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Barnwell County Marriages 1764-1859 Implied in Barnwell County, South Carolina Deeds

by Barbara R. Langdon, Aiken, SC, 1989. 118 pages, measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", new, soft cover, perfect bound. This collection of 1,539 marriage references and relationships is the result of evidence collected entirely from the earliest Barnwell County, South Carolina Deed Books, volumes designated 1A, No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, A through X [there is no Y or Z] and AA through LL. The year 1859 was that of the latest record found. All are available on microfilm. Book is in two sections: Men and Women and the entries are listed in alphabetical order by names and dates.

Among the surnames are: Aaron, Allen, Ashe, Ashley, Atteberry, Ayer, Bailey, Bamberg, Barfield, Barker, Barksdale, Barnes, Bassett, Baxley, Bentley, Best, Binaker, Bishop, Bloom, Bordeaux, Boyenton, Boyles, Brabham, Bradley, Breland, Brooker, Brown, Brunson, Bruton, Bunch, Burckhalter, Bush, Butler, Calhoun, Canady, Causey, Cave, Chitty, Clayton, Colding, Cook, Copeland, Corbett, Cosnahan, Courtney, Coward, Creech, Crosby, Cumbaa, Daniel, Darlington, Deer, Dicks, Dortch, Dougherty, Duestoe, Dukes, Dunbar, Duncan, Dutarque, Dyches, Eason, Edenfield, Edgerton, Elkins, Enecks, Erwin, Estes, Eubanks, Faust, Felder, Fender, Fennel, Ferguson, Folk, Foreman, Fowke, Free, Fullerton, Furse, Futch, Galloway, Garvin, George, Gillett, Givens, Graham,  Grimes, Grubbs, Hadwin, Hagood, Hair, Halford, Hankinson, Harden, Harley, Harter, Hartzog, Hassell, Heath, Hickson, Hiers, Hightower, Hinton, Hogg, Holley, Holman, Holmes, Hutto, Ironmonger, Jeffcoat, Jenkins, Jennings, Jeter, Jowers, Joyner, Juhan, Keadle, Kearse, Keating, Keel, Kennedy, Kennerly, Kinard, Kirkland, Kittles, Kope, Lain, Langley, Lard, Lark, Lawton, Lee, Loper, Lowe, Lowry, Lyon, Lythgoe, McClendon, McCreary, McElhenny, McElmurray, McLemore, McLewrath, Maner, Matheny, Mayer, Medlock, Middleton, Miley, Milhous, Mims, Minors, Mixson, Moody, Mooney, Morris, Moseley, Moye, Myer, Myrick, Nail, Newman, Nimmons, Nix, Oakman, OBannon, Odom, Overstreet, Owens, Parler, Patrick, Patterson, Peeples, Pellom, Pendarvis, Pettis, Platts, Plunkett, Porcher, Pressey, Priester, Quartermus, Quattlebaum, Quin, Rambo, Ramsey, Randall, Ray, Ready, Red, Rice, Rickenbaker, Rigdon, Riley, Rivers, Robert, Ross, Rountree, Rudd, Rush, Sadler, Salley, Samuel, Sanders, Sandifer, Sapp, Sauls, Sellars, Shaw, Sandifer, Shipes, Smart, Smoke, Snelling, Southwell, Stallings, Stansell, Still, Stivender, Stokes, Swicord, Tarver, Templeton, Tobin, Toole, Trotti, Treadway, Trowbridge, Trowell, Tyler, Ulmer, Upton, Ussery, Varn, Vaughan, Wade, Wakefield, Walker, Warren, Watts, Weathersbee, Whitlock, Whitney, Williams, Willis, Woodward, Wooley, Wroten, Youmans, Young, Youngblood, Zeigler, Zorn

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