, Benjamin F., St. Louis, MO

Reynolds, C., Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, C. C. (Mrs.), Evening Shade, AR

Reynolds, C. H., Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, Charles, Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, Charles C., Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, Chas., Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, Chas. See Reynolds Bros.

Reynolds, D. M., Chicago, IL

Reynolds, Daniel, Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds, E. Ellsworth, Rutland, VT

Reynolds, Foster, (Whitesville) Independence, NY

Reynolds, Francis M., David City, NE

Reynolds, G. H., New York, NY

Reynolds, Geo H., New York, NY

Reynolds, George A., Rochester, NY

Reynolds, H. O., Hemlock Lake, Livonia, NY

Reynolds, Harry S., Schenectady, NY

Reynolds, Henry J., Des Moines, IA

Reynolds, Henry J.  See Reynolds Bros

Reynolds, Hiram C. See Reynolds & Foley

Reynolds, J. H., Burlington, IA

Reynolds, J. S., Jackson, MI

Reynolds, James A.  See Reynolds Bros

Reynolds, James E., Chicago, IL

Reynolds, Jas. H., Burlington, IA

Reynolds, Jefferson

Reynolds, John B., Nyack, Orangetown, NY

Reynolds, Merton P., Elmira, NY

Reynolds, Millard E., Des Moines, IA

Reynolds, R. A. (Mrs.), Carlisle, PA

Reynolds, S. Wray, Rochester, NY

Reynolds, Samuel, Cherryfield, ME

Reynolds, Steph K., New York, NY

Reynolds, Stephen, (Evans' Mills) Le Ray, NY

Reynolds, W. J., Des Moines, IA

Reynolds, Wm J., Washington, IA

Reynolds Bros., Brooklyn, NY

Reynolds Bros, Jefferson, IA

Rhea, John, Eaton, OH

Rheems, W. (Mrs.), Bellevue, IA

Rhein & Ledo, Los Angeles, CA

Rhener, B. & Son, Indianola, Calhoun, TX

Rhener, B. & Son, Indianola, TX

Rhiedhar & McCarty, Dewitt, AR

Rhine, Gustave C., Gallatin, TN

Rhoades & Co., Chicago, IL

Rhoads, Philadelphia, PA

Rhoads and Shane, Philadelphia, PA

Rhoads, Jacob, Walker, PA

Rhoads, W. H., Philadelphia, PA

Rhoads, William H., Philadelphia, PA

Rhode, Anton, Chicago, IL

Rhodes, Phillipsburg, NJ

Rhodes, Milan and Harris, MO

Rhodes & Jackson, Gouverneur, NY

Rhodes, A. S., Gouverneur, NY

Rhodes, Aaron S., Gouverneur, NY

Rhodes, C. H., Quincy, MA

Rhodes, George W., Whitehall, NY

Rhodes, J.  See R. K. & J. Rhodes

Rhodes, J. C., Shelby, IA

Rhodes, J. P., Phoenix, AZ

Rhodes, R. K., Wabash, IN

Rhodes, R. K. & J., Wabash, IN

Rhodes, Theodore H., Boston, MA

Rialto Art Studio, New York, NY

Rianhard, Chas. B., Cincinnati, OH

Rice, Washington, DC

Rice. See Capron & Rice

Rice. See Edwards & Rice

Rice. See Fitton & Rice

Rice. See Myers & Rice

Rice. See Tyson & Rice

Rice & Bliss, Warren, Trumbull, OH

Rice & Heard, Boston, MA

Rice & Parks, Boston, MA

Rice, A. F., Milford, IN

Rice, A. G., New York, NY

Rice, A. H. & Co., Piqua, Miami, OH

Rice, A. L., Worcester, MA

Rice, A. P. V., Rockingham, VT

Rice, A. P. V., Woodstock, VT

Rice, Alonzo P. V., Springfield, VT

Rice, C., Brooklyn, NY

Rice, Claude, Brooklyn, NY

Rice, D. A., Gilmore City, IA

Rice, Edwd. J., Louisiana, MO

Rice, Elbert, Carlinville, IL

Rice, Elbert L., Carlinville, IL

Rice, F. G., Hamilton, NY

Rice, Frederick W., Worcester, MA

Rice, Geo M., Worcester, MA 

Rice, Harry A., Nebraska City, NE

Rice, Harry A. See Tyson & Rice

Rice, Henry C., Louisiana, MO

Rice, Hudson, Louisiana, MO

Rice, Jas. B., Louisiana, MO

Rice, Joseph T., Waterbury, CT

Rice, L. C., Boston, MA

Rice, L. M., Warren, OH

Rice, M. A., Brooklyn, NY

Rice, Mary A., Brooklyn, NY

Rice, Moses P., Washington, DC

Rice, P. S., Brooklyn, NY

Rice, Philip, Hoboken, NJ

Rice, Philip J., Brooklyn, NY

Rice, Philip J., Hoboken, NJ

Rice, R. C., Boston, MA

Rice, Robert C., Washington, DC

Rice, S. A., Carlinville, IL

Rice, S. A., Roodhouse, IL

Rich, S. A., Zanesville, Muskingum, OH

Rice, S. A. See Smith’s

Rice, Saml A., Louisiana, MO

Rice, Samuel, Jerseyville, IL

Rice, Samuel A., Carlinville, IL

Rice, Susan P., Boston, MA

Rice, T. C. C., Brooklyn, NY

Rice, Theodore, Dorchester, MA

Rice, Theodore, Roxbury, MA

Rice, W., Warren, OH

Rice Bros., Worcester, MA

Rich. See Robbins & Rich

Rich, Carroll C., Rutland, VT

Rich, Chas G., Charlotte, NC

Rich, E. (mrs.), Zanesville, Muskingum, OH

Rich, J. Bartlett, Philadelphia, PA

Rich, James A., Chicago, IL

Rich, J. A., Chicago, IL

Rich, R. E., Mason City, IA

Rich, S. A. See Smith’s

Rich, Samuel A., Zanesville, OH

Rich, Wm S., New York, NY

Richards, Newark, NY

Richards, B. L., Afton, NY

Richards, E. W., Versailles, IL

Richards, F. De B., Philadelphia, PA

Richards, F. De Bourg, Philadelphia, PA

Richards, R., Phenix, Coventry, RI

Richards, Robert B., Chicago, IL

Richards, S. S., Carthage, Wilna, NY

Richards, S. V., Carbondale, PA

Richards, S. Y., Carbondale, PA

Richards, S. Y., Pittston, PA

Richards, Wm. H., Christiansburg, VA

Richardson, Lowell, MA

Richardson, Williamsburgh

Richardson. See Horton & Richardson

Richardson. See Shoemaker and Richardson

Richardson & Boomhower, Lowell,  MA

Richardson & Packard, Lewiston, ME

Richardson & Sharp, Fowling Creek, MD

Richardson, Benj. J., Brooklyn, NY

Richardson, C. E. See Robert A. Abbott

Richardson, C. F., Leominster, MA

Richardson, C. F., North Bridgewater, MA

Richardson, C. F., Wakefield, MA

Richardson, F. F., Martinsburg, IA

Richardson, H. A., Boston, MA

Richardson, J. C. & Co., Boston, MA

Richardson, J. F., Maryville, TN

Richardson, James C., Decorah, IA

Richardson, Jas. C., Decorah, IA

Richardson, L., Seal Cove, Tremont, ME

Richardson, L. A., Ashland, MA

Richardson, L. A., Leominster, MA

Richardson, Leonard, San Francisco, CA

Richardson, O. B., Boston, MA

Richardson, Philip, Brooklyn, NY

Richardson, Phillip.  See Richardson Bros.

Richardson, R. D.  See Richardson Bros.

Richardson, Robert D., Brooklyn, NY

Richardson, S. Baxter, Manchester, NH

Richardson, T. G., St. Albans, VT

Richardson, W., Williamsburg, L.I., NY

Richardson, W. J., Cincinnati, AR

Richardson, William, Brooklyn, NY

Richardson, William E., Brooklyn, NY

Richardson, William P., Springfield, MA

Richardson, Wm, Brooklyn, NY

Richardson, Wm., Williamsburgh

Richardson, Wm. E., Brooklyn, NY

Richardson Bros., Brooklyn, NY

Richardson Brothers, Brooklyn, NY

Richardson's, Successor to Lane, Nashua, NH

Richie, Middleburg, NY

Richmond Camera Exchange, Richmond, VA

Richmond Photo Co., Richmond, VA

Richmonds, David, New York, NY

Richon, William. See American Eagle Portrait Co.

Richter, Philadelphia, PA

Richter. See Sanftleben & Richter

Richter & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Richter, Charles J., St. Louis, MO

Richter, M. L., Madison, GA

Richter, P. & Co., Philadelphia, PA

Richter, Paul, Philadelphia, PA

Richy, John B., Louisville, KY

Rickery, Indianola, IA

Rickey, Indianola, IA

Ricksecker.  See Grossklaus & Ricksecker

Rickson, Frank W., Jackson, MS

Riddle Marks & Bailey, Lancaster C.H., SC

Ride, George, Mercer, PA

Ridenauer, Charles E., Philadelphia, PA

Rideout, N. R., Lewiston, ME

Rideout, N. R.  See Charles C. Hartwell

Rideout, Nelson R., Lewiston, ME

Rideout, William, Cumberland, ME

Rideout, William C., Portland, ME

Rider, Chicago, IL

Rider. See Reynolds & Rider

Rider, Albert G., Waukegan, IL

Rider, B. L., Chicago, IL

Rider, Briggs L., Chicago, IL

Rider, D., Richmond, IN

Rider, Fred W., Jamestown, ND

Rider, G. W., Johnstown, NY

Rider, Geo. W., Johnstown, NY

Rider, J. A., Wellsville, NY

Ridgely, Richard H., Baltimore, MD

Ridley, H. A., Prospect Bluff, AR

Rief, Canton, OH

Rief, C. P., Canton, OH

Riegel, Richd, New York, NY

Rieger, Ernest B., New York, NY

Rieger, Ernest G., New York, NY

Riel, Chicago, IL

Riel, Geo F., Chicago, IL

Riel, George F., Chicago, IL

Rieman & Co., San Francisco, CA

Ries, F. L., Cincinnati, OH
Riga, M. J. (Mrs.), Hartford, CT
Riggert, Herman J., Bloomington, IL

Riggs. See Davis & Riggs

Riggs, Calvin J. [I. or P.], Reading, VT

Righter. See McCarty & Righter

Riker, Abraham P., New York, NY

Riker, Charles E., New York, NY

Riley. See Smith & Riley

Riley, Jesse, Kendrick, ID

Rinehart, A. E., Denver, CO

Rinehart, F. A., Omaha, NE

Rinehart, Frank A., Omaha, NE

Rinehart, S. J., Rowville, OH

Ring, Edwin, Benton City, IL

Ring, Stephen T., Windsor, IL

Ring, S. T., Du Quoin, IL

Ring, S. T., Marshall, IL

Ring, Stieven T., Du Quoin, IL

Ring, Stephen, Benton City, IL

Ring, Thos A., Tucson, AZ

Ring Miniature Co., Boston, MA

Ringe, C., Vandalia, IL

Ringius, Elof N., Hartford, CT

Rinker & Sharp, Jerseyville, IL

Rinker & Sharp, Jerseyville, IL

Rinker, C. P. & Brother, Cambridge City, IN

Rino, A., St. Louis, MO

Rino, August, St. Louis, MO

Rippel. See Uhlman & Rippel

Rippel, C., Sunbury, PA

Rippel, Conrad

Rippel's, Sunbury, PA

Rippey, Elkhart, IN

Risberg, O. P., Rochelle, IL

Riser, A. M., Columbia, SC

Rishel, Lehighton, PA

Rishel, Wm. H., Manahoy City, PA

Risley, E. Harvey, Rockville, CT

Ritch, Harold L., Brooklyn, NY

Ritch, William S., Brooklyn, NY

Ritch, Wm S., New York, NY

Ritchie Bros., Kingman, KS

Ritter, H. See J. F. Ritter

Ritter, J. F., Parkersburg, WV

Ritter, J. F. & H., Alton, IL

Ritter, M. G., Lebanon, PA

Ritter, Marian, Cleveland, OH

Ritton, Charles E., Winsted, CT

Ritton, Charles E., Torrington, CT

Ritz & Hastings, Boston, MA

Ritz Portraits, Boston, MA

Ritzmann, Chas L., New York, NY

Rive, F. H., Worcester, MA

Rivers. See Blake & Rivers

Rivers, T. L., St. Louis, MO

Rivers, Thomas L., St. Louis, MO

Riverside. See Conat's

Riverside. See Green & Caddy

Riverside. See Smith & Donaldson

Riverside Gallery. See Caddy

Riverside Gallery. See J. Lee Knight

Rivkin, Simon A., Chicago, IL

Rizard, Chicago, IL

Rizard, George, Chicago, IL

Rizzard Photo Co., Chicago, IL

Roach, Geo., New York, NY

Roach, Prof., Chicgo, IL

Roads, William, Charlottesville, VA

Roads, Wm, Charlottesville, VA

Robb, C., Croswell, MI

Robb, J. R., Waynesburg, Stark, OH

Robb, W., Canal Dover, Tuscarawas, OH

Robbins, Bradford, PA

Robbins & Dungan, Philadelphia, PA

Robbins & Rich, late Vallet's, Kingston, NY

Robbins, G. S., Troy, IL

Robbins, H. E., Willimantic, CT

Robbins, Howard M., Philadelphia, PA

Robbins, John C., Jamaica, VT

Robbins, Morris, New York, NY

Robbins, Wm. S., Plymouth, MA

Robbins Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Robenalt. See Thompson & Robenalt

Robert, F. E. See Hearn Studio

Robert, Griffin, Augusta, GA

Roberts, Philadelphia, PA

Roberts. See Denison & Roberts

Roberts. See Holland & Roberts

Roberts & Brooks, Cleveland, OH

Roberts & Bruner, Seattle, WA

Roberts & Dodge, Detroit, MI

Roberts & Thomas, New Bedford, MA

Roberts & Whiting, Madison, WI

Roberts, A. C., Lake Benton, MN

Roberts, A. G., Henderson, KY

Roberts, Albion W., Lewiston, ME

Roberts, B. W., Rochester, NY

Roberts, Benjamin W., Rochester, NY

Roberts, C. P., Los Angeles, CA

Roberts, Clifford A., Webster, MA

Roberts, Deloss, Jackson, PA

Roberts, E., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

Roberts, Frank O., Cleveland, OH

Roberts, Frederick E., Portland, ME

Roberts, H. N., Ludlow, VT

Roberts, H. N. See Alton Photograph Gallery

Roberts, Horatio N., Ludlow, VT

Roberts, Howard L., Philadelphia, PA

Roberts, J., New Orleans, LA

Roberts, J. B., Clyde, NY

Roberts, J. B., Rochester, NY

Roberts, J. B. & Co., Rochester, NY

Roberts, J. D., New Bedford, MA

Roberts, J. R. [or D. R.], Pendleton, IN

Roberts, John B., Rochester, NY

Roberts, Joseph, Rockville, PA

Roberts, Joseph P., Waynesburg, PA

Roberts, Joseph P., Waynesburg, PA

Roberts, L. W., Urbana, Champaign, OH

Roberts, Martin, Philadelphia, PA

Roberts, Wm, Rochester, NY

Roberts, Wm. S., Hartford, CT

Roberts, Z., Northfield, MN,

Robertson & Courser, San Francisco, CA

Robertson, A., New York, NY

Robertson, A. S.  See Canova Studio

Robertson, Daniel W., Providence, RI

Robertson, Jno. A., Photo Car

Robertson, John, Platteville, WI

Robie. See De Long & Robie

Robie, H. B., Lawrence, MA

Robins & Rich, Kingston, NY

Robinson, Astoria, IL

Robinson, Philadelphia, PA

Robinson, Trumansburg, NY

Robinson, Wheeling, WV

Robinson. See Bonnell & Robinson 

Robinson. See Golder & Robinson

Robinson. See Holton & Robinson

Robinson & Brother, Haverhill, MA

Robinson & Co., Chicago, IL

Robinson & Co., Huntsville, AL

Robinson & Jenkins, New York, NY

Robinson & Roe, Chicago, IL

Robinson & Whitney, Huntsville, AL

Robinson and Roe, Chicago, IL

Robinson and Roe, New York, NY

Robinson, Addie K. (Mrs.), Boston, MA

Robinson, B., Haverhill, MA

Robinson, C. A. (Mrs.), Kinmundy, IL

Robinson, C. H., Waddington, NY

Robinson, Chas. H., New York, NY

Robinson, Chas. H., Waddington, NY

Robinson, D. R., Osceola, IA

Robinson, Danl, New York, NY

Robinson, Edwin B., Haverhill, MA

Robinson, F., La Harpe, IL

Robinson, F. S., Clifton Springs, NY

Robinson, Fred, Trumansburg, NY

Robinson, G. C., Haverhill, MA

Robinson, G. W., Wheeling, WV

Robinson, Geo. C., Haverhill, MA

Robinson, George, Augusta, Illinois

Robinson, George, Park Falls, WI

Robinson, H. N., Brockton, MA

Robinson, J. A. (Mrs.), Peoria, IL

Robinson, J. Bela, Haverhill, MA

Robinson, Jno. C., Jackson Twp, IN

Robinson, John C., Jamaica, VT

Robinson, John T., New York, NY

Robinson, Lawrence, New York, NY

Robinson, M. L., Baltimore, MD

Robinson, Roland A., Chicago, IL

Robinson, Saml, Cleveland, OH

Robinson, T. J. & Co., Huntsville, AL

Robinson, Thos, Winston-Salem, NC

Robinson, W. A. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Robinson, W. A., Toledo, Lucas, OH

Robinson, William A., Chicago, IL

Robinson, Winthrop, Bath, ME

Robinson Bro's, Osceola, IA

Robison, E. G., Scherburne, NY

Robison, Jerome, Woodland, PA

Rocchietti, S. F., New York, NY

Rochefort & Alie, Springvale, ME

Rochell & Davis, Madison, AR

Rocher, H., Chicago, IL

Rocher, Henry, Chicago, IL

Rochester Photo Press, New York, NY

Rochlitz & Wheeler Corp., New York, NY

Rochlitz Studio, New York, NY

Rock, Alice S., Washington, DC

Rock, R., Morenci, MI

Rockafellow, John C., Trevorton, PA

Rockefeller. See Paxson & Rockefeller

Rockefeller, William, Brooklyn, NY

Rockstead, A. N., Rockford, IL

Rockwell. See Dayton & Rockwell

Rockwell, D. W., Indiana, PA

Rockwell, Henry, New York, NY

Rockwell Studio, Yonkers, NY

Rockwood, New York, NY

Rockwood & Co., New York, NY

Rockwood, Elihu R., New York, NY

Rockwood, Geo G., New York, NY

Rockwood, Geo. H., New York, NY

Rockwood, George G., New York, NY

Rockwood, George H., New York, NY

Rockwood, George H. Jr., New York, NY

Rockwood, Jr, New York, NY

Rockwood, Junior, New York, NY

Rockwood, Warren A., New York, NY

Rockwood Studio, New York, NY

Rockwood Studio, Yonkers, NY

Roddy & Matthews, Meadville, PA

Roddy, John, Cincinnati, OH

Roddy, John M., Covington, KY

Rodgers, Brownwood

Rodgers, Hartford, CT

Rodgers. See Brownell Rodgers

Rodgers. See  Detweiler & Rodgers

Rodgers & Mandeville, New Haven, CT

Rodgers, H. J., Hartford, CT

Rodgers, J. R., Brooklyn, NY

Rodgers, John, Pittsburg, PA

Rodocker, D., Champaign, IL

Rodriguez, Jose, Tucson, AZ

Rodriguez, Julio, Tucson, AZ

Roe. See Hoag & Roe

Roe. See Robinson and Roe

Roe & Biehler, New York, NY

Roe, Alf J., New York, NY

Roe, Alfred J., New York, NY

Roe, G. W., Strawberry Point, IA

Roe, Silvester, Flushing, NY

Roe, Sylvester, Flushing, NY

Roeder, Herman, Milwaukee, WI

Roeder, John, Milwaukee, WI

Roemer, H. H., Latimer, IA

Rogers, New Haven, CT

Rogers, Waynesburg, PA

Rogers, Wichita, KS

Rogers. See Hunt & Rogers

Rogers & Clough, Hartford, CT

Rogers & Jewell, Hamilton, OH

Rogers & Newing, Binghamton, NY

Rogers, Alfred H., San Bernardino, CA

Rogers, Charles E., South Weymouth, MA

Rogers, E., Gainesville, GA

Rogers, Ed. B., Hamilton, OH

Rogers, Ed. B., Hamilton, Butler, OH

Rogers, Edward, Brooklyn, NY

Rogers, F. H., Los Angeles, CA

Rogers, F. H., San Pedro, CA

Rogers, F. H. (Mrs.), San Pedro, CA

Rogers, F. W., Carmichaels, PA

Rogers, Frank, Dallas, TX

Rogers, Fred E., Great Falls, MT

Rogers, H. F., West Alexandria, Preble, OH

Rogers, H. J., New Haven, CT

Rogers, J. A., Uhrichsville, OH

Rogers, J. H., Waynesburg, PA

Rogers, James E., Pittsburg, PA

Rogers, Jesse, Cleveland, OH

Rogers, Jesse E., Cleveland, OH

Rogers, John, New York, NY

Rodgers, Joseph A., Burgettstown, PA

Rogers, Joseph A., Uhrichsville, OH

Rogers, Joseph Adam, Uhrichsville, OH

Rogers, Patrick S., New York, NY

Rogers, S. G., Washington, PA

Rogers, S. H., New Orleans, LA

Rogers, S. M., Gardner, IL

Rogers, Sam'l, Tarrytown, Greenburgh, NY

Rogers, Stanley E., Hartford, CT

Rogers, W. D. See M. Laura Metcalf

Rogers, W. S., Wichita, KS

Rogers, William M., Philadelphia, PA

Rogers, William S., Wichita, KS

Rogers, Wm D., Hood River, OR

Rogers, Wm. H. (Mrs.), Cincinnati, OH

Rohde & Schutz, Chicago,

Rohde, Anton, Chicago, IL

Rohrbrough Bros., Grafton, WV

Rohrebacker, Wesley (mrs.), Jesup, IA

Roiseland, A. J., Black River Falls, WI

Roland, H., Gloversville, Johnstown, NY

Rolfe, C. J., Salina, KS

Rolfe, H. Parker, Philadelphia, PA

Roll, Frank, Omaha, NE

Rolli, O. C., Canton, Stark Co., OH

Rollins & Daily, Rockport, MA

Rollins, Charles, New York, NY

Rollins, Erastus G., Gloucester, MA

Romane, Elizabeth G. (Mrs.), Eugene, OR

Romans, T. & E. & Son, Philadelphia, PA

Rombach & Groene, Cincinnati, OH

Rombach, Louis, Covington, KY

Rome, Jacob, Boston, MA

Romedy, William, Fairfield, SC

Romer, Byron S., Stratford, CT

Rommel, Eberhardt, New York, NY

Rood & Comsett, Boston, MA

Rood, Edward H., Denver, CO

Rood, Frank, Poultney, VT

Rood, W. I., Spencer, IA

Roorbach, J. O., Fond du Lac, WI

Roosa, Levi, Kingston, NY

Root, Chicago, IL

Root. See Clary & Root

Root & Son, Monmouth, IL

Root, Cyrus, Middleport, Royalton, NY

Root, E. A., Monmouth, IL

Root, M. A. & S., Philadelphia, PA

Root, S.  See M. A. Root

Root, Samuel, DuBuque, IA

Root, W. J., Chicago, IL

Root, William J., Louisville, KY

Root, William N., Philadelphia, PA

Root, Willie J., Chicago, IL

Root Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Root Studio Company, Chicago, IL

Root Studios, Chicago, IL

Roper, W. B., Ringgold, PA

Rorah, William, Alleghany, PA

Rosch, St. Louis, MO

Rosch. See Stein & Rosch

Rose. See Theodore & Rose 

Rose & Co., Chicago, IL

Rose and Co., Denver, CO

Rose & Son, Princeton, NJ

Rose, A. H., St. Paul, MN

Rose, Charles, New York, NY

Rose, Harry, Buffalo, NY

Rose, J. R., Hillsdale, MI

Rose, P. H., Galveston, TX

Rose, P. H., Providence, RI

Rose, T. H., Indianapolis, IN

Rose, Thomas H., Indianapolis, IN

Rose Studio, Providence, RI

Roseberg, George F., Decatur, AL

Rosebone. See Davis, Rosebone & Johnson

Rosebrook, A. J., Lancaster, NH

Rosebrook, A. J., Whitefield, NH

Rosebrook, Amasa J., Lancaster, NH

Rosellen, Joseph E., Milwaukee, WI

Rosenberg & Glassberg, New York, NY

Rosenberg, G. L., New Orleans, LA

Rosenberg, L. M., Boston, MA

Rosenberg, Nathan, New York, NY

Rosenberger, G. L., New Orleans, LA

Rosencrans. See Fenton & Rosencrans

Rosendorf, Wm., New York, NY

Rosenfeld, Morris, New York, NY

Rosenger, Otto B., Great Neck, L. I., Brooklyn, NY

Rosenger, Otto B., Orangeburg, SC

Rosenquist, Rockford, IL


Rosenstock, Bloomsburg, PA

Rosenstock, H., Bloomsburg, PA

Rosenstock, Henry, Bloomsburg, PA

Rosenthal, Sadie, Cincinnati, OH

Roseti, New York, NY 

Roshon, Lebanon, PA

Roshon, Selin’s Grove, PA

Roshon, C. S., Harrisburg, PA

Roshon, C. S. & Co., Harrisburg, PA

Roshon, J. W., Harrisburg, PA

Ross. See Clements & Ross

Ross. See Curtis & Ross

Ross & Guffin, Iowa City, IA

Ross & Snively, Greenup, IL

Ross, A. L., Newark, NJ

Ross, C. H., Chicago, IL

Ross, C. J., New York, NY

Ross, Carolina (Miss), Middlebury, VT

Ross, Charles L., Willimantic, CT

Ross, Charles S., Webster, MA

Ross, E. See New York Photograph Gallery

Ross, H. P., Groton Junction, Groton, MA

Ross, Harold, Eugene, OR

Ross, J. D., Ringgold, PA

Ross, John H., Louisville, KY

Ross, S. H. (Miss), Middlebury, VT

Ross, Susan A., Middlebury, VT

Ross, Susan H., Middlebury, VT

Ross, W. T., Appleton, WI

Ross, William T., Appleton, WI

Rossbach, Charles & Co., New York, NY

Rossbach Commercial Photo Co., New York, NY

Rossiter, J. E., Wyoming, IA

Rossiter, L. M. & T. E., St. Ansgar, IA

Rossiter, T. E. See L. M. Rossiter

Rost, H. A. New York, NY

Rotary Photographic Co., New York, NY

Rote, Lancaster, PA

Roth, St. Louis, MO

Roth. See Setzer and Roth

Roth, A., New Orleans, LA

Roth, Andrew, New Orleans, LA

Roth, Chas., New York, NY

Roth, Chas F., New York, NY

Roth, Fred. H., New York, NY

Roth, Henry G., New York, NY

Roth, John, Freehold, NJ

Rothberger, Henry, Denver, CO

Rothchild, A. M. & Co., Chicago, IL

Rothengather, A., Philadelphia, PA.

Rothengather, Georgie, Philadelphia, PA

Rothengatter, Adolph W., New York, NY

Rothengatter, Adolph W., Philadelphia, PA

Rothgieser, Abraham, New York, NY

Rothi & Sanstrom, Seattle, WA

Rothman, Isidor, New York, NY

Rothschild, A. M. & Co., Chicago, IL

Rothwell, Washington, PA

Rothwell, I. N., San Antonio, TX

Roto Adprint Studio, New York, NY

Rotograph Co., New York, NY

Rounds, Yankton, Dakota

Rounds, Locke & McBride, Lead City, SD

Rounds, Locke & McBride, Deadwood, SD

Rounds, Locke & McBride, Sturgis, SD

Rounds, S. S., Utica, NY

Rouse, C. W., Jersey City, NJ

Rouse, Charles W., Hoboken, NJ

Rouse, Chas. W., Jersey City, NJ

Roush, Lewis L., New York, NY

Rouston, Thomas, Detroit, MI

Routh, G. W., Bement, IL

Routzahn, N., Winchester, VA

Roux. See Lemelin & Roux

Roux, Zepherin, Lewiston, ME

Rowbotham Brothers, New York, NY

Rowbotham, Daniel, Brooklyn, NY

Rowe, A. (Scotsville) Wheatland, NY

Rowe, G. E., Little Sioux, IA

Rowe, J., Chandlersville, IL 

Rowe, Joshua, Ellicott City, MD

Rowe Studio, Hillsdale, MI

Rowell. See Allen & Rowell

Rowell. See Miller & Rowell

Rowell, C. C., Newport, NH

Rowell, Calvin C., Providence, RI

Rowell, Christy C., Providence, RI

Rowell, Frank, Boston, MA

Rowell, Frank, Providence, RI

Rowell, Frank. See Allen & Rowell 

Rowell, Lewis F., Boston, MA

Rowland, Charles D., Louisville, KY

Rowland, D., Frankfort, KY

Rowland, Wm. A., Middlefield, NY

Rowlett, E., Camden, IN

Rowley, W. C., Elmira, NY

Rowse, Charles A., New York, NY

Roy's, Baltimore, MD

Royal, T. M., Brooklyn, NY

Royal, Thomas M., Brooklyn, NY

Royal Atelier, New York, NY

Royal Bromide Enlarging Co., New York, NY

Royal Gallery. See Elmer Chickering

Royal Studio (The), Wilmington, DE

Royce, Arthur, Boise, ID

Royce, H. (Mrs.), Willimantic, CT

Royce, Orlen, Astoria, OR

Roznik, Frank, Cleveland, OH

Ruben, R. M., San Francisco, CA

Rubens', St. Louis, MO

Rubensdoerfer, G. M. (Mrs.), Chicago, IL

Rubin, H., Ithaca, NY

Ruby Art Photo Service, New York, NY

Rudd, H. N., Green Bay, WI

Rudoplh, E. B., Baltimore, MD

Rudolph, Louis H., Chicago, IL

Rudy, F. M., Bellefontaine, OH

Rue and Fox

Ruescher, Martha, Brooklyn, NY

Ruff, J. B., Hallettsville, TX

Rugg, Minneapolis, MN

Rugg, Arthur B., Athol, MA

Rugg, C. W., Lawrenceburg, IN

Rugg, E. I., Minneapolis, MN

Rugg, E. I., Sioux City, IA

Ruggles, New Haven, CT

Ruggles & Matthews, Huntington, LI, NY

Ruggles, Chas. M., New York, NY

Ruggles, Isaac F., Sutton, VT

Ruggles, James H., New York, NY

Ruggles, John F., Sutton, VT

Ruke, Jacob, Philadelphia, PA

Rule, John D., Omaha, NE

Rulofson. See Bradley & Rulofson

Rumsey, Henry D., Dryden, NY

Rumsey, Wm. H., Homer, NY

Rundell, Sherburne, NY

Rundell, R. R., Owego, NY

Rundle, Henry, St. Louis, MO

Runkel, August, New York, NY

Runkel, John P., Milwaukee, WI

Runkel, John Philip, Milwaukee, WI

Runkle, I. F., (Cohoes) Watervliet, NY

Runnels & Co., San Francisco, CA

Runton, D. E., Sheffield, IA

Rupp, Ch., New York NY

Rupp, Christian, New York, NY

Rupp, Daniel, New York, NY

Rupp, Philip, New York, NY

Rupprecht, Philadelphia, PA

Rupprecht, Geo, Philadelphia, PA

Rupprecht, George, Philadelphia, PA

Ruschhaupt, W. M., Mt. Vernon, NY

Rusckhaupt, William M., New York, NY

Rush, Jacob, Olney, IL

Rush, M. B., Olney, IL

Rushworth, John, Wilmington, DE

Rusoff, A., Brooklyn, NY

Russ, John H., Germantown, Philadelphia, PA

Russ, M. A. (Mrs.) See Post Office Gallery

Russack & Pecker, New York, NY

Russell, Baltimore, MD

Russell, Brooklyn, NY

Russell, Lawrence, MA

Russell, New York, NY

Russell & Osborn, Mansfield, Richland, OH

Russell & Wylie, Brooklyn, NY

Russell, A. J. & Co., New York, NY

Russell, Alfred, Philadelphia, PA

Russell, Durando, Brooklyn, NY

Russell, Edmund G., Boise, ID

Russell, Frank, New York, NY

Russell, Frank & Co., Lawrence, MA

Russell, R. L., Chillicothe, MO

Russell, S. B., Texas

Russell, Samuel B., Waco, TX.

Russell Bros., Ensley, AL

Russell Studio, Chicago, IL

Russoff, Abr N., New York, NY

Russoff, Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

Rusteyko, J., Brooklyn, NY

Ruth. See Okeson & Ruth

Rutherford & Boardman, Seneca Falls, NY

Rutherford & Co., Bath, NY

Rutherford, Thomas R., Bath, NY

Ruthernick, Charles J., San Francisco, CA

Rution & Werbalsky, Boston, MA

Rution, James I., Worcester, MA

Rutledge, Kokomo, IN

Ryan, D. J., Savannah, GA

Ryan, J. D., Savannah, GA

Ryan, Mathew T., Orwell, VT

Ryan, Thomas, New York, NY

Rydell, Greenwich

Ryder, Cleveland, OH

Ryder, Syracuse, NY

Ryder & Coatsworth, Syracuse, NY

Ryder, Benj. L., Isleborough, ME

Ryder, F. J., Cleveland, OH

Ryder, F. S., Indianapolis, IN

Ryder, J. F., Cleveland, OH

Ryder, J. F., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

Ryder, J. F. & Appleton, Cleveland, OH

Ryder, J. H., Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

Ryder, James F., Cleveland, OH

Ryder, John H., Cleveland, OH

Ryder, John H. See C. F. Hunger

Ryder, P. S., Syracuse, NY

Ryder, Philip S., Syracuse, NY

Ryder, T. W., Wellfleet, MA

Ryder, Thatcher W., Chatham, MA

Rykert, Chauncey W., Buffalo, NY

Ryland, Edward, Chestertown, MD

Ryland, Edward R., Chestertown, MD



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